Snakes and Griffons II

Orithain and Rina

June 2004

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WARNING: Adult Content

Remus sprawled in his bed, sulking. Heíd never admit that was what he was doing, but James and Peter knew it and avoided him, even if they didnít know why. The why was currently somewhere inside the Slytherin House, wearing his green and white rather than the nothing that Remus would prefer. Suddenly, Remus had had enough, and he rolled out of his bed and advanced toward James, who looked somewhat alarmed.

"I need to borrow your cloak, James."

Relieved that was all Remus wanted, James handed it over, determinedly not thinking about why Remus wanted it.

The cloak swirled over Remusí shoulders, and he was gone, only the door opening and closing letting his friends know he was gone.

"Whatever is bothering Remus lately?" Peter wondered, making James roll his eyes before changing the subject.

Down in the common room, Remus didnít have long to wait before someone left and he could slip out behind them. He made his way silently through the halls to the entrance to the Slytherin common room, where he had to wait somewhat longer but finally got inside.

Fortunately, Sirius was sitting along next to the fire, and Remus was able to make his way to his side and lean close to whisper in his ear, "Miss me?"

Sirius jumped slightly, brushing at his shirt to make it seem as if a spark had leapt out at him. Recovering, he stood, being careful to avoid the space where Remus was. "You lot are too bloody boring for me; Iím off to find some fun." Walking around the edge of the common room, he headed for the doorway, stalling at the portrait to allow Remus to follow him.

"Youíve got some balls, Lupin," he murmured without looking over his shoulder. "And yes, I missed you."

"Blue ones," Remus replied equally softly, pressing as close as possible without making strange creases in Siriusí robes. "I hope we can do something about that before it becomes a life-threatening condition."

Sirius chuckled. "Considering I seem to have the same symptoms, Iíd say weíd better find a cure for both of us. Divination or Astronomy?"

"Since I want to see stars not read them, Astronomy." After checking to make sure no one was in the hall, Remus pressed closer, letting Sirius feel his erection.

"If you didnít go missing so often, we wouldnít have this problem," Sirius murmured, slowing his steps to lean back against Remus.

Remus inhaled sharply and hoped Sirius would think it was in reaction to his nearness and not his comment. He should have known that the boy who was the best student in his House when he cared to exert himself would notice his monthly absences. "I do have other obligations, you know, no matter how much Iíd like to spend all my time shagging you senseless. Or being shagged."

"Thatís right, youíre a prefect with all the duties that entails." Sirius didnít seem quite convinced, but he let the matter drop as he opened the door to the Astronomy tower and slipped inside the corridor.

"I am. But Iíll work at finding more time to myself with you as incentive," Remus purred, leaning into him again and nipping at a tender earlobe. "Which room?" he asked, hunger audible in his voice.

"How about out on the parapet?" Sirus asked, turning and pushing the cloakís hood away from Remusí face and kissing him hungrily.

"Brilliant. Now!" Remus pulled away long enough to reply before diving back into Siriusí mouth, starving for the taste of him. He tried to move them toward the door without interrupting the kiss, but their progress was more stumble than step.

"Letís not break our necks getting there," Sirius cautioned before letting out a bark of laughter and releasing Remus to tear up the stairs. "Catch me if you can, Lupin!"

"You...!" Laughing, Remus chased after him, robes flying as he sprinted upward, only catching up when Sirius had to slow to open the door. "Tease!" he panted, grinning.

"You didnít know this?" Sirius laughed, pushing out onto the parapet and laughing up at the nighttime sky. "Merlin, I love the night," he said, throwing open his arms and turning in a circle. "Look at that moon!"

Remus glanced up at the waning moon and flinched ever so slightly. "Iíve never understood the fascination with the moon," he said, trying to keep it light but aware of the bitterness that crept into his tone.

Sirius frowned as he turned to look at Remus. "I take it you donít share that feeling?" he asked.

Remus shrugged uncomfortably. "I prefer to romanticize my partner, not a cold, glowing rock a million miles away."

Still surprised at Remusí change of demeanor, Sirius pulled Remus toward him and nuzzled his throat. "So romance me."

"Mmm." Remus let his head fall back, ignoring that tiny voice deep inside him that was the wolfís which was screaming against his submissive act. He reveled in the sensation of Siriusí teeth lightly closing on his throat, and his hands delved between them, finding their way beneath the Slytherinís robe to the lengthening shaft.

Sirius chuckled and arched his hips into Remusí grasp. "Mmm is right, my favorite kind of romance."

"You want me to talk?" Remus scoffed. "And here I thought you were a more hands on sort of bloke." He petted Sirius more strongly as the other boy pressed into his hand.

"Just when did I ask you to talk?" Sirius asked, reaching for Remus as well.

"Well, you didnít seem to think moaning happily was enough. But since it is... Mmmmm!" Remus quirked a smile at him, hips thrusting sharply.

Sirius barked out a laugh and wrestled Remus to the stones beneath them, bundling the invisibility cloak beneath them and stretching out on top of the shorter teen. "I have to agree - mmm."

"Better accio something to use because I was in a bit of a hurry," Remus realized sheepishly. "Didnít bring any, just wanted to get to you."

"Well, we could always just have a late night snack," Sirius murmured, working Remusí jumper over his head and going to work on his shirt.

"Thatís good too, but itís not going to be enough after the recent fast," Remus retorted, working on Siriusí clothes as well, eager to get to warm, bare skin.

Sirius worked an arm free and grabbed for his wand. "Good point," he smiled. "Accio lube." When the container filled his hand, he held it up to Remus, grinning. "Better?"

"Much!" Remus returned the smirk before grabbing a fistful of Siriusí hair and tugging him down for a kiss that left them both breathless. "Just as good as I remembered," he murmured throatily, licking his lips after releasing Sirius.

They managed to get each otherís clothes off, then ground together frantically. "You know what they say," Sirius panted.

"Practice makes perfect?" Remus suggested, hands cupping Siriusí buttocks and pulling him closer. "Oh Merlin, you feel good. Why did we wait so long?" he groaned before remembering that it had been the full moon that kept him away. He kissed Sirius again to try to distract him.

Sirius quirked an eyebrow and pulled back to look down at Remus. "Well, I was going to say Ďonce you go Black, you never go backí, but Iíll just remind you that you were the one with the prefectly duties that kept you busy."

"But Iím not busy now... much to my dismay. Shouldnít you be doing something about that, Black?" Remus taunted, his hands shifting slightly so he could run his fingertips along the valley between Siriusí cheeks.

"Hrmmm, you made me wait, perhaps I should to the same to you," Sirius purred, leaning in to nip at Remusí nipple.

"But that would make you wait too," Remus pointed out logically, a fingertip now lightly stroking the tight ring of muscle. His back arched as Sirius bit at him, and he groaned enthusiastically.

"Not necessarily." Sirius grinned evilly and grabbed his tie, pushing back against Remus finger even as he wound the fabric around the other boyís cock and balls.

"Sirius!" Remus moaned, half dismayed and incredibly turned on. "What do you think youíre doing?" he panted, humping Siriusí leg.

Sirius smirked and knotted the fabric, testing the tightness before nodding. "What does it look like Iím doing, Moony? Showing you a little Slytherin kink."

"Youíre going to kill me. And if I donít come before this night is over, Iíll kill you!" But despite his growl, Remus was harder than heíd ever been before in his life, and he couldnít hold still.

"Hmm, I quite like this side of you, Prefect Lupin," Sirius rasped, leaning in to rub his stomach against the Gryffindorís hard cock. "Iím quite looking forward to feeling it in me too."

"Then since youíre seemingly directing tonight, do something about it!" Remus growled, hands on Siriusí ass again.

"Mmm, I plan on it." Saying that, Sirius opened the container of lubricant and smeared some over two of his fingers. Grinning down at Remus, he pressed first one, then two into his body, groaning as the muscles stretched to accommodate the width.

Eager to get some of his own back, Remus pushed two fingers in with Siriusí, smirking when the other boy gasped. "Donít underestimate me," he said smugly.

Sirius shook his head, panting through the sudden pressure. "Oh, Iíve learned not to do that." He pulled his hand free and rode Remusí fingers as he slicked up the other boyís cock.

"Seems even a Black can be clever," Remus chuckled, twisting his fingers inside Sirius while thrusting into the light glide of his hand. "Glad I get to experience it for myself."

"Well, Iíd suggest you not try this with Regulus," Sirius commented dryly though his voice broke at the end.

"Yuck!" Remus glared at him. "Youíre lucky you have that bloody tie on me or Iíd ruddy well have gone limp at that thought!"

"Mmm, canít have that." Sirius caught Remusí wrist in his hand and pulled his fingers from his body. Smirking, he positioned Remusí erection and sank back down on it, feeling the brush of his tie at the base.

"Oh bloody hell!" Remus gasped and thrust upward, fingers clenching on Siriusí hips as he started to fuck him, unable to hold still. "So good."

"Yeah, it is," Sirius rasped, driving up and down, fisting his own cock with his still slick hand.

"Glad you a-appreciate my talents," Remus panted, one hand moving to cover Siriusí and stroke him faster while he thrust up into his body.

"Oh Merlin," Sirius gasped, "missed you." The last was admitted with a kind of awe before the Slytherin stiffened, his come gouting out to cover both his and Remusí hands.

"Sirius!" Remus moaned, body clenching as it tried to come but was prevented by the makeshift cock ring. Every spasm of Siriusí body wrenched another whimper from him.

"You want to come, Remus?" Sirius asked, continuing to move over the other boy, his blue eyes slumberous with pleasure.

"Fuck yes!" Remus growled, thrusting into him desperately. He raised his hand to his lips, eyes fixed on Siriusí, and licked it clean, making sure to get every speck of Siriusí seed.

"How much?" Sirius taunted, clenching his ass down around Remusí cock.

"This much!" Remus snarled, flipping them over and slamming into Sirius. "Get this thing off me!"

Sirius gasped at the sudden movement and wound his arms and legs around Remus body. "Make me."

Remus bit his chin. "Take it off or next time you donít get to come," he growled, hips still driving back and forth. The full moon was barely over, and the feral wolf was still close to the surface.

Dark eyebrows rose and Sirius slowly grinned. "Well, well, well. Since you asked so nicely, I will." He reached between them and quickly undid the knot holding his tie around Remusí erection.

Remus nearly screamed at the sudden release of pressure, and he came explosively almost instantly, driving deep into Sirius, marking his mate with his scent.

"Damn," Sirius murmured when Remus collapsed on top of him. "Just remember this the next time you decide to put your prefectly duties over me."

"I do have obligations," Remus responded when heíd caught his breath, "but Iíll make sure to squeeze you in more often." He raised his head to smirk at Sirius, already planning how to disguise his mandatory dayís absence the next month and deciding that half a day was really enough time to recover.

Sirius waggled his eyebrows. "I always enjoy that, and if you do, Iíll make sure to squeeze you in too."

"Without the ties, I hope," Remus laughed breathlessly. "Iím too young to die of heart failure."

Thoroughly annoyed and frustrated, both conditions he wasnít too familiar with, Sirius sat on his bed, the curtains drawn, and stared down at the map heíd drawn. Again, Remus had begged off meeting him. This was the third month in a row, and what had been funny was now annoying and mysterious.

Finally, the need to know got the better of him, and he tapped the blank piece of parchment with his wand, watching the map of Hogwarts appear along with tiny moving dots representing faculty and students. He scanned the map until he found the name he was looking for, then frowned. What in Merlinís name was Remus doing out in the Forbidden Forest?

Remus made his way toward the tunnel entrance beneath the Whomping Willow, morosely kicking at the dirt as he went. Sirius had invited him to get together that night, and once again heíd been forced to make up a story explaining why he couldnít. He was desperately afraid that Sirius would get tired of the patently obvious falsehoodsóRemus couldnít lie to save his lifeóand get tired of him, and he was amazed at how much the likelihood hurt. Somehow, without his noticing it, heíd come to... care about... the other boy, and he didnít want to lose him. But he didnít see how to avoid it.

Sirius wasnít a fool. Heíd already noticed Remusí monthly absences, and it wouldnít be long before he got tired of the lies and disappearances. Telling the truth would be no help either, because what would a pureblood like Sirius Black want with a werewolf?

Remus was glad no one was nearby to hear the strangled sob that escaped him.

Sirius was ducked down behind a tree, and when he heard Remusí sob, he almost called out to the other boy to ask him what was wrong. Inbred caution prevailed, however, and he crept along after Remus, following him deeper into the woods and frowning in confusion when Remus picked up a stick and pressed a knot on the Whomping Willow, causing the branches to still and a tunnel to open beneath it.

Remus dropped the branch and hastened forward, wanting to be safely inside the tunnel before the willow started whomping again. The previous month, dragging his feet as he thought about Sirius, heíd been slower than normal and had nearly been caught. With a last wistful glance back over his shoulder, he started down the tunnel, knowing he needed to lock himself into his prison before the moon rose.

This was absurd. Stepping forward, Sirius raced after Remus, ducking a branch that flailed at his head as he dove for the opening. "Just what in Merlinís name are you up to, Lupin?" he called, not wanting to be chasing the other boy hither and yon all night.

Remus stopped in his tracks and whirled around, staring at Sirius in horror. "No!" he wailed. "You canít be here. Sirius, please," he said desperately, backing away, "you have to leave. Now!" He could feel the moon rising, feel its pull on him, and with a strangled cry, he spun around again and ran down the tunnel as fast as he could, slamming the door behind him, knowing that the spell on it would keep it locked until the moon set again.

"Remus?" Sirius began before racing after the other boy only to draw up short when the door slammed in his face. "Damnit, Moony, open the door!" he shouted, tugging at the handle and cursing under his breath.

Remus sobbed. "Why did you have to come? How did you find me? Why?" he demanded again, tears escaping him as he realized that Sirius would never want to see him again after this. His cry of pain grew and changed as he did, ending in a howl as the wolf hurled itself at the door blocking it from the human meat it could smell outside.

"Because I..." Sirius began only to flatten himself against the far wall, staring at the door as it rattled and shook under the attack from the other side. Sinking slowly to the ground, Sirius glanced at his map and closed his eyes after seeing that ĎRemus Lupiní was indeed in that room.

He thought back on the times Remus had given excuses each of the months before, and as he did, a cold certainty grew in his stomach.

Hours later, Remus slowly dragged himself to his feet, clinging to the wall for support as he looked around at the interior of the shack. The wolf always damaged it, furious at being trapped, but tonight was far worse than usual, perhaps because Sirius had been there outside the door when heíd changed. Remus glanced at the shredded clothes he hadnít had a chance to remove and sighed, glad of the cloak he left on the high shelf for moments like this. Wrapping it around himself, he opened the door and stepped out, still holding the doorframe for support.

Hearing the door open, Sirius pushed himself to his feet and staring coldly at the form that emerged, until he saw just how tired, sick and battered Remus looked. "Yíwant to go back to Gryffindor or to the Infirmary?" he asked, walking over and sliding an arm under Remusí to support him.

"Sirius?" Shocked, Remus felt his already shaky knees give way under him when he saw the other boy still there. "I... I thought you would have left when you... realized what I am." He hung his head, unable to meet the expression of disdain he was sure must be in the blue eyes.

"Talk about it later, we should get you looked after now," Sirius said roughly, wondering if he should cast a leviosa on Remus to get him back to the castle. He heard voices coming down the tunnel and cursed, turning to shield Remus from whoever it was.

"Weíve come to collect you, Moony," Peter called as he and James rounded the curve.

Remus groaned softly, sinking against Sirius and waiting for the chaos he knew would erupt when his friends saw the Slytherin.

"Whatís he doing here!" Peter yelled, coming to an abrupt halt and pointing an accusing finger at Black.

James only sighed, somehow not surprised. "Oh, Moony."

"Holding me up, actually," Remus said a bit wryly.

"Should have known it was something you lot were in on," Sirius muttered. "Right then, where are we off to?"

"Please, not the Infirmary," Remus begged. "I just want my own bed."

"Are you sure, Moony?" James asked, eyeing him. "If youíre not well..."

"Iím as well as can be expected, just tired. Need to rest." Remus leaned hard on Sirius, not sure how much longer he could stand up.

"We might be able to do this faster if one of you two would lend a hand," Sirius said snidely.

Peter frowned. "Why donít we both lend a hand and you head back to the dungeon?"

Remusí grip tightened on Sirius, and he made a soft sound of protest.

James shook his head at Peter. "Back off, mate," he advised softly, moving to Remusí other side and pulling his arm over his shoulders. "Come on then, letís get you to bed." He was intensely curious as to how Black had come to be there, but this wasnít the time to ask. "You can trigger the tree to get us out of here, Peter, if you would."

"All right, but I donít like this one bit," Peter protested. "Heís going to run straight back to Slytherin and blab!"

Sirius rolled his eyes and sighed. "If I was going to do that, wouldnít it have been best to do it while Remus was still a wolf and others could seeóor hear anywayóit for themselves?"

Peter and James both stared at him. "Just how long have you been here anyhow?" James asked, getting them moving.

It was Remus who answered. "All night. I almost didnít get the door closed in time since I was already later than I should have been." He sighed, giving Sirius a wistful glance and trying to memorize his features, certain that heíd never see Sirius again after this night.

"Wasnít quite the most comfortable night Iíve ever spent," Sirius said dryly, catching Remus when he stumbled. "So has this been going on the whole time weíve been at Hogwarts?"

Remus nodded. "It happened when I was little, so yes. Thatís why Dumbledore had the Whomping Willow planted, to keep me away from everyone during the full moon. James and Peter figured it out a bit more than a year ago." He glanced at Sirius, realizing how quickly he had ferreted out Remusí secret, and he smiled slightly.

"And you room with him?" Sirius asked incredulously. "A bit slow on the uptake, Iíd say."

Remus winced.

Peter glared.

James simply stated, "Not invading his privacy, were we?"

Remus decided not to point out that it probably had a great deal to do with intimacy. Sirius paid more attention to Remus because he wasnít just a friend; he was a lover. His fingers tightened on Siriusí, and he wished that Sirius could stay with him once they got him to his bed.

"And just what have you been doing to help him?" Sirius asked, glowering at Potter over Remusí head, feeling fiercely protective of the boy between them and a bit sick at the thought of why that was.

"What have we been..." James glared right back. "Weíve been his friends, not someone poking his nose in where it doesnít belong! Just because heís shagging youó"

"Please!" Remus interjected. "If you must row, canít you do it after I get to my bed?" Without realizing he was doing it, he leaned more heavily on Sirius, taking comfort from him.

"Weíll get you there soon," Peter promised, leading them out into the forest after heíd stilled the willowís branches.

Sirius nodded brusquely. "Iíll let them get you to bed then."

Remusí fingers tightened convulsively on Siriusí. "Donít go!" Then he bit his lip and looked away, reminding himself that Sirius knew what he was now and wouldnít want to be around him anymore.

Sirius arched an elegant black eyebrow. "I hardly think anyone will let me into Gryffindor, Remus. Big bad Black from Slytherin here, remember?"

Remus turned pleading eyes on his friends. "You have your cloak, donít you, James?"

"Why... Shite." James sighed and dug under his robes, pulling out the cloak and handing it over. "Here."

"You canít seriously mean for me to go into Gryffindor," Sirius said, his eyes widening.

The wide amber eyes turned to Sirius now. "Not if you donít want to," he said, drooping again.

"Scared, Black?" James asked, lifting his chin and gazing at Sirius superiorly.

"Of you lot? Hardly." Sirius grabbed the cloak, stuffing it under his free arm to save for when they were nearer the castle.

Remus sighed contentedly and leaned into Sirius again as they continued toward the school. "Thank you."

James rolled his eyes, amused by how easily Remus wrapped Black around his finger, as easily, if not more so, as he did James and Peter. "I really donít believe weíre doing this."

"I canít believe whatís going to happen if we get caught," Peter moaned.

"And I canít believe Iím allowing it," Sirius sighed, though he stroked a hand over Remusí back.

"I canít believe the way youíre all going on," Remus half-laughed. "Itís not as if weíre giving him the password, you know." Though he almost wished he could. The possibility of waking up to find Sirius in his bed was enough to make him feel a clenching in his belly despite his exhaustion.

"Or a note to get out of my classes," Sirius added dryly.

A soft sound of protest escaped Remus, but he knew Sirius was right. He couldnít skip classes without reason, and having a sick boyfriend in Gryffindor wasnít going to be an acceptable one for a Slytherin. "Stay a little while?" he asked wistfully.

Sirius gave a bit of a grin. "Why not. I can always steal Snivellusí notes later."

Remus laughed and grimaced simultaneously.

"I donít know how you can sleep in the same room with that greasy git," James said with a shudder.

"Itís not easy, believe me," Sirius muttered. "Canít hex him since heís in the same house, though I will admit to cheering you lot on when you got one over on him."

Peter snickered. "Itís not very difficult."

Even Remus had to laugh and nod. "Heíd certainly never have made a Ravenclaw."

Sirius shrugged. "See what I end up with for housemates because I said I didnít care?" They reached the edge of the forest, and he drew up, not wanting to let Remus go but knowing he had to for all their sakes.

Remus clung to him for a moment before letting go and allowing Peter to support him. But even with his two best friends on either side of him, he still felt cold, and his eyes sought Siriusí. Suddenly he wasnít certain that this wasnít what Sirius had been waiting for to leave.

Sirius drew the cloak around himself and fell in behind the Gryffindors as they continued toward the castle, wondering just what he was doing.

Remus kept glancing anxiously over his shoulder, wishing he could see Sirius, be certain that he really was following.

James looked down at his best friend wryly, wondering if it had even occurred to Remus that theyíd given his invisibility cloak to a Slytherin who could very easily simply walk away with it and leave them no way of getting it back. But remembering the way Black had looked at Remus, he didnít think it likely.

"Can we get going?" Peter asked, looking around nervously.

"We are going," Remus pointed out tiredly. "Donít think I can manage anything faster." He wanted nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep, preferably with Sirius beside him.

Sirius fought the urge to hit Pettigrew on the back of the head and ground his teeth together in frustration.

"Take your time, Remus," James said quietly, urging the shorter boy to lean against him. They made it into the school and up the stairs to the portrait of the Fat Lady. He gave the password and held the picture open so the others could get in, feeling the brush of his cloak as Black came in as well.

"Nearly there," Remus murmured, making for the stairs that led to their dorm and hoping that Sirius was still with them. Each step was an effort, but heíd be able to collapse into his bed soon, and that kept him going.

James and Peter got Remus into their dorm and shut the door behind them, barely giving Sirius time to slip in as well. He pulled the hood back off his head and watched as the other two got Remus in bed and pulled the covers up around him.

Sinking into the featherbed, Remus turned his head, eyes fixing on Sirius pleadingly.

Sirius let the cloak fall to the floor and walked carefully over to the bed, sitting down on the edge, not wanting to jostle the other boy. "You should get some rest," he murmured.

"Stay a while?" Remus begged again, hand rising to catch hold of Siriusí. "Like having you here."

"Thatís why Iím here," Sirius muttered, tightening his fingers around Remusí and reaching out with his free hand to brush the matted hair back from the other boyís brow. "Get some sleep."

Remus tugged weakly on Siriusí hand, wanting him closer but already falling asleep.

Watching them, James hissed, quietly so as not to disturb Remus, "If you hurt him, Black, I swear Iíll kill you."

Sirius looked up at Potter blandly. "If I had meant to do that, I could have done it a thousand times over already."

Peter sat on the edge of his bed practically hyperventilating.

"Oh, breathe into a sack, Peter," James said irritably, never looking away from Black. "So you feel the same way he does?"

"Thereís a Slytherin in Gryffindor Tower! We brought a Slytherin inside our House!" Peter moaned.

"Would I be sitting here if I didnít?" Sirius asked, giving Pettigrew a withering look. "And stop your whinging; do you think I like it any more than you do?"

Muttering under his breath, Peter got up and stalked over to the door, deciding to go down to the common room and study a bit till breakfast. Anything was better than sitting here with a Slytherin. James and Sirius both noted his departure, but neither of them particularly cared.

James stared at Black for a long moment before nodding sharply. "If you werenít a Slytherin, Iíd almost think you were a good bloke. He certainly seems to think so, and itís not up to me to do anything about it." He turned on his heel and headed for the door as well, intending to find Peter and calm him down.

"Thatís right, just donít you hurt him complaining about me," Sirius added, stroking Remusí head again. "Heíll wise up soon enough," he sighed to himself.

Remusí eyes fluttered open. "Stop rowing over me," he mumbled sleepily. "Can take care of myself. And Ďm not going to wise up. Happy."

"Stupid," Sirius muttered, continuing to run his hand over Remusí forehead.

A soft snore was the only reply, but Remusí hand never released its grip on Siriusí.

Sirius spent the next several hours falling in and out of a light doze while leaning up against the headboard of Remusí bed. Heíd made a few attempts to extricate himself from the other boyís clutches, but each time Remus had whimpered so piteously, heíd stopped and settled back alongside him again.

He was mulling over just what excuse to use to get out of the hot water he was sure to be in back at Slytherin when he felt Remus stir beside him and heard the low moan as he stretched.

"Easy there, no hurting yourself more," Sirius said quietly, rubbing his free hand over Remusí back.

Remusí eyes flew open, and he stared at Sirius. "You stayed!" he exclaimed, a huge smile breaking over his face.

Sirius shrugged, trying to brush it off. "Potter took his cloak so there wasnít any way I could get out of here, now was there?" he asked, though he continued stroking Remusí back.

Remusí smile didnít falter. "Iím glad." He rolled to his side, wincing, and shifted over. "Why donít you stretch out?"

Moving carefully, Sirius stretched his legs out alongside Remusí. "Howíre you feeling?" he asked.

"Like every bone and muscle in my body was ripped apart and put back together. Twice," Remus replied dryly. "In other words, perfectly normal for the day after the full moon." He moved closer to lay his head on Siriusí shoulder, sighing softly.

Sirius winced at the description. "Isnít there anything anyone can do for it?"

"You mean aside from Ďputting me downí? Though thatís been suggested often enough."

"By who?" Siriusí anger was sudden and dangerous.

"The doctor who treated me after it first happened. Various well-meaning family friends and distant relatives. Neighbors who wanted to Ďprotect their own familiesí." Remus laughed bitterly. "Pretty much everyone who knows except my parents, James and Peter... and you."

Sirius snorted and stroked Remusí hair to calm himself. "Quite the company Iím in then, donít know whether you should be happy or looking to hex me."

"Why would I want to hex you?" Remus tilted his chin up to see Sirius better without moving away from the petting.

"Arenít you worried Iím going to run back to Slytherin and blab? I know your mates certainly are."

Remus shrugged, then winced at the pain it caused him. "If you were going to, you had plenty of time last night. But I donít believe you will. I think youíre a better person than youíd like everyone to believe, Sirius." He smiled wistfully. "It might have been interesting to have a Black in Gryffindor at that."

"Almost was," Sirius admitted, shifting his hands up to Remusí forehead and rubbing his temples.

"Almost was what? A Gryffindor?" Remus exclaimed, eyebrows shooting up. "Tell, tell!"

"Not much to tell," Sirius shrugged, shifting uncomfortably. "The Sorting Hat kept going back and forth as to where to put me. It finally asked me, and I said I didnít care. It said Gryffindor was for those who did care, so it was Slytherin for me."

"Bloody!" Remus exclaimed. "Whoíd have thought there was ever a question for a Black? It could have been fun though."

"Would have saved me Snivellous as a roomie," Sirius admitted.

"Would have given me a lovely bedwarmer."

Sirius leaned his head back against the bedframe and sighed. "No use going over what might have been; Iím Slytherin just like all Blacks."

"But youíre my Slytherin," Remus finally admitted, nestling closer.

Sirius managed a smile at that. "So it would seem. Now I just have to keep Potter, Pettigrew, and the rest of my house from killing me because of it."

"Theyíd have to get through me first," Remus mumbled comfortably.

"Youíre a nutter," Sirius sighed, giving in to temptation and kissing Remusí brow.

"Itís part of my charm. Is it working?" Remus smiled up at him, enjoying the warm of Siriusí body against his aching muscles.

"It must be because Iím still here, arenít I?"

"Yes, you are. Bleeding hell, you are!" Remus suddenly realized how late it had to be. "How are you going to explain missing class?"

"Dunno. Iíll think of something eventually, something that doesnít involve you," Sirius murmured.

"Iím a lot of trouble to you, arenít I?" Remus sighed.

Sirius shook his head. "Not any more than I get into on my own, plus youíre worth it."

Remus beamed at him. "I think youíre the nutter, but I like it."

"Moony, we brought you lunch... Oh shite, heís still here," James muttered as he opened the door and carried a tray into the room.

"I live to make your life hell, Potter," Sirius replied snidely.

"Behave, Sirius," Remus murmured, painfully beginning to lever himself up so he could eat.

"Weíre all going to be expelled!" Peter moaned.

"Merlin, with you lot going on all the time, is it any wonder you havenít been able to help Remus with this?" Sirius growled, glaring at the other two boys but not moving from where he sat with his arm around Remus.

"Help him?" James growled. "What, you came up with a cure for werewolves while we were away?"

"Shite," Sirius muttered. "Help him get through this, or do you like leaving him alone in that shack once a month?"

"We tried," Peter mumbled, looking at the floor. "We couldnít figure it out."

"Figure what out?" Remus asked, head tilting slightly to one side. "You donít ever mean you did try to find a cure?!"

"Well, that or a way to keep you company," James admitted.

"What way was that?" Sirius asked, curious.

"How could you? You know the wolf attacks anything human," Remus reminded them.

"Wereít going to be human, were we?" Peter retorted.

"How..." Sirius began before James cut him off.

"Animagi. Peter and I were studying the process, but itís bloody complicated, couldnít handle it with just the two of us."

Remusí jaw dropped, and he couldnít manage a word. Heíd never imagined...

Sirius tilted his head to the side and studied the other three boys. "You have some good friends here, Remus."

Remus nodded. "I know," he finally managed in a strangled tone.

"Now donít go getting weepy like some girl," Peter said hastily. "We thought it would be fun. But as James said, we couldnít manage it."

"Planning on telling us where we went wrong, Black?" James asked.

"No, Iím planning on helping you get it right."

Now Remus made a strange choking noise, and he twisted around to stare up at Sirius, unmindful of the pain the movement caused him.

"Ió" Remus bit back the words that almost escaped him, words that it was far too soon to say, if it would ever be time. Instead he tangled his fist in Siriusí hair and wrenched him into a kiss.

"Bloody hell," Peter sighed, "weíre never going to be rid of him. And I may be crazy, James, but he doesnít seem so bad once you get to know him."

James nodded slowly. "Hate to say it, Peter, but youíre right."

"Nonono, the asphodel is after the laguna root," Sirius groaned, catching Peterís wrist just before the other boy added the ingredients in the wrong order. "If we muck this up, itís another month wasted."

"Do you really think weíll get it right this month?" James asked, watching the other two for the moment. "I havenít dared tell Moony we think we got it right this time since I donít want to get his hopes up again."

"Merlin, I hope so," Sirius sighed, looking over at their scribbled notes, then back into the cauldron and not mentioning what he was going through at Slytherin because of his unexplained absences.

James glanced at the bubbling potion and raised his eyes to study Black. "You actually care about him."

"Youíd think somewhere along the last six months you might have gotten that through your thick skull before," Sirius answered, giving a half-smile as he spoke.

"Itís rather odd to think of a Slytherin as human," Peter replied absently, measuring another ingredient into the cauldron.

James hastily turned away to stifle his laughter.

"Well if this goes right, I wonít be for much longer, but then, neither will the two of you," Sirius pointed out.

"And then Moony wonít have to be alone all the time," James agreed. "We couldnít have done it without you, Black."

Sirius shrugged. "You lot came up with the idea, I just helped."

Peter snickered. "A modest Slytherin!"

James snorted. "No, just one as obsessed with Remus as Remus is with him."

"Not going to deny it," Sirius answered. "Not a point in it, is there?"

"Not really since youíre here more than youíre there," Peter said. "And I think this is done." He eyed the potion warily.

James looked at the viscous brew and gulped. "So we say the incantation, then drink and see what happens, yes?"

Sirius nodded grimly.

Peter swallowed hard. "This jolly well better work. I donít want to have to explain anything to Madame Pomfrey." He scooped out a dose and looked at the others, waiting for them to do the same.

"I donít want to explain it to Remus," Sirius murmured, taking his own glass and toasting the other two. "Ready?"

"Ready," Peter and James echoed, and they all three recited the spell theyíd memorized then drank the potion.

"Merlin, that tastes like shite," Sirius croaked, resting a hand on the table for support.

"As long as it doesnít turn us into shite," James muttered. "Right then, whoís going to try first?"

"So much for Gryffindor bravery," Sirius grinned. "Iíll give it a go; that way if it doesnít work, the two of you can drag me over to Slytherin and leave me there."

"On you go then." Privately James thought that if anything went wrong for Sirius, heíd drag himself to another country where Remus wouldnít be able to find him.

"All right, get back, you lot, so I donít squash you if I turn into something huge." Sirius managed a grin at the nervous laughter, then tried to do as the spellbook said, Ďlook for your animal formí.

He wasnít sure how long heíd been looking and opened his eyes to admit defeat, but what was meant to be a curse came out as a bark.

"Bloody hell, youíre a Grim!" James exclaimed admiringly. "Not bad at all, Black. Right, my turn then." He closed his eyes as well, and like Sirius, was ready to admit defeat when he realized that he was seeing the world very differently. He raised his hand to see how it looked and found himself staring at a hoof.

"A dog and a stag!" Peter exclaimed, stopping himself just before he petted the others. "All right, guess Iíll give it a go." He swallowed nervously and closed his eyes, and both James and Sirius let out huffs of surprise as Peter immediately changed form.

Looking up at the other two from far closer to the ground, Peter let out a squeak of surprise and changed back involuntarily. "Whatówhat was I?" he demanded.

James changed back as well, slinging an arm over Peterís shoulders. "Well, mate, we wonít have to worry about how to trigger the whomping willow any more. Youíll be able to run right up to the spot. Youíre a rat, Peter."

"I suppose that leaves you and I to keep Moony in line," Sirius mused while Peter sputtered on about being a rodent.

"I just hope the wolf part of him doesnít like venison," James replied.

"All the books say that werewolves wonít attack other animals," Peter said quickly as if trying to reassure himself of that.

"And if we have to, weíll get him in the shed again," Sirius sighed, not liking the idea in the least.

"But I really donít think we will. And now, shall we find Moony and introduce him to his new friends?" James suggested.

"Letís!" Peter said eagerly.

"You lot go get him and take him hrmmm..." Sirius pulled out his map and activated it, scanning the classrooms. "Transfigurations seems appropriate."

The other two laughed. "Go on then. Weíll be there in a bit." Nearly giddy with their success, Peter and James went to find Remus and bring him back to see what theyíd accomplished.

A few minutes later a laughing Remus was being propelled down the hall by his two mates, who each had hold of one of his arms. "Where are we off to then? You could at least tell me that much!"

"Itís a surprise, Moony," Peter giggled.

"Exactly, telling would ruin it," James said seriously, keeping an eye on the hallways around them, his cloak at the ready if they needed it. "All right," he said, pushing open the classroom door. "Here we are." He opened the door the rest of the way to reveal a darkened room.

"Iíve seen the Transfigurations classroom before, you know," Remus started dryly before his eyes fell on a huge black dog sitting in the middle of the floor. "Oh! You got me a dog?" He advanced toward the animal, whose tail started to wag. "Isnít he a beauty!"

James and Peter snickered as Remus cooed over the dog, who was obviously loving the attention by the way he was licking Remusí face.

"Moony?" James finally said. "Donít you notice that thereís someone missing?"

"What... What have you done to Sirius?" Remus demanded, suddenly nervous.

The dog gave a low woof, and when Remus looked back at it, Peter and James managed to shift forms as well, leaving the teen in a rough circle of animals.

Remus stared from one to the next, eyes wide and a stupefied expression on his face. "You never managed it!"

"Did this time," Sirius laughed, having changed back. "Looks like Moonyís going to have company."

"You... you lot..." Suspiciously bright eyed, Remus hurled himself at Sirius, hugging and kissing him exuberantly.

"If youíre going to do that to me too, I may forget how to change," James snorted.

"Iíll take a handshake!" Peter added.

"More of this for me then," Sirius smirked, kissing Remus back until the other two gagged.

Remus turned and stuck his tongue out at them. "Wasnít offering to kiss you, was I? You donít deserve me."

Both James and Peter gagged again while Sirius decided to prove just who did deserve Remus.

"Have to reward you now, donít I?" Remus murmured, leaning into Sirius.

"Right, thatís it for me. Gínight, blokes." James and Peter beat a hasty retreat while Remus tried again to snog Sirius senseless.

"So I take it youíre happy?" Sirius asked once he could finally breathe again.

"What was your first clue?" Remus snorted, grinning up at him gleefully. "And a dog! Thatís as good as a wolf, luv." He realized too late what heíd said and paled.

Sirius managed a pained sounding laugh. "Careful there, Lupin, I almost thought you called me Ďluví there."

About to take advantage of the escape Sirius offered, Remus abruptly realized that they were going to have to face this if he ever hoped for more. And he did. "I did," he managed to say in a high pitched squeak, his voice cracking as it hadnít for months, making him flush.

Blue eyes widened and Sirius stared at Remus. "You? In love with a Black? Go on."

"Itís not as if I planned this, you prat," Remus growled. "I never expected to like you."

"And you think I expected to fall in love with you?" Sirius spat, his spine stiffening.

Remus was left speechless again, goggling at Sirius. "You do?" he finally managed to gasp out, fingers digging into Siriusí upper arms.

"Shite..." Sirius mumbled, shaking his head but not trying to get away from Remus. "I guess I do."

"Well, thatís a bloody relief!" Remus yanked him forward into another kiss, this one hungrier and wilder as he let his emotions run free.

Sirius gawked, then grabbed Remus, pulling him closer as their tongues slid against each other.

Groaning, Remus forced his hands under the waistband of Siriusí trousers, cupping the firm buttocks and levering himself even closer, glad that Sirius had already put aside his robes before transforming earlier.

"Remus..." Sirius groaned, grinding against the other boyís body and starting to work on his clothes, wanting him naked.

"Sirius," Remus replied in kind, biting at Siriusí jaw and writhing against him, not caring that it was making it harder to undress him.

"I want you to fuck me, Moony," Sirius growled, pulling back enough to catch and hold Remusí gaze.

"Oh bloody hell!" Remus gasped as he instantly got harder than he thought heíd ever been before. "Give a bloke some warning before saying things like that, Sirius! I could have sprained something." He pushed Sirius against the wall, yanking at his clothes, now desperate to get him naked.

"Guess Iíd better not give you any more shocks today then."

"Well, I didnít say that," Remus chuckled. "I rather enjoyed it." He finally removed the last of Siriusí clothes, with the other boyís eager help, and he pressed close again.

Sirius rubbed against Remus, urging him down to the floor on top of him. "Iím rather hoping you enjoy me," he murmured, winding his legs loosely around Remusí waist.

"I have no doubt of it," Remus replied, rocking against him, groaning as their erections glided together. "Oh, so good," he moaned, kissing Sirius again.

"Slytherin, canít be good."

"Youíre better than good. Weíre better than good," Remus panted, settling between Siriusí legs, his cock sliding along the valley between the other boyís cheeks.

Sirius shook his head but didnít argue, instead arching up against Remus, kissing him hungrily.

Tongues tangled, hands exploring feverishly, they moved together, Remus reaching down to prepare Sirius after murmuring a quick spell. He gasped desperately when his finger pushed inside Siriusí body, wanting to feel that around himself.

"Remus, do it!" Sirius ordered, spreading his legs wider, almost begging in his need.

"Oh yes." Remus let out a heartfelt groan as he slowly sank into Sirius, feeling the tight muscle yield to the pressure and grasp him. "Oh bollocks, Iím inside you," he panted.

"And it feels... Merlin, it feels good," Sirius sighed, digging his fingers into Remusí back and clenching down around the thick shaft within him.

"Been too long since we did this if you didnít remember," Remus laughed breathlessly, pulling back reluctantly so he could press forward again, nearly sobbing with the pleasure of it. His eyes closed as he let the sensation wash through him and opened again to catch Siriusí gaze as his hips began to move faster, shagging him harder.

"Guess youíll just have to work harder to remind me," Sirius panted, working a hand between them to stroke his cock.

Remus bit his lip to hold back what would have been an embarrassingly breathy moan as he watched Sirius stroke himself, nearly coming from the sight. "For an annoying bloke, youíre bloody gorgeous," he whispered.

"And for a gorgeous bloke, you talk too damn much!" Sirius almost whimpered when Remus hit his prostate, then he was coming, crying out loudly as he did so.

Remus tried to hold out, wanting to watch Sirius, but the sight of him and the sensations as he came were too much, and Remus could only pound into him helplessly until he came as well, gasping out words of love as he arched and slumped over the dark-haired boy.

Sirius slowly recovered, then smiled and trailed his fingers over Remusí cheek. "So, I take it youíre happy about the animagi thing?"

Remus beamed at him. "I canít believe you lot did that," he marveled, leaning into the cupping hand. "Thatís just amazing. I really donít know what to say, Sirius. No oneís ever done anything like that for me. And a dog!"

Sirius actually reddened. "Well, like I said, donít go thanking Potter and Pettigrew this way or theyíll faint."

"As if I would!" Remus made a face. "Peter would faint, and James would plant a facer on me. Not that Iíd want either of them. I rather like long dark hair, silvery blue eyes, and a face and body the girls sigh over. And I get to enjoy."

"Iíll remember that when Iím limping around the grounds later," Sirius grinned.

Rolling his eyes, Remus snorted. "If I donít limp, you certainly wonít. Or are you trying to get me to kiss it better?"

Sirius smirked. "You saying you want to kiss my arse, Lupin?"

"Prat. I may bite it though!"

"Hmmmm, I always knew you Gryffs were a kinky sort."

"No wonder I like a Slytherin then."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Thatís because youíre barmy."

"You must be too then," Remus retorted smugly.

"Never said I wasnít, after all, Iím in Slytherin!"

"Which really is a shame. Just imagine if we shared a room." Remus momentarily had a dreamy smile as he contemplated the possibilities.

Sirius chuckled. "The ghosts would never let us hear the end of it."

"But if we never got out of bed, we wouldnít hear them," Remus pointed out, laughing as well. "Though we might get rather sore."

"And weíd never graduate, and I for one donít want to spend the rest of my days at Hogwarts."

"Good point. After all, once we leave, we can share a bed whenever we want without House rivalries being an issue." Remus reluctantly pulled out of Sirius, immediately rolling to his side and drawing Sirius against him, holding him close and smiling. "And a bed would definitely be more comfortable than this floor," he added with a faint groan, his knees letting him know heíd have bruises in the morning.

Sirius sighed and pressed a kiss against Remusí shoulder. "Unfortunately, yours is in Gryffindor, and mine is in Slytherin."

"Bloody inconvenient is what it is," Remus grumbled. "And thatís not even considering how long the summerís going to seem."

"At least you donít have to spend it at 12 Grimmauld Place." Sirius groaned and closed his eyes. "I think that Muggle writer, Dante, had it in mind when he was writing about the circles of Hell."

Remus frowned. "But itís your family. Surely youíll be glad to see each other?"

Sirius looked incredulous. "You said youíve seen my mother, and you know Regulus, so what do you think?"

"But... sheís your mother," Remus exclaimed. "She has to be better when youíre home, surely?"

"Díyou think harpies behave better when theyíre at home out of sight?"

Blinking in surprise, Remus opened and closed his mouth several times before he managed to speak. "I never realized... I mean, I just thought... Merlin!" He shook his head. "Guess visiting over the holidays is out then," he sighed.

Siriusí eyes widened, and he shook his head vehemently. "No sodding way, Remus. I want to keep you just like you are, in one piece, thank you very much."

"Bleeding hell, leave it to me to fall for a bloke I can only see during the term, and only in secret at that," Remus grumbled. "Hmmm, how much free time do you have outside of school? Maybe you could visit me?"

"Iíll give it a go. So, just where do you live anyway?"

"Black?" James stood in the open doorway of his parentsí home and gaped at the unexpected vision outside. "What in Merlinís name are you doing here?"

Shaking his head to assure himself that his hair was hiding his bruised face, Sirius gave a smirk. "Couldnít let you go all summer without seeing me, now could I, Prongsie?"

James glared. "I think you have me confused with Moony."

"Can I help it if heís on holiday?" Sirius winced and straightened up, shaking his hair back out of his face. "Look, I was hoping to find a place to stay until school started again."

"What happened to you?" James gasped, eyes widening as he saw the bruises.

Sirius shrugged again. "What passes for familial love in the esteemed house of Black. Good olí Regulus told my mum about my being missing from Slytherin for most of the year, and she didnít like it too much."

Sighing, James pushed the door open wider. "Come in then. Remus would kill me if I let you leave like this. Itís a good job Peterís away for the summer; heíd have a seizure if he saw you here."

"Donít worry, Potter," Sirius drawled. "I just need a place to clean up and get my bearings, then Iíll be gone."

"Oh, shut your face," James grumbled. "I suppose youíre not bad for a Slytherin. And you might as well wait here for Moony as anywhere."

"I feel the love," Sirius sighed, faking a swoon as he followed James inside.

"Youíll feel my boot upside your arse if you keep it up." James led him directly to the loo where he pulled a first aid kit out from under the basin. "Sit still while I clean you up."

"Shite, all you Gryffs are the same," Sirius muttered. "Ow!"

"What, Remus makes you yell ow too? Never mind, I donít want to know," James added hastily.

"Idiot," Sirius muttered, keeping quiet but wincing as James tended to his injuries. "I meant always ordering me around."

"Oh, that. Thatís just because Gryffindors are naturally superior."

"At what? Being pains in the arse?"

"At everything, of course," James retorted.

Sirius snorted, then winced as his bruised ribs pulled. "This from the bloke who couldnít even manage an animagus spell."

"I did too! It just took a while, but weíd have managed it without your illustrious presence, Black," James growled. "Whatever Remus sees in you, I wish heíd develop selective blindness."

"Love you too, ducks, and donít worry, Iíll be out of your messy hair soon."

"Thereís nothing wrong with my hair!"

Sirius snickered. "If you say so, Potter, but have you looked in a mirror lately?"

Glaring, James put on a plaster with a bit more force than was necessary. "Iím in fashion, you ignorant git."

"Only if the fashion is to make Lily Evans run screaming."

"Why you..." James clenched his fist, about to plant Sirius a facer when he caught sight of the bruises and forced himself to relax. But then he thought about it, shrugged, and launched himself at the Slytherin, knocking him to the floor.

With an almost animalistic growl, Sirius met James blow for blow, not seeing the other student under his fists, but his parents, his brother, and even his housemates.

James worked out his frustration with Lily refusing to give him a chance, his horror at Remus getting involved with a Slytherin of all things, and his general worries about the future as the war against Voldemort heated up. He pounded Sirius, barely noticing the blows he received, both of them somehow managing not to do serious damage to one another.

"Re-ready to give up, Potter?" Sirius gasped when they finally were worn out and had collapsed on the washroom floor, glaring at each other.

"Not till you cry uncle," James retorted, chest heaving as he panted for breath, the side of the bathtub supporting him.

"Because of you? Never!" Sirius attempted to lunge at James again but only managed to end up on his hands and knees.

"Ha! Used to being in that position, are you?" James snorted, starting to laugh.

Sirius lifted his head, wiping the blood from his face with his forearm. An angry retort on his lips, he paused, looking at Potter laughing, and realized the insanity of the situation. "Careful, Remus might hex you if he found us like this," he snickered.

That made James burst into peals of laughter, slowly sinking down the side of the tub until he was lying on the floor, chortling helplessly. "Oh, Black, you really are a nutter," he finally gasped some time later when he could speak again.

"Iíll take that as a compliment from you, Potter," Siriusí voice was muffled as both of his lips were swelling. "Have any ice about?"

"I certainly hope so," James admitted, gingerly feeling his left eye, knowing he was going to have a shiner. "Youíre not bad with your fists for a Black."

Sirius gave a half-laugh. "Thanks, I think. Found that under certain circumstances itís handier to use them than spells."

James nodded, slowly pushing himself to his feet. "Come on then, we need some ice and butterbeer." He offered Sirius a hand.

Groaning, Sirius got to his feet, grateful for the help but not about to say it out loud. "Would rather it was firewhiskey, but butterbeer will do in a pinch."

Cocking his head slightly to one side, James peered through his glasses at Sirius. "You have a point. I think this merits raiding my dadís stash of firewhiskey. After we get some ice on these bruises," he added, wincing.

Sprawled out on the floor next to James, Sirius nudged his knight forward, listening with half an ear to the quidditch match on the wizard wireless. Half a dozen empty bottles of butterbeer surrounded them as well as candy wrappers and half-eaten snacks. In the two weeks heíd spent here with the Potters, he and James had become fast friends, not to say they didnít have very vocal arguments from time to time. Jamesí parents, while surprised at his presence, had been welcoming, and the only dark spot in Siriusí mood was the fact that Remus wasnít back from holiday with his family yet.

"Hopefully your chess-playing will improve once Remus gets here and youíre not mooning over Moony all the time," James said wryly, his knight beheading Siriusí bishop after the other boyís last move left it wide open.

Sirius smirked, not even caring that he was probably five moves away from being checkmated. "Once Remus gets here, chess is going to be the last thing on my mind."

"Not one more word!" James exclaimed, appalled. "I donít want to know!"

"But I do," Remus said, letting them know heíd arrived. Heíd come straight to Jamesí to visit his friend, but he hadnít expected to find Sirius there, and he was surprised by their seeming ease together

"Not with me in the room!" James exclaimed vehemently.

"Hullo, Lupin," Sirius drawled, smiling up at the other boy.

"Sirius," Remus replied, eyes drinking him in. "I didnít expect to see you here." He unconsciously moved closer, licking his lips.

"Had a slight change of plans." Sirius stood, his eyes still fixed on the other boy. "Potter was kind enough to put me up."

"Thereís a good one," James snorted before realizing the other two werenít listening to him. "Oh shite, Iíll be in the garden if you two ever surface."

Remus never even noticed him leave. He moved even closer to Sirius, arms sliding around his waist as he leaned in to kiss him, eager to taste him again after their weeks apart, the longest theyíd gone without seeing one another since the first time theyíd shagged.

"Moony..." Sirius groaned, wrapping his arms around the other teen and pulling him closer.

"Padfoot," Remus replied, grinning wryly an instant before their lips touched and they tried to devour one another.

Sirius laughed into the kiss before growing serious and rubbing against Remus, their kisses frantic.

"Oh lord, Iíve missed you," Remus groaned in one of the moments where they parted to breathe. He thrust against Sirius, nearly whimpering at the sensation of a hard body against his suddenly aching erection.

"Youíre the one who went on holiday."

"Remind me not to do that again." Remus wrapped one leg around Siriusí waist, trying to get closer.

Sirius grunted out an answer, his hands moving down to Remusí ass, holding them together.

"This is Jamesí bedroom," Remus mumbled half-heartedly, not really caring but knowing that he should.


Remus laughed shakily. "Just pointing it out." He slid his hand into Siriusí trousers, curling his fist around the hard shaft he found.

"Donít rightly care," Sirius moaned, arching forward into Remusí hand and fumbling for the fastenings on the other boyís trousers to do the same.

"Good." Remus groaned, biting his lip as Sirius finally touched his bare flesh. "Oh, sod James, I want you."

"Weíll just stay away from his virginal bed," Sirius snickered, dropping to his knees and bringing Remus down with him.

"Am more interested in the non-virginal things in the room," Remus agreed, practically crawling into Siriusí lap.

Sirius nodded, growling as Remusí position forced his hand from his trousers.

Remus bit at Siriusí throat, marking him and not caring. He tugged urgently at Siriusí clothes, wanting them off, wanting to feel them together with nothing between them.

"Missed you," Sirius rasped, wedging a hand between them and finding the heat of Remusí erection, stroking it roughly as he felt Remusí hand on his own shaft, his desire making him shudder.

Remus just growled, mouth not leaving Siriusí flesh. It had been too long since theyíd been together, and nothing was going to prevent him from having Sirius now. His hand moved faster, twisting as he pumped Sirius.

Giving a strangled groan, Sirius let Remus take him beyond himself and cried out, his whole body shuddering before he came hard and fast.

As soon as Sirius came, Remus pushed him to his knees and settled behind him, his hard cock fitting between Siriusí cheeks as he rocked against him. "Need you," he rasped, a semen-slicked finger pushing inside Sirius.

"Yours," Sirius answered, looking back over his shoulder, his eyes locked with Remusí amber ones.

That sent a shudder though the young werewolf, his eyes blazed with lust, and he pressed forward into Sirius, unable to wait another moment.

Sirius whimpered and bowed his head, bracing himself against Remusí thrusts.

The position triggered some of the instincts Remus usually kept buried, and he suddenly closed his teeth carefully over the nape of Siriusí neck, claiming and dominating his mate as he fucked him.

Pressing back against Remusí thrusts, Sirius tightened down on his cock, wanting to feel the other boy come.

Remus cried out at the sudden pressure, his thrusts speeding up despite his attempts to be careful of Sirius. He shook, his body tensing, and he somehow managed to move faster, trembling on the brink of orgasm.

"Come, Moony," Sirius rasped, his tone pleading.

The sound of Siriusí voice was the final impetus that tumbled Remus over the edge, and he wailed wordlessly, uncaring of who might be listening, as he came.

Feeling Remus slump over his back, Sirius gave a husky laugh. "James is going to kill us."

Remus laughed breathlessly and nuzzled the back of his neck. "What in Merlinís name are you doing here? I didnít expect to see you until the new term started."

"Not quite where I wanted to go, but then that was in Spain, and I didnít have the galleons to get there."

It took a moment to understand what Sirius meant, but when he did, Remus made a soft sound of pleasure. "I would have loved it if you could have joined us. There were so many things I wanted to share with you." He carefully withdrew and lay down, pulling Sirius down into his arms, facing him.

"Would rather have been there than home, trust me."

Hearing the undertones, Remus petted Siriusí back soothingly. "And does that start to answer my last question about why youíre here?"

Sirius shrugged but accepted Remusí comfort. "Seemed safer than being there."

"I canít imagine that, not being safe at home," Remus admitted. "Maybe next break you can come visit me?" he suggested diffidently.

"Think your parents will mind a snake in the house?"

"I think my parents would be happy to meet any friend of mine. Especially one whoís more than a friend. I already had the talk with them a while back, and they know that I like blokes."

"And they didnít toss you out on your ear?" Sirius sounded shocked.

"Well, my mum did cry quite a lot, and my dad, well, I donít think Iíve ever seen him so uncomfortable. And theyíre a bit worried about me, you know, what with the laws and such since we live mostly with Muggles, but theyíre my parents after all. They love me." Remus shrugged.

"Guess compared to the whole werewolf thing, it isnít too much more." Sirius winced and ducked his head. "Sorry, that wasnít the brightest thing to say."

Remus had flinched at the remark, but Siriusí immediate apology calmed him. "I should know by now that your mouth moves faster than your brain," he retorted, smiling very faintly. "But youíre right, my mum and dad have had a lot more than most parents to deal with."

Sirius gave a wry smirk. "Not according to my mum."

Remus kissed him. "Your mum didnít know how lucky she was to have you."

"Well, donít tell her that, all right?" Sirius asked. "I donít think sheíd agree."

"I donít expect ever to talk to her," Remus snorted. "I think I already know the only Black I care to."

"Just so you know, Mum says teaís ready if you want some," James called from outside the door.

Sirius gave a lop-sided grin. "Perhaps I should change my name to Potter, eh?"

"I am not marrying you!" James yelled, showing that heíd heard. "And my room better be exactly the way I left it," he grumbled.

Laughing, Remus sat up. "I think James wants us out of here."

Groaning, Sirius reached for his wand and cleaned them both up as well as the carpet underneath them. "Your virginal bower is pristine again, Prongsie," he shouted.

"Prat! I donít want to hear about when it wasnít. And you lot had better have clothes on because Iím coming in."

Remus glanced at Sirius, smirking. "Shall we shock him? Or be nice?"

"Oh, we should be nice; after all, heís put me up the past two weeks."

"Then I suppose we should put our clothes to rights," Remus sighed, eyeing Sirius appreciatively. "Good job we didnít actually undress," he added, hastily covering himself as the door handle turned and the door started to open.

"Bloody perverts, always pawing each other," James muttered as he stomped into the room, not looking at the other two who were resettling their clothing.

"Want me to work up a charm so that Evans will paw you?" Sirius offered.

"Jealousy will get you nowhere," Remus retorted, leaning against Sirius once they were decently covered again.

"Ha!" James glowered. "As if Iíd be jealous of you. And no, Padfoot, I donít need a charm! Lily will realize what sheís missing all on her own."

"And run screaming into the night as if sheís seen a Dementor." Sirius managed to get this out without snickering, then collapsed onto the floor, howling.

"Oh, youíre a right funny one, you are," James growled, glaring. "Remind me why Iím letting you stay here?"

"Iím rather interested in the answer to that myself," Remus murmured.

Sirius shrugged and grinned charmingly. "Because if you hadnít, I would have told Evans that you beat off shouting her name every night."

"Prat!" James grabbed a pillow and started hitting Sirius with it while Remus watched them, laughing.

"Oy then, donít break him!" Remus protested. "I only just got him back, sooner than expected though it is. And Iím still waiting for someone to explain that."

James shrugged. "Showed up on my doorstep. Couldnít just toss him back on his parentsí mercy, could I. Besides, Padfootís not bad company when heís not mooning over you."

"Told you life at Grimmauld Place wasnít all that grand, didnít I?" Sirius asked mildly.

"You just got wind of how good my mumís tarts are is all."

"It got so bad you had to leave?" Remus asked, cutting to the sense of what the others were saying.

"Regulus mentioned to the folks as to how I hadnít been around Slytherin much this past term, and that devolved into a conversation about just who Iíd been palling around with..." Sirius half-grinned. "Mum wasnít too thrilled to hear Iíd been seen with Gryffindors."

"So you decided to run away and live with Gryffindors to make her feel better about it?" Remus shook his head. "I think youíre going to have to plan to stay with one of us over the next holidays."

"Not going back now, am I?" Sirius asked rebelliously. "Iíve got a few galleons my uncle left me, so Iíll get my own place and be done with the Ďhonorable house of Blackí forever."

James frowned and pushed his glasses up his nose. "Youíve still got to go back to Slytherin when the term starts though."

Remus frowned as well. "I wish you didnít. You donít belong there; you belong with us. But thereís nothing we can do about it," he sighed.

"Sorted Slytherin, stay Slytherin, right?"

"No need for it, is there," James asked.

Remus turned to stare at James while sliding an arm around Sirius waist. "What do you mean? We canít change that... can we?"

James caught Siriusí eye and raised his eyebrows. "Well now, you never know, do you?"

"It seems before we begin the sorting of the first years, there is a special circumstance to be addressed." Headmaster Dumbledoreís voice rang out over the crowded hall. "There is a student who wishes to be re-sorted."

There was a moment of dead silence, then a furor as seemingly every studentóand teacheróat Hogwarts started talking at once. Over at the Gryffindor table, Remus clutched Jamesí arm desperately for comfort, turning to meet Siriusí somber gaze. He gave Sirius an encouraging smile, trying not to notice the suspicion gathering on Siriusí year matesí faces.

Sirius rose from the Slytherin table, moving slowly from the beating heíd received on the train on the way in to Hogwarts. It hurt like hell, but he was glad for it as it had convinced Dumbledore of the necessity of this. Walking up to the dais, he reached for the Sorting Hat and lifted it, bracing himself for its condemnation for daring to attempt this.

"Resorted? Resorted. Hmmm. Very interesting request, very interesting indeed. So the boy who didnít care where he went doesnít want to be a Slytherin any more?

"What shall we do, what shall we do? In love with a Gryffindor?" the hat exclaimed, sounding surprised.

Steeling himself so he didnít squirm, Sirius remained defiant. "Rather not get blown out the dungeon for that if it matters to you."

"Courageous to the point of foolishness, a Gryffindor trait," the hat mused. "But re-sorting. A Slytherin to a Gryffindor? Very unusual. Unheard of."

As the silence drew on with the hat on Siriusí head, Remus grew more nervous by the moment. "Itís not going to allow it," he moaned under his breath.

"Canít say thatís a bad thing," Peter whimpered, earning himself an elbow in the side from James.

"I donít care what you say," Sirius muttered fiercely. "Iím not going back to Slytherin, and itís not just because of Remus. I didnít care before, but I do now, do you understand me, you silly old rag? I care now."

"So you do. And such passion is not the sign of a Slytherin, oh no, it must be..."Gryffindor!" the hat cried aloud.

Shocked silence greeted the Sorting Hatís pronouncement, into which Remusí gasp of relief was audible across the hall. He flushed as all eyes turned to him, then raised his chin defiantly and slid aside from James, making a space between them.

"Thank you," Sirius said quietly before taking the hat from his head and standing, then setting it on the stool. Meeting the shocked, accusatory, and wary looks of the other students, he stripped off his tie and robe, walking over to the Gryffindor table in only his shirt and trousers, taking the seat between James and Remus as if it was his right.

"So," he asked calmly, "is it as drafty over here as it was on the other side of the hall?"

"Well, maybe a bit less since we donít have all the puffed up pride adding to the draftiness," James replied. "Though Iíve a feeling there will be some lips flapping for some time to come," he added, eyeing their tablemates wryly.

"But even the Sorting Hat knew you belong here," Remus said, loudly enough for all to hear, "so thatís an end to it."

"No," Sirius smiled, reaching for Remusí hand and squeezing his fingers. "Itís just a beginning."


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