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Doctor Who / Torchwood

The End Is Where We Begin

1. Metal Tears for the Tin Man ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Jake Simmonds, Tom Milligan/Martha Jones, Rose Tyler/John 'Doc' Smith, Ianto Jones/Jake Simmonds (past), AU, Adult-graphic (597K) 02-09-10
When Captain Jack Harkness can no longer deal with the pain of his universe, the Doctor finds a way to give him another one and a new start.
Warnings: Canon character death 
Spoilers: Everything up to and including Children of the Earth--which we deny. DENIED!!!
Chapters 1-10 ~ Chapters 11-20 ~ Chapters 21-27

2. Jack's Present ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Jake Simmonds (past), Tom Milligan/Martha Jones, Rose Tyler/Doctor John "Doc" Smith (aka the DoctorDonna), Ianto Jones/Jake Simmonds(past), Ross Jenkins /Lisa Hallett, Donna Noble/Dr. Rupesh Patinjali, Jake Simmonds/Owen Harper, AU, Adult-graphic/NC-17 (77K) 09-15-10
Alpha Team is in Cardiff, and Jack gets a present.


Evaluations ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Adult-graphic (17K) 07-01-07
Being members of an ultra secret organization bent on saving the world can be a thankless job... but there are perks.
Spoilers: Up to "Captain Jack Harkness"

Harry Potter

Happy Christmas, Mr. Malfoy ~ Harry/Draco, Adult-graphic (36K) 12-18-03
Five years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry and Draco meet again.

On the First Day of Christmas ~ Snape/Black, Non-explicit (19K) 12-17-03
A Christmas story.

Prophecies and Potions ~ Harry/Draco, Adult-graphic (527K) 03-01-04
Chapters 1-5    Chapters 6-10    Chapters 11-15    Chapters 16-19
It's another Draco becomes a spy for the Order story with a slight twist and lots of hot sex.

Secret Santa ~ Harry/Draco, Adult-graphic (45K) 12-22-04
A muggle holiday game for all the houses brings an unexpected surprise.



Faith, Hope and Christmas ~ Kurdy/Smith, Non-explicit-13 (13K) 12-24-04


Lord of the Rings

Senses and Elements

1. The Taste of Earth and Sky ~ Aragorn/Legolas, Adult-graphic (42K) 01-13-03
Confessions bring understanding and change.

2. The Touch of Sun and Wind ~ Aragorn/Legolas, Adult-graphic (42K) 07-18-03
Confessions bring understanding and change.

Once a Thief

Pretty Baby

1. The Honey Trap ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (63K) Mar. 00
AU alert! What if Victor had met Mac while he was still working Vice and Mac was still a thief? 

2. Bittersweet ~ V/M, R for language (60K) 04-26-00
Six months later after their night together, both Victor and Mac's lives have taken a turn for the worse, but someone is waiting to bring them back into line.

3. First Steps ~ V/M, R (64K) 05-03-00
Two weeks into their Agency training, Victor and Mac are more then a little on edge; what will it take to cause them to crack?

4. Persuasion ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (42K) 07-10-00
Vic teaches Mac how to 'shoot'

5. Graduation Day ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (44K) 
It's graduation day for the boys - you know what that means!

6. Surprise!!!! ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (78K) 11-13-00
Little sister comes for a visit. *eg*

7. The Parent Trap ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (74K) 
Vic's parents come for a visit.

Interlude: Loggerheads ~ V/M, R for language (32K) May 01

Interlude: Pretty Baby Christmas ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (30K) 12-15-01

~ The Dr. Seuss Interludes ~

Notes: The Dr. Seuss Purity Test can be found at:

  • The List ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (21K) 05-31-00
    Mac and Vic get an e-mail that piques their interest - and starts off a different kind of scavenger hunt.

  • Animal Crackers ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (30K)
    Have you done it on a boat/ Have you done it with a goat


Odalisque ~ V/M, historical AU, Adult-graphic (233K) 07-31-03
The story takes place for a brief time in Russia but quickly moves to Cyprus, which, during the height of the Ottoman Empire, was a province of the all-powerful Emperor. The younger son of a powerful Russian family with direct ties to the Imperial court is taken captive by Turkish raiders led by the Red Lady and taken to her fortress on Cyprus. There he is trained in the arts of pleasure for his mistress, though she never gets to sample them, for both he and his dear friend, a Chinese odalisque, are given to the Shayke of Cyprus, a young man who has outlander blood, as a gift. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Silver and Gold  ~ Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (27K) 12-25-03
The threat of the Director's Christmas bash brings the boys together at last.

The Outsiders

All I Want for Christmas... ~ Nightwing/Arsenal, Adult-graphic (27K) 12-15-04

Pirates of the Caribbean

I Saw Three Ships ~ Jack/Will, Adult-graphic (37K) 12-10-03
Holiday gifts can take many forms and meanings.


Sherlock  (BBC) / Sherlock Holmes (Movie)

Possession Is Nine-Tenths of the Law (Angyl & Rina) ~ Holmes/Watson, NC-17 (33K / 5,765 words) 01-15-11
John goes out and has a one night stand with a guy. Sherlock deduces this and decides he doesn't like to share.
Note: BBC version; set after "A Study in Pink" but "Before the Great Game"


Stargate Atlantis

Downtime ~ McKay/Zelenka, Adult-graphic (103K) 12-05-05
Rodney's exhausted and Radek's concussed.
Spoilers: The Siege I, II and III


The Center Can't Hold ~ Dean/Sam, Adult-graphic (101K) 09-21-06
They thought it would be easier once Sam graduated from high school. They couldn't have been more wrong.


Blood Ties

Kindred: The Embraced/Earth Angels

1. The Devil You Know ~ Zane/Max, Adult-graphic (50K) 07-23-01
A vampire on the run and New York City's chief fallen angel cross paths. Can the results be anything but hellacious?

2. Bloodwine and Roses ~ Zane/Max, Adult-graphic (74K) 01-24-02
Can a fallen angel love?


Smallville/Nightwing-The Teen Titans-Batman

1. Secrets and Havens ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Clark/Lex Luthor implied past, Adult-graphic (285K) 09-27-02
On the run from his past, Clark finds his future in Bludhaven
Note: Lex is not good in this, not at all. He needs to be tied up and punished - can we do it? According to comic canon Bruce Wayne adopted Dick Grayson in Batman: Gotham Knights #21, published November 2001. The Teen Titans are a group of super teens led by Dick Grayson, and among them are the Atlantean called Garth, code named Tempest; Koriand'r, an alien princess from the planet Tamar; and Wallace West, the new Flash who was known as Kid Flash. Also, the Dick Grayson in the story is sort of an amalgamation of comic, cartoon, and film.

2. Shadows and Skyscrapers ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) (187K) 10-07-02
When Clark starts college, what does a move to Metropolis - and in with Dick - bring?

3. Bright Lights, Big City ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) (206K) 10-30-02
Clark discovers a new ability, and Dick meets an old friend.

4. Coming out of the Closet ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) (59K) 10-30-02
Dick and Clark dress up as their favorite comic book superheroes: Rage and Zephyr (borrowed from Queer as Folk, the American version

5. Many Small Blessings ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) (61K) 10-03-03
Thanksgiving on the farm and learning how to give thanks.

6. Norman, Meet Rockwell ~ Clark/Dick Grayson, Adult-graphic (15K) 12-15-03
City folks and country Christmases can actually mix - even when those city folks are from Gotham and the country Christmas is on the Kent family farm!

 7: Resolutions ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson, Adult-graphic (25K) 12-18-04
The boys head to Gotham for Bruce's New Year's Eve Party, and fun ensues.


Laying Ghosts ~ Tom McLaren/Taylor Brooks, Adult-graphic (88K) 06-11-01
K2/Vertical Limit
Needing to lay their ghosts to rest, two climbers return to K2.

The Red Door ~ Alec McDowell/Sam Winchester, Logan/Max implied, Adult-graphic (73K) 12-28-08
Dark Angel/Supernatural

Alec gives Sam a birthday he won't soon forget!
WARNING: Written for Kink-a-thon: possessiveness, biting, collar/leash, BDSM, wax play, nipple play, spanking, public groping


Dark Eden

1. Chances ~ m/m (Andy Cooper/Gavin Sullivan), Adult-graphic (118K) 03-09-04
Second chances often lead to new beginnings and even a happily ever after.

2. Please Come Home for Christmas ~ Gavin Sullivan/Andy Cooper, Adult-graphic (18K) 12-22-04
A blustery, snowy night nearly keeps two lovers apart on Christmas Eve.

Paranormal Universe

A Sudden Shift in Perception ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (195K) 03-30-03
A man finds out that the paranormal really does exist and that he is, in fact, a member of a very small sub race of mankind known as shapeshifters.
WARNING: This story contains bestiality of sorts. The main characters are shapeshifters, so they are still human under the fur and fangs, but nonetheless there is a human and a shifted human in animal form engaging in sex.

Toronto Stories

1. Words, Music, Sex, and Sin ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (77K) Dec. 01
A rock-star and a writer meet, and then the words and music flow, and the sex and sin begin.

2. Skanky Hos and Big Trouble ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (32K) 03-31-03
Marc decides to visit Zane on tour.

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