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Doctor Who/Torchwood

A Week in the Life of Ianto Jones ~ Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Jack, Non-explicit (12K) 01-11-07
Seven days that changed Ianto's life forever.

On the Eighth Day ~ Ianto/Jack implied, Non-explicit (4K) 02-19-07
Eight days later Jack came back.


Hawaii Five-0 (reboot)

Accepted ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (3K) 10-02-10
A short PWP set just after episode 1.

Being ~ Danny Williams, G (1K) 10-19-10
Written for the Parenthood prompt at hawaii_5_0_100.

Can You Hear Me Now? ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, G (2K) 10-19-10
Just what is Danny's ring-tone for Steve?

Coming Clean ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (6K) 10-02-10
It was all the laundry's fault.

Coming Home ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, R (19K / 3,395 words)  11-27-10
Danny travels back to New Jersey and finds out where his home really is.

1. Danny Williams' No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, PG (6K / 942 words)  11-27-10
Danny has a bad day. A really bad day.

2. FUBAR ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, PG (8K / 1,288 words) 11-27-10
Steve has bad days too.

Three Beaches ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, PG (23K / 3,849 words) 08-20-11
The prompt was: Steve/Danny, PG-13ish: Danny gets Steve to go back home with him on vacation, and they end up going to Jersey Shore. Steve mocks Jersey Shore people. (Do I get extra points for actually watching that show to get a feel for those people? ;) ) It started out as humor and turned to romance...

Treat, Definitely Treat ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, G (1K / 100 words)  11-27-10
The title says it all.

1. What Happens in Vegas ~ Steve McGarrett/Turk Malloy, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams (UST), Turk Malloy/Linus Caldwell (mentioned in passing), NC-17 (22K / 3,999 words) 01-15-11
While in Las Vegas for his sister's wedding, Steve meets someone who looks very familiar who makes him re-think the way he looks at a very familiar someone.
Note: Crossover with Ocean's Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen

2. The Two Man Job ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett/Turk Malloy (past), Turk Malloy/Linus Caldwell, PG-13 (18K / 3,246 words) 03-11-11
This is what happens when you don't take a con-man's advice.

3. Bait and Switch ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett/Turk Malloy (past), Turk Malloy/Linus Caldwell, PG-13 (22K / 3,826 words) 08-20-11
What Danny doesn't know can't hurt him, or so Steve thinks. Bonus points if you figure out Turk's alias ;)


Once a Thief


1. First Contact ~ V/M, Adult for language (20K) 03-15-00
While on a case, Vic makes a new friend.

2. See Ya Later ~ V/M, Adult for language (21K) 03-20-00
Vic's late night chats lead to more intimate conversations.

3. Close Calls ~ V/M, Adult for language and implied cybersex (31K) 03-30-00
Vic and CJ grow closer, the Director gets annoyed, and Mac works on Kirkdon.

4. Disconnected ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (22K) 04-07-00
Vic finally meets CJ, but there's a problem...

5. Call Waiting ~ V/M, Adult for language (17K) 04-13-00
Mac's in trouble, Vic's drunk, and the Director's on a rampage -- all in all, not a good day for any of them!

6. Caller ID ~ V/M, Adult for language (29K) 05-13-00
Mac tries to explain his deception, and Vic tries to understand.

7. Coffee Klatch ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (44K) 07-22-00
Now that Mac is healed, he and Vic are sent on a little errand for the Director.


The Chief and the Director ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (153K)
Winner of the 2002 Fan Quality Award for best OaT story.
Several years after the show ended, Vic and Mac's lives are very different.
Originally published The OaT Zine, Volume I, produced by the Theban Band.
Click on thumbnail for full-size view of the cover created by the Theban Band. The image is manipulated to represent the characters as portrayed in the story and not the actors who play them.


The Phantom Menace


An A/U story of a future in which Obi-Wan did not become Qui-Gon's apprentice.
Illustrations by Adalisa. Click on thumbnails for full-size views.

1.  In the Arena ~ Q/O, Adult (49K) 08-03-99

2.  On the Sands ~ Q/O, Adult (28K) 08-09-99
What lengths will Ben go to in order to get the antidote he needs?

3.  Blood Is Spilled ~ Q/O, Adult (25K) 08-17-99
Certain truths are revealed about both Ben and Jai Gonn

4.  Shattered Plans ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (41K) 08-31-99
Ben and Qui-Gon fight to make it off Golgatha alive

~The Sojourner~

5.  Pray for the Living ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (38K) Sept. 99
The trip to Coruscant brings with it revelations and a bit of understanding

6.  Mourn Those Who Die ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (39K) 10-14-99
Ben learns who he is and is offered the chance to have his memories returned - but does he want it?

7.  Fear Things Brought to Light ~ Q/O, Adult (43K) 10-27-99
Memories once locked behind the block are revealed, and relived.
Warning: Violence, death, and rape - not graphic, but it's there, so be wary.

8.  The Sheltering Sky ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (25K) 12-05-99
Ben's memories have been restored, but at what price to Qui-Gon?

~The Prodigal~

9.  Rebirth ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (30K) 02-11-00
Ben and Qui-Gon finally get to talk about what has happened between them and what it means.

10. Renown ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (36K) 02-19-00
Ben's past catches up with him - and leads him to a new calling.

11. Reconciliation ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (24K) 
Can Ben and Bruck survive their confinement without killing each other?

12. Resolution ~ Q/O, Adult (18K) 02-08-01
Ben finds his place at the Temple and begins his new life.

~The Hunt~

13. The Hunter ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (16K) 10-04-04
Ben has settled into life at the Temple and with Qui-Gon, but a face from his past brings news and an opportunity for revenge.

14. The Hunted ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (15K) 10-18-04
Ben has found what he's looking for, but others are looking for him.

For an odd AU crossover spin on Rina's Gladiator universe, see Orithain's When Worlds Collide, featuring Ben, Qui-Gon, Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek.


Twilight Burning (with Destina Fortunato)

A songfic cycle based on songs from the Depeche Mode album "Violator" - a darker version of the Q/O relationship as it might have been... 

1. Halo ~ Q/O, Adult (24 K) July 1999
What will it take to make a Jedi break a crucial tenet of the Code?  

2. Sweetest Perfection ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (37 K) July 1999
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan give in to their darkest desires.

3. Policy of Truth ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (30 K) October 1999
The Jedi return to the Temple after a night of giving in to their desires, and are called before the Council.


Queer as Folk

The Algebra Series

1.  Simple Math ~ B/M, Non-explicit (10K) 2001
Michael contemplates Brian and algebra

2.  Prime Numbers ~ B/M, Non-explicit (12K) 04-17-01
Brian's thoughts on his past with Mikey.

3.  Parallel Lines ~ B/M, Non-explicit (11K) 06-18-01
Debbie watches her boys at the diner.


Hatred ~ No pairing, Non-explicit (9K) 06-27-01
Early morning ruminations in a hospital corridor.

Happy Endings ~ M/B, Adult (9K) 3-27-02
What exactly happened after Ben told Michael he was positive?



My December ~ Clark/Lex, Non-explicit (11K) 08-12-02
How do you ensure that the past stays there?

The Talisman ~ Clark/Lex, Non-explicit (7 K)10-02-02
Musings on a truck. For Slodwick's Stephen King title challenge.


Stargate Atlantis

Hydrogen Burning

A series of alternating POV pieces written with Angyl.

2. Table for Two ~ Sheppard POV, Non-explicit (4K) 09-09-05
Companion piece to Angyl's Table for One.


A series of episode-related POVs by Rina and Orithain. Each story will container spoilers for the episode in question. See Orithain's page for John's stories.

1-1&2. Atlantis Rising: Rodney ~ Rodney POV, Non-explicit (4K) 08-13-05
Rodney considers the events of Atlantis Rising.

3. Hide and Seek: Rodney ~ Rodney POV, Non-explicit (2K) 08-19-05
Rodney's take on Hide and Seek.

Reactionary POVs

A series of reactionary McKay/Sheppard POVs by Rina and Orithain. See Orithain's page for John's stories.

1a. Fragile ~Rodney/John, Rodney POV, Non-explicit (3K) 07-13-04
Over-tired, over-stimulated McKay stream of consciousness ficlet.
Spoilers: The Siege I and II

For John's reaction, see Orithain's Home.

2a. Licensure ~ Rodney/John, Rodney POV, Non-explicit (3K) 07-19-05
Rodney doesn't like dogs. John is one.

For John's reaction, see Orithain's Resolution, followed by Mutuality, and then back to Rodney in Utility below:

2d. Utility ~ Rodney/John, Rodney POV, Non-explicit (3K) 07-21-05
Things are useful in different ways.

3b. Halo ~ Rodney/John, Rodney POV, Non-explicit (3K) 07-23-05
An angel on the balcony is worth a case of cold feet.
Rodney's reaction to Orithain's Balance.

4a. Why? ~ Rodney/John, Rodney POV, Non-explicit (3K) 08-05-05
Rodney has a question.
For John's reaction, see Orithain's Why Me?

5a. Black Coffee in Bed ~ Rodney/John, Rodney POV, Adult (4K) 08-06-05
It's a very good morning.
For John's reaction, see Orithain's Wake up Call.

6b. Freedom ~ McKay/Sheppard, Rodney POV, Adult (3K) 09-18-05
Rodney likes being tied to John.
Rodney's reaction to Orithain's Entanglements. For John's reaction, see Orithain's Understanding.

Works in Progress

The complete story will be available here when finished. For now, chapters are available at the Wraithbait archive.

The Toss of a Coin ~ AU, McKay/Sheppard (56K) Updated 09-08-05
Lives are changed by the toss of a coin.



Evolution ~ Castiel/Dean Winchester (6K), non-explicit, 10-19-08
Change comes to all of us, even angels.

A Devout Man ~ Castiel (3K) gen, 11-10-08
Prequel to Evolution: Matthew Carter said yes.


Vertical Limit

Catch Me ~ Tom McLaren/omc, Adult-graphic (20 K) 12-9-00




My Truth ~ M/K, Adult for language (6K) 
A Krycek POV vignette set six months after the events of Requiem

How CC Offed Krycek ~ implied M/K, Non-explicit (12K) 05-21-01
CC is worse than the Grinch in my book
NOTES: This is Rina. This is Rina typing with a broken wrist. This is Rina typing with a broken wrist on pain-killers after watching the horrid episode I will not name. Nuff said?

Temptation ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (22K) 01-29-01



Financial Aid ~ Cory Raines/Indiana Jones, Adult-graphic (23K) 09-18-00
Highlander/Indiana Jones movies
It's set before the Raiders and explains how Indy got the funds to be in that jungle in the first place!

Research Grants ~ Cory Raines/Indiana Jones, Adult-graphic (32K) 11-27-00
Highlander/Indiana Jones movies ~ Sequel to Financial Aid
Indy meets his mysterious benefactor once again, this time in South America.


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