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Andromeda ~ Anita Blake ~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer ~ Criminal Minds ~ Dark Angel ~ Doctor Who/Torchwood ~ Firefly ~ Harry Potter ~ Hawaii Five-0 (reboot) ~ House ~ Jeremiah ~ Lord of the Rings ~ Master and Commander ~ Merlin ~ Merry Gentry ~ Pirates of the CaribbeanSmallville ~ Star Trek (reboot) ~ Stargate Atlantis ~ Stargate SG-1 ~ Supernatural ~ Veronica Mars ~ Warchild Universe ~ X-Men ~ Crossovers ~ Original


Potential ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17 (60 K) 06-20-02
Tyr gets tired of being alone. A first season fic, set shortly after Double Helix.


Anita Blake (c) Laurell K. Hamilton

1. Bloodlust ~ Asher/Nathaniel, NC-17 (89K) 03-09-02
A master vampire and a wereleopard try to find out if each might be just what the other needs.
SPOILERS: Very slight ones for one early event in Narcissus in Chains.
WARNING: D/S, bestiality (sort of -- Nate's a wereleopard after all; you figure it out) and other things that might squick you are within.

2. A Place of Their Own ~ Asher/Nathaniel, NC-17 (89 K) 11-14-02
Asher and Nathaniel grow closer together and plan for their future.
SPOILERS: Vague ones for Narcissus in Chains.
WARNING: D/S, bestiality (sort of -- Nate's a wereleopard after all) and other things that might squick you are within.

3. Christmas Traditions ~ Asher/Nathaniel, NC-17 (24K) 02-06-08
Asher and Nathaniel's first Christmas together.
Same warning as usual.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Slaying in a Winter Wonderland ~ Faith/Cordelia, NC-17 (17K) 12-11-03
Post breakup with Xander, Cordelia is anti-men, and Faith offers her an alternative.


Criminal Minds

Line by Line ~ Morgan/Reid, NC-17 (9K) 08-30-09
Morgan gives Reid something to remember.
Note 1: Intended for the Porn Battle, but we missed the deadline. Prompt: eidetic
Note 2: This was actually written and posted to lists and ljs back in June, but Ori completely forgot to put it up here.


Dark Angel

Mating Day ~ Alec/omc (Jason Kittridge), NC-17 (160K) 01-08-05
An immunologist works on a cure for Max and Logan, while Alec becomes a distraction.


Doctor Who / Torchwood

Moving On

1. Moving On ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, NC-17 (104K) 07-01-07
Sometimes anger can lead to something else.
Spoilers: "Cyberwoman", "Small Worlds"," Countrycide"

2. Not Just for Coffee ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, NC-17 (60K) 08-30-09
Jack comes home.
Notes: Somewhat AU, assumes that Jack returned only two weeks after leaving, some time before the season 2 premiere.
Spoilers: "Captain Jack Harkness"; "End of Days"; "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"


It's a Date ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, NC-17 (22K) 05-04-08
Jack and Ianto go on that date.
Spoilers: 2.01 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"


Nice ~ Jayne/Simon, NC-17 (68K) 01-08-05
Can Simon and Jayne make nice?


Harry Potter

Alpha Wolf

1. Dropping the Mask ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (39K) 02-13-06
Remus decides to take what he wants.

2. Hunger ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (44K) 08-27-07
It's nearing the full moon, and Remus grows more dominant.

The Art of Seduction

1.Technique ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (87K) 08-11-03
Sometimes subtlety doesn't work

2. Timing ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (68K) 08-22-03
Sirius and Remus still have some hurdles to overcome.

3. Location ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (21K) 09-17-03
Written for the Sirius-Remus Fuh-Q-Fest: One of their families doesn't support their relationship.

4. Practice ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (43K) 09-22-03
Wherein the boys practice on each other - and on keeping James out of trouble.

5. They Came upon a Midnight Clear ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (28K) 12-04-03
Sirius and Remus watch Harry for James and Lily.

6. Confidence  ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (15K) 06-20-04
The approach of the full moon brings out the dominant side of Remus.

7. Trust ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (70K) 06-20-04
Sirius and Remus deal with trust issues leading up to the night James and Lily die and after the truth about Peter is discovered.

8. Security ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (35K) 07-22-07
Sirius can make a home in the oddest of places... if Remus is there too. (Takes place during and after GoF)

9. Feminine Wiles ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (110K) 08-13-07
When he loses everything, Remus finds a reason to go on. (Set during OotP and HBP)

10. Protection ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (183K / 32,226 words) 01-18-11
As Harry's battle with Voldemort inevitably draws nearer, Sirius and Remus still find time to celebrate being together. (Set during HBP and DH)

Snakes and Griffons

1. The Worst Possible Choice ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (47K) 02-13-04
AU - Sirius was sorted into Slytherin like every Black before him, but not even that can blind Remus to his attractions.

2. Consequences ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (72K) 07-23-04
AU - Sirius and Remus try to figure out how to handle a romance while in rival houses.


All I Want for Christmas ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (18K) 12-07-04
Sirius and Remus prepare for a holiday at the Lupins'.

By the Light of the Moon ~ Marauders, Non-explicit (18K) 10-06-03
The Marauders find out Remus is a werewolf challenge from Dark Side of the Moon.

Discovery ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (23K) 10-06-03
Response to the Dark Side of the Moon challenge where James finds something that tells him Sirius and Remus are a couple. 
Note: This is a bit AU since the timing wouldn't work if the incident in the Shrieking Shack had occurred.

Many Happy Returns ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (35K) 09-22-07
It's Remus' birthday, and Sirius wants to make it special.

Moony and the Padfeet ~ Sirius/Remus/Sirius, NC-17 (72K) 10-24-04
Originally written Dec. 2003 for the Veil of Possibilities challenge.  
When Sirius fell through the veil, he didn't die, but entered an alternative reality, a parallel dimension of his own world. In order to get back to his own reality, he has to travel through the veil again and again, until he finds his own dimension from a myriad of possibilities. Our challenge was "a sandwich".

Practice Makes Perfect ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (15K) 01-05-04
Not all first times go smoothly. (Idea from the Indecent First Time Fest)

The Room of Requirements ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (9K) 03-06-04
Pure PWP.

Worth the Wait ~ Sirius/Remus, NC-17 (35K) 01-09-04
Sirius surprises Remus when he reveals that he never lost his virginity before he was sent to Azkaban.
(Another idea from the Indecent First Time Fest)


Hawaii Five-0 (reboot)


1. The Perfect Partnership ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (26K) 10-02-10
Steve and Danny work out how to get along.

2. The Perfect Day ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (40K) 10-19-10
Steve and Danny aren't fooling anyone.

3. The Perfect Treat ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (39K / 6,910 words) 11-27-10
Steve and Danny take Grace trick or treating, and Steve gets the biggest scare of his life.

4. The Perfect Meal ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (103K / 18,408 words) 01-15-11
Thanksgiving with the Williams family - all of the Williams family.

5. The Perfect Gift ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (23K / 3,909 words) 08-20-11
Danny and Steve both get what they wanted.



The Best Laid Plans ~ House/Wilson, NC-17 (15K) 05-22-06
Things never seem to go quite as planned.



1. A Fine Pair of Asses ~ Jeremiah/Markus, NC-17 (105K) 02-28-04
Markus needs a break and Jeremiah helps him get it.

2. Santa Claus Is Coming ~ Jeremiah/Markus, NC-17 (33K) 12-12-04
Markus gives Jeremiah a Christmas surprise.


Lord of the Rings

Seven Deadly Sins

1. Gluttony ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (33K) 01-13-03
An evening with Merry and Pippin... and Pippin's appetites. (There's also a Frodo/Sam companion piece, Charity.)
Note: This is all the fault of the Theban Band and one of their pictures - the first of the Merry & Pippin ones.

2. Sloth ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (17K) 01-15-03
A lazy afternoon.

3. Envy ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (30K) 01-29-03
Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

4. Pride ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (32K) 03-14-03
Pride is the excessive belief in one's own abilities.

5. Anger ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (42K) 01-12-04
Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.

6. Greed ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (28K) 03-06-04
Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. 
Note: Companion piece to our Sam/Frodo story "Justice".

Seven Heavenly Virtues

1. Fortitude ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (19K) 01-27-03
Sam makes Frodo feel better.

2. Charity ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (20K) 02-05-03
Companion piece to Merry/Pippin story Gluttony.

3. Hope ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (39K) 03-27-03
Companion piece to Merry/Pippin story Envy.

4. Prudence ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (31K) 08-09-03
Can Sam and Frodo be prudent?

5. Justice ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (22K) 01-17-04
Sam wonders if there's any justice in the world.

6. Temperance ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (13K) 05-17-04
Temperance is for public view.

Master and Commander

All at Sea ~ Jack Aubry/Stephen Maturin, Adult (17K) 12-03-04
Celebrating Christmas together far from home, Jack and Stephen realize that they feel more than friendship for each other.



Give and Take ~ Merlin/Arthur, NC-17 (99K) 11-06-09
Merlin has many secrets, and Arthur gradually learns them all.

An Ordinary Life ~ Merlin/Arthur, Modern AU, NC-17/NC-17 (163K) 09-15-10
Arthur Pendragon is the Once and Future King, but not every life he lives is full of crisis. Sometimes, it's just an ordinary life.

The Truth Will Out ~ Merlin/Arthur, NC-17 (43K) 06-10-10
Arthur would have had to be both blind and deaf not to have seen it, and he was neither of those things.

Other Arthurian Legend-Based Stories

A Knight's Honor ~ Mordred/Lancelot, NC-17 (48K) 04-14-02
Mordred arrives at Camelot for the first time, and the first thing he sees is Lancelot.
Notes: We've taken the easy route and used the common convention of Medieval settings and garb, including full armor. We know that 5th Century Britain was barely post-Roman and very different from Medieval England in every way, but the whole 'knight in shining armor' thing is what most people tend to think of when they think of the Arthurian legend, so we went with it.


Merry Gentry (c) Laurell K. Hamilton

Underestimation ~ Galen/Sholto, NC-17 (45 K) 11-01-02
Two lonely sidhe get an unexpected Yule present.
SPOILERS: For both books.

Sometimes It's Better Not to Win ~ Rhys/Nicca, NC-17 (43K) 07-06-03
Rhys and Nicca aren't sure they want to be Merry's king.
SPOILERS: For both books.
Note: Not the same universe as "Underestimation".


Pirates of the Caribbean

It Would Never Work ~ Jack/Elizabeth, NC-17 (105K) 12-04-04
After Will's death, Jack decides to help Elizabeth move on with her life.


Prison Break

Heat ~ Alex Mahone/Michael Scofield, NC-17 (10K) 10-27-07
Two angry men alone in a prison cell.
Spoilers: Up to episode 3.4 Good Fences



1. When Likes Attract ~ Kal/Lex, NC-17 (26K) 02-01-04
What if instead of Clark redeeming Lex, he let his own darkness match him? 
Note: Written for the CLFF Wave VII first line challenge.

2. Burying the Past ~ Kal/Lex, NC-17 (21K) 05-19-04
How are Lex and Kal going to rid themselves of baggage from their pasts?
Note: Written for the CLFF Wave VIII last line challenge.


Cover by Henry Jones, Jr.

1. Marco Polo ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (183K) 07-07-02
First Time, Romance, Drama
A hot summer's day and a wet Clark prove to be more than Lex can handle.

2. Freeze Tag ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (287K) 08-07-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama
Clark and Lex play another game and learn some lessons about control.
Note: This takes place about two months after 'Marco Polo'

3. Hide and Seek ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (286K) 08-24-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama
Lionel finds out and questions Lex's loyalty.
Note: Takes place about three weeks after 'Freeze Tag' and was written before season 2 aired.

4. Scavenger Hunt ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (293K) 09-03-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, AU
Clark and Lex play another game, Clark has a birthday, and Lex works to undermine Lionel.
Note: This is the sequel to 'Hide and Seek' and takes place about three weeks after it. And since this is set during season 2 but written before any of it aired, we're going to go off on our own merry way.

Interlude: Bobbing for Apples ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (45K) 11-25-02
Established relationship, Romance, Humor
Lex hosts a Halloween party at the castle for the Lexcorp employees. 
Notes: This falls about halfway between Scavenger Hunt and Snow Angels. Written for the Lexslash Halloween Contest.

5. Snow Angels ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (281 K) 09-28-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, AU
The guys' first Christmas together.

Interlude: Puppy Dog Tales 1 ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (68 K) 10-23-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, AU
Lex brings his puppy home. Starts about a week after Snow Angels.

Interlude: Unavoidable Circumstances ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (82K) 08-01-04
Lex is invited to Bruce Wayne's birthday party.
Notes: This story takes place during the spring of Clark's sophomore year of high school, a couple of months after "Snow Angels" and "Puppy Dog Tales".
Originally published in the Silk and Flannel 2 zine, July 2003.

Interlude: Action Figures ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (39K) 03-09-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Lex saves Clark for a change. 
Note: Takes place shortly before the end of Clark's sophomore year of high school. Inspired by Mre's comment about action!Lex. :)

Interlude: Bored in Bed ~ Clark/Lex, Adult (49 K) 10-27-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Lex gets sick.
Notes: This story takes place in the fall of Clark's junior year of high school.

Interlude: Ups and Downs ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (82K) 08-01-04
What do you do when it's your lover's birthday, but he has everything money can buy? You kidnap him of course!
Note: Takes place the summer between Clark's junior and senior years of high school.
Originally published in the I Can't Stand to Fly zine.

6. Truth or Dare ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17  (321 K) 12-01-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Graduation brings changes for everyone.
Note: Starts a month before Clark and his friends graduate from high school.

Interlude: Sex, Travel, and Videotape ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (36 K) 12-16-02
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Lex and Clark go to Europe for Clark's grad present.
Note: Starts a few days after Truth or Dare.

7. Drinking Games ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (74 K) 02-03-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Clark goes to college.

8. Not Playing Nice ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (67 K) 02-03-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Clark encounters red Kryptonite.
Note: Takes place during Clark's first semester at college.

Interlude: Simon Says ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (64 K) 07-15-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Lex decides it's time for Clark to deal with being an alien. Clark disagrees. 
Note: Set during spring break of Clark's freshman year at college, a few months after "Not Playing Nice" and a few months before "Playing House". Henry kept asking for details about Clark's alien side so here they are -- so she got to beta it too!

9. Playing House ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (92 K) 04-25-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Clark and Lex move in together. 
Note: Takes place at the during the summer after Clark's freshman year at college and the start of his sophomore year.

10. Red Rover ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (86 K) 05-19-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
It's Clark's turn to get a puppy.. 
Note: This story takes place early Clark's sophomore year at college, a few months after "Playing House".

11. Playing Dress Up ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (88 K) 07-21-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
A costume party leads to a permanent change for Clark.
Note: This story takes place not long before Clark graduates from college.

12. Charades ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (80K) 08-10-03
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, Futurefic, AU
Clark's out of college and off to work in the real world, but can Lex stand it? 
Note: Any hickeys left in this story are through no fault of our beta.

13. Toss the Garter ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (73K) 02-07-04
Established relationship, Romance, Drama, futurefic, AU
Clark pops the question--sort of.

14. Celebration ~ Clark/Lex, Adult-graphic (16K / 2,683 words) 08-20-11
A PWP featuring a victorious Lex, a bottle of whisky, and Clark.

15. Grown-up Games ~ Clark/Lex, Adult-graphic (44K / 7,535 words) 08-20-11
Clark takes Lex away for a weekend to celebrate an anniversary of sorts.


The Conscience of the King ~ Clex, NC-17 (14K) 10-18-03
Clark pushes Lex. For the CLFF Wave VI title challenge.

Dark Page ~ Clex, NC-17 (43K) 10-18-03
Clark wonders about Lex. For the CLFF Wave VI title challenge.

Even Superheroes Need Holidays ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (17K) 12-20-04
Saving the world makes it hard to be home for the holidays.

Lost Causes ~ Clark/Lex/Chloe, NC-17 (48K) 06-01-04
Sometimes people get exactly what they want.

The Odd Couple ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (10K) 02-01-04
Lex isn't sure if it's love or war. 
Note: Written for the CLFF Wave VII first line challenge.

Theory or Application ~ Clark/Lex, NC-17 (14K) 05-19-04
Clark has an assignment.
Note: Written for the CLFF Wave VIII last line challenge.

The Perfect Gift ~ Clark/Lex, Non-explicit (15K) 12-06-03
Clark gives Lex the present they both need.


Star Trek (reboot)

Friends with Benefits ~ James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, NC-17/NC-17 (25K) 02-13-10
Jim and Bones fall into bed together whenever Jim gets drunk and comes home alone. (And that was all it was supposed to be!) 


Stargate Atlantis

For alternating POV ficlets (Perspectives, Reactionary POVs), see Ori and Rina's individual pages or the Stargate Page.


1. Temptation ~ McKay/Sheppard, AU, NC-17 (78K) 02-09-06
The real John's about as far from a hero as you can get. In fact, he's a demon.

2. Accommodations ~ McKay/Sheppard, AU, NC-17 (61K) 07-28-06
John gets what he wants.

3. Consequences ~ McKay/Sheppard, AU, NC-17 (111K) 09-30-07
When Rodney's in danger, John stops caring about his secret.

4. Mr. Woolsey Visits Atlantis ~ McKay/Sheppard, AU, NC-17 (28K) 03-28-08
The IOA and SGC representatives come to Atlantis to meet with the Ori who happens to be the senior officer.

5. The Sum of the Parts ~ McKay/Sheppard, AU, NC-17 (68K) 08-26-08
Ashtaroth has a few issues with the idea of Rodney being killed by an ascension machine.

6. Ashtaroth and Mrs. Miller ~ McKay/Sheppard, AU, NC-17 (93K) 02-09-10
Irresistible force (Ashtaroth) meets immoveable object (Jeannie McKay-Miller)

Choices ~ Orithain & Rina

1. The Boy Next Door ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Cadman, AU, NC-17 (127K) 01-16-07
The Sheppards move to a new base during the summer before John's senior year in high school, and he and the boy next door hit it off.
WARNING: Graphic sex between a consenting 16 and 17-year-old.

2. The Long Way Home ~ McKay/other, McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Cadman, Weir/Zelenka, AU, NC-17 (245K) 02-25-07
John and Rodney meet again at their twenty year reunion.

3. The Real World ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Cadman, Weir/Zelenka, AU, NC-17 (209K) 11-06-09
John, Rodney and the kids get used living together.


1. Enough ~ McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka, NC-17 (28K) 09-05-05
Rodney isn't coping well with his mistake, and John decides to fix him. He just needs some help to do it.
Spoilers: Through Trinity.

2. Accommodations ~ McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka, NC-17 (49K) 11-15-05
The morning after the night before.

A Man in Uniform

1. A Man in Uniform ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (40K) 01-25-06
There really is something about a man in uniform.
Spoilers: The Intruder (minor)

2. Mess Dress ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (22K) 06-03-06
Rodney likes John's mess dress even better than the dress blues.

3. Battle Dress Uniform ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (7K) 10-29-06
Rodney likes the everyday uniform too.

4. Flight Suit ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (11K) 09-03-07
John really likes Rodney's reactions to his uniforms, so he decides to show off his flight suit.

5. Physical Fitness Gear ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (10K) 09-01-08
What was the Air Force thinking of when it went with short shorts?


1. Mine! ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (61K) 03-05-06
Rodney gets tired of seeing John with _everyone_ else and decides to do something about it.
Warning: Very mild D/S.

2. Reclaimed ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (32K) 03-21-06
John feels out of step with the rest of Atlantis, so Rodney helps to ground him again in his own unique way.
Warning: Very mild D/S.
Spoilers: Epiphany

3. Trust ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (21K) 05-21-06
After being responsible for everything and everyone, John enjoys giving up control to Rodney when they're alone.
Warning: Very mild BDSM.

4. Marking Territory ~ McKay/Sheppard, Dex Zelenka, NC-17 (25K) 08-08-06
John and Rodney have a streak of exhibitionism, especially when Rodney wants to make his claim clear.
Warning: Very mild BDSM.

5. Just Rewards ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (17K) 01-14-07
It's been a rough week, and John & Rodney have their own unique way of relaxing.
Warning: Very mild D/S

6. Mutual Benefit ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (18K) 10-27-07
For a change, John needs to take care of Rodney.
Spoilers: McKay and Mrs. Miller

Related Dex/Zelenka series

1. Someone to Belong To ~ Dex/Zelenka, NC-17 (17K) 05-22-06
Radek takes what he wants.
Warning: Very mild BDSM.

Sentinels 101

1. Right in Front of Me ~ AU, McKay/Sheppard (441K) completed 12-15-07
Rodney McKay is a sentinel without a guide, but he's still the smartest man in Atlantis.
Spoilers: The entire first season, The Siege Part 3 and parts of Intruder.

2. Right for Me ~ AU, McKay/Sheppard (22K) 12-20-07
John and Rodney get married.

3. Right Beside Me ~ AU, McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Dex, Cadman/ofc (Lindstrom)/Lorne, Weir/Zelenka (implied), Markham/Stackhouse (implied) (454K) completed 04-30-08
Rodney's not the only sentinel on Atlantis.
Spoilers: Season 2

4. Normal ~ AU, Cadman/ofc (Lindstrom), Cadman/ofc (Lindstrom)/Lorne, McKay/Sheppard implied (41K) 10-09-09
Laura Cadman and Lisa Lindstrom are a perfectly normal sentinel-guide pair.

Note: We prefer our stories in single files, but if you have trouble loading the full page or simply prefer them broken up, the Sentinels 101 stories are available in individual chapters on the Wraithbait archive.

Those Words

1. The "R" Word ~ AU, McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (320K) 06-26-06
Children are going in missing, and Det. Sheppard's first suspect is the solitary musician living on the edge of the swamp.

2. The "M" Word ~ AU, McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (95K) 02-09-08
John surprises Rodney with a visit, and Rodney surprises John even more.

The World According to Rover

1. Carts and Dogs ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (301K) 08-11-05
Enemies, green beans, oatmeal, and a cart. Really. Set between Sanctuary and The Brotherhood.
Spoilers: Season 1 through Sanctuary.

2. Doing What Comes Naturally ~ Beckett/Zelenka, McShep, NC-17 (96K) 08-13-05
Carson's looking for a partner.

3. Gender Bender ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, Grodin/ofc, NC-17 (115K) 08-20-05
Rodney's report: Kavanaugh fucked up again, changed everyone with the ATA gene to the opposite gender. I fixed it, of course. The End
Warnings: Gender-switching: femmeslash between 2 men, slash between a man and a woman, hetsex between 2 men...

4. What Kavanagh Saw ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, Teyla/Sora UST, Grodin/ofc, NC-17 (26K) 08-25-05
Kavanagh wants video to back up his reports of the many problems on Atlantis, and he gets more than he bargained for.
Note: Aha, found the challenge that inspired us! So thanks to Terri for her McShepSlash Friday Challenge back on July 6.

5. Promises ~ McKay/Sheppard, Non-explicit (32K) 08-28-05
A series of missing scenes from The Brotherhood through The Intruder.

6. Deja Vu ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka implied, Jack/Daniel (19K) 08-28-05
John and Rodney get invited to dinner at General O'Neill's.

7. Therapy  ~ Beckett/Zelenka, McShep implied, NC-17 (29K) 09-02-05
Carson and Radek did not enjoy being apart while Carson was on Earth.

8. Duet Redux ~ McKay Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka implied, NC-17 (36K) 09-03-05
What was really going on during Duet.

9. Carts and UAs and Cake ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka implied, NC-17 (226K) 09-19-05
More aliens, more insanity and more... Rovers?

10. Welcome to the Madhouse ~ Maj. Lorne/Sgt. "Bryan", NC-17 (23K) 09-24-05
An outtake from Carts & UAs & Cake wherein Major Lorne gets his man.

11. In Sickness and in Health ~ McKay/Sheppard, Non-explicit (39K) 10-08-05
The team encounters a virus at an Ancient outpost.

12. Diplomatic Immunity ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (49K) 10-11-05
A new arrival from Earth has Rodney's matchmaking instincts in overdrive.

13. Making Amends ~ McKay/Sheppard, Non-explicit (29K) 10-19-05
The events of Trinity in the Rover-verse.

14. Metamorphosis ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka implied, NC-17 (27K) 11-02-05
The events of Conversion  in the Rover-verse.

15. Many Happy Returns ~ McKay/Sheppard, Becktt/Zelenka, Weir/Davis implied, NC-17 (85K) 12-05-05
John determines to give Rodney the very best birthday ever.

16. Positive Reinforcement ~ Beckett/Zelenka, NC-17 (13K) 12-10-05
Radek decides to help Carson get over his chair phobia.

17. A Death in the Family ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, Bates/Lindstrom (ofc), Weir/Davis, Teyla/Ronon (95K) 01-06-06
An unexpected event leaves much of Atlantis reeling.

18. Hearts and Flowers ~ McKay/Sheppard, Stackhouse/Takata, Rover/Reza/Ciora (47K) 02-14-06
Valentine's Day leads to a little confusion on Atlantis.

19. Look Who's Coming to Dinner ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, Weir/Davis, Jackson/O'Neill; NC-17 (73K) 03-12-06
Atlantis gets visitors from the SGC.

20. A Perfect Day ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka implied, Teyla/Ronon, NC-17 (53K) 03-19-06
It's Rodney's turn to make John's birthday special.

21. Always Check the Expiry Date ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (64K) 04-02-06
You know those warnings Carson gave about the whole gender switching device? Well, certain people forgot about them.
Warnings: Mpreg of a sort though is it mpreg if the male is a female at the time?

22. Please Don't Play It Again ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (54K) 05-27-06
A time loop has John, Rodney and Rover repeating the same 8 hours over and over again, with some interesting results.

23. Same Time, New Galaxy ~ Cadman/O'Neill 2.0, McKay/Sheppard, Bates/Lindstrom (ofc), Beckett/Zelenka, Weir/Davis, NC-17 (96K) 07-08-06
Lt. Cadman is made a team leader, and Lt. Jack O'Neill, freshly commissioned, is assigned to Atlantis.

24. Cart Wars ~ McKay/Sheppard, etc. etc., NC-17 (177K) 08-03-06
The UAs make contact.

24.5 When Life Hands You a Lemon... Shoot It! ~ McKay/Sheppard, etc. etc., NC-17 (34K) 01-30-08
The real story behind that lemon John gave Mitchell.

25. Rodney's Revenge ~ Beckett/Zelenka, McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (33K) 08-29-06
Rodney plays a prank on Radek, and Carson benefits from it.

26. Procreation ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, Cadman/O'Neill 2.0, Non-explicit (19K) 09-16-06
Rodney decides it's time for Rover and the girls to have a family.

27. Anything Else Is Just an Imitation ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (46K) 10-15-06
How McKay and Mrs. Miller would have gone in the Rover-verse.
Spoilers: "McKay and Mrs. Miller"

28. The Best Team ~ Weir/Davis, NC-17 (43K) 11-28-06
Col. Davis is having a very bad day.

29. The Gift of the Fourth Wise Man ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, NC-17 (40K) 12-16-06
Christmas in Atlantis.

30. We Cordially Invite You ~ McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Davis, NC-17 (47K), 03-30-07
Paul and Elizabeth are getting married, which means John and Rodney have to shop for a wedding present.

31. Welcome Home ~ McKay/Sheppard , NC-17 (80K) 06-26-07
Tweaking the events of 'The Return' to fit the Rover-verse - we're not inflicting Wraith, UAs and Replicators on our intrepid heroes ;)
Spoilers: "The Return"

32. The Study ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (14K) 06-03-98
Rodney researches a question.

33. Sunday ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Zelenka, Weir/Davis, Cadman/O'Neill 2.0, Lorne/Chuck "Bryan", NC-17 (69K) 09-25-08
The events of Sunday in the Rover-verse

The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass 

1. Six Impossible Things ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (146K) 05-09-07 
John wakes up in the morning only to find himself back at McMurdo, in a world where the SGC never existed and he never went to Atlantis, despite the fact that he remembers going to bed in his quarters in the Ancient city the night before. 
Notes: Response to Ghostforge's "Bad Day" challenge, though with a few minor changes--we disapprove of losing Carson.

2. Yesterday I Was a Different Person ~ McKay/Sheppard, Non-explicit (139) 05-13-07
The other side of the story, Rodney's perspective on Six Impossible Things, when he wakes up with the wrong John in his bed.

3. On the Other Side ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (230K) 05-20-07
The fallout of Rodney and John in the other universe.


Carpe Rodney ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (10K) 01-12-09
John can never see Rodney in a shower, any shower, and let the opportunity pass him by.

The Clothes Make the Man ~ McKay/Sheppard, Dex/Emmagan, Weir/Zelenka, Beckett/Cadman, NC-17 (152K) 04-27-06
AU: Designer Rodney McKay loses a model shortly before the launch of his next collection, and guess who he sees working on a construction site right outside his windows?

Find Your Way Home ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (138K) 02-02-07
An alien race makes the Atlanteans believe Rodney's dead and convinces Rodney that he's one of them.

Good Intentions ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (47K) 12-20-05
was never enough in the face of duty and obligations. But it's difficult to disregard such deep feelings--especially during the holidays...

The Green-Eyed Monster ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (108K / 19,291 words) 03-11-11
Rodney pimps himself out to get a ZPM. John is unimpressed and confused by his own reaction.
Note: Completed in April 2008 and published in summer 2009 in Undercurrents 1 by Ashton Press.

Healer's Hands ~ Beckett/Dex, NC-17 (32K) 05-29-07
Beckett was a healer... as Malena had been.

It's All Your Fault ~ Sheppard/other, McKay/Sheppard (113K) 07-22-07
John Sheppard's the easiest person in two galaxies. Or is he?

Just One Drop of Water ~ McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Cadman (139K) 08-25-07
Dr. Rodney McKay hated everything about the beach: sun, sand, salt water and especially the people. So of course his assistant made him go to 'relax'.
Note: Originally published in the Military Intelligence zine.

More Than He Bargained For ~ McKay/Sheppard (68K) 09-19-08
Someone's been crawling into John's bed... and it's a perfect fit.
Note: Based on Calia's kink challenge (allslash, July 12, 2008).

Perception ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (63K) 04-07-07
How could something that was supposed to be so simple get so complicated?
Notes: Originally published in Room with a View 2

Three Geeks Walk into a Bar... ~ McKay/Sheppard, Lorne/Parrish, Cadman/Zelenka, NC-17 (42K) 08-17-06
A bar brawl leads to a new relationship.

Tiny Bubbles ~ McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (11K) 06-21-09
John, Rodney, and a nice vintage.
Note: Intended for the Porn Battle VIII but we missed the deadline. Prompt: vintage


Stargate SG-1

As yet unnamed universe

Inevitability ~ Jack/Daniel, NC-17 (32K) 02-15-04 Nominated for a 2005 Stargate Fan Award
Jack and Daniel get trapped again, but they find a new way to pass the time.

The Winds of Change ~ Malek/Rya'c, NC-17 (126K) 03-09-04 Nominated for a 2005 Stargate Fan Award
Despite their races' animosity, one Tok'ra and one Jaffa discover that they're better together.

Past Sins ~ Jonas/Tanith, NC-17 (186K) 07-26-04 Nominated for a 2005 Stargate Fan Award
Much to his own surprise, Tanith survived Teal'c's determined effort to kill him, and he's found by Jonas Quinn. Once again pretending to be someone he's not, everything changes for him.


Christmas Present ~ Jack/Daniel, NC-17 (19K) 12-03-03
They were so busy not asking and not telling that they almost missed what was right under their noses.


Second Chances

1.Never Boring ~ Dean/Valac (omc), NC-17 (142K) 05-26-06
A while back, Dean trapped an incubus in human form instead of destroying him, and now Valac is trying to get him to admit why.

2. Old Habits ~ Dean/Valac (omc), NC-17 (142K) 09-06-06
Our take on the final episodes of season 1 and what happens next.

3. The Headless Horseman ~ Dean/Valac (omc), NC-17 (185K) 09-18-07
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is just a story... isn't it?

4. The Coil Tightens ~ Dean/Valac (omc), Sam/m/f, NC-17 (167K) 12-14-08
Having Val around changes many things.

5. Two Men and a '67 Chevy ~ Dean/Val (omc), Sam/Andy/Ava implied, NC-17 (17K) 06-10-09
PWP (in case the size didn't tell you) - Dean finally makes good on a promise.

Unlikely Habits

1. Strange Bedfellows ~ Gabriel/Crowley, NC-17 (28K) 10-19-10
Tricksters and demons actually have a lot in common. Archangels and demons... well, it depends on the archangel.

2. Two Million, Six Hundred Fourteen Thousand, Nine Hundred and Eighty ~ Gabriel/Crowley, NC-17 (36K) 10-19-10
Demons don't miss people; they don't pray; and they certainly don't fall in love.

3. Extended Family ~ Gabriel/Crowley, Dean/Castiel, NC-17 (88K / 15,192 words) 02-13-11
Gabriel (and Crowley) play matchmaker, and then Gabe decides to do something (else) nice for Dean.


Nightmares and Fantasies ~ Dean/Castiel, NC-17 (10K) 06-22-09
Heaven and hell both have a hold on Dean's dreams.
Note: Intended for the Porn Battle VIII but we missed the deadline. Prompt: nightmare

Simply Human ~ Dean/Castiel/Anna Milton, NC-17 (22K) 12-03-08
The mark connects them.
Spoilers: Heaven and Hell

Wine, Archangels and Song ~ Dean/Gabriel, NC-17 (107K / 18,687 words) 02-05-11
Post averted apocalypse, Sam's off being domestic, Dean's hunting, and Gabriel's bored.

Veronica Mars

When He Was Good ~ Logan/Veronica, NC-17 (51K) 06-16-05
Logan and Veronica work their way back to each other.


Warchild Universe (c) Karin Lowachee

1. Finding Light in the Black ~ Niko/Jos, NC-17 (33K) 03-17-05
and Jos put aside their burdens for one night at home.
SPOILERS: Warchild (major), Burndive (minor)



Wherever the Road Takes Him ~ Logan/Remy Lebeau, NC-17/NC-17 (86K) 12-14-09
Something draws Logan back to New Orleans, and he learns just what that is. (Post X-Men Origins: Wolverine)



Basic Training ~ Baines/Hicks, NC-17 (47K) May 01
Aliens/Xtro 2
During basic training a young Baines and Hicks meet and become friends.
Cover by Tarlan

Mountains and Mercenaries Don't Mix ~ Tom McLaren/Tyr, NC-17 (88 K) 01-29-03
Vertical Limit/Andromeda (sort of)
A strange little AU where our intrepid mountain guide meets a mercenary who's been hired to keep his group off K2.
Notes: Just imagine one of Tyr Anasazi's original human progenitors, who looks just like him of course, crossed with a gorgeous green-eyed mountaineer played by Nick Lea... we did! And for those who saw Vertical Limit, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Written July 2001 and originally published in the Zone Zine 2002.

Proof Positive ~ Cory Raines/Mulder, NC-17 (45) 05-14-02
Mulder is rescued from the aliens, but his benefactor isn't quite who he thinks he is.

Wounded Doves ~ Victor Mansfield/Zane, NC-17 (42 K) 11-02-02
Once a Thief/Kindred: the Embraced
Vic finds another wounded dove type to rescue.



Paranormal Universe


1. A Stranger in Town ~ m/m (Joe San Gabriel/Sam Tallfeather), NC-17 (125K) 04-08-03
A stranger passing through Cougar Falls catches the attention of both San Gabriel twins, but he has his own ideas of which he wants.
WARNING: Once again, these are shapeshifters, so here there be sex between shifters in human form and shifters in cat form... which I suppose could be considered bestiality. There's also cat-cat sex in addition to man-man - but that last's why you're here, right? *g*

2. Bringing Him Home to Mother ~ m/m (Joe San Gabriel/Sam Tallfeather), NC-17 (60K) 02-28-04
Sam and Joe visit Sam's family to try to learn more about his father. Takes place a couple of months after "A Stranger in Town" and "Alliances".

3. Christmas Traditions ~ Joe San Gabriel/Sam Tallfeather, NC-17 (26K) 12-09-04
Sam wonders if he'll survive Christmas with Joe's family.

Coming of Age ~ m/f (Mike Lorimar/Kelly Meadows), NC-17 (73K) 01-23-04
Mike finally notices what's right under his nose. Takes place about a couple of months after the end of "Offer Your Throat to the Wolf", which Mike and his family first appeared in.

Mr. Right ~ m/f (Jeremy Meadows/Jennifer Lorimar), NC-17 (54K) 02-15-04
Another Lorimer finds her mate. Takes place a few days before the end of "Coming of Age".

The Lady or the Wolf ~ m/f (Eric Tate/Traci Lorimar), NC-17 (40K) 02-22-04
The last of the Lorimer siblings finds what's been missing from her life. Takes place a couple of months after "Coming of Age" and "Mr. Right".

Mixing Business with Pleasure ~ m/m (Ace Cole/Alexander Hawkins), NC-17 (61K) 02-22-04
Two of Eric's staff finally decide that it's time to explore the possibilities. Takes place concurrently with "The Lady or the Wolf".

All Mine ~ m/m (Josh Hartley/Jake Carter), NC-17 (41K) 11-24-06
Much to his dismay, a college student found himself mated to a thirteen-year-old. A series of scenes from the first decade of their lives as mates.
WARNING: Very slightly underage sex (just short of Jake's sixteenth birthday and very much consensual).

Lone Wolf ~ m/m (Dominico Romani/Diarmuid MacTiernan), NC-17 (80K) 04-23-09
A lone--and lonely--wolf shifter finds everything changing when shifter aristocracy visits his small town.


For other vampire stories, see Angyl & Orithain's page or the original fiction page.

Backstory 1: Freed from Their Bonds ~ Edward, Richard, Anne, Non-explicit (27K) 12-05-04
A vampire takes pity on the imprisoned princes and turns them, freeing them from the Tower.

5. My Name Is Not Vlad! ~ m/m (Ethan James/Bryce Carstairs) & m/m/f (/Carly Benedict), NC-17 (47K) 10-20-04
When Count Dracula met the rebel without a cause... really.

6. The Lady and the Vamp ~ m/f (JT McGee/Carly Benedict), NC-17 (67K) 10-23-04
An old-world Southern gentleman meets a twenty-first century woman who grew up on the streets.

7. A New Beginning ~ m/m (Ned York, Curt Barnes), NC-17 (82K) 12-08-04
The streetwalking family's lost member comes home, but what will he find there?
Note: This is Prince/King Edward of Freed from their Bonds more than 500 years later.

8. Royalty and Whores ~ m/m (Ned York/Curt Barnes), NC-17 (52K) 09-28-06
Rick left a housewarming gift for his brother.

9. Worthwhile ~ m/m (Rick York/Hal James), NC-17 (87K) 01-08-05
Rick tries to convince a young human that he's worth wanting.

10. Changes ~ m/f (Josh King/Casey Benedict), NC-17 (65K) 06-07-05
The vampires' database is hacked, and they all get more than they bargained for.

11. Almost Enough ~ m/m (Rick York/Hal James), NC-17 (47K) 10-29-06
Jealousy can lead to unexpected places when you're a vampire.

Toronto Stories

A Difference in Ages ~ m/m (Jordan Mitchell/Jon Waters) (71K) 03-02-04
What happens when a teenager thinks his dad's boss is the sexiest thing he's ever seen.

Showing Him Around Around ~ m/m, NC-17 (96K) 01-08-02
A ballplayer explores his sexuality and meets a young man who's happy to show him around.

1. A Friend in Need ~ f/f, NC-17 (39K) 11-29-01
When a young woman is in pain, a friend and sometime lover helps her get over her grief.

2. Birthday Surprise ~ f/f, NC-17 (16K) 03-31-03
Gigi plans a surprise for Cory's birthday. 


Hard to Top ~ m/m (Bain Hartley/Evan Barnes), NC-17 (63K) 05-03-05
Some things are just as much fun as winning gold.


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