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Orithain and Rina

August 2005

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Muttering to himself and looking slightly distracted, Col. John Sheppard walked into the main lab section of Atlantis and looked around. His brow furrowed when he only saw one of the people he was looking for, but that was better than none, so he decided that conscription was a viable tactic for this mission.

"Radek, have you seen Rodney lately?" John asked the shorter man as he walked to his side, peering over his shoulder at what he was doing.

The Czech scientist finished what he was doing before turning to look at Col. Sheppard quizzically. "Why would I know where he is? Always McKay is in the lab or with you if he takes a break. He is not here, and I am not you, so no, I have not seen him." He turned back to his work.

John nodded and leaned in over Radekís shoulder again, not saying anything, just watching him work.

Radek stopped and leaned forward enough that he could turn his head without bumping noses with the colonel. "Can I help you?" he asked with exaggerated patience.

"Why, Dr. Zelenka, thank you for offering." Grinning now, John caught the other man by the arm and began dragging him away from his work, the Czech posing little problem after the months of dealing with Rodneyís stubbornness.

Radek tried to drag his heels, but he didnít think Sheppard even noticed. "I did not mean you should kidnap me!" he snapped. "Where are you dragging me?"

"To help me look for Rodney, of course."

"I am not a bloodhound!"

John smiled easily, moving his arm to Radekís shoulder to keep him moving. "No, but youíre good company and one of the other people he probably least wants to see right now, so youíre stuck with the duty."

Radek rolled his eyes. "As satisfying as it is to be in the right for once in face of Rodneyís normal rudeness, I do not intend to rub his face in the fact that he was wrong and I was right. Well," he considered, "perhaps one Ďwhoís Dr. Fumbles McStupid now?í"

"He thought he was right. Hell, he had me convinced he was right and that this would work." John sighed at the memory. "And it almost killed him. That I canít forgive. Iíve grown used to my geeks; I want to keep you guys around." He gave Radekís shoulder a light squeeze as he spoke.

His eyebrows shooting toward his hairline, Radek peered at John through glasses he pushed up his nose as if hoping for greater clarity. "I was not aware you classed anyone other than Rodney as Ďyoursí."

John rubbed his chin with his free hand, his thoughtful look turning amused when he thought over what he said. "Huh. Guess you snuck up on me Ďcause now you fall under that heading too."

Blinking in surprise, Radek was left momentarily speechless. "You are not what I expect of an American soldier," he said finally.

"Why? Because I can string together more than three words at a time?"

"No, because you prefer to spend time with scientists rather than soldiers. And you lay claim to us!"

John shrugged off the comment. "Theyíre Marines; Iím Air Force, big difference there. As for claiming you, Iíve always liked picking up strays."

Radekís eyes narrowed. "Do I look like Benji to you?"

"I always loved that movie!" John said brightly. "And you do have the scruffy, fly-away hair thing going for you..."

Radekís growl was followed by a stream of very aggrieved-sounding Czech.

"I know, Dr. Z., you couldnít agree more," John laughed, leading him down the corridor toward the secondary lab Atlantis had said Rodney was in.

Realizing that Sheppard had a specific goal in mind, Radek tried to stop again. "If you know where he is, why are you dragging me around?"

"Told you already, I need help."

Grinding his teeth wouldnít help, so Radek tried again. "With what?" he growled.

"With Rodney." John stopped walking, bringing Radek to a halt as well so that he could look down at him. "We both know the whole Durandanes thing was a major fuck-up, but he hasnít bounced back. Now part of that is my fault; I said some things to him that, well, maybe I should have phrased differently, so I need help fixing it."

"I am not Dear Abby either!"

"No, you donít have the tits for it. I meant Iím betting you told him off tooónot that he didnít deserve itóand honestly, do you really like this new Rodney?"

Radek sighed. "No," he admitted grumpily. "It was my dream for months to see Rodney admit to a mistake, but now... no. I prefer the old McKay."

"Exactly, which is why youíre here with me." John winked as he spoke. "I figure that between the two of us we can annoy Rodney enough to get him back to his old self."

Radek gaped at him. "You want to intentionally annoy him? Do you also enjoy poking hornetsí nests with a stick?"

"Do you really want him to stay the way he is?"

"I want hazard pay," Radek grumbled. But Sheppard was right; something had to be done to snap Rodney out of this. Heíd just hoped he wouldnít be the one to die for it.

"Iíll protect you," John promised before grinning and moving the hand on Radekís shoulder to tousle his hair. "And if we play this right, there might even be a bonus in it for you."

Regarding him suspiciously, Radek asked, "What?"

Johnís expression turned wounded at that. "Donít you trust me, Dr. Z?" he pouted.

"No!" Of course, Radek did, but only in the important things. When it came to everyday life and practical jokes, he knew to be wary of John Sheppard.

"No?" The pout grew, and John threw in the puppy dog eyes for good measure.

More swearing in Czech and Radek shook his head in self-disgust. "I know better than to fall for this. I deserve what I get." He gestured down the hall. "Lead on."

"Itíll be fine, I promise," John assured him, leading them up to a door that opened at his approach. "McKay!" he shouted, "Why are you hiding out in here?"

"I am not hiding," Rodney replied with offended dignity. "I simply chose to work on my own."

"Is hiding," Radek muttered.

"Not arguing with that at all," John responded before addressing Rodney. "Working alone isnít good for you, so weíre here to watch. Well, Iím here to watch; Radekís here to help." He smiled sunnily and dragged an extra stool up to the workbench.

"I donít need a watchdog, and I donít need any help," Rodney snarled. "What Iím doing is neither vital nor dangerous."

Radek shrugged. "The colonel is right. You spend too much time alone lately. You are becoming anti-social," he said dryly.

"Which is hard to do for you, but like Radek said, weíre here to remedy that, so work away." As John spoke, he dropped onto the stool and leaned against the bench. "So tell him what youíre doing and get on with it."

Rodney glared. "Iím not blowing up a solar system, so go away!"

"No." Radek crossed his arms and glared right back.

Entertained by the match of wills, John watched avidly, waiting for one of them to break and doubting it would be Radek.

"Go away, Zebra!"

"Zelenka! And no!"

"That one lost effectiveness a while ago, Rodney," John chuckled.

"Not to me it hasnít!"

Radek growled. "You made a mistake. Yes, it was awful and spectacularly large in typical McKay fashion, but everyone. Makes. Mistakes. Get over it!"

"What he said," John echoed.

"I destroyed five-sixths of a solar system!" Rodney nearly screamed, clenching his fists at his sides to try to hide their shaking. "Iím responsible for Collinsí death for nothing and I nearly got you killed too!" Tremors were wracking his body as he fought to retain control. The only good part of it all was that Collins was the only one to die for his blind arrogance since the planet in the habitable zone of that solar system was already dead.

"But you didnít, Rodney," John said, his tone growing gentler as he stood and moved closer to Rodney, going slowly so as not to spook him, glancing at Radek and then at Rodneyís other side and hoping the Czech got the message. "Want to compare mistakes? Look who let the Wraith loose on the galaxy."

"That wasnít the same," Rodney snapped. "You didnít know what would happen."

Radek moved closer, letting Rodney feel his warmth at his side, but he remained silent, letting Col. Sheppard speak. He had a feeling that last cry of Rodneyís had been the telling one, and Sheppard was the only one who could deal with that.

John sighed and closed the final step between himself and Rodney, trapping him neatly in the bracket of his and Radekís bodies. "You nearly killed yourself too, you know. How do you think that makes me feel?"

Rodney shrugged stiffly. "It was my choice. But I bleated at you about trust, and I nearly got you killed and..." He had to swallow hard before he could continue, "...and I lost your trust."

Radek placed a hand on Rodneyís shoulder, offering him comfort and support.

"No, Rodney, you didnít." John slid an arm around his waist and pulled him into a hug, catching Radek with his free hand so he was included as well. "I said that because you scared the shit out of me. You got so damned obsessed with that thing you didnít care what happened, and you wouldnít listen to any of us."

"Iím supposed to be right," Rodney whispered. "If I canít even get that right, what good am I?"

Radek sighed heavily. "No one is always right, Rodney. Not even you. Welcome to the human race. Next time listen to us."

"One time wrong versus lots of rights, and youíre plenty of good," John continued, stroking Rodneyís back, his fingertips brushing over Radekís side as well. "You were worried about me dying, and I was worried about you, but weíre here, one more thing we all survived."

Rodney finally raised his eyes to meet Johnís. "I nearly killed you," he whispered, and Radek sighed with relief behind him. Finally it was out in the open.

John raised his hand to stroke Rodneyís face. "It didnít happen; Iím okay, but if you ever do anything like that again, Iím going to make you wish you were dead, got it?"

"I... okay." Rodney managed a very faint smile that only lasted a split second.

Watching them, Radek began to edge toward the exit, pleased that they finally seemed to be admitting what everyone in Atlantis had seen months before but vaguely aware of a hollow feeling in his middle.

"Hey." John looked away from Rodney for a split second and caught Radekís eye. "I thought you had something to tell him." Behind Radek, the door slid shut again and locked with a musical chime.

"What?" Rodney looked back over his shoulder. "Radek?"

Radek frowned. "I believe this is a situation where threeís a crowd. I can berate McKay for his monumental ego later."

"Rodney? Do you want Radek to leave?"

Rodney looked from one man to the other, both friends, and both frequent stars in his fantasies, and he shook his head. "Stay."

Confused, Radek stared at them. "I do not understand," he finally admitted.

"Itís simple." John caught Rodneyís hand in his and reached for Radek with the other. "Stay."

"Or canít you understand simple instructions?" Rodney added with a hint of his normal acerbic humor.

"I understand what. I do not understand why." Radek stood there, his hand in the colonelís, and he wondered what was going on. Everyone knew John and Rodney would end up together; it was obvious. So why was he there?

"And this is why Iím in charge." Rodney smirked slightly.

"Iím beginning to see that point," John sighed before glancing at Rodney. "Do you mind if I show him?"

"Oh, please do, but I expect to be treated in kind for being polite enough to let you do this."

Radek blinked, beginning to get an inkling of what they were talking about but unable to believe it.

"You know," John laughed, relaxed now that his plan was on the verge of working, "for a smart guy, youíre awfully slow at times." Giving Rodneyís hand a squeeze, he let it go so that he could curl it around the back of Radekís neck and draw him in for a slow, probing kiss that turned deeper when the scientist opened his mouth in a gasp.

Still stunned, Radek wasnít so far gone that he didnít take full advantage of the opportunity heíd never expected to have. He pressed close, hoping this wasnít going to make things worse with Rodney, but he was relieved of that worry when he felt Rodneyís hand on his back.

"Got it now?" John asked when they finally broke apart.

"Ahem," Rodney said when it seemed Radek wasnít able to answer.

Radek grinned slowly. "I think it is my turn to watch."

"Yeah, I thought you were supposed to be cheering me up," Rodney grumbled, his eyes intent on Johnís kiss-swollen lips.

"Guess weíd better start on that then," John laughed, catching Rodneyís face between both hands before devouring his mouth with almost as much desperation as hunger.

Though he would never admit to making such a sound, Rodney whimpered into the kiss. Heíd hardly dared hope for this, and after what heíd done, heíd abandoned even the faint, stubborn hopes heíd nurtured, so to have John kissing him now was completely overwhelming. And to have both him and Radek... The thought had him harder than titanium.

The sounds the other two men were making were enough to make Radek squirm where he stood, his whole body clenching with arousal, and he hoped that he would not be forgotten now.

"Damn." John was panting heavily when they finally broke apart, and he looked from Rodneyís flushed face to Radekís exquisitely hungry expression. "Guess I get to watch this round, then we can see what trouble we all can get into when we find a bed."

"Well, Radek?" Rodney asked, his tone hopeful but also nervous.

"If you ever call me Fumbles McStupid again, I will tie you to a chair and make you watch John fuck me without letting you come!" Radek growled an instant before he pulled Rodney into a hard kiss.

"Iím liking that idea," John commented from where he was again leaning against the bench, apparently at ease though tension thrummed through his body.

"I always knew you were a kinky little bastard!" Rodney exclaimed triumphantly.

"Which one of us?" Radek murmured, reaching for John to draw him into the embrace.

"You of course," Rodney snorted, closing the circle as he wrapped an arm around John as well. "Heís a big, kinky bastard."

"Hey, is that such a bad thing? Youíll never be bored with us around," John laughed.

"And Radek and I will still make you better weapons and figure out how to get you more jumpers," Rodney said, regaining his confidence now that the two people whose opinions mattered to him had convinced him that he hadnít lost their respect.

Radek eyed him. "But not today. And we will also take time to spend in bed. Even occasionally to sleep."

John snorted. "I need to record that comment so I can play it back to the two of you the next time you find a new toy to play with."

Rodney had to grin at that. "I think I just found a couple of new ones that will occupy me for some time."

Radek nodded eagerly. "But three people on a lab table? Does not fit. We need a bed."

"Standard issue cot here, anyoneís larger?" John asked, taking advantage of the scientistsí distraction to grope their asses.

Both scientists shook their heads, looking dismayed until Rodney snapped his fingers. "Sleeping bags piled on top of all our pillows. Itíll take a few minutes to get everything together, but itíll be worth it. Thereís no way all of us are getting into one of those beds. Radek, tomorrow we explore this city till we find a real bed. I refuse to believe the Ancients didnít have any!"

"Iíll have a talk with the city, see if I can get any ideas as to where to look, but until then Iím liking that idea. Now, safest room would be..." John looked at the other two and squeezed Radekís ass, laughing when he squeaked. "That one."

"That one?" Rodney and Radek chorused.

"Do you mean mine?" Radek continued.

"If so, yeah, makes sense," Rodney decided. "Iím the only one likely to knock on Radekís door in the middle of the night, unlike the two of us."

Radek look almost outraged at being referred to as Ďthat oneí, so John had to kiss him again, then Rodney for good measure in case he started feeling depressed again, and then of course they had to kiss each other, and at this rate they were never going to get out of this room! "You know, blowjobs donít need a bed," he offered.

"A very good point, Colonel," Rodney mused.

Radek grumbled in Czech before continuing in English. "Two lovers and I still donít get fucked?"

"Wait, I changed my mind! A bedlike surface is much better," Rodney said quickly.

"So who gets the middle?" John grinned.

"The question should be who gets the middle first," Rodney corrected, making Radek beam.

"Rodney, get pillows from your room and Johnís. John, get sleeping bags. I will make sure there is empty space big enough for our new bed. Move!"

"Yes, sir, Dr. Zelenka." John popped off a salute and kissed them both once more for good measure before unlocking the door and trotting out of the room.

"If you think Iím saluting you with anything other than the body part that already is, youíre insane," Rodney grumbled. "And do you have lotion or anything like it?"

Radek grinned wickedly. "I know where Carson keeps the key to his supplies. I always have lube." He stole another kiss before getting Rodney moving. "Donít forget to get all the pillows you both have. You are the one who will complain about a bad back in the morning if you do."

"Who needs a pillow, I plan to fall asleep on the two of you!"

Humming to himself, John carried four sleeping bags up to Radekís door, kicking the portal with his boot because his hands were full. "Turn down service," he called when he heard a noise inside.

The door opened thanks to Rodneyís gene, but neither of the two men entwined on the heap of pillows in the middle of the floor moved. They looked up at him, two pairs of dazed blue eyes slowly focusing, and four hands reached for him.

"Normally Iíd complain about the two of you starting without me, but youíre too damned cute like that." He dropped the sleeping bags near the pillows and scooted into the pile, shuddering when Rodney and Radek had him half naked in thirty seconds while at the time managing to maul his mouth on an almost constant basis.

"Weíll catch you up," Rodney promised, working on Johnís belt while Radek attacked his left boot, the right one already having lost the battle.

As soon as Rodney had Johnís pants undone, the two scientists combined their efforts to rid him of them, and then they were all over him, licking, sucking, biting, tasting, laying claim to him.

"You know Iíd be happy toóoh shit, that feels good." John suffered a momentary loss of speech when Rodney bit at the hollow of his throat while Radek was doing the same to the soft skin of his inner thigh. He reached for both of them, getting one hand on Rodneyís back and the other on the back of Radekís head and tried to pull both of them closer.

The two scientists exchanged evil, knowing smirks and pressed closer, Radek distracting John with a blow job while Rodney prepared the colonel for what theyíd planned while waiting for him.

"Jesus, Radek, that mouth should be illegal," John moaned, trying not to buck up into the hot, eager mouth sucking him as if he was the best tasting thing in the world while Rodney was... "Fuck!"

"Thatís what Iím doing, Colonel," Rodney agreed, his hand on Johnís hip holding him still while Radek settled himself in front of John and slowly pushed back onto his cock.

"So I get to be the filling. Cool, I like sandwiches." Johnís voice was strained with the effort of holding still with Rodney in him and Radek squeezing down around him, and he reached for both of them, getting an arm around Radekís waist and one behind Rodneyís neck as he gave an experimental roll of the hips.

All three of them gasped, and Rodney abandoned the comment heíd been about to make about John being the turkey in favor of moaning instead. "This is very good," Radek breathed, reaching back and clutching Johnís thigh as he began to move.

"Oh yeah," John gasped, sliding his hand lower to find Radekís erection and stroking him in time with the rhythm they had finally established while he tightened down around Rodney.

Rodneyís breath hitched out, and he stuttered out a needy sound, making the other two groan and move faster. Each sound from one roused the other two still more in an endless cycle of heat and lust.

Rocking on the long cock filling him, Radek reached down to grip Johnís hand on his own erection, urging it to move faster.

John shuddered when Rodney hit his prostate, driving him forward into Radek. "Not going to last," he grated out.

"Then youíd better make sure Radek comes too, or I think he might kill you," Rodney chuckled breathlessly against Johnís ear. He was getting close too, Johnís movements and rhythmic clenching driving him ever nearer the edge, and the whining moans from Radek only made him hotter.

"No dying on my watch," John panted, biting down on the curve where Radekís neck met his shoulder and hitching forward as he tightened his hand on the Czechís cock. The things Rodney was doing to him made thinking near impossible, but he knew he wanted to feel them come in him and around him, and then do it all again as soon as possible in another permutation.

Radek yowled when he felt Johnís teeth, and he came instantly, his body convulsing in spasms of shattering pleasure. He was aware of the cock inside him as he clenched down around it, the fullness only adding to his enjoyment as his seed spurted over his belly and his and Johnís joined hands.

"Oh fuck yeah," Rodney breathed, groaning deeply when the scent of Radekís come reached him. "So good," he rasped, fingers clenching in Johnís hair to wrench his head back so Rodney could savage his mouth. John could only gurgle before he cried out into Rodneyís mouth, the feeling of Radek spasming around him as he came causing him to lose the battle to hold off his own orgasm, and he came as well, squirming between his scientists.

Radek moaned when John drove into him in his own climax, another shudder of pleasure shaking the Czech. He pressed back, keeping John as far inside him as possible, reveling in the feeling of possession.

Rodney cried out, a guttural exclamation that might have been Johnís name, and he shook as Johnís spasms all but ripped his climax from him. John sighed as he felt Rodneyís come flooding him, and he rocked his hips back and forth, stimulating all three of them, his hands petting as much bare flesh as he could reach as he alternately traded kisses with Radek, then Rodney.

"The rest of the science team is going to kill me," Radek sighed some minutes later.

"And why would that be?" John asked, rearranging them so that he was on his back with Radek on one shoulder and Rodney the other.

"Iíd like to know that too," Rodney yawned, scooting closer so that he was half-draped over John, his arm and leg brushing Radekís.

"Because tomorrow the old McKay will be back in the lab screaming at and insulting everyone, and sooner or later they will figure out that I had something to do with it." He sighed morosely, but the effect was dampened when he stretched across John to kiss Rodney.

John chuckled and leaned back into the pillows as far as possible to watch the other two kiss, enjoying the way they made almost a science of the art. "Yeah, that shit-eating grin might give it away."

"Of course he looks smug," Rodney said, "heís got me. And Col. Kirk."

Radek snickered.

"Excuse me?" John asked, sounding affronted.

"Only if you donít do it anymore."

Radek nodded. "Is only fair. Two of us should be enough for you."

"So I flirt with people, is that a crime?" John pouted. "Want to know how many people Iíve had sex with since coming here? One! And that wasnít even normal, get-down-and-get-sweaty sex; it was weird, glowy, Ancient sex, and honestly, I like this kind better."

"This is good." Radek laid his head back on Johnís shoulder. "My grandmother was sent to prison for cutting the penis off my grandfather after she found him in barn with another woman."

John froze before giving a shaky laugh. "Her name wasnít Lorena, by any chance, was it?"

"You are kidding, arenít you, Radek?" Rodney asked.

Radek just smiled serenely.

"You are kidding, right, Radek?" John asked nervously.

"Would I joke about something like that? Not that it matters since you wouldnít be cheating on us."

"Nope, no cheating here, I like my geeks in my arms and my privates where they are," John said quickly while Rodney snickered.

Radek laughed and pressed a kiss to Johnís shoulder. "This is good. I did not expect this, but I am glad of it."

"Even if I yell at you tomorrow?" Rodney asked.

"I will ignore you or yell back," Radek shrugged. "As always."

"Can I watch?" John asked hopefully.

"Yes," Radek said at the same moment as Rodney growled, "No."

"Help me here, Radek," John muttered before turning his saddest look on Rodney. "Please?"

"Oh, that is so unfair!"

Radek snickered. "You donít need my help. Everyone in Atlantis knows that look gets whatever you want from him."

"Not whatever," John corrected, winking at Radek. "I needed help for that."

Radek smiled wryly. "I think you could have had that any time you asked for it. But I am glad you waited Ďtil I could join in."

"Do I get any say in this?" Rodney huffed.

"Nope, because you talk too much, and I waited because I didnít want to have to ask for it; I wanted him to come freely; hell, I wanted that from both of you," John admitted.

Rodney snorted. "Check your ass; I came freely all right."

"Shut up, Rodney," Radek said. "And did you really think that anyone was going to approach someone in the American military without some encouragement?" He shook his head. "For a supposedly intelligent man, you can be an idiot, Colonel."

"Hey!" John complained. "I gave him plenty of encouragement!"

"When?" Rodney demanded even as Radek nodded, conceding the point.

"Granted, but with all that encouragement to Rodney, you thought I would proposition you?" he scoffed.

"Naw." John grinned. "I figured locking us all in together took care of that part and would even give Dr. Oblivious here a clue."

"Insults are so not conducive to warm, squishy feelings, Colonel," Rodney grumbled. "And that goes for you too, Zenlenka."

Radek calmly raised his head, leaned over, and bit Rodneyí shoulder. "Ze-len-ka," he intoned slowly, as if to someone learning impaired.

"Radek is easier," John commented.

"Actually, I think youíre easiest," Rodney retorted, making Radek laugh.

"Hey, someone has to be."

"Just keep it in your pants around everyone else now. Two should be enough to keep you busy." Rodney settled himself more comfortably, nudging Johnís arm where he wanted it.

"God, sleep with one ascended Ancient babe and youíre the slut of the Pegasus galaxy," John whined even as he hugged the other men close. "And be nice or Iíll make you get the sleeping bags."

"Donít move," Rodney grumbled. "Iím comfortable."

"Listen to McKay," Radek advised.

John shrugged, making both Rodney and Radek grumble. "Fine, donít complain to me if you get cold tonight; Iím comfy here."

Radek reached up to the bed and yanked the blanket down. "There, now quiet and sleep, please."

"Thatís the smartest thing youíve said since Iíve known you," Rodney yawned, helping to spread the blanket over them.

"Shh, Iím sleeping," John muttered, his arms tightening around his scientists to make sure they didnít stray during the night.


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