Orithain and Rina

November 2005

Disclaimers: We only wish they were ours. Sadly, this is as close as weíre going to get.

"Where are you going?"

The sleepy drawl had Rodney spinning in place, casting a guilty look back at the two people who were still curled up in the mound of pillows and sleeping bags that littered the floor.

"Um, well, yes, I just thought Iíd go get us some breakfast," he stammered.

Radek opened one bleary eye to peer up at Rodney. "Donít trust him; he thinks too much. If we let him go now, heíll decide this was some kind of mistake, and weíll have to hunt him down again."

"Heís not going to do that, are you, Rodney?" John asked mildly, looking up at the scientist, his hazel eyes intense. "Because he knows how much trouble heíd get into if we had to get up and go look for him, right?"

Rodney stammered and wouldnít meet their eyes, making Radek sigh and reach out to yank him back down to their makeshift bed. "Stop that! This is not mistake, and we are not letting you go."

Rodney started to protest, and John shut him up by kissing him. "I think someone needs another demonstration," he murmured, winking at Radek when he finally let Rodney breathe again. "McKay in the middle?"

"Very good plan," Radek approved, pressing up against Rodneyís back and kissing the tender hollow between his neck and shoulder.

"Donít I get any say in this?" Rodney demanded breathlessly, already hardening.


"And then weíll get Radek in the middle," John chuckled, rolling to his back and pulling Rodney on top of him and kissing him silent again.

"I love an equitable relationship," Radek murmured, shivering with growing arousal as he watched John kiss Rodney.

"You two are nuts," Rodney grumbled, thought he didnít try to get away from the arms that held him in place.

"Well, of course we are; would we be in another galaxy otherwise?" John laughed.

"Itís why this will work so well," Radek murmured, pressing closer again.

"Because weíre all insane?" Rodney gasped.

"Because we all like to take risks," John corrected, reaching back to stroke Radekís side, his fingers trailing down to Rodneyís skin.

"Because we belong together." Both Radek and Rodney shivered, pressing closer until all three men were a tangle of limbs, mouths seeking each other. Radek slowly slid down, nipping at Rodneyís spine as he inched toward his ass, hands stroking both Rodney and John.

Rodney moaned and pressed backwards while trying to stay in contact with Johnís body. "Mmm, yeah, Radek, do it," John murmured, pushing up onto his elbows to be able to watch what was going on.

"I intend to." Radek grinned up at them before sliding the tiniest fraction lower, just enough to be able to lick at Rodneyís hole. Grinning, John worked a hand between his body and Rodneyís to grasp his cock and stroke it while Radek tongue-fucked him. Rodney whimpered, certain that they were destroying every brain cell he had and not caring in the slightest.

"Oh yeah, fucking gorgeous," John breathed, twisting to the side so he could watch Rodneyís expression and what Radek was doing without moving. Radekís blue eyes smiled up at John while he continued driving Rodney crazy, his grip on the other scientistís thighs holding him in place. Rodney whimpered and twisted, and John grinned before shimmying out from under him, twisting around so that he could suck the heavy erection hanging between Rodneyís thighs.

A high whine escaped Rodney, and he shook between them. "Please, oh please," he begged, and even he didnít know if he was pleading for them to stop before they killed him or for more. Not that it mattered, since neither man had any intention of stopping. John smiled at that reaction and reached up over his head so that he could stroke Radek at the same time he sucked Rodney.

Now Radek was the one to shudder with pleasure, a spasm that was translated to Rodney through his still-moving tongue. He released one of Rodneyís legs to reach down and tangle his fingers in Johnís dark hair, needing the connection with both of his lovers.

Rodney whimpered and arched his back, trying to get more of Radek in him without losing contact with Johnís hungry mouth. Realizing that there was a tempting bit of flesh near his own mouth, he reached for Johnís cock, holding it so that he could suck him as well.

Radek groaned his pleasure and rocked his hips into Johnís hand, every sound from the other men increasing his own enjoyment.

"You know," Rodney panted, pulling back from Johnís cock and resting his head on his thigh. "It would be really good if you fucked me right now!"

"If you insist," Radek breathed, pulling out of Johnís hand to slide up, his cock pressing between Rodneyís cheeks while he fumbled for the lube on the nightstand. He hastily slicked himself, gasping as the cool gel coated his overheated flesh, and then he was pressing into Rodney. And now he could watch John and Rodney suck each other off at the same time.

John shuddered when Rodney groaned as Radek entered him, and he reached up, closing a hand on the Czechís hip and urging him on as he sucked harder, rocking his hips up into Rodneyís mouth as they all moved together.

In the middle, Rodney was the first to fall, shuddering as he came into Johnís greedy mouth while Radek continued thrusting against his prostate. The twin sensations had him wailing with pleasure and squirming between the two men, his body spasming around Radekís cock and his mouth still sucking on Johnís. John swallowed down Rodneyís come, groaning at the taste, one hand gripping Radekís hip and the other Rodneyís. He thrust up a few more times, groaning against Rodneyís softening cock, and came as well. The sensation of Rodneyís body clenching around him had Radek gasping out incoherent phrases in Czech as he rapidly pumped in and out of the grasping heat until he too came. When the last spasms had passed and he had caught his breath, Radek lay spooned around Rodney, still inside him, and he smiled contentedly. "This is a very good way to wake up."

"Rodney not trying to get away from us? Yup," John sighed, squirming out from under the two scientists and crawling around so they were all curled together.

Radek made a sound of contentment that was drowned out by Rodneyís protest. "I donít run away!"

"Then just what were you doing?" John asked, his tone full of contentment.

"I... didnít think you would want me to be here this morning."

Radek sighed. "I think we will have to tie him to the bed at night. Which means we need a bed. Which means we need to tell Elizabeth about this so we can get a bigger room."

"Iíll get cuffs from Bates," John nodded before turning his attention back to Rodney. "Okay, why didnít you think weíd want you here?"

Rodney shrugged, looking away. "Iím not very good at relationships."

"Weíll train you," John grinned.

"And itís quite obvious what to use as a reward for good behavior," Radek snickered, making Rodney huff indignantly.

"Powerbars, right?"

Rodney growled and kicked at Johnís leg. "Oh, go be of some use and get us breakfast."

John chuckled as he rolled to his feet. "Donít think that Iím going to do all the grunt work just because Iím the only military member of this threesome." He headed into the bathroom for a quick shower before going to get them something to eat.

After watching the flexing buttocks disappear into the other room, Radek sighed happily and looked at Rodney. "I think we have the best view in Atlantis."

"And weíll have to appreciate itóoften."

"I hear you two plotting out there!" John called.

"So clean your ears and go get me something to eat!" Rodney yelled back. Radek chuckled and lay back in the nest of bedding, completely in harmony with the universe that morning.

"You two should scare me," John commented a bit later as he came out of the bathroom, his damp hair sticking up all over at improbable angles. "One of you is bad enough, but together?" He shook his head as he searched for his clothes though he was grinning the whole time.

"You should be grateful to be so lucky," Radek retorted, again admiring the view.

"I think we should be the ones afraid," Rodney muttered, "...of that hair!"

"Bringing you lemon muffins for that, Rodney," John laughed before turning his head and catching Radek ogling him as he did up his pants. "And nothing at all for you!"

Radek gave him an innocent look. "What, I am supposed to pretend to be blind and ignore such a sight?" He shook his head emphatically. "Never happen."

"I have to agree with Radek on that. You should be used to people staring and drooling by now."

"That was for the comment, not the staring." John straightened up and gave in to the urge, flexing for the other two men then tossing them his towel as he beat a hasty retreat for the door. "To wipe up the drool!"

Laughing, Radek turned to Rodney. "He is going to be very high maintenance, I think. And shall we shower while heís gone or be decadent and laze here in bed?"

"Iím all for decadence," Rodney said quickly. "And this way, after we eat, we can get him messy again; then we can all take a shower." He almost purred at the thought of sleek, naked, wet John and Radek. For some reason, his imaginary Radek still had his glasses on, and Rodney snickered.

Radek watched him curiously. "What is so funny about that?" he asked warily, knowing from experience that Rodneyís mind could go to some very odd places.

"Visuals. Very absurd visuals."

"I think I am best not to ask." Radek rolled to his side to run a hand lazily along Rodneyís ribs.

Rodney chuckled and squirmed under the light touch. "Itís probably better that way."

"Ticklish?" Radek gave him a truly evil smile.

"No! Not at all!" Desperate for a distraction, Rodney kissed Radek, licking his way into that devilishly grinning mouth. Willing to be distracted, Radek rolled to his back, drawing Rodney over him, and met the invading tongue with his own.

"Mmm, if John doesnít get back soon, weíre going to have to start without him."

Radek stared at him. "How old are you? I require slightly more time!"

"I didnít mean fucking." Rodney sounded wounded. "I just meant making out, unless youíd rather wait for John..."

"Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. And I thought we already were making out. Or were you checking to see if I still have my tonsils?"

"Exactly, I decided to ditch hard science and go into voodoo."

"Carson can always use another assistant."

"And leave you in charge of the science department? Not a chance!"

"Oh damn, and here I thought I would get the money and prestige." Radek shook his head. "Shut up and kiss me."

Rodney chuckled and did just that.

Some moments later, Radek lay back again and licked his lips. "So, does this mean you wonít pretend this isnít happening outside of this room?"

Rodney frowned. "Iím not the one who has a problem with that."

"Has a problem with what?" John asked as he carried in a tray of food and coffee.

Radek sat up. "I was just saying that I donít want to hide our relationship." He sighed. "Though there is the issue with your militaryís stupid, archaic rules."

"Not arguiní that fact," John shrugged and walked over to them to set the tray on the floor by the pillow nest. "My main concernís Caldwell, but I donít intend to tell him about what weíre doing." He dropped to the pillows and began stripping off his boots. "Weíll talk to Elizabeth."

Rodney nodded. "She doesnít want him trying to take over here again, so Iím sure sheíll keep it quiet."

"We will simply have to refrain from throwing each other over tables in public," Radek said.

"Damnit," John muttered, before brightening. "There are jumpers though."

Radek considered it. "Could be interesting," he mused.

"My poor back," Rodney groaned.

"Weíll let you be on top," Radek soothed him.

"You know, eventually Iíd like the chance to fuck Rodney," John said conversationally as he poured them all coffee. Rodney immediately lay back and spread his legs, making Radek chuckle.

"Okay, Iím impressed; he just chose sex over coffee and foodówould you have ever believed that, Radek?"

"I donít think we should get used to it," Radek laughed.

Grumbling about ingrates knowing how to kill a mood, Rodney started to sit back up.

John held out a mug of coffee, keeping it just out of Rodneyís reach. "Ah ah, I think we both deserve a kiss first."

Rodney crossed his arms and glared. "I think you deserve a kick," he mumbled grumpily.

"No kisses, no coffee."

"Thatís blackmail!"

"I think itís a reward for a reward," Radek disagreed, leaning forward to kiss John lingeringly. Then he sat back, coffee in hand.

"Hrm, I suppose..." Rodney sat up the rest of the way and leaned forward, his hands resting on Johnís shoulders for support while he pressed close, the rasp of clothing against his nakedness making him shiver as he nibbled at Johnís lower lip.

"See?" John asked once theyíd kissed until all three of them were groaning. "Not such a bad thing, right?"

"As long as the coffee didnít get cold," Rodney said, not wanting to seem too easy.

"Is he complaining?" John asked Radek, sounding amused.

"He wants us to think he is."

"He likes us."

"I think youíre right."

"I hate you both!"

"I thought you wanted to get fucked!"

"Whatís that got to do with anything?"

"I donít fuck people I hate!"

"But you donít hate me. I was the one who said I hated both of you smug bastards."

Radek was in danger of choking on his laughter.

"Fine, I donít fuck people who hate me, which right now, Iím thinking, just leaves Radek!"

"Fine, fine, I donít hate you," Rodney back-pedaled hastily. "But youíre still a smug bastard!"

John shrugged. "I donít have a problem with that; do you, Radek?"

"No, I am very happy with that description."

Rodney ground his teeth.

"He likes us," John nodded, sipping his coffee.

Rodney growled.

"Of course he does," Radek agreed.

"Heíd have to be crazy not to like us."

Rodney downed the rest of his coffee, ignoring them.

"Which is convenient since I happen to like him rather a lot too." Radek smiled crookedly at Rodney.

"Rodney?" John asked, grinning over his cup. "Are you saying you donít like us?"

"I shouldnít," Rodney grumbled, but he was smiling.

"You like us, you like us," John sing-songed.

Rodney groaned and flopped backwards into the bedding. Radek took immediate advantage and leaned down to kiss him.

"Damn, thatís hot," John murmured, watching the two scientists squirm together.

"It would be hotter with all three of us," Radek suggested, only to have Rodney point out, "Except that we have to get to work some time today. I think Elizabeth would notice if all three of us vanish."

"Oh fine," John grumbled. "Everyone eat and clean up, and then we can go work."

Rodney chuckled even as he reached for the tray of food, having to squirm out from under Radek to get it. "Did you whine to your mother like that when she made you do something you didnít want to?"

Radek snorted. "As if he would have to with those puppy dog eyes!"

"What puppy dog eyes?" John asked, giving that expression.

"Oh stop. We canít do anything about you having to work, so save it for Elizabeth." Rodney spread jam on his toast and took a bite, making Radek grumble when the crumbs landed on his leg.

"I could get those for you, Radek," John said brightly as he eyed the crumbs.

"Weíre not leaving this room today, are we?" Rodney asked, amused by Johnís expression.

John sighed and gave up, reaching for food for himself and Radek. "Fine, fine."

Both Radek and Rodney leaned over to kiss John, Rodney getting there first and getting his mouth while Radek contented himself with nibbling on the colonelís throat. Once theyíd sat back and were smiling at the slightly dazed man, Rodney said, "Just think how much more youíll enjoy tonight for the anticipation."

"Didnít I ever tell you that I donít do good with denial?"

Radek shook his head. "Two of them."

"Double the pleasure, double the fun," John laughed, kissing Radek, then Rodney, smirking the whole while.

"It certainly will be," Radek agreed. "And weíll even be able to tell some people. The non-military personnel and the Athosians wonít have a problem with you being with us, John."

"No, but if word gets back to Caldwell, heíll be in heaven," John sighed.

Rodney frowned. "Then weíre just going to make sure that doesnít happen.

"Iím sure the original expedition members will help. No oneís particularly happy when he starts throwing his weight around. Even Bates looks annoyed when heís here." Radek smiled. "And Rodney and I will threaten them with our vengeance."

John chuckled. "And then Iíll have to reward you both suitably."

Rodney glanced at Radek and raised his eyebrows. "Weíll have to come up with something appropriate for our rewards, Radek."

"Oh, I think we can manage that."

John chuckled and drank some of his now cool coffee. "Iím looking forward to experiencing it."

After finishing his own coffee, Radek set his cup aside and stood up, stretching before he padded into the bathroom for a shower.

"You know, Radekís in the shower," John mused, glancing from the door to Rodney.

"By himself, which seems to be a terrible waste of water."

John smirked and pulled off his t-shirt. "Iím all for conservation," he laughed even as Rodney was already heading into the bathroom.

Radek looked up when the other two came in. "What took you so long?"

"We had to give you long enough to get the water to the right temperature," Rodney retorted.

"What he said," John grinned, ducking his head under the spray.

"Comedians," Radek sighed.

Rodney reached for the shampoo and John and started washing his hair, enjoying the sensation of the thick hair under his fingers.

"Oh God, that feels good," John sighed, relaxing under the strong fingers and smiling at Radek through half-closed eyes.

"Just like a cat being stroked," Radek murmured, smiling.

"Well, you could stroke me too, you know."

Rodney groaned. "Heís going to be insatiable."

"Yes, I noticed this." Radek didnít sound too upset. "Is good that we are not going to try to hide it, but weíll have to be careful around Caldwell and some of the military."

"Jumper sex," John said cheerfully. "And on the balconies, and in the lab..."

"How old are you?" Radek demanded of a lover for the second time that morning.

"Are you complaining?"

"Not in the least!" Rodney cut in.

"We are just wondering if two of us are going to be enough to keep up with you," Radek chuckled.

"Iíll get Carson to give you both multi-vitamins," John grinned.

"Weíre never going to win, are we?"

Rodney sighed and shifted his hands to wrap his arms around Johnís waist, grinning at Radek over his shoulder. "Youíll get used to it."

"I think the benefits will make up for it," Radek agreed, moving in front of John to join the embrace.

"I love smart men," John grinned, squirming between the two of them.

"Youíre just easy," Rodney snorted.

"Are either of you complaining?"

"Hell no!" Rodney exclaimed.

"Just wondering how we got so lucky," Radek chuckled.

"Hell, just because Iím the one who thought of this..."

"Oh shut up," Rodney groused. "Smugness is very unattractive."

Radek eyed John and shook his head.

"How about I make it up to you both with shower sex?"

Both scientists started to laugh. "How do you ever get anything done if youíre always this horny?" Rodney wanted to know.

John shrugged. "Repression. Itís all coming out now, but Iím sure itíll level off eventually, so enjoy it while you can."

"Oh, we intend to!" Radek assured him, dropping to his knees.

John groaned when Radekís mouth closed over his cock, and he leaned back against Rodney, rocking his hips languidly between the two men. "Oh good." Radek hummed his agreement but didnít bother stopping what he was doing to speak.

"Damn thatís hot," Rodney murmured, looking around Johnís shoulder to watch Radekís head bobbing at his groin.

Radekís eyes rolled up to meet Rodneyís, and he grinned around the shaft stretching his lips. His hands slid up over Johnís thighs, scratching lightly, and slid back to cup Rodneyís ass, pulling both men closer.

"Oh yeah." John turned his head so that he could kiss Rodney as he squirmed against the hard cock pressing against his ass while he carded the fingers of his free hand through Radekís wet hair.

"You want us both?" Rodney breathed against Johnís ear. "You want me fucking you while Radek sucks you off? Do you want to come with both of us taking you?"

"Jesus, Rodney! Warn a guy before saying things like that." John looked down and stroked Radekís face, silently apologizing for gagging him with his sudden thrust. Radek looked up, his gaze warm, and he petted Johnís belly, letting him know that he was fine.

Rodney chuckled as he nipped the tender flesh of Johnís earlobe, one arm wrapped around him and teasing a nipple. "Iíll take that as a yes." He reached for the conditioner on the shelf and squeezed some out between them, letting it slide down his belly to coat his groin and Johnís ass.

"Thatís a big yes," John panted, spreading his legs wider and balancing himself with one hand on the wall even as he lowered the shower pressure slightly with a thought.

"Oh good, because thatís exactly what youíre getting." Rodney pushed into him, and when Radek heard the groans, he suddenly bobbed forward, taking Johnís cock down his throat. John moaned and rocked back and forth in between them, fingers scrabbling over smooth, slick skin and longish, wet hair.

Radekís hand slid over Rodneyís ass, a finger finding and pushing past the tight muscle while his other hand curled around his own cock, jerking himself in time with Johnís thrusts into his mouth. Both John and Rodney moaned in concert, and John shouted as he came, his fingers tightening in Radekís hair and on Rodneyís thigh. Radek swallowed eagerly, his hand moving almost frantically on his cock until he groaned and came as well.

Rodney shuddered, then collapsed against Johnís back, feeling them all sway at the change in balance. "Careful," John rasped, steadying them and pulling Radek up to kiss him. "Iím not explaining to Carson how we all sprained various body parts in the shower."

Radek snickered against Johnís lips. "But his face would be funny!"

"I am not getting injured just so that you can laugh at Carsonís expression!" Rodney complained.

"No, that would be a bit much," Radek agreed. "We can see his expression when we go in to ask him for lube." He grinned evilly.

"All at once or in a row?"

"I think all at once would get a better reaction the first time," Radek decided, making Rodney laugh.

"And people think Iím exaggerating when I call you evil!"

"Radekís not evil; heís creative," John laughed.

Radek kissed him again for that.

"What? Iím not creative?" Rodney demanded.

"Youíre very creative," Radek soothed, leaning around Johnís shoulder to kiss Rodney too.

"Who else could have built an atomic bomb at the age of twelve?" John laughed, half-turning to slide an arm around each of the other men.

"Iím very fond of making things explode," Rodney replied.

John opened his mouth to answer that, then shut it, deciding that mentioning solar systems wasnít in their best interest right now. Able to see Johnís expression, Radek had a good idea what he was thinking and hastily deflected Rodneyís attention. "Yes, John and I both noticed that last night. We all exploded several times."

"And again this morning," John grinned. "I like explosions."

"I thought that was what I said." Rodney smiled as he moved away enough to allow the water to pour over him, cleaning the remnants of his passion from his body.

"You like causing them; I like the results."

"I like both," Radek said, his tone dripping with smug satisfaction.

John snickered. "Radekís easier than I am."

Rodney snorted. "Impossible."

Radek smirked. "We could make a competition of it."

"Good idea!"


"Arenít you lucky?" Radek beamed. "Who do think weíll be using for the competition?"

Rodney thought about that for a split-second and smirked.

"I think weíre going to have to ask for time off for this contest," John laughed.

Rodney started to laugh. "I want to be there to hear you explain that to Elizabeth!"

"Weíre overworked and need a break."

"Cop out."

"Rodneyís a horn-dog and needs constant sex?"

"Change Rodney to John and at least it would have the benefit of being factual."

John shrugged and grinned at Radek before looking back at Rodney. "Hey, if I have to be the one to talk to Elizabeth, I can tell her anything I want."

"I think we should all tell her," Radek said. "She might not believe you."

"Oh yes, I want to go discuss our sex life with Elizabeth," Rodney groaned.

Radek thought about it. "Perhaps is best if you stay away," he decided, remembering the last conversation sheíd had with Rodney.

"Radek and I will handle that part; you can track down a bed for us." As he spoke, John guided them all out of the shower.

Reaching for a towel to dry Rodney off, Radek nodded. "Yes, the floor was good for one night, but we need a real bed, one that no one will fall out of."

"Make sure it has a good mattress," Rodney demanded even as he turned so Radek could get his back and started drying John off as well.

"You are supposed to be finding it while we talk to Elizabeth, so tell yourself that." Finished with Rodney, Radek began to dry himself off.

"Exactly," John grinned, grabbing Radekís towel and finishing the job for him. "A big comfortable bed is first on the agendaówell, that and a room to put it in."

Radek was almost purring as he leaned into John. "We will get the room; you find the bed to put in it so we can be comfortable tonight."

"Reduced to a gofer," Rodney grumbled.

"Itís your back that insists on a special bed," Radek pointed out.

"Weíll make it up to you after weíre settled in," John promised.

"Which means we need to get dressed and go so we can get everything done and come back." Radek realized he was looking forward to leaving his lab for the first time in a very long time.

"Well, I was dressed until you two sex-crazed fiends dragged me off and had your way with me," John shrugged.

"Oh, please," Rodney scoffed, "this from the walking libido."

"I donít think any of us could be considered cold," Radek said diplomatically, padding back out to the main room to get dressed.

Rodney sniffed. "Well, I do get chilled easily."

"And Radek and I will keep you warn," John promised as he got dressed.

Radek suddenly snickered. In response to their curious looks, he explained, "I was imagining Kavanaghís expression if Rodney were to get cold in the lab and I were to warm him up."

"It might make him leave," Rodney mused. "Iím going to feel a chill at the first opportunity!"

Radek laughed. "I will do my part for the good of Atlantis."

John groaned. "Why do I think Iím going to be hearing about this from Bates?"

"Would we do anything inappropriate?" Rodney asked, pretending to be insulted.

John just looked from him to Radek and back again.

"In public," Rodney clarified, laughter in his eyes.

John shrugged lazily and sat to put on his boots. "I donít know; you havenít been in public under these circumstances, and we know Radekís insatiable." He grinned at the last.

Radek blew a raspberry. "Weíd better hope Elizabeth has an idea because you are going to be the first one jumped in public!"

"Oh damn, I hate that idea."

"Weíd prefer that you not get dishonorably discharged for it though!" Rodney exclaimed. "So go see Elizabeth." He looked over, seeing that Radek had finished dressing while they were talking. "Now."

John glanced over at Radek and sighed. "You do realize weíve just opened ourselves to more of his bossy behavior, donít you?" Before Rodney could sputter out an answer, he kissed him hard, caught Radek and dragged him out of the room.

"You are a very bad man," Radek chuckled. "Itís going to take him five minutes to stop sputtering, and then heís going to make everyone in the lab miserable."

"And this is different from normal in what way?" John asked happily.

"Weíll be able to put him into a better mood when we see him again." Radek beamed, imagining it.

"As long as heís found us a larger bed, that is."

"I think he has sufficient incentive."

"And heís pretty damn creative; both of you are."

Radek beamed. "Itís nice to be appreciated." He glanced around to make sure they were alone, then pulled John down for a quick kiss.

"And Iíll make sure I appreciate you all I can," John promised, keeping an arm around Radekís shoulders as they headed for Elizabethís office.

"Iím very glad you decided three is better than two." Radek thought he might never stop smiling.

"What can I say; I like numbers, and three has a lot more permutations than two."

Radek chuckled. "I will let you explain that to Dr. Weir."

"Hey, it gets me two sexy, inventive men in my bed; whereís the problem?"

"I have none. And hopefully Dr. Weir will be able to make sure that you donít either."

"She can yell at Col. Caldwell; she seems to enjoy that."

Radek laughed. "She does indeed. I donít think she likes him at all."

"Well, I have to agree with her there."

"No one in Atlantis would ever accept him as a replacement for you."

That earned Radek a kiss as they entered the transporter, one that John deepened when the door slid shut. "Iím glad to hear it," he murmured against Radekís lips.

"Iíll be happy to tell you again as often as you like. And more often than you want if we can find a way to be together in public."

"Hrmmm, think we can talk Elizabeth into giving us all an extended assignment on the mainland?"

"As if you would spend a long time away from your precious puddlejumpers."

John shrugged and grinned. "We could take one with us."

"Why donít we discuss it with Elizabeth and see if a different galaxy can have different rules?"

"Dr. Z, youíre brilliant," John laughed, hitting the panel and sending them to the transporter nearest the command center. "Elizabeth," he continued, once they were at her door, "we need to talk."

She regarded them warily. "No matter how bad it was, it was an accident. Iím not sending Rodney back to Earth."

"Why would we be here for that? Actually weíre here to ask to ask about larger quarters."

Elizabeth was left with her mouth open, staring at the two of them. "What?" she finally managed in a near squeak.

"Quarters for all three of us," Radek added helpfully.

"Three of you?" She looked from Radek to John.

"Rodney, Radek and myself," John added helpfully, grinning at Elizabethís surprised expression, though she quickly covered it.

"And weíd like to know if you have any ideas about that that stupid American military policy so we donít have to hide it in public."

"Ah." She nodded and was silent for a moment. "I certainly have no problem with the situation, but I will ask you to be discreet until I can speak to certain parties back on Earth."

John nodded. "Yeah, I kind of figured that would be the case. Weíll behaveóin public at least."

"And here I was hoping to throw them both over a table in the mess hall," Radek said, pretending to be upset.

"Hrmmm, maybe we could have Carson quarantine it..."

"No," Elizabeth laughed. "Just, no."

Radek half laughed, half groaned. "At least weíll have a place to put the new bed once Rodney finds it. And we got him out of his quarters."

"And heíll be in a much better mood, so he wonít terrorize people as much," John promised.

"Fine, fine, just let me know which room you all decide on; and John, for now, you should officially keep your own roomsóat least when the Daedalus is here."

Radek looked less than pleased, but he nodded. "You donít have to actually sleep in them."

"Well, of course not." John looked surprised that Radek would even think of that.

"Just checking."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Go pick your quarters. Iíll start looking into ways to get rid of that rule for Atlantis. Itís unfair to have something like that apply to one small portion of our team and no one else. Gen. OíNeill may be able to make some suggestions as well."

John smiled brightly at her and winked. "We owe you one, Elizabeth, thank you."

"All three of you staying out of trouble will be thanks enough for me!"

"I donít get into trouble," Radek protested.

"Didnít," John murmured.

"Leave!" Elizabeth ordered laughingly.

"I donít!" Radek protested again even as he started toward the door.

John waggled his hand back at Elizabeth and mouthed Ďdidnítí before following Radek out of the office. "You donít want to misbehave with us, Radek?"

"Well, of course I do, but I donít do it in public! Usually. I think." Radek kept qualifying his statement as he imagined various situations... and got hard.

"Something on your mind, Doc?" John asked, grinning as Radek squirmed slightly as he walked. "Anything I can do to help?"

Radek gave him a dirty look and grumbled in Czech before switching back to English. "Not in the middle of the corridor you canít!"

John chuckled and steered Radek toward the transporter, choosing their destination and remaining silent until they were in another part of the city, then leading him down that hallway, letting the city guide him until he stopped outside of a door that opened for him, revealing a large, multi-windowed room.

"Not in the corridor any more, are we?" he asked, pulling Radek inside.

Radek looked around with approval. "Very nice. And very private. Is this a section of the city that has been cleared for residences?" He pressed against John as he spoke, rocking his hips suggestively.

"Mmm hmm," John murmured, catching Radekís hips and pulling him closer, bending enough to nibble at his neck.

"So weíre testing out our new home?" Radek moaned hungrily as he felt Johnís teeth on his throat, and his cock jumped. He arched up against the taller man, his hands digging into Johnís shoulders.

"Yup. We have to make sure itís comfortable before we bring Rodney here." Johnís teeth scored Radekís neck, then he soothed the slight pain with his tongue.

"Itís the right thing to do," Radek agreed breathlessly, raising one leg and wrapping it around Johnís waist to pull himself even closer to the growing hardness he could feel pressing into him.

"Because we know how heíll complain if the roomís too hot or too sunny," John murmured, rotating them so that Radek was leaning against the wall by the door, trapped there by his weight.

"Weíre being considerate of his comfort," Radek panted, squirming between the hard wall and the almost equally hard body pressing him against it.

"Heíll thank us for it." John gave up talking and kissed Radek hungrily, the wire frames of his glasses cool where they pressed against his skin. Wanting to feel more flesh, he slid a hand between them, undoing Radekís belt and pants and sliding his fingers inside to grasp his erection, enjoying the silky heat of his skin.

Radek whimpered in Czech, his hips thrusting forward to press into Johnís hand. "Oh yes," he managed to gasp, "please." His hands tugged at Johnís clothes, pushing the jacket off his shoulders and then pulling the t-shirt up and over his head so Radek could explore the lightly furred chest without hindrance.

"Please what?" John whispered, getting Radek out of the majority of his clothes while still stroking his cock. "Would you rather suck or fuck, Dr. Zelenka?"

"Fuck me," Radek demanded. "Itís been several hours since I felt that, and I want to feel it again." His nails scratched at Johnís nipples before he lightly pinched the rigid buds, and he rocked harder into Johnís hand.

"Oh yeah," John groaned, "I always bet you were a demanding guy; glad to know itís true." He twisted when Radekís fingers dragged over his chest again, then sank to his knees. "No lube, guess weíd better use something else."

Radek whimpered, his fingers combing into the thick, messy hair, and he squirmed again. "Oh God, yes." John looked up, his smile brilliant, before closing his mouth around the head of Radekís cock, his tongue teasing the fleshy head. Radek thrust forward, moaning as John suckled on him, making him writhe.

"Mmmm, nice reaction," John murmured before diving down again, taking more of Radekís erection into his mouth.

"Nice mouth," Radek panted. John hummed in response and reached up to play with Radekís balls, tugging at them as he sucked. Radek was fairly certain heíd chosen fucking not sucking, but he didnít want to point that out in case John stopped.

When he felt Radekís balls tighten, John pulled back, not wanting to swallow what was going to be the only lube they had.

"John!" The name was a sharp wail as Radek came, tensing and shuddering with each spasm of pleasure that ripped through his body.

Pulling back, John spat into his hand, then grinned. "And now we have lube."

Radek managed a dopey smile. "I like your American ingenuity."

John climbed to his feet and slid his other hand behind Radekís neck, kissing him again. "I like how willing you are to give to the cause. Now how about we test out the floor?"

Radek stopped trying to force his knees to support him and sank down, spreading his arms and legs invitingly. "Nice floor."

"Nice cushion," John laughed, dipping a finger into the palm full of semen and circling it around Radekís hole.

"I aim to please." Radek grinned at him, squirming as John fingered him.

"And right now Iím just aiming to get in you." John added another finger after dribbling more come over them.

"Good plan!" Radek began riding Johnís fingers, moaning as he felt them slide deeper. Groaning, John coated his cock with the rest of the liquid, his eyes locked with Radekís unfocused gaze as he pulled his fingers back and pushed in, hissing at the tightness around him.

"Oh fuck yes," Radek rasped, grabbing hold of his own knees to draw them back, opening himself more to Johnís possession.

"My sentiments exactly," John groaned as he began to move, driving forward to give Radek what heíd asked for.

The previous night, with all of them joined, had been slower, more languorous, and much as heíd enjoyed it, this hard, fast claiming was exactly what he wanted now. "So good," Radek groaned, clenching down around John with every stroke. John nodded tightly, sliding a hand behind Radekís neck to tug him up so that they could kiss again as they moved together. Radek moaned his pleasure into the kiss, letting go of his legs and wrapping them around Johnís waist so he could grasp Johnís shoulders, hanging on almost desperately.

"God, Radek," John gasped, slamming forward as he came, shivering, then panting and smiling dopily.

"I like this room already!"

"Think we should call Rodney and have him come see?"

"Sounds good. And if we promise he can be in the middle tonight, he might not pout too much that we started without him."

"Yup, and tonight I get to fuck him," John said cheerily before rolling off Radek after kissing him a final time and chuckling.

"I think he might tie you down if you didnít," Radek chuckled, still sprawled comfortably on the floor at Johnís side, one hand lazily stroking the other manís thigh.

"Hrmmm, kinky. I can do kinky," John laughed, stretching out a hand to grab his headset and settling it over his ear. "Hey, McKay; Dr. Zelenka and I need your expertise on a matter weíre discussing."

There was a beat of silence before Rodney replied, "I should be able to get away in a few minutes. Where should I meet you?"

After giving directions, John clicked off his radio and grinned at Radek. "Wonder if heís found a bed."

"I hope so. Iím getting tired of floors." Radek sat up, rubbing the small of his back.

"Címere, baby, Iíll rub it for you," John laughed, standing and stretching, unconscious of his nudity. Radek stared up at him, his eyes running over every toned each of the body that he could touch whenever he wanted, and it was a moment before he stood up as well. "If you tell me you know massage, I may have to fall to my knees and worship you."

"I like cinnamon incense if youíre planning on burning it." John turned Radek around and started to work on his shoulders.

"Ass!" But the insult lost something as Radek practically purred under Johnís hands.

"Is what Iím getting quite an eyeful of," Rodney commented as he opened the door and leaned against the frame, studying them.

"Found our room, Rodney," John grinned, letting go of Radekís shoulders with one hand to beckon Rodney over.

"Please say you found a bed," Radek begged.

"You two have been having sex while I was hard at work looking for a bed, and you want me to share that information with you?"

"Well, we had to try it out," John pouted.

"And you get to be in the middle next time," Radek pointed out.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

John squeezed Radekís shoulder and let go, catching hold of Rodneyís hands and dragging him into a kiss. "That help?" he grinned.

"Itís starting to." Rodney blinked dazed blue eyes and leaned into Johnís body, tilting his face up for another kiss.

John tilted his head enough to wink at Radek and complied, licking over Rodneyís lips then into his mouth. Rodney moaned happily, pressing closer, then reaching back for Radekís hand when he felt the Czech against his back.

"So, find us a bed?" John murmured, leaning back so that he could look at both of them.

"Genius here. What do you think?"

"Is it a normal bed?"

"Itís two beds that will be bolted together and a new mattress thatís wide enough for all of us."

John chuckled and kissed him again. "Perfect. Now what do you think about the room?"

Rodney leaned back in Johnís embrace and looked around. "Nice."

"Now say thank you to Radek as well..."

Rodney turned around and slid a hand around the back of Radekís neck, pulling him close. He licked at Radekís lips until they parted, and he deepened the kiss, making Radek groan in pleasure.

"Damn, thatís hot," John murmured.

The two scientists grinned at each other, turned, and pounced on John, making him stagger back against the wall while they kissed him voraciously. Finally Rodney drew back, licking his lips, and pointed out, "We should go get the bed now so we can enjoy it."

"I think Radek and I need to get dressed first."

Rodney looked them up and down. "I donít think you should ever get dressed. Then again, weíd have to beat people off with you a stick, so go ahead."

"Well, we can institute a nudity policy in the room if you want though, of course, youíd have to follow it as well." John reached for the clothes strewn on the floor, handing Radek his and grinning as Rodney continued to stare hungrily at them.

"This sounds like an excellent plan to me." Radek preened somewhat under Rodneyís avid gaze before dressing again. Once done, he looked around with pleasure. "I like this room. Lots of sunlight... Is there a balcony?" he asked, looking at John questioningly.

"Yup," John grinned, thinking the door to the area in question open. "And weíre facing the west, so the sun wonít wake you late risers up after the long nights you put in."

"Pretty, intelligent, and considerate. Weíd better make sure no one else finds out about this, Rodney, or theyíll be trying to steal him away."

"Never going to happen," Rodney said, his tone full of confidence. "Weíre creative geniuses who are smart enough to keep him satisfied and everyone else terrified."

Johnís grin widened as he pulled his shirt over his head. "Works by me."

"And me," Radek agreed. "And Elizabeth is going to try to find a way that we can be together publicly. All of us, that is."

"Publicly?" Rodneyís eyes went wide with shock, and John grinned and nodded.

"No sneaking around, no hiding, able to hug or kiss whenever we want... though she did ask that we keep it discreet around Caldwell for now."

"Understandable." Rodney nodded. "But at any other time..."

"Just not in the middle of a mission, Iíd really rather keep us alive!"

"Yes, no getting shot or otherwise injured!" Radek exclaimed, wishing he could keep them safely in Atlantis but knowing that they would never agree to that even if Dr. Weir would.

"Iíll send Lorneís team to the dangerous planets," John laughed.

"If you think either of us believes this, youíre insane."

"Iím involved with two madmen," Radek groaned.

"But itíll be a fun way to go."

"There is that."

"Speaking of going, we should go get food then see about getting the bed back here."

"Leave it to Rodney to think of food," Radek laughed. "But heís right. And I want a good bed tonight."

"Lunch, a new bed, the possibility of getting rid of stupid rules, and my geeks: life is good."

"I think Iím offended," Radek chuckled. "We come after food and a bed."

"I know I am," Rodney said wryly. "Youíre going to have to do some groveling after that, Colonel."

John shrugged easily and wrapped an arm around each of the other menís shoulders, steering them for the door. "I can grovel; matter of fact, I like groveling."

"Why does this not surprise me?" Rodney eyed him while Radek chuckled and slid an arm around Johnís waist.

"And why do I bet you do it even better than I do?" John shot back.

"Only lately," Rodney replied, his smile dimming. His shoulders tightened, and he started to draw away.

"You know I didnít mean it that way, Rodney," John said firmly, stopping them and looking down into the other manís blue eyes as he tightened his hold on him.

"I... yeah." Rodney relaxed again and leaned into Johnís side trustingly. "Sorry, I know that if you had something to say, youíd say it."

"Exactly." John tilted his head to kiss Rodneyís temple. "And so would Radek, so no second-guessing us."

"If you think Iím to start saluting you and following your every order, youíre nuts," Rodney chuckled.

"Not even in private?"

"Well, maybe some of them. In private." Rodney grinned, even Radekís snickers only serving to amuse him.

Johnís grin held all kind of mischievous promises. "Cool."

"Youíre so easy." But Rodney didnít sound too upset by it; in fact, he was smiling widely, which turned to outright laughter when one of the botanists came around a corner and promptly walked right into a wall after catching sight of the three of them.

Radek shook his head at the man. "You really should look where youíre going," he observed, trying to maintain a straight face.

"Now be nice, Dr. Zelenka," John snickered. "Youíre scaring the poor man."

"And thatís my job," Rodney muttered.

"Why should you get all the fun?" Radek retorted.

"Because," Rodney sniffed, glaring at Radek around Johnís body, "I deserve it!"

"We all do," Radek said firmly.

"Fine, fine, you can scare people on alternate Tuesdays if it makes you happy."

"What about me?" John asked.

"The only people youíre allowed to be a slut with is us, and you can do that every day," Rodney replied.

John grinned at that and slid his hands down to grab both Rodney and Radekís asses. "Works for me." Both scientists jumped, then grinned as well.

"I think Iím going to wish the Daedalus away every second that itís here," Radek muttered.

"Weíll work around it."

"We could always lock ourselves in our room while itís here," Rodney mused. "And then limp out after Caldwell leaves."

Radek moaned softly, hardening just from the thought of it.

John snickered. "Works for me, but weíd better get that bed set up first and get some work done, or Elizabeth will put her efforts to keeping us apart, not helping us."

"And weíd hate to be the cause of a civil war in Atlantis," Rodney said, his tone making it clear that he had no intention of letting anything separate them now that theyíd found each other.

"So we will get bed and do work and then lock ourselves into new room and properly break it in." Radek was practically rubbing his hands together with glee as he thought about that night.

John kissed them both and directed them toward the transporter. "Gentlemen, itís time to get to work."


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