Snakes and Griffons I
The Worst Possible Choice

Orithain and Rina

February 2004

Disclaimers: All characters depicted here are the property of J. K. Rowling.

WARNING: Adult Content

Leaning back in his seat at the back of the classroom, long legs stretched out before him, Sirius Black idly surveyed his fellow students. History of Magic tended to put even the most studious pupil to sleep, so Sirius used the time for other purposes, most of them with nefarious results. He glanced around, watching the other students, chuckling at the fact that luck or fate or whatever had paired Gryffindor and Slytherin together for this hour of boredom.

Professor Binns was floating around at the head of the class, mumbling about something or other, paying no attention to the students, and an unholy glint entered Siriusí eyes. It was time to have a little fun. Nudging the foot of his seatmate, he raised his eyebrows in the direction of two students down the aisle from them. One was furiously writing notes while the other seemed half-asleep - perfect.

Sliding his wand out of his sleeve, Sirius mumbled a vanishing spell, almost biting his lip in two to keep from laughing as the other boysí chair vanished, sending them tumbling to the floor, an ink pot tipping over as they fell and showering them both with black dye.

"Good one, Black," Lucius Malfoy murmured, snickering as the two Gryffindors got to their feet, one looking shocked, the other glaring murderously around.

"But of course," Sirius chuckled, giving Potter and Lupin an innocent look when they turned in his direction. "Merlin, I love baiting Gryffindors."

"What a prat," Remus Lupin muttered, a hand holding James back from lunging at the two smirking Slytherins. His other hand pulled out his wand, and he brandished it at first James and then himself as he murmured a cleaning spell.

Professor Binns had continued lecturing, obliviousóor at least indifferentóto the mayhem in his classroom, and the two Gryffindors took their seat once James did a spell to get them a new one.

"We really need to get that smarmy bugger back," Remus growled, slumping in his seat. At least his annoyance was keeping Binnsí droning from putting him to sleep.

Sirius and Lucius were still snickering when the lecture ended. Rising laconically, Sirius fell in with his other Slytherin yearmates behind the Gryffindors, winking at his cousin Narcissa as she joined them. "Considering Potter canít even stay in his chair, do you wonder why he canít stay on his broom during a match?" he asked loudly.

Remusí eyes widened, and this time he wasnít quick enough to grab James. The dark-haired boy lunged at Black and knocked him to the ground while the members of both Houses surrounded them, each rooting for their own House.

Though startled for second, Sirius instinctively blocked Potterís punch, grappling with him as they tumbled around the floor in a flailing mess of limbs and robes. He caught a blow to the chin but had the satisfaction of knocking Potterís glasses off and hearing them crunch under someoneís shoe.

Though not wanting to get into the fight, Lucius eased in behind Lupin and gave him a nudge, sending him sprawling over the other two boys just as Professor McGonagall rounded the corner and plowed through the gathered students.

A moment later Remus was standing between James and Black, hunching in on himself as McGonagall blasted them, deducting ten points from Slytherin and twenty from Gryffindor "for this absolutely disgusting display!"

"But..." Remus tried feebly, wanting to point out that he hadnít even been fighting, but the words withered away unsaid under his House Headís unrelenting stare.

"And youíll all have detention as well! Together to learn how to get along like proper young wizards instead of hooligans!"

Sirius was tempted to protest that Potter had jumped him because, well, it was the truth, but one look at the Transfiguration teacher had him biting back his words. He didnít doubt McGonagall would dock Slytherin more points if he spoke up. "Yes, maíam. When and where?" he asked, rubbing his sore jaw and glaring at Potter over Lupinís head before wondering just how the Gryffindor prefect had ended up with them; Lupin usually stayed out of things like this no matter how much he was provoked.

"Iím informed that the girlsí bathroom on the first floor needs a good cleaning. The three of you will do that after dinner tonight... and I will inspect your work before you go to bed." McGonagall smiled grimly. "Do try not to disturb Myrtle too much. She can be quite... vocal."

All three boys groaned in chorus, and Sirius rolled his eyes when McGonagall looked away and he caught Lucius glaring at him; it wasnít his fault this had happened. "A night in a bathroom with Gryffindors, my life will be complete," he sighed, faking a swoon.

"Stuck with Black... canít we spell a chastity belt on him? Donít want to be bending over in front of him, do I?" sniped James, glaring as he settled the glasses Remus had spelled back into one piece on his face.

Remus just groaned. Moaning Myrtle was probably going to be the most peaceful part of the evening.

When the two other boys finally appeared that evening, Sirius was sitting on the floor, chatting animatedly with Myrtle while the ghost hovered nearby, for once not crying or moaning. He looked up when Potter and Lupin entered, his expression automatically changing to a sneer. "Suppose itís time to work now."

Remus heard James reply in kind, but his own head was cocked slightly as he stared at Black, then turned his attention to Myrtle. If a ghost could blush, Myrtle was just then. Clearly Black had gone out of his way to put her at ease, and that just didnít fit with what heíd seen of the cold Slytherin up till now. He frowned slightly, making a note to observe Black more carefully in future.

"Since weíre here, why not make a start with Myrtleís stall," he suggested. "If thatís all right with you, Myrtle? It only seems fair to do the best job for the person who actually stays here."

The ghost faded out for a second, and when she returned, she was smiling shyly. "All right. Itís not often people care to give my stall a good cleaning. The house elves do it, mind you, but thatís because they have to. No one cares about..."

Sirius stood hastily, trying to forestall a wailing session. "Weíll do our best, Myrtle." He gave the other two a gimlet eye, wondering why Lupin was staring at him so oddly. "Wonít we, chums?"

Remus jabbed James in the ribs, making the other boy mutter something vaguely affirmative before picking up a bucket with a sigh. "Donít see why we canít magic it clean."

"Because you know McGonagall wants us to do it by hand, and if we donít, sheíll find something twice as bad for us to do," Remus replied logically.

"Ah well, could be worse," James said philosophically, "could be stuck here with Snivellus." He glanced at the Slytherin to see the reaction to his nickname for Snape.

As he bent to grab his own bucket, Sirius snickered, unable to stop himself. That name was just too damn perfect for Snape. House and yearmates or not, he and the other boy had disliked each other on sight, and five years together had only made it worse.

Remus heard the sound of amusement and grinned as well as he picked up the remaining bucket. "I really donít think weíre all going to fit in that stall. And since I really think it best that you two stay apart," he added with a faint glare, "Iíll take that one, and you can each take one on either side."

Sirius glanced up at Myrtle, who was watching their interaction with quite a bit of interest, then back at Lupin. "Afraid we canít behave?" he asked in amusement.

"Yes!" But Remus could help smiling as he said it. "At least thereís no one here to shove me on top of you though."

"And here I thought you couldnít resist me any more and jumped me on purpose," Sirius smirked, laughing aloud when Potter growled then ducking into his stall, deciding that a comment that Potter was jealous over his boyfriend might be a bit much under the circumstances.

Taking a look at Jamesí expression, Remus too chose discretion and vanished into Myrtleís stall without commenting that if Sirius were anything but a Slytherin, he might have a point. Then he decided that he was tired of being the good, quiet Lupin and yelled, "I donít do Slytherins." Let Black make of that what he would.

Sirius let out a bark of laughter that ended when he heard Potter laughing as well. "Thatís okay, Lupin, Iíd rather do than be done anyway," he laughed, collapsing against the side of the stall in merriment when he heard Potter slam his fist against the wall.

Remus rolled his eyes, wondering how heíd become the bone of contention. He bloody well wasnít going to roll over and take it... no matter how intriguing that sounded on second thought. He grinned to himself. "Donít knock it till youíve tried it! I never can decide which is better." He hoped James wasnít in as dire straits as the choking noises sounded.

"You okay there, Potter?" Sirius called. "Wouldnít want you dying in there, might give the birds a real turn to have a bloke haunting their lav, though Myrtle might like it, wouldnít you, luv?" he asked the last of the ghost who was sitting on the partition between his and Lupinís stalls.

"It would be nice to have company," Myrtle allowed.

It was Remusí turn to choke as he tried desperately not to burst into laughter as Jamesí wild-eyed face appeared over the top of the stall. "Very funny, Black!"

"No one ever wants to talk to me," Myrtle started, the whine building.

"Now, Myrtle, youíve gone and insulted me!" Sirius frowned, deciding that being thought a prat by Lupin and Potter was better than hearing her sob and wail. "Iím nobody?"

"Well, no," Myrtle replied. "But youíre just saying that. No boy who looks like you would like me."

Remus couldnít wait to hear the response to that.

Now Sirius contemplated banging his head against the wall. "If I was one for the birds, I would, luv," he said gently. "But you know I fancy blokes." Merlin, he was never going to hear the end of this. "But, you know, I heard the Bloody Baron commenting on how nice you looked the other day."

"One for the blokes, are you, Black?" James sneered, sounding almost like a Slytherin himself.

Now Remus was standing on the commode as well to peer over at the other two. "And what exactly is wrong with that, James, Iíd like to know?" Heíd never thought to find himself siding with a Slytherin against his best friend, but what else could he do?

Not liking the fact that the other two were looking down at him, Sirius climbed upward as well. He opened his mouth to say something scathing to Lupin as to the fact that he didnít need his defense, but couldnít find anything to say. "I think Prefect Lupin asked you a question, Potter," he murmured. "Not going to answer?"

James fumed, glaring at Remus for putting him in this position before sighing and admitting to himself that it had been a stupid thing to say. Especially knowing what he did about Remusí preferences. "Nothing," he sighed again. "Though I canít see the point myself."

Remus smiled. "Which probably is a great comfort to the rest of our year," he chuckled.

"Trust me, Potter, I doubt thereís anyone in Hogwarts who doesnít know youíre head over heels with Evans," Sirius added, actually enjoying this. They were bickering, yes, but it lacked the calculation of Slytherin verbal matches.

"Black has a point, James. I think even the teachers are betting on whether she gives you a date or not," Remus said, laughing.

James grumbled laughingly as he stepped down and got back to cleaning. "Of course she will," he called back. "Iím irresistible."

"Oh, so it was Potter you were jumping then, Lupin?" Sirius asked, clambering down and grabbing his scrub brush again. "Iím heart-broken."

"If I was jumping one of you, it wouldnít be James," Remus murmured under his breath. "Donít be more of a prat than you can help," he said more loudly.

"But thatís the problem; I canít help it at all."

"I knew that!" James said helpfully.

"Oh, both of you be quiet and scrub!"

Several hours later the bathroom was finally clean enough that even Myrtle was happy about it, though the three boys were definitely worse for wear. "Shite, I donít think I can move," Sirius muttered, not caring that heíd collapsed next to the two Gryffindors after theyíd finished scrubbing the floor.

McGonagall swept in and looked around, eyebrows rising. "Well! It appears that you can do a good job when you want to. Tomorrow night you will tidy my classroom." She ignored the chorus of muffled groans. "That should be sufficient." With that she left as abruptly as sheíd arrived.

"I may still be sitting here when itís time do that," Remus moaned.

"Didnít she say one nightís detention earlier?" Sirius asked the room in general and was somewhat surprised when Potter answered him.

"She did, I swear she did."

"Do you want to go after her and tell her that?" Remus grumbled. "Itís our fault. If weíd been glaring daggers at each other from across the room, she wouldnít be trying to foster inter-House camaraderie."

"Fuck, and Iíve got quidditch practice tomorrow as well; Iím never going to move again," Sirius grumbled, pushing up to his feet, suddenly remembering the circumstances.

Remus and James leaned on each other to get up, both groaning.

"Hopefully tomorrowíll be the last of it," Remus sighed. He glanced over, then nodded. "Good night, Black."

"Night," Sirius grunted, not noticing his expression turned almost envious for a second as he watched the two friends support each other as they got to their feet. "Good night, Myrtle." The last was said with more good cheer than the former as he trudged out of the bathroom and down the corridors toward the Slytherin dungeon.

"I hate to admit it," James said as he and Remus made their way toward the Gryffindor common room, "but for a Slytherin Blackís not bad. Almost decent."

Remus nodded, not voicing his thought that being drop-dead gorgeous as well didnít hurt.

"Spending another night with the Gryffindors, Black? Weíre going to have to fumigate you when you return," Snape murmured snidely as Sirius walked through the Common Room.

Pausing, he looked down at the other boy, his loathing undisguised on his face. "Donít worry, Sevvy, everyone will still be able to tell when youíre around. Now if youíll excuse me, I have a detention to serve."

Ezekial Wentworth, the unofficial head of Slytherin, stepped in front of Sirius and stared at him. "You lose us any more points, Black, and youíll answer to me."

Sirius barely kept from rolling his eyes upward. "Yes, Mr. Wentworth, Iím fully aware of what will happen," he parroted back, reminded of similar conversations heíd had with his mother.

Once free of the Common Room, he trotted through the mostly deserted halls, reaching the Transfiguration classroom just behind Lupin and Potter. As annoying as they both were, their presence was almost refreshing after the idiocy of Slytherin.

James nodded a greeting, and Remus actually went so far as to say hello to Black. "Now we get to find out if McGonagall is going to be staying to supervise or not."

The tabby cat that had been curled on the desk rose and leapt to the floor, transforming into the stern-faced professor as she moved. "I suppose that answers that question," Sirius muttered.

"There are booms and cleaning rags there by the windows," she said, looking at the three boys. "Iíll be back in three hours, and I expect to find this room spotless."

Looking around once sheíd left, Remus groaned. "Merlin only knows how she got this much dirt in here. It wasnít here during class this afternoon."

"Brought in specially for us. Lovely," James sighed.

"I think she had the seventh years transfiguring things into it," Sirius sighed, rubbing at his already aching back. "Or else she bribed the house elves to bring it in."

Remus kicked moodily at a clump. "Itís just so wrong to use a broom to sweep!"

"Brooms are for riding," Sirius and James said at the same time, both their expressions turning to shock as they realized what had happened, and they stared at each other. "Fuck... Shite... Will you stop it!"

Remus tried, really he did, but he couldnít help it. His snickers turned into outright laughter. "Merlin but you two are so alike itís scary!"

"No, we arenít! Will you stop doing that!"

Remus was laughing so hard that he sank to the floor, unable to stand, tears rolling down his face as he gasped for breath between peals of mirth.

"Keep it up, Lupin, and you can do my sweeping for me," Sirius growled, kicking a clump of dirt toward the howling boy.

"Mine too," James added. "Some friend you are. Hell, Iíd be better off with... with Black here!"

"You need to pay more attention in muggle studies. Likes repel!" And Remus was off again, doubled over and holding his ribs as he laughed.

"Which means what? Opposites attract?" Sirius asked, looking at Lupin as if heíd gone mad, his annoyance at Potter changing to confusion.

Remusí laughter tapered off, amber eyes staring unblinkingly at Black for a long moment before he forced a shaky laugh and looked away as he pushed himself back to his feet. "Well, thatís how it works with muggle magnets, at least." And maybe some people too, if only it were possible.

"Oi, enough with the classwork talk, we need to get this done," James groused, grabbing a broom and stomping toward a corner to start sweeping.

"Yeah, should do that," Sirius murmured, staring at Remus for a moment longer before turning and heading to a far corner of the room, still trying to figure out what that last look was about.

Keeping his distance from both of the others, Remus gave himself a severe talking to as he swept the floor ferociously. Donít be a bloody git, Remus. No matter what he looks alike and how appealing his sense of humor is, heís a Slytherin! Not to mention being a pureblood and youíre a werewolf. He groaned out loud.

Sirius glanced back over his shoulder. "You all right there, Lupin?" he asked, noting almost idly that the other boy had a truly fine arse. "Not going to come down with something and blame me for hexing you, are you?"

"Only a swelling and itís entirely your fault," Remus mumbled. "No, just barked my knuckle," he replied more loudly, glancing back over his shoulder and enjoying the sight of the forbidden fruit.

Almost forgotten across the room, James looked from one to the other, an arrested expression on his face.

As Sirius turned back around, he caught sight of James staring at him and frowned. "What is it, Potter? Amazed by the sight of a Slytherin doing manual labor?"

"Youíre both mad," James stated emphatically before turning his back and concentrating on the work, ignoring Remusí baffled questions as to what he was on about.

Amber eyes moved from his friend to the other, equally confused boy, and Remus shrugged helplessly.

"Idiot Gryffs," Sirius muttered, shaking his head and turning back to his sweeping, deciding that concentrating on that would be better than trying to understand Potter or comprehend why he wanted to turn around and stare at Lupin some more. Yes, the other boy was handsome, but fuck, he was Gryffindor and Sirius, Slytherin. Oil and water. Complete opposites, and opposites... "... attract," he murmured, not realizing heíd spoken aloud.

The acute hearing of the werewolf had Remus spinning around to stare at Black, eyes widening until he realized that, like his own, the comment hadnít been meant to be heard. But he had heard it, and he flushed and concentrated on his cleaning when he realized that he was staring at Blackís arse and licking his lips.

"What are you up to, Moony?" James asked, having swept his way closer to his friend. "If itís what Iím thinking, itís not a good idea."

"I know that!" Remus groaned. "Do you think Iím crazy? But heís so... mmmm." Remus couldnít think of a single word to describe Black, and he licked his lips again.

"Merlin, Remus, heís Slytherin," James hissed, wanting to shake some sense into Lupin. "No matter how heís been the past couple of nights, there was still a reason he was sorted into that House."

"I know!" Remus practically wailed, then shot a wary look over his shoulder at the subject of their conversation. "Why do you think Iím talking to you instead of shagging him!"

"Yeah, but how much longer is that going to last?"

Hearing the other two muttering together, Sirius half-turned and arced his sweeping nearer to them, wanting to catch what they were on about.

Not noticing Blackís approach, Remus growled in frustration. "Takes two, you know! And I doubt heís any happier about the idea of a Gryffindor than I am about a Slytherin. If only he werenít so bloody gorgeous!"

"Youíre going to get hurt," James said bluntly. "especially if he finds out about..." He looked up sharply and snapped his mouth shut when he saw Black nearing them.

Remus followed Jamesí gaze and swallowed hard when he found himself almost face to face with Black. He could only hope that his expression didnít show the bolt of pure hunger that lanced through him.

"I suppose me asking Ďif he finds out aboutí what is fruitless," Sirius commented, glad he was leaning against the wall when he felt the heat of Lupinís honey-colored gaze. "And Iím also betting you werenít talking about Pettigrew."

Even James had to laugh at that.

"Hardly," Remus replied. "Though I seem to be keeping to my habit of falling for the worst possible person."

"Worst possible person... Merlin, Lupin, you have a thing for Snape?" Siriusí voice rang with disgust.

"Snivellus! Thatís disgusting, Black!" Remus looked like he was about to gag.

Sirius shrugged. "Well, you did say the worst possible person; who else could it be?"

James shook his head and resisted the urge to smack the other boy on the side of the head.

"Hm, letís see, someone attractive and interesting enough to catch my attention, funny enough to keep it, and completely inappropriate. Who could it be?"

"And here you said you didnít have a thing for Potter... Careful or Evans might brain you - oh thatís right, she still hasnít noticed him." Sirius was laughing as he ducked the half-hearted swing James made at him.

"Itís you, you prat," James muttered.

Remus groaned and wondered how many detentions heíd get for turning James into a footstool.

Sirius blinked, covering his surprise with a quick smirk. "Guess that covers the Ďwhat if he finds outí. Not very good at keeping secrets, are you, Potter?"

James opened his mouth to reply, saw the look in Remusí eyes, and quickly decided that he needed to clean the desks at the other end of the room.

And that left Remus staring at his feet to avoid looking at Black.

"Shite, Lupin, what do you think Iím going to do, throw you down on a desk and have at you?" Sirius asked.

Remus really hoped his robe hid the jump his cock made at the idea. Then again, things couldnít really get worse, could they? "No, Iím never that lucky," he retorted.

Deciding that if Lupin was having a piss at his expense, Sirius glanced over at the desks and made a face. "Too damned hard for one thing."

"Iím rather fond of hard."

"I meant the desks."

"Ah. Iíve found that if things are done right, location doesnít really matter."

"True, though I think Potter would have a coronary if we went at it in front of him, and McGonagall wants us to clean her room, not make it worse." For the life of him, Sirius couldnít understand why he wasnít suggesting they slack off on the cleaning and find somewhere private.

Remus couldnít believe he was saying this, but... "Thereís always afterward." The amber eyes rose to meet Siriusí warily.

Siriusí lips curved into a grin. "A prefect suggesting breaking the rules? What is the world coming to?"

"I really donít know, but for the moment, I donít much care either." For once Remus wanted to take what he wanted and not worry about the consequences.

"I doubt Potter would rat you out, but what about that third chum of yours?"

"Peter? He wouldnít like it, but he can keep a secret if itís to help a mate." Remus wondered wildly what they were doing. Were they really going to do this?

Sirius nodded rather sharply at that. "All right. Ten oíclock in the astronomy tower. Good by you?"

Remus hesitated, all the reasons why this wasnít a good idea running through his head. But they were outweighed by how much he wanted this, wanted Sirius. He nodded then hesitantly leaned forward to kiss Sirius, needing to find out if this was going to be as good as he thought.

Across the room, James groaned and shook his head when he saw Remus and Black kiss, the action starting out cautious, then growing almost frantic. "Fuck," he muttered to himself, "this is going to end badly, I know it."

Making use of the map heíd created for those times he wanted to get out and about Hogwarts without running into any teachers or other students, Sirius eased into the astronomy classroom later that evening. Heíd put off Luciusí questions with a smirk and a wink, not elaborating on just who he was going to meet. There were times when it was just easier to go along with thingsówhich was how heíd ended up in Slytherin in the first place.

Glancing around the darkened classroom, he was surprised to see not Lupin, but Potter waiting for him. "Thought you said you werenít one for the blokes," he remarked snidely, fingering his wand, prepared for whatever the other boy threw at him and ignoring the flare of hurt deep inside at the knowledge that this had been a set-up all along.

"Trying to save my friend from a huge mistake, Black. I donít know what your game is, but I do know youíre a Slytherin. I wonít let you hurt him." James took a step forward only to pull up short when the door opened again and Remus slipped in.

"Sorry Iím... James? What are you doing here?" Surprise rapidly transmuted to anger as Remus took in the othersí expressions, and he moved to Siriusí side to face James furiously. "Bugger off!"

"Damnit, Moony, Iím just..."

"Leaving," Sirius inserted smoothly. "You want to talk to me, Potter, do it later - if you have a reason to."

"And it bloody well better not be about me!" Remus moved closer to Sirius, leaving the way clear to the door.

Once James was gone, though not without a great deal of grumbling and dire predictions, Remus sighed and turned to face Sirius. "Sorry about that. I had no idea heíd be such a right prat."

Sirius chuckled. "Heís a right mother hen is what he is; worried Iíll defile his little chick, then leave him despondent."

"And Iím hoping youíll defile me and leave me delirious," Remus chuckled, moving closer, amber eyes fixed on Siriusí.

Sirius reached out a hand and closed his fingers in Lupinís shirt, pulling him inward, his eyes on the other boyís mouth. "Be glad to," he murmured before licking his way into the kiss.

Remus groaned his pleasure as his lips parted, inviting Sirius deeper while they pressed close together. He rocked his hips against Blackís, gasping harshly as their erections rubbed together, and he gripped fistfuls of Siriusí hair, making sure he couldnít get away.

"Damn," Sirius muttered, sliding a hand down to grasp Lupinís ass and grind against him, exploring the shorter teenís mouth thoroughly as they grappled.

Remus raised a leg to wind it around Siriusí waist and press closer, biting back whimpers of pleasure. "So good," he panted, head falling back to expose his throat.

After dipping his head to bite at Lupinís neck, Sirius licked the reddened flesh and purred. "Yeah, you do taste good - here at least." As he spoke, he worked at the other teenís belt, wanting his trousers open.

"Feel free to do any taste tests you like," Remus invited, tugging Blackís shirt to unbutton it, eager to touch bare flesh.

"I plan on it." Having unbuttoned and unzipped Lupinís trousers, Sirius pushed them down over his slim hips, taking his underwear with them and dropping to his knees to nuzzle the hard flesh jutting from the nest of brown curls.

"Oh Merlin!" Remus fisted his hands in Blackís hair but managed to refrain from yanking at him. Sirius had been doing rather well on his own up to now, and Remus was perfectly happy to let him continue. And then he would return the favor since he was looking forward to tasting Sirius as well.

Sirius smiled as he rubbed his face against Lupinís cock before licking at the head, giving a murmur of pleasure at his taste.

"Sirius," Remus whimpered, then repeated it, enjoying the name on his lips. Then other lips distracted him, making him thrust forward involuntarily as Sirius nibbled on him.

"Not Black?" Sirius asked, leaning back and looking up at Lupin, his eyebrows raised.

"I think weíre a bit past that formality, donít you? I refuse to call you Black when you have your mouth wrapped around my cock."

Sirius chuckled at that. "Good point there, Lu... Remus. Or should I call you Moony?" He grinned as he asked the last before sucking on the head of Remusí cock.

"Call me anything you want, just keep doing that!" Remus nearly fell over, only his wild grab at Siriusí shoulders keeping him upright.

Instead of answering, Sirius sucked harder, lashing his tongue against the firm flesh in his mouth.

"Oh Merlin, have to sit, canít stand." Remus could feel his knees buckling, and he knew he was going to be on the floor soon, one way or another.

Sirius ducked back out of the way and followed Remus to the floor, diving back in for his cock as he slid a hand under the other boyís shirt to tease his nipples.

Sighing with relief as he no longer had to try to support himself and could concentrate on the sensations filling him, Remus twisted around so he could nuzzle the hard shaft straining against Siriusí trousers.

Groaning at the pleasurable sensation, Sirius arched his hips forward. "Suck me," he rasped, panting the words over Remusí erection, then crying out as his own was freed.

"Try to stop me," Remus scoffed an instant before his tongue curled around Sirius just below the head, tasting the musk of him. He tasted so good! Remus growled hungrily, opened his mouth, and swallowed Sirius to the balls.

Not bothering to answer, Sirius sucked harder at Remus, humming in pleasure as he tasted precome on his tongue and feeling his balls draw up to his groin.

Remus moaned around his own mouthful, Siriusí humming making him shudder with pleasure. He moved his head up and down, fucking his mouth on Sirius. His own pleasure was mounting, making it hard for him to concentrate, but he wanted to share this pleasure with Sirius.

Pinching the nipple heíd been playing with, Sirius shuddered, moving wholly on instinct as he tried to hold back his own climax until he could taste Remusí.

The sharp pleasure-pain made Remus cry out, gurgling around Siriusí cock, and his body arched up, pushing him deeper into Siriusí mouth. He shook, pulling back and then taking him deep again even as he cried out and came.

The first salty tang on his tongue sent Sirius over as well, and he shuddered, sucking hard on Remus while thrusting deeper into his mouth.

Remus pulled back enough to be able to taste Sirius, moaning happily. He suckled on Sirius, fingers kneading the firm buttocks still covered by his trousers.

Once he was sure heíd gotten all there was to get, Sirius let Remusí limp cock slip from his mouth. "Damn," he murmured quietly, pushing up on one elbow to look down at the other teen.

"Wow, I may have to rethink my opinion of Slytherins," Remus moaned.

"Hmm, and here I thought you Gryffindors were already of the opinion we were cocksuckers." Sirius gave a small smile as he spoke.

"Ah, but now I know you have talent."

"I have to say the same for you."

Remus smiled as he twisted around so they were face to face and leaned in for a kiss.

Sirius chuckled once they pulled apart. "So, is Potter going to be coming after me now?"

"If he does, I will turn him into a toad!" Remus growled. "No way am I letting him mess this up."

"This as in tonight or... more?"

"Both," Remus replied promptly. "This was... bloody marvelous, and Iím looking forward to repeating it. And I never thought that Iíd hear myself say this about a Slytherin, but I enjoy your company. When youíre Sirius rather than Black," he added slowly.

Sirius met Remusí gaze, staying silent for a long moment before finally smiling wryly. "There are times when I wish thatís all I could be."

"Maybe there are times when you can be," Remus said carefully, wondering what the hell he was doing. How had this gone from a quick shag with a gorgeous bloke to... whatever this was?

"It would be nice." Sirius rolled to his back, crossing his arms behind his head. "What about you? You ever want to be someone else?"

That startled a bitter laugh out of the young werewolf. "Every day."

"Why? Iíd say you have it pretty good... for a Gryffindor." He grinned a bit at the last.

Remus smiled faintly at the joke. "Youíd think so, wouldnít you? Appearances can be deceiving." Wanting to change the subject, because no matter how much he enjoyed being with Sirius and how much he thought he might come to feel about him in time, he wasnít about to tell a Slytherinóor anyone else for that matteróthat he was a werewolf, Remus raised an eyebrow. "So who did you tell your housemates you were meeting tonight?"

"Didnít say; Iím sure theyíre taking bets on it as we speak." Sirius reached out and ran a thumb over Remusí lower lip. "Theyíd all lose though."

Remus nipped at the digit, then sucked it into his mouth, keeping it for a little while before releasing Sirius to speak. "How long do you think we can keep this secret? A lot of people wonít be pleased."

Sirius shrugged. "Not a surprise there, but fuck Ďem. My dear mother would probably fall over dead if she found out... Hrmmm, mind if I tell her?"

Having encountered Mrs. Black briefly at the train station at the beginning of the year, Remus snickered. "Not exactly a loving family, I take it?"

"The Illustrious House of Black..." Sirius sighed, letting his head fall back onto his arms. "Thereís a reason weíre all Slytherins. Iím quite the disappointment actually."

"How so?" Remus asked, honestly curious. "Youíre a Slytherin, which to your family is a good thing," he added with a soft laugh, "you get top marks, youíre one of the best players on your Quidditch team, all the girls sigh over you. Sounds like the ideal son to me."

Sirius sat up and shook his head. "Oh no, no more Ďtrue confessionsí from me, Remus, not until you explain why youíd want to be someone else or at least why Potter calls you ĎMoonyí."

"If I tell you all my secrets in one night, youíll have no reason to come back." Remus tried to laugh it off.

"Playing coy now? Little late for that, isnít it?" Sirius laughed.

"Good point. In that case, how long till you can fuck me?" Remus gave Sirius a smile that showed a lot of teeth.

"Greedy, arenít you?" Sirius asked, rolling to his side and propping his head on his hand. "Not that I mind it in the least, just might take a little recovery time is all."

"Always!" Remus chuckled. "And take all the time you need. Iím rather enjoying the view... though undressing the rest of the way would improve it."

"Case of Iíll show you the rest if you show me the rest?" As Sirius spoke, he sat up again, pulling off his shirt and shucking out of his trousers.

"Mmmm." Remus could no more have stopped himself from touching than he could have flown without magic. Eager fingers traced a rippled chest and belly, exploring hardening nipples and finding that Sirius Black was ticklish.

Squirming as Remusí long fingers found his ribs and his sensitive spots, Sirius giggled, covering his mouth to try to stop the sound. "Hey now! Less of that and more stripping!"

"Make me," Remus retorted, grinning. Heíd found the giggle charming, worth delaying nakedness for a few moments.

"Make you? Oh, Lupin, youíre in for it now." Grasping Remusí wrists, Sirius flipped them both over so that he was lying on top of the other boy, pressing him to the floor with his weight.

"I certainly hope so." Remus arched up, knowing what his clothes rubbing against Siriusí naked skin would feel like to the other boy. He smiled wickedly, hair tousled around him, swollen lips parted, his eyes sparkling merrily.

"Shut up and get naked, Moony," Sirius growled, releasing Remusí wrists to work on his clothes.

Chuckling even as he shivered with pleasure at the demanding growl, Remus helped Sirius strip him, amber eyes watching Sirius watch him. The moment heíd shed his clothes, he reached for Sirius again, groaning throatily as their naked lengths pressed together.

"Mmm, you obey rather well," Sirius murmured, a smirk curving his lip before he leaned in to kiss Remus again, enjoying the feeling of them rubbing together, not yet ready for more due to his recent climax, but doubting it would take long.

Remusí eyebrows rose, but before he could comment, Sirius was kissing him again, and he decided that setting the Slytherin straight about his so-called obedience could waitóforever if Sirius would just keep doing that. He moaned happily into Siriusí mouth, legs spreading to let him settle closer.

Sirius chuckled low in his throat and ground down against Remus, feeling the other boy clutch at him and wanting more of that sensation.

Gasping into the kiss that was stealing his breath and what little remaining ability to think he had, Remus curved his hands over Siriusí ass, pulling him closer as he rocked upward, needing to feel them gliding together.

"Merlin, you feel good," Sirius growled, arching his back as Remus pulled at him before lowering his head to nip at the Gryffindorís earlobe. "Want to fuck you, Lupin. Fuck you hard and long; it wonít be much longer before I do too."

"Oh please," Remus moaned, his legs rising to wrap around Siriusí waist and pull him even closer. "Want you in me. Want to fuck you too... later."

"Youíre planning on quite the late night, Prefect Lupin," Sirius chuckled. "Hope you donít fall asleep in classes tomorrow."

"It would be worth it." Remus rocked against him, moaning softly. "Merlin, you feel so good. Who knew that Slytherins werenít a waste of air?" he teased, grinning.

"And who knew Gryffindors werenít just full of hot air?" Sirius retorted, nipping at Remusí lower lip and sliding a hand back down the other boyís leg to grip his arse.

"Would rather be full of you." Remus let his head fall back as Sirius moved him as he wanted him. Black was pressing every one of his buttons, turning him into a writhing slut, and Remus loved it. Usually preferring a more equal relationship with his lovers, with Sirius he was enjoying the more submissive role... especially since the dark-haired boy obviously knew exactly what he was doing.

"Didnít anyone ever teach you about patience?" Sirius asked, chuckling darkly before biting at Remusí neck again.

Remusí eyes narrowed, and he promised himself to make Black eat those words when their positions were reversed. And then he moaned his pleasure as Sirius bit him, making him try to pull Sirius closer. "Bloody hell, youíre brilliant," he panted, nails lightly scoring Siriusí shoulders and back as he arched beneath him.

Sirius gave a bark of laughter and pulled back to look down at Remus, admiring the red patch on his neck. "If it helps, I never learned patience either," he chuckled, arching his back under Remusí grip and holding out a hand as he muttered the spell to summon the lube from his pile of clothes. Once he had the jar in hand, he dipped his fingers inside, scooped up some of the cool cream, and slid them between Remusí legs, desperate to be inside the other boy.

Remus was almost embarrassed by the wail that escaped him as Siriusís fingers stretched and slicked him. Almost but not quite since the pleasure overwhelmed everything else and left him twisting and moaning for more.

"Fuck..." Sirius husked, giving up on a more thorough stretching and slapping a layer of cream on his erection. Shifting Remusí legs to his shoulders, he steadied his cock and pressed inside, staring down into the other boyís amber eyes the whole while, wanting Lupin to know who was taking him.

"Sirius," Remus moaned, back arching as he met Blackís thrust, taking him deep inside himself. "Oh Merlin yes," he gasped, hands moving jerkily over Siriusí back as he felt himself stretch, filled by Sirius. "More," he demanded, wanting everything.

Sirius nodded, the motion in time with his thrusts until he was slamming into Remusí body, as deep inside as he could be and still craving more.

Remus whimpered, head thrashing against the floor as they strove together, bodies meeting perfectly. Sirius was so deep inside him, deeper than anyone else had ever gone, or at least that was how it felt to Remus. It felt so good, better than heíd ever imagined, and he would never be able to give it up, never wanted it to stop. "Good," he murmured, amber eyes opening to fix hotly on the passion-twisted face above him.

"Come and itíll be better," Sirius rasped, holding Remusí face still so he could kiss the other boy as their bodies moved together.

Remusí cry was smothered in Siriusí mouth as the words tipped him over the edge. He arched and tensed beneath Siriusí weight, shaking as the sensations overwhelmed him, his body shuddering as his seed spurted over their bellies, filling the air around them with the scent of them.

The feeling of Remus convulsing under and around him did Sirius in as well, and, with a howl, he came, shaking with strain as he poured himself into the other boy, kissing Remus hungrily again and again.

Remus returned the kisses eagerly, still wrapped around Sirius and holding him tight to prevent him slipping out. "Oh my," he finally sighed, "who knew that I should have been looking in Slytherin?"

Siriusí lips quirked wryly. "Trust me, you donít want to look in Slytherin for anything. If you do, you might get your cute little nose cut off."

"Cute?" The nose in question wrinkled in distaste. "If I didnít feel so good, Iíd hit you for that." He stretched under Siriusí weight before loosely wrapping his arms around Siriusí waist again. "Not planning to look for anything else though now that Iíve found you. Not many people can wear me out," he chuckled, but it was true. Whether it was a side-effect of being a werewolf or his own natural libido, Remus usually outlasted his partners and was left vaguely unsatisfied.

"No hitting, Moony," Sirius laughed. "If you did that, Iíd have to truss you up like a Christmas goose and leave you here for Filch to findóand that wouldnít be nearly as fun as the shagging."

"If we combine the trussing and the shagging and leave out Filch, it could be interesting," Remus retorted with a smirk.

"Hmm, and here I thought you Gryffs werenít kinky," Sirius mused. "Youíre just full of surprises."

"Some Gryffindors can be as kinky as some Slytherins can be sexy," Remus replied, raising his head slightly to bite Siriusí chin.

"Sensual, Remus," Sirius chuckled. "Slytherins are sensual."

"Well, I donít know about all Slytherins, nor do I want to, but you certainly are. Lucky me." He smiled smugly. "The biggest problem is going to be not jumping you at breakfast now that I know whatís under the robes."

Sirius offered a wry smile. "Come breakfast, Iíll be back to hexing the lot of you while you, Potter, and Pettigrew glare daggers at me."

"You mean you wonít cosset me and feed me choice bits of breakfast like you did your last girlfriend?" Remus fluttered his lashes at the dark-haired Slytherin.

"Hardly," Sirius snorted, shaking his head when Remus laughed. "No matter that Potter seems to be dealing with this somewhat at least, Iíve no desire to have the rest of your Gryff friends after me nor my Housemates after you." And me, he added to himself, knowing just how the other Slytherins would view this: as betrayal.

Remus sighed heavily, falling back, an arm curved up behind his head. "I was trying not to think about that part. Who knew I would actually like you, Black? Sirius," he corrected himself immediately. "So what do we do now?" Unable to resist and not knowing if heíd ever have the chance again, Remus ran his fingertips over Siriusí bare chest, enjoying the sensation of the warm skin.

"Get back to our dorms before they come looking for us," Sirius began, raising a hand when Remus frowned. "But after we plan when and where to meet again. I... I enjoyed tonight, Remus, more than I could have ever imagined."

"Me too," Remus agreed, smiling again. "But... Merlin, this is going to be complicated! Weíre going to have to find someplace where we can meet without anyone seeing us," he sighed, briefly considering the Shrieking Shack before realizing that Sirius would almost certainly figure out his secret if he saw it.

Sirius nodded, then shrugged. "Complications just make things more interesting right?" he asked, rolling to his side and smiling down at Remus. "Could go out to the Quidditch shed... itís usually deserted."

"That could work," Remus agreed, also shifting to his side so he was facing Sirius, one hand resting on the Slytherinís hip. "Or there must be rooms in the school that arenít used any more. If we could find one, we could clean it up and make it comfortable for us."

"Thereís a place I heard of..." Sirius trailed off, thinking. "Iíll check it out during the week and let you know."

"My hero," Remus chuckled. "This would have been so much easier if youíd been a Gryffindor too. But who could imagine a Black in Gryffindor?" he laughed. "Then again, sneaking around can be rather exciting, donít you think?"

"More exciting than a Black in Gryffindor?" Sirius chuckled, though there was a distant look in his eyes as he spoke. "Iíd say getting a prefect to smash the rules is better."

"And I think that a Slytherin and Gryffindor together may be the best."


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