Who We Are


For those who want to be scared, yes, this really is us.
Christian (who was the MC of the drag strip on Church St. at Toronto's Pride Week this year), Orithain, and Rina.

And this is us last summer - you never know what you might find at a Ren Faire!
Ori (who really doesn't have red hair), Rina, & Angyl.


Someone said that they wanted to know a little more about us. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for... 

I'm Rina, the old lady of the bunch - actually, I prefer the mom of the bunch because someone has to be level-headed around here - it just isn't me most of the time. I suffer from OCSD (Obsessive-Compulsive Slash Disorder) wherein I get interested in a fandom and go nuts over it. It happened with Phantom Menace, it happened with OaT, and now it's happening with Smallville. Ori and Angyl think I'm nuts, and so do my husband and kids, but oh well, at least I'm entertaining!

I'm Angyl, aka the Brat, and I'm the baby of the group. Fitting, don't you think? ::snicker:: Anyhow I'm Canadian (and proudly claim Nick Lea as Canadian property!) My particular disease is plot-bunny itis. I just keep coming up with more and more and more bunnies - it drives Rina and Ori nuts by times *G*.

Other than that - I write for fun and for pleasure (and because I hear voices in my head that just don't leave me alone!) My first fandom was The Phantom Menace where I met Rina my second day on my first slash list - if I had only known where that would lead....

I still write the occasional TPM story but tend to write a lot more Once A Thief, X-Files, Smallville, Batman, Original, and Vampire fic now (and often drag Rina and Ori into my madness)

Oh and yes, Rina is nuts *G*

And I'm Orithain (but you can call me Ori), the middle child of this band of lunatics. I wander from fandom to fandom, never really giving up any of them, but different ones grab my attention at any given time, especially when the obsessive one pulls me in after her. Hmm, they're both obsessive... Me? Of course not; I'm the sane, moderate one... and if you believe that, I have a bridge and swampland to sell you! ;)

I'm another Canadian like Angyl... I'm like her nationality-wise that is, not in her oddness. She's unique that way. Me, I'm a slashaholic and have no intention of being cured. Obsessions, plot bunnies, bring 'em on. I also tend to write in never-ending series, with sequels sometimes coming a year or more later, whenever someone's threats have spurred me to finish something.

Now aren't you sorry you asked about us? ;)

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