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Pirates of the Caribbean

Wedding Night, Pirate Style ~ Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Adult-graphic (147K) 12-04-04
Will and Elizabeth's honeymoon trip goes off course when they encounter the Black Pearl.


Double the Fun

X-Files/Once a Thief

See Angyl & Ori's page for stories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6

5. Disapproval ~ Krycek/Vic Vic/Mac UST, Non-explicit (19K) July 01
Vic and Alex get back to Toronto and have to deal with Li Ann and the others at the Agency.

7. Everyone Hurts ~ Krycek/Vic Vic/Mac UST, Adult (52K) Dec. 01
The team learns to get along with the addition of Alex.

8. Learning to Share ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (56K) Dec. 01
What Vic wants, Alex gets for him.

9. Mac in the Sack ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (34K) Jan. 02
Alex, Vic and Mac wake up after their first night together.

We have no idea who created this image (it's one of those that shows up by email with a bunch of joke images every so often), but it really seemed to fit Mac and the Things. 

10. Four's a Crowd ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac, Mulder/Krycek UST, Adult-graphic (59K) 01-14-03
Mulder's in trouble, and Alex drops everything to go help him... which doesn't make Vic happy. And Mac gets to play peacemaker again.

11. Repercussions ~ Mulder/Krycek/Vic/Mac in every combination imaginable, Adult-graphic (173K) 02-05-03
What to do about Mulder?
Note: Takes place about a week after Four's a Crowd.

12 Under the Christmas Tree ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac/Mulder, Adult-graphic (29K) 12-23-03
Vic gets his lovers exactly what they all want for Christmas.


Once an Immortal

Once a Thief/Highlander

1. Bang, You're Dead ~ Vic/Mac, Vic/Mac/Connor MacLeod UST, Adult-graphic (60K) July 01
After the final episode of Once a Thief, Vic and Mac discover that they're Immortals, and the first to find them and become their teacher is a certain Highlander.
Notes: We pretty much ignore all of the Highlander movies after the first.

2. Learning Curve ~ Vic/Mac/Connor Adult-graphic (66K) 03-31-03
Vic and Mac are still trying to deal with the realities of Immortal life, and Connor's trying not to die of frustration.


Paranormal Universe

Offer Your Throat to the Wolf ~ m/f, (Jesse Lorimer/Eva San Gabriel, Jesse Lorimer/Rayne Youngblood), Adult-graphic (131K) 04-10-03
A romantic triangle with a twist.

Alliances ~ m/m/f (Rob San Gabriel/Elena Garcia/Miguel de la Vega), Adult-graphic, (52K) 08-27-03
The leaders of two shifter clans want an alliance, but will the participants agree to a marriage?

The Interview ~ m/m/m (Rade Camden/Blayze San Gabriel/Cutter O'Dell), Adult-graphic (15K) 10-25-04
Caer Myrddin Resort
At a shifter resort, a potential newcomer interviews with the resort owner.

Toronto Stories

Making New Friends ~ m/m/m (Rory Flynn/Nic Carter/Frank Verdano), Adult-graphic, (68K), 09-25-03
Toronto's Pride Parade is a great place to meet people.


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