Notes: Written for Mariann Maderís birthday. Happy Birthday, Mariann! Hope you enjoy!

Many Happy Returns

By Orithain and Rina

September 22, 2007

Disclaimers: All characters depicted here are the property of J. K. Rowling.

"Donít worry, Moony; weíll still make it to the show," Sirius promised as he opened the door to their flat. "I cannot believe you want to spend your birthday watching a Muggle movie." He shook his head and grinned, pushing the door open and holding it for Remus to walk through. "Just help me find my wallet; I donít think the theatre is going to accept galleons for the tickets."

"No, I think pound notes will get you further," Remus agreed as he stepped inside, only to stop in his tracks, his eyes wide in stunned surprise when several voices yelled, "Surprise," and confetti and fireworks burst into the air in fancy patterns.

"Happy birthday, Remus," Sirius laughed, coming up behind him and hugging him as their friends crowded around to congratulate him.

"So much for a quiet evening at the movies," Remus said, sounding a little dazed, but then he smiled widely and hugged Lily, who kissed his cheek. "Thank you all, I never expected this."

"Thatís the point of it being a surprise," James laughed, catching Remus in a hug, then knuckling the top of his head while Sirius watched, looking both pleased and proud.

"Well, it certainly was," Remus chuckled. "This is lovely."

"Only the best for you, Moony," Sirius chuckled, hugging him. "Which, of course, is why you have me." This pronouncement earned him catcalls from the group.

"I always thought it was to save the rest of us from you," James retorted, "which is why he deserves the very best we can give him."

"Which includes firewhiskey," Peter piped up, brandishing a large bottle.

"My hero!" Remus exclaimed. "Sorry, Sirius, Iím dumping you for Peter."

"Fine, then Iíll take back the champagne chilling in the icebox," Sirius sniffed.

"How do you feel about threesomes?"

Peter yelped and backed away.

"Fine with me, love, but I donít think Wormtailís into them," Sirius laughed.

"I guess itís just you and me then, handsome."

"Unless you think we should invite James..."

"Only if I can watch," Lily said, laughing.

"Well, James?" Sirius asked, grinning broadly.


"You should be glad your wife is such a modern witch, Prongs," Remus said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Truly," Sirius nodded, pulling Lily into a hug next to Remus. "Say youíll dump him and run away with us, Lily-love."

"Can the two of you clean a house without spells?" she asked archly.

"I know how to hire a maid," Remus assured her.

"Oi! Hands off my wife!" James exclaimed, reclaiming Lily, who was laughing too hard to complain about being yanked about.

"Really, Prongs, itís Remusí birthday and you wonít give him what he wants?"

Peter snickered at that. "I donít really think thatís Lily."

"No, I think that requires Padfoot," James agreed with a chuckle.

"Heís very good at giving me what I want," Remus said.

"At least in private," Sirius commented, giving Remus a slight push toward the sitting room so they could move away from the door.

"For which weíre all grateful," James said fervently as they moved out of the doorway.

"I agree with you, James," Peter nodded, following along as they all trooped into the other room. "Remember that time in sixth year..."

"Forget a silencing spell just once..." Remus pretended to grumble.

"And you hear about it the rest of your life," Sirius finished for him.

"Itís been almost three years. Get over it!" Remus glared at James and Peter, who were both laughing.

"Really, Moony, you know they were just jealous that we were getting some and they werenít," Sirius sniffed, winking at Lily.

James and Peter glared, but there really wasnít anything they could say to that since it was true.

"Of course they were," Remus replied. "It took Prongs months longer to convince Lily to go out with him."

"I wasnít talking about their hands."

Remus eyed him strangely before realizing Sirius had misunderstood him. "Neither was I, you git. I was agreeing with you."

"Itís a wonder any of you ever passed a class," Lily laughed.

"Thatís what we had Remus for," James chuckled in response. "He even fended Padfoot off till he got his work done."

"Sometimes," Peter snickered.

"We passed, didnít we?" Remus retorted.

"That we did." Sirius waved his wand in a flashy manner, and snacks and drinks appeared in the air, slowly lowering to the tables.

"All my favorites." Remus beamed and pulled Sirius into a kiss.

"Well, what else would we have on your birthday?" Sirius chuckled, pulling Remus into his lap and feeding him a bite of sharp cheese.

"Nothing you can do while weíre here," James and Peter chorused.

"But itís my birthday," Remus whined, managing not to laugh while curling closer to Sirius.

"So enjoy it with your friends and celebrate when we go home," Lily laughed, "or else Iíll have to find something to cover Jamesí and Peterís eyes and ears."

"I could get you a scarf," Remus instantly offered.

"And a pillow," Sirius laughed.

"Why did we come again, Wormtail?" James asked Peter, ignoring the other three.

"Because Sirius offered us galleons?"

"Ah, yes."

"I never should have helped them pass their O.W.L.S.," Remus confided to Sirius.

"Or their N.E.W.T.S. They could still be at Hogwarts!"

"But then Lily would be mad at us."

"Or be in bed with us."

"Sadly, you boys couldnít handle me," she laughed.

"Sheís probably right," Remus muttered to Sirius.

"Good point, and would you want to deal with her when sheís about to blow with that baby?" Sirius shuddered though he carefully kept his voice low.

"No, especially not if one of us was responsible." Remus shuddered. "Iím much happier with you, and I know neither of us is going to turn up pregnant."

"Neither of you could survive it," Lily laughed as she leaned against Jamesí side, one hand over her just rounding stomach.

"Weíll do much better as uncles," Remus said, gesturing with his wand to bring a chair over for her and to refill his and Siriusí glasses.

"I feel the same!" Peter said quickly, gulping back his drink.

"Things not working out with Moira?" Remus asked, referring to the witch Peter had been seeing for a few weeks.

"Donít worry, Wormy," James grinned, leaning over to pat his knee, "youíll find a lovely witch and settle down so we can all foist our offspring on their Uncles Moony and Padfoot."

Remus shot him a look of horror. "Youíre not supposed to try to scare me to death on my birthday!"

"Especially not before Iíve given him his special birthday shag!" Sirius sounded just as horrified.

"Itís different on my birthday?" Remus asked, looking interested as he twisted around to see Siriusí face, but Sirius only smiled mysteriously.

"Weíre not leaving before dinner," James informed them.

"Moony, you might get that shag by the time baby Potter has his or her birthday."

"I can assure you that itíll be much sooner than that!"

"And you do have to open our gifts as well, Remus," Lily reminded him.

"Yes," James mused, "they might even last you more than five minutes."

Remus smirked at him. "Prongs, if you think it only lasts five minutes, I feel very sorry for Lily."

Lily only smiled at that, and Sirius grinned. "Dunno, looks like James has some staying power after all."

"Thatís a relief. Iíd hate to think he wasnít upholding the Maraudersí reputation."

"Now we just have to find someone for Peter to quiz and weíll know for sure."

"Youíre not asking any girlfriend I have how long I last!" Peter exclaimed.

"You could always tell us then," James said innocently before yelping when Lily hit him on the ear.

"Iím sure youíre perfectly fine," Lily said soothingly.

"We were just going to offer some advice," James protested.

"Shall I mention a certain time?" she asked archly.

"No!" he yelped at the same time Sirius shouted, "Yes!"

"Itís my birthday, and Iíd love to hear the story," Remus said eagerly, smirking at James.

"Iíd like to hear as well," Peter added, darting a grin at the others.

"You seem to be out-voted, James," Lily said with amusement.

"Li-ly," he groaned, burying his face against her shoulder.

"Címon, Lils, how long?" Sirius asked. "Two minutes? One?"

"We werenít that bad," Lily laughed. "And we did get better with practice."

"And now weíre perfect," James sniffed.

"Impossible. Sirius and I are perfect, and youíre not us."

"Weíre the perfect heterosexual couple."

"But what does that leave me?" Peter asked.

"Apparently youíll have to try a threesome after all," Remus laughed.

"Imagine, Peter, you and two gorgeous birds..." Sirius offered, making the blond flush.

"I donít think so!" Peter exclaimed.

"Two gorgeous blokes?" Remus suggested, grinning.

"No! A girl, a nice girl who likes me, thatís what I want."

"And you have plenty of time to find her," Lily said comfortingly. "Just because we all paired up in school doesnít mean everyone does or should. You just havenít met the right witch yet."

"Just remember weíre all to be in the wedding once you do," Sirius laughed.

"If you wait long enough, Baby Potter can be your ring bearer or flower girl," Remus added.

"Or you can have one of each," James said proudly.

"I am not having twins."

"But weíre going to have more... arenít we?" James suddenly looked worried.

"James, mate, Iíd be careful if I were you," Sirius commented.

"But I thought we both wanted a big family," James said, ignoring Sirius.

"We do, but unless youíre planning on having some as well, it will have to be one at a time."

"One at a time is good," James said hastily, seeing the glint in Lilyís green eyes.

"Would you be that accommodating if I were a redhead?" Remus asked Sirius.

"Are you saying Iím not accommodating?"

"Youíre... Sirius," Remus finished laughingly.

Peter snickered at that. "Which means anything but serious."

"Too right," Remus agreed, turning to kiss Sirius, who tangled his hand in Remusí hair, holding him in place. Remus turned in Siriusí lap to press closer and deepen the kiss.

"Weíve lost them for a bit," James said. "Letís eat."

"Thatís Sirius for you," Lily laughed, "he invites us to a party then gets distracted."

"Well, if you were kissing me, Iíd get distracted too," James admitted.

"If you do that, it would serve you right if I took all the food and left!"

"Aww, Wormy, donít you love us anymore?" Sirius pouted, having come up for air during the comment.

"Weíll behave," Remus promised, "and you know Lily always does."

Sirius snickered at that. "Not always or baby Potter wouldnít be on the way."

"I know the difference between public and private."

"Something James seems very pleased about."

"Oh, I am," James assured them.

"And Iím very happy that you donít care about the difference," Remus assured Sirius.

Peter whimpered. "Just please care while weíre here."

Remus snickered. "I already promised weíd behave."

"Shall I find his prefectís robes so he can ensure weíll be on our good behavior?" Sirius asked.

"No oneís undressing to change clothes!" Peter exclaimed.

"Fine, fine, then I suppose we might as well eat," Sirius sighed, before leaning closer to Remusí ear. "Weíll play prefect and naughty student later."

"And I canít imagine which of us will be which."

"Iíll just let you imagine what the ĎPí on the robes really stands for."

"Food!" Peter said almost desperately.

"Iím hungry," Lily announced, getting to her feet to move to the table.

"Oi! You two, enough already!" James said, smacking both Sirius and Remus lightly on the back of the head before he and Peter walked into the small dining room.

"I thought I was supposed to get to do what I want on my birthday?" Remus protested, getting off Siriusí lap to follow their friends.

"And that includes me!" Sirius tried to sound aggrieved though he was grinning as they sat down while glasses of fragrant red wine filled themselves at each place except for Lilyís, which filled with grape juice.

"Mmm, I can smell the beef Wellington," Remus said, inhaling appreciatively. "And scalloped potatoes too. Yum!"

"Only the best for my Moony," Sirius murmured, sending the covers flying away from the trays and bowls on the table to reveal the meal.

"And that does include you," Remus said, leaning over to kiss him before sinking back into his seat and reaching eagerly for the food, the others doing the same, passing dishes around the table as they chatted about former classmates and what they were doing, all carefully avoiding mentioning the dark events that occurred every day.

After they toasted Remusí birthday, he raised his glass again. "To us, to the Marauders and our next generation."

"May they pull even more pranks than we did," Sirius added, making them all laugh.

"The poor headmaster," Lily laughed. "They have no idea what theyíre in for."

"When Dumbledore sees the next Potter on the enrollment list, he may decide to retire," Sirius added.

Remus laughed. "Could you blame him? Surviving one Potter should be enough for a single lifetime."

"Though perhaps the baby will have Lilyís temperament," Peter offered.

"You think that would be better?" James asked in disbelief.

"Sheís a redhead, mate," Remus pointed out.

"Yes, but sheís also not quite as adventurous as we are," Sirius countered, only to yelp when Lily tossed a cushion at him. "What was that for?"

"Donít make assumptions. I married James, didnít I?"

"And I assure you, Padfoot, Lily is very adventuresome," James smirked.

"Not again," Peter groaned, making both couples laugh.

"Just you wait till you fall in love, young Peter," Remus said, trying to sound paternal.

"Or just have a good shag," Sirius said with a wink.

"Iíve had a good shag!" Peter protested.

"Oh? Tell us more, Wormy," James demanded, and Lily smacked the back of his head.

"I will not!" Peter huffed, and Sirius snickered.

"But why? Youíve heard about ours."

"Iíve heard yours," Peter retorted, "but I didnít want to!"

"Too much sensuality for you, Wormy?"

"Some things are meant to be private!"

"I agree with you, Peter," Lily put in.

"Hrmm, so if I started snogging Moony right now, you lot would leave?" Sirius asked, grinning wickedly.

"No, weíre not encouraging you," James retorted. "Keep it in your trousers till after Moonyís birthday dinner. We havenít even had cake yet!"

Remus snickered. "I plan to have it all tonight."

"Slathered all over me, I hope."

"Sirius! Youíre going to make me lose my appetite," James groaned.

"Of course," Remus assured Sirius, leaning over to kiss him. "It tastes better that way."

"And before you say that if weíve lost our appetite, we can leave, we arenít yet," Peter said quickly as James and Lily laughed.

"They know you too well, Sirius," Remus chuckled.

Sirius pouted at that, then frowned. "I hope that doesnít mean Iím getting predictable."

Lily laughed. "Never, Sirius. But as Remus said, we know you very well, just as you know all of us. I doubt any of us could surprise the others."

"Well said, Lily," Peter murmured before sipping his wine.

"Hrmm, well, considering how long weíve known each other, I suppose thatís acceptable."

"I rather like it," Remus mused. "Itís comfortable."

"I like knowing weíll still be doing this when weíre all old and grey," James said as he cut into the last of his Wellington.

"With a few grandkids making a mess, I hope," Remus said, smiling.

"A houseful of Potters and Pettigrews," Sirius laughed. "What wonderful mayhem!"

"It will be wonderful," Lily agreed, placing a hand on her belly. "And James and I will do our part."

"Why donít I think Prongs will mind that duty at all?"

Peter flushed and snickered as he nodded enthusiastically.

"And Sirius and I will be doting uncles," Remus said, raising his glass to them.

"Spoiling them all rotten."

"Of course," Remus replied, grinning. "Theyíll have their parents for discipline."

"Of course, that spoiling will take place when you watch them so we all can have a quiet night out," James commented.

"Sounds fair," Remus said. "Donít you think, Sirius?"

"Only once theyíre out of nappies!"

"But thatís when weíll need the break the most," Lily said.

"Too bad!"

Remus just grinned, pretty sure that once Sirius saw Baby Potter, it wouldnít be hard to get him to spend time with the child.

"Youíll do it; you know you will," Lily laughed.

"You might as well admit it, Padfoot; we all know itís true." James smirked at him.

Sirius looked at Peter, who only grinned back at him, and he sighed. "Iím supposed to be learning to be an Auror; why does it seem like Iím a creampuff?"

"I like creampuffs," Remus told him.

"I know," Sirius grinned, "Iíve seen you suckó"

"Padfoot!" James and Peter shrieked at him.

"You can tell me about it after they leave," Remus told him, his amber eyes hot as he stared at Sirius.

"I will," Sirius promised while James and Peter pretended to gag and Lily grinned.

"I like birthdays!"

"Better than your last one, eh?"

Remus smiled crookedly. "Iím not in school, and Iím living with you; what do you think?"

"That youíre getting shagged a lot more than you were last year?" Sirius asked, grinning slightly.

"Yes, I had noticed that, thank you."

James snickered at that. "If he hadnít, weíd begin to wonder about you, Padfoot."

"I can assure you, thereís nothing to wonder about," Remus replied. "Or perhaps youíd like us to demonstrate?"

"Well, if youíre offering..." Lily started.

"No!" Peter yelped, James echoing the cry a split-second later.

"Sorry, Lils, youíre outvoted," Sirius laughed.

"Well, darn. I thought we might get some new ideas."

Remus laughed. "I donít think you have the parts for it, Lily."

"I have heard of toys Muggles have to help with that, though," Sirius mused, winking at her.

"Shut up, Padfoot!" James yelled.

"Wait, James," Lily murmured, patting him on the knee as she leaned forward, "Iíd like to hear more."

Remus doubled over with laughter, and even Peter snickered as James turned bright red.

"Iím not sure Prongs is ready to be pronged," Remus snickered.

"You never know, James; you might like it," Sirius offered.

"Lily, weíre never speaking to them again," James groaned.

"But, James, theyíre your best friends and our future babysitters."

"Iím disowning them!"

"Sirius still owes you a hundred galleons," Peter piped up.

"I donít care!"

"Why does Sirius owe you a hundred galleons?" Lily asked, looking at Remus curiously, knowing she wouldnít get a straight answer from James or Sirius.

Remus snickered. "Youíre responsible for that, actually."

"Oh really?" Red brows arched over bright green eyes.

"Yeah," Remus said, ignoring Jamesí frantic signals to stop. "Sirius bet Prongs that youíd never go out with him."

"Oh, he did, did he? When was this?"

Sirius snickered.

"Sixth year. I have to admit it seemed a pretty safe bet for Sirius."

"And then you had to go and spoil it by actually agreeing to be seen with him seventh year," Sirius pouted.

"I told you lot she would," James said smugly.

"For hours on end," Peter nodded.

"So I think if Sirius ever pays up, I deserve the galleons," Lily observed.

"True, you are the one who has to put up with Prongs," Remus mused.


Sirius nodded at that as he finished his wine. "True, that, I may have to give you two hundred galleons for that."

"Iíll take it in babysitting," Lily said sweetly.

"Li-ly," Sirius whined at that, and Peter giggled.

"You should charge him interest on it!"

"I can see weíll be watching the young Potters till theyíre off to Hogwarts," Remus chuckled.

"And possibly every holiday after that," Sirius groaned.

"Yes, you bloody well will," James grumbled.

"Maybe we could adopt and make James look after ours," Remus mused.

"That ideaís sounding better and better."

"I donít think so!" James exclaimed.

"Weíd be glad to," Lily said at the same moment.

"One big, happy family," Remus chuckled.

"So, is there cake?" Peter asked brightly.

"That was Siriusí responsibility," James said, "since he knows best what Remus likes."

"He certainly does," Remus mumbled into his wine, and Sirius gave him a sidelong smile before flicking his wand, causing the dishes and leftover food to vanish and a large chocolate frosted cake to appear in the middle of the table.

"Mmm, chocolate," Remus said, eyeing the cake greedily.

"I hope you got a second one for the rest of us, Sirius," Lily laughed.

Another flick of the wand and a second, smaller cake appeared. "Would I deny my Moony his chocolate?" he asked, laughing.

"Not if we want to see you alive again," Peter laughed.

"I only get the small one?" Remus demanded.

"Thatís ours; the big one is all yours."

"Greedy git," James added.

"You can be greedy on your own birthday," Remus told him, drawing the cake nearer.

"If I am, it wonít be for cake," James smirked.

"Iím afraid the baby has a bit to say about that for a while, James," Lily said dryly, making his eyes widen.

"But, Lily, itís half a year until it comes!"

She burst into laughter. "Iím sorry; I just had to see your face."

"That wasnít funny!" James exclaimed even as the others all burst into laughter.

"Yes, it was," Remus assured him.

Sirius nodded. "I wish I had a camera."

"I thought Prongs was going to faint," Peter snickered.

"Lily would have had to give him the kiss of life in that case," Sirius added.

"Or one of you," she smiled.

"One of them kissing me would convince me to die!"

"Donít worry, Prongsie; I save all my kisses for Remus," Sirius laughed.

"Iím greedy about those too."

"Itís a good thing the two of you are together," Peter mused, "no one else could keep up with you!"

"Their loss," Remus said, his eyes on Sirius. "Eat your cake."

"Iíll have mine later," Sirius murmured.

"I know. I meant Peter, James and Lily."

"Ahh, yes, eat your cake, you lot," Sirius ordered.

"Iím starting to feel unwelcome," James said dryly.

"I always knew you were perceptive, Prongs."

"But we havenít had tea," Peter protested.

Remus waved his wand, and a moment later a pot was pouring tea into cups for each of them.

"Thereís your tea; drink it and go."

Lily laughed. "You two are cute."

"Good, take your tea and go," Sirius ordered.

Remus groaned and shook his head, but he didnít countermand Siriusí suggestion, making Lily chuckle.

"I think weíve outstayed our welcome, gentlemen," she said, pushing to her feet.

"Yes, weíd better go before they throw down on the table," Peter snickered, getting up as well.

"Hrm, that has possibilities," Remus said, looking at the table consideringly.

James was on his feet in a shot, an arm around Lilyís waist, Peter following closely behind them as they started to leave.

"Happy birthday, Remus!" Lily called, managing to stop long enough to gather up her coat.

"And youíd best send us thank you notes for the presents as youíre chasing us out before you opened them!" James added before they were out the door, all three of them laughing.

"Good friends are ones who know when to leave," Remus said, getting up and moving to sit on Siriusí lap now that they were alone.

"Which is when theyíre told to," Sirius nodded, stroking his hands up Remusí thighs to rest on his ass, pulling him closer.

"Arenít we a bit overdressed?" Remus rested his hands on Siriusí shoulders, thumbs lightly brushing his neck.

"Right now, youíre just how I want you," Sirius murmured, leaning in to nuzzle Remusí throat, licking the warm flesh.

"Hungry for you?" Remus suggested, arching his back, knowing Sirius would hold him.

"Exactly." Sirius used the edge of his teeth against Remusí Adamís apple, at the same time tightening his hold.

"Thatís how I always am," Remus informed him, biting back a whimper at the touch of Siriusí teeth.

Sirius smiled at that and scooted back from the table, bracing himself to stand, at the same time, managing a bit of wandless magic to levitate the larger cake, floating it along behind them as he carried Remus to the bedroom.

"Mm, I like it when you get all macho," Remus said, nibbling on Siriusí jaw line.

"Macho?" Sirius asked, trying not to laugh.


"Excuse me?!"

"Well, you are carrying me off to your den."

"To ravish you like the prize you are," Sirius murmured, nuzzling his neck again.

Remus shivered. "As I said, I like it when you get like this."

"Did I mention I want to lick that cake off you?"

"I think you may have," Remus replied, his voice a throaty rasp. "Iím not objecting."

"Though I promise to save you some." Another bit of subvocalized magic had them both naked even as he lowered them both to the bed, his weight trapping Remus beneath him.

"I never doubted it." Remus groaned with pleasure as Sirius pressed him into the mattress. "You feel good."

"While you, my dear Moony, feel amazing." Sirius ground down against him, kissing him before he pushed up to his knees and reached for the cake, digging a hand into the icing and smearing it down Remusí chest.

Remus shivered and watched Siriusí face, aroused by the look of lust. "Taste me," he rasped.

"In a minute." Sirius grinned down at him, then dropped back on top of him, their chests pressed together, smearing the chocolate between them. "Now you can have some as wellólater." He kissed Remus at that before sliding lower, licking at Remusí chest.

"I like the way you think," Remus chuckled breathlessly, spreading his legs invitingly as his back arched.

"And the way I act," Sirius laughed, swirling his tongue around Remusí nipple, leaving a trail of icing in his wake.

"Oh yes," Remus agreed, tangling his fingers in Siriusí hair as he suckled on the nipple, then switched to the other one. "Merlin, I love your mouth," Remus gasped, stroking Siriusí back with unsteady hands.

Sirius hummed in response and dragged a finger through the cake on his chest, offering it to Remus to suck on, which Remus did eagerly. His tongue lapped at the sweet treat before his lips closed over it, drawing it deep so that he could lick and suck it clean.

"More?" Sirius asked, lifting his head enough to look at Remus, his grey eyes stormy and dark with need.

"You need to ask?" Remus said with amusement after letting Siriusí finger slip out of his mouth. Deprived of the digit, he whined softly, watching Sirius hungrily.

That comment earned him a low chuckle as Sirius dug his finger into the cake, scooping up a mound of pastry and frosting, and offered it to Remus as he moved lower, trailing his tongue over the ridges of Remusí ribs.

Remus moaned, squirming under Siriusí tongue even as he suckled on the finger heíd quickly cleaned of cake.

"So, which tastes better?" Sirius murmured.

"You, of course," Remus replied without hesitation.

"You always were the smart one," Sirius chuckled, working his way lower until Remusí erection bumped his chin.

"I have good taste," Remus moaned, spreading his legs invitingly, not caring how it looked since Sirius was the only one to see and he wanted to urge his lover on.

"And you taste good too," Sirius purred before dipping his head and sucking on the tip of Remusí cock.

"Iím glad you think so," Remus gasped out, squirming as Sirius hummed his agreement, slowly sinking lower even as he shifted to bring a hand between Remusí thighs, playing with his balls. "Merlin, Sirius!" he groaned, pulling his legs up to hook his knees over Siriusí shoulders, his fingers clenching in Siriusí hair.

Sirius mumbled something around Remusí shaft as he sucked him deeper and continued to play with him.

"Not going to last long if you keep that up," Remus warned breathlessly.

Sirius pulled back to grin at him. "The night is long, and youíre youngóWell, not as young as I am," he snickered.

Remus stuck his tongue out. "Prat!"

"Thatís young ruffian, to you," Sirius laughed.

Remus suddenly flipped them over and slid down so he was straddling Siriusí hips. "And that gives me the advantage of experience."

"Are you saying that youíre going to take advantage of my poor young self?" As Sirius asked the question, he stroked a hand down Remusí erection.

"I think youíre my birthday present," Remus decided, his back arching as he thrust into Siriusí fist.

"Save me some galleons if I was, wouldnít it?" Sirius asked breathlessly.

"You can spend them all on Muggle sex toys for us."

"Oi! You saying Iím not enough for you?"

"Be adventurous, Padfoot." Remus shimmied back until Siriusí erection was nestled between his ass cheeks.

"Excuse me, Mr. Virginal Prefect?!" Sirius snorted. "If we get any, weíre giving them to Lily to use on Prongs!"

"You of all people know Iím far from virginal," Remus chuckled.

"Certainly not any longer, but shall we talk about sixth year?"

"I think Iíd rather talk about tonight." Remus clenched his cheeks together and rocked above Sirius.

"And how it seems youíre in the mood to ride?" Sirius asked, running his hands up Remusí thighs.

"We both know Iím not particularly good on a broom, so I need to get in any riding I can."

"Well then, feel free; I certainly donít want to get in the way of your love of learning."

"Youíre so self-sacrificing," Remus praised, murmuring a spell to prepare himself while continuing to rub against Sirius.

"I know, but you deserve me." Sirius murmured, rocking up against him, his hands roaming everywhere they could reach.

"Not really, but I have you, and Iím not letting you go." Remus rose up and pressed down until he felt Siriusí cock push inside him.

Sirius gasped at the clinging heat that surrounded him, and his hands tightened on Remusí thighs. "True, youíre too good for me," he gasped.

"Git," Remus panted, slowly sinking down onto Sirius.

"Wouldnít have me any other way."

"Iíd take you any way," Remus corrected, "but this is perfect." He moved his hands to Siriusí chest, scratching at his nipples. Sirius groaned and arched upward, his hands closing on Remusí hips, holding him in place as he bucked upwards. "You feel perfect," Remus added, leaning down to kiss Sirius hungrily.

"Perfect fit," Sirius groaned, sliding a hand over to circle Remusí erection and stroke it, his eyes half-lidded as he watched Remusí face above him.

Remus nodded jerkily, his hips starting a slow rhythm now that Sirius wasnít holding him still, and Sirius changed his rhythm to match Remusí. "Could stay like this forever," Remus whispered.

"Mmm, that sounds perfect to me," Sirius rasped, twisting his hips as he rocked upward, making Remus cry out sharply at the thrust against his prostate. "Gorgeous." Sirius smiled as he said that, his full attention focused on Remusí expression and reactions.

"You are," Remus gasped, his back arching deeply as he fought to take more of Sirius inside himself, the display causing Sirius to lunge up, flipping them over without becoming dislodged so that he could hitch Remusí legs up around his hips and thrust into him.

"Oh, Sirius, yes," Remus groaned, grabbing the nape of Siriusí neck to pull him down into a hungry kiss, Siriusí tongue filling his mouth as they moved together, each stroke deep and strong so that Remusí cock rubbed between them. Remus whimpered increasingly loudly as each thrust drove him higher, simultaneously making him want it to go on forever and increasingly desperate to come.

Sirius pulled back just enough to stare down at Remus, watching the pleasure and need play across his features. "Come for me, Moony," he whispered.

The amber eyes widened, and then Remusí entire body tensed for a long moment. "Sirius!" he gasped, his short nails biting into Siriusí upper arms as he shuddered through his climax, the slight pain combining with the clenching of his body to send Sirius over as well.

Remus lay under Siriusí welcome weight as they both slowly caught their breath, and suddenly he laughed. "I hope this is a gift I get every year, Padfoot."

"Every year? Every day is more like it," Sirius snorted, grinning down at him.

Remus beamed. "Who needs birthdays when I have you?"

"Though I suppose that means I should have gotten you something else for your birthday," Sirius mused.

"You already gave me everything I want."

"So you donít want your present?" Sirius asked, pulling back to grin down at him.

"Gimme!" Remus demanded laughingly.

"Greedy git," Sirius chuckled before kissing him. "Or should I say greedy, cake-covered git?" He grinned at the last as he pulled back to his knees and looked down at the both of them.

"So clean me up and then give me my present," Remus ordered, smirking as he crossed his arms behind his head.

"Only if you ask nicely!"

"Pretty please with me on top?"

"Mmm, thereís a lovely image," Sirius murmured, kissing him before rolling out of bed, and subvocalizing a spell to clean them up as he reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out a small box, which he handed to Remus.

Remus paused to tug Siriusí head down for a kiss before he carefully began prying the tape off the package, knowing that his careful method would drive Sirius mad. As soon as he heard the impatient growl, he chuckled and ripped it open. Looking inside, he gasped and picked up the gold bracelet with fingers that wanted to tremble.

Remus sat for long seconds inspecting the beautifully engraved running wolf and dog on the bracelet before raising stunned eyes to Siriusí face. "Itís beautiful, Sirius. It even looks like us, doesnít it?"

"Well, I would hope so as itís meant to be us," Sirius grinned, sitting down beside Remus and sliding an arm around his waist to hug him. "Happy birthday, Moony. I do love you, you know."

"I know, and I love you too, Sirius." Remus slid the bracelet onto his wrist and smiled. "Thank you, Padfoot."

"You are very welcome, love." Sirius traced a finger over the bracelet, then grinned. "Of course you do realize this means that youíll have to work to top this for my birthday."

"Iíll try my very hardest," Remus assured him laughingly.

"Mmm, I love it when you do that."

"And I love you, so it works out very well."

"Did you doubt it would?"

"Not even for a moment. And just so you know, this has been the very best birthday ever, Sirius."

Sirius smirked at that. "At least until next year."



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