Dark Eden ~ Angyl & Rina

1. Chances ~ m/m (Andy Cooper/Gavin Sullivan), Adult-graphic (118K) 03-09-04
Second chances often lead to new beginnings and even a happily ever after.

2. Please Come Home for Christmas ~ Gavin Sullivan/Andy Cooper, Adult-graphic (18K) 12-22-04
A blustery, snowy night nearly keeps two lovers apart on Christmas Eve.


Paranormal Universe


A Sudden Shift in Perception (Angyl & Rina) ~ m/m (Lucas San Gabriel/Rowan Brand), Adult-graphic (195K) 03-30-03
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan

A man finds out that the paranormal really does exist and that he is, in fact, a member of a very small sub race of mankind known as shapeshifters.
WARNING: This story contains bestiality of sorts. The main characters are shapeshifters, so they are still human under the fur and fangs, but nonetheless there is a human and a shifted human in animal form engaging in sex.

A Stranger in Town (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Joe San Gabriel/Sam Tallfeather), Adult-graphic (125K) 04-08-03
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan

A stranger passing through Cougar Falls catches the attention of both San Gabriel twins, but he has his own ideas of which he wants.
WARNING: Once again, these are shapeshifters, so here there be sex between shifters in human form and shifters in cat form... which I suppose could be considered bestiality. There's also cat-cat sex in addition to man-man - but that last's why you're here, right? *g*

Offer Your Throat to the Wolf (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f, (Jesse Lorimar/Eva San Gabriel, Jesse Lorimar/Rayne Youngblood), Adult-graphic (131K) 04-10-03
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan / Wisconsin Shifters

A romantic triangle with a twist.

Bringing Him Home to Mother (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Joe San Gabriel/Sam Tallfeather), Adult-graphic (60K) 02-28-04
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan
Sam and Joe visit Sam's family to try to learn more about his father. Takes place a couple of months after "A Stranger in Town" and "Alliances". Direct sequel to "A Stranger in Town".

Coming of Age (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Mike Lorimar/Kelly Meadows), Adult-graphic (73K) 01-23-04
Wisconsin Shifters

Mike finally notices what's right under his nose. Takes place about a couple of months after the end of "Offer Your Throat to the Wolf", which Mike and his family first appeared in.

Mr. Right (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Jeremy Meadows/Jennifer Lorimar), Adult-graphic (54K) 02-15-04
Wisconsin Shifters

Another Lorimer finds her mate. Takes place a few days before the end of "Coming of Age".

Alliances (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m/f (Rob San Gabriel/Elena Garcia/Miguel de la Vega), Adult-graphic, (52K) 08-27-03
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan /  New Mexico Shifters - Garcia Clan

The leaders of two shifter clans want an alliance, but will the participants agree to a marriage?

The Lady or the Wolf (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Eric Tate/Traci Lorimar), Adult-graphic (40K) 02-22-04
Wisconsin Shifters / New York Shifters - Tate Enterprises

The last of the Lorimer siblings finds what's been missing from her life. Takes place a couple of months after "Coming of Age" and "Mr. Right".

Mixing Business with Pleasure (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Ace Cole/Alexander Hawkins), Adult-graphic (61K) 02-22-04
New York Shifters - Tate Enterprises

Two of Eric's staff finally decide that it's time to explore the possibilities. Takes place concurrently with "The Lady or the Wolf".

The Interview (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m/m (Rade Camden/Blayze San Gabriel/Cutter O'Dell), Adult-graphic (15K) 10-25-04
Caer Myrddin Resort
At a shifter resort, a potential newcomer interviews with the resort owner.

Opening the Cage Door (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/m (Paul Palardy/Julien St. Onge), Adult-graphic (102K) 07-18-03
Paris Shifters

The black sheep of a powerful shifter family meets someone who doesn't care about his 'disgrace'.
WARNING: Once again, these are shapeshifters, so here there be sex between shifters in human form and shifters in cat form. There's also cat-cat sex in addition to man-man - but that last's why you're here, right? *g*

Showing Her Claws (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/f (Alexei Taleniekov/Hélène Palardy), Adult-graphic (52K) 08-09-03
Paris Shifters

Another Palardy sees Mr. Right and goes after him.

Size Does Matter (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/m (Kyle Logan/Jonas Anderson), Adult-graphic (81K) 03-10-04
Washington, D.C. Shifters

The physical part of mating's easy, but adapting to each other...
WARNING: Once again, these are shapeshifters, so here there be sex between shifters in human form and shifters in cat form... which I suppose could be considered bestiality. There's also man-man sex, but that's why you're here, right? *g*

Christmas Traditions (Orithain & Rina) ~ Joe San Gabriel/Sam Tallfeather, Adult-graphic (26K) 12-09-04
Montana Shifters - San Gabriel Clan
Sam wonders if he'll survive Christmas with Joe's family.

All Mine (Orithain & Rina) ~ Josh Hartley/Jake Carter, Adult-graphic (41K) 11-24-06
Wisconsin Shifters
Much to his dismay, a college student found himself mated to a thirteen-year-old. A series of scenes from the first decade of their lives as mates.
WARNING: Very slightly underage sex (just short of Jake's sixteenth birthday and very much consensual).

Lone Wolf (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Dominico Romani/Diarmuid MacTiernan), Adult-graphic (80K) 04-23-09
Romani Clan Shifters

A lone--and lonely--wolf shifter finds everything changing when shifter aristocracy visits his small town.



Want to know more about our vampires and their nature? Click here for a short description.

Backstory 1: Freed from Their Bonds (Orithain & Rina) ~ Edward, Richard, Anne, Non-explicit (27K) 12-05-04
A vampire takes pity on the imprisoned princes and turns them, freeing them from the Tower.

1. Rebirth (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/m (Derek Lindstrom/Nick St. John), Adult-graphic (148K) 10-31-03
A college professor seems to have an uncanny knowledge of the fall of Troy and a fondness for vampire stories. But vampires aren't real... are they?
Originally published as a zine by AngelWings Press and still available for order.

2. A Night's Play (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/m/m (Derek Lindstrom/Nick St. John/Kel), Adult-graphic (56K) 02-22-04
Derek and Nick buy a playmate for the night.
WARNING: Kel's sixteen.

3. Adagio (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/m (Kelson Davies/Xiomar), Adult-graphic (91K) 09-25-04
The rentboy from A Night's Play meets another vampire, though neither of them knows that he's met vampires before.
WARNING: Kel's still sixteen.

4. Fallen Angel (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/m (Angel Carmichael/Marc St. Onge), Adult-graphic (154K) 09-30-04
A vampire attacks a member of Kel's extended family.
WARNING: Mention of rape and violence.

5. My Name Is Not Vlad! (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Ethan James/Bryce Carstairs) & m/m/f (/Carly Benedict), Adult-graphic (47K) 10-20-04
When Count Dracula met the rebel without a cause... really.

6. The Lady and the Vamp (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (JT McGee/Carly Benedict), Adult-graphic (67K) 10-23-04
An old-world Southern gentleman meets a twenty-first century woman who grew up on the streets.

7. A New Beginning (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Ned York, Curt Barnes), Adult-graphic (82K) 12-08-04
The streetwalking family's lost member comes home, but what will he find there?
Note: This is Prince/King Edward of Freed from Their Bonds more than 500 years later.

8. Royalty and Whores (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Ned York/Curt Barnes), Adult-graphic (52K) 09-28-06
Rick left a housewarming gift for his brother.

9. Worthwhile (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Rick York/Hal James), Adult-graphic (87K) 01-08-05
Rick tries to convince a young human that he's worth wanting.
Note: Here's what became of the second Prince in the Tower in modern times.

10. Changes (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/f (Josh King/Casey Benedict), Adult-graphic (65K) 06-07-05
The vampires' database is hacked, and they all get more than they bargained for.

11. Almost Enough (Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m (Rick York/Hal James), Adult-graphic (47K) 10-29-06
Jealousy can lead to unexpected places when you're a vampire.


Toronto Stories

All Souls' Night

The Dancer: Jason & Davin ~ Angyl & Orithain

1. Let's Dance ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (28K) Nov. 01
A wealthy businessman meets a dancer, and it's lust at first sight.

2. Exposed ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (39K) 10-04-02
Jason finds out about Dav's other job.

3. Together for the Holidays ~ Jason Wellesley/Davin Halliday, Adult-graphic (33K) 12-25-04
A business trip at the holidays makes Jason realize what's really important.

A Difference in Ages (Orithain& Rina) ~ m/m (Jordan Mitchell/Jon Waters) (71K) 03-02-04
What happens when a teenager thinks his dad's boss is the sexiest thing he's ever seen.

Kane & Parris ~ Angyl & Orithain

  1. Discovering Parris ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (74K) 05-14-02
    A counselor at the 519 Community Centre is dismayed to realize that he's attracted to a young man assigned to community service there.
    WARNING: Parris is a few months shy of his eighteenth birthday in this story, and Kane is in his thirties, so if that bothers you, hit the back button now.

  2. Just Getting Started ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (60K) 06-20-04
    Parris and Kane start making plans for the future.

Extracurricular Activities (Angyl & Orithain) ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (48K) 03-30-03
What's a teacher to do when he has a student like this.
WARNING: Kit's sixteen, which makes him just barely legal.

Forthright (Angyl & Orithain) ~ f/f, Adult-graphic (27K) 06-22-02
A lawyer wants to play after winning a hard case, and she finds the perfect playmate.

The Irish: Kieran & Jaxon ~ Angyl & Orithain

1. The Luck of the Irish ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (80K) Feb. 02
In Belfast, a Catholic man and a Protestant boy become friends, a relationship that slowly changes over the years.

2. Shopping Spree ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (30K) 02-16-03
Jax makes himself over to fit the new him.

3. School Daze ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (22K) 03-30-03
Jax teases Kier again... or is that still?

Making New Friends (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ m/m/m (Rory Flynn/Nic Carter/Frank Verdano), Adult-graphic, (68K), 09-25-03
Toronto's Pride Parade is a great place to meet people.

Showing Him Around Around (Orithain& Rina) ~ m/m, Adult-graphic (96K) 01-08-02
A ballplayer explores his sexuality and meets a young man who's happy to show him around.


The Series Without a Name ~ Orithain & Rina

1. Hard to Top ~ m/m (Bain Hartley/Evan Barnes), Adult-graphic (63K) 05-03-05
Some things are just as much fun as winning gold.



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