Alpha Wolf II

Orithain and Rina

August 2007

Disclaimers: All characters depicted here are the property of JKR.

With a yawn, Sirius looked up from the book heíd been studying to find Remus staring at him in a way he could only describe as hungry. "Whatís up, Moony?" he asked, though he had a pretty good idea exactly what was up. In the nearly two weeks he and Remus had been lovers, heíd found the other boy almost insatiableónot that he minded in the leastóbut this was different somehow.

Remus didnít answer, instead putting his own book aside, indifferent to its fate when it fell to the floor, and he slowly crawled up from the foot of Siriusí bed where heíd been studying, wide amber eyes fixed unblinkingly on his prey.

"Remus?" Sirius asked, licking his suddenly dry lips as Remus pushed him back on the bed and hovered over him. The intensity of his gaze was almost unnerving, and Sirius swallowed hard.

"Sirius," Remus replied in a throaty growl, tongue appearing briefly to moisten his own lips while he stared down at Sirius like a starving man faced with a banquet. "Mine," he rasped, lowering himself until he was just barely above Sirius, the almost feverish heat of his body teasing his lover. He suddenly lowered his head, teeth closing gently on Siriusí throat and the tip of his tongue laving the captured flesh.

Sirius lay still, not quite sure what, if anything, he should be doing. The contrast of Remusí teeth pressed into his throat and the wet glide of his tongue made Sirius shudder, and he groaned quietly.

The sound went straight to Remusí cock, and he lowered himself onto Sirius, grinding into him. His teeth sank a fraction more into Siriusí throat before he finally pulled his head back, chest heaving as he panted. "Want you."

"Take me then," Sirius offered, licking his now dry lips, his body heavy with arousal. He knew Remus liked to be in charge, but this...

"Oh yes." Remus reached between them, unfastening Siriusí trousers and sliding his hand inside to curl around the thick shaft. His other hand fumbled for his wand, and after a couple of muttered spells, they were both naked and slick, ready for Remus to take his mate.

His body was screaming at him to take what he wanted, but Remus retained just enough control to be aware that he could hurt Sirius, and he forced himself to slow down to prepare him.

"How do you want me?" Sirius rasped, shuddering as Remus stroked and maneuvered him, each touch adding to his arousal.

"On all fours, want to take you." Mount you, he thought, nearly shaking with the effort it was taking to restrain himself.

Nodding, Sirius flipped over and pushed up to hands and knees, glancing back over his shoulder in time to see Remus lunge forward, a truly feral expression on his face.

"Sirius!" Remus drove into him, forcing himself to stop and hold still when he was fully sheathed inside Sirius. "Oh Merlin, so good," he groaned harshly, cock twitching. "Okay?" he panted, not sure he could hold still much longer.

"What do you think?" Sirius asked, his voice as hoarse as Remusí. He rested his head on his forearms and flexed his ass, goading Remus on. "And what are you waiting for?"

Freed from concern, Remus started to move, laughing breathlessly. "Demanding bugger, arenít you?" He rocked in and out of Sirius, his pace increasing with every thrust, knowing that both of them wanted it hard and fast.

"Lookólook whoís talking," Sirius panted, bracing himself against Remusí thrusts, his own erection slapping against his belly with every move.

"Ah, but Iím on top. Iím supposed to be demanding," Remus pointed out around gasps for breath. He lowered his head, nose pressing into the dark tangle of Siriusí hair, and inhaled the scent of his mate as he took him. Needing more, he bit delicately on the nape of Siriusí neck, teeth closing over his spine just enough to mark him.

Sirius gasped and shuddered, pressing back in a demand for more as he moaned against the flesh of his arms. "Merlin, Remus, more," he rasped, loving the feeling of being so thoroughly claimed.

"All," Remus panted, thrusting harder and faster, groaning his pleasure as Sirius met every thrust. "Now," he groaned, fist curling around Siriusí erection and jerking him roughly.

Beyond speaking, Sirius threw his head back, seeking and finding Remusí mouth and kissing the other teen as his body convulsed, driven beyond all control by Remusí masterful lovemaking.

As he felt Siriusí seed coat his hand, Remus shuddered and slammed back and forth even faster, wanting, needing to come as well. Siriusí body rippling around him only increased his lust, and it wasnít long before Remus came as well, driving deep into the yielding body beneath him as he trembled with his climax.

Feeling Remus slump against his back, Sirius braced himself, keeping them both upright before collapsing with a small grunt and feeling Remus slip out of him even as his weight covered him.

Remus moaned softly as he slid out, but he remained sprawled atop Sirius, panting for breath. "Did I mention that the wolf tends to be a bit more in charge as it gets closer to the full moon?"

"No, but I gathered something was going on," Sirius answered slowly. "Not that I minded in the least."

"Glad to hear it," Remus chuckled. "I think I like having a lover who knows all about me. I can let go with you."

Sirius nodded in answer. "And I can tend you and coddle you when the full moonís over."

"In bed, I hope?" Remus knew perfectly well that he could barely lift his head the day after the full moon, but he didnít want to think about that just now.

"With chocolate," Sirius promised.

"I knew there was a reason I love you."

Sirius snorted. "Aside from my gorgeous looks, my winning personality and the fact that Iím one of the few people around who can wear you out?"

"Oi, a bit full of yourself, arenít you?"

"Actually, I was a bit full of you until a moment ago."

Remus groaned and grabbed a pillow to smack him. "You are such a prat."

Sirius chuckled. "But Iím your prat as you well know."

"Too right!" A thought struck Remus, and he snickered. "I didnít think to put a silencing spell around the bed. Did you?"

"I was a bit too busy being mauled to think about it," Sirius answered, wondering if Peter or James had come in while they were going at it.

"I hope our fellow Marauders didnít come in," Remus laughed. "Not that I would mind, but they always complain bitterly when they hear us. Youíd think we would corrupt their straight ways," he chuckled.

Sirius laughed aloud at that. "I just think James is worried Lily might walk in on us and become infatuated."

Remus preened. "Well, we are much more attractive..." A raspberry from outside the bed curtains interrupted him.

"Dream on, you lot!"

"I think James came in," Remus observed confidentially, eyes sparkling with laughter.

"Enjoying yourself, Potter?" Sirius called.

"Oh yes, listening to the two of you going at it like rabbits just makes my day."

"Your taste is improving," Remus laughed.

James made a rude noise, making them both laugh.

"Poor James, he only has his hand for company," Sirius said, striving for a sympathetic tone.

"I suppose we could let him watch," Remus said musingly, grinning at Sirius.

"Iím going to hex the both of you!" James vowed.

"Weíre terrified, canít you tell?"

"James sounds cranky. Should we go out and see whatís wrong?"

"No!" Peter shrieked in horror as he came into the room in time to hear that suggestion.

"Oh dear, now weíve shocked Peter," Sirius sighed.

"Youíve disgusted him is more like it," James growled.

"No appreciation for the better things in life... like your arse," Remus mourned.

"I knew I should have stayed down in the common room," Peter sighed.

"If you want to go back, Iíll join you."

"Fine with me," Sirius called. "That way we can have a second round on one of your beds."

"Youíd bloody well better not!" Peter yelled, glaring at the thankfully closed curtains.

Howling with laughter, Remus buried his face in Siriusí shoulder as he pictured Peter and Jamesí expressions. Finally regaining control of himself, he called, "Are you sure? I rather like Padfootís scent in my bed."

"I donít want dog hair as well as other things in my bed!" James shouted.

"Your bed might be good for some action," Sirius laughed.

"Itís someplace we havenít tried yet," Remus mused loudly, trying not to laugh as he pictured Jamesí expression.

"Bloody hell, donít you dare!" James explained, glaring toward the bed.

"Maybe you should put a spell on it to keep them away," Peter whispered.

"Do that and weíll try your bed, Wormy!"

"A spell on both our beds," Peter amended.

"One would think you didnít want us to enjoy ourselves," Remus said, trying to sound sad, which was difficult as hard as he was laughing.

"You do it quite enough without our thinking about it!"

Sirius collapsed against Remusí side, snickering. "Weíre teenage boys; it happens naturally."

"Not for some of us," Peter groused, making the others laugh.

"Weíll see who we can find for you, mate," Remus laughed. "Maybe a nice Hufflepuff. Maybe even a girl," he teased.

Even James had to laugh at that one though it changed into a squawk when Peter hit him with a pillow.

"Weíll look for you too, James," Sirius laughed. "Bribe Evans to give you a go."

James growled and lunged for the closed curtains, wrenching them open so he could reach in, snatch up a pillow, and start pummeling Sirius.

"Hey!" Remus yelped, ducking behind Sirius for protection.

"Arenít you supposed to protect me?" Sirius howled, covering his head with his arms before grabbing a pillow from behind them and retaliating.

"Here now!" Remus exclaimed, grabbing the edge of the sheet and yanking it around Sirius to cover his exposed bits. He was indifferent to his own nudity, but he didnít want anyone but him looking at Sirius.

"Argh!" Peter shrieked, diving into his bed and pulling the covers over his head. "Put some bloody clothes on!"

"Before weíre blinded," James added, thrusting the pillows back at Sirius and turning away, snickering.

"By our good looks!" Sirius shot back. "Oi, Moony, you donít have to strangle me!" he protested, struggling to get his arm out from under the sheet.

Glowering, Remus tugged him back under the covers and reached over the side of the bed to where his earlier spell had piled their clothes. "Here, get these on," he growled, thrusting Siriusí boxers at him.

"Please!" Peter moaned pitifully, still not daring to come out from under the covers.

Still laughing, Sirius got into his clothes and out of bed. "See, all better now."

"Not in the least, but since weíre dealing with you, weíll take what we can get," James muttered.

"Which is nothing," Remus growled possessively as he dressed quickly so he could follow Sirius. Meeting Jamesí amused gaze, he flushed a bit and chuckled, realizing how absurd he was acting.

"Is it safe to come out yet?" Peter demanded.

"Donít know, Moony might bite us if we look at Padfoot too long," James observed.

"Ha ha." Remus stuck his tongue out before sliding behind Sirius and wrapping his arms around Siriusí waist. "Itís perfectly safe, Peter; weíre all dressed now.

"Now come on out here and tell us what kind of girl you want so we can go looking for the right one."

"Looking for... a girl?" Peter stuck his head out from under the blankets, his fair hair in disarray.

"Well, we know who to go to for James, any preference in the members of the fairer sex, Wormy?" Sirius asked, leaning back against Remus.

"Iím afraid Lilyís out though unless you want James to challenge you to a wizard duel," Remus snorted. "So tell us your shopping list, Peter."

James growled and pretended to ignore the others.

"As long as sheís a girl, thatís fine with me," Peter said earnestly.

"So you want us to ask McGonagall to go out with you?"

"NO!" Peter squawked, sitting bolt upright in the bed. "Iíd rather go out with you, Padfoot!" He shuddered. "A student, pretty, smart, female. One who likes me and isnít tricked by you lot into thinking sheís getting a date with James or Sirius."

"Hrmmm, youíre making this a challenge, Peter, but I think Moony and I are up to it."

"Better that than what the two of you are normally up to," James grumped.

"Thatís a matter of opinion," Remus huffed. "I rather like what we usually do. However, if we get you a girl, we might get some privacy so weíre not always being interrupted before weíre done."

"Since when have the two of you ever stopped because of us?" James protested.

"Well, there was the time you hexed us in the common room," Sirius pointed out.

"And just now when you came in," Remus added. "We were good for at least one more." He gave James a toothy grin reminiscent of Moony.

"Oi, theyíre starting up again," Peter moaned.

"Do we ever stop?" Sirius asked innocently.

James growled. "Oh, go find Peter a girl and leave us in peace."

"Should we offer Lily a few knuts to sit beside you at dinner?" Remus asked sweetly.

"Think sheíll go that cheap?"

Peter reached under his bed and drew out his coinpurse. "Hereís a sickle; maybe thatíll help."

"Maybe if we promise she can torment him the whole time..." Remus mused, watching James sputter.

"Oh, you lot are so funny, you are," James snorted. "Just you wait, Lily is going to be Mrs. James Potter before Iím done."

"And you can name your first child after one of us," Peter called.

"No, you can make me his godfather," Sirius chimed in.

"As if Iíd do that to an innocent baby!"

"Oh, I donít know. Watching Sirius change nappies could be amusing," Remus laughed.

"Youíll damn well better be helping me!" Sirius yelped, shuddering. "Nappies, thereís a horrid thought!"

Peter burst into a fit of giggles at the thought of it. "The two of you would get distracted and diaper the poor thingís head!"

"I assure you I can tell an arse from a head!" Remus replied indignantly.

"By hands on experience," Sirius said, straight-faced.

"And I practice as often as I can."

"Bloody hell," James groaned, "everything leads back to sex for you two."

"True, but for now, weíll abstain; we have a mission, isnít that right, Remus?" Sirius turned his head and kissed Remus after he spoke, then moved away from Remus to finish getting dressed. "We should go to the library and start plottingóthis is going to take a lot of work." Seeing Peterís injured look, he continued, "Getting Evans to agree to go out with James, I mean."

"Is it even possible?" Peter wondered.

"You learned how to become animagi; surely we can manage this."

"All right, Maggie Carstairs has agreed to go with Peter to Hogsmeade next weekend, any luck with Lily?" Sirius asked two weeks later.

"Iíve got her agreeing to think about it at least," Remus sighed. "Itís better than the instant no I got the first time I asked."

"Shite! Whatíd you have to do to get her to do that?"

"Beg. Look pitiful. Talk fast. Promise to keep him away from her for a week afterward if she still felt the same." Remus added the last with a laugh. "No idea how weíre going to manage that though."

"We can tie him up in the Shrieking Shack or hex him with whooping measles so heís stuck in the infirmary."

"I think weíll have to. Our only real hope is that sheíll actually like him once she gives him a chance."

"Well, he is an all right chap, gets that from us, I think."

"We taught him everything he knows. Our little boyís ready to go out on his own, Padfoot."

Sirius gave a theatrical sniffle. "Iím so proud of him, Moony!"

Coming up behind them, James gave them both a good clout on the back of the head. "Youíre not my bleeding mum and dad."

Siriusí yelp echoed in the corridor. "Thank Merlin for that, of course youíd be better looking if we were."

"As if!" James glared. "Youíd be lucky to look as good as I do!"

Remus snorted. "Have you looked in a mirror lately?"

James glowered at the two of them. "Just to let you know, I donít need you asking Lily anything for me; she agreed to go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend, so there."

Sirius snickered. "Good show, James."

Remus turned his back to James and rolled his eyes. "Go impress her, Prongs. Please," he added in a mutter.

"Thereíll be no living with him; you know that, donít you?" Sirius asked after James trotted away, crowing victoriously.

"Weíd better never tell him that I had to promise my life away to her to get her to agree," Remus groaned. "Leave it to James to fall for the one girl in school who has no interest in him."

"Well, Prongs was never one to do things the easy way, though if Wormy and Maggie hit it off and James manages not to annoy Lily too much, they might not complain too much about us any longer."

"Oh, this room is going to get very full at night!" Remus groaned.

"What?!" Sirius almost shrieked. "I donít want to hear James and Lily or Peter and Maggie going at it while weíre trying toóto go at it!"

Remus burst into laughter. "You sound just like Peter!"

Siriusí eyes rounded, and he looked appalled. "For that you arenít getting any for a month!"

Remusí jaw dropped. "What?!" he shrieked.

"Now who sounds like Peter?" Sirius laughed.

"Prat!" Remus growled. "Just see if you can sit down tomorrow!"

"Promises, promises, Moony," Sirius laughed, giving Remus a fast, hard kiss and darting down the hallway to their next class.

Laughing, Remus chased after him, sobering as they entered the transfiguration classroom under McGonagallís gimlet eye.

"First we need to sort out Prongs and Wormtail, then we can discuss that in detail," he murmured as they slid into their seats next to the other two Marauders.

"Sort us out? What do you mean by that?" Peter hissed.

"Girls, Peter."

"There now, the two of you cut quite the picture," Sirius praised, walking around both Peter and James and eyeing them closely. "Just remember to behave and not to annoy Evans, and youíll do just fine. Weíll be about if you need any advice."

"Oh, Padfoot, our boys are all grown up," Remus pretended to moan, leaning his head on Siriusí shoulder and sniffling. "Do you think those girls are good enough for them?"

"We should take a picture to remember this moment; their first dates!"

"Hey now!" James protested while Peter turned bright red.

"Yes, just in case Lily rips him to shreds," Remus laughed. "I think she regrets agreeing. She looked like a stormcloud when I saw her earlier." He watched James out the corner of his eye, waiting for the reaction.

"You donít think sheís going to back out now, is she?" James asked, looking frantic.

"Iím sure she wonít, Prongs," Sirius soothed. "Unless you said something to set her off."

"I said good morning when I saw her. Oh my God, sheís going to stand me up!"

Remus watched James with a mixture of amusement and dismay. "I never realized what a complete nutter you are, mate," he observed. "Sit down. Breathe!" He pushed James into a chair and shook his head. "Bloody hell, sheís not going to be impressed if you faint at her feet, Prongs!"

Sirius leaned against the wall, looking amused. "Oh, I donít know, she might at that."

"True," Remus allowed. "But I rather doubt itíll be the way James is hoping for."

"Very funny," James growled, glaring at the two idiots who were supposed to be his friends.

Making cooing noises, Sirius reached into his pocket and pulled out his coinpurse. He extracted a few galleons and offered them to James, careful to keep his distance as much as he could. "You know you love us, Prongs. Hereís some money so you can take Lily to Madame Puddifootís. Itís so lovey-dovey there she canít help but get in the mood."

James continued to grumble, but he did snatch up the galleons. "With friends like you lot, who needs enemies? And donít come to spy on us!"

"Would we do a thing like that?" Remus asked with spurious innocence.

"Yes!" James exclaimed, sending both Sirius and Remus into gales of laughter.

"Maybe from outside, no way youíd catch me in that place." Sirius shuddered. "I even managed to avoid it when I escorted one of the girls to Hogsmeade."

Remus growled, pulling Sirius into his arms to plant a possessive kiss on his lips. "Never you mind the girls," he said emphatically.

Sirius smothered a laugh and attempted a salute. "Yes sir, Master Lupin, Iíll only mind you."

"And donít you forget it." Remus started to kiss Sirius again only to be interrupted by Jamesí squawk.

"Here now, we had a deal! Thatís enough snogging in front of your straight room mate!"

"All right," Sirius laughed. "Weíll refrain in front of Peter." He waited a beat until he heard Jamesí howl, then collapsed back against Remus.

"Thank Merlin!" Peter exclaimed. "But since I donít want to strain you too much, Iíll be heading off now. Much rather see a girl than you lot." He vanished quickly, making his escape.

Laughing, Remus gestured toward the door. "I suggest you follow Peterís example, James, unless you want Lily to think you stood her up."

Sirius snickered as James scuttled out of the room, then looked over at Remus. "So, Master Lupin, shall we gather our galleons and head to Hogsmeade?"

"Oooh, are you asking me out, Mr. Padfoot?" Remus simpered, fluttering his eyelashes.

"Please say yes, Mr. Moony," Sirius begged. "Iíll throw myself off the astronomy tower if you donít."

"Well, we canít have that. That would be littering. I suppose I shall have to accompany you."

"Iím so glad you have a social conscience, Mr. Moony."

"I do try to do the right thing, Mr. Padfoot. Which in this case is going to Hogsmeade to offer James moral support or Iíd toss you onto that nice convenient bed behind you."

Sirius offered a leering smile. "Mmm, thatís a difficult decision, donít you know, but Iíll say we should go to Hogsmeade, if only to assure ourselves that Evans doesnít box Jamesí ears."

"Yes, since improving his romantic life will give us more opportunities for ours."

"Exactly. Less chances of him walking in on us if heís busy himself."

"Weíd best get there before he says something to annoy her," Remus said quickly. "I still wonder what finally made her change her mind, aside from my pitiful begging, and I donít want her to change it back."

Sirius shrugged. "No idea, and I donít want to know." He clasped Remusí hand and pulled him in for a kiss. "Shall we?"

"Always," Remus replied, eyes darkening and voice deepening as he pulled Sirius back against him for another, harder kiss that left them both panting.

"Now weíre ready to go," he said with satisfaction, eyeing Sirius hungrily.

Eyeing the other students moving through the streets of Hogsmeade, Sirius sighed. "Tell me once more why weíre here when we could be back in our room shagging?" he asked.

"To make sure that James and Lily and Peter and Maggie start snogging so we can have the room to ourselves for a bit."

"Hmm, have any love potions around?"

Remus laughed. "Should I have given them both copies of my Halloween costume? Then again, I didnít really ever give you a chance to tell me if you liked it, did I?" Remus mused smugly.

Sirius snorted. "Liked getting you out of it well enough, didnít I?"

"As I recall, I did the getting," Remus pointed out, still smirking slightly, an expression that startled a few students who noticed them and took a second, longer look at the supposedly shy Gryffindor. Perhaps, one boy mused wistfully, Lupinís actions at the Halloween party hadnít been as out of character as everyone had thought.

Leaning in to kiss the side of Remusí neck, Sirius nodded. "Hear me complaining at all about it?"

"Not at all," Remus replied, sliding his arm around Siriusí waist. "Though Iím complaining about the time we wasted. Just think about all that time in the same room..." he said laughingly.

"Iím sure James and Peter appreciate the years of quiet."

"Thatís what silencing charms are for. Oh look, thereís James. But whereís Lily?" Remus looked around, worried that James had already managed to brass her off.

Sirius glanced around as well and sighed in relief. "There she is, by Honeydukes. She doesnít seem angry, does she?"

"No, thank Merlin. But did we forget to mention to James that the point of a date is to spend time together?"

"Think weíd better see whatís going on?"

Remus sighed. "Iím afraid so." He started toward James, keeping an eye on Lily in case she headed back toward her errant date.

Sighing, Sirius walked alongside Remus over to James, looking at his friend enquiringly. "What in Merlinís name did you say, Prongs?"

"Go away before she sees you!" James hissed, darting a glance at Lily. "She might get some candy kisses if you lot donít spoil things!"

"You let her go on her own?" Sirius hissed back, astounded. "Are you mad?"

James blinked in surprise. "Well, why not? She said she wanted to get some candy and she would be right back."

Remus groaned. "You were supposed to go in with her because you donít want to be parted from her, and then offer to pay for whatever she chose."

"What?!" James exclaimed, running a hand through his hair and looking toward Honeydukes and groaning when he saw Lily heading their way.

"Too late now, Potter," Sirius muttered. "So be on your best manners now and do something nice!"

Lily had already seen them, so Remus waited till Lily caught up, returning her quizzical smile of greeting. "We just wanted to be sure James hadnít spoiled his chances already," Remus said honestly, making her laugh.

"No, not yet. Potterís surprised me with his ability to behave properly today," Lily chuckled, then smiled in pleasure when James presented her with a perfect stargazer lily that heíd hastily conjured. "James! Itís beautiful," she exclaimed. "Thank you."

"Moony, you never get me flowers," Sirius pouted outrageously, drawing attention away from Jamesí stammered response.

"Youíd look a right idiot with a flower tucked behind your ear, wouldnít you," Remus retorted, laughing. "Although..." He turned slightly so the others couldnít see his hands and whispered a conjuration spell. A moment later he faced them again and offered Sirius a gold ring with the constellation of Sirius picked out in tiny diamond chips.

"Remus, what the..." Sirius started, staring at the ring even as he broke into a huge smile.

"Looks like a ring, Black," James laughed, glad not to be the one on the spot for once.

"Look inside," Remus mumbled, flushing but determined to do this. Heíd perfected the spell more than a week before, but his nerve had failed him each time heíd come close to giving the ring to Sirius. He knew heíd overwhelmed his friend with sensuality that night of the party, and Sirius might not realize how serious Remus was about this.

Sirius raised the ring and looked inside, then glanced toward James and Lily. "I think you lot are doing fine without us, donít you?"

Lily smiled. "I think I can keep James in line the rest of the day."

"Good," Sirius nodded. "Remus, we need to talk."

Remus swallowed hard. That didnít sound promising. He waved goodbye to Lily and James, then stood waiting to hear what Sirius wanted to say.

Sirius looked at the ring again, then at Remus. "Youíre a prat, you know, trying to make me well up like a girl in front of everyone." He stopped talking and caught Remus in a hungry kiss.

Oh. Well, that was a bit of all right then. Remus slid his arms around Sirius, hands cupping the slightly taller boyís buttocks to press him closer, and returned the kiss with interest.

"Need to go back to the room now," Sirius muttered. "Iím sure Peter and Maggie are fine."

"I really donít care whether they are or arenít at the moment," Remus replied frankly. "Weíll spell the door locked and enjoy the afternoon properly." He finally heard the whispers and giggles from the people whoíd been forced to go around them and those whoíd stopped to watch, and he laughed. Stepping to the side with his arm around Siriusí waist again, he bowed to their audience. "I hope youíve enjoyed the show, but Iím afraid thatís all there is... for public consumption." He grinned wickedly.

Sirius chuckled and smirked as he looked around. "You lot donít mind me if Iím limping tomorrow."

Amid laughter, hoots, catcalls, and groans, Remus drew Sirius away, intent on getting back to their room.

"I will be so glad when we can finally apparate," Sirius grumbled as they trotted back to Hogworts.

"Doesnít work on the school grounds anyway," Remus pointed out logically. "Faster," he panted, speeding up. "Or I might not care that weíre not alone."

"Weíre going to be too tired to shag if you keep this up," Sirius grumbled.

Relenting with a sigh, Remus slowed again. "Thatíll never do. But if anyone stops us, I may transfigure them into a toad!"

Sirius chuckled and leaned against Remusí side. "I love that youíre so focused, Moony."

"And I love that I finally got you to notice my focus."

"Iíve always known that about you; I just like when itís focused on me."

"That was what I meant," Remus explained. "It took a while to get it through to you that I was focused on you."

"So Iím a little slow. Díya mind?"

Remus shook his head. "Not since I got you in the end."

Sirius smirked. "That you did, Moony."

Remus laughed. "I didnít mean that! But it is true. And I donít think either of us is complaining about it."

"The only sound youíll hear from me is moans, I promise."

Remusí eyes darkened, and he shuddered sensually. "I look forward to it. And I hope James and Peter donít mind sleeping in the common room."

Sirius licked his lips. "Weíll do their homework for a week to make up for it."

"Sounds worth it," Remus agreed, nodding a greeting to a professor they passed in the hallway."

"It had better be," Sirius grinned, winking at the Fat Lady and giving the password, then racing Remus up to their dorm, slamming the door behind them and spelling it locked.

"It always is," Remus chuckled, shedding his clothes as he moved toward the bed.

Sirius gave a bark of laughter and stripped off his own clothes as well, diving toward the bed and rolling Remus on top of him as he wiggled to get comfortable. "So, Moony, youíve given me your ring; does this mean weíre going steady?"

"Iíd like it to." Remus stared at Sirius searchingly, hoping heíd read the other boyís earlier reaction right.

"Then I suppose it does," Sirius said calmly, wrapping his arms around Remusí waist and gazing into his eyes.

"Oh. Well then." Remus brushed a kiss over Siriusí lips. "I love you, you know."

"I gathered that," Sirius smiled, before growing somewhat sober. "I do too, you know. Always did, as a mate and a brother, but now itís more."

"Bit of a relief, that. Iíd feel rather foolish otherwise," Remus tried to joke, but his gaze was warm.

"Should be used to that by now," Sirius chuckled.

"Oh, very funny." Remus frowned, attempting to look hurt.

"Arenít I though?"

Rolling his eyes, Remus groaned. "I think we need to find a better occupation for your mouth."

"Like this?" Sirius asked, tangling his hands in Remusí hair and pulling him in for a kiss.

"Mmm, good start," Remus murmured some time later, licking his lips and tasting Sirius. He rolled his hips, feeling their erections glide together between them. "Feel good."

"Yeah, you do." Sirius arched up under Remus, shifting to slide his legs around the other boyís and pull them closer together.

"And all mine." Remus continued his own thought, concentrating on the scent, touch and taste of his lover and only vaguely listening to what Sirius was saying.

Sirius moaned and arched up under Remus, dragging his hands down to Remusí back and digging his fingers into the warm, pale flesh.

Remus shivered, loving the sensation of Siriusí nails scraping lightly over his spine and hands holding him. He nuzzled beneath Siriusí chin, inhaling deeply and rubbing against the sensitive skin. Remus licked Siriusí throat, then blew lightly on the moistened flesh, raising goosebumps.

Tilting his head back to give Remus more room to explore, Sirius whimpered and shivered, moaning Remusí name.

"Right here, luv," Remus whispered, still licking and blowing gently, gradually moving lower.

"Yours," Sirius whispered, loosening his hold to allow Remus to move.

"Yes," Remus replied fiercely, teeth biting down on Siriusí shoulder to mark him, only just stopping before drawing blood.

"Make me... yours..." Sirius rasped, shuddering with pleasure at the slight pain from the bite. "Always."

"You are," Remus growled, biting again, lower, while he pulled one hand away from Siriusí body to reach for the jar on the nightstand.

Sirius half sat up, following Remus, then forced himself to lie back, closing his eyes and relaxing, trusting the other boy totally.

Remus stilled for a moment, eyes fixed on Sirius, and he swallowed the lump in his throat. He leaned over to brush a kiss over Siriusí lips before reaching again to the nightstand. He pressed the container into Siriusí hand. "Get yourself ready for me?" he asked.

Blue eyes flew open and Sirius met Remusí steady gaze, swallowing as he took the jar from Remusí hand. Scooting back somewhat, he dipped the fingers of his right hand into the cool liquid and shifted onto one hip, taking a deep breath as he pressed one inside himself.

Remus groaned harshly, his eyes seeming to flame as he watched. "Merlin, so gorgeous," he whispered huskily. "Remember how hot and tight you are," he continued, watching the finger working Siriusí ass.

"Just want to feel you in me," Sirius rasped, adding a second finger and spreading his legs wider.

"Oh yes," Remus moaned, dipping his finger into the jar and then pressing it in alongside Siriusí.

Sirius shivered and pulled his hand back, dragging his slick fingers over Remusí erection. "Now."

"Fuck yes." Remus moved between Siriusí legs. He grasped his cock in one hand after slicking it and rubbed it over Siriusí hole, teasing him with the touch without penetration.

"Remus..." Sirius growled, his hands fisting on the sheets and the tendons on his neck standing out with tension.

"Good that you know whoís about to shag you."

"Thatís the problemóyou arenít shagging me yet!"

That surprised a laugh out of Remus. "Are you sure?" he chuckled, finally pushing forward, and he groaned with satisfaction as the muscle yielded and he slid home.

Sirius shouted out his pleasure, grabbing his knees and pulling them back to his chest, wanting Remus in him as deeply as he could go.

Remus cried out as he sank even deeper. He braced himself on his hands, leaning over Sirius and watching his face though half-closed eyes, his hips moving back and forth in long, deep strokes.

Panting with each thrust, Sirius kept his gaze locked on Remusí face even as he tightened his ass down around the other boyís cock, his own hard and tight against his abdomen.

Remus shifted his weight to one hand, freeing the other to reach between and curl around Siriusí neglected cock. Watching his fingers curve around the flushed length, he sped up his thrusts, feeling his arousal mount.

"Ahh, Remus," Sirius moaned, his whole body spasming at the rough strokes, and then he was coming, wetting both their bodies with his seed as he clenched down around Remusí shaft.

The sudden tight grasp made Remus cry out, and his rhythm grew ragged as he continued to thrust through the rippling spasms. He forced his eyes to remain open, staring into the dazed silver of Siriusí, and he groaned Siriusí name as he came as well very shortly afterward, his body stiffening and pouring into his lover.

Sirius gave a dopey smile and relaxed under Remus. "Who needs Honeydukes when Iíve got you?" he murmured.

"And you wonít even get fat eating me," Remus replied once heíd caught his breath, chuckling.

"No, what I get from eating you is more exercise."

"I keep telling you that Iím good for you."

"Do you see me arguing?"

"Clever Padfoot. Donít tell me I finally have you trained?"

That earned Remus a glare. "As if."

"So I need to keep trying then?" Remus leered down at him.

"You damn well know the answer to that!"

"I think itís an exercise in futility, but since we both enjoy the attempt..." Remus grinned widely, honey brown bangs falling over his eyes.

Sirius smirked and rubbed the ring on his finger. "You can keep trying."

"My own personal pet project," Remus agreed. "And we even get the added benefit of terrorizing Prongs and Wormtail."

"And making Snivellous turn green with envy which is always a plus."

Remus burst into laughter. "I sometimes think you have an unhealthy obsession with him, Sirius. Should I be jealous?"

Sirius shuddered and swatted Remus on the side of the head. "Donít make me gag, Moony. The thought of Snape having any kind of relationship is disgusting!"

"Good, it would be hard to have to touch him long enough to rip him to shreds for daring to touch you."

"No, I donít want you ending up in Azkaban because of the slimy git or for any reason at all."

Remus shuddered. "No, that would be very bad. Good thing weíre never going to have to worry about that." He kissed Sirius hard as if to get rid of a bad taste in his mouth.

"Mmm, got enough to worry about keeping you satisfied, donít I?" Sirius chuckled.

"And you do it so well," Remus replied, nuzzling contentedly into Siriusí neck. He smiled when he felt Siriusí arm tighten around his back, and he made a soft sound of pleasure. "These beds are much more comfortable with two."

"Good thing we like to cuddle though, or one of us would be on the floor."

"If the bed had been any bigger, Iíd have shrunk it to make sure we had to cuddle," Remus admitted with a chuckle.

Sirius laughed aloud at that. "I can believe that you would, Moony."

"Of course. I thought you realized by now what lengths Iíll go to, to get what I want," Remus replied smugly.

"You are very determined," Sirius allowed before snickering and curling up closer to Remus. "Hmm, wonder how James and Peter are making out without us..."

"Hopefully theyíve found true love. I donít think I could survive this a second time!" Remus shook his head. "James was dithering as much as Peter!"

"Well, he had more reason to," Sirius reminded him. "Lily is less inclined to him than Maggie was to Peter."

"Actually," Remus said, petting Siriusí back absently as he pondered the matter, "I think the problem is that Lily is inclined to James but doesnít think she should be. She doesnít quite approve of himóor you."

"Me?" Sirius affected a pout. "Why?"

"Because youíre very marauder-ish Marauders."

"Iím not even going to ask for an explanation of that, Remus."

"As if you donít know," Remus scoffed laughingly. "But thatís all right; I rather like you just the way you are."

Sirius chuckled. "I make your life interesting, Moony."

"Now that youíve got a clue and Iíve got you, you certainly do," Remus replied with deep contentment.

"Now I just need to take you shopping for some decent clothes," Sirius chuckled. "Perhaps next Hogsmeade weekend."

"Whatís wrong with my clothes?" Remus demanded indignantly.

Sirius considered how to say this before giving in and just saying it. "Theyíre a bit worn, love. Iíve got tons of galleons; let me buy you somethingóthat isnít a book!"

Frowning, Remus was about to argue when he made the mistake of meeting the pleading blue eyes. He sighed, realizing that he was going to give in. "Oh, very well. But mind, I still donít think thereís anything wrong with what I have!"

"And Merlin forbid I tell you any different," Sirius snickered.

Remus eyed him. "I think Iím going to miss the days when you were surprised into being quiet. Theyíre clearly over," he said dryly even as his amber eyes warmed with amusement.

Sirius snorted out a laugh. "Well then, youíd best use some of your expertise to shock me again."

"I donít think itís possible, but weíll still have fun trying," Remus chuckled.

"You can consider it research."

Grinning, Remus wondered, "Do you think we could get extra credit for it?"

Sirius laughed at the thought. "From who?"

"Hrm. Maybe in Defense Against the Dark Arts? We could say youíve found a new way to tame a werewolf," Remus snickered, making a rare joke about his condition. Since claiming Sirius, heíd found himself happier and more able to accept what he was, though whether that new state of mind would survive the first full moon was open to question.

"With sex?" Sirius laughed, kissing Remus. "Now that lesson would go over well."

"Iíve certainly enjoyed it. Though I rather doubt Iíd have many volunteers to try it." Remus eyed the boy at his side and drew him closer with a smile.

Siriusí eyes narrowed at the thought of just who would volunteer. "Some would though."

Catching the tone, Remus stared at him, slowly beginning to smile in delight. "Youíre jealous!" he exclaimed.

"Well, yes!" Sirius exclaimed, looking quite put out. "You claimed me; I think I have the right to do the same."

"Never said you didnít, now did I? Itís just a bit silly considering no one ever looks at me. Itís you and James who have all the admirers."

"And just who had all the partners?" Sirius grumbled.

"But youíre the only one I want," Remus said soothingly... and truthfully.

Sirius looked up at that, then smiled. "That, Mr. Moony, gets you kissed," he said, then did just that.

Some time later, looking rather dazed and more than a little mussed, Remus announced, "And that, Padfoot, is one of the reasons why youíre the one I want."

"Care to tell me the other reasons?" Sirius asked, smirking as he stroked a hand over Remusí chest.

"Gorgeous, clever, brilliant in bed, superb at planning pranks." Remus smiled wickedly. "And all mine."

"I do like all those reasons."

"As do I, love, as do I," Remus replied, catching hold of Sirius hand and pressing a kiss to his finger just above the new ring.

"Iíll have to find something for you as well, you know."

"If you like. Iím happy simply having you."

"I thought that was rather obvious."

Remus smiled. "If you want to give me something else, Iím sure Iíll love it too... and thank you appropriately."

"Mmm, I like the way you say thank you," Sirius murmured, kissing him on the nose.

"Iíve noticed, and I like the way you enjoy it."

"Thereís a shock."

"If we keep talking about it, weíll soon be doing it again."

"We do need to sleep sometime," Sirius chuckled.

"We can do that tonight. Right now, we have the rest of the afternoon before everyone returns from Hogsmeade... unless we really do make James and Peter sleep in the common room tonight," Remus finished with a laugh.

Sirius glanced at him, one eyebrow raised. "Some of us do need recovery time, Moony," he laughed.

Remus chuckled in response. "So we unlock the door, put a silencing charm around the bed, and take a nap."

Sirius grinned and kissed him. "That sounds good to me; we can have a snack when we wake up."

"Youíre always hungry, one way or another," Remus laughed.

"Iíve never heard you complaining."

"Far from it, I love it."

"If you must know the truth, so do I."

"Iíve noticed. My only regret is I didnít grab and snog you senseless much sooner," Remus said, stroking a possessive hand over Siriusí torso.

"Weíll have years for you to make that up to me," Sirius promised, and Remus beamed.

"Iím looking forward to every moment of them."

"As am I, Moony, as am I."





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