Almost Enough

Orithain and Rina

October 2006

Snow swirled in the air as Rick pulled up outside the library, disregarding the ĎNo Parkingí sign as unimportant. The weather was equally unimportant as far as he as concerned, and he climbed out of the sleek black Mercedes and sat on the hood, watching the glass doors for Halís appearance.

The college student had been standing at the doors watching for Rick, so the moment the car pulled up, he headed outside, eyes fixed on the tall, blue-eyed, blond vampire and smiling. "You made good time," he greeted once he was near enough. Brushing the snow from his somewhat shaggy dark hair, he walked straight into Rickís arms and slid his around Rickís neck.

"I had reason to," Rick smiled, pulling Hal closer between his legs and running his hands lower to cup the denim-clad ass. "I had my sexy little lover waiting for me, and I didnít want him to get cold."

"Thatís okay. I like it when you warm me up." Hal squirmed slightly, a moan escaping him when he felt Rick against him. "Maybe you should do that now, just in case."

"You donít have to ask twice," Rick murmured, rocking against Hal as he nuzzled his way down the young manís jaw to his throat where he nipped at the firm, pale flesh there.

"There are people walking past," Hal pointed out, not really caring but feeling he should remind Rick. His fingers flexed on Rickís shoulders, scratching while his hips rocked back and forth.

"Itís late and itís snowing; nobody notices us." Rick bit down harder, drawing blood.

Hal whimpered. "God, youíre going to make me come right here, arenít you?"

Rick chuckled and nodded against Halís throat, tightening his fingers on his ass.

Hal thought about it for a moment, chuckled, and murmured, "Okay." He grinned as he pressed closer, his head falling to the side so Rick could more easily bite him. "Oh God, feels so good."

"Mmmhmm," Rick murmured, grinding his crotch against Halís, feeling the hard heat of Halís cock separated only by the denim of their jeans. He heard Hal groan and took it as his cue, biting him fully.

"Rick," Hal whimpered, desperate to get closer. He wrapped his legs around Rickís waist, desperately humping, and his fingers clung to the back of Rickís neck, pulling the vampire closer, wanting to feel Rick drinking from him as the pleasure mounted.

Rick growled in answer as he swallowed down mouthfuls of Halís rich blood, and he held the boy closer, feeling the trim frame shuddering against him.

The vibration of the growl made Hal muffle a gasp against Rickís hair as he came from the bite alone. He shook, pressed close to Rick, his arms and legs tightening their grasp. "Want you to fuck me," he gasped.

Rick reared back, licking his lips and grinning dangerously. He slid off the hood of his car, sliding against the length of Halís body as he did so. "Címon, little boy," he murmured, taking Halís hand and pulling him toward the side of the library. "Letís play cops and robbers."

Hal gasped as Rick slid against him and then dragged him back to the library. "Where are we going?" he demanded in confusion, having expected to head home.

"Havenít you ever played cops and robbers?" Rick laughed, moving behind Hal and pressing him against the cold bricks of the building. "Up against the wall and spread Ďem."

"Here?" Hal squeaked, eyes widening even as his pulse sped up with interest.

"You mean you wanted to wait until we were home?"

"Well... no." Hal smiled sheepishly. "I just never thought..." He stopped, shrugged and got into position, arching his back to thrust his ass back.

"Itís better when you donít," Rick laughed, sliding his hands down to the button and zipper of Halís jeans and undoing both so that he could slide them down over his slim hips.

Hal grumbled under his breath, but not wanting Rick to stop what he was doing, he didnít comment. For now. Instead he squirmed, gasping at the bite of the winter air despite the warmer air from the nearby exhaust vent, and pressed closer to Rick.

Rubbing a hand against Halís damp cock, Rick grinned and licked his other fingers, pressing one between Halís cheeks and pressing inside, counting on his recent orgasm to make him loose.

Hal shivered and moaned, pressing back and clenching around the invading finger. "More," he begged, twisting wantonly. His fingers splayed against the rough brick, and he never noticed the cold or the scrapes as he scratched at the unyielding surface.

"Everything," Rick growled, adding a second finger and scratching his other hand over Halís chest.

"God yes," Hal whimpered, his back arching to thrust his chest against one hand and his ass down on the other. It felt so good, making him unaware of anything but Rickís touch and the sound of Rickís voice as his vampire lover drove him crazy with lust.

Snarling under his breath, hunger for Hal driving through him, Rick reared back, pulling his finger free and positioning himself, then shoving into Halís ass at the same time he bit down on his throat.

Hal shoved a hand against his mouth to muffle his cries, ecstasy rocketing through him as Rick claimed him in every way possible. He pushed back, ass clenching around Rickís cock, and he started to say something only to freeze as the sound of voices reached him on the still, icy night air. His eyes widened dramatically as the voices came nearer, seeming to be right around the corner.

"Címon, Lisa," a young male voice nearly whined, "itíll be fun."

"Itís cold, Jack. I want to go inside. If you canít get rid of your roommate, thatís your problem, and Iíll just go back to my dorm."

"Lisa!" The voices began to fade away into the distance again.

Rick drew back enough to chuckle against Halís throat before licking the small puncture wounds in his neck. "Looks like Jackís out of luck, but Iím not." He smiled and rocked into Halís ass again, sliding a hand down to stroke his renewed erection.

"I love being lucky," Hal said, leaning back against Rick. He rhythmically clenched and relaxed his ass, fingers still braced against the rough brick to keep from falling forward. "God, fuck me already."

"Youíre my luck, little boy," Rick purred, trapping Hal between his hand and his cock and thrusting into him.

"Think you got that backwards, but okay. I can live with that." Hal wanted to say more, but a jab directly against his prostate drove every thought out of his head, and he cried out, the sound carrying on the night air.

"Shh, unless you want an audience."

At that point Hal couldnít have cared less, but he shoved a fist against his mouth to muffle his cries because Rick wanted him to. "Harder," he begged, wanting to feel Rick inside him for the next week.

Rick growled in answer and lifted Hal enough so that he could power into him, nipping at the other side of his neck and drawing pin-pricks of blood. "My little boy, all mine."

"Yes," Hal said simply, whimpering softly as Rick pounded into his ass and he slammed back to meet every thrust. He didnít feel the cold anymore, only the heat of his own body and Rickís against him.

"Come for me, Hal," Rick murmured, licking Halís neck and up to his ear. "Come for me and then weíll go home and Iíll put you to bed."

As if heíd only been waiting for the command, Hal convulsed, clenching down on Rick as he shuddered through his climax, biting his hand hard enough to draw blood as he tried to hold back his scream of completion.

Rick groaned as Hal thrashed around and in front of him and thrust several more times before coming as well, his face buried against Halís neck.

Knees weak, Hal slumped against the building, only Rickís grip keeping him on his feet. "Wow," he whispered.

"Mmm, gorgeous little boy," Rick whispered, straightening Halís clothes as he pulled back, covering him against the cold before dressing himself again.

Hal turned to face Rick, nestling into the vampireís arms with his head on Rickís shoulder. "Prince charming," he murmured, hiding his grin against Rickís throat.

Rick chuckled. "Does that make you Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty?"

"A little of all three, I think," Hal said quietly, sobering momentarily. "But Iím not wearing a gown!"

"Nah, I prefer you in tight denim or, better yet, nothing at all." As he spoke, Rick steered them back to his car and settled Hal inside, turning on the seat heaters as soon as he got in as well.

"I think Iíd freeze my ass off, among other things, if I went naked in Boston at this time of year!"

"Inside, you nut," Rick laughed, putting the car in gear and peeling out of the turnaround, heading for home.

"Itís my nuts Iím worried about!"

"Want me to ask Anne to knit you a nut-warmer?"

"Donít you dare! She would." Hal shuddered at the thought of the jokes heíd suffer through. "And then Ned and Curt would start with the jokes. Then Hannibalíd get in on the act." He shook his head emphatically, imagining what JTís sire might do. "No."

"Love me, love my family, the lot of insane gits that they are," Rick sing-songed.

Hal groaned. "Itís a good thing I do love you or Iíd run screaming," he muttered.

"Good thing for me; guess Iíll have to get you something to remind you of that or I might lose you."

Hal turned as far as the seatbelt would let him and eyed Rick curiously, his big dark eyes intent. "Such as?"

Rick glanced over at Hal, then moved a hand from the steering wheel to run it over Halís neck. "A collar, I think, to remind everyone that youíre claimed and nobody touches you but me."

Hal shivered with lust. "I like the sound of that." He chewed his lower lip for a minute and drew in a deep breath as he came to a decision. "Would you get something too?" he asked, a faint note of hope buried in his tone.

"What do you want me to have?"

"Umm, a bracelet that matches the collar?" Hal suggested warily, not sure how Rick would react to the idea.

Rick smiled widely and caught Halís hand bringing it to his lips. "I love the idea. Shall we go on the weekend?"

Halís smile seemed to light up the interior of the car. "Iíd like that," he replied, trying not to get too excited.

"Perfect. What say we make a weekend of it, get a suite downtown and not wear anything except our new jewelry until we have to leave?"

Hal made a soft sound of pure lust. "Okay," he whispered, eyes wide and dark. "Except when they bring room service. Need to put a robe on then."

"I will," Rick assured him. "But you stay naked in the bedroom; nothing gets between us." He paused for a moment, considering. "Though there is a club you might like..."

"Club?" Hal looked excited. "Really? Iíve never been clubbing. It sounds like fun."

Rick chuckled low and throaty. "Then weíll have to goóand buy you new clothes while weíre out."

Hal blinked and slowly smiled. "Why do I think youíre going to be picking all my clothes?"

"Because I want to see you in things that fit you and show you off. Watching people drool over you but not be able to touch is going to be fun." Rick pulled into the parking lot beneath their building and parked in his space.

Hal rolled his eyes. His wardrobe was an ongoing battle between them, and while heíd slowly given in and begun wearing better fitting clothes, he still dug in his heels when it came to skin-tight things that showed off his body. "As if anyone would be interested," he scoffed.

"Do it for me, little boy," Rick murmured, pulling Hal in for a kiss. "This one night let me dress you as I want."

Sighing heavily even as he melted into the kiss, Hal freed himself of the seatbelt and moved onto Rickís lap. "Fine," he finally said against Rickís lips. "But donít think that means Iím going to give in every night."

"Damn, you look hot, little boy," Rick murmured, prowling around Hal and studying his outfit from every angle. Deep chocolate brown leather clung to his legs and ass as if theyíd been painted on, and a vest one shade lighter molded to his chest. The black leather choker theyíd picked out earlier that day rested against his throat, the platinum charm engraved with their initials resting against the hollow there.

"You really are insane," Hal sighed, eyeing his reflection in the mirror and hoping nobody hurt themselves too badly laughing at the sight of him. "But you look damn good," he said with admiration, taking in the matching outfit in black that the blond wore. Unable to resist, he raised a finger to stroke the leather band around Rickís wrist with a charm that was the mate of the one around his own throat.

"I know," Rick replied, his tone filled with unconscious arrogance. "And I look better with you next to me."

"Uh huh." Hal was patently unconvinced, but he didnít want to waste time arguing. "So does this mean weíre ready to go out?"

"Just as long as youíve had enough to eat." Rick moved up behind Hal and slid his arms around the shorter manís waist, nuzzling the soft brown hair at the nape of his neck.

"Well, nothing else is going to fit inside these pants!"

"Not even me?"

"You fit inside me, but not inside these pants without unfastening them," Hal retorted. He leaned back against Rick, knowing the vampire would hold him up, and let his head fall forward, loving the touch on his neck.

Rick chuckled and nuzzled the side of Halís neck, running his hands over Halís body until he felt the response filling his pants. "Mmm, now weíre ready to go."

"Sadist!" Hal groaned, squirming. He wondered if the leather was going to hold up to the strain or if heíd suddenly find himself bursting out, but there wasnít a thing he could do about it. What he could do, however...

He backed up, firmly pressing his ass into the cradle of Rickís hips and writhed, smirking as he felt the answering hardness digging into him.

"Now weíre ready to go."

"Evil little boy," Rick laughed, kissing Hal again before they grabbed their jackets and headed out into the cool night air, a taxi taking them to the club Rick had in mind.

Inside the cab Hal moved to straddle Rickís lap, arms going around his neck as he kissed Rick hungrily, rocking against him as they both grew even harder. "Thank you," he whispered against Rickís lips. "I love this weekend."

Rick slid his hands over Halís back and lower, to cup his ass, rocking them together. "Then weíll have to have ones like it more often. I like getting to show you off."

"And I like being with you." Hal smiled crookedly. "And with the crazy extended family we seem to have." He rolled his eyes. "I like it being just us."

"While Iím glad you finally believe thereís an us."

Hal chuckled. "Kind of hard to deny it when weíre living together and you keep telling me you want me. But I like the way you convince me."

"And Iíll keep convincing you of it." Rick kissed Hal again, then slapped his ass as the cab stopped. "Time to go, little boy."

"Mmm, how Ďbout I just wrap myself around you and you can carry me in?" Hal murmured, nuzzling under Rickís chin. "I like it here." He wasnít serious, though, and started to climb off Rickís lap even as he spoke.

Rickís arms tightened around Hal, holding him in place as he paid the driver and climbed out of the cab. "You wanted me to carry you," he laughed when Hal looked at him strangely.

"You really are crazy," Hal chuckled as he wrapped his arms and legs tightly around the tall, blond vampire. He knew Rick could just as easily pick up the cab theyíd ridden in, but it still thrilled him when Rick did something like this. "This is going to make dancing look very strange."

"Itíll look like weíre fucking, have a problem with that?"

Hal made a soft, guttural sound of pleasure. "Not at all. The only thing better would be if we actually were fucking."

Rick gave a sensual smile and flipped the cost of their entry at the doorman. "Weíll be doing that later so keep thinking happy thoughts."

"If I get any happier, Iíll burst out of these pants!"

"Want me to loosen your laces some?"

Blushing faintly, Hal shook his head. "I like it," he admitted.

"Mmm, like the thought of bondage, do you?" Rick purred, carrying Hal out onto the dance floor so that he could grind against him.

"Itís hot," Hal whispered against Rickís neck, hiding his face when he saw people looking at them.

"But not for public," Rick nodded, nuzzling Halís face.

"No," Hal agreed fervently, peaking over Rickís shoulder, only to duck back down with a soft Ďmeepí when he met a pair of avid brown eyes only a few feet away.

"So look at me and donít worry about them," Rick urged, gently urging Halís face up again.

Hal met Rickís blue eyes and stopped caring about anyone else. He smiled, lighting up his whole face, and nodded. "I know, I was being crazy. I do want to be here with you." He still couldnít believe that someone who looked like Rick was his, but the vampire kept proving it to him, so he was going to stop questioning it and simply enjoy it. Like tonight.

"And thatís the perfect answer." Rick let go of Hal with one hand to thread his fingers through the other manís dark hair and kiss him hungrily as they swayed together to the music.

Hal moaned into Rickís mouth, his hips rocking as he thrust against the answering erection he could feel in Rickís skintight leather pants.

"Beautiful little boy, want to take you right here and show everyone youíre mine..."

Whimpering, Hal squirmed more. "Yes," he gasped, not caring if the whole city was watching.

Worming his free hand between them, Rick undid the lacings at Halís crotch to free his cock, stroking it as he moved them over to a dark corner of the club.

"Rick," Hal moaned, burying his fingers in Rickís thick blond hair. He squirmed hungrily, unaware of the many pairs of eyes watching them hungrily or the hands surreptitiously reaching for groins, and his mouth reached for Rickís, fastening on avidly.

"Want to fuck you, little boy, but I wonít let anyone else touch you, I promise," Rick murmured, letting Halís legs slide off his hips so that he could stand on his own.

Hal leaned against the wall behind him, his cock protruding lewdly from the brown leather pants, and he slid a hand under his vest to toy with his own nipple as he watched Rick. "Want you in me," he breathed, knowing that the vampire could hear him despite the loud music.

Rubbing a hand over Halís erection, Rick turned him towards the wall and pushed his trousers lower as he worked on the laces to his own pants. "Gonna be so deep in you, you donít know where you end and I start."

"Oh fuck yeah," Hal panted, fingers clawing at the wall as he arched his back and pushed his ass back. "Fuck me!"

Slicking up his fingers with his own spit, Rick pressed them into Halís ass, circling and spreading them until he was whimpering with need. "Mine, all mine," he growled, trading fingers for cock and shoving inside.

The Ďyesí Hal had been about to voice turned to a wordless cry of delight at the sudden, hard thrust that filled him, and he writhed on Rickís cock, pushing back to take every inch of him.

Rick lunged forward, biting Halís throat as he fucked him, snaking a hand around him to stroke his cock in time with his thrusts.

"Yeah, love you, more, please," Hal babbled, rocking between Rickís hand and cock.

"Everything," Rick mumbled against Halís throat as he rocked harder and harder to him.

Unable to speak, Hal only moaned his pleasure and matched Rickís rhythm, the pleasure coursing through him drawing tighter with every stroke. He was completely unaware of the people drawing closer, greedy eyes watching their every movement.

"Come for me. Little boy," Rick rasped, nipping at Halís throat again as he glared at the people around them, warning them away from touching Hal.

The bite tipped Hal over the edge, and he jammed a fist against his mouth to muffle his cry as he came. He clenched down on the cock still driving into him, wanting to bring Rick with him.

Growling, Rick lunged forward a few more times, then he, too, was coming, grinding up against Halís back before relaxing there, nuzzling Hal.

"So thatís what people mean when they talk about going dancing in clubs?" Hal laughed, rubbing his cheek against Rickís.

"Like it being like sex?" Rick laughed, gently pulling back and cleaning them both up before settling Halís pants to rights. "Yeah."

"I think I like it." Hal grinned at Rick, raising his face for a kiss.

"Glad to hear it. Now how about I find you somewhere to sit while I get you a drink, then we can do it again." Rick led Hal toward a corner table, one look at the blond vampireís face enough to convince the occupants that they should move.

"Okay, nothing too strong though, okay? Iím thirsty. Maybe something mixed?" Hal asked, sitting somewhat gingerly.

"How about a soda and a mixed drink?" Rick offered, smiling and kissing Hal again before easing through the crowd toward the bar.

Hal watched him go till the crowd obscured his view, then slumped in his seat, a smile curving his lips as the ache in his ass reminded him of his recent activities.

"Hi there." A tall, black-haired man dropped into the seat next to Hal and leaned in toward him. "Having fun?"

Hal blinked in surprise, but a quick glance around told him that all the nearby tables were filled. The man must just want a place to sit for a moment. "Yeah, itís a nice club," he replied, not wanting to be rude.

"Yeah, it is; lots of friendly people here."

Hal smiled. "Yeah, I noticed. Iím glad I came tonight."

The newcomer chuckled and rested his arm behind Halís shoulders. "So I noticed; planning on doing it again?"

Hal glanced a little uncomfortably at the arm, but the man was just being friendly, he supposed. "I hope so. It was a lot of fun," he admitted, smiling shyly.

"Glad to hear it. So, you like this kind of thing?"

"Sure." Hal nodded, half shrugging.

The manís smile widened and he leaned closer. "Iím very glad to hear that; your friend going to be gone long?" as he spoke, his free hand ghosted over Halís thigh.

Halís eyes widened slightly, then he realized how crowded it was, and he shifted away slightly, giving the stranger more room. "No, he should be right back. He just went to get us some drinks."

"Long line there, it might take a while." He moved closer, his hand brushing against Halís thigh more purposefully.

"Not as long as you might think." Rickís voice dripped icy daggers as he leaned over the table, ripping the strangerís hand from Halís body.

Hal blinked in surprise. "Rick?"

"Weíre leaving now, Harold," Rick snarled, yanking the table out of the way and pulling Hal to his feet, propelling him out of the club and onto the street where he hoisted the young man to his shoulder and sped through the city, invisible to all eyes.

Stunned into silence at first, by the time Hal was able to react, Rick was moving so fast that all he could do was close his eyes tightly and cling to his lover. For the few moments that the trip to their apartment took, he tried to figure out why Rick was acting this way, not that he minded, but he had been taken by surprise.

Slamming into the apartment and locking the door behind them, Rick carried Hal into the bedroom and tossed him on the bed, diving on top of him and glaring down at him, his blue eyes full of fire. "Youíre mine, little boy, mine." That said, he lunged for Halís throat, biting his jugular and drinking from him in deep, gulping swallows.

Hal wasnít arguing. He still didnít understand why Rick seemed so upset, but the feeling of his fangs in Halís throat made him moan with pleasure, his hands coming up to hold Rick close. Mindless instinct drove Rick to bite harder, deeper, and he pressed Halís body against the mattress. Whimpering softly, Hal spread his legs, letting Rick settle closer.

Rick drank more and more, finally pulling back when he realized that Hal wasnít moving any more beneath him. "Hal? Hal? Oh fuck!" he rasped, tearing open his own wrist and pressing it against Halís mouth, willing him to drink before he died.

Hal felt like he was floating, surrounding by the familiar scent of Rick, when his pleasant cocoon was shredded by the horror in Rickís voice. That made him fight his way back toward consciousness, and he began to swallow the rich liquid filling his mouth. Growing more alert, he clamped onto the wrist at his lips, suckling hungrily.

Waiting until Hal stopped drinking and settled back into unconsciousness, Rick sat against the headboard, the other man curled in his lap, shivering from bone deep cold. He fumbled for the cordless phone and hit the speed dial, his voice shaking when Ned finally answered the phone. "Neddy, oh fuck, Ned, I need you over here right now. IóI almost killed him, Neddy."

It took Ned a moment to figure out who was raving through the phone at him, then another to understand what he was babbling. "Rick? You almost killed who? Calm down, Dickon, and tell me."

"Halówe were at a club, and there was someone touching him, and I bit him, and I need you here now!" Rick screamed out the last word.

"Whatthefuck?" Curt mumbled, sitting up from where heíd been pillowed against Nedís chest. "Whatís going on with Rick and Hal?"

Ned shook his head and shrugged slightly, indicating his confusion. "Dickon, whereís Hal now?"

"In bed, unconscious. He drank, but it was close, Ned; it was so fucking close." Rick drew in a gasping breath and closed his eyes. "So damn close."

Ned let out a soft sigh of relief, raking a hand through short, dark blond hair. "So youíve turned him? Heíll be fine then, Rick. But Iíll be over in a few minutes. Just let me get dressed."

"Just hurry! Please..."

"Rick turned Hal?" Curt asked, sitting upright and frowning. "So whyís he so freaked? I thought thatís what Hal would have wanted."

"Of course it is," Ned replied, rolling his eyes, amusement brightening their green. "But apparently someone did something and Rick got jealous, so he didnít actually ask first. Or even think about it, and now heís freaked out that he could have killed Hal." Ned snorted as he stepped into his jeans and grabbed a shirt. "As if that would happen. Rickíd let himself be killed before letting anything hurt Hal."

Curt shook his head as he climbed out of bed and grabbed his clothes. "So let me guess, heís doing the major guilt trip now, so you have to go calm him down; there goes my nookie for the night!"

Ned sighed. "If we get really lucky, Hal will wake up soon, and he can take over calming Rick down. Nothing else will anyway."

"So letís go. Heís your brother; until Hal wakes up, youíre the next best thing, even if you two wonít do each other." Curt grinned devilishly and thinned to mist, heading at top speed for Rickís apartment.

"WHAT!?" Ned whirled around to swat at the dark-haired, teenaged vampire, but Curt was already gone, and he could only follow. Moments later both Ned and Curt were inside Rick and Halís apartment, and Ned led the way toward the bedroom where he could hear Ned.

Looking up with red-rimmed eyes, Rick gave Ned a pleading look though he didnít stir from where he sat, stroking Halís hair and back. "He hasnít woken up, Neddy. What if he doesnít wake up?"

Ned moved to his brotherís side, sliding an arm around his shoulders as he peered down at Hal. "Heís fine, Dickon. Heíll wake soon, and you two will go back to being revoltingly sappy for the next several hundred years. You know that it takes a little time for us to wake for the first time."

"I drained him too much; I didnít think..." Rick mumbled, closing his eyes.

"Thereís a shock," Curt muttered. "Heíll be fine, Rick; just give it time."

"Of course you didnít think," Ned replied, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. "You love the crazy child; neither of you ever thinks around the other. Heís going to be fine. Youíre both going to be fine. And for the record, Iím still planning to make you suffer for a very long time for the blue dye!" he added, trying to distract his brother.

Rick gave a half-hearted laugh at that. "Go right ahead; nothingís worse than this."

"Curt, you heard him! Youíre a witness!"

"Whatís all the yelling about?" Hal mumbled, rolling to his side and trying to bury his head in Rickís side.

"Hal!" Rick exclaimed, hugging him to his chest and burying his face against the dark hair. "God, Iím sorry, baby, Iím so, so sorry."

Curt caught Nedís eye and rolled his own, shaking his head.

"Rick! What on earth?" Hal tried to look at the blond vampire, but Rickís face was pressed too tightly to his head. "Whatís wrong? What are you apologizing for?"

Ned slipped away, moving to Curtís side. He wanted to make sure that Hal had suffered no harm and that Rick was calmer before they left, but if one garment came off his brother, he wasnít going to stick around! He eyed Rick and Hal warily.

"How do you feel?" Rick asked, slowly raising his head to look into Halís dark eyes. "I mean really feel."

"Iím fine," Hal said, confused. "Well," he hesitated, thinking about it, "I do feel kinda funny. Not sick or anything, but... everythingís louder, brighter."

"Thatís because I turned you." Rickís voice was hardly audible. "Iím sorry, Hal, I did it without your permission, without asking; Iím so, so sorry."

Hal blinked.

And blinked again.

"You turned me." He was shocked. Heíd never imagined that Rick would want to turn him, would want them to stay together forever. "Why?" he asked, still trying to figure it out. "I mean, why tonight?"

Rick shrugged helplessly, unable to look away from Halís face. "Because he touched you, and youíre mine, Hal. I just, just had to have you, to know youíd be with me."

"He? Who? That man in the club? What... You were jealous? Of me?" Hal gaped at Rick, his shock slowly transforming to a blinding smile, while behind them, Ned rolled his eyes at Curt and mimed gagging.

"What the hell do you think I was jealous of?" Rick asked, outraged, not even noticing when Curt dragged Ned out of the room, closing the door behind them.

"I never thought you would be jealous at all!" Hal retorted.

"Of course Iím jealous; I love you and he was touching you!" Rickís accent had become very pronounced.

"He was just being friendly," Hal responded, not interested in a stranger. He liked Rickís impassioned declaration much more. "Youíre the only one I want touching me. You should know that by now."

"He was touching your leg!" Rick practically screamed, rolling the newly turned vampire under him and glaring down at him. "He didnít have the right!"

Hal gaped up at him before slowly starting to laugh, even though he knew that it would infuriate Rick. "I need to find out his name so I can send him a thank you card," he giggled, wrapping his arms around Rickís neck.

Rick reared back, his eyes wide. "What?!"

"Well, Iíve wanted this almost as long as Iíve known you, but I didnít think you wanted it. If Iíd known that talking to someone would make a difference, Iíd have done it months ago."

"Why wouldnít I want it? I told you I love you!" Rick growled and shook his head before tilting it to the side, offering his throat to Hal. "I think youíre light-headed, eat something."

Halís eyes widened again as he realized that he needed to feed on blood. "Oh wow. How do I..." He trailed off as he realized that his fangs had descended automatically as he looked at Rickís neck. "I get to taste you," he whispered. He licked, tasting the familiar flavor of Rickís skin, then bit down, groaning aloud as the complex taste filled his mouth.

Rick shuddered but held his body still as Hal fed from him, stroking a hand over his back. "Just like that, little boy, just like that."

Hal continued drinking Rickís blood for a little longer before pulling back and licking the wounds to heal them. "You taste good," he murmured, glad it was Rick with him and not some stranger.

"Glad you like it," Rick chuckled weakly before pulling Hal into a kiss, tasting his own blood in Halís mouth.

Hal frowned. "We need to go out. You need to feed."

Rick shook his head. "Iím fine, little boy; one night without a meal wonít harm me, but I need you to tell me if you get hungry. My blood should be fine for now, but it wonít be long before you need to feed off someone who is alive."

Hal made a face. "I know, but I like you better. But I donít want to drain you. You look tired. Are you sure you donít need to go out?"

"Harold, Iím fine," Rick growled. "I think in five hundred years Iíve learned when I need to feed!"

Hal pouted. "But you donít normally turn and feed someone!"

Rick groaned. "To turn you I had to nearly drain you, so I think Iíve had enough for the night."

Thinking about that for a moment, Hal decided that it made sense. "Okay then, you promised to fuck me again, and that hasnít happened yet."

Rick blinked, startled by the sudden change of subject. "Arenít you worried I donít have enough blood in me to keep it up?"

"You just finished telling me youíre old enough to know," Hal pointed out with a grin. "And now I know you really do want me, so do something about it."

Rick grinned, then paused. "Ned! Curt! If youíre still out there, leave!" he bellowed before leaning in to kiss Hal.

When Rick drew back, Hal was still laughing. "I think weíre safe. Iím sure Ned ran screaming into the night when I first mentioned fucking. He really doesnít like thinking about you and sex in the same thought. Hell, in the same century!"

"And I feel the same about him. Now get your clothes off, little boy; Iím going to teach you some things youíve never even thought of."

Halís eyes widened, and he nearly ripped the leather garments from his body. "Ready for lessons, teacher," he exclaimed, big brown eyes fixed hungrily on Rick.

Rick pulled back to study the line of Halís body and ran a finger over the collar circling his throat. He felt a rough hole and frowned. "I think I owe you a new one," he murmured, feeling the hole his fang had made in the supple leather.

"For in public," Hal agreed as he covered the collar possessively with one hand. "It would be too hard to explain that hole, but otherwise I like this one."

"For public," Rick nodded, not about to argue anything with Hal at this point.

Hal eyed Rick oddly, dark brown eyes searching Rickís blue for a long moment. "Okay, whatís wrong?" he demanded. "Youíre being way too agreeable. If Ned were here, heíd be looking for a vampire doctor for you." He frowned suddenly. "Are you sorry...?" he started hesitantly, unable to finish the thought even in his own head.

"That I turned you?" Rick asked, sensing the unasked question. "God, never, Hal. That I didnít ask, yes."

"Oh, thatís all right then." Hal relaxed again, tightening his arms around Rick. "Iím actually kinda glad you didnít. It was hot this way." He beamed up at Rick.

Shaking his head, Rick kissed Hal tenderly. "Youíre mine forever now, little boy, so get used to it."

"Oh, thatís going to be so tough," Hal scoffed, nearly giddy with delight at the eveningís events. "Youíre mine forever too now," he said gleefully.

"Hrmmm, going to buy me a pin?" Rick chuckled at Halís expression, "or is that before your time?"

"A pin?" Hal repeated blankly. "Well, okay, if you want one," he said dubiously, wondering what made Rick think of a pin right then.

Rick chuckled and kissed Hal. "Ahh, little boy, you are one of a kind."

Starting to shrink in on himself out of habit, Hal stopped and took a deep breath. "Well, you must like that kind since you want to keep me," he said, reminding himself that it was true and straightening slightly as a new confidence imbued him.

"Damn right; more than like actually."

Hal smiled widely. "Good," he said with satisfaction. "I like that."

Rick pretended to pout. "Just like?"

"Role reversal?" Hal said with a laugh that was perilously close to a giggle. He leaned into Rick and nipped at the jutting lower lip, then licked it. "I love it. I love you."

"Mmm, good boy," Rick laughed, pulling Hal in for a longer kiss. "That deserves a prize."

"Another one? This is better than Christmas!"

"Hrmmm, so I should get out the red suit and beard and have you sit on my lap?"

"I think I like sitting on your lap better when youíre not wearing a suit." This time Hal did giggle.

Rick gave an evil leer. "I could leave the zipper open."

"You in me and soft velvet against my ass..." Hal trailed off with a convulsive shudder. "Um, okay."

"Christmas in February, eh?"

"Works for me." Hal wound his arms and legs around Rick and let the older vampire hold him up. "No wonder most of the stories about vampires are erotic," he muttered.

Rick stroked his hands over Halís back and smiled. "Planning on trying out new techniques? You know, not having to breathe does wonders for your blow job ability."

Hal blinked, his dark eyes slowly widening as he considered the possibilities. "Oh my." He licked his lips as he stared at Rick, meeting the mischievous blue gaze. "You mean I might actually be able to make you scream?"

"Well, weíve got an awful long time to see if you can now, donít we?"

"Forever," Hal said gleefully. "That ought to be just about enough."

Rick chuckled and smacked Halís ass. "To see if I can wear you out."

Hal smirked. "Iím five centuries younger. I think Iíll outlast you, old man."

"Thatís what you think. Experience wins out over youth any time, or do you care to put it to the test?" Rick smirked when he felt Hal shiver as his accent deepened.

"Oh, I think a challenge like that has to be met. Iím going to enjoy making you eat your words," Hal retorted, his eyes glinting. He didnít really think he had the slightest chance of outlasting Rick, but he knew theyíd both enjoy his efforts.

"Can I eat you at the same time?" Rick asked, his blue eyes glinting.

"I certainly hope so!" Hal squirmed closer, inhaling Rickís scent and noticing how much clearer it was to him now. He was sure that he would be able to recognize the other vampire by smell alone if necessary.

"Try and stop me."

"Never!" Hal replied fervently.

Rick drew Hal in for another kiss, running his tongue over the new vampireís fangs as they tasted each other. "Good answer, little boy."

Hal smiled into the kiss, his hands moving eagerly over Rickís body, his sensitive fingertips exploring the smooth skin. "I only just found out I get to keep you. You think Iím going to give you up already?" His snort was eloquent as to his opinion of that.

"Knowing you, I doubt thatís the case at all," Rick laughed.

"Smart king. Youíre not just a pretty face," Hal replied, grinning. "But you are all mine," he said with deep satisfaction.

"Do you think Iím gong to say anything but no to that?"

"Youíre not all mine?" Hal pretended to pout, giving Rick a wide-eyed look that always got him his way. "I guess thatís why Iím the only one naked here."

"Brat," Rick muttered, quickly stripping his clothes off. "There, naked as asked, do with me what you will."

"Ohh, must be my birthday," Hal said with wide-eyed admiration, licking his lips. Then he paused and snickered. "Actually, I guess it really is, since this is the day I was turned. Gee, that makes you my present, so I really do get to keep you."

He slid down Rickís body, settling onto his knees, and rubbed his cheek against Rickís erection, nuzzling him eagerly. "God, you smell so good," he rasped, his enhanced senses nearly overwhelming him.

"Iím sure I taste good too," Rick hinted, arching his hips to let his cock glide against Halís face.

"Iím sure you do," Hal murmured before turning his head to the side, his mouth open to catch Rickís cock on its next pass. His lips closed over the head, his dark eyes falling closed as he concentrated on the taste of his lover, so much stronger and even more arousing now.

Rick groaned and fisted his hands into Halís soft, dark hair. "You know," he murmured, "you donít have to breathe any more."

Halís eyes flew open to their widest at the reminder, and he stared up at Rick for a moment before a huge smile curved his lips. An instant later he pounced, practically swallowing Rick whole.

Rick bit back a howl as Hal used every bit of his skill on him, and he bucked up into his loverís mouth, moaning when Hal only took his deeper, his new fangs scraping along the sides of Rickís cock. Chortling gleefully, Hal reveled in Rickís reactions, only growing more eager when he tasted a hint of blood from the shallow grazes. This time Rick did howl, and he bucked upward, his fingers digging into the sheets. "Bite me, Hal," he begged.

Remembering how good it felt when Rick did it to him, Hal didnít hesitate to comply, and a moment later, he was lapping at the warm, salty blood, swallowing it hungrily along with Rickís cock. Rickís voice echoed through the apartment, and his fingernails tore through the sheet and mattress as he came, loving the way Hal was taking to his new life.

When the last spasms passed from Rickís body, Hal sat up, licking his lips, a huge smile on his face. "I made you scream," he said delightedly.

Rick laughed weakly. "Baby, if I wasnít dead already, you would have killed me."

"I like this," Hal laughed, stretching out on top of Rick and rocking against him, his erection pressed to Rickís now soft cock.

"So show me how much and fuck me," Rick rasped.

Hal shuddered with increasing lust, and he kissed Rick, nipping at his lip and lapping the blood away hungrily. He stared into Rickís eyes as he sat up, his hand fumbling on the nightstand for the lube.

"Hurry up, little boy," Rick growled.

"Impatient much?" Hal snickered. A moment later he made a soft sound of achievement as he grabbed the tube and hurriedly squeezed some of the slick gel into his cupped palm so he could stroke it onto himself.

"Iím royalty; itís a prerogative," Rick snapped, trying to drag Hal into him forcefully.

Hal snorted. "Yes, Your Highness." Since he wanted Rick just as badly as Rick wanted him, he let the older vampire pull him forward, adding his own momentum to the movement so that he drove into Rick balls deep in a single, hard thrust.

Rick laughed, the sound combined with a moan as Hal filled him. "If youíre good, Iíll let you wear my coronet later."

"You mean you want to fuck me wearing it and nothing else," Hal interpreted easily, grinning. "Works for me." He slowly rocked against Rick, teasing them both with the minimal movement.

"And if youíre really good, Iíll steal Neddyís ermine cloak and wear it as well." Rick closed his eyes and groaned as Hal slid back and forth inside him.

Hal imagined the fur against his bare skin and shivered. "Youíre a very kinky man, and I love it," he murmured, gradually increasing the length of his strokes.

Rick chuckled though his eyes stayed closed as he reveled in the feelings. "Glad you think so because youíre stuck with me forever."

"That ought to be almost enough." Hal caught Rickís mouth in another kiss, letting his fangs scrape over the full lower lip again so he could lap at the blood.

Rickís fangs dropped as well, and he caught Halís tongue so that their blood intermingled in their mouths as they kissed. "Just about," he whispered.

Hal swallowed hungrily, tasting both of them mixed together, and he groaned his delight at finally being able to enjoy Rick this way. He tasted Rickís emotions in his blood, and he understood why the blond vampire loved drinking from him. But even this wasnít enough, and he began to move, slowly drawing back and then rocking forward into Rickís body.

Rick chuckled, the sound rich and needy, and he stroked his hands up Halís thighs. "I like the idea of having an immortal body servant."

Hal snorted. "Dream on. This is a democracy, Your Highness, so you can serve me!" He gave a particularly hard thrust.

"Will you keep me according to the style Iím accustomed to?" Rick groaned, tightening down around Halís cock.

"Iíll keep you so well no one else will ever do for you," Hal panted. He cried out and arched his back deeply, abandoning the attempt to talk in favor of fucking Rick hard, each thrust making their bodies slam together.

Rick let himself relax, riding out Halís thrusts and enjoying every second of them. It was rare that Hal fucked him, and he planned on enjoying it as well as the fact that the younger man could now really fuck him.

Nearly overwhelmed by the sensations as he hadnít yet learned to control his enhanced senses, Hal didnít even notice when he drove his nails inches deep into the mattress while pounding into Rick. He felt every spasm, every ripple, and he screamed wordlessly before twisting his head to the side and plunging his fangs into Rickís neck.

"God, yes, baby!" Rick whispered as he felt Hal draining him, the sensation combining with his orgasm to gray-out his vision and send him into paroxysms of delight as he clutched his lover to him.

Hal drove deep one final time as Rickís spasms rippled around his cock, pulling his climax from him. He came hard, still suckling urgently at Rickís neck, and just barely had the presence of mind to hold his own wrist to Rickís mouth.

Rick was feeling lethargic as he licked Halís wrist, forgetting for the moment that it wasnít needed, and bit down, groaning as the rich taste of his childeís blood filled his mouth.

The feeling of Rick drinking from him drew another climax from Hal, and he reached for the other vampire mentally without even realizing he was doing it. Reaching Rick, Hal moaned as he felt his sireís pleasure reinforcing his own.

As he felt their minds merge, Rick recovered enough to take control of the joining so that Hal wouldnít be lost during it. íEasy, little boy,í he thought, mentally soothing his lover. íWeíre both here.í

Stunned by the sensations filling him, Hal could only cling to Rick both physically and mentally, secure in the knowledge that he was safe with his lover. "Love you," he gasped, the words echoing in their joined minds.

íForever,í Rick promised, stroking Halís back and sliding his legs down Halís thighs.

íThat should be almost enough,í Hal repeated, getting the hang of communicating mentally.

Rick nodded, his expression full of love as he continued to run his hands over Halís back. íAlmost.í





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