Mine III: Trust

Orithain and Rina

May 2006

Disclaimers: We only wish they were ours. Sadly, this is as close as weíre going to get.

It had started out as such a simple mission, John Sheppard mused wryly as he hurled himself at the scientist on his team, knocking Rodney McKay to the ground as a crossbow bolt whistled through the space heíd occupied a moment earlier.

"Look out," he yelled belatedly, in case Ronon or Teyla hadnít already sought cover. He ignored the breathless grunts coming from the man under him as he peered around warily.

"I didnít do anything!" Rodney gasped out, well aware of his reputation for bringing the wrath of numerous cultures down on them by touching or saying the wrong thing.

"Blue eyes," John sighed. He shifted a little to one side, still covering Rodney but allowing him to breathe freely.


"Apparently blue eyes are really, really bad on this world. I didnít really take the time to find out why since I thought keeping you alive was a more immediate concern."

Rodney sputtered as much as possible given the fact that he still hadnít caught his breath. "Blue eyes? Of all the stupid, backward prohibitions! Well, Iím certainly not plucking my eyes out for offending them, so they can take their bias and shove it - " He broke off and ducked as another bolt whizzed near them.

"Yes, yes, theyíre morally and culturally backward, not to mention blind since your eyes are gorgeous. However, they outnumber us by a ratio Iíd prefer not to think about, so letís leave them blissfully ignorant and get the hell out of here. Teyla! Ronon!"

"On our way," Ronon called out as they started to make their way back to the jumper, laying down a line of suppressing fire to keep the villagers out of range.

"Come on, Rodney. Time to get out of here and then let Elizabeth decide if she wants to chance sending a brown-eyed team to find out if thereís anything worth trading for here." John sent a burst of fire slightly above where heíd spotted a head and smiled coldly at the yelp that followed.

"I canít believe theyíre prejudiced against blue eyes!" Rodney continued, keeping his hand on his gun as they hustled along.

"Perhaps they once had a war with a people who all had blue eyes," Teyla theorized over the radio.

"Who I hope kicked their asses!" Rodney shot back before glancing over at John, who was looking intently around them.

"More likely the other way around," John said without ceasing his watchful surveillance, "since theyíre here, and we didnít see any blue-eyed people."

Rodney shuddered and glanced around nervously. "That doesnít make me feel particularly good."

"No, I canít say as I blame you. But weíre leaving just as fast as we can get to the jumper." John frowned slightly. "Iím starting to notice a correlation between less than ideal planets or inhabitants and gates in orbit. Iím bringing a Marine detail next time we visit a planet with one."

"Thatís an excellent idea, Colonel." Rodney huffed out an out-of-breath laugh. "Remind me to reward you for it later."

John darted a single glance at him that conveyed pure heat. "Iíll be sure to," he promised in a husky tone. "Now pick up the pace!" he barked, the military leader back.

"I like you better when youíre a bottom slut," Rodney muttered under his breath though he did as ordered, nervously scanning the area around them as they broke from the trees into the clearing where the jumper was.

"And I like you alive, so deal," John retorted, used to dealing with the way the dynamics of their relationship changed, depending on context. On duty or anywhere outside of their room, he was Col. Sheppard, the senior officer on Atlantis, who was second only to Elizabeth Weir, and Rodneyís best friend. In private with Rodney, well, Rodney had described it perfectly, and they both liked it that way.

Rodney rolled his eyes but didnít argue, knowing very well that John was right. Both men put on a final burst of speed and dashed into the safety of the jumper, Teyla and Ronon joining them moments later. John thought the hatch closed and the cloak back on, and seconds later the invisible jumper was flying toward the gate and home.

"Iím making a note by the planet coordinates right now," Rodney muttered as he typed in his laptop. "Of course I should send Kavanagh here just because..."

John chuckled. "I think weíve traumatized him enough for a while." They returned to Atlantis without any further adventures, where John explained what had happened to Elizabeth.

"Wonderful," she sighed, rubbing her temples. "But none of the villagers were injured, correct?"

"I would think youíd be more concerned if we were injured!"

"Clearly youíre not," she pointed out, "or we would all know it."

"We shot to frighten, not to hit anyone," John said hastily.

"Yup," Ronon nodded. "So long as we donít bring McKay back, weíre good there."

"Or anyone else with blue eyes," Teyla added diplomatically.

"Are we sure there arenít any other prohibitions the culture has?"

John shrugged. "No idea. I didnít think it was a good time to hang around and chat while they turned McKay into a pincushion." He thought about it. "They didnít seem to have any objection to me or Teyla, so light and dark skin tones are okay, and nothing gender-based. I donít remember seeing any blonds though."

"And obviously they donít mind ratsí nest hair considering they didnít go after Ronon," Rodney offered, looking back innocently when the Satedan glared at him. "Hasnít Radek taught you to comb it yet?"

"Radek likes my hair," the big warrior growled, making John snicker.

"I suppose it would make a good handhold..."

"Gentlemen!" Elizabeth admonished.

"I think weíre done here," John said, getting to his feet. "Frankly, I donít think they have anything to offer us that makes the risks worthwhile. And right now I want a shower."

"Iíll consider your recommendations," she commented as they all stood.

"Elizabeth needs to get laid," Rodney murmured once they were clear of the gateroom.

"It would probably help," John agreed, "but thatís up to her unless thereís another demanding scientist waiting to pounce on her."

"Iíll ask around." Rodneyís expression changed to a smirk as they entered the transporter, hit the panel, and exited nearer their room. "Later."

John eyed him with interest. "Got some other plans for right now?"

"I always have plans, Colonel, and you should know that by now."

"Oh, I do. I just really like that mad scientist gleam you get in those big blue eyes when you explain them to me."

"Just like I enjoy that murderous, this-side-of-psychotic look you get when youíre defending my life."

John chuckled as the door to their room opened. "Weíre clearly made for each other."

Rodney smiled as well. "And the universe trembles." The moment they were inside, he pushed John back against the door, sliding one hand under his shirt to pinch his nipples while kissing him hungrily. John leaned on the door, moaning into the kiss as he wrapped his arms tightly around Rodney. Remembering the moment when heíd seen that crossbow bolt about to fly at Rodney, he shuddered and pulled the scientist even closer.

"Do you trust me, John?" Rodney whispered, pulling back enough so that his lips brushed against Johnís.

"Do you even have to ask?"

Rodney smiled slightly and leaned back to look up at John. "I know, but I wanted to make sure. You trust me not to hurt you."

"Rodney, I trust you with my life, my career and my heart. I think thatís a little past wondering if youíre going to hurt me."

"I love you, John," Rodney whispered, kissing him again, this time tenderly.

"I love you too." John leaned into Rodney, his eyes closing as he relaxed.

"Now I want you to strip and get on the bed while I get what I need." Smiling, Rodney slid a hand around Johnís body to pat his ass before stepping back to give him space to move.

Looking intrigued and more than a little aroused, John set his weapons aside and shed his uniform, then lay on his side on the bed, head propped on one hand as he watched Rodney.

After gathering up the items he needed and wrapping them in a towel, Rodney returned to the main room, his eyes darkening as he looked at John reclining on their bed. "Gorgeous," he murmured, walking forward to set the small bundle on he bedside table and lean in to kiss John again.

John smiled up at him. "Hot," he said, his eyes running down Rodneyís solid frame.

"And itíll get even hotter," Rodney replied, purposefully misunderstanding. "Can you hold still, or do you need help?" This was asked as he held out a blindfold and carefully tied it around Johnís head.

John had to swallow hard before he said, "Tie me."

Rodney closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, and when he did, they were even darker. "Put your hands on the railing," he rasped, reaching for the padded manacles they kept in one of the drawers. "And tell me if theyíre too tight."

John nodded jerkily as he lifted his arms over his head until he could grasp the bar, stretching the long line of his body. He could feel Rodneyís eyes on him, and it just made him harder.

"Just like... that." On the last word, Rodney buckled the padded manacles around Johnís wrists, looking the links connecting them around the bar he was holding. That done, he pulled off his shirt, purposefully making more noise than usual so that John would hear and know what he was doing.

Now that his hands were restrained, John squirmed lazily on the bed, knowing that Rodney would be watching him. "I donít get to see you today?"

Rodney chuckled, refusing to rise to the bait. "You know what I look like, Colonel. What I donít want you to see is what Iím going to be doing to you."

"Tease." John squirmed again, hoping to entice Rodney to touch him.

"Slut," Rodney chuckled. "Just the way I like you." As he spoke, he unrolled the towel heíd set on the table.

"Thatís nothing new," John replied easily, his head tilting slightly as he listened to the faint sounds.

Rodney nodded, though John couldnít see him, then set one knee on the bed, swinging his other leg over Johnís stomach so that he straddled the other manís hips, his ass rubbing against Johnís erection.

John moaned softly and arched up, pressing against Rodney. "God, you feel good."

"And I promise youíll feel even better soon." Rodney smiled slightly as he rolled Johnís right nipple between his fingers, pinching it and causing it to tighten before leaning to the side to pick something up.

Gasping, John arched his back, his cock jerking as if hardwired directly to his nipples. "Rodney," he groaned, his breath catching as he waited to feel Rodneyís mouth next.

"Yes?" Rodney asked as he placed a needle against Johnís nipple and pushed it through the tender skin in one smooth motion.

"Oh fuck," John groaned, shuddering at the brief pain. "You found a way to mark me," he whispered.

"Exactly." After he wiped the bright bead of blood away, Rodney leaned in and kissed Johnís nipple, flicking his tongue over the tender flesh and tasting the harshness of copper on his tongue.

"Jesus fuck!" John shook, his back arching up as he pressed into Rodneyís mouth, loving the pleasure-pain. "Oh yeah!"

Rodney lifted his head, licking his lips as he watched Johnís expression, the way it flitted from pain to agonized pleasure and back. "Hold still, I need to put the ring in," he rasped, placing the small black hoop against the tip of the needle and pressing it forward, following the path of the retreating point.

"God, I love you," John rasped.

"Same here." Rodney leaned in and brushed his lips against Johnís as he closed the ring. "Ready for the other one?"

John nodded. "Yeah, do it, and then maybe thereíll be some fucking involved?" he asked hopefully.

Rodney chuckled and tugged at Johnís pierced nipple, making him gasp. "Havenít you learned by now that youíll get it when Iím ready?"

"Doesnít mean that I canít try to convince you that youíre ready sooner," John said.

"Another good point." Rodney kissed him again before sitting back and playing with his other nipple.

"I have Ďem sometimes," John mumbled, writhing under Rodney.

"Whereas I have them all the time." Rodney rubbed his ass against Johnís cock, piercing the other nipple when he heard Johnís whine of hunger.

"No arguments here." Johnís hands twisted above the manacles, and he spread his legs, pushing up, trying to get closer to Rodney.

Rodney only smiled as he threaded the other ring through Johnís nipple, then reached for a pair of flat, thin chains. He used the first to connect the new piercings, making John shiver at the sensation. John twisted, gasping as his movement made the chains tug.

"Oh God, that feels... incredible."

"And the chain wonít catch in your chest hair, donít worry," Rodney murmured, hooking a finger around the fine links and pulling lightly on it. "The rings are also non-conductive so no worries in that regard."

John breathed a sigh of relief even as his back arched. Even with the pain from the fresh piercings, he loved the way it felt when Rodney did that, and he had a feeling that once they healed, it was going to be a serious on switch for him.

"Perfect," Rodney breathed, leaning in to lick the newest piercing even as he slid off of Johnís waist to stand once more beside the bed. "Now, I believe you said something about getting fucked?" There was an air of amusement in his tone.

"Yeah," John said slowly, knowing that there was no way it was going to be that easy.

"Well, what I want is for you to blow me first." Rodney undid his pants and pushed them down over his hips, taking his boxers along with them. Stroking his cock, he rested one knee on the bed and rubbed it over Johnís lips, pressing inside the moment he opened.

John hummed with pleasure at the taste of Rodney, and he sucked hard, drawing him deeper as he sought more.

"Oh yes, just like that," Rodney murmured, balancing himself as he thrust into Johnís mouth, one hand tangling in his hair, the other plucking at the chain across his chest.

A near howl ripped from John, only slightly muffled by Rodneyís cock, and his back arched, forcing Rodneyís cock deeper into his throat. Rodney thrust a few more times, feeling John swallow around him, then he pulled back, kissing the now swollen lips.

"Pull your knees back, Colonel," he whispered as he reached for the lube. "I want to see all of you."

John instantly followed Rodneyís directions, eagerly opening himself to his lover. He pulled his knees as far back as he could, making soft sounds of encouragement and lust.

"Itís almost time for another shave," Rodney murmured, running a hand over Johnís bare groin and feeling the light stubble that was beginning to darken his pale flesh. "But weíll do that later. For now..." He reached into the drawer again, pulling out a cockring and wrapping it around Johnís erection.

Johnís eyes widened behind the blindfold, and he groaned almost desperately. "Youíre going to kill me with pleasure one of these days, and I just hope itís not today. I want to enjoy this." And then he might possibly kill Rodney for what he was going to do to him, but John wasnít crazy enough to say that.

Rodney chuckled low in his throat, seeing Johnís reaction in the way the muscles of his face tightened, and he took the second chain. He threaded it through one nipple ring, then down through a loop on the cockring and finally up to the second nipple, anchoring the end points at each of Johnís tender nipples. "Iíll keep you safe," he promised, running his thumbs over the chain and watching John writhe.

"I know," John panted. "And Iím really looking forward to doing this after they heal and you donít have to be so careful." He bit his lip as he moved, every motion tugging his nipples and cock.

"Iíve got some cream from Carson that should help," Rodney murmured before shifting to kneel between Johnís legs and trailing his fingers over his smooth perineum.

John could only whimper, panting for air as he hardened still more, and Rodney took that as a plea, so he slicked up two fingers and pressed them into Johnís ass, lubing and stretching him at once. John gasped and thrust his ass against Rodneyís hand, trying to take more as he moaned pleadingly.

"Oh yeah, move for me," Rodney rasped, holding his fingers still so that if John wanted any friction he had to provide it himself.

"Teasing bastard," John rasped, moving... and moaning as each jerk of his ass tugged at his tender nipples and aching cock.

"And you love me for it," Rodney replied smugly as he lubed up his cock while watching John fuck himself on his fingers.

"Yeah, I do." John kept moving, the pain only making him wilder.

Without warning, Rodney pulled his fingers away and positioned his cock, slamming forward into Johnís tight, hot body, groaning at the sensation and at the howl John gave.

"Oh Jesus," John moaned, his whole body tightening as he clenched down on Rodney. "More, please," he begged.

"Everything," Rodney promised, catching Johnís knees and pushing them back so that he could thrust more fully into the other manís body. John met every thrust, as much as he could the way he was pinned down, and pleaded for more, which Rodney gave him, spreading him open as wide as he could to delve as deeply as possible.

The absence of sight only sharpened Johnís other senses, amplifying every sensation as Rodney took him, stroking over his prostate again and again. John wailed desperately, his body quaking with spasms that would have been a mind-blowing orgasm without the cockring.

Rodney hissed as Johnís ass contracted around him, and he let go of one of Johnís legs to pluck at the chain lying across his chest, the resultant spasms around him enough to send him over the edge into orgasm. John whimpered desperately, bucking up as the sensations continued to build in him without let up. "Please, gotta come," he begged.

"Trust me, John," Rodney murmured as he pulled back to let Johnís legs fall to the bed again and arranged himself next to the long, lean body that was singing with tension.

"I do. But Iíd like to be alive while I do," John said plaintively.

Rodney chuckled low in his throat and flicked the chain running between Johnís nipples. "Youíll be alive," he laughed before reversing his position and running his tongue up the length of Johnís bound erection.

"Oh God, definitely an evil genius," John wailed, shaking as his body tried to come yet again.

Rodney only laughed again, his breath ghosting over Johnís now damp flesh, then took Johnís cock into his mouth, licking away the precome from the head before swallowing him down.

John screamed, and Rodney moved his hand, releasing the cockring as he swallowed again. Another scream ripped out of Johnís throat, and he came so hard his whole body locked and his vision grayed out as spasm after spasm tore through him.

Rodney continued swallowing, then pulled back, twisting to look up at John, and what he saw made him smirk. The colonel was unconscious, hanging limply from his bonds, and Rodney slid off the bed to undo the manacles, tossing them aside as he rubbed Johnís wrists to restore the circulation there. Next, he reached for the salve heíd gotten from Carson, and, after removing the chains that connected the nipple rings, he carefully anointed each reddened nipple with the cool balm, and then finally he removed the blindfold from Johnís face. Lastly, he cleaned them both up, placed a glass of water by the bedside and thought the lights off before settling onto the bed and curling half around John.

It wasnít long before Johnís eyes fluttered open, and he smiled at Rodney while stretching. "So satisfaction really does bring someone back."

"So I should be calling you Morris then?"

John managed a creditable purr.

Rodney chuckled and stroked a hand over Johnís back. "Well, you do swish your tail enough."

Laughing, John rolled over to nestle closer. "I like what it gets me."

"Iím shocked to hear that, and watch your chest."

"Yeah, noticed that." Looking disgruntled, John settled back onto his back and scooted a fraction closer to Rodney, wanting the contact.

"How about this..." Rodney turned on his side and tightened an arm around Johnís waist, being careful not to let his shoulder brush Johnís chest. "I know they hurt, but they were worth it."

"Have you heard me complaining? I loved it. I just like being able to lie on you, and Iím not going to be able to do that for a couple of days. So I guess youíre just going to have to comfort me for my loss till I can again."

Rodney chuckled and stroked his hand over Johnís stomach. "Iíll do my best to help you through the trying time."

"Youíre too good to me."

"Iím so glad you recognize that."

John snorted. "If I didnít, Iím sure youíd remind me."

"Of course I would," Rodney laughed quietly. "And youíd love it."

"Hmm, maybe I should pretend to forget..."

"You may want to wait until those piercings heal."

"Good point. And a week or so after that till I can move at all again."

Rodney smirked against Johnís shoulder. "Damn, Iím good."

"Yeah, you are. Lucky me."


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