Warning: Graphic sex between consenting 16 and 17-year-olds.

Choices I
The Boy Next Door

Orithain and Rina

January 2007

Disclaimers: We only wish they were ours. Sadly, this is as close as weíre going to get.

July 1985

"Rod-ney! The new neighbors are here!"

"How thrilling," came the sullen mutter from behind a thick physics textbook.

"Ooo! Heís cute!"

"My god, Jeannie, can you be more annoying?" Rodney growled, peering over the top of the book and glaring at her. "Do I look like I care what our neighbors look like?"

"You should," she sniffed, leaning out the window. "Maybe they have a daughter whoíd go out with youóif she was blind!"

"Iím going to kill you!" Rodney muttered, giving up on his reading and setting the book aside to rub the bridge of his nose as he contemplated pushing his fourteen-year-old sister out the window.

Jeannie giggled and tossed her teased brown hair over her shoulder. "If you do that, youíll never get into college."

"Fine, you can live." Still grumbling, Rodney took a can of Coke from the refrigerator and carried it and his book out to the front porch to try and read in peace.

"John, they have a boy your age. You should go make friends." The feminine voice traveled across the yards between the houses, followed by a masculine groan.

"Geez, Mom!"

Hearing that, Rodney looked up and winced, especially when he saw that the person being told to Ďcome visití was tall, in shape, and looked to have more hair than brain cells.

"Ooo, heís coming over! I need to go fix my hair!" he heard Jeannie shriek from inside, followed by the pounding of feet on the stairs as she raced for her bedroom.

"Poor guy, heís doomed," he chuckled, looking away from the screen door to see that the Ďpoor guyí in question was headed across the lawn.

"Hi, Iím John. Apparently weíre destined to be best friends because we live next to each other."

Rodney had to snicker at that, and he set aside his book to focus on the newcomer. "Our fates are destined by the vagaries of real estate; I never knew that. Oh, and Iím Rodney; welcome to the neighborhood."

"Thanks." John came up onto the porch and hopped up onto the railing, sitting comfortably. "So what is there to do around here?"

"That depends, what do you like to do?"

John shrugged. "Movies, basketball, football, running, fast cars, planes, Ferris wheels."

Rodney turned and leaned against the post behind him, reaching for his soda and taking a drink before he answered. "Well, the fairís not in town for a few weeks, so Ferris wheels are out; there are five theatres in town, so that covers the movies; as for the other two, no idea."

John laughed. "Well, for the ones you ignored, I have my own car. And TVís good too."

"Television?" Rodneyís nose wrinkled.

"Yeah, you know, big square box, glass screen on the front, little tiny people inside."

"Inane plots mostly revolving around beating people up or scoring with some chick," Rodney shot back, smiling slightly as he found himself enjoying the conversation.

"Naw, some late night shows have scoring with guys," John retorted.

Rodney blinked and stared at the other teenager. "Sports shows arenít any better."

John smirked. "Donít knock it till you try it."

"Been there, done that, have the hospital records to prove it."

"Not captain of the football team then, huh?"

"Oh yes, along with lead wrestler and many other sporting titles," Rodney snorted. "I prefer to use my brain when I want exercise, thank you."

"That doesnít get you many dates on its own though."

"And this matters to you, why?"

John shrugged. "Itís a best friendís duty to get you laid." He grinned, inviting Rodney to share the joke.

Rodney stared, waiting for the scornful laughter that was bound to follow, then, when it didnít come, frowned slightly before the screen door slammed open and Jeannie descended on them in a whirl of crimped hair and fluorescent clothing.

"Hi! Iím Jeannie! Are you going to go to North Cicero? Iím starting there in September, and Rodneyís a senior there," she gushed, leaning against the railing near John.

John blinked, one hand twitching toward the sunglasses hanging from his shirt before he forced it into the pocket of his jeans. "Uh, yeah. Iím a senior too."

"Oh wow, those are just like the ones Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business!" Jeannie enthused while Rodney tried not to snicker at Johnís obvious discomfiture.

Johnís eyes widened, and he took a step backward. "I always liked him better in TAPS."

"Timothy Hutton was better," Rodney commented without thinking, and at Johnís grateful look, he sighed and took pity on him. "Hey, Jeannie, isnít it almost time for the top ten videos?"

She glanced down at the two Swatch watches on her wrist and squirmed, obviously torn between going to watch and staying.

"I bet Wham!ís on..."

Jeannie squirmed some more, but George Michael beat the new neighbor. "It was nice meeting you, John!" she chirped before darting back inside the house.

"Thank you!" John was still wide-eyed.

"You owe me, especially for having to mention Wham!," Rodney commented dryly.

"Your sisterís scary! Iíve never been so glad to be an only child."

"Count yourself lucky; sheís the bane of my existence, plus she wants to be a cheerleader."

"Thank God they donít let freshman on the varsity squads!"

Rodney chuckled and drank more of his Coke. "Better be careful, they wonít let you on any of the teams if they hear youíre scared of a little girl..."

John snorted. "They would if they met her!"

Laughing again, Rodney shook his now empty can and stood. "Good point. You want something to drink?" He glanced over to where the movers were carrying furniture and boxes into the house next door under the command of a tall, pretty, dark-haired woman. "It doesnít look like your fridge has made it in yet."

"Naw, it was one of the first things out, so itíll be the last in. And yeah, Mountain Dew would be great."

"I donít think we have any of that," Rodney commented as he led John into the house, "but have you tried Jolt yet? Double the caffeine and double the sugar."

"Sounds great, sure." John smiled widely.

Distracted by the blinding smile, it took Rodney a moment to remember. "I think we have some chips as well if you want," he finally said.

"Food would be great. All of ours is somewhere in there." John gestured vaguely toward the moving truck.

"So, whereíd you move from?" Rodney asked as they walked into the kitchen, and he gestured John to a seat at the Formica table while he got them both drinks and a bag of chips to share.

"Colorado. My dadís a major in the Air Force, and we go where heís assigned. Thanks." John grabbed a handful of chips and scarfed them down.

Rodney dropped into the chair across from John and took some chips as well. "Been anywhere interesting?"

"Too many places to get to know any of them. I really wasnít happy about moving right before my senior year."

"Yeah, thatís gotta suck, but Iím sure the in crowdís going to love you, and I predict youíll be crowned homecoming king to the delight of my swooning sister."

John made a face. "Great, so for a year I have to pretend to be something Iím not," he grumbled.

"I thought you said you were a jock?" Rodney asked, confused.

John hesitated before deciding he might as well test the waters. "I donít date girls."

"Youóyou mean youíre ummm..." Rodney glanced toward the doorway to the living room where Jeannie sat in on the floor, glued to her MTV, and continued in a whisper. "Youíre gay?"

"Yup." John eyed him warily since Rodney outweighed him enough to do some damage if he tried.

"Youíre pretty damn brave, meeting a guy and telling him something like that right off the bat; am I wearing a sign or something?"

John gawked. "Youíre gay?"

"Did I say that? I just asked if you thoughtóthat Ióyouó" Rodneyís hands waved in the air, punctuating his sputtered words and nearly knocking over his drink.

"Then what sign would you be wearing?"

Rodney winced and tugged at the thin gold hoop in his left earlobe. "It might possibly be that same sign, not that I go around telling everyone it!"

"I donít usually either," John sighed. "Itís been a really bad month."

"The move?"

"The move. My mom and dad. My dad finding out about my boyfriend and having to leave him."

"Shit, that sucks," Rodney murmured. "Howíd your dad take it?"

John winced. "Called me a disgusting queer and knocked me to the floor."

"Jesus! What about your mom? She seemed okay when she sent you over here." The last was added in a hopeful voice.

John nodded. "She tries to run interference, but their marriage is rocky enough without more problems. I just try to stay out of his way. Itís only one more year."

Rodney nodded, glancing toward the living room again when Jeannie started singing along with Boy George. "Hey, you like music? Real music, not that shit."

"Hey, I thought every gay boy had to like Boy George," John protested laughingly.

Rodneyís expression spoke volumes as to what he thought of that idea.

Snickering, John said, "Yeah, I like classical music." He eyed Rodney and added, "You can hear the formulas."

Now Rodneyís eyebrows rose, and he studied John closely. "I was talking about U2 and The Cure, but yeah, youíre right about classical; it has form."

"I love U2. But I can write Mozart in math."

"You like math?" Now Rodney sounded dazed.

"Math makes sense," John shrugged. "Itís everything else thatís hard."

"Well, there is physics."

"Lemme guess, thatís your thing."

"Physics is my god."

"You need to get laid more," John laughed.

Rodney smiled wryly. "The word Ďmoreí would mean that itís happened once." At Johnís shocked look, his chin rose. "Pardon me, sixteen year-old sarcastic more than likely gay genius hereóany one of those narrows the field, but the combinationódeadly."

Startled into laughter, John went with it. "Youíre definitely unique, Rodney. And yes, thatís a good thing."

"Tell that to my motheróor my sister, and speaking of her, the countdownís going to be over soon, so unless you want to be molested again, weíd better get out of here."

"Well, my house is crazy... and thatís my dad coming home now," John added, seeing a car turn the corner and start down the street. "Know any place to go?"

"Thereís a park nearby, if you donít mind walking, or Iíve got a place over the garage." Rodney flushed. "Not that Iím suggesting anything illicit go on up there."

"I might not mind."

"What? Do I look like the neighborhood welcome wagon?"

John eyed him up and down. "Actually, you look pretty hot."

"Do you always try and jump people you just met?" Rodney squeaked.

"No, not really. But I have a feeling Iíll do better with you if I keep you off balance."

Rodney snorted and pushed his chair back from the table, grabbing the bag of chips and his can of soda. "Well, youíre doing a damned good job at it; now come on!"

"Right behind you." John stood up, ready to follow. "You know, this day has gotten a hell of a lot better than I expected."

"You werenít looking forward to moving to Syracuse with bated breath?" Rodney asked, looking over his shoulder as he led John to the detached garage and up the outside stairs.

"More like barely restrained nausea."

Rodney unlocked the door and pushed inside the garage loft, tossing the bag of chips on a battered coffee table before dropping onto a lumpy, sagging sofa and gesturing for John to sit also. "Donít blame you one bit; the only thing keeping me sane is knowing that in less than one year Iíll be gone."

John chuckled as he dropped down beside Rodney. "I hear ya. Not that the last place was so much better, but I knew everyone, you know? And there was Steve."

"What was he like?" Rodney asked before biting on his lower lip. "If you want to talk about him, I mean."

John leaned back, an almost wistful smile curving his lips. "He was my friend first, you know? He was a wrestler, and he was good in class too. Not the top or anything, but he did okay. And God, sex with him was great." He stared up at the ceiling. "We started out just messing around, hand jobs, but we finally did it last month."

Rodney stared, his mouth open and his eyes wide, until he realized what he was doing and he recoveredómostly.

At the silence, John looked over, and he grinned at the expression on Rodneyís face. "I told you I was gay."

"Well, yes, but..." Rodney crammed a handful of chips in his mouth for something to do.

"Itís not exactly something Iíd lie about," John pointed out. "But okay, yeah, I never said anything about actual sex. But weíre teenagers! Horny all the time, and when someoneís willing to actually do something about it..."

"And then you had to leave... totally fucked up."

"No shit, Sherlock." Johnís smile took any sting out of the comment.

"Ha ha, I was trying to be sympathetic."

"Thanks. Itís not like he was the love of my life or any sappy crap like that, but I liked him," John sighed. "And I really liked the sex."

"Does that fall under Ďany sex is good sexí?"

"Probably," John laughed. "Itís not like I have anything to compare it to."

"Well, there is your hand," Rodney said blandly.

"Itís hardly the same!" John snorted.

"Thatís good to know."

"You are really weird, in an interesting kind of way."

"Such enthusiasm from my new best friend; Iím touched."

"You could be, if you wanted to." John carefully placed a hand on Rodneyís leg.

"Here?" Rodney winced when his voice cracked for the first time in a year. "Now?"

"If youíre interested."

"Are you kidding?!"

"Weíre alone up here, and thereís a lock on the door. Youíre hot, and weíre both gay. Why not?"

"IóI donít know!"

"Unless you just donít want to? Youíre not into me?"

Rodney stared at him, blue eyes wide behind messy bangs. "Did I say that?"

John shrugged. "Well, itís not like Iím trying to force you into anything here."

"I didnít say that either!" Rodneyís lower lip jutted out in a pout, and he reached over to rest his hand on Johnís leg. "I just... never mind, about that touching..."

John turned toward him and leaned closer, intending to kiss Rodney.

"Rodney! Hey, Rodney, are you up there?"

"Fuck!" Rodney hissed, looking toward the door when he heard footsteps pounding up the stairs.

"Shit!" John pulled back to his own corner of the sofa and grabbed a cushion, holding it over his lap.

Rodney leaned back as well, glaring at the door when it slammed open to reveal two other teenagers, one with messy, sandy brown hair and glasses, and the other with dark hair, blue eyes and a husky build.

"Why are you hiding upóRodney, you have friends other than us?"

"Shut up and try to grow another inch, Radek."

Despite his frustration, John laughed. "Friends of yours, Rodney?"

"Sometimes I wonder," Rodney muttered as the other two came inside and claimed seats on the other chairs. "John, this is Carson and Radek," he pointed at each in turn. "Peons, this is John, my new best friend according to his mother." He smiled slightly at the last.

John chuckled, which turned into full out laughter at the expressions on Carson and Radekís faces. "Youíd kind of need to know my mom."

"So youíre the one moving in next door then?" Carson asked, smiling as he leaned forward, giving John his full attention.

"Yeah, just moving in today. I guess itís a good thing Rodney lives here, or this might have been a long, boring summer."

"Oh, trust me, things are never boring around Rodney," Radek snickered, causing Rodney to grab the throw pillow from behind himself and throw it at him.

"Somehow I had a feeling that might be true." John grinned at all of them, offering his cushion to Rodney as further ammunition now that he didnít need it as a shield anymore.

"Thanks," Rodney grinned, brandishing the pillow at the others. "See? Now you two canít gang up on me, and Johnís a jock."

"I thought we were against jocks?" Radek asked.

"He likes math.

"Ahh, so we wonít be taking apart his car and putting it together in the gymóif he has a car, that is," Carson grinned.

"No touching the car!" John exclaimed.

Rodney chuckled. "Heís got a car."

"Excellent, you can drive to the movies tomorrow," Carson beamed.

"Nothing like buying friends," John snorted.

"Give them time; theyíll grow on you," Rodney advised.

"Like fungus?"

Carson continued grinning. "Be nice or we wonít let you choose the movie."

"As long as you donít pick Jaws 3," Radek warned.

"Naw, I hate 3D movies," John said. "How Ďbout Return of the Jedi?"

"As long as you donít mind having the dialog quoted and us making fun of the overgrown rats."

"What would be the fun without that?"

"Leia in that metal bikini!" Carson and Radek chorused.

Rodney glanced over at John and smirked. "Carsonís girlfriend almost socked him when they went and saw it together."

"But she was probably raving about Han Solo, right? Girls are strange."

"Oh yeah," both Radek and Carson nodded vehemently.

"At least you have one, Carson; Radekís stuck with his posters of Leia," Rodney snickered.

"I think Elizabethís going to say yes, this time," Radek growled.

"Thatís what you say every time."

"But itís possible she might," Carson put in when it looked as if Radek was going to do Rodney bodily harm.

"Elizabeth?" John asked, trying to distract them from imminent violence.

"Our hallowed senior class president," Rodney intoned somberly. "Wants to go into government, waste of a good mind if you ask me."

"Elizabeth will be wonderful at anything she does!" Radek exclaimed.

"Radek likes her, huh?"

"Understatement of the year."

"He has for years," Carson confirmed.

"And sheís probably going to take one look at that hair and fall for you." Radek regarded John with disfavor.

"Hey, Iím not interested in your potential girlfriend," John protested.

"Johnís pining after someone in Colorado," Rodney said quickly.

John eyed him with confusion, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"It looks like thatís news to him," Carson commented.

"I was trying to say that John wouldnít be interested in Elizabeth."

"Which is true. And itís also true that I was seeing someone back home." John really wanted to know why it seemed like Rodneyís friends didnít know about him and he didnít want John to tell them about himself.

"Ah," Radek relaxed again and leaned back in his chair.

"See? No need to worry about him jumping Elizabeth in the hall; now if you were talking about Dex..."

"Dex?" John asked, only to be drowned out by Radek and Carson exclaiming the same name.

"Shop monkey, plays football, so youíll meet him eventually," Rodney shrugged.

"I prefer some brains with my brawn."

"Youíd better hide Laura," Radek murmured to Carson.

John rolled his eyes. "I like guys!"

Both Carson and Radek goggled, and Rodney groaned.

"New best friend, eh, Rodney?" Carson finally asked.

John sighed. "I donít jump every guy I see, you know!"

"A theory that might have been disproved if you two hadnít shown up," Rodney muttered.

Radekís jaw dropped when he realized what Rodney was implying, and he stared from his friend to John and back.

"What?" Rodney exclaimed. "Is there a problem?"

"Relax, Rodney," Carson soothed, "itís no big deal; Iíve known for a while."

"I did too," Radek added, "but you just met him!"


Johnís expression agreed with Rodneyís question.

"So how can you..." Radek gestured wildly. "Without knowing him!"

Johnís eyebrows shot up. "Are you sure youíre not a girl? One whoís a virgin?"

"I wasnít going to sleep with him!" Rodney exclaimed while Carson looked torn between shock and laughter at Johnís comment.

Johnís gaze moved to Rodney. "You werenít?"

"I thought we were just going to make out; hands, you know, places!" Rodney gesticulated wildly as he spoke.

"Oh. Well, thatís good too."

"Glad you think so," Rodney said dryly.

"You do know to use protection, right?" Carson asked.

John stared. "What are you, a health teacher?"

"Carson wants to be a doctor," Radek explained.

"I keep trying to convince him that heís smart enough to go into hard science."

"I think being a doctor is pretty great," John said.

"Rodney appreciates me when I have to give him CPR," Carson laughed.

"Oh, screw you, it was only one time!"

John blinked. "Itís starting to sound like Iím the one who should be jealous."

"It was CPR!" Rodney protested. "It wasnít like I was conscious or like I would have enjoyed it if I had been!"

"Or I enjoyed it!" Carson nearly yelped, making John and Radek laugh.

Radek snickered. "Plus thereís the fact that Laura would kick both your asses if she thought you did."

"I think Iím going to have to meet this Laura," John chuckled.

"Sheís a jock too," Rodney commented, "volleyball, basketball, softball, all those girlie games."

"Basketball is not a girlie game!" John glared at him.

"And the way Laura plays isnít girlie either."

"I didnít mean all basketball," Rodney huffed. "Just girlís basketball."

"Huh. Iím going to get you to like sports yet."

Radek snorted.

"Gee, should I get a pair of pom poms to cheer you on? Thatís like so totally cool!"

"Only if youíre going to wear the uniform too," John retorted.

"No fucking way!" Rodney shrieked while Radek and Carson howled with laughter.

"Just as well. You donít really have the shape for it."

"ThanksóI think..."

John laughed. "Maybe Syracuse isnít going to be as bad as I thought."

August 1985


"Iím not going to see that stupid vampire movie, even if it does have David Bowie in it," Rodney announced as he dropped into the passenger seat of Johnís Jeep CJ.

"Heís hot! And we can sit in the back and make out because weíre not going to be missing much."

"I canít believe you; what if someone sees!"

"Thatís why I said we should sit at the back."

"I must be nuts; why am I letting you talk me into this..."

"Because Iím hot." John smirked at him.

"There is that, and then thereís the fact that youíre smart."

"See, Iím a great guy."

"Which is why Iím going to a movie I donít want to see to make out with you in the back row," Rodney admitted, chuckling ruefully.

"Well, you wouldnít want to miss a movie you actually want to see, would you?"

"Good point; you have lots of experience at this, donít you?"

John shrugged. "Some, yeah. Though actually less than you probably think. I didnít want my dad to find out."

"And we both know how well that went." Rodney still hadnít met Maj. Sheppard, and he was profoundly grateful for that fact. Mrs. Sheppard seemed pleased that John had made some friends, so he thought he was okay with herófor now. "So do popcorn and a drink come along with this make-out session?"

"Of course. Iím not a cheap date." John grinned.

"Youíre such a stud," Rodney snickered.

"Iím glad you appreciate it."

"Why do I think Iíll appreciate it more later?"

"Because Iím good."

"And about as humble as I am."

"We donít have any reason to be." John grinned at Rodney as he pulled into the parking lot outside the movie theater.

Rodney smirked and climbed out of the car, tugging down his faded blue t-shirt. "And eventually the world will realize that."

"But they can wait for a while. Privacy is good."

"I meant to see our genius, but yeah, privacy is good, very good."

"The very back row. No one behind us. In the corner would be good."

"Too bad they tore down the old Jubilee when they built the Cineplex; it had a balcony." They joined the line for tickets, and Rodney looked around, scanning the faces of those around them.

"Weíll find a good spot. Iím very inventive when desperate."

"Glad to hear it. I can be damn creative when needed as well, so I think weíll be fine."

"Iím sure of it." John asked for two tickets, and they both paid, then moved inside to the line for snacks.

After getting their food, they headed for the theater which only had a few other people in it. "You want to go in first?" Rodney asked, waiting at the end of the last aisle.

John looked at the corner and shook his head. "Naw, the cornerís the darkest, and no oneís going to recognize me, so you go first."

"My hero," Rodney snickered as he sidled down the aisle, dropping into the last seat, settling his drink on the floor beside him and the popcorn on his leg.

"Thatís me." John grinned as he sat down next to Rodney, somehow managing to sprawl in the uncomfortable seat, and he reached for the popcorn.

"Youíre like a cat," Rodney commented, shifting his body so that he could look at John.

John looked at him like he was crazy. "Call me Morris and Iíll have to hurt you."

"I just meant how you take up more space than you should be able to given your body mass, plus I like cats, so take it as a compliment."

"Okay, I will." John eyed him for a second, then decided he had to say it. "I really like cream."

Rodney groaned and threw a handful of popcorn at John, who caught some of it and popped it in his mouth.

"Idiot," Rodney laughed, taking some for himself.

John grinned at him. "Iím shocked at you, Rodney, wasting food like that."

"We have a bucket, John, and I really hope not to be eating it once the movie comes on!"

"I can guarantee it," John said, his voice suddenly throatier.

"Oh fuck," Rodney rasped, swallowing hard as his jeans grew tighter.

"Not in these seats, but a blowjob might not be out of the question."

"A blowjob?" Rodney grabbed for his soda to wet his suddenly dry mouth.

"Yeah, I canít wait to taste you." John licked his lips and slid his hand over Rodneyís thigh to grope his hardening cock, secure in the knowledge that no one could see what he was doing.

"Here?" Rodney squeaked, sure that he was losing IQ points because why else would he be asking these stupid questions?

"Yup. Unless you have some objection to me dropping down between your legs and sucking you off?"

"No!" Rodney was sure his voice couldnít get any higher with the aid of helium.

John chuckled. "So we just need to wait for the lights to go down."

Rodney nodded wildly. "They can go down any time now!"

"Soon," John laughed. "And I promise you wonít give a damn what movie weíre not watching."

"And then I can, ummm, do that too if you want." Rodney gave a half-smile.

"Do you honestly think thereís any chance Iím going go say no?"

"Youíre a teenage guy, so Iím thinking no."

"Good thinking." John kept stroking Rodneyís crotch, and when the lights did go down, he tossed several napkins on the floor and dropped to his knees, facing Rodney.

"Youíre really going to do this?" Rodney asked as he spread his legs unconsciously and licked his lips.

"I donít usually say things I donít mean." John looked up into Rodneyís face as he unbuttoned and unzipped Rodneyís jeans. He pushed them open and carefully pulled the white cotton briefs down to tuck them under Rodneyís balls, inhaling with surprised pleasure when he finally got a look at Rodneyís erection.

Rodney bit down on his lower lip to keep from whimpering and squirmed, his gaze darting around, sure that at any moment heíd see an usher pointing a flashlight their way.

John leaned forward a little more, opened his mouth, and... breathed on the sensitive head of Rodneyís cock.

Rodney yipped, and his hips jerked upward as his hands tightened on the armrests. "Jesus," he gasped.

John grinned. "Yeah, I like that too," he said without moving, every syllable sending a puff of air over Rodney. He paused for another second, then lowered his head a fraction more and took Rodney into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the ridge below the head, leaving Rodney only able to whimper and moan though he kept the sounds muted behind clenched jaws.

John bobbed his head down, taking more of Rodney into his mouth, and he curled his fist around the base of Rodneyís cock, slowly jerking what he couldnít swallow.

"Oh myóJohn!" Rodney whimpered, his hips jerking up off the seat as he gasped for breath.

John pulled off for a second, gasping as he grinned. "Yeah, thatís my name." He didnít wait for a reply before diving back in, licking along Rodneyís shaft before starting to suck him again.

Rodney was reduced to whimpering and writhing as much as the seatís width allowed, biting his lip until he tasted blood before giving in to the sensation and moaning as he came. John kept sucking, swallowing every drop, and when the last spasm had passed, he knelt up and grabbed Rodney by the back of the neck to kiss him.

"Wow," Rodney panted into Johnís mouth, prying his hands from the armrests to stroke over Johnís arms and shoulders.

John grinned without breaking the kiss, then drew back slightly to say, "Told you I was good at that."

"Not arguing that, and Iím not sure how Iím going to compete."

"Itís not a competition. Itís not like I blow myself," John snorted.

"If you did, Iíd wonder if you were part snake," Rodney said wryly.

"Okay, my back hurts just thinking about that." John easily rose and twisted to end up sprawled next to Rodney again.

"Iíll urmm, reciprocate; just give me a minute to recover, okay?"

"Iím not going anywhere."

"Glad to hear it, and this way we can say we watched a little of the movie."

"Just in case someone asks us about it." John grinned and reached for some popcorn.

"You tell me what this partís about; my brain is melted," Rodney groaned.

"Damn, Iím good!"

"If youíre going to be smug about it, I am going to watch the movie!"

"Hey!" John protested. "Not fair, youíre always smug about something!"

"And your point is?"

"Iím sitting here with a hard-on from blowing you!"

"And thatís so fucking cool," Rodney murmured, grinning and reaching over to stroke Johnís leg.

John managed an almost pained laugh. "Youíre such a fucking tease."

"What?" Rodney exclaimed before wincing at the sound of his own voice. "I am not!" He did up his pants and glowered before leaning over to kiss John, thrusting his tongue between the other teenís lips.

John groaned his pleasure both in the kiss and at his success in goading Rodney to do something, and Rodney took advantage of the greater access to deepen the kiss, making up for his lack of experience with enthusiasm.

John turned in his seat, his hand coming up to curve around the nape of Rodneyís neck beneath his hair, and he squirmed in his seat, his arousal growing.

When his hand brushed Johnís hard-on, Rodney sucked in a breath before closing his fingers around the hot bulge.

Biting back an embarrassing whimper, John gasped out, "Yeah, there, please."

Swallowing hard, Rodney slid out of his seat, dropping to his knees on the floor between Johnís legs and starting to work at the button and zipper of Johnís jeans.

John stared down at him, seeing almost nothing in the dimness of the theater. He brought his hands to rest on Rodneyís shoulders, just holding on.

Rodney looked up and smiled, though he doubted John could see him, then slowly slid a hand inside Johnís briefs, hissing out a breath at the feeling of someone elseís erection in his hand for the first time.

Johnís breath caught, and his hips rose off the seat before he stilled himself. Rodneyís hand on him felt so good, and he knew his mouth would be even better.

"Jesus," Rodney hissed, shifting his grip to rub his thumb over the head of Johnís cock, rubbing the precome he could feel leaking from the slit over the warm flesh. Taking a deep breath, he leaned in and licked at the damp skin, musky flavor exploding over his tongue and making him groan.

The sudden sensation of Rodneyís tongue on him had John shoving a fist against his own mouth to muffle his moan, and a tremor of arousal ran through him. He desperately wanted to move, to thrust, but he managed to remain still, not wanting to startle Rodney away, though it was difficult when Rodney licked him again and again, making low, throaty noises of enjoyment as he took more and more of Johnís cock into his mouth.

"Oh my God, youíve never done this before?" John panted out desperately. "Youíll kill me after a few times then!"

Rodney giggled and glanced up, beaming. "Seriously?"

"Yes! Donít stop!"

"Shit! Sorry!" That said, Rodney went back to his licking, working his way around and over Johnís erection as he trailed his fingers over the rest of Johnís length.

John shuddered, tiny whimpers escaping him with each lick, and the hand still on Rodneyís shoulder suddenly tightened. "Gonna come!" he gasped, trying to warn him.

Rodney swallowed hard, tightening his hands on Johnís legs to let him know heíd heard, and continued what he was doing. A deep groan, muffled by his hand, forced itself out of John, and he thrust up once as he came.

The gout of liquid filling his mouth startled Rodney, and he gagged before managing to swallow, finally pulling back when he was in danger of choking, his cheeks flaming with embarrassment at his lack of skill.

John leaned over, reaching for Rodney and kissing him again, tasting himself in the kiss. "Oh God, that was good," he panted into Rodneyís mouth.

"It was?" Rodney asked, stunned by the compliment.

"You missed me coming?"

"No, but ummm, you know, first time and all," Rodney mumbled as he scooted back up into his seat, self-consciously wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Damn good first time if you ask me. But feel free to practice on me all you want."

"Yeah, thatíd be good, really goodópracticing and getting better and everything," Rodney babbled.

John chuckled. "Iím glad you like the idea."

"Considering it means I get more too, what do you think?"

"I think youíre going to have to make sure Carson and Radek know to call before they come over."

Rodney snickered and set his arm on the rest between them, wanting to hold Johnís hand but not wanting to be weird. John saw the movement, and he smiled happily as he reached for Rodneyís hand, interlacing their fingers.

Rodney started when Johnís fingers threaded through his, and he stared down at their hands and then at John, straining to see in the near dark, then giving a crooked grin and squeezing Johnís hand, ignoring the movie in favor of his companion.

"Enjoying the movie so far?" John asked wryly.

"Thereís a movie?"

John laughed. "I really like you."

"Well, I hope so, considering you just sucked me off!"

"Thatís sex. But I really like you."

Rodney felt himself flush as he smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I like you too."

"So, uh, does this mean weíre going steady?"

"Steady? That sounds so weird."

"Well, what would you call it?" John asked defensively.

"I donít know," Rodney back-tracked quickly. "Steady is okay; no, no, steady is good. I like steady."

"Youíre humoring me."

"We can call it anything you like; I just donít want to lose it right after it started!"

"Well, thatís the one thing you definitely donít have to worry about. Iím not going anywhere."

Rodney tightened his fingers around Johnís and grinned. "Yeah, Iím beginning to get that idea."

"Finally!" John said, ignoring the fact that theyíd only known each other for a week. "For a genius, you sure can be slow."

"Well, excuse me; having a smart, hot guy who wants to jump me show up next door and offer to go steady with me doesnít happen every day!"

"Good thing. I donít think we want all the attention that would come from me having to fight all of them off."

Rodney rolled his eyes and leaned over to poke John in the side. "Youíre nuts."

"Everybody keeps telling me that," John said, trying to distract Rodney from the way heíd squirmed. He knew he was doomed if Rodney realized how ticklish he was.

"That youíre nuts? Theyíre right." Rodney eyed him closely, then poked him again, wanting to see if it got the same reaction.

"Yes! Stop that!" John tried to muffle the treacherous giggle as he squirmed away.

"Are you ticklish, John?" Rodney snickered, holding tightly on to the hand in his as he skittered his fingers over Johnís ribs.

"No! Okay, fine, yes! Jesus, Rodney!" John tried to bat Rodneyís fingers away with his free hand, but it was an awkward angle, especially as he was writhing and laughing breathlessly.

"Okay, okay, Iím stopping," Rodney grinned, pulling John over for a kiss.

Still trying to catch his breath, John decided that kissing was more important than breathing and leaned closer, his lips parting to invite Rodneyís tongue in. Rodney groaned and twisted in his seat to tangle his hand in Johnís hair as he explored his mouth. The arm of the chair digging into his ribs didnít even register on Johnís consciousness; he was totally focused on sucking on Rodneyís tongue, the hand braced against Rodneyís chest lightly kneading.

"Have I mentioned how glad I am that you moved in next door?" Rodney panted when he could speak again.

"I think you might have, but I donít mind hearing it again. And me too."

"Do we really want to stay here and not watch the movie any more?"

"We could go back to your room over the garage and not watch a movie there," John suggested.

"Thereís the couch there that could make not watching a movie more comfortable..."

"So why are we still sitting here?"

"Because youíre on the outside!"

Chuckling, John stood up and started moving toward the aisle.

Rodney was up in an instant, spilling the popcorn and his drink but not caring in the least as he followed John out of the theater and into the night air. John led the way to his car, sliding behind the wheel as Rodney got in the other side, and he grinned over. "This is going to be the fastest ride ever!"

"Though we could grab some burgers in case we get hungryólater. We donít want to have to go in for anything."

"Good idea. I could go for a couple Whoppers."

Rodney smirked at that. "What, mine isnít enough for you?"

John groaned. "I donít believe you just said that!" he laughed.

"It was there; I had to!" Rodney protested through his laughter.

"No, you really didnít," John chuckled, shaking his head as he pulled up at the end of the drive through line. "So what do you want?"

"A Whopperís good," Rodney snickered, "with no pickles or onions but extra ketchup, and some fries. And a large Coke."

"Okay." If Rodney didnít mind waiting longer for the personalized toppings, John was fine with it too. When they got to the tinny intercom, he yelled the order into it, repeating the toppings on Rodneyís three times till the girl on the other end got it rightóhe hopedóand adding fries and a shake for himself.

"I wonder what we can do to pass the time till our orderís ready," he pretended to ponder, eyeing Rodney.

"Gee, I donít know, John; what can we do?" Rodney snorted, reaching over the manual gear shift to grope Johnís thigh.

"Mmm, thatís a good start."

Rodney grinned and slid his hand higher, stroking the inseam of Johnís crotch.

"Iím going to end up driving the rest of the way with a hard-on, arenít I?"

"Hey, if I have to, why shouldnít you?" Rodney protested, glancing forward when John pulled up and sitting back when they drew up to the window.

After paying and getting their food, John handed the bag and drink tray over to Rodney, pausing to grope him before driving away from the restaurant.

Rodney glowered and squirmed, trying not to spill anything. "Bastard."

"Right back atcha," John smirked, stepping on the gas a little harder.

"I just hope Jeannie doesnít see us, or sheíll want to come up with us."

John shuddered. "I really wish she would find a boyfriend and stop trying to follow me around."

"She has, youóat least in her tiny little mind," Rodney snorted.

"Great. Sheís already driving me crazy in just two weeks. A month from now Iím going to need to hide a body!"

"Iíll be glad to help!"

"Your parents might not like it."

"Damn, I hate it when youíre logical."

"Iím sure I can think of some way to make it up to you."

"Youíll share your shake with me?"

"I had something a bit more physical in mind."

Rodney grinned quickly. "I think thatís a kind of exercise I could really like."

"Even multiple repeats, huh?" John grinned over at him.

"Weíre teenage boys, John; what do you think?"

"I think itís a good thing itís summer Ďcause weíre both going to be exhausted and walking funny!"

"You may have a problem then when football practice starts," Rodney said, giving a wry grin.

"Iíll just have to build up my tolerance with increasing doses."

Rodney snorted and dipped into the bag of food, pulling out a fry and eating it. "Are we going to have a schedule? If so, remember I have to go to the U on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

"Schedule?" John eyed him before returning his attention to the road to pull into the McKaysí driveway. "As you pointed out, weíre teenagers. I was planning on every possible minute we could steal!"

"Thatís building up tolerance?" Rodney offered John the tray of drinks before climbing out of the car, glancing toward the house and breathing a sigh of relief when Jeannie didnít appear in the window to look out.

"It is in my world." John grinned again as he hastily followed Rodney into the garage, wanting a locked door between them and everyone else, especially Jeannie.

Rodney shook his head as he climbed the stairs and followed John into the loft, locking the door behind them and setting the bag of food down on the coffee table. "Have I mentioned that your world is a very scary place?"

"My world includes lots and lots of sex."

"In a very good way."

"I knew youíd see it my way."

"Youíre just a persuasive guy."

"Like youíre a hard sell."

"I am; Iím cynical and jaded before my time."

John snorted. "Right, I noticed that about you... especially at the movie."

Rodney grinned as he pulled the food out of the bag, setting Johnís sandwich and fries to one side and his to the other. "I suppose I could hypothesize that sex makes me less cynical."

"Then itís my duty to the universe to make sure you get lots of sex."

"Iím sure the universe will thank you. Now eat so that you can attempt to lessen my cynicism."

"Getting demanding already, I see. Good thing Iím down with that plan." John grabbed his burger and popped the box open so he could take a big bite. "This was a really good idea," he mumbled.

"The movie, the food, or coming back here?" Rodney asked, pulling the top bun off his Whopper to check that the toppings were as he ordered and giving a sharp nod when they were.

"All of Ďem, but I meant the food this time. Iím really hungry."

"And my mom says I eat a lot," Rodney snickered, watching John wolf down his burger.

"I have a fast metabolism!"

"So how much are you going to eat once you start the sports thing?"

"You really donít want to know," John snickered. "Letís just say I usually order two double Whoppers. To start."

"Guess Iíd better stock up on the snacks up here," Rodney chuckled, reaching for his Coke.

"Good plan. And be nice to the pizza delivery guys; weíre going to be seeing a lot of them."

"Iím going to warn you, if you do your jock thing, come here and eat pizza, then pass out, Iím going to write mathematical formulas all over your body in indelible ink."

"Kinky! But Iíd rather be awake if youíre going to do things to my body."

"Iíd rather it too; Iím not into necrophilia." Rodney punctuated his remark by taking a large bite of his burger.

"Gross! And you call my mind a scary place?!"

"And I stand by that comment, but I like it."

"We should get along really well then," John retorted.

Rodneyís eyebrows rose. "I thought we were getting along really well."

"We are! I just meant it should continue. Oh hell, just eat your burger while I get my foot out of my mouth."

Rodney snickered and offered John a fry as a peace gesture. "Itís okay; I think youíre cute that way."

"Itís practice for swallowing other things," John said wryly.

"I donít think you need much practice at that."

John beamed at him. "You say the nicest things."

Rodney shrugged though he was grinning slightly. "Is it nice if itís the truth?"

"I think itís very nice." John shifted closer on the sofa.

Rodney cleared his throat, his mouth suddenly going dry at the heat in Johnís hazel eyes. "I think youíre very nice," he rasped.

"Good thing we found each other then. Weíre too nice for anyone else." John finished the last of his burger and let his hand drop to Rodneyís thigh, petting him. He slowly worked higher toward Rodneyís groin, his hazel eyes intent on Rodneyís face.

Rodney groaned and spread his legs wider, one hand reaching for Johnís shirt, his fingers tangling in the soft cotton to pull John closer and kiss him. John let himself topple over on top of Rodney, knowing his huskier build could easily support Johnís weight. His mouth opened, his teeth lightly nipping at Rodneyís tongue as they rocked together, and John suddenly pulled his head back to stare into Rodneyís eyes.

"I want you to fuck me."

Rodney goggled and froze. "You want me to..."

"Fuck me," John repeated.

"Iíve neveróI might hurt you," Rodney stammered as he stroked his hands over Johnís back.

"Thatís what lotion or Vaseline, whatever you use to jerk off, is for. And I have rubbers. They make it easier. Besides, Iíll talk you through it. Itís pretty basic."

Rodney flushed but nodded. "Okay, yeah, Iíd like that, with you, a lot."

"I was hoping youíd say that." John gave him that wide, happy smile again. "You locked the door, right?"

"Of course!" Rodneyís tone was incredulous as he looked up at John, then looked toward the door. "Where do you want toóuhódo it?"

"The floorís probably best. Throw down a few cushions and blankets to keep comfortable, and thereís lots of room." John hesitated. "Hands and knees is easiest, but Iíd like to see you."

Rodney nodded. "Iíd like thatóto see your face while we were doing it. Should we move things now? Get them on the floor so we canóyou know?"

"Good idea. We can lose the clothes too then." John grinned, gripped Rodneyís chin and kissed him hard before getting up to start tossing pillows and blankets on the floor. "We should move the coffee table out of the way too. Iíd hate for one of us to knock ourselves out."

"How about in front of the door?" Rodney asked, taking a deep breath and getting up off the couch, adjusting his jeans before grabbing an end of the table and dragging it over to the door while John finished making a nest for them. When he reached under the couch to grab the lotion he kept there, he flushed again, thinking of just what heíd be using it for.

Kneeling in the midst of the blankets, John paused, staring up at Rodney. "If you donít want to..." he started tentatively.

"God, no, I want to!" Rodney exclaimed, hurrying over with the lotion and sinking down beside John, hesitantly reaching for him.

John smiled again. "Just checking. I didnít want to push if you werenít ready to try this. The rest is fun too. But this is really good." He reached for the hem of Rodneyís t-shirt, wanting it off.

Rodney gave a half-grin and lifted his arms over his head as John dragged his shirt off. "Iíll take your word for it, at least for the next little bit, and as for pushing meóhello? Teenaged male here!"

Chuckling, John reached for the button at the waist of Rodneyís jeans. "Oh good."

"Hey, I think youíre a little over-dressed here!" Rodney protested, grabbing the hem of Johnís shirt and tugging on it.

"So do something about it," John challenged.

"Iím trying to!" Rodney blustered, yanking Johnís shirt upwards and leaning in to tentatively lick at a nipple when the material was over Johnís head. John gasped and almost fell over as he tried to lean into the touch.

"Tease!" he growled laughingly through his shirt.

"Never," Rodney promised, steadying John and leaning back in to kiss his other nipple.

Shivering, John stared down at the dark head against his chest. "Iím really glad my mom sent me over to meet you."

"Weíll buy her flowers," Rodney muttered, tossing Johnís shirt aside and straightening up to stare at the other teenís bare chest. "Oh, wow."

"Not that I mind the compliment, but... wow?"

Rodney glowered. "Is there a problem with my phrasing?"

"No, just wondering what inspired it, so I can make sure to show it or do it more often." John grinned.

"Itís just, you, with no shirt, here." Rodney ran a hand down Johnís chest, wincing at his halting words.

"Ah. I think I can manage to repeat that for you pretty frequently." John shivered again, his back arching to press his chest against Rodneyís caressing palm.

"If itís in public, Iím going to have a serious problem."

"Iíll try to restrain any urges I have to strip in public."

"There are pools," Rodney said dryly.

"Try not to jump me in front of kids."

"Oh, thatís so funny." Biting his lower lip, Rodney reached for the waistband of Johnís jeans, fumbling with the button there.

"I thought so." John watching Rodneyís hands undressing him, and his cock surged against the restraining fabric.

"Well, you were wrong," Rodney muttered, slowly easing the zipper down, his knuckles brushing against Johnís erection.

"Whatever you say," John panted, his hips thrusting forward.

"How about this being whatever we both want instead?"

"I think weíre already doing that. Very well."

"Oh. Yeah, we are, arenít we?" Rodney grinned crookedly, getting in a quick grope.

"We need to lose the rest of the clothes," John said emphatically.

Rodney nodded, lurching to his feet, undoing his jeans and beginning to drag them off. Unable to resist, John leaned closer, mouthing Rodney through his briefs.

"Oh, god," Rodney moaned, wobbling and leaning on Johnís shoulder to keep his balance.

John peered up at him, licking his lips. "Naked. Now."

"You too," Rodney gasped, shoving down his jeans, too turned on by the heat in Johnís eyes to worry about how he looked.

John nodded, standing up to squirm out of his jeans and briefs, and then he slid his arms around Rodneyís waist, pulling him close. "Oh yeah, thatís good."

Rodney shuddered and pulled John closer, squirming against him and groaning at the feeling of skin on skin.

"Really good." John sank to his knees, drawing Rodney down with him, and then lowered himself to his back with Rodney stretched out over him. He beamed a wide smile as he wrapped his legs around Rodneyís waist and rocked.

Whimpering at the pleasure knifing through him, Rodney nodded wildly, one hand fisting in Johnís hair and the other closing on his ass as they moved together, his cock rubbing against the hollow of Johnís hip.

"You need to stretch me," John murmured. "Lube. Fingers."

"That means I have to stop this," Rodney muttered mulishly.

"Well, I suppose it could wait a little. Just donít come! Not till youíre in me, anyway."

Rodney groaned and buried his head against Johnís shoulder. "Youíve got to be kidding!"

"I want you to fuck me!"

"Fine then, I will!" Rodney pushed back onto his knees, sucking in a deep breath when he got a good look at John lying on the blanket, his long limbs akimbo and his erection straining up toward his flat stomach.

John smiled at the expression on Rodneyís face, even though he thought he was the one with the great view. Rodney was still growing, but he already had the broad shoulders and deep chest that John loved, and he had a gorgeous ass and cock too, making John shudder with arousal.

"You said you had condoms?" Rodney asked, his voice tight and strained as he reached for the hand lotion and squirted some out in his palm. Nodding jerkily, John fumbled for his discarded jeans without looking away from Rodney. It took him a moment, but he finally managed to pull his wallet out of the pocket and grab the strip of rubbers. He dropped them on the blankets next to him and reached for Rodney again, long fingers curling around his erection.

"Oh fuck," Rodney whispered, his cock twitching as a pearl of precome slid down the head to pool against Johnís finger, which he raised to his lips to lick clean, still staring into Rodneyís eyes.


Rodney whimpered, and his hips bucked forward, his eyes widening as he stared down at John. "Stop or Iím not going to be able to do anything," he rasped.

"Then weíd just have to amuse ourselves till youíre ready again. But fine, Iíll be good." John tried to pout, but he didnít do it very well.

"I donít want you to be good, just to control yourself!" Rodney grated, dragging his fingers through the lotion in his hand and rocking back on his knees, glancing down at Johnís prone body and hesitating.

John spread his legs encouragingly and smiled. "You need to loosen me up and get me slippery so you can get in. Fingers work," he suggested. "Unless thatís too weird for you?" he asked, willing to do it himself if necessary.

"No, no, no," Rodney said quickly though he swallowed audibly. "If Iím going to do it, I should do it all, right?" He gave a tremulous smile and reached forward, pressing a finger against Johnís ass and sucking in a breath when it slipped inside him.

John inhaled sharply and clenched down on the invading digit. "You feel good," he panted, staring up at Rodney. He drew his legs up, feet flat on the floor, and his cock was tight against his belly as he squirmed slightly.

"And you look fucking amazing," Rodney breathed, twisting his finger slightly and feeling it slip in deeper. John whimpered and arched off the floor, his fingers clenching in the blankets.

"Another one," he gasped.

Rodneyís Adamís apple bobbed as he gulped and pressed a second finger inside Johnís ass, his other hand stroking over Johnís erection, caressing the hot, smooth flesh.

"Oh Jesus fuck," John panted, writhing as Rodney prodded his prostate. "Do it!"

"Oh my..." Rodney gasped, pulling back and fumbling for a condom, his slick hands making it hard to open the wrapper.

John lunged up, catching Rodneyís mouth in a messy kiss, and Rodney whimpered, finally shoving the condom into Johnís hand. "Open it," he rasped. It took John a couple of attempts too, his hands trembling slightly with eagerness, but he finally got the package open without tearing the rubber, and he rolled it onto Rodney.

Rodney shuddered and pulled back, panting harshly. "Shit, give me a second," he gasped, struggling to keep from coming because of the touch of Johnís fingers.

"If you insist." John lay back, his eyes fixed on Rodney, and lazily stroked himself while he waited.

"Thatís not any better!"

John smirked.

Rodney shook his head, finally giving in and laughing, feeling some of the tension leave him. After squirting some more lotion into his palm, he stroked it over his cock and rested his hand on Johnís thigh. "Okay, ready?"

"Youíre kidding, right?" John looked from his erection to Rodneyís, one dark eyebrow rising.

Rodney glowered.

"Fuck me, Rodney."

"Oh yeah," Rodney whispered, scooting closer as John pulled his knees back toward his chest, placing his cock at the entrance to Johnís body, then, with an indrawn breath, pushing inside, his eyes widening at the tight heat that slowly sucked him in.

"Jesus. Rodney," John breathed, his eyes falling half shut as his hips rose, meeting Rodneyís stroke into him.

"YouóIímóoh fuck!" Rodney gasped, driving forward, then pulling back in a stuttering stroke as he reached for Johnís cock, doing his best to make him feel good as well.

"Yeah, youíre fucking me. Weíre fucking." John curled his hand over Rodneyís, showing him what he liked, and he moaned as Rodney pushed into him again.

Rodney nodded wildly, pumping Johnís cock as he tried to keep moving, tried to fight the need rising within himself. Gasping, John met each thrust, trying to settle into a rhythm, but neither of them had enough control to manage one.

"God, John, canító" Rodney moaned before slamming forward, his whole body quaking as he came, his eyes slipping closed even as he tried to hold them open.

John gasped, his arms and legs wrapping convulsively around Rodney, so close to his own climax he could taste it but not quite there. Rodney sagged against him, finally opening his eyes, and seeing the need in Johnís expression, he tightened his hand around Johnís cock, stroking him.

"Oh yeah!" John groaned, clenched down on the mostly hard cock still buried in his ass and came hard.

"Sorry," Rodney rasped, once John had relaxed beneath him, his expression blissed out.

That startled John into opening his eyes, the hazel still dark and dazed. "For what?"

Rodney flushed and ducked his head. "For not lasting long. You just felt so good, I couldnít."

"Hell, Rodney, you were barely ahead of me. Itís not like I set an endurance record either. It was good, and next time will be even better."

Hearing that, Rodney beamed and caught Johnís mouth in a happy, hungry kiss. "Next time, yeah, next time."

Once they were sprawled together in a tangle of limbs and blankets, John smiled at Rodney. "All of a sudden, Iím really glad we moved here."

"Me too," Rodney murmured, reclining half on top of John and smiling dazedly. "I really like you, John."

"I really like you too." John tightened an arm around Rodneyís shoulders. "A lot."

Rodney pressed his lips together to keep himself from saying more and curled closer, pressing his face against the hollow of Johnís neck and stroking a hand across his chest.

"Better than a movie, huh?"

"Oh yeah," Rodney sighed. "Wish we didnít have to move."

"Well, we donít for a while. Itís still pretty early. And Iím comfortable."

"Yeah, you are," Rodney grinned.

John chuckled. "You know, if I let my folks know, I could stay here tonight," he suggested carefully.

Rodney lifted his head and looked down at John. "Yeah, you could. You want to call or go overó" he paused and snickered. "Guess weíd need to clean up and get dressed first."

"Iíll just call. My momíll be cool with it. As long as she knows where I am, sheís okay. Although I bet she asks me how I plan to brush my teeth!" John laughed.

"Tell her we have extra toothbrushes," Rodney commented before grimacing and sitting up to pull the shriveled condom off his cock, wrinkling his nose as he looked around for something to put it in and settled for the Burger King bag.

Laughing, John sat up and reached for the phone, glad when his mom answered. The conversation was short and included clean underwear as well as toothbrushes, making John roll his eyes, but the smile on his face when he hung up said that he wasnít going anywhere that night.

"Clean underwear?" Rodney snickered.

"Sheís a mom," John sighed, as if that explained everything. And to him, it did.

"Good point. Iíd say we could wait until mine goes to sleep to go in, but if she knows youíre here, she wonít come barging in my room to wake me up."

"But will Jeannie?"

Rodney shuddered. "Weíll wait until she goes to bed."

"Good plan. I really donít need your kid sister walking in on us naked."

"God no!" Rodneyís shiver was even more violent. "Iím locking the door!"

"And weíll have all night." Johnís voice deepened again, and his hand stroked the length of Rodneyís back as he leaned closer.

"And maybe you could, ummm, do me?"

"I thought youíd never ask!" John knocked Rodney flat and stretched out on top of him, kissing him hungrily.

"Iím still trying to wrap my mind around what we just did!" Rodney protested in between kisses, though he held John close to him.

John beamed. "It was pretty fucking awesome, wasnít it?"

Rodney nodded almost violently. "Oh yeah!" He knew heíd remember that night the rest of his life, but that wasnít something he was going to bring up here and now.

John hesitated, then decided that Rodney probably wouldnít get all pissy like a girl would. "Way better than with Steve."

Rodney blinked and stared up at John, his eyes wide before he snickered. "Then he really must have sucked!"

"As often as he could!"

Rodneyís snickers got louder, then he was howling with laughter.

John grinned at him, snickering occasionally at the infectious laughter. "Well, he did."

"IóI guess Iíd better practice then," Rodney got out between gasps for breath.

"Iím at your disposal," John replied grandly before laughing again.

"Itís such a sacrifice, I can tell."

"Oh yeah, Iím sure Iíll hate every minute of it."

Rodney rolled his eyes and gave John a shove, tumbling him over onto the blankets and pillows. "Idiot," he grinned, rolling to his side to look at the other teen.

"Well, youíre here with me, so what does that make you?"

"Considering what we just did? A genius, of course," Rodney laughed, dropping to his side next to John and hesitantly reaching out to run a finger across his chest.

John made a soft sound of contentment and curled an arm around Rodney, drawing him closer.

Rodney froze for a second, then relaxed against Johnís side, his head pillowed on the other teenís shoulder and his arm around Johnís waist. "Mmm, I donít want to move," he sighed.

"Iím good right where we are till we need to let your folks know Iím staying over."

Rodney nodded and scooted closer, enjoying the cuddling. "Cool."

"Weíd better not fall asleep though, not till we tell them. ĎCause I have a feeling weíre going to be out for a while when we do."

"Good point, which means I should probably get less comfortable." Sighing, Rodney sat up, reaching for the box of Kleenex near the sofa and his clothes, meaning to get cleaned up and dressed.

"Hey, get back here," John protested, pulling Rodney back down. "We donít need to move this second! Iíll set the alarm on my watch for half an hour from now, just to be on the safe side. Or would an hour be better? We donít want to run into Jeannie."

"What time is it?" Rodney caught Johnís wrist and pulled it over so that he could see the face of the watch. "Half an hour should be okay. I can go in first and check to keep you safe."

John quickly set the alarm and then settled them both back in a comfortable tangle of limbs. "Please tell me she gets over crushes quickly?" he asked plaintively.

"You need to find another cute jock to toss at her."

John groaned. "Maybe we could run away together?"

"And do what? Serve other people burgers?"

"Do you have to be so damn logical when Iím trying to run in fear of your sister?"

"Of course I do; I leave frilly fantasies to people with lesser minds."

"íFrillyí?" John raised his head to stare at Rodney. "Did you just call me frilly?"

Rodney snorted. "No, I called your fantasy frilly."

"Nothing about me is frilly!"

"Nah, youíre all man, John."

"Better. Insulting me is not the way to get into my pants, you know." John managed to get it out with a straight face.

Rodney groaned and shook his head. "Are you forgetting I was just there?"

"Ya wanna get there again?"

"I thought we were going steady?" Rodney pouted.

"Yup, but if you describe me like a girl, I can act like a girl and not put out."

"Youíre crazy, do you know that? If my brains werenít all still down in my groin, Iíd be running screaming into the night."

"Naw, you liked fucking me too much. And we still have to try it the other way Ďround."

Rodney pushed up onto an elbow and grinned down at John. "Yeah, we do, donít we?"

"And after we let your folks know Iím staying and stock up on the munchies, we can do something about that."

"And pray that Jeannie doesnít wake up!"

"Thatís why weíre keeping the door locked!"

Rodney shuddered at the thought and buried his face in the hollow of Johnís neck. "Yes! Thatís almost as bad as the thought of my parents coming in on us."

John shuddered as well. "Donít even joke about that. Been there, done that, got the new zip code."

"Sorry," Rodney cringed, moving away from John, "I didnít mean it that way."

"Hey! Would you quit pulling away every time I say something!" John wrapped his arms around Rodneyís waist, drawing him close again and rolled over on top of him. "There, now you canít get away."

Rodney started to apologize again but managed not to. "You do realize that if you break my ribs, this going steady thing is over?"

"Oh, gimme a break. Like I weigh enough to break your ribs," John snorted. "Besides, youíre comfortable, so Iím not moving."

Rodney snorted though he looked pleased at the comment. "Well, I hope you like the fact that my mom will get a good view of your ass when she comes up here!"

"You locked the door."

"She has a key."

John sat up abruptly and reached for his jeans. "Asshole," he grumbled before pausing to steal a kiss.

Rodney pretended to sniffle. "Geez, some boyfriend you are."

One dark eyebrow rose. "I took you to a movie, fed you, and put out. What exactly are you complaining about?" John laughed.

"You called me names; that sounds like abuse to me."

John rolled his eyes. "Fine, you can call me a name back. Thatíll make us even."

Rodneyís expression changed to a smirk. "Okay, sugar-pie, I will!" He stretched and grabbed for his own clothes, tugging them on.

John made gagging sounds. "Oh, thatís bad. That really sucks. No way weíre even after that."

"But I thought you liked sucking?" Rodney asked innocently.

John groaned, and Rodney leaned over to kiss him.

"I am so doomed," John muttered wryly a little while later. "Iím never going to win, am I?"

"Umm... sorry?"

"That might be more convincing without the shit-eating grin."

Rodney snickered and scooted closer, giving John a quick hug. "If it starts to piss you off, tell me, okay?"

"And youíll find a way to improve my mood? Why donít we test out how effective it is?"

"After we get inside," Rodney laughed.

"Oh, fine." John pretended to grumble as he finally reached for his t-shirt and finished dressing.

"Think of it this wayóno interruptions," Rodney laughed, finishing getting dressed himself and gathering up the trash from their meal.

"Good point. And it should be safe to go in by now, right?"

Rodney glanced at his watch, then nodded. "Yeah, she has to be in bed at eleven, so we should be good."

"Okay, but you go in first. If sheís up, Iím throwing you at her and making a break for it!"

"Feeling the love here!" Rodney laughed before preceding John out of the room and down the outside stairs. They made it over to the house with no difficulties, and he poked his head inside, hoping he didnít look like heíd been doing what heíd just been doing. "Hi, Mom, Dad. Is it okay if John spends the night?"

Janet McKay looked up over her book, eyebrows rising. "You have a friend staying over?" She sounded stunned.

"Mom, Iíve had friends stay over before," Rodney said, his voice carefully neutral.

"You have? Oh, Carter and Racket, isnít it? Such strange names," she murmured, her eyes already back on her book.

John schooled himself to keep his face blank with an effort, not wanting to add to Rodneyís embarrassment.

"Yeah, thatís them, good old Carter and Racket," Rodney sighed. "So is it okay?" He glanced over at his father when his mother didnít answer.

William McKay looked up from his crossword puzzle, frowning blankly for a moment. "What? Oh yes, thatís fine. Do try to stay out of trouble."

"Got it, no bombs." Both his parents looked up at that, and Rodney gave a pained smile. "Just kidding. Címon, John." He glanced over his shoulder and headed upstairs to his room.

"Bombs?" John asked.

"You make one little atomic bomb, and they never let you forget it..."

John stopped in his tracks, gaping at Rodney.


"You made an atomic bomb???"

"Genius here, remember? I was bored."

"Jesus. Try not to blow up the neighborhood, okay?"

"Ha ha."

"I guess itís a good thing I know a few ways to keep you from getting bored anymore."

"Which canít be elaborated on out in this hallway, so are you coming inside or not?"

John nearly scurried inside, especially when he realized that Jeannieís room had to be close by. "Can we barricade the door?"

"Donít worry, I have good locks," Rodney promised, bolting the door behind them, then glancing over to where John was sprawled on his bed. "Make yourself at home," he said wryly.

"Hey, I havenít started undressing yet," John replied virtuously.

"Thatís because youíre scared Jeannie can pick locks!"

"Maybe we should put a chair under the handle."

"Maybe I should take your mind off her." Rodneyís words may have been bold, but he looked slightly nervous.

"I think thatís a really good idea. Sheís not the McKay Iím interested in."

"Thatís because youíre smart." Rodney grinned and went over to the stereo, turning it on low, then walking over to the double bed and sitting down by John.

"Thatís what the teachers and guidance counselors keep telling me." John moved his hand so it was resting on Rodneyís thigh.

"Well, now Iím telling you too."

"I guess I wonít have to worry about boring you then."

Rodney snickered and ducked his head. "Far from it."

"Cool. I can distract you with my body, then dazzle you with my brains."

"I take it back; youíre nuts!"

John pouted. "You donít think I could?"

"Iíll have to see it to believe it."

"I guess youíll have to keep me around till I can prove it then." Johnís hand crept higher.

"And this is a problem?" Rodneyís voce grew huskier as he watched Johnís hand slide up his thigh.

"Actually, I think itís great." John cupped his palm over the growing bulge at Rodneyís crotch.

Rodneyís answer was a whimper as he slid a hand up Johnís back, his fingers fisting in the soft cotton of his shirt. John twisted around until his head was in Rodneyís lap, and he slowly unzipped Rodneyís jeans.

"John..." Rodney gasped, his eyes widening as he stared down at the other boy, his whole body growing taut with anticipation.

John looked up, hazel eyes meeting bright blue as he dragged his tongue along the hardening length of Rodneyís cock.

"Ohfuckyouírright,youcandistractmeanytime," Rodney babbled, combing his fingers through Johnís messy hair and arching upward, toward that teasing tongue.

John chuckled against the sensitive flesh, then licked again before sucking briefly on the tip.

"I thought you were going toó" Rodney paused and whimpered when John took him deeper for a brief second.

John raised his head. "I am. This is what they call foreplay." He grinned crookedly. "Kinda fun, huh?"

"You ainít kidding," Rodney breathed, continuing to stroke the back of Johnís head.

"Besides, I like the way you taste." John licked him again.

"Even after having the, urmmm, rubber on before?"

John shrugged. "It would be better without, but itís mostly you that I taste."

"Oh. Urmm, thatís good, right?"

"Yeah, thatís good." To prove it, John took him deep into his mouth and sucked, his tongue rubbing against the underside.

"Oh god, very good," Rodney gasped, bucking up into Johnís mouth, his fingers tightening in the unruly hair.

John suckled on him for a short time before pulling off, not wanting Rodney to come too soon. His lips puffy and his hair standing on end even more than usual, John grinned at Rodney. "We need to pull your bed out from the wall."

"Whyóoh!" Rodney nodded vehemently. "That wallís against Jeannieís room."

"We donít want to be banging and bring anyone to find out whatís going on."

Rodney shook his head violently before snorting quietly. "The only one we have to worry about is her."

"Um, yeah. Your folks are kinda... distracted."

"Thatís one word for it." Rodney waited until John got up out of his lap, then stood so they could move the bed.

"Well, it does mean we can be comfortable in your bed instead of spending the night over the garage."

"Thatís a good point." Rodney quirked a grin at John as they tugged the bed away from the wall. "And itís nothing new; theyíre more comfortable with Jeannie than me."

"Too smart for them, huh?" John realized that he was fortunate that his own parents took his intelligence in stride. He and his parents, or at least his father, had other issues, but that wasnít one of them.

"Too smart, too weird, too geeky," Rodney shrugged. "Theyíre more used to the prom king and queen crowd."

"Their loss. I like you the way you are." John tilted his head, considering Rodney, his eyes going to the erection tight against the other teenís belly. "Hot."

"Iím just glad you think that."

"Anyone with eyes would think that," John shrugged.

"I donít care about anyone."

"Not even me?"

"Let me edit this to say I donít care about just anyone."

John beamed and tumbled Rodney onto the bed. "Better."

"If you discount my broken back."

"Iíll bet I can make you forget all about it."

Rodney grinned crookedly. "I bet you can." He slid his hands up under Johnís shirt and stroked his back.

"We should probably undress for bed."

"Should have thought of that before you jumped on me."

"You mean you donít like the way this feels?" John squirmed on top of Rodney while pulling at their t-shirts.

Rodney grumbled, but he wasnít doing anything to get John to stop; in fact, he was doing everything he could to get John out of his shirt.

"Oh admit it; you like it." John leaned down and licked a nipple, making Rodney moan and squirm beneath him.

"Okay, moaningís good too." John grinned and licked the other one.

Rodney yelped and twisted upward, his hands closing on Johnís hips.

"Shhh!" John grinned at him before lowering his head again and catching a nipple between his teeth.

"How can I be quiet when you keep doing that?" Rodney hissed.

"Well, I have an idea that would help with that, but weíll have to try it another time or Iíll never get inside you."

Rodneyís expression changed from confusion at the first statement to a combination of lust and nervousness at the second, but he nodded. "Another time," he said faintly.

"Lots of times." John braced himself on an elbow and curled his fist around the erection still protruding from the waist of Rodneyís jeans.

"Donít take this the wrong way," Rodney got out as he watched John touch him. "Butójust how does it feel from the other end?"

"Fucking awesome!" John gave him a wide smile. "The thing they donít tell you about the prostate in health class? Touching it feels even better than touching your dick."

"I donít think they mentioned anything about it in health class," Rodney said faintly. "Iím sure Carson could give us chapter and verse on it though."

"Hands on learning is much better."

Rodney nodded. "Yeah, good point; hands on would be good."

John pushed Rodneyís jeans down over his hips. "Lifting up would help."

"Orders, orders, orders," Rodney grumbled.

"This is easier when naked," John pointed out.

"Really? I never could have guessed." Even though Rodney sounded grumpy, he was grinning and moving to help John get his pants off.

"Itís a good thing one of us is experienced at this then." John tossed Rodneyís jeans over the side of the bed, then squirmed around until he got his own off. "Much better."

"Do you think youíre Rodney Dangerfield or something?" Rodney snorted before whimpering when Johnís bare body covered his.

"Naw, I get lots of respect," John grinned.

"And youíre better looking."

"God, I hope so!" John crossed his arms on Rodneyís chest and propped his chin on his wrists, staring at Rodney.

Rodney snickered and squirmed, rubbing up against John in the hopes of reminding him of what they were supposed to be doing. Grinning, John slid down slightly until his erection slid between Rodneyís thighs and nudged at his balls, with a little direction from Johnís hand.

"Oh. Wow," Rodney whispered, his eyes widening at the new sensation. "Thatís certainly... different."

"Different good, I hope."

"Good, very good!"

"It gets better." John sucked on his own finger for a moment, then wrapped his arm around Rodney and pressed the tip of the saliva-slick digit against Rodneyís entrance.

Rodney shivered, and his whole body tensed before he forced himself to relax. "Youóyouíre in meósort of, anyway," he whispered.

"Just getting you used to me," John murmured. He kissed Rodney lightly before smiling crookedly. "Itís better if we take our time the first time."

"No pain is fine by me!" Rodney vowed before shivering when John pressed his finger deeper inside him.

"It gets much, much better," John said just as he crooked his finger, making Rodneyís eyes widen as he gasped and squirmed, his fingers tightening on Johnís arms as pleasure rocketed through him.

"And thatís why itís so good being fucked." John leaned in to kiss him deeply, drawing Rodneyís tongue into his mouth and sucking on it.

Rodney whimpered, not sure of how he should move or what he should be doing, but he didnít want any of it to stop.

"Thatís it, move however it feels good," John urged before kissing him again. A moment later a second finger joined its fellow as John continued preparing Rodney.

"H-how long before youíre really doing it?" Rodney panted.

"Soon. Very soon." John hesitated, considering adding another finger the way they always did in the books, but he didnít think he was going to last that long. "Right about now in fact."

Rodney swallowed hard and forced himself to relax back on the bed though his hips were rocking shallowly against Johnís hand and his erection was twitching against his belly. His eyes were wide, dazed, and very blue as he stared at John and nodded.

John slowly withdrew his fingers, hunger flaring in his eyes when Rodneyís hips rose to try to keep them inside. "Soon," he whispered, spreading more of the lotion over himself after fumbling a rubber on. And then he was pressing against the resisting muscle, pushing forward until it yielded and the tip of him slid inside Rodney.

Rodney sucked in a quick breath and tightened down reflexively.

"Oh God," John groaned. "Fuck, that feels good. But you need to relax, or this isnít going to work. Relax. Push down actually," he rasped.

"Pushódown?" Rodney gasped, staring up at him.

"Like youíre taking a dump," John said bluntly. "I know it sounds nuts, but itíll let me get deeper."

"Oh." Rodney flushed a bright red, bit his lower lip, and tried to do as John suggested.

"Itís going to be worth it," John promised, leaning down to kiss him again and sliding forward another inch. He swore he could feel the tight channel slowly yielding and opening to him, and he groaned.

Rodney winced and nodded, panting for breath as he tried to relax through the burning as John slid deeper into him.

"Are you okay?" John asked, trying to hold still to let Rodney get used to him.

"Yeah," Rodney whispered tightly. "Iím okay; keep going."

"You really will like it soon," John whispered, kissing him again.

Rodney gave a pained laugh and tried to spread his legs wider. "I hope so because now? Not so good."

"You saw how much I liked it," John pointed out. "I just need to get a little farther..."

"Thatís why Iím not screaming at being split open by a baseball bat!"

John stared and shook as he tried not to laugh. "You flatter me."

"Well, thatís what it feels like!" Rodney snapped before John sank farther into him, and he moaned.

"Better?" John smirked.

"Iíll tell you after you do that again."

"And that would be why itís so much fun," John chuckled, slowly moving back and forth the tiniest bit.

Rodney dropped his head back onto the pillow and panted for breath, his hips beginning to rock against Johnís as he slowly released the death-grip he had on his sheets. Watching him, John braced himself on one arm and curled his other hand around Rodneyís flagging erection, stroking him back to hardness.

"Oh, that feels good," Rodney whispered, staring down the length of his body, his eyes locked on Johnís.

"Iím not going to get to say this very often, so... I told you so."

Rodney barked out a sharp burst of laughter that turned into a gasp as John finally bottomed out inside him.

"Oh God, you feel good," John panted, forcing himself to hold still.

"Move!" Rodney demanded, grabbing Johnís arm to yank him down for a kiss.

"Oh, so it doesnít hurt anymore?" John smirked down at him before slowly drawing back so he could push forward again.

"A little, but I want to feel that again!" Rodney twisted his hips upward as he spoke, sliding his cock in Johnís hand and clenching his ass around Johnís erection.

"Why do I get the feeling weíre going to be fighting over who gets to be fucked?"

"Dunno, have to try them both more to see which I like more."

"Oh damn. Well, if I have to..." John began to move faster, watching Rodneyís face as his expression changed from pleasure to momentary annoyance, then to pure pleasure as John stroked against his prostate.

"You can tease me when youíre fucking me if it makes you feel better," John offered. The hand on Rodneyís cock stilled near the tip, his thumb rubbing over the silky skin on the head.

"Right now it doesnít!" Rodney hissed.

"What would? Your wish is my command."

"Would you just fuck me already?!"

"Demanding. What a shock." John chuckled as his strokes got longer, finally fucking Rodney the way they both were desperate for, and Rodney was arching up beneath him, both hands pulling his knees back and open, soft whimpers and moans escaping his clenched lips.

"Oh fuck, youíre even hotter when Iím fucking you." Johnís hips and hands moved faster, making Rodney whimper, then gasp as he came. John cried out as Rodney tightened down on him, and then he was pounding into Rodney, yelling wordlessly as he came as well.

"Oh, wow," Rodney whispered as John half-collapsed on top of him.

"Oh yeah. Really, really good."

"Uh huh." Rodney slid his arms up around Johnís shoulders and let his legs slip down so they were around Johnís thighs.

"So I guess weíre going to do this again sometime?" John smiled and rubbed his cheek against Rodneyís shoulder.

"Mm hmm," Rodney sighed, kissing Johnís neck and relaxing beneath him.

"Wow, I found a way to leave you speechless," John chuckled, one hand idly petting Rodneyís belly, smearing the come across his skin.

Rodney yawned and attempted a glare. "Just canít do it in public."

"Nope, Iím really not into shows or sharing. Right here is good."

"Uh huh. Sleep now?"

"We need to clean up first, or weíll get stuck together. And I donít want a bald patch."

Rodney managed a tired snicker and nodded. "That means we need to use the bathroom, and that means we need to get up."

John groaned. "Maybe we could just use a t-shirt or something?"

"How about some Kleenexes?" Rodney groaned.

"Thatíll do. I just really donít want to run into your parents or sister right now."

"Well, if you want them, you need to get off me or get them yourself."

Pretending to grumble, John rolled off to one side, then dealt with the condom, leaving Rodney to grab the tissues and wipe off his belly before handing the box over to John.

"Thanks." John cleaned himself up, then stretched out beside Rodney and pulled him closer.

"Lemme get the lights," Rodney murmured, reaching for switch before dropping back into bed, shifting around, not sure just how to share the space.

After being kicked once and jabbed by an elbow twice, John grabbed hold of him and yanked him down. "Put your head on my shoulder, an arm over my chest, one leg over mine if you want, and go to sleep before I end up with two black eyes!" he laughed.

"Well, Iím sorry, Iím not used to sleeping with people!" Rodney exclaimed even as he settled himself as John directed.

"Neither am I, but thatís the way it works in the movies. And this is comfortable. I could get used to it."

"So we should tell your folks youíre spending every night over here?" Rodney snorted, even as he curled closer, settling over and against John.

"I think my dad might figure it out then, and I donít really feel like being sent to military school."

Rodney shuddered and hugged John tightly. "Sorry."

"Thanks." John idly stroked Rodneyís back. "This really is nice."

"Yeah, it is." Rodney turned his head enough to kiss Johnís shoulder. "IóI really like it."

"I think this is just as good as the sex. Almost as good. Well, really, really good in a totally different way."

"Itís okay, John; I get it. Itís good."

"Cool." John smiled, letting his eyes close.

"Yeah, you are," Rodney murmured, snuggling closer and dropping off to sleep.

"Rodney!" More pounding on the door. "Rodney! Itís almost ten. Whyís your door locked? Rodney!"

"Oh God, kill it," John groaned, pulling a pillow over his head... and incidentally out from under Rodneyís head.

"OW! Are you trying to give me whiplash?" Rodney complained over Jeannieís incessant knocking.

"Rodney! Do you have someone in there? Iím gonna tell Mom!"

"Iíve never been so glad to be an only child. Make her go away!"

"Mom knows, you little sneak, so blabbing to her wonít get you anything!"

"Yeah, right, Rod-ney; whoís in there? Carson or Radek?"

"How mad would your mom be if I killed her?"

"When she noticed, sheíd be pissed, and itís neither, itís John!" He yelled the last toward the door.

"Who hates mornings!" John added his own yell.

"OHMIGOD, he is in there!" Jeannie shrieked, and the pounding on the door stopped, closely followed by the sound of running down the hall.

"Wanna make a break out of the window?"

"Is there a tree out there? Never mind, I donít care. Yes!" John groaned. "Itís too early to be awake on a weekend!"

"Should have done it on a week night; at least then my folks wouldnít be home as well."

"Yes, well, we didnít. We seriously need to get out of here. Wanna drive out to the state park and hide from our families?" One hazel eye peered at Rodney from under the pillow.

"Sounds great to me." Rodney rolled to his side and looked over at John, who was still hiding under the pillow. "You do need to get some clothes though."

"Do you honestly think there was ever the slightest chance that Iíd go out where your sister is without something on? Hell, a suit of armor would be good!"

"If we hurry, I bet we can get out of here before sheís done fixing her hair," Rodney offered, before groaning.

"What?" John asked suspiciously, finally tossing the pillow aside and sitting up. "That didnít sound good."

"Remember how we sorta told Radek, Carson, and Laura weíd hang out today..."

"Aw hell!" John sighed. "So much for sex in the park."

"Sex in the park? What about poison ivy?!"

"I wasnít actually planning to go looking for any to lie down in!"

"Well, I would hope not!" Rodney started to climb out of bed, then paused, wincing. "Oh, ow."

"Sounds like youíre going to be doing the fucking for a while," John said, standing up to offer a supporting hand.

Rodney flushed but nodded and gave a half-smile. "Yeah, I guess so. Not that it isnít worth it but... does it hurt like this afterward every time?"

"Naw, the first timeís the worst. Your body kinda gets used to it, like stretching. Thereís always some ache afterward, but it wonít really hurt unless we get really rough. Which is fun sometimes, but Iím happy to take it if itís not your thing."

"Rough?" Rodney squeaked, staring up at John. "Like S&M stuff?"

"Yuck! No! Just harder, you know? I was pretty careful because I didnít want to hurt you, but sometimes you donít want to be careful. You just want to pound into the other guyóor have him pound into you."

Rodneyís sigh of relief was audible. "Oh, okay. That umm, sounds sort of hot, actually. And I hate to say it, but we really need to get dressed if you want to avoid Jeannie."

"It is hot. And weíll talk about it later after we get away and get rid of your friends. And yes, today, theyíre your friends," John chuckled. "But I think weíd better shower before we get dressed. Since we didnít really clean up last night, we kinda smell like sex."

Rodney lifted his arm and sniffed himself. "Yeah, I guess we do, but I bet Jeannieís in there, so we may be stuck."

John groaned. "Carsonís going to lecture us on safe sex again."

Rodney smiled sickly. "Well, at least this time heíll have a reason."

"Great. Theyíre all going to want to talk about it when I just want to do it again."

Rodney hung his head before tentatively hugging John. "Iím sorry. Want me to call Carson and tell him itís off?"

Though he was tempted, John finally shook his head. "Naw, itís okay. Theyíre your friends too. And I like them too, most of the time. Weíll do whatever, and then we can take off and have some fun."

"If you really donít want to, we can do it some other day," Rodney offered, not wanting to ruin something that had just gotten started.

John offered him a wry smile. "I can pretty much guarantee that there wonít be a day where I wouldnít rather have sex, so letís just do it. Everyone was looking forward to it. And we still have tonight," he shrugged.

"Yeah." Rodneyís grin grew a little more real, and he sucked in a breath. "In that case, maybe you should run home and do your stuff there so you can grab your bathing suit and stuff."

"Yeah, good idea." John kissed him quickly. "You can run interference for me with your sister. Actually, my mom and dad should be gone by now, some conference or something thatís supposed to last all weekend. Want to come over with me? We could share a shower, and you can sleep at my place tonight."

Rodney flushed before ducking his head and grinning as he nodded. "Yeah, that sounds good, and nobody should bang on the door in the morning."

"Yup. And we can even share that shower once we get out of here."

"Then weíre never going to get to the lake, are we?"

"Sure we will; we have willpower."

"Weíll have exhaustion," Rodney snorted as he pulled on clothes and grabbed a change for after their shower.

"Can you think of a better reason for it?" John quickly dressed in his clothes from the night before and cast a hunted look at the door. "Sheís going to be right there, isnít she?"

"Lemme go look," Rodney laughed before giving John a quick kiss. "I promise Iíll protect you."

"Iím going to hold you to that!"

"Trust me, she already thinks Iím disgusting and horrible; anything I do, sheíll believe."

"Well, I guess telling her the truth and getting her help in distracting our parents is out then. Iíll just keep hiding behind you."

"Telling her the truth?" Rodney gave a sick laugh. "Yeah, right. She hates me as it is, and to find out that youíd rather fuck me than her? Very, very bad."

"Um, yeah, when you put it that way, not such a good idea. So we need to find her someone else. Got any friends we can sacrifice?"

"Like sheíd want anyone I was friends with," Rodney snorted. "Maybe you can recommend someone when you start up with football."

"God, weíre going to be dodging her all summer," John groaned.

"Iím sorry! I wish I didnít have a psycho brat of a little sister too!"

"Itís not your fault," John said easily, shrugging. "Itís not like you made your parents have another kid. If worst comes to worst, we jump in my car and take off. Itís not like she can follow us."

"Good point," Rodney commented. "So do we want to get going?"

John squared his shoulders as if getting ready to go into battle and nodded. "Iíll be right behind you."

"Chicken," Rodney muttered as he unlocked his door and peered around the edge of it to get a look down the hall. "So far, so good," he hissed. "Come on!"

"Faster!" John urged, nearly pushing Rodney down the stairs in his urgency to get out of the house.

"If you make me break my neck, youíre never going to get out of here!" Rodney hissed, before half-running through the house to the kitchen. "Mom, Dad, weíre going to the lake with Carson and Radek," he called, receiving the rattle of the newspaper in return.

John shook his head, realizing that he could have a lot worse than his own parents. He still couldnít excuse his fatherís reaction to finding out that John was gay, but at least his folks noticed he was alive. Once he and Rodney were safely inside his house, the door locked in case Jeannie came after them, John nudged the other teen toward the bathroom. "Come on, we can at least share the shower even if we donít have time for more than a quick blowjob."

"Share theóokay!" Rodney nodded almost violently as he followed John up the stairs, licking his lower lip at the thought of repeating what theyíd done the night before.

John grinned at the reaction, not that Rodney could see it at the moment. "And itís not like we said what time weíd meet them," he said. "We could take the time for a bit more."

"I donít mind a blowjob that isnít on the floor of a disgusting theater!" Rodney protested, trying to sound as if he was a world expert on blowjobs.

"Youíd rather have a blowjob than fuck me?" John shrugged easily. "Sure, if thatís what you want."

"What do you want?" Rodney finally asked, shifting the bag with his clothes from hand to hand.

John stopped near the top of the stairs and turned to face Rodney. "Hey, I like all of it. I like you. I donít have a preference right now since either way Iím getting your cock." He licked his lips, knowing it would fluster Rodney. "So whichever you want, we do."

"I um..." Rodney bit his lower lip. "I just want to touch you."

"Whenever you want. I like the sound of that." John pulled Rodney into a hug. "I like it a lot."

Rodney leaned into the embrace for a moment, resting his head on Johnís shoulder, then snickered. "Youíre going to like it less if we fall down these stairs and break our backs."

Laughing, John let go of him. "Leave it to you to find a way to turn a hug into a life-threatening situation. Come on, then, shower." He continued up the stairs and down the hall, putting a little extra swing in his step for Rodneyís benefit.

"Are you calling me a pessimist?" Rodney asked, stumbling slightly as he stared at Johnís ass.

"Yeah, pretty much," John chuckled, "but I can usually manage to improve your mood. Or at least distract you."

"Which means Iím going to get ĎCsí if youíre in any of my classes," Rodney groaned.

"Naw, we only get to have fun after the homeworkís done," John chuckled. "I donít want my dad after me for flunking out of anything."

Rodney winced, then snorted wryly. "At least heíd notice."

After barking out a laugh, John shrugged. "I donít think either of us would enjoy the attention. Not to mention that I need good grades to get a scholarship."

"Ditto. I should have been at college this year, but the parents wouldnít sign the paperwork."

"Well, that sucks. But Iím pretty glad youíre still here." John smiled almost shyly.

Rodneyís crooked grin answered before he spoke. "Me too. Thisóyou..." He paused and flushed. "So, shouldnít we be getting that shower?"

John stood next to the bed, his eyes darkening as he looked at Rodney and slowly stripped his clothes off, letting them fall to the floor at his feet. "Yeah," he said throatily, "we should."

Realizing heíd been standing there, staring at the display John had put on, Rodney swallowed hard and dragged his own clothes off, almost tearing his shirt in his hurry, which made John chuckle.

"Iím not going anywhere, Rodney."

"Yes, well, time constraints," Rodney mumbled.

"Good point." John caught hold of Rodneyís hand and drew him toward the bathroom, backing up so that he could continue looking at Rodney.

"You donít have any weird citrus-y hair stuff, do you?" Rodney asked, pausing at the door to the room.

John sighed. "No, Rodney, Iím not going to poison you in the shower. I figured out you were allergic the first couple hundred times you told me."

"Well, pardon me for being careful with my health," Rodney sniffed.

"And I understand that, but Iím not going to do anything to hurt you."

Rodney looked away and nodded before glancing back at John. "So, umm, shower now?"

"In a minute." John caught hold of Rodneyís chin and kissed him lightly, a soft brush of closed lips against each other. "Now shower."

Rodney grinned crookedly and nodded before following John to the bathroom.

"I hope you like it hot?" John asked as he turned the shower on. "We even have an extra big hot water tank so it doesnít run out."

"Hotís great as long as it isnít scalding," Rodney answered, holding a hand under the spray and adjusting the controls minutely before stepping over the edge of the tub and looking back over his shoulder at John. "Coming?" The word was accompanied by a slight smile.

"I really hope so," John chuckled as he followed Rodney under the hot spray.

"Considering weíre naked and in a shower together, Iím thinking itís more of a sure thing."

"Iíve learned not to take anything for granted where youíre concerned," John said, sounding amused.

Rodney sniffed even as he reached for the soap, lathered up the washcloth, and began washing Johnís chest. "Are you calling me difficult?"

"Nope, unique. I like that about you."

"Oh, okay." Rodney smiled slightly as he continued to stroke his hands over Johnís chest, running his fingers through the dark hairs plastered against his skin.

Nearly purring with contentment, John brought his hands to rest on Rodneyís hips, his thumbs lightly stroking the indentation of his pelvic bone, making Rodney sigh and drag his fingers over Johnís nipples before leaning in for a kiss.

John drew him closer, the kiss deepening as they both sought to swallow each other, and Rodney rocked against him, his hardening cock rubbing against Johnís before he abandoned the soap to wrap his arms around Johnís back.

"Wanna fuck me?" John murmured against Rodneyís lips.

"In here? And what happens when we fall and break our necks?"

"Weíre not going to fall or break our necks. Live a little; itíll be great."

"Ióokay, yeah, that would be good, really good." Rodney slid his hands down Johnís back to his ass. "What should we use?"

Smiling sheepishly, John reached up and pulled out a bottle of baby oil from behind the shampoo.

"Like the shower, eh?"

"Itís private."

Rodney nodded and kissed him again. "What about condoms?"

John stilled. "Shit. Um... Iím clean. I know for a fact since my dad made me get tested after he found out about Steve."

"He made you get tested? Ohmygod thatís just..." For once Rodney was at a loss for words.

"Yeah, Iíve never been so embarrassed in my life."

Rodney wrapped his arms around John and hugged him close. John remained stiff for a moment before slowly relaxing, his arms going around Rodney as well. "Thanks," he said softly.

"Any time," Rodney murmured, continuing to awkwardly pet Johnís back as he turned his head and kissed his temple.

John finally straightened up and looked at him. "So... willing to trust me?"

Rodney pulled back enough to meet Johnís gaze levelly. "Always."

The wide, happy, completely open grin that John so rarely wore appeared before he turned and braced his hands against the wall.

Rodney swallowed thickly at the sight and reached for the baby oil, kissing Johnís shoulder as he squirted some of the clear liquid into his palm.

Listening to the sounds, John squirmed slightly, his back arching more to push his ass toward Rodney, who groaned at the sight and coated his fingers with the oil before pressing one of them into Johnís ass, biting his lower lip at the slick grasp.

"Oh fuck yeah," John panted, his hips rocking back and forth as he rode Rodneyís finger.

Rodney whimpered and drew back enough to add a second finger, pushing them in to search for Johnís prostate.

"God! Now, Rodney," John begged.

"Now, yeah, right," Rodney babbled, squeezing oil over his erection then dropping the bottle so he could smooth it over his sensitized skin. He pulled his fingers out of Johnís ass and moved up behind him before pausing. "Umm, you need to get a little lower for this to work."

Without a word, John bent his knees to lower himself, a soft whimper of hunger escaping him, one that Rodney echoed as he moved closer, steadying his cock as he placed it at the loosened entrance to Johnís body and pressed forward, hissing out a gasp at the intensity of the sensations as Johnís body surrounded him.

"Oh God, I can feel you," John rasped, surging backward.

"Donít do that!" Rodney cried as he fought to keep from coming. "I mean, give me a second, okay?"

John groaned pitifully, his nails scratching at the wall as he fought to control his urge to move. "Feels so good."

"So much more," Rodney whispered, shuddering before wrapping his arms around Johnís chest and rocking forward, sliding forward until he was balls deep inside John.

"Yeah, I never knew," John panted, clenching rhythmically.

Rodney lowered his hand to stroke Johnís cock as he began to move, thrusting in and out in a gradually increasing pace as he rested his head on Johnís shoulder.

John gasped and rocked between Rodneyís cock and hand, his arousal ratcheting higher with every movement.

"John, not going to last," Rodney gasped as his thrusts became uneven and rushed.

"That makes two of us!"

Rodney gave a shaky laugh that turned into a moan as he arched forward and came, his hand tightening down on Johnís cock as he spasmed within the other teen. The sudden grip on his erection made John cry out, slamming back onto Rodneyís cock as he came as well, semen spattering Rodneyís hand and the wall in front of him.

"Oh God," Rodney whispered, collapsing against Johnís back.

"That was incredibly good," John gasped, resting his cheek against the wall.

Rodney nodded against Johnís shoulder and hugged him again. "Yeah, it was. Do you need to straighten up? I mean, is your back okay?"

"I have a back?"

"A really comfortable one from this end."

John chuckled, slowly straightening his knees. "I may never move again."

Rodney sighed as he slid out of Johnís ass, and he took a step forward to bring him fully against Johnís back. "Sounds good, but no matter how big your hot water tank is, itís going to run out eventually."

"Well, that just sucks," John grumbled, catching hold of one of Rodneyís hands. "And now arenít you glad that I talked you into shower sex?"

"Yeah, yeah, youíre right," Rodney grumbled.

"See, that didnít hurt at all, did it?"

Rodney snorted out a laugh and nipped Johnís shoulder. "Iíll let you know."

"Ha ha. I guess weíd better actually clean up now if weíre going to meet the others."

"Yeah, or else Carson will send Laura to look for us, and sheíll get a free showóif my parents remember where we said we were going." Rodney kissed Johnís shoulder again and stepped back to duck under the spray.

"Iíd really prefer to avoid that. So letís finish the shower, get some breakfast, and go meet them with everybody fully clothed."

"McDonaldís?" Rodney suggested hopefully.

"Egg McMuffin," John said happily.

Rodney grinned broadly. "I think Iím in love."

John stilled, staring at Rodney. "Uh... well, actually, thatís probably a good thing."

"That I like Egg McMuffins?" Rodney asked, deliberately misunderstanding even though his blue eyes were wide with shock at what heíd said.

John hesitated, wondering if he should take the out Rodney was offering, but he really didnít want to. "No, I, uh, I love you too," he finally stammered out.

It seemed impossible, but Rodneyís eyes grew even wider. "You do?" he squeaked, wincing as his voice cracked again.

John nodded, unable to say it again.

"Ióumóme too." Rodney paused and looked at him suspiciously. "We donít have to get all weird and girly now, right?"

"God no!" John looked horrified. "Iím gay, not a girl!"

"Oh, thank goodness!"

"Do I look girly to you?" John snorted.

Rodneyís response was his crooked grin. "Not in the least. Now come on and get showered so we can get food then go get ragged on."

"Yes sir!" John tossed off a salute and a grin as he grabbed the soap and started lathering up.

"We thought the two of you had gotten lost," Radek called when they finally arrived at the lake, dumping the bags of food on the picnic table the other teens had commandeered near the beach.

Rodney shrugged and nodded at John. "Canít give him directions."

"I wasnít lost!"

"Typical man," Laura laughed from where she sat in Carsonís lap, one arm around his shoulders. "Wonít stop to ask the right way to get somewhere."

"Hey!" Everyone else protested, collectively glaring at her.

"Not every man gets lost," Radek grumbled.

"And I wasnít lost!" John growled.

"Why is it even with three of us to one of her, weíre outnumbered?" Rodney muttered, carefully not answering Johnís comment.

"Because Iím smarter," Laura answered cheerfully.

"Oh God, remind me again why we came here?" John asked Rodney.

"To save me from having to be alone and watch Carson and Laura making out all day!" Radek exclaimed before pausing and eyeing Rodney and John closely, then groaning.

John smirked and slung an arm around Rodneyís shoulders, making Radek groan again.

"Jealousy will get you nowhere," Rodney said loftily before he leaned against Johnís side.

"Oh, I think Iím going to be sick," Radek grumbled.

"I think itís sweet," Laura commented.

"Are you being safe?" was Carsonís addition to the conversation, and it made Rodney flush.

John drew Rodney closer. "Perfectly."

"Oh, please, Carson, this is me youíre talking about," Rodney huffed.

Laura looked over at Radek, who had covered his eyes and was shaking his head. "I told you to invite Elizabeth."

"I need to bleach my mind."

"Excuse me?!" Rodney asked, glaring at Radek. "I thought you were okay with this!"

"That doesnít mean I want to hear details about it!"

John started laughing. "We werenít really planning to share them!"

"No, we werenít!" Rodney yelped, shuddering at the thought of sitting around and sharing make-out stories with Laura and Carson.

"Thank God!" Radek exclaimed, making John and Laura burst into laughter.

Carson chuckled as well and tightened his arm around Lauraís waist. "We can save that until Radek finally asks Elizabeth out."

"If that happens, Iíll keep her far away from you nuts!"

"He thinks weíre nuts, Rodney," John said, trying to look hurt.

"Well, if anyone would know a nut, it would be Radek."

"From knowing you for so long!" Radek shot back smugly.

"Be nice or you arenít getting any chips," Laura threatened.

John hastily covered Rodneyís mouth with one hand, making him grumble and the others laugh. "Just talk to me if you need to. Or better still, you could kiss me."

Rodney continued to glower but gave in to the second suggestion, though he did look around beforehand.

"Okay, thatís pretty hot," Laura said, giving them a wolf whistle.

"I hope you think Iím hotter!" Carson exclaimed, making Radek groan as she turned to kiss him.

"Of course I do," she said against his lips before licking them and parting her own.

"Yup, we need to get Radek his girl so we can all make out without feeling guilty," John announced.

"Who feels guilty?" Rodney asked.

John laughed. "Okay, how Ďbout so we donít have to worry about interruptions because everyone will be equally distracted?"

"Iím not going to date someone just to make it easier for you four to make out!" Radek protested.

"No," Laura agreed, "youíre going to ask Elizabeth out because youíve wanted to since the seventh grade!"

"And donít say you havenít!" Rodney added smugly.

"Geez, Radek, I know girls like to take it slow, usually," John added with a glance at Laura, who stuck her tongue out at him, "but thatís nuts!"

"Iím a gentleman!" Radek protested, prompting Rodney to snort.

"Heís chicken."

"Iím going to have to go with Rodney on that one," John laughed while Laura nodded vigorously.

"Iím ignoring you all now," Radek grumbled.

"So when do I get to meet this Elizabeth?" John asked. He took the blanket out of the backpack he was carrying and spread it on the grass next to the picnic table, then stretched out on top of it, pulling Rodney down beside him.

"Probably when school starts, the way Radek moves," Rodney chuckled, crossing his legs and sitting at Johnís side.

"Perhaps the state fair."

"State fair?" John looked interested. "Iíve never been to one of those. Please tell me thereís no cow-judging contests," he laughed.

"We donít live in hicksville!" Laura protested.

"But there will be a Ferris wheel." 

"Oh, I love Ferris wheels," John exclaimed gleefully.

"Which was why I mentioned it," Rodney said dryly.

"Youíre such a good boyfriend." John pushed up onto an elbow to kiss him.

"I was wrong!" Radek groaned, looking over at Carson and Laura. "Theyíre worse than the two of you!"

John raised his head to grin over at Radek. "So go get this Elizabeth, and then you can be bad too."

"How about we throw around the Frisbee," Laura suggested, kissing Carson before she stood up and rummaged in her bag for one.

"Sounds like fun," John immediately agreed, getting to his feet and pulling a protesting Rodney up as well.

"To you maybe!" Rodney groused, though he didnít put up much of a fight as John led him toward the open area near the picnic table with the others following along as well.

John grinned at him. "Iíll make it worth your while."

"Oh fine," Rodney sighed, though he was grinning as they joined in the game.

"Not in front of us!" Radek yelled.

"We know!" Rodney shouted back at him.

"He really needs to get someone," John said, shaking his head. "Making outís fun!" He caught the Frisbee and tossed it toward Rodney.

"I second that!" Laura called, blowing a kiss at Carson, who missed the Frisbee when Rodney winged it his way.

"Youíre concentrating on the wrong game, Carson," John laughed.

"And this is bad, why?" he asked, picking up the Frisbee and sailing it to Radek.

"Because weíre not having an orgy!" Laura chuckled.

"Here here!" Rodney called, managing to catch the disk and flip it towards Radek.

"Thank God!" Radek exclaimed, lunging for the Frisbee while John laughed.

"Donít worry, Iím not into an audience," John reassured them all.

"Why do we keep going back to this topic?" Rodney groaned.

"Because weíre teenagers!" John laughed.

"And youíre males," Laura added.

"You were talking about it too," Radek snorted.

"Maybe, but itís not on my mind twenty-three and a half hours a day!"

"Your loss," John laughed, sending the Frisbee winging toward her.

"Itís not on my mind that much!" both Rodney and Radek shouted.

One dark eyebrow winged upward as John stared at Rodney. "I guess I need to work on my technique then."

"I think you think about it enough for the both of us!" Rodney laughed, fumbling the disc when Laura threw it in his direction. "Ow!"

"No more talk about sex," Laura decreed. "Weíre here to have fun together, not drive ourselves crazy. So quit whining and throw that Frisbee, Rodney!"

Three hours later, they were all slightly sunburned, damp and tired from their play and the swim that followed it. The remains of their lunch were spread out between them, and Rodney was sprawled on his side next to John, running a finger over his leg while half listening to the othersí conversation.

"Okay, this was good," John said too softly for anyone else to hear. "Iím glad we came."

"Me too," Rodney admitted just as quietly. "Even though Iím sure Iíve got a sunburn."

"Iíll be more than happy to smooth lotion all over you when we get back," John offered.

"Iím not sure Iím going to be sunburned everywhere."

Johnís grin widened. "Think of it as preventative medicine."

"I like preventative medicine!"

"Iím shocked." John flicked the tip of Rodneyís nose lightly.

"Oh, shut up," Rodney grumbled, though he was grinning.

"They are just too cute," Laura whispered loudly.

John and Rodney shot her identical looks of horror. "We are not cute!"

"Yes, you are!" she laughed, making Rodney groan.

"I think itís time to leave, donít you?"

"Definitely!" John pushed to his feet and offered a hand to Rodney. "Weíre outta here, guys."

Rodney clambered to his feet as well, bending to grab his towel once he was standing. "Talk to you guys later."

"Donít do anything we wouldnít do," Carson called.

John smirked, making Radek exclaim, "No details!"

"As if weíd give you any!" Rodney called as John dragged him away.

"Now we have all night and tomorrow at my place. My folks wonít be back till Monday morning." John was practically bouncing with anticipation.

"You really want me to stay over?"

John stopped in his tracks to stare at him. "Of course I do. Why would you even ask?"

"Sorry," Rodney said quickly, "still getting used to this, I guess."

"Rodney." John caught hold of Rodneyís face between his palms and kissed him hard. "Quit apologizing."

"Soróummm, time to go?"

John laughed, shaking his head. "Yeah, we have other games to play."

"Not involving flying plastic discs, I hope!"

"Nope, involving us and a bed and ending up sweaty and worn out."

Rodney grinned at that. "Sounds good to me!"

"I thought it was a pretty good plan myself." John slid an arm around Rodneyís shoulders, making Rodney glance up at him.

"You do realize weíre in public, donít you?"

John shrugged. "Whoís going to see us here? Besides, I just kissed you; I think thatís a bit more than putting my arm around you."

"Good point, Iím paranoid, I know."

"Thatís okay. And I do realize that doing this at school wouldnít be a good idea."

"Not that I care what any of them think, but you donít need anything getting back to your dad."

"We donít need the jocks trying to jump us either."

"Especially when you want to play football."

"Dunno if Iíll make the team though," John admitted, knowing his wiry build wasnít what coaches looked for. "I may go out for track just to keep my dad happy. Not that I donít like it, but Iíd rather spend my free time with you."

"Well, as a supreme sacrifice, I could go and cheer for you," Rodney offered, though he looked slightly ill at the thought of going to an athletic event.

Laughing at Rodneyís expression, John hugged him before unlocking the car door for him and continuing around to the driverís side. "Well, if that happens, I promise Iíll make it worth your while."

"If you can move after your athletic endeavors," Rodney commented as he sat, then yelped. "Hot seat!"

"Want me to kiss it better?"

"Not out here!"

John laughed. "Iíll be happy to sooth it for you when we get back to my place."

"And how are you going to do that? Waitódonít tell me! Iím not riding back to the house with a hard-on!"

"Use your imagination," John replied, waggling his eyebrows in a comical leer.

Rodney groaned and squirmed in the seat, the tenting of his shorts showing that he was. Grinning, John reached over with one hand to stroke him.

"You are such a bastard!" Rodney groaned, before squeaking and batting at Johnís hand when he sighted people from school at the edge of the parking lot. Wincing at the high-pitched exclamation, John chuckled and put his hand back on the steering wheel.

"Okay, okay, no need to deafen me. Iíll behave till we get home."

"I wasnít trying to deafen you," Rodney sniffed.

John reached over and caught hold of Rodneyís hand. "I know." He smiled. "Youíll just have to get used to my sense of humor."

Rodney watched him silently before turning his hand over and squeezing Johnís fingers. "What sense of humor?" he asked, smiling slightly.

"Ha ha." John tried to give him a dirty look, but he was in too good a mood. "Iím not the one lacking a sense of humor."

"Are you saying I am?" Rodney tried for an arch tone, but heíd started giggling, and it ruined the effect.

"If the shoe fits..." John grinned. "But you do appreciate the rest of me, so I think I can live with it."

"Iím going to be ill," Rodney sighed before grinning again.

"No, youíre not. Youíre going to be filled."

"If we do it that way, Iím not going to be able to walk tomorrow!"

"So you can fill me instead. I donít care if I can walk or not."

"Well, it wasnít as if that was your first time last night," Rodney grumbled.

"Have I mentioned how hot that was?"

Rodney flushed and squirmed again at the memory. "No, but I think I got the idea."

"Oh good. And I hope youíll want to repeat the experience. I know I do." John glanced over at him. "It was incredible."

"I do!" Rodney exclaimed, before ducking his head. "Maybe in a few days though, okay?"

"Oh damn, Iíll just have to let you fuck me till then."

"I can tell youíre going to cry over that."

"Maybe for more."

Rodney snickered at that, then made a face. "I have to go home and tell my folks that Iím staying at your place tonight. Not that theyíll care, but at least this way they wonít get pissed if they notice Iím not there."

John nodded. "That way you can grab stuff for tonight and tomorrow too, if you want, so we wonít have to go back."

"Guess I should be gone before your folks get home," Rodney commented, glancing over at John as he spoke.

"Itíd be safer," John agreed. "But like I said, they wonít be home till Monday."

"Yeah, but with my luck theyíd come home early." Rodney grinned as he spoke.

"So not staying tomorrow, huh? Well, I guess weíll just have to make the most of tonight." John pulled into the driveway. "You wanna go get your things while I order a pizza?"

Rodney nodded and reached over to give Johnís hand a quick squeeze. "Sounds great; I wonít be long. Promise."

"Iíll be naked on the bed, waiting for you."

"Keep talking like that and Iím not going to be able to walk!"

"Iím just giving you incentive to hurry," John said, grinning.

"Asshole," Rodney muttered though he was walking quickly as he headed into the house to gather his things.

John chuckled and hurried inside to order the pizza, then ran up to his room and pulled his clothes off. He piled the pillows at the head of the bed and settled comfortably, one knee raised, then started stroking himself lazily, not trying to come, just getting himself hard.

"John?" Rodney called, sticking his head inside the front door when it opened at his touch. "Hello..."

"Upstairs. Come on up."

"On my way." Rodney clomped up the stairs and down the hall then into Johnís room, stopping stock-still in the doorway, the pillowcase heíd stuffed his clothes in falling to the floor as he stared at John.

"Told ya Iíd be waiting."

"But you didnít say youíd be playing with yourself!" Rodney exclaimed in a strangled tone as he continued to stare at the lazy movements of Johnís hand on his cock.

"I didnít think youíd go if I did." John smirked at him, arching his back and gasping softly just to see Rodneyís reaction.

"Well, youíre right!" Rodney swallowed harshly and walked forward, chewing on his lower lip as he stopped at the side of the bed and reached out a hand to trace his fingertips over Johnís arm, feeling the muscles shift and clench as he moved.

"Feel free to touch more of me," John rasped.

Rodney grinned crookedly, his lower lip still caught between his teeth, and slid his fingers down over Johnís hand, their tips just brushing over the smooth skin of his cock.

"God, yeah, like that," John begged, his eyes falling half closed as his hips jerked, while Rodney whimpered as he leaned in to touch more, his hand now roaming over Johnís groin and down to his balls.

"Rodney," John moaned, squirming now as Rodney touched him, wanting more.

"Right here," came the whispered reply as Rodney gently stroked and pulled on the flesh beneath his hands, making John spread his legs and arch upward into Rodneyís touch.

"You feel so good, hard and soft and hot," Rodney continued breathlessly.

"You feel pretty damn good too!"

Rodney grinned crookedly at that and leaned in to kiss John, his tongue seeking entrance into the other teenís mouth as their hands tightened. John arched up again, moaning into the kiss as his skin rubbed over the soft cotton of Rodneyís shorts when the shorter boy crawled up and over him, all without breaking the kiss or the motion of their hands.

John rose up again, his legs wrapping around Rodneyís waist to pull him closer, trapping their hands between them, and Rodney didnít resist, kissing John sloppily as he ground down against him.

John let his head fall back against the pillow and looked up into Rodneyís bright blue eyes. "Fuck me."

"I need to get my shorts off to do that," Rodney squeaked.

"Yeah, naked would be good," John agreed, reluctantly releasing him so Rodney could undress.

"Do you have anything?" Rodney asked, straightening up and pulling his t-shirt over his head, tossing it aside to work on his shorts.

Never taking his eyes off Rodney, John nodded toward the nightstand where heíd placed the lube heíd retrieved from its hiding place earlier.

Rodney flushed and grabbed the lube before kneeling between Johnís legs and running a hand over his stomach. John grinned at the slight blush, pleased that heíd distracted Rodney enough for him not to notice the supplies, but then the thought was lost as Rodneyís touch drove all coherency from his mind.

"Oh God, yeah, please," he rasped, his back arching involuntarily.

Rodney bit at his lower lip even as he squirted the lube in his palm and rubbed his hands together to warm it before pressing a finger against Johnís ass, his eyes locked on the other boyís the whole time.

Gasping, John stilled to let Rodney get into him, and then he groaned, his eyes falling half closed again as he concentrated on the sensation of the finger inside him.

"You feel so good," Rodney whispered, squirming as he moved his finger, working to loosen John up for him.

"You too," John panted, watching Rodney watch him.

Rodney nodded, his lower lip caught between his teeth as he scooted closer, and John reached for him, curling his fingers around Rodneyís cock.

"If you want me to fuck you, donít do that!" Rodney said frantically.

"Sorry." But John was grinning as he said it before he bit his lip as Rodney moved his finger.

"No, you arenít," Rodney muttered though he was smiling as well before pulling back to rub lube over his erection, giving a low groan of pleasure at the sensation.

"No, Iím not." John was watching avidly, and his eyes darkened even more at Rodneyís groan. His hands clenched in the sheets as he fought the urge to reach for Rodney again. "God, fuck me already," he rasped.

Rodney gave a low-voiced whimper and pressed closer, pressing his cock against Johnís ass and groaning when he slid inside, encased in Johnís tight heat. John gasped and arched up, pulling Rodney deeper, and he wrapped his legs around Rodneyís waist.

"Yeah, like that," he panted. "Fuck, thatís good."

"The best," Rodney gasped, staring down into Johnís hazel eyes, not daring to move quite yet.

John smiled, raising a finger to trace Rodneyís lips. "Yeah, you are."

Rodney wrinkled his nose at that even as he kissed Johnís fingertip and began to move inside him, making John moan and arch up to meet him. Conversation was forgotten as they concentrated on each other, rocking together with increasing urgency, Rodney whimpering as John tightened down on him.

John gripped Rodneyís upper arms, his hazel eyes heavy-lidded as he watched Rodneyís face. Trapped between them, his cock throbbed with Rodneyís every thrust, painting their bellies with pre-come, but he didnít even try to touch himself, instead wanting to concentrate on feeling Rodney inside him.

"You okay?" Rodney gasped.

"Iím so far past okay I canít even see it," John panted.

Rodney snickered at that and nodded. "Yeah, me too."

John nodded jerkily, his body tightening as the pleasure rose. "God yeah," he groaned.

Rodney gasped and squirmed on top of John, his hips grinding down against the other boyís as he tried to hold off though he knew it was a losing battle. John moaned desperately, rearing up to catch Rodneyís mouth in a kiss as his climax washed over him.

"John!" Rodney gasped, shivered as John clenched around him, dragging his climax from him as well.

"Oh wow," John breathed a little later, tremors of pleasure still running down his spine. "I am so glad youíre staying tonight. I donít think I ever want to move again."

"Works for me." The doorbell rang, and Rodney shrieked, almost leaping off the bed. "Is that your folks?!"

"They donít usually ring the bell of their own home," John said wryly, getting up reluctantly and pulling on his shorts and t-shirt. "Itís probably the pizza. Iíll be right back with it."

"Need any money?" Rodney asked, looking around for his shorts.

"Naw, Iím good. You can get lunch tomorrow." John started to lean in for another kiss, but the doorbell ringing again had him pulling back and trotting downstairs.

By the time John returned with the pizza and drinks, Rodney was sitting on the floor, leaning back against the side of the bed. "God, that smells good."

"Yeah, it does. And no cooking or clean up, and itíll be just as good cold later." John dropped down beside him, setting the box where they could both reach it and popping open one of the cans.

"If we have any left," Rodney chuckled, opening the other can and taking a drink before reaching for a slice of pizza.

"If not, we can just order more later." John grabbed a slice and took a big bite.

"True, gotta keep our energy up."

"Maybe I should just order three more now."

Rodney snickered at that and grabbed another piece of pizza. "Why do I think we arenít getting any sleep tonight?"

"Because youíre a genius." John grinned. "We have to take advantage of having the house to ourselves."

"Youíre such a pervert," Rodney laughed, leaning in to give John a kiss that tasted of pizza sauce and garlic. "But I love it."

John beamed at him. "It is fun, isnít it? We can sleep on Monday, when we have nothing better to do."

Rodney nodded, and they fell into a companionable silence as they finished off the rest of the pizza and leaned back against the bed, both too full to move.

"That was really good," John groaned happily. "Wanna watch a movie or something? ĎCause I donít know about you, but Iím too stuffed to do anything else for a while."

"That sounds good; you have any tapes?" Rodney asked.

"Sure, theyíre in the cabinet next to the TV. Help yourself."

"You have a VCR in your room?" Rodney goggled at him. "Damn."

"My mom got it for me for my birthday. I think she wanted to make up for what happened with my dad." John shrugged, not meeting Rodneyís eyes, but the other teen pushed into his personal space and hugged him.

"Hey, our dads both suck, but we arenít them," Rodney murmured.

"Thank God," John said fervently, tightening his arms around Rodney and leaning into him, causing Rodney to hug him back and nuzzle his ear.

"This is going to be the best summer ever," he murmured.




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