Originally published in the I Canít Stand to Fly zine.

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Ups and Downs

Orithain and Rina

Written: February 2003
Posted: August 2004

Disclaimer: Would that they belonged to us so that we could watch instead of just writing about it, but they donít.

July 2004

Lex was going to kill him for this, of that Clark was sure. As he pulled his truck into the parking garage beneath the high-rise his lover lived in when he had to be in Metropolis, Clark gave a furtive glance at the glowing numbers on the dashboard and winced. Six a.m., and on a Saturday too. If he werenít sure that being whisked downstairs while he was still asleep would piss Lex off more than waking him up this early, Clark would have done just that.

After pulling into one of the reserved penthouse spots, Clark turned the truck off, slid out from behind the wheel and set the alarm before heading to the elevator. A swipe of the passcard and he was on his way to the top floor, wondering if a blowjob first thing in the morning would put Lex in a better frame of mind for what he had planned. Hoping that was going to be the case, he deactivated the alarm system, let himself inside, and reset the alarm before kicking off his sneakers and padding down the hallway toward the master bedroom.

Lex was half-buried in the sheets and comforter and curled around one of the body pillows that mounded the bed; obviously, Clark wasnít the only one whoíd been lonely the past week Pulling his shirt over his head, he carefully crawled into the bed, rolling Lex to his back without waking him then leaning in to mouth his flaccid shaft.

Lex woke slowly to the familiar sensation of a mouth on his cock and soft curls against his inner thighs. "Mmm, my favorite delivery person. Better make it quick though. I have this insanely jealous lover who might kill you if he finds you here," he murmured, eyes still closed, a smile curving his lips.

Clark growled and let his teeth scrape over the head of Lexís cock before returning to licking and sucking on his slowly lengthening shaft.

Yelping and jumping slightly, Lex opened his eyes to glare down. "That is not a chewtoy! Definitely insanely jealous... of yourself no less." About to say more, Lex was distracted by Clark suckling on him, making him moan and thrust upward before falling back to allow his lover to do whatever he wanted with him.

Deciding that answering wasnít a good idea at this point, considering how Lex was writhing under his mouth, Clark pulled back to mouth the head of the other manís erection for a long moment before working his way down the underside of Lexís cock to his balls, sucking first one then the other into his mouth.

"Oh god," Lex moaned again. "Good morning, love," he panted, hips thrusting upward sharply as Clark played with him. Letting go of the sheets, he combed his fingers through his loverís hair, pulling him closer, loving it when the younger man let him fuck his face. Invulnerability and a lack of the need to breathe made for an amazing blowjob. His legs spread, knees hooking over Clarkís shoulders, and he gave himself up to the pleasure.

Clark hummed a return greeting around Lexís erection, sliding one finger up and into his mouth as well to wet it before circling the tip around the tight entrance to his body, teasing for a long moment before pushing inside, at the same time swallowing to massage his loverís erection.

Barely awake, every hot spot being hit, Lex only managed a gurgled moan before he came, pushing deeper into Clarkís mouth as he spasmed. "God," he moaned, "I wouldnít mind waking up that way every day." He smiled down at the young man licking his lips before noticing the time. "Clark, what the hell are you doing here at six oíclock on a Saturday morning?"

"Waking you up nicely so that youíll be in a good mood when I tell you to take a shower and get dressed because weíre going on a trip?" Clark offered, giving Lex his best innocent look before dipping his head once again to lick his loverís softening flesh.

His thought processes derailed by Clarkís actions, it took Lex a moment to focus, but then Clark found his head being pulled up by the fists clenched in his hair. "What trip?" he demanded, languorous blue eyes sharpening as he stared at the younger man. "Where?"

Clark gave a cheery smile. "The trip Iím taking you on for your birthday. Youíre all packed, and your scheduleís clear for the next week. Get up, take a shower and get dressed, and Iíll make you coffee, then we can get going."

"Packed? Schedule? Clark, what are you...?" Lex started sharply but trailed off helplessly when he met the guileless green gaze. "That is so unfair," he grumbled as he dragged himself out of bed. "Where are you kidnapping me to, and why do I have to shower alone? And what are you planning to do with Sheri?"

Hearing her name, the dog raised her head, woofed softly, and watched them for a moment before dropping her chin back onto her paws, apparently intent on going back to sleep.

Clark gave a patient smile and rolled off the bed, grabbing his shirt from the floor as he did so. "Youíre taking a shower alone because if I go in there with you, weíll never get out of here on time and because I have to make you coffee. Do you really want to go for a drive with no coffee?

"As for Sheri, Mom and Dad are driving in later this morning to pick her up and take her back to their place. Iíll walk her while youíre getting dressed, so she should be fine until they get here."

He pulled his shirt over his head and looked at Lex expectantly. "Any more questions?"

"Youíre not going to tell me where weíre going, are you?" Lex eyed him warily. "I hope you realize that no one else in the world could get me on a trip when I donít know the destination." Still muttering under his breath, he headed for the shower. "If youíre not going to be informative, make yourself useful and get that coffee! I have a feeling Iím going to need it," he called back over his shoulder.

"Youíll find out when we get there," Clark answered, snickering as he called Sheri and headed out to the kitchen to make the coffee. Once it was started, he pulled on his sneakers and clipped Sheriís leash to her collar. "Iím taking the Empress out for her walk," he yelled, figuring Lex would hear him over the shower. "Be back once sheís done her stuff."

Still grumbling and muttering, Lex took his time in the shower, knowing that Sheri would want a bit of a walk once she had Clark outside. Finally, however, he couldnít stay under the blissfully hot water any longer without pruning up... and that looked very odd on a bald man. After toweling off, he slipped into his robe and padded out to the kitchen barefoot, calling, "Clark? You back?"

"Mrginhr," Clark answered around a mouthful of bagel as he poured Lex a mug of coffee and handed it to him. Sheri was wolfing down her breakfast in the corner, and there were more bagels in a bag on the counter as well as a stainless steel thermos and a couple of travel mugs.

"Why arenít you dressed?" he asked, after swallowing what was in his mouth.

"Because I donít usually wear clothes in the shower, and thatís where I was until a moment ago. Jeez, Clark, Iíll get dressed once I have my coffee. I promise I mastered the skill years ago and I wonít delay my kidnapping unnecessarily," Lex said a bit snippily, his temper never the most even before his coffee in the morning.

"Slower than a girl..." Clark snickered, pouring himself some orange juice and sitting down on one of the chairs. "I was gone with Sheri for half an hour; what were you doing?"

"Taking a shower," Lex growled, eyeing him with disfavor over his coffee. "Couldnít you have staged this kidnapping at a more reasonable hour? Even the sunís barely up," he exaggerated without a qualm.

"Wah, wah, wah," Clark sighed, shaking his head. "You can go back to sleep in the car, big baby. Weíve got a thirteen-hour drive, so I wanted to start early. Iíve been up since two, so I donít want to hear any more complaining from you, missy!"

"íMissyí?" Lex looked at him strangely. "You of all people know thatís not true... considering I had my dick down your throat not too long ago. And what the hell were you doing up at two a.m.? Christ, I hadnít even gone to bed yet."

Clark decided asking Lex just what he was doing up at that hour probably wasnít smart. "I was packing Baby so that I could come and get you!" He downed the rest of his juice and managed to wait until Lex finished his coffee before hopping to his feet, impatient to leave. "Címon, Lexy, get dressed. Timeís a wasting!"

"Pushy bastard, arenít you?" Lex observed as he put his cup down and stood up, taking his sweet time. He let out a yelp of surprise when Clarkís impatience won and he found himself standing in the bedroom with his boyfriend at his side an instant later. "Christ, Clark! Warn me when youíre going to do that." Shaking his head, he stripped off the robe and tossed it carelessly on his bed as he moved toward the wardrobe. "I suppose casual would be appropriate?"

Seeing Clarkís nod as he paused at the dresser to pull on a pair of boxer-briefs, he pulled out an old, well-worn pair of jeans and stepped into them, then added a Henley and a pair of loafers. Pausing, he glanced back. "Is this one of those times I should dig out my sneakers?"

"Theyíre packed," Clark grinned from where he was sitting on the bed. "You wonít need them today, but you will tomorrow. Iíve also got sunblock, a hat, shorts and a bathing suit for you."

Lex eyed him warily. "Youíre not dragging me to the beach again, are you? Remember the sunburn last time and nights without touching," he warned. Stepping into his shoes, he grabbed his cell phone and wallet and nodded sharply. "Iím as ready as Iíll ever be."

"Uh uh." Clark plucked the cell phone out of Lexís hand and tossed it away. "Now youíre ready, and no, we arenít going to the beach. Do you think Iíd plan a week alone with you and then not be able to touch you? Wrong!"

Lex went after his phone. "Clark, Iíll leave it off, but I am not going a week without a phone and no way to call if we need to. What if we want a pizza? Iíll let you turn it off and keep it if itíll make you happy," he said, trying to appease his frowning lover.

Clark darted over, snatching up the phone before Lex even took a step. "Leave it or Iíll crush it," he warned. "I have a phone, Lex. You bought it for me yourself. Iím sure the hotel will have phones too, so we can call whomever we want, any time we want; now get out to Baby before I carry you out!"

Blinking in surprise, Lex stared at him for a moment before deciding that he was absolutely serious. "So what youíre saying," he observed conversationally on his way to the door, "is that you donít trust me to keep my word." If anything would get him his phone back, that would.

Clark paused, thinking before answering. "I trust you with my life and with my heart, Lexy, but I do not trust you to be able to keep from checking up on business while weíre gone if you bring your phone."

Lex chuckled. "You know me much too well, Clarkbar," he admitted, giving up. "I hope youíre planning to feed me at some point on this little excursion? You wouldnít want me fainting from hunger at the wrong moment, now would you?"

"Like Iím going anywhere without food," Clark snorted. "Mom made a bunch of your favorites, and, yes, thereís potato salad in the cooler, but thatís for later. Iíve got sticky buns and muffins in the car, which you could have if you got moving!"

"See my feet moving?" Lex inquired dryly. "That qualifies as moving for us normal humans. And not even I would want potato salad at this ungodly hour." He made a face just thinking about it. "Thereíd better be some cranberry-lemon muffins."

"Mom made you a double batch," Clark promised. "As well as strawberry ones." He stooped and petted Sheri on the head. "Grandma and Grandpa will be here soon to get you. Be good!"

"Iím absolutely certain that your parents would not appreciate being likened to grandparents of a bitch," Lex muttered, heading for the door after a quick caress of the silky fur.

"Thatís why I never call them that to their faces," Clark laughed, grabbing the thermos and Lexís mug, waiting until Lex locked the door to loop an arm around his shoulders and steer him toward the elevator for the ride down to the parking garage.

Once they were settled in the truck, he started the engine and turned his head to grin at his lover. "Ready for an adventure?"

"You know, itís really pitiful how quickly I fold where youíre concerned," Lex half-sighed, retrieving the travel mug of coffee to fortify himself. "So where exactly are we going?"

"Nah," Clark snickered, "itís cute." He backed out of the parking space and headed for the exit. "As for where weíre going, youíll find out when we get there, wonít you."

"You just think itís cute because you get what you want," Lex groused without heat. "Then again, so do I," he added, considering the matter. "Since what I want is you." He smirked. "But are you really planning to hold me hostage in this truck for fourteen hours without telling me where weíre going?"

Clark simply glanced over at Lex and grinned. "Maybe if youíre really nice, Iíll give you a hint."

"Clark, if Iím really nice, youíll drive us into a ditch." Lex gave him a smug smirk, licking his lips slowly when he was certain that Clarkís eyes were on him.

"Hmmm..." Clark pondered that thought for a moment, weighing the risks against the benefits. "If I crash, weíll never get where weíre going, so I guess youíd just better take a nap instead."

About to argue, Lex was interrupted by a massive yawn, reminding him that heíd had barely three hours of sleep. "Sounds good," he admitted, grabbing the blanket and bunching it up between his head and the window. "Love you," he murmured, eyes already closing.

"Love you too," Clark murmured, catching Lexís hand and kissing it before concentrating on the highway again, hoping Lex slept long enough for him to get them through Missouri and into Illinois.


A few hours later, feeling much more rested, Lex stretched and opened his eyes, unsurprised to find that heíd migrated across the seat to pillow his head on Clarkís shoulder. "Where are we?" he yawned.

Clark shrugged negligently. "Somewhere." He doubted heíd be able to keep Lex in the dark for too long but the longer, the better as far as he was concerned. "Need to make a pit stop?"

"Mmm, I wouldnít mind," Lex said, sitting up and stretching more fully. "Not to mention more coffee and food would be nice." He looked around, but the bland sameness of the interstate didnít give him any clues.

Moving the arm heíd had wrapped around Lexís shoulders, Clark nodded. "Could probably use some gas too. Thereís an exit about five miles up ahead; they should have something there. Want to stop to eat or just get something to go?"

"Stop, I think," Lex decided. "Iím a little stiff and could use a few minutes out of the truck. Unless weíre on a tight schedule?" He tried shamelessly to wheedle a few details out of the other man.

"Nope," Clark replied cheerily. "I built stopping time into the schedule. Only thing that might change is if we eat dinner on the road or where weíre stopping." Sensing Lexís frustration at not knowing any details, he smiled and patted his thigh. "I love you."

"And I love you too, but Iím seriously considering stabbing you with the first thing I can lay my hands on. I would too if I didnít know it would be useless."

"If you bend the knife at the restaurant, youíll have to buy it." Clark grabbed Lexís hand and licked his palm. "Besides, a little mystery is good for you."

"A little you is good for me," Lex corrected, watching him heatedly. "Now stop that or Iím not going to be able to walk in there. We can play when weíre in private and not in danger of traumatizing all the kiddies and being sued."

"Spoilsport," Clark muttered, turning on the blinker and easing the truck off the exit ramp and into the parking lot of a homey looking restaurant. "Iíll be good, I promise."

"Oh, I know youíre good, Clarkbar, but will you behave?" Lex chuckled, stepping out of the truck the moment they came to a stop and stretching fully. "Mmm, much better. Some food and Iíll be good."

Clark snickered, climbing out after Lex, then locking the truck behind them. "Lexy, I hate to tell you, but youíre never good."

"Compliments will get you everywhere. But I seem to recall that you were pretty emphatic about how good I was last time we were in bed," Lex retorted as he came around the truck and slid an arm around Clarkís waist.

"Silly. I meant youíre better than good," Clark laughed, hugging Lex close before reluctantly letting go, realizing that strangers probably would be less accepting of them walking into the restaurant like that than the people of Smallville were.

Once they were seated, he nudged Lexís foot under the table. "Whatcha want?"

Lex contented himself with a leer rather than making the comment he knew Clark was expecting. "The chicken Caesar sounds good," he decided after a quick glance at the menu. "And maybe the apple crumble for dessert if Iím still hungry. How Ďbout you?"

Clark shrugged and looked at the menu. "Iím not that hungry; think Iíll just take the farmerís breakfast with bacon."

Taking a look at the description of that, Lex wondered what exactly heíd order if he were hungry; he had a feeling it might feed a family of four. "Good thing you arenít hungry then," he murmured after they ordered their meals and the waitress had brought him some coffee.

"Yup," Clark grinned, taking a sip of his coffee and winking at Lex over the rim. "This ought to hold me for a few hours at least."

"Are you sure? After all, youíre practically fading away to nothing." Lex snagged a piece of Clarkís bacon and munched happily.

Clark growled. "Stealing the food off my plate and not two seconds after it arrived!"

"I thought you said you werenít hungry?" Lex pointed out serenely, now spearing a piece of his chicken.

"Not that hungry, Lexy. As youíve pointed out many times, thatís starving for anybody else."

"You mean you wouldnít share a measly piece of bacon with me?" Lex asked with big blue eyes.

Clark groaned and hid his face in his hands. "Eat it all; I canít say no."

Lex laughed. "I wouldnít dream of depriving you. I just wanted a taste, which Iíve had. Now eat your lunch, Clark. Although you could tell me where weíre going?"

Chewing the forkful of pancakes and eggs heíd shoveled into his mouth, Clark shook his head, waiting until heíd swallowed to answer. "Nope, youíll find out when we get there, not before. It wouldnít be a surprise otherwise."

"Clark, you woke me up at six oíclock in the morning, told me youíd already packed for me, and chivvied me out on a journey to an unknown destination. I think itís safe to say that this trip is safely in the category of surprise."

"Yup," Clark nodded, pausing to eat some more, "and itís going to stay that way until we get where weíre going. Hasnít anyone ever taught you restraint, Mr. Luthor?"

"Quite the contrary. Someone taught me the benefits of not being restrained when he jumped me in my own pool. Iíve come to enjoy instant gratification."

Clark had to laugh, and he caught Lexís hand, giving it a quick squeeze. "Well, then itís time for a remedial lesson in the joys of waiting."

"Iíll remind you of that tonight, in whatever hotel room we end up in, when youíre wearing a cock ring," Lex said very quietly, a wicked smile curving his lips.

Eyes widening, Clark tried not to squirm in his seat, then grinned. "I packed your bag, baby. Thereís nothing like that in there."

"Clark, Clark, Clark. You should know by now that I always find a way to do what I want." He held up his wrist, showing the leather band wrapped around it. "Iím sure this could do the job."

"It wonít fit." Clark gave his best innocent look.

"Clark, it wraps twice around my wrist and is still loose. Youíre not that big!"

Clark sniffled. "Trying to deflate my ego? Fine, be that way; just eat up because we have nine more hours to drive, and we arenít getting anywhere sitting here."

"Donít even try that with me," Lex snorted, pointing his fork at him. "You and I both know you have no cause for an inferiority complex, but Iím not pandering to your delusions. And Iím not going to forget my promise either." His lips closed over the piece of chicken on the fork, drawing it in sensually.

"Not even if I give you a hint about where weíre going?" Clark asked, eyes locked on Lexís mouth and the way he was chewing his food.

"Nope." Lex licked his lips, tasting the tang of the dressing as he licked the oily residue away. "I find Iím looking forward to seeing how long I can keep you begging to come," he purred quietly.

Clark groaned. "I knew I should have taken you to the Mall of the Americas instead."

"When I recovered, Iíd still do the same. I like making you crazy, Clarkbar. Itís fun. And deliciously sexy."

"And horribly easy," Clark groaned.

"Thatís part of the fun," Lex agreed, finishing the last of his salad and sitting back. "Want dessert, love?" he asked, eyefucking Clark over his coffee cup.

Clark groaned. "Thereís stuff in the truck. Finish your food, and Iíll even share the brownies."

"Pecan fudge?" Lex asked eagerly, already signaling for the bill. Ever since Martha had discovered his weakness for those, sheíd made a point of making them often, still determined to fatten him up some.

When the waitress brought the check, Clark snatched it from her before Lex had a chance to take it. "Yes, pecan fudge," he chuckled, "and you arenít paying for anything this week. Itís your birthday, so itís my treat. Got it?"

Lex saluted. "Yes, sir! Does that mean youíll be my treat too?" As Clark was taking care of the bill, he stood up. "Okay, one last stop and Iím good to go. Iíll meet you at the car."

Having taken care of that particular stop earlier, Clark nodded. "Just donít pick up any strange men in there, okay?"

"Wouldnít dream of it." Lex moved a little farther away. "After all, I already have a strange man waiting for me; what do I need with another?"

"Ooo, a comedian! Watch it, buster, or youíll be sleeping in the truck tonight!"

"Like youíd trust me alone with your Ďbabyí!" Lex snorted before he disappeared around the corner.

When he rejoined Clark in the truck, he was amused but not surprised to see that the younger man had stocked up on junk food. "How can you possibly be hungry? We just ate."

Clark shrugged. "Yeah, but weíve got a long way to go. You might get hungry." He pulled a familiar looking bag out of the sack. "I got your favorite?"

Glaring at the Twinkies in Clarkís hand, Lex batted them away. "Keep it up and I wonít be the one needing to sleep in here tonight!" He settled himself comfortably. "Since you wonít tell me where weíre going, youíre going to have to do all the driving, so... Did you bring a book for me?" He smiled sweetly.

"If Iím paying for the hotel, thereís no way Iím sleeping out here!" Clark exclaimed, tossing the Twinkies back into the sack and pulling out onto the highway. "Youíre supposed to be the genius; if youíre bored, think of something to do!"

"If you insist." That was all the warning Lex gave him before the older man had unfastened his seatbelt, stretched out across the seat, and put his head in Clarkís lap. Looking up into the startled green eyes, he smiled smugly. "What? You told me to think of something to do." He moved slightly, the moist heat of his breath wafting directly over Clarkís fly.

"Something that wonít involve me driving off the road because you... Ah shit," Clark groaned, squirming in the seat and turning on the cruise control so he didnít put his foot through the floor of the truck pressing down on the accelerator.

"Clever Clarkbar," Lex praised, now unzipping Clark with his teeth. "You deserve a reward for that. And I know I need my fix." He lapped delicately at the hardening flesh.

Clark whimpered and tried to concentrate on keeping the truck between the lines painted on the road. "Lex..." He took a deep breath and spread his legs a bit wider to give the older man more access.

"Try not to hit anything, Clark," Lex suggested, his attention already back on the rigid shaft in front of him. He flicked his tongue over the head, lapping away the beading droplets of precome, then delved beneath the foreskin, enjoying the flavor.

"Especially bumps," Clark groaned out. "Donít want you to break your teeth." Lexís response to this was to rake his teeth along Clarkís erection, causing the younger man to shudder and the truck to veer back and forth just a bit.

"An all-day sucker, my favorite kind." Lex curved one hand around Clarkís waist to brace himself and slowly pushed down onto the younger manís cock, taking it all the way into his throat and holding it there while he hummed softly.

"Some-somehow I donít think itís going to last all day." Clark was panting now, trying to hold back but knowing he wasnít going to last long. Between Lex having been gone for a week and the fact that he hadnít come earlier that morning, he was on edge, and Lexís expert attentions were fast sending him over.

Lex pulled back enough to say, "You underestimate yourself," and chuckle, his breath puffing over the sensitive head and making Clark whine. His tongue darted out to gather the pearly droplets, the tip delving into the slit in search of more. Then when he felt Clark stiffen, he swallowed him again, his throat massaging his lover.

Hands tightening around the steering wheelóClark knew heíd left fingerprints in the plasticóClark gasped, his hips jerking upward as he came, each splash of semen swallowed greedily by his voracious lover. Even after he was done, Lex still mouthed his cock, searching for every last drop he had to give.

Only when he was reluctantly forced to admit that there was nothing more to be had from Clark for the moment did Lex draw back and allow the softened flesh to fall free. He rolled enough to look up at Clark, licking his lips like a well-satisfied cat. "Well, I suppose I can amuse myself by repeating that for the rest of the trip."

"Or we could play ĎI Spyí," Clark whimpered, prying one hand loose from the wheel and stroking Lexís face as his brain started working again. "Or thereís a crossword puzzle book in the glove compartment. How about that?"

"No staying power," Lex said sadly, then smirked as he sat up, stealing a quick kiss as he did. "But I really donít think you want to find out what I spy, or Iíll end up right back in your lap." He gave him a sweet smile and settled himself comfortably, apparently planning to watch Clark for a while.

"One track mind," Clark sighed, shaking his head. "Why donít you look at the scenery or watch for different license plates or something?"

"Because youíre prettier than the scenery." Lex grinned at the faint flush over Clarkís cheeks. "But I could keep an eye out for someone prettier in the passing cars if you like," he offered magnanimously.

"Gee, you really make me want to continue this trip," Clark muttered. "I should have brought you a blindfold and a gag!"

"Well, I was using my favorite gag, but you told me to stop," Lex pointed out virtuously. "How about we plan that party weíre having next month instead of a birthday party and how much we can traumatize Dick?"

Clark chuckled. "Thatís easy; leave him alone with my dad and Chloe."

"Good idea in theory... but Iím afraid of him and Chloe teaming up. Can you imagine the horrors?" Lex faked a shudder. "They both have a bizarre sense of humor, and you know who would be their favorite victims.

"Still, itíll be nice to see Bruce and Dick again. Alfred will probably join them, and he and Enrique can control us all."

"Iím glad Alfred likes dogs more than Enrique does," Clark laughed. "And Daveís going to be jealous if Chloe and Dick team up, watch and see."

"Daveís jealous of us, so yeah, Iím pretty sure youíre right. And itís crazy because Chloe is so in love with him that you can see it when she looks at him." Lex shook his head. "I swear half the reason she goes on about us is to make him jealous."

Clark nodded. "I think thatís half the reason he acts so annoyed when she gets all drooly over us too. I mean she really doesnít want to watch us, right?"

"I wouldnít suggest making the offer to her to find out," Lex replied, amused. "She may not be as into us as she makes it sound, but I very much doubt that she would turn down the opportunity. Sheís a journalist, which means she has a voyeuristic streak to begin with, and sheís a teenaged girl. I sure as hell wouldnít have said no if someone had made me that offer in my teens."

"Does that mean if someone offers me a chance to watch, I can go do it?" Clark asked innocently before breaking into laughter at Lexís outraged expression.


"Stay in the truck, Iíll go check us in," Clark admonished as he pulled up in front of a modest but clean-looking motel. "And no nosing around, got it?"

Lex widened his eyes innocently, then started to laugh at the stern, unimpressed glare that earned him. "Iíll be good. Iíll just sit here and wait for you, Mr. Kent, sir." He sat on his hands to demonstrate how good heíd be.

"Smartass," Clark sighed, getting out of the truck and heading inside. He came back out after a few minutes and handed Lex a keycard. "Here ya go, now we both have one."

Starting the truck again, he drove around the back of the two-story building and pulled into an empty space outside their room. "Weíre upstairs, number 209. Iíll get our stuff if you grab the snacks."

"What, youíre not going to carry me over the threshold? And here I thought we were eloping," Lex teased as he slid out and stretched before reaching back inside to gather up the food and empty bottles and cans. He didnít need another lecture from Clark on littering his Ďbabyí.

Not even bothering to answer that remark, Clark grabbed their suitcases from the truckís bed and started up the stairs. "Lock the doors!" he called back before waiting for Lex at the landing so they could head up together. He was a little nervous at taking Lex to a place that was below his normal standards, but this was all he could afford, so it was where they were.

A moment later, trash dumped in the nearby bin, Lex joined Clark. He eyed him as they walked down to their room. "Whatís wrong? You suddenly seem a bit tense." Since Clarkís hands were full, he opened the door and held it till the younger man was inside, then shut and bolted it behind them. Moving past him, Lex sprawled on the single queen-sized bed. "So are you going to tell me, or do I have to pry it out of you?"

Clark grinned sheepishly as he set the suitcases near the desk bolted to one wall. There were times he wondered if Lex was like Ryan and could read his mind. "I was just thinking that this really wasnít your kind of place. Itís not quite five stars."

Lex shrugged. "It has you; that makes it better than anywhere else Iíve stayed. So quit worrying and get over here so we can find out how sturdy this bed is." As he spoke, he sat up and pulled his cotton-knit shirt off over his head.

Feeling his worry slide away, Clark grinned and dove for Lex, tackling him to the bed while he was still tangled in his shirt and blowing a raspberry on his belly.

"Argh!" Lex squawked and flailed beneath him, trying to push him away from his ticklish navel. "This is war!" He grabbed a pillow and started smacking him with it, laughing so hard he almost dropped it.

"Wimp!" Clark crowed, snatching the pillow away from Lex and pinning him to the mattress to blow against his belly again. "You should rest though; I mean, we have a busy day tomorrow doing what I have planned and all."

"Grr! You are a rotten tease. Are you ever going to tell me what weíre doing, or can I expect to be blindfolded in the car tomorrow?" Lex laughed up at him, still squirming. "Besides, how do you expect me to rest when youíre doing that?"

"And gagged," Clark snickered. In a flash, he had Lex under the sheets with the blanket tucked under his chin. "There, now you can rest."

Lex fought free of the blankets, and one hand shot out to grab the collar of Clarkís t-shirt. "Get in here, you lunatic! Weíre long past separate beds."

Snickering silently, Clark kicked off his shoes and stripped down to his boxers before climbing into bed next to Lex. "Awww, you really do love me, donít you?" he asked, batting his eyelashes at the older man theatrically.

"Geez. I must, why else would I put up with your insanity?" Lex sighed, pulled Clark half on top of him. "Mmm, thatís better," he mumbled happily, arms wrapping around the younger man.

Clark chuckled, and kissed Lex tenderly. "Go to sleep, you nut; we have to be up and out the door by eight thirty tomorrow if you want breakfast before we go wherever weíre going."

Lex grumbled about his continued mysteriousness, but his eyes were already closing as the comfort of the bed and Clark against him made him give in to his fatigue.


"Keep Ďem closed, keep Ďem closed..." Clark waited until theyíd reached a point in the causeway that had a clear view of the amusement park and its many roller coasters. "Now you can open them!"

Eager to see where Clark was taking him, Lex opened his eyes instantly... and his jaw dropped. He stared at the roller coaster, where a car was careening over the tracks even as he looked, then at Clark. "An amusement park?" he asked, sounding stunned as he tried to remember if heíd ever been to one, maybe with his mother when heíd been young, but he didnít think so. "I guess itís a good thing I donít suffer from motion sickness," he said with a faint laugh.

"As many times as Iíve carried you around superfast, I knew that," Clark laughed. "And this isnít just any amusement park; itís Cedar Point. Theyíve got the biggest and best coasters in the US! That big one you were looking at goes up over three hundred feet, plus they have a water park and a ton of other stuff to do."

"I get the feeling that you like roller coasters," Lex laughed. "Just be prepared for me to hang on to you, and be glad you donít bruise. Scared of heights, remember?" Despite that, he eyed the park with anticipation, thinking that it looked like fun. And he knew that nothing could ever happen to him with Clark.

Clark slung an arm around Lexís shoulders and gave him a quick hug as the truck inched closer to the parking lot entrance. "They go so fast, you donít have time to think about going up," he promised before suddenly looking bashful. "I remembered you saying youíd never been to one before and wanted to share it with you the first time."

"Thank you," Lex said quietly, leaning into him, head on his shoulder before straightening up again. "Only you would think of something like this. Itís going to be fun."

"Iíll remind you that you said that when weíre in line for the coasters," Clark laughed, hugging Lexís shoulders before letting him go. It took another half an hour, but they were finally in the park, and Clark glanced at Lex when an employee with a camera started in their direction. He could see other workers dressed in the same manner snapping shots of guests and had a good idea they were next.

"Since Chloeís not here, want a picture?" he asked.

Lex glanced at the approaching employee then back at Clark, and he smiled. "Sure. I think Iíd like something to remember this by." He moved closer, an arm sliding around Clarkís waist, and he saw the barely noticeable hitch in the photographerís step.

"Hi, guys," the young man greeted them cheerfully, his eyes firmly on their faces. "Would you like a picture?"

Lex nodded. "Two copies, one for each of us." He glanced at Clark, amusement sparkling in his eyes. "I can put mine on my desk."

"And Iíll put mine in my locker," Clark snickered, grinning evilly before sweeping Lex up into his arms the second before the photographer snapped his picture.

The teenagerís eyes bugged out as he watched them through the viewfinder, and much to his shock, he realized that they were pretty hot together. He waited until the bigger guy stood the bald one back on his feet and till the dazed look cleared, then snapped a second one, figuring they might want that too.

"You can view the pictures over at the office and decide if you want to buy them," he called, only getting an absent nod in response. Figuring that was about all he was likely to get since they looked totally into each other, he waved and moved off.

Lex stared up into the merry green eyes, hands on Clarkís shoulders. "Gonna do that often today?"

Pocketing the receipt the photographer had given him, Clark grinned. "You going to let me get away with it again?"

By way of answer, Lex moved against him, arms going around his neck. "Why donít you try it and find out?" he invited huskily.

"How Ďbout I do this instead?" Clark asked, taking Lexís mouth in a kiss and ignoring the comments coming from around them. "Ready for a coaster now?"

"I think I was just on one," Lex said with a faint chuckle. "But sure, letís join the very long line for the very short ride." He eyed the mass of people with resignation, then reminded himself that heíd be standing with Clark and they could probably work in a few kisses too. "Just make sure you stay beside me. I do not want to find myself at the top of that thing alone."

"Never," Clark promised, "and we can get a ticket for a time later on if you want to skip the big lines. We can go on some other stuff first." The sun came out from behind a cloud, and he stopped walking and began to dig around in the backpack he was carrying. "You need this," he commented, plopping a bucket hat on Lexís head.

Lex immediately pulled it off and regarded it with disfavor. "Sunblock is your friend, Clark. This just looks absurd." He brandished the hat at the other man. "As for the roller coaster, letís try one, and if it takes too long, we can come back for the others later. But I donít think standing with you for a few minutes is going to be much of a hardship."

"It looks cute," Clark argued, plucking the hat out of Lexís hand and settling it back on his head before handing a tube of sunblock over. "And okay, want to go for the big one or try one of the smaller ones first?"

"The biggest one, of course. Iím a size queen, didnít you know?"

Clark snickered. "Thatís why you have me, right?"

"Exactly." Lex gave him a smug once-over. "And itís all mine," he purred, moving away and toward the start of the line, laughter evident in his eyes.

Clark shook his head. "And you call me a nut, but at least youíre keeping the hat on." Pleased at that, he leaned against the railing next to Lex, hoping the half an hour wait didnít make the older man antsy.

"I figure Iíd look even more ridiculous fighting you about it with you slapping it back onto my head every minute or so," Lex admitted. There were some battles he just couldnít win with Clark, and they usually involved what Clark saw as taking care of him.

"Ooo, getting smarter as you get older, Lexy," Clark laughed. "Iíll stick it back in the bag for the ride, otherwise you might lose it."

"Thank god for small mercies," Lex sighed. Then again, losing it wouldnít be so bad. Or at least he thought not until he spotted a stand selling the most hideous caps heíd ever seen in his life, and he decided that this one was the lesser of evils. He glanced up a sign alongside the line and blinked in surprise. "Is that for real? Itís really a half hour wait to get to the ride?"

Clark nodded. "Hate to tell you, but thatís short because itís early in the day. Later on itíll be over an hour to get on."

Lex gaped at him in disbelief. "Thatís insane. Why would anyone wait an hour for a ride that lasts about two minutes?"

"Because itís fun! Why would anyone wait an hour to get in a club?" Clark shot back.

"How would I know? I just walk in the door," Lex retorted, grinning. "But somehow I donít think that would work here. Some of those kids look positively vicious!"

"Theyíre just doing their jobs. How would you like to have to wait two hours because people kept butting in front of you?"

"Actually, I was talking about the ones in line," Lex chuckled, eyeing a family with three prepubescent boys ahead of them. "Although the adults might be worse than the offspring."

"Would you want to have to stand in line with kids any longer than you had to?"

"I wouldnít want to stand in line with kids at all." Lex shuddered. "Iíd much rather stand with you. But I guess this means we canít make out while weíre waiting?"

Clark shook his head. "Better not. Donít want to get into an argument with whoever decides to promote the Moral Majority around here. Iíll make it up to you later though," he promised as they inched forward some.

"Damn right you will," Lex groused. "Well, I canít touch, I can at least look. You donít really need that t-shirt, do you?" he purred, raking his eyes over the other man.

"You saw the signs when we came in; you have to wear a shirt and shoes or theyíll kick you out. Those rules donít apply when we hit the water park though."

"I have a feeling weíre going to be spending a lot of time there then," Lex replied, imaging wet, half-naked Clark. "Think we can play Marco Polo again?" he asked with a wicked smirk.

Clark blushed at that. "Not with the same results," he mumbled.

"Sure it will be... theyíll just accumulate interest till we get back to our room and can do something about it." Lex smiled at him, licking his lips. "But Iíll behave around the kiddies."

Swallowing hard, Clark nodded. "Thatís good. Donít want to spend our vacation in jail."

"No, I plan to spend most of it in you," Lex said so softly that no one who didnít have Clarkís hearing could have overheard him.

Clark squirmed and positioned the backpack in front of his crotch so that his reaction to Lexís comment wouldnít be visible. "Thatís always a good way to spend the time."

"Iím so glad you agree. Of course, we canít do that all the time... so sometimes you can be in me." His voice sank again at the end, and he had to clench his fists at his sides to keep himself from reaching for Clark.

Feeling somewhat relieved when the line moved again, Clark didnít answer for a moment. "We can do that too," he finally managed to say, glad that they were halfway through the line because he wasnít sure how much more of this he could take.

Realizing that he was torturing both of them, Lex took a deep breath and smiled a little shakily, then more widely when he realized how much closer they were to the ride. "Well, if nothing else, that distracted us from the wait."

Clark managed a weak smile. "I donít think that will work every time though; weíll get kicked out of the park."

"For talk?" Lex was genuinely surprised. "Itís not like Iím advocating dropping to the ground and going for it right here. Hmmm. I wonder if they have adult theme parks?" he mused. "I may have to create one. It could be interesting."

"Lex!" Clark laughed, shaking his head. "They do have more adult areas at Disney World where they have clubs and stuff, but I still donít think itís as adult as youíre thinking about."

"Oh, Iím sure itís not," Lex replied with a wicked smirk. "Itíll be something to think about later. We could be the first customers if I do start one."

"Why do I think weíd be the only customers?" They reached the turnstile, and Clark looked over the open area in front of them. "Front, middle, or back?"

"Middle," Lex said. There was no way heíd be able to handle the front seat with nothing between him and the ground but open space. "And stick close," he added with a tinge of nervousness.

Clark gave Lexís hand a clandestine squeeze. "Always," he promised, knowing heíd rather reveal himself for what he was than risk any harm coming to his lover.

Taking a deep breath, Lex stepped into the tiny car when their turn came, his hand immediately seeking Clarkís in a death grip. Despite his fear, he could feel the adrenaline rush of anticipation, and he was actually looking forward to the ride, so long as he could hang on to Clark.

Once they were strapped in, Clark grinned over at Lex. "Close your eyes; Iíll tell you when to open them," he murmured. "I wonít let anything happen to you, Lexy, promise."

"I know," Lex said simply, fingers interlacing with Clarkís. "But Iíll keep my eyes open, if itís all the same to you. I think I might be sick if I couldnít see it coming."

"Donít do that!" Clark exclaimed, horrified. As much as he loved Lex, puking boyfriends were something he didnít want to deal with. The car started moving with a jolt, and he felt Lexís fingers close around his again in a death grip.

Lex swallowed hard and nodded. "Iím not planning tooooo..." His words trailed off in a yelp as the car started up a steep incline. "Oh god."

"Youíll be fine," Clark promised. "Iíll protect you. Yell all you want."

Darting a wild-eyed look at him, Lex started to reply, but the words were lost in a yell as the car crested the hill and shot down the far side. His fingers clamped down on Clarkís hand so hard that anyone human would have suffered broken bones, and he screamed as they went down and started up the next. But mixed with the sheer terror was exhilaration as well.

Clarkís yell rose on the air to mingle with Lexís, and he glanced over at the older man on the next hill, wanting to assure himself that he was okay. Lexís eyes were bright, and his face was pale, but he was also smiling broadly even though a constant stream of expletives spilled from his lips.

Lex screamed and cursed his way through the remainder of the ride, never releasing his death grip on Clarkís hand. When it was over and they stepped out of the car, he looked back over his shoulder at the line, clearly weighing the length of it against the fun of going for another ride. "Are they all like that?"

"Sort of," Clark grinned, leading Lex over to the kiosk that sold pictures taken during the ride. "There are different type of cars, and some do flips and have a lot of turns. This one was the fastest and the highest, so itís pretty straight forward as far as the track goes. The Mantis is one weíd better go on before we eat - just in case."

Lexís eyes widened at the warning. "Youíre not helping my nerves there, Clarkbar," he muttered, but he was still smiling. "Oh my god, that is the most godawful picture of me Iíve ever seen!" he groaned when he saw the one on the monitor, showing him screaming his head off.

Clark tried not to snicker but couldnít help himself. The picture was really bad, but he loved it. Over Lexís protests, he bought a copy in a clear key chain holder and attached it to his keys. "Half the fun of coasters is getting worked up beforehand about them," he explained.

Ignoring the comment for the moment, Lex eyed him fiercely. "If Chloe sees that picture, youíre going to be sleeping alone for the next month," he warned. "That definitely does not need to be shared." He glared for a moment, then nodded his head sharply. "Right. So whereís this Mantis?"


Seven hours, countless coasters, two bags of cotton candy and one greasy fast food meal later, Clark grinned at Lex. "Want a break now? We can play some games or watch some shows until your stomach settles down."

"Youíre just afraid that Iíll throw up on you," Lex scoffed, though he had to admit that it was a distinct possibility, if only to himself. "Think you can win your boyfriend one of those big teddy bears?" he challenged, knowing perfectly well it was almost impossible to win at the games.

"Sure thing," Clark laughed. "But if I do, do I have to carry it around the rest of the afternoon too?" Spotting a ball toss game, he maneuvered Lex in that direction.

"Well, of course," Lex said, pretending to be shocked. "Thatís part of a boyfriendís job description. Maybe you should get me two for that," he teased, laughing, as he slid an arm around Clarkís waist.

"Greedy," Clark laughed, shaking his head as he pulled out his wallet and paid the worker, then was handed three balls to throw at the basket. The first he threw too hard, and it bounced out of the basket, but the second stayed in.

Grinning, Clark turned to Lex and waved a hand at the huge animals hanging overhead. "Well, take your pick."

Peering up, Lex examined the choices with deep concentration, then pointed to a massive forest green bear nearly as tall as they were. "That one. You know how much I like green, after all." He leaned into Clarkís side, ignoring the slightly stunned look on the face of the teenager behind the counter. "My hero."

"Useful and decorative," Clark laughed, accepting the huge bear and trying to find a way to carry it as it wouldnít fit under his arm. The employee gave them both a baleful glare, and Clark thought of sticking his tongue out at him but reconsidered it; there wasnít any point in getting into an argument.

"More rides or want something to eat?" he asked, kissing Lexís temple.

"How Ďbout you? Thatís a ride and something to eat." Lex made sure he spoke loudly enough for the teen to hear them, and he smirked at the shocked gasp.

Clark snickered though he felt his cheeks heat with a blush. "That mean youíre ready to head back to the hotel?"

"Sounds good to me. We can get some exercise and rest up, all without leaving our bed." Lex tried to slide under Clarkís arm into his accustomed place, but it was impossible while the younger man was carrying the bear. "Iím starting to think he should walk, and you should carry me," he muttered.

"But he doesnít have feet. Do you want to get your prize all dirty?"

"If we were in Smallville, Iím sure the inanimate could walk. But Iíll just have to get interest on the lost touching when we make it back to the hotel."

Clark chuckled. "Itís your vacation; we can do whatever you want." He thought for a second, then rephrased that. "In private. I donít want to have to boot someone in the ass because they made a prejudiced remark."

"And Iíd hate to waste any of our time having to bail you out." Lex grumbled under his breath about the people milling around in front of the exit, slowing everything down, but they eventually made it out the gate and reached the truck.

"Damn," he said with very fake dismay, "the bear is so big that Iím going to have to sit right against you."

"Should I even ask you if that was an ulterior motive when you asked me to win it for you?" Clark chuckled, unlocking the door and handing the bear in to Lex once he was settled in the middle of the bench seat.

"No, just a nice fringe benefit." Lex pushed closer to Clark once the other man was seated, smiling at the raised eyebrows. "You wouldnít want me to squash the bear you went to so much trouble to win for me, now would you?"

"No, because then Iíd have to go win you another one." Saying this, Clark rested his arm on the seat behind Lexís shoulders, steering the truck with one hand as he piloted them out of the parking lot.

"Want to get cleaned up before dinner or just grab something to take back to the room?" he asked, once they were out on the causeway again.

"Definitely grab something. Iíve had this fantasy about eating off of you for a while," Lex purred, leaning closer to nibble Clarkís earlobe.

Clarkís eyes widened, and he had to force himself to concentrate on his driving. "Eating what off of me?" he croaked.

"Well, most of my fantasies have involved dessert-type things, you know hot fudge, creme brulee, custard, whipping cream, some strategically placed cherries and fruit slices, but we need dinner. Chinese would work. It spreads and wraps nicely."

Clark squirmed on the seat and swallowed hard. "I think there was a Chinese place down the road from the hotel."

"Oh good. I enjoy a meal where I can eat the serving platter too." Lex somehow managed to get even closer, one hand resting high on Clarkís thigh.

"You have to behave until we get it though," Clark muttered, feeling his blush heat his face and ears. "Understand?"

"You never let me have any fun," Lex purred, though he did move his hand lower, away from Clarkís groin. "I thought you liked it when I misbehave, Clarkbar." He raised his free arm, rubbing the leather band around his wrist against his loverís cheek.

Clark groaned. "Yeah, right, you live like a monk, Krillin. Once we get back to the hotel, you can misbehave all you want; I just need to be able to walk if you want me to carry that bear inside."

"Iím sure youíd find a way to get inside if I was waiting there for you, naked, hard, and wanting you."

"Jesus, Lex!" Clark gasped, his eyes glazing as all the blood in his body pooled in his groin. "The management might not like it much if I smashed in the wall though."

"Mmmm, you are good for my ego. But since you want me to be good..." Lex straightened up, leaving a small space between them as he shifted closer to the bear. "Iíd hate you to think I wasnít listening to you."

"Now youíre listening to me too well." They stopped at the red light at the end of the causeway, and Clark tapped his hand on the steering wheel impatiently. "Hurry up and turn, damnit!"

"Such impatience," Lex chided, biting back a grin. "You should savor the anticipation, love. Iím not going anywhere. Hmmm, donít really want you coming on the Chinese; good thing we have that cockring."

"So get something with cream sauce. Letís get Italian instead."

"I like Chinese. And I like you squirming and moaning in a cockring even more." Lexís smile was feral. "I want to make you come so hard when I finally let you that you pass out."

The light changed to green, and Clark showed massive indifference to his Ďbabyí by gunning the gas and making the tires squeal. "Itís your birthday present," he rasped, "in private, you can do what you want."

"I want you."

Lex turned to watch him as Clark pulled into the restaurant parking lot, seeing his loverís expression change at his simple statement.

Drawing in a shaky breath, Clark licked his lips to wet them. "Iím yours," he answered, the words as solemn a vow as heíd ever given.

Lex moved back against him, both of them turning on the seat so they were in each otherís arms, and kissed him lightly, a promise for later. "That works both ways, Clarkbar." He closed his eyes momentarily, slightly shaken by the sudden intensity, then straightened and smiled. "Ready to go inside?"

Glancing down at his obviously tented shorts, Clark gave a sickly grin. "Can I hold the bear in front of me?"

Eyebrows rising, Lex pointed out, "I think people might look at you a little oddly if you carry that bear inside the restaurant to place our order. How about we give you a few minutes to... subside?" He eyed Clarkís groin. "On second thought, maybe I should go in and order, and you can join me when youíre ready? I donít think making out in the car for however long it takes is going to help you get into the hotel when we get there."

Clark nodded. "Thatís probably a good idea." He knew Lex couldnít pay for the food, because he didnít have his wallet, and that was fine by him. "Iíll even let you order whatever you want; I doubt thereís going to be any of that weird authentic stuff you like here."

"Youíre all heart." Lex looked from one side to the other and sighed. "Slide out for a minute, Clark, so I can get out? I donít think Fuzzy here is going to help me. And donít forget to come in soon. It would be embarrassing for me to be arrested for stealing from a Chinese restaurant."

"I donít think I can move," Clark muttered, even as he opened the door and gingerly slid out of the truck, trying to adjust himself so that his erection wasnít quite as noticeable.

He waited until Lex got out as well, then snickered. "Fuzzy? And you think me calling my truck ĎBabyí is bad..."

"Hey, at least it makes sense. You know... ĎFuzzy Wuzzy was a bear; Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair...í Kind of appropriate, donít you think?" He ran a hand over his head while smirking at Clark.

Clark sputtered, laughing until he had to lean against Babyís side to keep upright. "Whatever you say, F.W."

"No," Lex said emphatically. "You are not going to start calling me that. The guy in the prison jumpsuit with the dice imprint on his forehead is goofy enough."

"You brought it up," Clark shrugged. "Now go in and order like a good little bear."

Lex growled. "I am not a bear." He pulled Clark into his arms and kissed him hard, biting his lower lip and pulling it as he drew back, then smirked down at his loverís renewed erection as he strolled toward the restaurant.

"Yeah, youíre an ass," Clark grumbled, trying not to squirm as he tried to get himself under control again but unable to resist watching Lex walk into the small restaurant.

"But what a fine looking ass," Clark murmured to himself and taking a few deep breaths to calm his over-active libido. He glanced back into the truck at the massive stuffed bear and grinned. "Fuzzy, the things youíre going to see tonight..."

Knowing Clark was watching, Lex put a little extra swing in his stride. He knew it hadnít really been fair of him to tease Clark like that, but he liked knowing how he affected his lover. Besides, Clark gave as good as he got. He smiled faintly as he stepped through the door and waited to place his order.

Once done, he wandered over to the door, looking out to watch Clark, who was still leaning against the truck, apparently not yet ready for public viewing.

After a bit, Clark felt safe again and headed for the restaurant, pushing the door open and grinning at Lex. "So, whatíre we having?"

"Would I dare not get your favorites?" Lex smiled at him, automatically moving closer as he always did when Clark was near. Suddenly the tacky red, black, and gold decor didnít look nearly so bad. "I got enough for a late night snack too... You can reheat it when we want it." Who needs a microwave with Clark around? he thought, smiling faintly.

"Mmm, sweet and sour chicken," Clark sighed, laughing at the expression on Lexís face at what he considered to be blasphemy of Chinese food. "And lo mein noodles too?"

"Of course. We wouldnít enjoy this nearly as much without them," Lex purred, imagining them wrapped around Clarkís erection while he nibbled them off. "You really have to love all the different sauces on Chinese food. So sticky and fun to lick," he added too softly for anyone else to hear.

Clark whimpered. "Iím going to have to go out to the truck again if you keep that up," he muttered.

"You canít," Lex replied sweetly. "Iím a kept man this week, remember? You have to stay and pay." He slid an arm around Clarkís waist, tucking his hand into the back pocket of the younger manís shorts, cupping his ass through the thin fabric.

"I can leave you some money, you know," Clark grumbled, trying not to squirm when Lex tightened his fingers on his ass. "Keep that up and you wonít get to eat anything when we get back to the hotel."

"As if youíre going to give up finding out what I have in mind for you," Lex scoffed laughingly, though he did stop teasing when he noticed the girl at the cash checking Clark out. Growling under his breath, he moved his hand out of Clarkís pocket to very visible prominence on his hip and glared at her.

Clark flushed and cleared his throat. "Youíre just lucky itís your birthday trip so Iím going to let you do whatever you want to me."

"Clarkbar, you always let me do whatever I want to you. And vice versa." Lex leaned in, about to nibble on Clarkís ear until he saw the young woman watching them with interest. Frowning, he straightened up, and fortunately, their meal was brought out before he said anything to her. Waiting till Clark paid, Lex picked up the bags and drew Clarkís arm around his waist, making a very clear statement of ownership.

"Címon, Iím starving. Letís get back to our room so we can do something about it."

"Which Ďití are you talking about?" Clark managed to ask as he dug in his pocket for his keys and opened the truckís driver side door. "The eating part or the letting you do whatever you want part?"

"Both, of course." Lex slid in past Clark, placing the bags of food on the floor and leaning against the bear until Clark was settled, then moving back to his side. "So you might want to hurry, or I may just start right here."

"And get your bear all messy? Yeah, right."

"I was actually thinking more of getting you all messy," Lex replied, one hand gliding up Clarkís thigh to come to rest cupping his half-hard cock.

Clark squirmed and somehow managed to get the key in the ignition without putting it through the dashboard. "You get me all messy, and your bearís going to be all messy too."

"Iím between you and him. Iíll protect him. Besides, if Iím sucking you, there wonít be anything to make him messy with."

"Howó" His voice cracked, and he tried again. "How about we wait until we get to the hotel so we donít get arrested?" He managed to nod at the police cruiser passing them by.

"I suppose we could do that... Of course, you realize that my plans are accumulating interest while I wait, donít you?" Lex smiled evilly, looking forward to finding out just how hard Clark could blush.

"They are?" Clark felt like his face was going to burn off. "Keeping you interested is good," he gulped, deliberately misunderstanding the statement.

"Oh, itís doing that too," Lex agreed. "Iím wondering just how crazy I can make you." His fingers kneaded gently.

Clark whimpered again. "How kind of you."

"Well, I wouldnít want you to think I was holding out on you. Everything Iíve learned and a few things Iíve made up just for you are yours. I want to hear you scream my name when you come, come so hard you break the bed frame and pass out... and then when you wake up, Iíll be inside you, starting it all over again." Lex really liked Kryptonian endurance.

"B-break the... Oh God." Clarkís eyes were wide and dilated, and he spun the wheel to turn them into the motel parking lot with extra force. "J-just keep my budget in mind."

"I insist that you let me pay for any broken furniture... just that, nothing else. I donít want you holding back because youíre worried about how to pay for it. I love it when you lose all control," Lex added with a sexy chuckle, dragging his tongue up the side of Clarkís neck.

Shuddering and sure he was going to come in his shorts any second, Clark slammed the truck to a stop. Panting heavily, he looked over at Lex, then kissed him hungrily. "You breathe, and that makes me lose control," he rasped.

"Hmm, interesting idea. You spread out for me while I just breathe on you. How long could you stand that, Clarkbar?" Lex licked his lips, tasting Clark.

"I thought we were having the Chinese." Clarkís voice was very small.

"There are a lot of hours in the night, especially when we start it mid-afternoon. We can do both... and a lot more."

"Oh, gee." Clarkís gulp was audible in the confined area of the truckís cab. "How... exciting."

"It will be," Lex promised. "But we should probably get inside the room before Fuzzy takes on a permanent scent of Chinese food. And so I can snack on you."

Clark nodded and fumbled for the door latch as he turned the engine off. "Want me to carry him or the food?"

"You carry the food, super-man. Itís heavier. Iíll carry my new friend." Lex made a joke of it, but he really did love the bear. It was so totally unlike anything anyone had ever given him before.

"Super-man?" The comment jolted Clark out of his daze enough so that he could laugh as he took the food and climbed out of the cab. "You been reading Nietzsche again, Lexy?"

"It fits. Super-strong, invulnerable, super-endurance, super-sexy... sounds like a super-man to me," Lex chuckled as he slid out, dragging the bear behind him, then carried it to the door. "Gonna let me in, Clarkbar? My hands are kinda full."

"Yeah, right," Clark muttered, shaking his head at Lexís description of him. He unlocked the door and set the bags on the small table, taking the bear out of Lexís hands and plopping it in the single chair while Lex shut the door and closed the drapes.

"You know," he grimaced, "if youíre going to be eating that off of me, I should really take a shower first."

"I could probably use one too. And we ought to conserve water. Itís the civic-minded thing to do. Donít you think?" Staring challengingly at the other man, Lex started stripping out of his clothes, the last things to come off the leather collar around his neck and the thick leather band around his wrist, which were laid aside as tenderly as the antique watch given him by his mother.

Eyes glued to each bit of nude Lex as it appeared, Clark nodded, feeling the arousal that had never really flagged burn anew. "Yeah, I heard Ohio might have a water shortage," he rasped, stripping out of his own clothes much less carefully than Lex had.

"It would be criminal of us to waste water by taking two showers then. Weíll just have to share." Lex backed toward the bathroom, eyes fixed on Clarkís, giving him a good view of his body. "Coming?"

Clark sighed. "Donít I wish," he muttered, following along after Lex obediently and squeezing around him in the small confines of the bathroom to turn on the shower.

"Donít worry, love. You can have this one... Itíll make the rest last even longer after you come now." Lex gave him a truly wicked smile before turning his back to start the water.

Deciding keeping quiet was a good idea at this point, Clark waited until Lex was in the shower, then crowded up behind him, nipping at the side of his neck. "I want you, Lexy," he murmured, licking the older manís ear. "I want to take you and remember the look on your face when we were on that roller coaster."

"Hopefully not the one in that horrible picture," Lex gasped, leaning back, trusting in Clarkís strength to hold him up. "Oh god yes," he moaned as Clark curled a hand around his stiffening cock. "Want to feel you inside me, want you so hard and deep that Iíll still feel you a week from now."

"No," Clark chuckled, "the one that made me wish I could fly so I could bring it to your face more often." He licked behind Lexís ear again as he stroked Lexís cock with one hand and slowly knelt down to lap at the tightly puckered muscle between his cheeks.

"You do... when you do that." Lex groaned, hands clutching at the towel rod on the wall of the shower enclosure as he sought something to hang on to. "God, so fucking good." His eyes fell shut as he was overwhelmed by the sensations and, even more, by the knowledge that it was Clark.

Unable to speak given his current position, Clark concentrated instead on relaxing the tiny entrance by teasing it with broad laps of his tongue interspersed with short probes inward. When Lexís groans told him the other man was near, he surged upward, slicking his erection with the liquid soap they had in the shower and pressing inward as he sucked on his loverís earlobe.

"Aaahhh!" Lex instantly arched his back, taking Clark deeper, crying out with pleasure as his lover filled him. His hands moved to his own body, one curling around his erection and the other twisting at a rigid nipple. "Fuck yes! Harder!" he growled, thrusting back to meet every stroke.

"Maybe I should make you wait." Even as he said this, Clark knew it wasnít going to be possible, not with Lex going wild around him and his own arousal pounding through his veins. Anchoring one arm around Lexís waist and closing his other hand over Lexís around his cock, Clark began to thrust, hard and fast, hitting Lexís prostate with each stroke.

Each hit made Lex wail with agonized pleasure, his body twisting as he sought more, clenching and rippling around the shaft driving into him. His free hand fell from his chest to Clarkís hip, gripping fiercely as he rode the waves of sensation.

"Come for me, Lexy," Clark urged, driving forward into the tight heat and feeling his balls draw up tighter against his body. "Come for me, then you can do anything you want to me."

As if heíd only been waiting for that permission, Lex yelled Clarkís name as his body tightened and convulsed, sending spurts of creamy fluid over their hands and to mix with the spray on the shower wall. Gasping with the ecstasy, he fell back against Clark, letting his lover do as he pleased with him.

"Yes, Lex," Clark groaned, lifting the older man off the floor with the force of his thrusts and crying out his completion into his ear as he shuddered out his release, staying on his feet only through force of will.

"I love you," he sighed, licking Lexís neck once again, almost purring with contentment.

"Love you too," Lex murmured, lying limp in his embrace. "I think weíre going to need to just eat some of that before I can put the rest of my plan into action, love. You wore me outótemporarily." He chuckled wearily, knowing that a few minutes, some food, and an eyeful of Clark would do wonders for his energy levels.

"See, Iím smart too," Clark chuckled, slowly straightening up and feeling himself slip out of Lexís body. "Rinse off, and we can go eat some before you starve."

"Oh, donít worry. I got plenty. Thereíll be more than enough to feed us, to play with, and to have a snack later when we need it." Lex fumbled to turn the water off, finally succeeding, and stepped out a little shakily to reach for the towel.

Thinking about the mess they were going to make, Clark looked at the bed pensively as they dried each other off. "Do you think we should put towels on the sheets or something?"

"Why? They arenít any easier to wash than the sheets." Lex looked confused for a moment before the light dawned. "Oh! Right. No clean sheets whenever we want them. Yes, we should probably spread out some towels then or weíll end up sleeping on the bare mattress."

"Wouldnít be so bad for you since youíd be on top of me, but ugh! I donít want my bare butt sticking to the mattress."

"And I donít want you stuck to anything but me," Lex agreed. "So towels it is. After we have dinner. I think we both need to eat first. That kind of snacking gets worked off faster than you can consume it."

Clark chuckled and kissed the side of Lexís head. "Very true, and hold out your towel, and Iíll dry it so we donít have to spread out on damp terry cloth later."

"My own personal space heater. How very economical of you," Lex chuckled as he did as requested, making sure to hold the towel away from his body. One time heíd forgotten, and heíd ended up with instant sunburn.

"Hmmm, I think thatís another adjective," Clark laughed, giving the cloth a short, low level jolt of heat that sent wisps of steam rising from it, then repeating the process with the towel he held. "Much better than wet things under us."

"I dunno, I like a certain wet thing under me," Lex snickered, eyeing Clarkís groin.

"Or in you."

"Better still. But weíd better eat before we go any further with this conversation, or we never will." Lex wrapped the towel around his waist to avoid temptation and padded back out to the main room to rummage through the bags of food, setting the containers out on the small table in one corner.

Clark grinned and followed behind, settling cross-legged on the bed and pulling forks and chopsticks out of the second bag. "Youíre too smart for your own good," he chuckled, spearing a piece of chicken and dipping it in the sweet and sour sauce. "And I promise Iíll leave some for you to play with later."

"Youíd better or I might not let you come till morning!" Lex retorted, brandishing a cockring at him before diving into the crispy duck. "Mmm, thatís good. Whereís the Cantonese chow mein?" He looked around, chopsticks poised to pounce.

"By your foot," Clark answered, cringing at the thought of that particular torture.

"Thanks," Lex mumbled through a mouthful of duck, scooping out some of the chow mein, then offering a bit to Clark. "I really donít understand how you canít master chopsticks. Youíve done a lot harder things."

Clark snorted and shook his head, intent on devouring his sweet and sour chicken. "Kryptonians were meant to use forks, not sticks."

"How would you know? You avoid asking the AI questions unless you absolutely have to. One of these days Iím going to succeed in convincing you that thereís nothing wrong with being different and that we should find out as much about your culture as we can."

"Can we not talk about it right now?" Clark pleaded, not wanting them to get into another argument on the subject.

Lex nodded, preferring to concentrate on sating their appetites... all of them. He took another bite of his duck, then offered some of that to the other man as well. "Want some? Itís not everyone I share my duck with, you know."

After Clark ate the tidbit and licked his lips, he grinned. "Change a vowel and thereís something else you donít share with anyone else either."

"Nut," Lex replied fondly, grinning briefly. "Duck or dick, whatís mine is yours." He eyed Clark over the food, starting to plot again now that his hunger was being appeased.

"Uh oh." Clark quickly ate the rest of his food while he could. "Youíre getting that ĎIím Lex Luthor and Iím going to take over the world or at least tease my boyfriend to near deathí look in your eye."

"I knew you were smart," Lex replied admiringly, drawing a fat lo mein noodle from the container and holding it up. "Yes, I think thisíll do very nicely." Eating that one, he drew the container close while he inspected the other items. "Not the duck, the bones wouldnít be fun," he muttered, setting that one into the Ďmidnight snackí pile. "Definitely the sweet and sour sauce..."

"We who are about to die, salute you," Clark said weakly, dragging his eyes off Lexís preparations to strip down the bed and put the towels on it.

"Oh, I wonít let you die, Clarkbar," Lex murmured, getting up long enough to pick up their collars from the dresser and bring them back to the bed. "I want to see this on you," he said, holding Clarkís out to him.

Taking the slim leather band from Lexís hand, Clark hooked it around his neck and looked at his lover, waiting for his next instructions.

"God, you look so good like that." Lex paused, just drinking him in. "Lie back, flat, hands at your sides." Waiting till Clark complied, Lex leaned over, licking his already half-hard cock until it was fully engorged and he could put the ring on him. "Mmm, even better." Unable to resist, he sucked the heavy shaft into his mouth, scraping his teeth along the length the way he knew Clark loved.

"For some of us," Clark gasped, wanting to arch up into Lexís mouth but stopped by the hand the older man had on his hip.

"Oh, you arenít enjoying this? Sorry, Clarkbar, Iíll have to try harder." Lex gave him a wicked smile as he began covering Clarkís body with the food, thick noodles wrapped securely around his cock, sweet and sour sauce poured over his nipples and into his navel, leafy strands of Chinese broccoli lying along the crease of his thigh and just nudging his balls. "I love a good buffet."

"But you love me more, right?" Clarkís voice was almost inaudible, and his whole body was vibrating with his efforts not to move and ruin Lexís display.

"Of course I do... and I love you as a buffet even more," Lex chuckled, nibbling at a noodle. "Hmm, needs some sauce." He poured some on, knowing that the thick liquid landing on and dripping off the head of Clarkís cock would drive him insane.

"Fuck!" Clark levitated off the bed and hung there for a second before crashing back down. He was wide-eyed and panting, and he knew Lex hadnít even gotten started yet.

"Oh, floating! You havenít done that for a while. I wonder if I can do that again..." Lex nibbled on a noodle again and nodded. "Much better. Oh, I almost forgot!" He reached into the drawer of the nightstand, pulling out a vibrating dildo, and hurriedly slicked it with the flavored lube theyíd bought. "Wouldnít want you to think Iíd forgotten anything," he purred as he rubbed the tip over Clarkís hole, slowly pressing it forward until it popped inside. When it was fully inserted, he turned his attention back to his feast, not turning it on yet.

His tongue lapped at the thick sauce covering a nipple, chasing a bit of pineapple that stuck to the hardened bud of flesh, finally drawing it into his mouth.

"Going to kill me. Lexy, please," Clark gasped as he writhed on the bed, pushing up toward Lexís mouth, then back so that the dildo shifted within him, hitting his prostate and causing his bound erection to twitch.

"I keep telling you, Clarkbar, I would never kill you. Youíre much too much fun alive." Lex lapped at the pearly droplets of liquid gathering in Clarkís slit, making his lover moan. "Mmm, just the additional flavoring this needed." He opened his mouth wider, taking the head into his mouth, and sucked, drawing a noodle up so he could eat it.

"Areóoh, Godóare you going to tell that to the restaurant owner?" Clark whimpered, his hips bucking helplessly as the thick noodle spiraled up his erection and into Lexís mouth.

"I think weíll keep that as our little secret," Lex replied once heíd swallowed the noodle. He looked at Clark with the eyes of a gourmand, trying to decide what to try next. Staring into the dazed green gaze, he moved until he could dip his tongue into the depression of Clarkís belly button, lapping at the pool of sticky sauce.

Unable to resist the sight, as when Lex shifted, Clark had a clear view of his erection, he reached up and stroked the heated flesh, feeling Lexís groan as a vibration against his belly.

"You feel as good as you taste," Lex panted, hips thrusting forward before he controlled himself. "And since you seem eager for more..." He reached between Clarkís legs and turned on the vibrator buried inside him, leaving it at its lowest setting while he started nibbling on one of the stalks of broccoli. Each time he bit into it, it shifted, the soft leaves dragging over Clarkís sac.

"You... I..." Unable to put a coherent sentence together, Clark bit at his lower lip, his hands falling back to his side and fisting in the rough terry of the towels under him. The constant vibrations within him contrasted with the feathery strokes of the broccoli leaves, making him feel like he was going to jump out of his skin. "Please, Lex!" he begged.

"Iím doing my best to please you, Clarkbar," Lex purred, deliberately misunderstanding him, blue eyes sparkling up at him. "You need more?" He nudged the vibrator up to the next speed, pausing to lap at the copiously flowing precome before going back to the broccoli.

"You, need you," Clark begged, arching his hips upward and feeling himself beginning to float off the mattress again. He hadnít done this in who knows how long, but then, Lex had never driven him this crazy before, either.

"Then thatís what youíll get." Lex dragged his tongue along the length of Clarkís straining cock, eating another noodle and lapping away the precome from the head, then knelt between his loverís legs. He caught hold of Clarkís hips before he could float out of easy reach, then moved one hand to slowly withdrawn the buzzing dildo, flicking it off as he tossed it aside.

Lex waited for a heartbeat, listening to the younger manís yearning moans, then positioned himself and slid home inside his body in a single long glide.

Clark screamed then as he felt Lex fill him, then screamed again when his orgasm was denied him by the thick band wrapped around his cock and balls. "Lex, please, Lex. Need to come, need you in me deeper. Need, need..." Clarkís begging trailed off into a low moan as Lex began to thrust in him, each movement making him dance in the air.

"Not yet, Clarkbar," Lex gritted out, gasping for air as he drove into the other man. "Tonight we both get everything. After I come in you, you get to fuck me, and thatís when you can come." He lowered his head to nip and suck at a rigid nipple, tasting the faint remnants of the sweet and sour sauce that had been there earlier.

"Canít, canít wait!" Clark rasped, finally bringing his hands up around Lex to hold him closer, needing the pressure against his body and, more importantly, against his erection.

"Yes, you can. You will," Lex growled, thrusting into him hard and fast, his own climax imminent. He knew Clark wanted to come, but he needed to feel his lover inside him first. "Oh god, Clark!" he suddenly cried, tensing as he slammed into Clark, shuddering with pleasure.

"Lex," Clark whimpered, feeling himself settled back onto the bed as Lexís tremors ran through him. Every nerve of his body felt hyper-sensitized, and he gave a small, frantic prayer that some weird new power didnít decide to make itself known right then.

As soon as he could move again, Lex levered himself up, pausing to press a kiss to Clarkís parted lips, and pulled out of him. Never looking away from his loverís frantic gaze, he prepared himself, coated Clarkís erection, and shifted position until he could sink down onto it.

"Now, Clarkbar," he whispered, reaching down to unfasten the binding.

With a rabid howl, Clark came, feeling his vision dim with the force of his orgasm. Part of his mind knew his fingers were digging into Lexís hips, leaving marks that were going to bruise, but he couldnít bring himself to care.

Lex shivered as well, enjoying Clarkís climax almost as much as his own, and he leaned down to kiss him, tugging at his lower lip with his teeth. "Told you youíd like it," he murmured smugly.

Clark groaned, feeling as if heíd been near meteor rocks too long because there was no way in hell he could move. "Liked it so much I plan on doing it to you before we leave," he muttered.

"Oh." Lex blinked. "Well, just be prepared to have to carry me out to the car afterward," he said with a faint laugh. "I donít think Iíd be able to move for a week after that."

"Not a problem, Krillin," Clark sighed. "Iíll do it the night before we leave, then you can sleep all the way back to Smallville."

"Mmmm, remind me to let you kidnap me more often!"

Clark chuckled sleepily and squirmed, trying to get comfortable on the bare mattress as the towels had gotten bunched up beside him. "Any time you want, Lexy."


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