Never Boring

Orithain and Rina

May 2006

Disclaimers: You donít actually think we believe theyíre ours, do you? Weíre not delusional. ;) We donít make any money from this, just have fun.

Solid steel doors clunked shut, and Sam Winchester half-twisted in his seat to look over at his brother. "So, any ideas?" They were in Maine, and the wind carried the harsh edge of winter with it, but cold hadnít caused the deaths they were there to investigate. Two apparently healthy young women were dead of unknown causesóat least thatís what the official reports said, though neither he nor Dean agreed with them. Something was at work here, something bad.

Dean frowned, his usually expressive features tight and drawn. "Yeah, actually, I do. I ran into something similar a couple of years ago, a case I was handling on my own when Dad and I split up to cover two at the same time." He hesitated, the green eyes dark with memories. "I think itís an incubus."

Sam glanced over at his brother, frowning as he saw the pensive expression. "A little more information might be helpful."

Dean looked a little surprised. "I thought pretty much everyone knew what those were, thanks to Hollywood. You know, sexy demons that come in dreams and drain you of life through sex? Sorta vampire-like in the draining thing."

"I didnít mean what they are." The words Ďyou idiotí were implied if not stated. "I mean how you handled it the last time. How do we track it down and banish it? If they appear as the person you most want, how do we figure out who it is?"

"Considering that the people we both want arenít alive, I think we should notice if they crawl into bed with us," Dean pointed out in the same tone. "And it canít be the same one that I dealt with. I, um, didnít exactly banish himóit. I, er, forced it into human form so it has to live out its life as a normal man." Dean stared intently ahead at the road, keeping his eyes from straying to Sam.

Stopping in the act of leafing through their fatherís journal, Sam frowned slightly. "Any particular reason why you did that?"

Dean flushed.

"I thought it would be more of a punishment to force him to live as a powerless human than to send him back to hell, where he was a major power. Maybe this way heíd learn something."

"Umm, okay... So any ideas how we attract this one so we can banish itóor do you want to make this one human too?"

Dean winced, not about to explain exactly why that wasnít likely to happen. "Iím not sure. Valac was an aberration; most incubi are only interested in women; they leave men to the succubae. So since all the deaths so far this time are women, I really donít know how weíre going to get its attention."

Sam grinned. "We could find a gay guy and have him dream," he suggested. "I mean, he certainly isnít going to be having fantasies about women."

"Thatís not much of an improvement over using a woman," Dean said wryly. "We still have a potential innocent victim involved. Unless..." He stopped, clearly considering an idea that he didnít like very much.

"I know Iím going to kick myself for asking this, but unless, what?"

Dean gritted his teeth, forced himself to relax, groaned, and slammed a fist on the dash before finally answering. "Valac. The other one. Heíd probably know how we could attract this oneís attention. And heís about as far from an innocent as you can get."

Sam nodded, as he watched Dean warily. "And you know how to get in touch with himóit?"

Dean winced as he realized heíd been calling the former incubus Ďhimí again. "Yeah, Iíve kept an eye on hóit to make sure itís not reverting to its former ways."

Sam twisted to the side, eyeing his brother, his finger marking the place in the journal that dealt with incubi. "Then I guess you should give it a callóif you think it could be helpful."

"Shit!" The only thing keeping Dean from banging his head against the steering wheel was the fact that he was driving. "The universe freaking hates me."

"You suggested it," Sam countered. "If you have any other ideas, Iíd be happy to hear them."

"You could shoot me," Dean said hopefully.

"Nah, youíre useful for diverting the big bads."

"Shit," Dean said again before giving in to the inevitable. He pulled off onto the shoulder, knowing that he couldnít drive while having this conversation, and dialed a number from memory, hoping against hope that no one would answer.

Sam shifted to lean against the passenger door, watching Deanís expression in almost horrified fascination and straining to hear the other side of the conversation.

"Why, Dean, finally come to your senses?"

"Fuck you." Dean tried to stop the words as soon as he uttered them, knowing what a huge mistake they were, but it was too late.

"Anytime, anywhere and you know it, but sadly I sense this isnít why youíre calling me. Yes, Iím being a good boyówell, thatís what they all say anyway. Any other questions?"

Dean gritted his teeth hard enough for Sam to hear. "Incubi. How do we get their attention when weíre both male?"

Sam listened, fascinated, when the voice on the other end of the phone snickered. "You should know that well enough, Dean-o."

"A normal incubus, you asshole! These are killing girls!"

A world-weary sigh followed that comment. "You never listened to a word I said, did you? Fine, preserve your mental stability and find a woman who will agree to give it up for you; Iím sure it canít be too difficult."

"I am not going to put some innocent woman in danger!" Dean growled. "Do you really think I would have called you if it was that simple?"

"Have I ever pretended to understand the strangeness that is your mind?"

"I would appreciate your assistance," Dean said with exaggerated politeness, ignoring that last comment.

"Of course, Dean, you know Iíd do anything for you," the voice purred.

Dean shut his eyes and was silent as he mentally counted to ten. "Fine. Weíre in Bangor, Maine. How soon can you be here?"

There was a muffled conversation, then, "Tomorrow morning; I have obligations tonight."

Deanís eyes narrowed, but he restrained whatever comment he might have made. "Fine. Weíll see you then." He immediately disconnected, knowing that Valac would call him to find out where to meet once he got close.

"Interesting conversation," Sam commented after Dean had them on the road again.

"We should reach Bangor in about fifteen moments," Dean said, again demonstrating his ability to ignore comments he didnít want to deal with.

"So itís coming here tomorrow," Sam continued, ignoring the fact that Dean was ignoring him.

"Yeah. And, uh, he gets pretty snotty if he hears you refer to him as it," Dean said, staring straight ahead.

"The thingís a demonóor it was anywayówhy do you care what it thinks?"

"I donít!" Dean said hastily. "But he can be really annoying when he wants to be." He smiled briefly. "I know you used to like sci fi shows. Think Rodney McKay on a bad day."

Sam gave a sad laugh at that comment. "Jess used to say he and Sheppard were doing it when the cameras were off them."

Dean smiled briefly. "Hard to disagree with that one."

"So in other words, this Valac is a brilliant snarkmeister? Sounds interesting at least." Sam paused and grinned. "Gotta be better company than you."

Looking insulted, Dean punched his brother in the arm. Then he pulled off at their exit. "We need to find a motel."

"You have any credit cards that havenít been cancelled yet?"

"Hm, lemme check." Dean pulled over and checked his wallet, finally crowing with success. "Yup, this oneís still good. Dwayne Ackerson, a traveling salesman, if you can believe it."

Sam snorted out a laugh. "Well, you can sling the bull, thatís for sure. Go get us a room, bro, and make sure there are two beds!"

"How Ďbout we find a motel first, before you start complaining about the room?" Dean smirked at him before starting to drive again, pulling in at the first decent-looking motel they came across.

"Because I know you." Sam leaned back in the seat and yawned as Dean climbed out to get them a room.

"Smart ass." Dean went in, and a few minutes later, he sauntered out, whistling cheerfully. "Got a room," he announced as he slid back behind the wheel to drive around to their room. "With two queen beds, so you wonít have to whine."

"And just whereís your friend going to sleep when it gets here?" Sam shot back.

"In the trunk for all I care!"

Once they were parked again, Sam grabbed his bag from the back seat and waited by the door until Dean opened it up. "Not the best way to get its help, you know."

"Well, Iím sure as hell not going with the best way!"

"Should I ask what way that would be?"

Dean flushed again. "Letís just say that apparently incubi can really be bi."

Sam walked into the room and tossed his bag down on the bed, them glanced back at Dean, who was shuffling his feet uncomfortably. "Just one more question; who exactly dreamed this thing up?"

Dean shrugged. "His form, you mean? Who knows? But everyone seemed to enjoy their dreams of him... till they died. Did you ever see Charmed? He looks a lot like the guy who played Piper and Leoís grown up son Chris from the future for that one season."

"Uh huh," Samís tone was approaching the one people used when dealing with the insane. "But who dreamt up that form? Are they still alive?"

"How the hell should I know? He was in that form all the time I was dealing with the case, and I have no idea who he was taking it from."

"Hey! Easy there, I was just trying to get a little more information before we have to deal with it." Sam nodded toward the bathroom. "Why donít you take a shower and get some sleep; Iíll see if I can find anything else from the local papers."

"Good idea. It was a long drive, and Iím tired." Dean gave Sam a quick smile before disappearing into the bathroom, determinedly not thinking about anything.

Groaning, Sam turned over, woken from a for once dreamless sleep by the sound of Deanís cell phone. Grabbing his extra pillow, he tossed it in the direction of the other bed. "Answer your phone, damnit."

Groaning, Dean flipped it open and pressed it to his hear, grunting a wordless interrogative.

"So tell me, where are we meeting, baby?"

"Oh God, Iíve died and gone to hell."

A rich chuckle answered that comment. "Trust me, itís more interesting there."

"I must have been out of my mind to have called you!"

"You canít resist me, and you know it."

Dean snarled, trying to ignore how the sound of Valacís chuckles wrapped around him. Giving up, he told the former demon the name of the hotel they were at and their room number.

"I take it that was your former demon?" Sam yawned once Dean had hung up.

"Heís not mine! But yeah, that was Valac. Heís in town and on his way over. Should be here in a few minutes."

"Touchy, touchy." Sam rolled out of bed and hit the bathroom.

Dean flopped over backwards and pulled a pillow over his face.

"Donít worry, Iíll save you from the big, bad ex-demon," Sam chuckled before shutting the door.

Needing to breathe, Dean put the pillow under his head instead and stared up at the ceiling. "Thatís what you think," he sighed.

A short time later there was a brisk knock on the door.

Sam was still in the shower, so Dean had no choice but to answer it, though he stopped long enough to pull his jeans on before opening the door. "Hi."

A brilliantly white smile greeted the surly salutation. "Hello yourself."

"Oh, this was such a bad idea," Dean groaned, turning on his heel and heading for the coffee maker to put on a pot.

"Still repressing, Dean? Thatís so, so sad." Valac followed Dean into the hotel room and flopped gracefully onto one of the beds.

"Still delusional, Valac?" Dean retorted through clenched teeth.

"Never." Another brilliant smile. "I see much more clearly than other humans."

"Ha! If you did, youíd realize that youíre not anatomically correct for me to be interested!"

Valac only chuckled at that before glancing toward the bathroom. "So why is there a man in there?"

"Heís my brother!"

"Hrmmm, little Sammy is back in the family business? Is he cute?"

Dean whirled around. "You stay the hell away from my brother!"

"Stay away from you, stay away from your brother; you never let me have any fun, Dean." The former demon gave a very human pout.

The bathroom door opened, and Sam stuck his head out, studying the newcomer before looking over at Dean. "Everything all right out here?"

"Fine," Dean gritted out. "Though Iíd suggest putting something on before coming out. Valac seems to be reverting to type." He gave the former incubus a dirty look.

"You canít fight nature," Valac shrugged, leaning back on his elbows and watching Dean down the length of his own body.



"Because there are two of us to one of you and you donít have any demonic powers any more."

"Two of you just makes the idea of misbehaving more intriguing."

"I think Dean called you for help," Sam commented as he came out of the bathroom, fully dressed.

"Though if you make one more comment about my brother, I will not hesitate to shoot you and make sure no one ever finds the body."

Valac turned his attention to Sam at that. "Did you know your brother was Egyptian?"

Dean stared blankly while Sam was surprised into a snicker, something he hadnít expected in reaction to this thing.

"Whatís so damn funny?" Dean asked suspiciously.

"The fact that your brother has a better sense of humor than you."

Dean growled. "Suddenly, I really want to go kill this demon."

"Might want to finish getting dressed first," Sam commented.

"Donít think you have to on my account though."

"Then again, I could just shoot you now and save myself some misery." Dean glared at Valac before grabbing some clothes and heading into the bathroom for a quick shower, leaving his brother to deal with their unwelcome temporary partner.

Sam stared at the former demon.

Valac sat up easily and held out a hand. "Hi, Iím Val, or thatís what I go by now. Youíre obviously Sammy." His dark green eyes narrowed as he studied the younger Winchester. "Interesting."

Sam eyed it warily. "What is?"

Valac looked down at his extended hand and lowered it, then smiled. "I thought youíd be shorter."

Sam frowned. "Why would I be shorter? Unless you mean because Dean is." A quick, mischievous smile flashed across his face.

"Yeah, thatís it." Val leaned back again and shook his dark brown hair out of his face.

Sam had to admit that the... guy was attractive, and he could imagine that women would be falling all over him, but he... it... he seemed pretty fixated on Dean. "Are you just trying to drive him nuts as some weird kind of revenge?" he asked abruptly.

Valac chuckled. "And why would I want revenge? Just because he changed me from what I was to this?" He glanced down his body again and shrugged easily. "No, not for revenge."

Sam sipped his coffee reflectively while staring at the other... being. After long moments, he finally spoke again. "You actually want him. I donít know if itís just injured pride because youíre used to getting whoever you want, but you want him." He was amused. "Oh, by the way, who picked the form?"

"That youíd better ask your brother." Val got to his feet and walked closer to Sam, holding his hands up when the other man took a step back. "Just getting some coffee, donít worry."

"He said he didnít know, that youíve looked like that as long as heís known you."

Valac chuckled as he poured himself a mug and grimaced as he took a sip. "Sure the hell isnít Starbucks," he sighed, "and thatís true, but it just sidesteps the question, right, Dean-o?" The last was asked as he glanced toward the bathroom door.

Dean stalked out of the bathroom, now fully dressed and glaring. His expression darkened when he saw that the coffee pot was empty. "I donít know what youíre implying."

Valac snickered and winked at Sam, who wisely busied himself making another pot of coffee. "Egyptian, whatíd I tell you."

"Fuck this. Iím going for coffee and breakfast. You can come, or you stand here and make stupid remarks."

"Now thereís an easy answer, whoís for breakfast?"

"You mean what." Dean looked at the smirk and groaned. "No, you didnít. Well, the only thing on offer is food. Ordinary, everyday food like cereal, toast, bacon and eggs. No people!"

Valac turned to Sam and pouted. "He never lets me have any fun."

"Hey, leave me out of this." Sam held his hands up and backed away slightly. If this had been a normal guy, seeing Deanís reaction to all of this would have been hilariousóand very interestingóbut when a former demon was involved, it was all a little too freaky for Sam to deal with.

"I can still send you back to hell... in a human body!" Dean growled.

"But then whoíd help you find the cause of the troubles here? Play nice, Dean, or Iíll go back to New York and leave you here to come up with another solution."

"I hate my life."

Valac pouted again. "And this is my fault how?"

"Youíre here, arenít you?"

Sam snickered.

Valac sighed. "I think you said something about breakfast, and I did drive all night to get here."

"Poor baby," Dean cooed in a patently unsympathetic tone. "Oh fine, Iíll buy you breakfast." He glared over his shoulder, looking away quickly when he met the green gaze through tousled dark hair that had fallen over Valacís forehead.

"Be still my heart," Val muttered, swooping out of the room and walking over to a dark green Mercedes sedan, grabbing a knee-length leather duster from the passenger seat and pulling it on before locking the car and leaning against the door.

Dean swallowed hard and immediately looked away, heading toward the diner next door. "Try to stay out of trouble. Iíd really hate to run out of places to eat before weíre done in this town."

"Donít worry, Dean-o." Val smiled sweetly. "Iíll be a little angel while weíre here."

"Somehow I donít believe that," Sam murmured.

"Only if the angelís starring in a porn movie!" Dean snorted.

"Hey, a guyís got to make a living some way," Val shrugged easily, following the brothers into the diner.

Sam nearly got whiplash as his head shot around to stare at Valac. "You do porn movies?"

Val chuckled and ran a hand through his hair, feathering it back from his face. "Just what work qualifications does a sex demon have when he finds himself turned to a human?" he asked innocently before dropping into a booth and smiling up at the brothers.

Both Winchesters looked as if someone had hit them in the back of the head with a two by four. Dean opened and closed his mouth several times, but nothing came out.

"Why so shocked, Dean?" Valac continued, his smile thinning. "You made me mortal and left; just what did you think I was going to do to survive?"

"I... didnít really think about it." But now that he was, Dean had to admit that he couldnít imagine Valac slinging burgers at the local Mickey Dís.

Sam looked equally as uncomfortable as he slid into the booth across from the other man, looking up gratefully when the young, blonde waitress came over and nodding when she asked if they wanted coffee.

Dean accepted the cup gratefully and nearly scalded himself in his haste to drink it down, but eventually he had to meet Valacís eyes again. "If you think Iím going to apologize, youíre nuts. Justice was the whole point of this; youíre not supposed to have a cushy life."

Val glanced over at Sam and smiled. "He rationalizes well, doesnít he?"

Sam had to smile wryly. "Yeah, he does." He sipped his coffee while watching his brother speculatively.

Dean concentrated on his own cup, trying to pretend he was alone.

"See anything you like?" the waitress asked when she returned.

Deanís eyes immediately shot to Valac before going back to his menu. "Iíll have the special, scrambled, with sausage."

"The same, but make the eggs over easy," Sam put in while still watching his brother.

"Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries," Valac decided after studying the menu. "And an order of baconócrisp bacon."

Once the waitress collected their menus and left, Dean stared out the window to avoid meeting either of the othersí eyes.

"So," Valac said when the silence stretched out into minutes, "just what do you want me to do now that Iím here?"

Dean sighed heavily as he was forced to face the ex-demon. "We both know your fantasies are populated by men. I want you to... attract this thing so we can kill it." He kept his voice low to ensure no one would overhear them.

"My fantasies?" Valac sighed and looked over at Sam. "He didnít listen to a word I said the first time we met."

"Did you tell him anything helpful?"

"Youíre a demon! Of course I wasnít listening to you!"

"Not any longer, Iím not."

"Well, you were then! And you still act like one!"

"Excuse me?" Valacís voice rose so that others in the diner looked over at them. "Name one thing Iíve done that could be considered demonic."

"You were a freaking incubus, the sluts of the underworld!" Dean hissed. "And you still act just the same, trying to get into the pants of anything that moves!"

"Well, to be honest, I go for skirts too; does that make you feel better?"

"Oh, I feel even more special now," Dean growled.

"I thought you would have been relieved."

"Oh look, the foodís here," Sam cut in.

Once they had their plates, Dean stabbed viciously at his innocent scrambled eggs, glaring ferociously at them.

"Mmmm, I do love whipped cream," Valac purred, dipping a strawberry in the confection and licking it off.

Dean choked on his eggs, making Sam lean over to slap him on the back. Vigorously.

"Problem?" Valac asked sweetly, biting into the berry and licking the juices from his lips.

"Fuck y--!" Dean sputtered as he tried to bite the words back.

Valac looked over at Sam and grinned. "Thatís just too easy."

Sam grinned into his coffee. The man had a point.

Dean sighed heavily and reached over to steal a piece of bacon off Valacís plate.

"Heíll eat my food, but he wonít even kiss me."

"In case you missed this, weíre both guys. I donít do guys!"

"So you say."

"Why donít we talk about how we can track this thing down," Sam commented.

"Narrow down its hunting area, stake it out, and let Val here ooze pheromones." Dean took a bite of his sausage, seeming to enjoy cutting into it.

"Perhaps finding the person who summoned it might help as well," Valac commented dryly, pushing his meal away, apparently having lost his appetite.

"The dead women both went to the university, so thatís a place to start."

Dean nodded. He took another bite before pushing his plate aside as well, a knot of tension growing in his belly. "I guess weíd better get to it then."

"Ahh, rushing toward my death, such fun."

Sam eyed the former demon. "And why do you say that?"

"Well, Iím the bait, arenít I? And I highly doubt your brother will do much to save me."

Deanís green eyes were bright with outrage. "Youíre a person now. What have I ever done that makes you think Iíd abandon anyone to a demon?"

"The simple fact that you donít see me as a person," Valac shrugged, sliding out from the booth and pulling on his coat once again.

"If I didnít, you wouldnít be here," Dean said almost too quietly to hear.

"Iím bait; I know it and I understand why." Valac glanced over at Sam. "To say I wasnít a nice being is an understatement."

"The whole incubus thing was a bit of a giveaway," Sam agreed. "Youíre not what I expected though." He ignored Deanís snort.

"We are what our circumstances make us," was the enigmatic reply.

Dean eyed him. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Donít ask me, I heard Dr. Phil say it, though he was more accusatory, not sympathetic."

"Look, if you were woman, well." Dean stared down at his hands. "But youíre not, so thatís the end of it." He threw a ten down on the table and nearly raced out of the restaurant before Sam or Val could say anything else.

"There are times I really hate your brother," Valac sighed.

Sam chuckled at that. "There are times Iíd have to agreeónot for the same reason though!"

"Are you two coming?" Dean stuck his head back inside to growl at them, carefully not meeting either manís eyes.

"Not the way I want to be," Val muttered as he followed Sam out of the diner.

Sam glanced back over his shoulder at him. "I wouldnít take bets on it staying that way," he muttered.

"So, have we learned anything other than how not to antagonize college security guards?"

Dean flashed a quick smile at that. "Not really, no. Anything to add from your expert knowledge, Val?"

"Night sticks hurt?" the former demon offered.

"Not particularly helpful," Dean retorted, looking amused. "Any ideas, I meant. Do you recognize anything unique about this thingís style thatíd give us an advantage?"

"You said both dead girls were found dressed in their best clothes, even though they were taken in their sleep?"

Sam nodded. "Yup, looking like they were going out on a date but their housemates said they didnít have any plans."

Valac sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Possibly Dantalion or Saleos, they both prefer their games that way."

"You donít sound too happy about the possibility. Friends of yours?" Dean asked snidely.

"Yes, old friends," Valac replied dryly. "And youíd better hope itís Saleos."

"Why?" Dean had a feeling he wasnít going to like the answer, but they needed to know.

"Less powerful, more rational; that clear things up?"

"Less powerful is good. Iíll be happy if we can get this settled without anyone else dying."

Valac snorted at that and followed the two brothers to the car.

Dean shot a narrow-eyed glare over his shoulder, correctly interpreting the sound. "You know damn well that if I wanted you dead, you would be. Hell, you should be!" That got him a curious glance from Sam, but Dean missed it, focused on Val.

"Sometimes I think it would have been better if thatís what had happened," Valac murmured.

Dean stopped in his tracks and spun around to face Val furiously. "Youíd rather be dead?" he demanded flatly.

"Did I say that?" Valac asked, smiling, though his eyes remained serious.

"Pretty much, yeah."

Sam silently made his way to the car, deciding that this was one conversation that didnít need an audience.

"Why does it matter, Dean-o? Youíve made it clear what you think of me, and I know the only reason Iím here is to be your bait."

Dean sighed heavily. "What do you expect from me, Valac? You come on to me with every other breath; itís weird, and it freaks me out, and it reminds me of what you were. Sorry if I donít feel like going along with the joke."

"Fine, you donít want me to come on to you any longer, I wonít."

"I really donít understand you."

"Iíd say we were even on that point." Valac wrapped his coat around himself and started walking in the direction Sam had gone.

Dean stared after him. "I tried to be your friend," he murmured.

Valac caught up to Sam, smiling pleasantly. "So, I thought you were in college; howíd you end up with Dean?"

Sam looked over the ex-demonís shoulder at his brother, frowning at the unusually confused expression on the older Winchesterís face. But he knew Dean wasnít going to want to talk about it, especially with Valac there, so he answered the question. "Our dad disappeared. Weíre trying to find him."

"Well, considering what your family business is, the options arenít great."

"That would be why Iím here. Well, that and the fact that the thing that killed my mother killed my fiancee too."

"I suppose my saying that I was sorry wouldnít mean anything, considering my background."

Sam managed a painful smile. "Not so much, no. But thanks for the thought. I didnít really expect it." He slid into the backseat of the car, not wanting to talk.

Valac glanced over at Dean and sighed. "Would you prefer I drive myself?"

"Oh, just get in the car." Dean slid behind the wheel and waited for Val to get in.

"Mmm, I love it when you get all dominating," Valac sighed, pretending to swoon as he got in.

"And the no flirting lasted for all of ninety seconds. Though I think that might be a record for you, Val."

"Oh, thatís right; Iím not supposed to be coming on to you. Fine, Iíll just sit here and look at all the bare trees."

"Youíll probably implode from pure frustration," Dean said wryly.

"Which would make you happy, Iím sure."

"Not if you did it all over the car," Sam commented.

"Yuck!" Dean made a face. "We get enough weird shit without people exploding in my car. No exploding, imploding, or any other messy thing."

"Notice the concern for my health."

Both Winchesters rolled their eyes. "Count your blessings," Sam advised. "If he really didnít like you, the idea alone would have been enough to get you tossed out of the car."

"Besides, if he did that, who would you have for bait?" Valac yawned and stretched his legs out under the dashboard. "So weíre checking out the residences now?"

Dean nodded shortly. "Try not to pick anyone up. All the victims have been unattached."

"Iíll be gorgeous but unavailable."

"Good thing humilityís not a requirement."

"Whatís the point of being humble when you donít have to be?"

Dean groaned while Sam snickered in the backseat. "Try it, you might like it."

"I will when you will."

"Iím humble!" Sam sounded in imminent danger of choking to death, which got him a dirty look in the rear view mirror. "I am!"

"Sure," Valac agreed easily, "just like I am."

Deciding that he couldnít win, Dean drove the rest of the way to the other side of the campus in silence, though not without frequent glances out the corner of his eye at the green-eyed, dark-haired ex-demon beside him.

Dean parked and Valac climbed out of the car so that Sam could join them. "If you give me a minute, I could probably narrow down our search area a little." At Samís questioning look, he shrugged. "Leftover sensitivities; you spend a millennia or two as a supernatural being, there are remainders."

Dean stared down at his hands, wondering once again why heíd chosen to let Valac live, even if he had stripped him of his powers. But heíd known he shouldnít be doing it even as he had, which was why heíd never told his father, simply letting him believe that Dean had destroyed the incubus.

Valac closed his eyes and cocked his head to the side as if listening, turning slowly in a circle before stopping facing north. "This way."

Dean followed close on Valacís heels when he started walking, Sam bringing up the rear. After a moment he said, "Val... be careful."

"Donít worry, Dean-o," Valac smirked, "nothingís going to get me out here."

Dean looked back silently, light green eyes meeting darker green, and he frowned slightly. "I do worry."

"About yourself and your family, but thatís okay, itís understandable."

"In case you havenít noticed, neither of us is in any immediate danger."

"Thatís not what you thought when I was flirting with you."

"Okay, in any immediate, life-threatening danger." Dean just barely kept himself from sticking his tongue out.

"Can we go find whateverís up there?" Sam asked, putting a hand on each of their shoulders and pushing.

Dean nearly jumped, startled, and he flushed slightly as he looked straight ahead. "Wherever our psychic bloodhound points us."

"If I find you what you want, do I get a bone?"

"Weíll stop at a pet store when weíre done here."

"Not the kind I meant."

Dean flushed and quickened his pace, pretending he didnít hear his brother snickering behind him.

Valac glanced back at Sam and grinned, then continued walking, letting his Ďsixth senseí guide him until he stopped in front of a dorm. "In here somewhere; canít get any more specific than that."

"Weíre going to get arrested if we knock on every door in the dorm and try to get into the girlsí rooms," Sam pointed out.

"Sorry, but I never was that concerned about tracking down people who summoned us; it was more in the vein of trying to kill them once they had."

"If we found a supply closet or something, could you summon it instead? Your summoning ought to be stronger than a humanís, right?" Dean suggested.

"If I knew the exact spell the person was using, and if we had a day or two to track down the components, sure, Iíd be glad to, though you probably wouldnít like what it looked like when it arrived." Valac smirked at that. "Though Iím not sure weíre on the same page hereódo you want the demon or the person who summoned it?"

"You mean this is the person who summoned it, not just another innocent victim itís focusing on?" Dean looked startled. "I didnít realize that was what you were tracking."

"Now how the hell am I supposed to find them?" Valac waved his hands in exasperation. "I can feel the connection between the summoner and the demon; there isnít one between the demon and the victim yet, so youíre out of luck there."

"Okay, okay, geez, sorry I offended you." Dean eyed him warily. "Fine, what do we have to do to break the connection and get rid of the incubus?"

"Find the person, find their circle and break it; just how the hell did you track me down if you donít know all this?"

"Heard about the deaths, found the latest victim after you started with him and before you killed him, and staked him out till you showed. Are you telling me that someone intentionally summoned you?"

Valac gave him a look of pure disdain.


"Do you really think I would have gone near any of those people of my own free will?"

The phrasing of that question told Dean that if he answered in the affirmative, he would be in a world of trouble, so he shrugged helplessly. "Didnít know incubi were picky about their meals."

"Iím going to look around and see if I can spot anything strange," Sam announced.

"Donít you pick up any co-eds either!" Dean said.

Sam walked away, shaking his head.

"Maybe you should go with him."

"I think youíre the one I need to keep an eye on."

"You donít trust me to stay out of trouble?"

"Val, you are trouble." But Dean was smiling wryly as he said it.

The former demon sighed at that. "Just not the kind you like, right?" There was a definite sardonic lilt in the last word.

"Aside from the whole ex-incubus thing, which I could probably get past since the key word there is Ďexí, youíre a guy! I donít do guys."

"So youíve said repeatedly."

"Well, it doesnít seem to be sinking in!"

Valac smiled serenely. "Thatís because I know the truth, but keep thinking what you like, Dean-o."

Dean growled in pure frustration. "What have I ever done that makes you think I would ever have the slightest interest in a man?"

"You made me the man I am today."

"Not killing you and sending you back to hell makes you think I want you?" Dean stared at Val, bemused.

Valac sighed. "Who do you think my last victim was?"

"Gee, I donít know. Maybe that girl you were draining when I found you?"

"Appetizer," Valac smirked. "She was on to you, you know."

"On to me? What the hell are you talking about now?"

"The one who called me; she knew about you."

"Knew... You mean about me and Dad, who we are?" Dean frowned. "So whyíd she want to sic a demon on us?"

Valac groaned. "Are you deliberately being obtuse? She did. And before you ask, it was me."

"Yes, I got that," Dean growled. "But that doesnít answer why. Whyíd she want to kill me? And why the hell would she call up an incubus rather than a succubus? That makes no sense."

"Demons have no gender, Dean; they take the form dictated by the desires of the person theyíre called for."

"Huh. So incubi and succubae are actually one and the same? Very weird. So you took on the form of her ideal man?" Dean smirked. "Arenít you lucky she had good taste?"

Valac rubbed at the bridge of his nose and grimaced. "Yes, Dean, youíre right, Dean, Iím very lucky I was in this form when you trapped me here; itís great for getting laid."

"Okay, whatís your problem now? You sound pissy."

"Nothing, Iím fine, just peachy. And to answer your previous question, she wanted to kill you because you were there to stop heróduh!"

"To stop her from what?" Dean exclaimed in frustration. "I was only there because people were dying! I was there because you were. Unless youíre telling me there was some other incubus there before you that I missed!"

"I was summoned for you," Valac repeated. "If someone else was there, I didnít see them."

"So whoever killed those girls is still there? Shit!" In the midst of his cursing, Dean suddenly stopped dead, green eyes widening. "For me?" he nearly yelped. "You are so not my deepest fantasy!"

"No, but apparently the person Iím modeled after is."

"How many times do I have to tell you that I donít like dick!" Dean blushed when a passing student eyed them oddly.

"No, but apparently you do like Charmed."

"Well, duh! Have you seen the three hot babes who star in it?" Dean eyed him. "You mean you really are supposed to look like that guy who played Chris?" Heíd never admit it, but Val was nearly a perfect double for the actor and looked just as good as the other guy ever had on TV."

"Interesting that I didnít look like one of the Ďhot babesí," Val commented. "Almost as interesting as why the hell you watch that show when you basically live it."

Dean shrugged. "Because good always wins in the end there. Itís... comforting."

"Now, now, be careful or people might think youíre getting sensitive."

Dean snorted. "I donít think thereís any danger of that."

"True, youíre about as far from that as is possible for a sentient being."

"Iím going to take that as a compliment."

"Shocking." Valac dropped down onto a battered sofa, stretching his arms out across the back and his legs at the ankles.

Dean prodded his leg with one foot. "Arenít you supposed to be finding our summoner?"

"Easier to do that while sitting here than while skulking around the building; sheíll have to pass by eventually."

About to argue, Dean stopped and thought about the likely results of two strange men lurking outside every door in a womenís dorm, and he dropped down beside Val. "We shoulda brought popcorn."

"Bored?" Valac asked, looking up when a group of young women walked over, clearly eyeing them both.

"Hi!" The speaker was a short, perky redhead who wasnít wearing a bra. "Are you waiting for someone?"

Dean smiled lazily. "Yeah, a friend of ours said to meet her here. But sheís late, as usual."

The redhead ignored him, intent on Valac, and she perched on the arm of the sofa next to the dark-haired man and leaned close, her chest practically hitting him in the face. "Your girlfriend?" she asked. Deanís eyes narrowed as he watched her.

Valac grinned and twisted to the side so that he could look at the co-ed. "No, sheís Deanís ball and chain; keeps him jumping too."

"Yeah, weíre just supposed to meet Valís significant other at the club, if we ever make it out of here." He gave the redhead a pointed look, ignoring the impulse to push her off her perch.

"You have a girlfriend?" she asked, pouting.

"Just someone I met once," Valac chuckled in response. "I doubt Iíll be seeing her again after we catch up with her."

Deanís chuckle had a hard edge, and the redheadís friend was eyeing him warily and nudging her friend, wanting to move on. "Thatís you, Val, love Ďem Ďn leave Ďem."

"Well, maybe I just havenít found the right one yet."

"And since weíre just visiting the girls for a few days, youíre not going to."

By this time, the redheadís friend was dragging her away, and Valac sighed. "Take all the fun out of things, why donít you."

"Concentrate on what weíre here for!" Dean growled, though he was relaxing now that the girls had left.

"No fun at all..." Valac leaned against the back of the sofa and stretched out his arms along the worm fabric. "Mind if I take a nap? I did drive most of the night to get here..."

"Will you still feel her if youíre sleeping?" Dean asked pointedly.

"Trust me, I could feel her anywhere; same with you." Valac gave Dean a toothy smile, leaned his head back against the wall, and closed his eyes.

Dean relaxed onto the sofa, green eyes intent on Valac when he knew he was unseen. Why had he chosen to let the demon live the last time theyíd met? Heíd never considered such a thing before or since, yet here Val was, not only human and alive but in his company again.

"Sure you donít want to check on your brother?" Valac asked after a short time. "After all, he was out of your business a long time, right?"

"You trying to get rid of me?"

"I thought youíd jump at the chance to be away from me."

Dean shrugged. "Youíre not bothering me when youíre napping."

"Aww, you say the sweetest things, Dean-o."

"Does she feel any nearer?" Dean asked, trying to change the subject.

"No clue; I could probably tell you if she walked in the room, but Iím not a witch detector."

"Pity. I guess weíll just have to wait here." Dean glared at a girl who was moving toward Val, and she scurried away, muttering something about Ďthe cute ones always...í

Valac opened one eye and stared at Dean. "Whatís your damage?"

"Damage?" Dean regarded him blankly.

"Damage, problem, issue."

"No problem. Aside from not liking just sitting here when someone could be dying right now."

"So whyíd you chase off the cute little chickie? And if someone was being claimed, Iíd feel it."

"We donít need any distractions." Dean eyed Val curiously. "Just how much of... what you used to be stuck with you?"

"If youíre asking if Iím good at sex, you need to try me to find out," Valac purred, opening his eyes and smiling at Dean.

"What! No! I didnít... Thatís not what I meant!" Dean sputtered, turning scarlet.

"Then what did you mean?"

"Things like being able to sense her! Non-human abilities!"

"You made me human; other than the lingering sensitivity to demonic powers, Iím all man." Valac winked at that.

"Yeah, I noticed," Dean muttered under his breath. "Iím going go check on Sam." He jumped to his feet and strode off before Valac could respond.

"Find anything?" Sam asked, seeing Dean walking down the third floor hallway toward him.

"Not yet. Valís napping on a sofa in the common room, waiting for our girl to walk past him. Or possibly literally drop into his lap." Dean fell into step with his brother. "How Ďbout you?"

Sam shrugged. "Listened to some gossip, asked some questions. Apparently Kristen on the fifth floor was a freak, though whoever is doing this could look as normal as youówell, not you."

"Ha ha." Dean punched him in the arm. "So basically, weíve got nothing unless Val picks something up." He didnít sound too happy about the prospect. "Ready to go back and see if we can get him to do something more productive than nap?"

"You sure you want to be around him?" Sam asked. "Not that I really do either, considering his past, but heís really freaking you out."

"Yeah, I just need to quit letting him get to me. Iím sure he does most of it just for the reaction. But we do need his help. Or at least, thisíll be a lot easier with it than if we were doing it on our own."

"And why is that?"

"Because there are a couple hundred girls living in this dorm, and weíd probably get arrested before we could figure out who weíre after if we had to wander from room to room. And then more people would die. I can put up with his games if itís going to save lives."

"Good answer," Sam chuckled as they walked down the stairs and back into the lobby.

"You donít think I actually want him here?"

"Did I say that?"

Dean looked past Sam and froze. "Heís not there." He looked around, tensing visibly. "Do you see him?"

Sam scanned the common room as well, frowning. "No, whereíd you leave him?"

"Right there." Dean nodded toward the couch. "And he didnít look likely to move anytime soon. He must have sensed the summoner, but how the hell are we supposed to find them now?"

A girl whoíd been curled up in an armchair by the window, reading a book, laid her book aside and came over to them. "Hey, are you looking for your friend? I think he saw something better." She grinned quickly. "Carol Jenkins came through a few minutes ago and he took off after her. Sheís in room 310."

"Thanks!" Dean gave her a wide smile and took off toward the stairwell, assuming Sam would follow.

"Found her," Valac commented when Sam and Dean burst out of the stairwell, almost running past where he was leaning against the wall in their hurry.

"You couldnít wait for us?" Dean grumbled. "It doesnít do me a damn bit of good if you get yourself killed."

"Feeling the love here, and would you rather I lost heróplus your cellís dead, and I had no idea where you were, so stop nagging."

"I donít nag!"

Sam coughed.

"Do too," Valac muttered before smiling sweetly, "but it means you care, so thatís fine."

"What? I do not! Youíre crazy!"

"Why do I feel like Iím in a room with two third-graders?" Sam sighed.

Dean ignored the comment beyond a short glare. "So, can you summon the demon yourself to take it out of her controlóDoes she control it?--or should we wait till she does something and nail her then? We need to make sure no one else gets hurt."

Valac sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "No, yes, yes, and I believe I managed to get her attention so the one sheíll send it after will be me."

"Well, at least we wonít have to worry about anyone else dying then." Dean leaned back against the wall, green eyes intent on Val. "So howíd you manage to piss her off that fast?"

"Flirted then dissed her, easy enough," Valac shrugged.

"Youíre lucky she didnít push you down the stairs," Dean snorted.

"Now, what good would that have been to you?"

"None at all, so next time, try not to incite murder before weíre done."

"Especially my own."

"It pretty much limits your usefulness."

"And would make a hell of a mess," Sam put in.

Dean laughed. "So try to stay alive a while longer."

"Of course, Iíd hate to put either of you out."

"See, Sam, I told you he could be accommodating."

Valac smirked. "You have no idea."

"Donít you ever give up?" Dean sighed.

"Dean, Iíve known him less than a day, and I can tell you the answer to that one."

"Not helping, bro." Dean glared from one smirk to the other. "So do we just lurk out here till someone calls campus security and drags us away? Or is there some way to move this along?"

"How would I know; I was usually on the other end of these things."

"Well, donít you need to be asleep?" Dean looked around for a utility closet or anyplace that Val could sleep unobserved.

"Yes, but itís the middle of the morning, and Iím not sleeping on the floor here."

"Fine, youíll come back to the motel with us then. We need to nail this thing."

"I wouldnít say it if I were you," Sam warned when Valac opened his mouth to reply, making the former demon pout.

"Iím starting to wish it would kill me," Dean grumbled. "You will sleep alone in one of the beds, Val."

"How about I just get myself a room? Then you wonít have to worry about me contaminating anything. If it has a connecting door, the two of you can listen in and come in when the timeís rightóor not."

"Well, of course weíll come in. If I wanted you dead, Val, I could have taken care of that last year. But yeah, a separate room would be good. It might be distracting to you if weíre in the room."

"In what way?"

"Well, I donít know about you, but I donít usually have wet dreams with other people in the room!"

"Is that true?" Valac asked, glancing at Sam, who just shrugged.

"Weíre not all exhibitionist ex-demons, you know. So maybe it wouldnít bother you, but neither of us needs to be around for it. Weíll be there when weíre needed to catch that thing, but not a moment sooner."

Valac sighed. "Why doesnít that surprise me? Well, at least Iíll enjoy it until then."

Dean glared. "You would."

"Who wouldnít enjoy their greatest fantasy?"

"Most people wouldnít even be sure what their greatest fantasy was. For that matter, do you even have fantasies? You were a demon yourself, after all."

"I believe the operative word is Ďwasí."

"So, do you have any suggestions as to how to destroy it when it comes?" Sam asked.

"Bind it and banish it, what Dean should have done to me."

"Youíd rather I hadnít stopped at the binding?" Dean eyed him askance. "Youíd really rather be dead than human?"

"Iím not saying anything except what would have been safer for you."

"Well, itís not like Iím planning to do it again. I just got the feeling that there was something worth saving in you."

Valac beamed a smile at Sam. "Doesnít he say the nicest things?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Oh, shut up and letís get back to the motel and get you that room so we can get this over with."

"And while you do that, weíll get things set up so we can catch the other one."

"Yeah, Sam and I will make sure that weíre ready the moment that thing shows up. Just make sure to make some noise or something so we know when it does."

"Iíll be sure to moan doubly loud when my lifeís being sucked out my dickóthat work for you?"

Dean groaned. "Could you possibly go five minutes without sexual innuendo?"

"What? Itís the truth!"

"Shit. I give up. Fine, everythingís about sex. Now shut up and get in the damn car so we can get this over with and we can all get back to our lives." Dean shook his head, rubbing the back of his neck tiredly.

Valac shrugged easily. "Fine by me, I was happy enough where I was."

"Well, weíll hurry up so you can get back to your maitre d-ing or whatever it is you do."

Val glanced at Sam again. "Does he really believe thatís how I survive?"

Sam shrugged. "Heís good at only seeing what he wants to. He thought I was happy at home for years."

"Hey! I see whatís real."

"What he wants to see, in other words."

Sam nodded. "Exactly."

Dean glared and slid into the car, trying to ignore both of them. "Youíre both so full of it."

"I only wish."

"I walked into that one," Dean sighed. "So if incubi and succubae are actually the same, the way youíve been saying, does that mean that you actually like girls too?"

"Girls, boys, either and both."

"You mean you werenít locked in a preference when you were locked in that form?"

"I think his only preference is for human," Dean muttered.

Ignoring Dean, Valac nodded at Sam. "It gave me preferences as well as parts of my personality, but parts of this form are still me."

"So the person who summoned you wanted you to be gay?" Sam frowned. "That doesnít make any sense. Or was it actually a guy who summoned you?"

"Right on both counts," Valac beamed.

Dean made a strange noise, and when Sam turned to look at him, the older brother had paled. "You okay?" Sam asked, his frown deepening when Dean just gripped the wheel harder and stared straight ahead.

"Not that it mattered," Val continued as if he hadnít noticed the reaction as well. "Dean caught me before I could do anything."

Dean glanced into the rearview, biting his lip when he met Valís knowing gaze.

"So, if youíre in another room and asleep, how are we supposed to know when to come in?"

"Listen for the moans."

"Fuck," Dean groaned. "Whereís a nice, homicidal ghost or demon to kill me when I need one?"

"Well, you could always go back and flirt with her; Iím sure sheíd be glad to send one after you."

He sighed heavily. "No, thatís okay. I think one demon at a timeís probably enough."

"And donít worry, Iím sure if you interrupt the feeding, youíll have a nicely homicidal demon on your hands."

"Yeah, and on that note, why didnít you try harder to kill me? Not that Iím objecting to the results, but really, you didnít put up much of a fight." Sam snorted softly, and Deanís gaze cut to him briefly before returning to the mirror to meet Valís.

"It was your cute ass and those fuck-me lips that suckered me in," Valac said blandly.

The car swerved to one side as Deanís head whipped around to stare at the ex-demon, and Sam yelped. Dean hastily faced forward again, getting them back in their lane just in time to almost miss the turn to the motel. Once in the parking lot, he leaned back in his seat, eyes closed and hands white-knuckled on the steering wheel. "Very funny, Val."

"Arenít I though?"

"Iíll go get another room," Sam said, getting out of the car and away from the two men.

Dean looked after his brother before turning in his seat to face Val. "Look, could you just stop? We need to concentrate on this demon without any distractions. Iím sure you can find another mouse to torment when weíre done."

"Iíd say I was more the mouse in this whole little fiasco, or perhaps the cheese if youíre being analytical, and if you donít care what I do, why do I bother you so much, Dean-o?"

"I really canít deal with this right now." Dean got out of the car without looking back and headed for the room, assuming that Sam would get a connecting one.

"Not that you could to begin with," Valac sighed, climbing out of the back seat and stretching before walking over to his car and leaning against it.

Dean hesitated when he realized that Val wasnít following him, and he turned around, the green eyes seeking and finding the darker green gaze that was fixed on him. He stood there, one hand on the door to the room, staring at Val, until Sam got back, dangling a key from his hand.

"Got it," the younger Winchester announced, tossing the key to the ex-demon and pretending not to notice anything. "Next door, with a connecting door, as ordered."

"Thanks." Valac grabbed a bag from the back seat of his car and slung it over his shoulder before walking over to the other room. "See you both whenever."

"Is there a problem here?" Sam asked, looking from the now closed door to Dean, who was still standing outside their room.

Dean shook his head slowly. "No. No problem." He walked into the room and threw himself down on his bed, staring blankly up at the ceiling. "Make sure the doorís unlocked so we can get in when we need to."

"Gotcha." Sam did just that and knocked on the other door. "Valac, unlock your side." A muffled answer and the click of the lock was all the answer he got. "Dean..." When the other man didnít even look at him, he shook his head and booted up the laptop, wanting to do some more research.

"Well, it certainly sounds like somethingís happening in there," Dean observed, eyeing the connecting door warily.

"Ya think?" Sam asked over the rising moans, tightening his grip on his bottle of holy water. "Ready?"

"Fuck no," Dean muttered. He saw his brotherís expression and forced a sickly smile. "Of course I am." He raised the shotgun loaded with rock salt and shoved the door open as he barreled through, only to stop in shock at the sight that met his eyes.

Dean stood aghast, staring at a naked Val, who was smirking at him from the bed.

"Just checking," Val chuckled, pushing up on his elbows. "Wouldnít want me to start dying and the two of you not hear me."

"I think itís safe to say we heard you," Sam sighed.

"Asshole!" Dean stomped back into the connecting room.

"Thatís the other side," Val laughed as the door slammed shut between him and the brothers.

"I may kill him myself!" Dean groused.

"Not a bad idea since you were the one who suggested calling him."

"Well, better him exposed to the demon than some innocent person who managed to tick off the summoner."

"So what are we going to do about her anyway?"

"I donít know," Dean admitted. "Just taking this one incubus away from her isnít going to stop her from summoning another. Weíre going to need to scare her into stopping, and I donít know how."

Sam chuckled. "We could set Val loose on her."

"Somehow I doubt that would be a deterrent."

"Fine, weíll set you loose on her."

"Well, that might make me run away. Maybe Val has some ideas on how to stop her from doing it again. They must have ways to let them ignore someone or weíd be knee-deep in demons."

Sam looked at him sharply. "The fact that you even think that many people would be summoning demons should frighten me."

Dean shrugged. "People arenít very nice, and they always think itís just sex, no big."

"They donít notice the fact that people are dying?"

"By that time theyíre usually half under the demonís control and donít care."

"Fucked up, man, totally fucked up."

"Tell me about it. People never believe the demons are real and dangerous until itís too late."

Sam nodded at that, his expression growing closed. "Yeah, sad but true."

Dean winced. "Sorry." He briefly reached over to rest a comforting hand on his brotherís shoulder.

Sam gave a half-smile. "Itís okay; I think we both have a lot on our minds."

Dean sighed, then his head whipped around as he realized what heíd been hearing for several seconds. "Shit!"

"Whatócrap!" Sam leapt to his feet, grabbing for the holy water and rushing after Dean only to freeze at what he saw in the other room.

Dean was equally frozen, staring in shock at the bed. "Holy shit, two of him." And Dean wasnít entirely sure which was the ex-demon and which was the very current demon.

"Jess?" Sam whispered brokenly before shaking himself out of his shock when he heard Deanís comment. "Itís the one on top."

Deanís eyes cut to his brother when he heard both remarks and realized what it meant. "I..." He let it go; this wasnít the time to deal with his issues. He raised the gun, but he couldnít get a shot that wouldnít hit Val as well. "Can you get it away from him?" He gestured toward the bottle of holy water.

"Yeah." Sam nodded tightly, telling himself over and over it wasnít Jess he was seeing as he sprayed holy water over both figures, making ĎJessí shriek and back away from the bed.

Dean immediately fired at the second Val, rock salt spreading and hitting it, making it scream again. Dean immediately fired again and cracked the gun open to reload. "Exorcism would be good right about now!"

The demon pulled itself together and advanced on Dean, smirking. "Oh, but why? You know you want this form, even if you fight the attraction."

Sam fumbled for the journal and began chanting in Latin, keeping his attention on the page and not what he would see if he looked up again.

Dean snorted. "A copy of a copy. Boring." He finished loading and fired again.

"Hey, I heard that," Valac groaned from the bed.

"It would be doing him a kindness if you let me finish him off," the demon rasped, contorting in pain as Sam continued to chant.

"Fuck you!" Dean maneuvered between the demon and Val on the bed, his eyes hard as he fired again.

"That is what you want, isnít it?"

"When hell freezes over. I want nothing from you except your death."

Sam reached the last verse of the chant, and the demon howled, folding in on itself, then vanishing with a rush of imploding air.

"Always was a drama queen," Valac rasped.

Dean turned to stare at him. "Youíre critiquing its performance?"

Valac gave a weak chuckle and collapsed back onto the bed.

"We need to go after Carol before she can summon another one."

"Speaking of which, you know any way to keep her from summoning anything else?" Dean asked, turning to look at Val.

"Kill her."

"That doesnít get us thrown in jail for murder!"

"Fine, Iíll do it then."

"And that will get you thrown in jail," Sam commented.

"Something that doesnít involve death or jail!" Dean growled.

"Sheís weak now," Val conceded, "there is a binding you could do."

"Whatís it called?" Sam asked, already heading back into the other room.

"Try looking for Ďincubus-summoner binding," Dean yelled after him. He sat down on the edge of the bed, staring at Val. "Are you okay?"

"Just peachy, go and help your brother."

"Samís fine. And would probably rather be alone for a minute after seeing that thing look like Jess." Dean hesitated. "Who did you see?"

"Does it matter?" Valac sighed, rubbing at his face. "It wasnít real."

"I... thought we were too late."

"Maybe it would have been better if you were."

"No! I... No. I donít want you to die." Deanís hand twitched slightly before he slowly moved it to cover Valís briefly. "I really wouldnít like that."

Valac looked down at their hands and sighed. "Iím fine, Dean; you donít have to put on an act and pretend you were worried about me. I did what I was supposed to do; now Iíll leaveóbut would you mind if I take a shower first; being used makes me feel grungy."

"Actually, yeah, I would mind. The leaving part, not the shower. We need to talk about this, Val. Donít make me chase you back to New York. Sam gets pissy when I make him go there."

"Whatís there to talk about? I want you; you donít want me even though you made me what I am. Go bind the bitch, Dean; Iím tired." Valac got out of bed and started to walk to the shower at that.

Dean stood up abruptly, catching hold of Valís arm to swing him back around. Face to face, he leaned forward, tilting his face up to kiss Val. As kisses went, it wasnít anything spectacular, awkward and short, but it was a kiss.

Valac frowned and stepped back as far as Deanís grip on his arm would allow. "I told you, Iím fine. Donít fuck with me right now."

"No, Iím really not ready to deal with that." Dean smiled crookedly. "Look, I thought you were dead for a minute there, Val. Something like that tends to make a guy think more clearly."

"Good for you," Val sighed. "Can I go take a shower now, please?"

"Promise youíll still be here when we get back."

"Iíll be here."

Dean smiled. "Good."

By the time Sam and Dean got back to the motel, Dean sporting a set of scratches down one cheek from the very irritable Ms. Jenkins, he was nervous but still determined to talk to Val. Inside the room he eyed the still open connecting door and squared his shoulders. "I need to talk to Val. Why donít you go get some dinner or something?"

Samís eyebrows rose. "You sure about this?"

"No. But Iím sure I need to do something." Dean almost managed a smile. "But I need to talk to him about it before I talk to you, Bro."

"I can understand that. Want me to bring you back something?"

"Yeah, a burger and fries would be... no, actually pizza. Thatís still good cold."

"Gotcha, and just put the ĎDo Not Disturbí sign out if things get hairy."

Dean winced. "I really donít think thatís likely. Tonight." He smiled crookedly and moved toward the door to Valís room. "See ya."

"Hey." Sam waited until Dean turned to look at him again. "Be careful."

"Always." Dean waited for the snort and grinned. "Well, I will be this time, although I think itís kind of late for it."

Sam chuckled as well and raised his hand before heading out to get his meal, limping slightly.

Dean smiled quickly at the sight of the limp, took a deep breath and walked into the other room, his eyes going straight to Val. "Youíre still here," he said with relief. "I wasnít sure if you would be."

"I told you I would be," Valac commented, looking up from the book heíd been reading. "Plus Iím too tired to go anywhere right now."

"Oh." Dean sounded slightly disappointed. "So why do I get the feeling that now that Iím willing to talk about this, you arenít?"

"How about because I donít need your pity; does that work for a reason?"

"When have I ever offered you pity? Iím not a pitying kind of guy."

"Fine, then misplaced guilt. I didnít die, and once I rest some, Iíll be fine."

"Guilt? Me?" Dean snickered. "Have you got the wrong guy. No, you almost died today, and I realized that... that I would miss you. That I donít want you to die. Or leave. I like having you around." He smiled quickly. "And I like the way you look."

One dark eyebrow rose though Valac was watching Dean closely. "Shocking, considering you made me who I am."

"Yeah, I guess denying thatís kind of pointless, considering."


Dean took the last few steps that brought him to the bed and sat down beside Val again, mirroring his position earlier. "Considering..." he repeated an instant before his lips touched Valís.

Valac sighed before tilting his head to the side and opening his mouth, encouraging Dean to deepen the kiss without forcing him to do anything. Dean groaned softly and twisted so that he was stretched out on the bed beside Val. Once settled, he slid his tongue into Valís mouth, exploring the heated flesh while his hand came to rest on Valís hip.

Moving slowly, Val slid an arm around Deanís waist, pulling him closer while he teased the tip of Deanís tongue with his own, inviting it in deeper. Dean rolled with the movement, pressing his length to Valís, and his hand slid down to cup Valís ass, holding them together. His tongue slid along Valís, tasting the faintly spicy flavor of him, and slipped deeper before retreating, teasing Val into following.

"Fuck," Valac murmured, dragging Dean closer, devouring his mouth while they moved together.

"Maybe. Weíll see how it goes. Iím not sure if Iím quite ready for that."

Val chuckled hoarsely. "At this point Iím willing to take anything I can get; fucking would be an extra."

Dean kissed him again, then sat up and peeled his t-shirt off before stretching out beside Val again.

"You know, if Iíd have known this would happen, I would have almost died a year ago."

Dean shuddered and tightened his grip on Val. "Iíd be perfectly happy if you never did that again."

"Aww, you do care after all." Valac chuckled and ran his hand down Deanís back to his ass.

"Yeah, I guess I do." Dean shivered and pressed closer. "So what do we do about it?"

"Well, I could blow you if you want."

Dean had to swallow hard before he could speak. "That sounds good," he managed to say throatily.

"Bet it tastes good too," Val purred, pushing Dean onto his back and moving to crouch over him, kissing his way down Deanís chest.

"I, uh, wouldnít know, but I think I might like to find out." Dean stared at Val, watching him move lower, and he felt himself harden at the sight.

"Glad to hear it." Val leaned up to kiss Dean again before sitting up and peeling off his own shirt.

"I want to touch you," Dean whispered, sitting up and reaching for Val.

"You think this is a problem?" Val laughed, his voice shaky, as he straddled Deanís lap, rocking against him.

"Oh God, you feel good." Dean arched up under him, his hands running over Val. He paused at the flat chest, his fingers gently tugging at the sparse hair and stroking the flat nipples.

"I wonít bother saying I told you so," Val murmured, rocking against Dean and letting his hands roam over the hard, muscled body beneath him.

"I think you just did." Dean groaned and thrust upward, loving the sensation of hardness against him. "But this once Iíll let it go."

"Good idea." Val leaned in, biting at Deanís throat, his fingers digging into the muscles of his back.

"I often have them. Keeping you alive was one of them. Why not show me why?" Dean suggested, gasping and letting his head fall back, shivering at the sensation of Valís teeth.

"Lie back down and I will." Val waited until Dean did just that, then rose up to his knees and licked at his nipple before moving lower and nuzzling his crotch.

"Val!" Dean grabbed his shoulders, fingers digging in as the sensations grew. Valac smiled and continued what he was doing as he worked at the button to Deanís jeans. Dean flexed his fingers, kneading the muscles, and he raised his hips once Val had the fly undone, helping him slide the jeans off.

"Oh, hell," Val groaned as he pushed aside Deanís pants, grinning wickedly before diving in and sucking down the hard cock before him.

"Oh fuck, guys really are better at this," Dean gasped.

Valac chuckled and rubbed his hands over Deanís hips as he licked and sucked at his cock. Writhing, Dean thrust upward, moaning when Val easily took him. Val hummed in response, digging his fingers into Deanís hips as he urged him on.

"Oh God," Dean whimpered, "so damned good." He rocked back and forth, fucking Valís mouth with Valís eager consent. Val sucked harder, urging Dean to move as he swallowed, and moaning desperately, Dean surged upward, driving into Valís throat. Val only sucked even harder, desperate to feel and taste Dean coming.

"Val!" Dean nearly screamed his name as he thrust upward, his entire body tensing and shuddering with pleasure as he came. Val shuddered as well as he swallowed down the hot liquid pulsing into his mouth.

Dean stared up at him, limp and relaxed with satiation. "Do it. Fuck me."

Val sat back on his heels, panting as he licked his lips. "Ask me again when you mean it, and Iíll be glad to," he whispered as he rubbed the bulge in his sweats.

"I do mean it," Dean protested, but he could see that Val wasnít going to give in. "Fine," he grumbled. He pushed Valís sweats down, freeing his erection, and he closed his fist around the hard cock, slowly starting to pump it.

Groaning, Valac dropped down on his hands and knees over Dean, his eyes closed as he rocked into the tight grip.

"Damn, you look hot like that," Dean breathed.

Val gave a breathless laugh. "Glad you think so."

"I want to see you come." Deanís hand moved more rapidly, his other hand reaching for Valís balls, rolling them in his palm.

Val moaned, leaning heavily on his hands as he rocked into Deanís hand, drawing out the moment as long as possible before finally giving in and coming, his whole body shuddering.

Dean stared at him, then down at his hand, and he slowly raised it to his lips to take a tentative lick at his dripping palm. "Different," he decided.

"But not bad?" Val asked, panting and trying to smile.

"No, not bad. Good thing since I think Iíll be tasting a lot more of it." Dean tugged Val down to lie next to him, and he slid an arm and leg over Val, settling comfortably close.

"You think Iím complaining about this?" Val chuckled, squirming closer and smiling like a cat surrounded by bowls of cream.

"Glad to hear it. It would be too weird if you started avoiding me now that Iíve stopped running away."

Val shrugged. "I just wanted to make sure you really wanted me."

"Oh please, you knew that a year ago. I was the one having some trouble with it."

"I knew it, but until you knew it, I wasnít getting anything."

"Well, I know it now."

Val chuckled. "I knew you werenít stupid."

"Sam might disagree with you on that." Dean tensed as he had a moment of weirdness when it hit him that he was lying naked in bed with another man after having sex with him, but he relaxed again, reminding himself that he intended to repeat the experience as often as he could.

"Well, common sense doesnít equal IQ," Val murmured, stroking Deanís back to calm him.

"I donít think I want to discuss that," Dean chuckled. He was absently petting Valís chest, his finger tracing aimless patterns. "So when do you have to get back?"

Valac shrugged bonelessly. "I donít know; I should check my cell. Mirandaís probably pissed at me, not that I give a fuck right now."

"Miranda?" Dean frowned, knowing that he had no right to complain about anything Valíd done in the last year but still not liking it.

"She owns the car, and my clothes, and probably me when it comes down to it."

"Like hell she does!" Dean growled.

Val shrugged again. "Itís not so bad and a hell of a lot better than living on the street."

"Wasnít. It wasnít so bad." Dean was still growling. "If you think I finally figured this out to start sharing you, youíre nuts!"

"And Iím supposed to survive how? You forget, Dean-o, technically, I donít exist; it makes getting a job a bit difficult."

"Do you honestly think Sam and I have regular nine-to-five jobs as weíre driving around the country? Three can scam as well as two."

Valac went unnaturally still before chuckling. "Youíre inviting me to run off with you?"

Dean half-shrugged without dislodging himself from his comfortable position. "Well, itíd be pretty hard to do this again if weíre on opposite sides of the continent."

"Plying me with offers of sex? I can live with that."

Dean snorted a laugh. "What a shock. But I guess if I Ďmadeí you, itís my duty to keep you out of trouble." He was still petting Val, making it clear that it was a duty he didnít mind.

Val smiled and snuggled a bit closer, tightening his arms around Deanís waist. "You have no idea how long Iíve wanted to hear that." He yawned then and let his eyes fall half-closed. "No, actually, you probably do."

"I guess Iíll have to make up for lost time." Dean looked up at Val, his eyes running over the stubbled jaw and messy dark hair to end at the sleepy green eyes, and he smiled slowly. "Oh damn."

"So, that mean I could get you to fuck me once weíve recovered?"

"Oh, I think I could be convinced," Dean said, a surge of lust making him squirm.

Val chuckled and slid a hand down to Deanís ass. "Why do I think that recovery period wonít be long?"

Dean grinned. "Why do I think you still have some of that sex demon stuff going for you?"

"Itís just natural sex appeal, no demonic powers any more, remember?"

"Well, then I definitely wouldnít have survived you before." Dean pressed a kiss to Valís shoulder.

"Not while I was bound, no, but if I wasnít... Iíd have been careful with you. As it is, I should be thankful you have good taste in men."

"Like the way you look, do you?" Dean chuckled. "Me too."

"Well, itís a hell of a lot better than if youíd been secretly lusting after Groucho Marx."

"Yuck!" Dean punched him in the ribs. "Thatís just disgusting!"

"Ow! No abusing the corporeal being!"

"Poor baby. Want me to kiss it and make it better?"

"Mmm, sounds good to me."

"What a shock." Dean slid downward, kissing a trail down Valís chest until he reached the Ďinjuryí. He curled around Val, one knee nestled against the dark-haired manís soft cock, and began licking and gently biting the spot heíd hit. Val groaned and arched up into the teasing touch, fingers curling through Deanís hair and his legs spreading in invitation. Dean hesitated for only a moment before nibbling the length of Valís pelvic bone, drawing closer to the twitching cock until he reached the base. He inhaled deeply, Valís musk unfamiliar but not unpleasant, and he opened his mouth to drag his tongue along the length of the shaft.

"Oh fuck," Val groaned, trying to hold still instead of arching up toward the light pressure. "Iíd say you donít have to do that, but Iím not that altruistic."

"Good." Dean flicked his tongue over the tip, tasting him tentatively at first. Finding it no different from the come heíd licked off his own hand earlier, he closed his lips around the head and sucked.

"Dean," Val gasped, arching upward and winding his legs around Deanís torso.

Dean raised his head to grin up at him. "I think I could get to like this." He sucked Val back into his mouth, taking him a little deeper this time so he could run his tongue along the ridge below the head.

"See, the brain just takes a while to catch up with what the libido knew all along." Val continued stroking his hands through the short, spiky hair.

Dean lightly dragged his teeth over Val in retaliation for the comment.

"Mmm, kinky, I can deal with that."

Dean chuckled around his mouthful and took Val a little deeper. He reached between the spread thighs to cup Valís balls, rolling them gently in his palm.

Val whimpered, arching upward until his hips rose off the bed. "Fuck me," he rasped, his eyes flashing dark emerald as he tugged Dean upward.

"God yes. But I donít want to hurt you, and Iím, uh, not really sure how to..." Dean swallowed hard, aware that he was starting to babble.

"The great Dean Winchester at a loss for words, I am impressed," Val chuckled. "And donít worry, itís easyóof course it would be easier if I was who I was before, but itís nothing that lube canít rectify."

"Lube. Right." Which meant touching Valís ass. It was just another part of him, and one fairly important to having sex with him, so Dean could do this. He looked around. "So what do we use for lube?"

"Thereís some in my bag." Val smirked at Deanís double-take. "Iím like a Boy Scout, always prepared."

Deanís eyes narrowed. "How fortunate for me."

"Just who do you think I brought it for? They do say hope springs eternal."

Smiling, Dean leaned down and kissed him. "I hope thatís not all thatís springing eternal."

"Considering where you just had your mouth, itís already sprung."

"Maybe you should be the one fucking me... so I can learn how itís done."

Valís eyebrows rose. "Are you serious?"

"How many times am I going to have to ask you before you believe me?"

In a flash, Dean was flat on his back, pinned under Valís weight with Val grinning down at him. "Only the once, Dean-o, only the once; now stay here." He kissed Dean hungrily and slid off the bed to dig through his bag.

"I donít think I could go anywhere if I wanted to. Which I donít." Dean watched Val, squirming on the bed as he unconsciously started stroking himself.

"Glad to hear it." Val grabbed the lube and half-leapt back onto the bed, licking Deanís nipple and kissing his way up to his mouth while he stroked his hands over Deanís chest and down to his hips.

"Yeah, I think Iím ready for the advanced lessons," Dean panted, his own hands running over Valís back and ass.

Val purred in response, kissing Dean a final time before rocking back on his knees and flipping open the lube, squirting some in one palm and trailing his fingers through it before circling them around the tight entrance to Deanís body.

Dean whimpered and squirmed, his legs spreading. "That feels... weird. Weird but good," he panted.

"Donít worry, itíll feel better," Val promised, pressing his finger inward, his whole body tightening at the feeling of Deanís body slowly stretching to accept him.

"Ohhh fuck!" Dean squirmed and moaned again at the way that felt with Valís finger inside him. His hands were on Valís shoulders again, and they flexed restlessly as Val prepared him.

"Good?" Val asked, drawing his finger out and smiling when Dean moved with him.

"Donít stop!"

"Iíll take that as a yes." Val leaned in to suck at Deanís lower lip and added a second finger.

Dean whimpered into the kiss, writhing on the rumpled sheets, unable to remain still. "Oh God, I was an idiot!"

Val chuckled against Deanís mouth and twisted his fingers, finding the bump of his prostate and rubbing against it. Dean nearly screamed as he arched off the bed, slamming his ass onto Valís fingers.

"Do you want me, Dean-o?" Val purred, riding out the almost violent motions and sliding his hand down to rub his own erection.

"Fuck yes! Stop teasing and do it already!"

The needy noise that came in response to that was almost a growl, and Valís eyes flashed again as he drew his hand back and pushed Deanís legs back, opening him more as he settled his cock against Deanís ass and slowly pressed inside.

Deanís eyes widened, and he bit his lip at the brief pain that was quickly overwhelmed by pleasure. "Ohhhh... Val!" He forced himself to relax, gasping as Val slid deeper.

"Iím yours, Dean," Val whispered, rocking his hips slowly into the cradle of Deanís body. "I have been since the day you created me."

"Iím glad," Dean panted, clinging to Valís shoulders as he stared up into the dark green eyes. "Not going to waste any more time."

Val smiled and kissed Dean tenderly before biting at his lower lip as he began to move more forcefully, driving into Deanís ass. Dean gasped and arched up under him, surging upward to meet Valís thrusts. He moved jerkily at first until he caught Valís rhythm, and then he moaned as their bodies slapped together.

"Yes, oh yes," Val gasped, sliding a hand between them to stroke Deanís cock and moaning as he felt the strong thighs tighten around him.

"Feels so good," Dean rasped, clinging desperately to Val. He got a nod in response as Val continued to move, leaning his weight on one arm while continuing to pleasure both of them.

Dean cried out sharply when Val twisted his wrist on the next stroke, and suddenly he was jerking under Val as he came, his body clenching down hard. Val gasped at the sudden contractions around him and slammed harder into Dean, closing his eyes as power concentrated within him then spilled out as he came as well.

Lying under Val, arms and legs wrapped tightly around him and his eyes still closed, Dean murmured, "That felt rather more than human, Val. Is there something you want to tell me?"

"Hey, Iím just really good is all," Val chuckled.

"Mmm, so I can expect that every time?"

"Iíll do my best, and thatís pretty damn good." Val slowly relaxed, sliding Deanís legs down his body as he collapsed half on top him, his hand slowly stroking Deanís chest.

"Lucky me." Dean smiled languorously before raising his head just enough to kiss Val. "Iím not an idiot, you know, but you donít feel evil, so Iím just going to enjoy it and not ask questions."

Val sighed. "When you banished Dantalion, we were still connected, and I think some of it stayed with me, replacing what he took from me."

"But youíre not bound or summoned, right? Youíre not going to start killing anyone again."

"We just had sex, Dean," Val sighed again, rolling off him to stare at the ceiling. "Did I try to do anything to you?"

"If you were paying attention, youíd have noticed that it wasnít a question. And Iím not running for the holy items." Dean turned onto his side to curl up against Val.

"I donít know what I am now," Val said quietly, turning his head to look at Dean. "Iím more than I was after you bound me but less than I was before."

"So am I enough for you now?"

"You made me, Dean," Val rolled to his side to look fully at Dean. "Not just the exterior, but part of my personality at well; how could you be anything but exactly what I want?"

Dean smiled. "We wonít get into my issues. Iím just going to enjoy it. Us."

"A very good answer," Val murmured, stroking a hand down his side.

"Despite what Sam says, I have them sometimes." Dean made a soft sound of pleasure and pressed closer.

"And just what is Sam going to say about this?"

Dean groaned. "I expect a lot of teasing and eye rolling and demands not to do anything around him."

"And your father?"

"I... will worry about that when we find him again. It doesnít look likely to happen any time soon."

Val stroked a hand over Deanís back. "Cross that bridge when we come to it, eh?"

"Yeah. I donít think heís really going to understand why I didnít kill you."

"Iíll be lucky if he doesnít try to kill me himself."

"Iím sure between the two of us, we can stop that from happening." But Dean pressed closer as if to reassure himself that Val was safely beside him.

"Hrmmm, if I was a romantic man, Iíd say that was a declaration of at least lust."

"Possessive lust. Iím not into sharing," Dean said, lazily petting Valís stomach.

Val purred again and yawned as he rolled to his back and pulled Dean along with him. "Then Iíd better take Miranda back her car and tell her Iím gone."

"And Iím going with you to make sure she doesnít try to change your mind."

"Sheíll probably try to get you to join in a threesome."

"I think youíre more than enough for me."

"Dean-o, you ainít seen nothing yet," Val smirked.

"Lucky me." Dean grinned right back at him.

"Lucky both of us." Val glanced toward the connecting doors. "And your brotherís back."

"Oh shit, I didnít put a Ďdo not disturbí sign up. Heís likely to walk in here."

"Sammy seemed smart; I doubt thatís going to happen."

"Hope not. Iíd rather tell him about this than show him. Though he seemed to figure it out before I did."

"Iím going to edit any comments I might have made in light of the fact that I have no desire to get you out of my bed when Iíve so recently gotten you into it."

Dean snickered. "Smart guy. But Iím pretty comfortable where I am, so I think Iíll stay for a while. And if necessary, I think I have a few ways to shut you up now."

"I always had a way, but now I have a better one."

"I think Iím going to enjoy the new way much better."

"Took you long enough to admit it!"

"You wouldnít appreciate me if I was too easy." Dean hid his grin against Valís shoulder.

"Try it so I can find out!"

Dean lost the battle against his laughter. When he could speak again, he said, "I promise not to start denying it again, so it should be easier from now on."

Val sighed theatrically. "You have no idea how happy that makes me."

"It should. Or I could find someone who appreciates me more." Dean smirked up at him.

"Good luck with that."

"You saying that no one could appreciate me more than you?" Dean sounded pleased by the thought.

"Possibly, but do you really want a puppy?"

"No, and I donít want you to pee on my foot either."

Valac sighed dramatically. "Youíre so vanilla."

"Deal with it. The only water sports I like involve a swimming pool or ocean. But outside of that, Iím willing to experiment." Dean lazily stroked a hand from Valís shoulder down to a hip, where he let it rest. "And explore."

"Mmm, good," Valac purred stretching under Deanís caress, "because Iím really looking forward to having you fuck me sometimeópreferably soon."

"Keep moving and making noises like that and itís going to be very soon," Den rasped.

"Three times in half an hour?" Valac laughed, though he kept rubbing against Dean, "I am a miracle worker."

"Hey, Iím trying to make up for lost time here. Though Iíll admit you do seem to inspire me more than most."

"Thatís because Iím your fantasy, and while I love the idea, Iím starving here, so we may have to call in for food."

"Actually, Sam was going to bring back pizza, so all we need is clothes to go to the other room. Weíre not flashing my brother."

"Or you could go and get it, and I could relax here," Valac offered selflessly.

Dean kissed him. "I know youíre just being lazy, but thanks anyway. I should talk to Sam, so Iíll be a few minutes." He sat up, looking around for his jeans.

"I am not being lazy; I had some of my life essence sucked away then engaged in vigorous bouts of sex; that would tire anyone out," Valac protested, even though he was laughing as he did. "And I think theyíre behind the table over there."

"How the hell did they get... Never mind." Dean grinned as he pulled the jeans on without bothering to try to find his boxers. "You rest your poor, tired body, and Iíll go talk to my brother and bring back sustenance."

"And save me some pepperoni!"

"Donít worry," Dean tossed over his shoulder as he opened the connecting door, "I wouldnít dream of denying you your meat."

"That I so did not need to hear," Sam groaned before laughing as a pillow hit Dean in the back of his head.

Dean smiled sheepishly at his brother. "I guess you can tell we worked things out."

"Really? I think the pictures rattling on the walls told me that."

"Um, yeah." Dean flushed and looked away from Samís knowing grin. "Valís, uh, going to be sticking around. Weíll have to swing by New York to get his stuff."

"Oh really?"

"Is that going to be a problem?" Dean asked, suddenly worried about Samís reaction to all of this. He hadnít considered what his brother might think about him having a former demon as a lover when Samís fiancee had recently been killed by a demon.

Sam was silent for a moment. "No," he finally said. "Itís not a problem. He did almost die to help us, and he is your dream man." He grinned wickedly at the last.

Dean groaned. "Iím never going to hear the end of that, am I?"

Sam snickered. "What do you think?"

"I should have let the demon kill me."

"Ahh, but it didnít want you, did it?"

"Any demon." Dean groaned and grabbed one of the pizza boxes. "Iíd better get this back to Val. Heís still feeling the effects of being drained."

Sam opened his mouth, then shut it and shook his head. "Too easy, much, much too easy."

"Oh thank God," Dean breathed, having realized what heíd said as soon as the words left his lips. "Get some sleep. Weíll probably be heading out tomorrow."

"I get to drive, right?"

"Like hell!"

"So youíre letting him drive himself back all alone?"

Dean had forgotten Val had his car, and he was left staring at Sam. "Um, no. I guess youíll have to drive after all.

Sam chuckled. "Told you; now go feed each other, and try to keep the noise down."

"Um yeah, right." Blushing faintly at the idea of his brother hearing all the noise Val drew from him, Dean made his escape with one of the pizzas, shutting the door on Samís laughter.

"You have the food?" Val muttered drowsily from the pile of blankets and pillows heíd buried himself in.

"I come bearing pizza." Dean set the box on the nightstand and took his jeans back off before climbing in next to Valac. "Iíd hate to have you die of starvation now."

Val sat up somewhat at that, though he remained huddled in his cocoon of blankets. "Good boy; Iíll give you a cookie later for that."

"Why do I have a feeling that a cookieís not exactly what you have in mind?" Dean moved closer, wrapping his arms around Val. "And are you all right? This is the first time Iíve ever seen you bundled up. Usually youíre skimming the bounds of public decency laws."

Val shrugged and smiled. "Just cold; this is nothing compared to when you changed me."

Dean rubbed Valís back briskly. "What else did I do to you? Or rather, what reaction did you have that I never realized?" he sighed.

"Not important," Valac shrugged, grabbing for the pizza box and dragging it closer so that he could get a slice.

"In other words, pretty bad or at least uncomfortable, but youíre not going to tell me. I guess Iíll just have to make it up to you."

"Hrmmm, Iíll have to remember this guilt thing," Val chuckled, biting into his slice of pizza and sighing with pleasure.

"Planning to use and abuse me? Could be fun," Dean decided, stealing a piece of pepperoni off Valís pizza.

"And itíll start by me smacking you for stealing my food!"

Dean reached into the box for another slice and held it up. "Want to steal some of mine?"

Val smiled evilly, and his eyes flashed emerald. "Iíd rather you owe me."

Dean swallowed hard. "I think I like the sound of that. And I probably shouldnít, considering your expression, but..." He trailed off with a shiver of pure arousal.

"But you do anyway," Valac grinned before turning his attention back to his pizza.

"Yeah." Dean watched him eat, the green eyes unfocused as he considered everything that had happened that day. "I have a feeling thereís not much you could do that I wouldnít like," he finally said before taking a bite of the pizza still in his hand.

"You have no idea how happy I am to hear that."

"Iím going to be making up for the last year for a long time, arenít I?"

Valac only smiled.

"I guess itís a good thing that I like the sound of that too."

"Iím very glad to hear that because Iím really looking forward to having you in me sometime tonight."

"Iím just waiting for you to warm up and fill up so you can enjoy it too."

"Awww, what a gentleman."

"Thatís me. But I draw the line at carrying you up any staircase."

Val snorted and reached for another piece of pizza. "Thatís fine; I donít really want to wear an antebellum gown. But you could have gotten us something to drink, you know."

"But the green would match your eyes so beautifully," Dean snickered, which turned into outright laughter at the look Val gave him. "And Iíll just go get some sodas from the machine down the hall. Be right back." He slid out of the bed, pulling the covers back up to keep Val warm and stole another slice of pepperoni before moving to the door.

Val snorted out a laugh. "Just donít get into any trouble out there," he called before relaxing back against the pillows and falling into a light doze the moment he did so.

When Dean returned with several drinks a few minutes later, he wasnít surprised to find Val asleep. He quietly set the cans on the table next to the pizza box and just stood there watching Val sleep. The dark hair was tousled, what little of it showed beneath the covers that were pulled up around the ex-demonís ears, and relaxed in sleep, Valacís face showed his weariness in the shadows beneath his eyes, shadows that hadnít been there that morning.

Dean realized that heíd nearly lost Val that day without ever having had him, and he cursed himself for his previous willful blindness. Only luck had saved them, and he promised himself that heíd make it up to Val. He undressed and slid under the covers next to Valac, grinning when the other man gravitated toward his warmth, murmuring softly.

"So youíre a cuddler, are you?" Dean chuckled quietly. Val just moved closer until they were plastered back to front, his arm wrapped tightly around Deanís waist. Dean raised one arm to cover Valís, clasping his hand with their fingers interlinked. "Good." Valac murmured something unintelligible and twitched before falling into a deeper sleep, holding tightly to Deanís waist.

"Iím really glad you waited for me."

The next thing Dean knew was the sound of pounding on the connecting door and Samís voice yelling through it. "Come on, you two, come up for air already! Itís almost ten!"

"Does your brother do this often?" Val groaned, trying to pull a pillow over his head to block out the noise.

"No, not since Christmas morning when he was about five." Dean glared at the door. "Fuck off, Sam!" he yelled.

"You said you wanted to get on the road today," Sam growled through the door.

"Itís still morning! There are plenty of hours left in the day without you waking us up!"

"Checkout time is eleven..."

"Fine, fine, weíre up!" Dean grumbled as he fumbled around for his jeans and pulled them on, though he didnít bother to fasten them, before stumbling over to the door and flinging it open to glare at his brother. "Youíd damn well better have coffee!"

"Do I look like a maid?"

"Put on an apron and Iíll let you know," Valac called from where he was still lying in bed.

"Hey, donít get kinky on me there. This is my brother!"

"Pity," Val murmured, stretching as he climbed out of bed.

"Val!" Dean yelped and grabbed the bedspread, throwing it over him. "Clothes!"

"You donít need to smother me!" Val protested, much to Samís amusement.

"And you donít need to prance around naked in front of my brother! In front of anyone but me for that matter!"

"I hate to tell you this, Dean-o, but I think Sam has seen a naked man before."

"Not one whoís my lover," Dean growled.

"Oh." Valac grinned at that and pulled Dean in for a kiss.

"Do you want me to close the door again?" Sam groaned.

"Yes! No, not if we have to check out by eleven," Dean reluctantly corrected himself without moving out of Valís arms. "But give us about half an hour. I need a shower and some coffee."

"Same here, though Iíll take them in the opposite order so I donít distract Dean," Valac laughed.

"Now whereís the fun in that?" Dean grumbled.

Valís gaze turned to one of pure sensuality. "When I have you in the shower, I want much more than an hour to play with you," he purred.

Dean swallowed hard, not even noticing when Sam hastily shut the door between their rooms. "I guess thatíll have to wait for tonight, then."

Val nodded and made a shooing motion toward the bathroom. "Exactly, now go and shower like a good little boy, and Iím going to get that coffee."

"I have never been a good little boy," Dean retorted with a jaundiced glance and a swat at Valís ass before padding toward the bathroom.

"Compared to me, you were," Val murmured before pulling on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and knocking on the connecting door. "Mind if I come in?"

Sam opened the door and stepped back, eyeing the ex-demon warily. "I guess youíre going to be sticking around?"

Valac nodded as he walked into the room and poured himself a cup of coffee. "Unless you have a problem with it and until Dean sees another pretty face he likes better."

Sam sighed. "I wonít lie. Iíd be a hell of a lot happier if you were anyone else, preferably someone who didnít start out as a demon. But that tells me that Deanís already in deep or you wouldnít be alive for us to be having this conversation." He looked up, meeting Valacís gaze directly. "But if you hurt him, Iíll hunt you down and make you wish youíd never met him."

"Deanís lucky," Val commented as he looked down into his coffee.

Sam shrugged. "Heís my brother."

"I repeat; heís lucky."

"Yeah, well, heís decided he wants you, so donít make him regret it."

Valac smiled. "If I do, you have my permission to cut my throat."

Sam eyed him with interest over his own cup of coffee. "You really do care about him, donít you?"

"Much to my embarrassment, I do," Val sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking over at Sam. "Itís not something I ever planned on."

Looking amused, Sam eyed him. "No, I suppose thatís not normal operating procedure for an incubus." He shook his brother. "Only Dean could make a freaking sex demon fall for him."

Val shrugged. "He did make me, in a sense, and playing hard to get didnít help matters."

"I donít think it can actually be called playing when he had no clue what was going on. In case you havenít noticed, Deanís been pretty exclusively a ladiesí man."

"Except for in his subconscious or Iíd have a lot more curves than I do."

"So you really are his deepest fantasy? And youíve been human for more than a year? Wow, talk about sublimating!"

"Talk to Dean, not me. I was ready to go for it within five minutes of the change; he was the hold-out."

"Yeah, thatís what I meant. He really didnít have a clue." Sam shook his head. "I canít begrudge him some happiness though."

"Glad to hear it; and just so you know, if I knew who it was that killed your mother and girlfriend, Iíd tell you."

Sam froze, not even breathing for a long moment before he slowly let the air out in a long, quiet sigh. He hadnít even realized, at least not consciously, that that was part of what was bothering him, but the pure relief that filled him at Valacís words made it obvious. "Iím glad you donít know," he said quietly.

"I wish I did; it might make things a little easier for all of you."

"Itís better that you have nothing to do with it. Easier, you know?" Sam offered a pained smile.

"Yeah, I understand. Itís got to be hard enough dealing with me without adding that on to it."

Sam took another mouthful of his coffee to give himself time to think. "Youíre... not what I expected."

"Okay, I have to ask; what did you expect?"

"Someone a lot more demonic and a lot less sappy about Dean."

Valac shrugged and sipped at his coffee. "I am what he made me for the most part; this is nothing like I was before, and while the conscience he gave me makes me feel guilty about it now, I certainly didnít then."

"So you really arenít who or what you were before." Sam eyed him contemplatively. "So how does that work? Is the original you crammed in there under a mask, so to speak? Should I be worrying about you breaking free and reverting to what you used to be?"

"I donít know," Valac admitted. "Itís never happened before, any of this."

"Thatís not a particularly comforting reply."

"But itís honest; donít I get points for that?"

"Sure, right up to when you turn into a life-sucking demon and kill my brother!"

Val sighed and set his mug down. "Unless someone reconnects me to my power then binds me and orders me to do that, it wonít happen." He paused and looked at Sam. "Would you rather I leave now and avoid the possibility?"

"It doesnít really matter what I want," Sam replied, not answering the question. "Dean wants you here. Just... try to give a little warning if you feel yourself slipping back to the old ways. ĎCause I donít think heíd believe it until long after it was too late."

"Then Iíll trust you to keep him safe for meóand from me if it comes down to it."

Sam nodded slowly. "Count on it." He stared into the dregs of his coffee, then looked up again. "And make sure I wonít ever have to." He smiled faintly.

Val nodded. "Iíll do everything in my power."

"Good. You can start by getting Dean out of the shower. That ought to take supernatural powers," Sam said wryly.

"That I can do." Val grinned evilly, walked into the other room, pausing only a moment to admire Deanís outline through the shower curtain, and flushed the toilet.

Deanís scream echoed off the tiles as he leaped out of the shower, slipping and nearly falling as the towel on the floor skidded when he landed. "What theó" The green eyes narrowed on Val with the intensity of lasers, and he snarled, "What the hell did you do that for?"

"Sam wanted you out of the shower," Val replied with a remarkably straight face.

"So you decided to freeze me to death? Just remember that if things shrivel up, youíre not getting any!" Dean growled. He glared from Val to Sam, who was leaning on the doorjamb between the two rooms, laughing his ass off.

"I somehow think theyíll make another appearance before tonight; now go get dressed and get your coffee so I can get cleaned up."

"Geez, youíd think I could avoid the nagging by being involved with another guy," Dean grumbled, but his eyes were warm with amusement as he briskly toweled himself off before padding back into the bedroom. He paused to push Sam out of the doorway and shut the door in his face, then rummaged through his bag for something clean.

"Poor baby," Val called, tossing his clothes out of the bathroom and stepping into the shower himself after being careful to lock the door behind him.

Dean eyed the bathroom door with a grin, debating whether it would be worth it to spring the lock and retaliate. "Nah," he murmured finally, shaking his head. "Not when heís expecting it." Dressed, he went to the connecting door and through to Samís room where he could smell coffee. Helping himself to a cup, he watched his brother.

"We okay?"

Sam nodded as he closed his laptop and packed it away in its case. "Yeah, weíre cool. You good?"

Dean couldnít have stopped his smile if heíd wanted to. "Better than good."

"Glad to hear it; just be careful, all right?"

Nodding, Dean briefly considered telling Sam that Valac had regained some of his powers, but he knew how his brother would react, and he dismissed the idea. "Always," he said simply.

Sam grinned. "Which means using protection!"

Dean grabbed for Sam, trying to get him in a headlock.

"Hey! Iím just looking out for your safety!" Sam laughed, twisting around and wrestling Dean to the ground.

"Ha!" Dean flipped them over and tried to pin Sam, but both of them were laughing too hard to get very far. "Youíre just being a nosy kid brother!"

"Whoís having a blast laughing at you for your budding romance." Sam wiggled enough to give Dean a noogie.

Dean blew a raspberry as he twisted free and tackled Sam again.

"Mmm, kinky, I like it," Val laughed from the doorway to the other room.

Both Winchesters stopped and stared up at him. "You can just forget any fantasies you have about brothers right now," Dean said warningly, although he was laughing, not really worried.

"Well shit, there goes my nefarious plan."

Sam shook his head and rolled to his feet. "Heís all yours, Dean."

Still sitting on the floor, Dean smiled slowly as he dragged his gaze up the length of Valís body until he was staring into the eyes that were a slightly darker green than his own. "Yeah, he is." His tone practically dripped satisfaction.

Val took a deep breath and looked over at Sam. "Youíre sure we have to leave now?"

Sam shrugged. "Unless we want to stay an extra day."

"Sounds good to me," Dean said, still staring up at Val.

"As good as that sounds, Iíd really rather break my ties with Miranda," Val sighed.

"Very good point," Dean growled, pushing to his feet so he could pull Val to him for a possessive kiss. "Sheíll have to find a new toy."

"Dean doesnít play well with others," Sam chuckled.

"Oh, I donít know about that," Val grinned, "he plays pretty well withó"


Dean snickered at his brotherís appalled expression. "Donít worry; Iím not planning to share in any way." He turned so he was standing next to Valac, one arm casually slung around his waist. "So now that weíre all ready, letís go get something to eat and hit the road. I want to be done with this Miranda," he sneered the name, "as soon as possible."

Val grinned and leaned over to nuzzle Deanís throat. "I love it when you get all possessive on me."

Managing a wry smile, Dean admitted, "Thatís probably a good thing since I have a feeling itís going to happen a lot."

Sam groaned. "I am so looking forward to this."

"What, leaving?" Val asked, grinning.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Great, youíre going to drive me nuts, arenít you?"

"Yup," Dean said cheerfully. "Itís an added benefit."

"Remind me to buy earplugs for when weíre all in the same car, would you?"

"Oh yeah, this is going to be really good," Dean practically chortled. But for the moment, they needed to get going if they were going to make the check out time, and he did a quick scan of the rooms to make sure they hadnít forgotten anything.

"I think thatís everything," he said, grabbing his pack.

"So, food and Iíll give Sam directions, then weíre out of here." Valac looked around the dingy rooms, then over at the brothers.

"Definitely food. Iím hungry enough to eat a horse," Dean agreed, opening the door and stepping out into the hall, followed by the other two. "You can give directions over breakfast, though Iím pretty sure that itís hard to miss Manhattan."

"True, itís where you go when you get in Manhattan thatís the tricky part."

"Smart ass." Dean ignored Sam snickering behind him. "He can follow us, you know. And we do have cell phones."

Val glanced over his shoulder at Sam. "Do you want directions?"

"Hell yeah! Iíve seen New York drivers before. I want a damned homing signal!"

Dean shook his head. "Wuss!"

"Well, I could ride with Sam, and you could take your chances finding Mirandaís place," Val offered teasingly as they walked outside and he threw his bag in the trunk of the Mercedes.

"No!" Dean moved closer to Val, his eyes narrowing. "Youíre stuck with me now, bud, so get used to it."

"Oh damn, I hate that idea," Val deadpanned.

Sam groaned. "I think Iím going to be sick."

Dean glared over his shoulder. "You can buy breakfast."

"So," Valac began once they were done eating and on the road, Dean lounging in the passenger seat of the Mercedes while he drove.

"A needle pulling thread," Dean sang before chuckling at the look Val gave him. "Sorry. My mother used to sing that to me when I was a kid. Anyway, what did you want to say?"

Val shook his head and glanced over Dean. "So what are we doing after Manhattan?"

"Sam and I still need to find our dad, and along the way we deal with demons, ghosts and the like that are killing people. Your firsthand knowledge could be helpful with that."

"So I get to be a human Google?"

"With the safe surfing turned off."

Valís grin turned evil, "Now youíre talking."

Dean smirked back at him. "How goodís your concentration, Val? Can you keep us on the road and out of the ditch if I lean over and blow you?"

"What do you think?"

"I think I want to find out." Dean unfastened his seat belt and twisted around on the seat. He lowered his head to Valís lap, his cheek on the ex-demonís thigh while he unzipped the jeans and freed the growing cock.

"Quick learner," Val murmured, taking one hand off the wheel to stroke the back of Deanís head, his fingers sliding through the short strands.

"Inspired." Dean grinned up at him briefly before closing his lips over Val and sucking gently.

"You hear me complaining?"

Dean just hummed around the now rigid shaft and licked Val like a lollipop.

"That feels great," Val sighed, watching the road through half-lidded eyes, arching up off the seat into Deanís mouth. Dean hummed again, suckling harder, and reached into the open fly of Valís jeans to rub his fingertips over Valís balls.

"And I really canít wait until you fuck me."

Dean raised his head. "That can be our celebration after ridding you of Miranda."

"Now promise me youíll be nice," Val chuckled, tracing his thumb around Deanís mouth. "She was good to me."

"Like hell I will!" Dean growled.

"Dean-o..." Val warned.

"Youíre mine."

"Iím not arguing that fact."

"Well, sheíd better not either."

"Or what? And may I remind you you were sucking my cock?"

Dean ignored the question, instead lowering his head again and taking Val back into his mouth. Val groaned quietly and tightened his hand on the back of Deanís head, urging him on.

"Watch the road," Dean murmured as he raised his head briefly before taking Val deep again.

"Rather watch you."

"Then pull over! I want to do this a lot more before we both die!"

"We arenít going to die," Val chuckled. "I can keep an eye on the road and on you at the same time."

"Oh good." Deanís head bobbed up and down, and his tongue swirled around Valís cock in his mouth, teasing the sensitive flesh.

Val groaned again and circled his hips slowly as Dean moved up and down over his cock.

Dean decided he really liked this and especially liked knowing he was causing those hot moans. He sucked harder, wanting to bring Val off.

"Dean..." Val groaned, letting go of Deanís head to grab his hand and drag it back to his balls. Dean curved his palm under the heavy sac, rolling the balls in his hand while continuing to suck Val off.

Val groaned again and twisted almost violently in the seat as he came, bucking up into Deanís mouth. Dean swallowed and kept sucking until Val shivered under him and moaned.

"Yeah, I like that," Dean said smugly, licking his lips as he sat up again.

"Not saying I told you so."

"Of course you arenít. But in this case, youíre allowed."

"Good answer." Val glanced to the side at the bulge straining Deanís jeans. "You know, you could jack off."

Deanís eyelids drooped over darkened green eyes, and he twisted so he was sitting at an angle in the seat, back braced against the door as he reached down to unbutton the fly of his jeans. "Want to watch me, huh?" He slowly stroked a hand over his freed cock, groaning.

"Yup," Val drawled, leaning one arm on the window and tilting his head to the side.

"I can live with that." Dean pushed his jeans down slightly and shoved his boxer briefs down, hooking them under his balls, framing himself for Valís view. He gasped softly as he stroked himself, hips arching off the seat.

"Fucking gorgeous," Val murmured, glancing back at the road when Sam honked from behind them.

"I wish it was your hands on me, your hand making me squirm and beg to be fucked," Dean panted, his hand moving more rapidly.

Valac cursed in a dead language and reached over, covering Deanís hand with his and stroking him faster.

"Oh fuck yeah," Dean whimpered, thrusting up into their joined hands.

"Tonight," Val rasped, cutting his eyes to the side and tightening his hand around the hot flesh beneath it.

Dean could only nod as his hips rose and he came hard, groaning harshly.

"Oh yeah," Val whispered, dragging his fingers through the blood-warm liquid and bringing them up to his mouth.

Dean gasped as he watched and lunged across the seat to kiss Val deeply, for the moment not caring if they drove right off the road.

Groaning, Val returned the kiss before chuckling when Deanís cell phone rang. "Better get that."

Dean sat back in his seat and answered without looking at the display. "Whatís up, Sam?"

"Your insurance rates if you crash because you canít keep it in your pants."

"Iím not driving. And itís Valís car," Dean pointed out.

"Fine then, how about if I crash because I get sick!"

"Oh fine, weíll be good till tonight. Happy now?" Dean rolled his eyes at Val.

"Good? You? Never."

"Hey, what about me?" Val protested.

"What about you?" Dean asked, his eyes raking over Valís flushed face and down to his still unfastened jeans.

"Iím never good either."

"Thatís when youíre at your best," Dean purred, ignoring the gagging noises from the phone.

"Of course I am, baby," Val purred.

"Iím really going to be sick!" Sam yelled.

"Iím not riding in that car later!"

"This oneís not in your name, huh?"

Val snorted at the idea

"Too bad. Itís a sweet ride. Then again, this way Sam can drive while we make out in the back seat."

"In your dreams!" Sam howled before hanging up.

"I donít think Sam liked that idea," Dean snickered.

"Ya sure about that?" Val snorted, finally tucking himself back into his pants.

"About as much as your Miranda will like you smelling like me." Dean smiled smugly.

Val snickered. "You donít know Miranda."

"And Iím not going to!" Dean growled. "And Iím sticking to you like glue."

"Mmm, I like this possessive side of you."

"Good thing Ďcause I donít think itís going away any time soon."

"Your brotherís going to get tired of getting sick," Val chuckled.

"Iíll buy him some Pepto." Dean grinned. "Hey, werenít you supposed to... Shit!!" He yelped when Val made the turn at the last minute and without slowing down in the slightest.


"You have brakes and a turn signal for a reason, you know!"

Val pouted. "Does this mean I donít get to drive your car?"

"Well, weíll probably be safer in mine since I donít think itís capable of breaking the sound barrier. But yeah, I usually prefer to drive. Got a problem with that?"

"With you driving? Nope; in fact, Iím looking forward to it."

"Iím going to have to work on my concentration too, huh? Sounds good to me, though Sam may have a problem with it," Dean chuckled.

"Iíll behave for Samís sake," Val promised, looking totally sincere as he said it.

"How Ďbout misbehaving for mine instead?"

"Iím always ready to do that."

"Iím really glad I finally figured this out." Dean reached across, curling a hand around the nape of Valís neck. "Sorry it took me so long." Although he thought it was probably best that this hadnít happened when his dad was around.

Val shrugged and rubbed his head against Deanís hand. "Not a problem; you werenít ready to face that part of yourself."

"No," Dean admitted, lightly combing his fingers through Valís hair. "Or we wouldnít have this Miranda issue."

"Hey, a guy has to live, and it was better than the trying to do it on the street."

"There are lots of ways to make a buck that donít involve sex, Val," Dean pointed out. "But it doesnít matter now. Weíll all find a way to keep ourselves fed."

"Credit card scams? Now thereís a legal trade."

"It doesnít lead to me having to kill some woman," Dean pointed out.

"You wouldnít kill an innocent, and you know it."

"Fine, Iíll just lock her in a closet. And fuck you against the door so she can hear what she canít have."

Val chuckled. "That might just kill her."

Dean just smiled.

"Which was your plan all along."

"Damn right! Anyone who knows what you look like naked deserves to die."

"Even you?"

"Nope, Iím the only one whoís allowed."

"Hrmmm, so I guess Iíd better cancel that spread in Playgirl..."

"We can have a private photo shoot if you feel the need to bare all."

"Would you like that? Taking pictures of me while I play with myself?"

Dean let out a harsh moan.

Val grinned. "Like that idea, do you?"

"Iíd call you a tease except that I know you come through. Weíll make sure to get a separate room for Sam tonight."

"Weíd better make it in another building from Sam."

"I think heíd appreciate that," Dean chuckled. "He doesnít seem too interested in the new developments in my life."

"Oh, I think heís more interested than you knowóor maybe the word is concerned."

"Oh, concerned is a good place to start," Dean admitted with a sigh, slumping in his seat. "Thereís that whole former demon issue that he really has some problems with."

"I canít blame him; we did talk about it some though, which is good."

Surprised, although he probably shouldnít have been, Dean thought about it for a moment. Clearly, both Val and Sam had survived the discussion, so he decided that he was better off ignoring it. "Glad to hear you two are getting to know each other," he said simply. "Maybe Iíll sic him on Miranda then."

"I donít think he has as much of a stake in Ďgettingí her as you do."

Dean growled again. "She just needs to realize that she doesnít get you anymore."

"I think sheíll get the picture without you waving a gun or knife in her face."

"Naw, I wonít do that. I figure kissing you and having my hands on you will get the point across."

"She knows I like boys tooómore than knows in fact."

After the moment that it took to digest that statement, Dean snarled, "Well, sheís not going to watch us!"

Val snickered. "I didnít think you were going to let her!"

"Good to know youíre not just a pretty face."

"Aww, he loves me for my brains."

"Naw, Iím much more superficial than that. Iím after your ass."

"Well, it is a gorgeous one."

"Much as I would love to deflate that ego of yours, I canít argue with that," Dean said ruefully.

Val snickered. "I should really look up that actor and thank him for being so hot."

Dean snorted. "Letís not freak out the nice actor. You can just thank me for having such good taste even when repressed."

"Thank you for having such good taste even when repressed," Val parroted back.

"Asshole," Dean laughed. "I only wish you followed my every order. Of course, I might die from the shock if you did."

"Youíd be bored in a day if I did that."

"True," Dean admitted. "I guess itís a good thing itís never going to happen."

"Of course it might be fun to do it to watch your expression..."

"On second thought, maybe Iíll bunk down with Sam tonight!"

"Oh really?"

Dean gave him a challenging stare before sighing. "No, of course not. I have a feeling you have a lot more to show me."

Val grinned evilly. "Dean-o, you ainít seen nuthiní yet."

Dean returned the grin. "Iím looking forward to it."

"You sure you donít want to stay down here?" Val asked, glancing around the apartment buildingís luxurious lobby, then at Sam and Dean. "Iím sure Charlie would get you something to drink." The doorman nodded at that.

"Give it up, Val," Dean growled. "Thereís no way in hell youíre going up there without me."

"Iíll wait right here," Sam said hastily.

"Just trying to prevent bloodshed!"

"And Iím just trying to prevent poaching," Dean retorted, ignoring the increasingly alarmed expression on the doormanís face. "So after you." He gestured toward the elevator.

"You know," Val said wryly, "I was around when they were feeding Christians to lions, and this must have been a lot like how they felt."

"Iíll be happy to eat you later if itíll make you feel more at home," Dean retorted.

"I keep telling you, Iíd rather have you fuck me," Val sighed, shaking his head but smiling slightly as they entered the elevator.

"Iím planning to do that too." Dean moved closer and slid a proprietary arm around Valís waist.

"Good, just so you remember that." After pushing the penthouse button, Val slid a hand into Deanís back pocket and squeezed his ass.

"Like Iíd forget," Dean snorted, finally smiling again. "We just need to take care of this, and then weíre going to go wild and check into someplace for two days and not get out of bed."

"Does Sam know this?" The elevator stopped and the doors rolled open to a gleaming white marble hallway.

"Not yet. But itís not like we have any new leads about Dad or we have to be somewhere at a certain time," Dean shrugged. "Iíll tell him itís this or the two of us in the back seat."

Val chuckled. "You say that, heíll buy us the room." They reached the door, and Val slid the key into the lock, opening it and the door and stepping inside. Dean stayed close beside him, making sure that it was clear they were together.


"Finally made it back, did you?" A smiling redhead in a low-cut designer blouse and slim-fitting yoga pants walked around the corner to the foyer, pausing when she saw an unexpected guest. "And you brought a friend."

"More than a friend," Val said quietly. "Miranda, this is Dean."

Dean managed a polite smile, although his fingers were digging into Valís hip.

"Dean..." Miranda prowled closer, studying the two men, a knowing glint in her blue eyes. "Iíve heard about you."

"Yeah, well, I learn from my mistakes. And I donít make them a second time." His tone was clearly warning.

She glanced down to their waists and the tight grip that Dean had on Val. "And why do I think that you arenít the type to share...?"

His only response was a very toothy smile.

Val sighed. "Iíll leave you the keys; the Mercedes is in the second space."

"And thatís all I get for housing, feeding and clothing you all this while?" she asked, eyebrows arching upward.

Dean growled. "I think you more than got your moneyís worth, lady. Now find a new pet."

"I never asked you for anything, and I never said no to what you wanted; donít make this worse than it has to be, Miranda."

She sneered at him. "I own you, Val."

"Like hell you do," Dean growled. "Youíre a real piece of work."

"Dean," Val warned before continuing, "donít turn this into a fight, Miranda; you wonít win. Weíre even and weíre over."

For Valís sake, Dean restrained himself and turned toward the door, only to stop when Miranda said with saccharine sweetness, "I believe I paid for those clothes youíre wearing, Val."

He turned and smiled just as sweetly. "So you did." With that, he stripped down to bare skin, leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor. "Coming, Dean?" he asked, strolling past the other man and through the door.

After gawking at Val, Dean burst into laughter and followed him, ignoring the sputtering woman as he shut the door. "Youíre going to start a riot, you know, not to mention getting arrested."

Val shrugged as they headed back to the elevator. "So call Sam and have him grab me a pair of his jeans." He grinned. "Yours would be too short."

Shaking his head and still chuckling, Dean pulled out his cell phone. "Lifeís never going to be boring with you around."

"Somehow I think you could have said the same without me, but for different reasons."

"Possibly, but itís going to be a lot more fun too."

"Iím not denying that." Val pushed Dean against the wall of the elevator and kissed him hungrily.

"If you keep that up, Iím going to fuck you right here," Dean panted, his hands cupping Valís ass as they rocked together.

"Then we would get arrested, and Iíd end up in the hospital trying to kill all the guys who want to use your purty mouth."

"So get over in your own corner, and hold that thought till we get to the hotel."

Val complied, but only after sliding a hand over Deanís crotch.

"Fuck!" Dean gritted his teeth and clenched his fists to keep himself from pulling Val back.

"Later, Dean-o," Val grinned. "And are you going to call Sam, or do you want me to walk out in the lobby this way?"

Green eyes hot on Val, Dean dialed his phone, still clenched in one hand. "Sam? Grab a pair of your jeans out of the car and meet us at the elevator. Weíre on the way down.... Because Valís naked." He pulled the phone away from his ear at the squawk. "Never mind why, just get him something to wear!" He ended the call and shoved the phone back into his pocket.

"Youíre a lot of trouble, Valac," he grumbled, although his erection made it obvious he didnít mind.

Val smiled slowly. "But Iím worth it as you well know."

Dean smiled back equally slowly. "Yeah. You are."

The bell chimed and the doors slid open on both the lobby and an embarrassed looking Sam, who threw a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into the car, followed by an old pair of sneakers, keeping his eyes averted the whole time.

"Thanks, Sam!" Val laughed, skinning into the clothes in a flash and sliding his arm around Deanís waist.

"Yeah, thanks," Dean echoed. "Thatís a sight I prefer to keep to myself."

"Please do!" Sam groaned.

"Prudes," Val snorted. "So, feel like taking me shopping?"

"Since I think Sam might like his clothes back and Iíd like to see you in some skintight jeans, sure." Dean grinned while Sam rolled his eyes.

"I really donít think you need me for this."

"No, actually, why donít you go rent us a couple of rooms and call to let me know where. Make it for two nights this time," Dean added. "I wanna sleep in tomorrow."

"If you want to do some research, the library here is pretty good," Val offered with a bit of an apologetic smile.

"Thanks, Iíll find something to keep me busy and not thinking about what the two of you are doing," Sam chuckled.

"Good plan," Dean said. "Now scram." He snickered at the expression on Charlie the doormanís face as they finally left, and then he stopped suddenly. "Well hell, we only have the one car again. I guess weíre going to have to hoof it, Val."

"And me without my dancing shoesóor a coat..."

Dean and Sam both groaned. "Fine, here, take mine. Iím going to be in the car. You can get yourself one and give mine back to me afterward."

"Sounds like weíre going to have a lot of bags, so weíll probably need you to pick us up when weíre done," Dean said.

Seeing Samís expression, Val gave an innocent look. "Weíll get you a latte..."

Sam groaned. "Fine, give me a call and Iíll come get you."

Dean beamed at him. "Weíll get dinner before we head back to the hotel then. My treat," he offered, grinning.

"You mean Rob Wintercorn or Johnny Holcombís treat," Sam snorted.

"Itís the thought that counts, Sammy."

"It is," Val laughed when the younger Winchester brother shook his head and handed the valet his tag to retrieve the car.

"Iím touched," Sam said dryly.

"Glad to hear it. So, Val, any particular store you want to go to? Iím sure Sammy here would be more than happy to drop us off."

"If Iím supposed to fit in with the two of you, Iím guessing ĎLayers R Usí."

"Ha ha." Dean eyed him. "Jeans, khakis, some shirts... The Gap to start, I guess."

Val snorted. "You consummate consumer, you."

"Hey, I usually get my stuff at Sears, or if I feel like being really wild and crazy, from an L.L. Bean catalogue! I thought the Gap was a fair compromise."

"Iím just amazed you ever gave any thought to shopping at all."

"Nudityís cold in the winter. And the sunburnís a bitch in the summer."

"But the viewís great," Val purred, working his hand under the layers of Deanís jacket and shirts to stroke his back.

"Public decency laws!" Sam said desperately.

"Do I look like someone who cares about those?"

"Please God, strike me blind," Sam prayed fervently while Dean snickered.

"And here comes the car," Val laughed.

"Oh thank God!" Sam nearly ran to it, practically yanking the valet out of his way.

"We could walk, you know."

"It might be kinder to Sam," Dean agreed, laughing. "Hey, Sam," he called, "youíre off the hook for now. Weíre going to walk to the store. Iíll call you in a couple of hours when weíre done."

"Just donít get arrested for public indecency!"

Val sighed. "He never lets us have any fun."

"Weíll have fun tonight," Dean promised him.

Sam covered his ears and started humming loudly.

"See you later, Sam!" Val laughed, dragging Dean down the sidewalk.

"I donít believe weíre going shopping," Dean grumbled. "Itís so damn girly."

"I could always go naked if youíd rather..."

"Not in public!"

"Then we have to shop."

"At least I get to watch you trying stuff on."

"Planning on us getting arrested?"

"In the fitting room!"

"Awful tiny rooms, you may have to be right next to me..."

"Oh damn, will we be able to stand it?"

"The question is, will everyone else in the store be able to stand it?"

"I wasnít planning to invite them all in!"

"I didnít think so; I was commenting on the fact that those walls in changing roomsóreally thin, not that I care, mind you..."

"I guess weíll just have to keep each other quiet then."

Val grinned. "I guess we will then."

"Gee, any ideas on how we might manage that?" Dean asked with a matching grin.

"Oh, many, but sadly none of them are going to get me what I want, which is you in me, because when that happens, I want plenty of room and plenty of time."

"Thatís tonight after we get to the hotel and have all night and all day tomorrow to do whatever we want. For the fitting room... blowjob." Dean smirked at a startled elderly lady whoíd overheard part of their conversation as she passed and who had turned to stare at them. With a huff, she hastened her pace and vanished into the crowd.

"Jealous old bitch," Val growled, managing to move even closer to Dean as they walked together.

"She probably hasnít gotten any in longer than Iíve been alive," Dean snorted. "Tough for her." Dean slid his hand into the back pocket of Valís jeans, not caring if it made them look like a pair of dorky teenagersóhe liked being able to do it.

Val chuckled and flexed his ass under Deanís hand. "She probably hasnít gotten any in longer than Iíve been alive," he commented as they walked into the store.

"No wonder she looked so sour!"

"Bet she tastes that way too."

"Yeuch! You taste her and youíd better use industrial strength disinfectant before you come near me again!"

"Wimp," Val chuckled as he sauntered into the store, focusing in on the clothes he liked and moving toward them with a predatory grace.

Watching him, Dean licked his lips hungrily, then frowned when he realized that damn near everyone else in the store, employees and customers alike, was watching Val too. But then Val glanced back at him, and Dean smiled. They could look, but he could touch. "Try not to buy more than we can carry," he suggested with a chuckle, moving close to rest a hand on Valacís hip.

"Shit, what kind of a lover are you? Youíre supposed to shower me with gifts!" Val laughed as he grabbed several pairs of jeans and some t-shirts.

"Thereís not that much room in the trunk! Besides, you have me."

"And what are you planning on showering me with?"

"Nothing gross." Dean looked disgusted, his nose wrinkling. He smirked suddenly. "Iíll shower you with my love."

"Are you possessed?" Val asked seriously.

Dean burst into laughter. "Nah, just good at remembering really bad, sappy verses from cards."

"Ahh, just insane then."

"And you want me, so what does that say about you?" Dean retorted.

Val smirked. "I have very good taste."

"I can live with that." Dean grabbed a couple of shirts and steered Val toward a fitting room.

Laughing, Val grabbed the clothes and ducked into one of the rooms, closing the door in Deanís face once he was inside. "You can be the one to wait this time," he called before bursting into laughter at Deanís curt, vicious reply.

"Oh, just hurry up so we can get back to the room," Dean called, trying not to laugh.

"Itís a good thing Ralph Petersonís got enough credit to keep me near the style Iím accustomed to," Val laughed as they left the store. "And did Sam say how long it would be until he got here?"

"Heís not far, and I called him while we were at the cash, so it should be any minute. And then we have a room all to ourselves where youíre not going to need those clothes you just bought."

"Oh damn, Iím just so upset; think Sammy would mind if we made out in the back seat?"

"I think he would shoot us with rock salt!" Dean laughed.

"Well, if we had some tequila, we might enjoy it."

"Nothing is going to make me like getting my ass peppered with salt!"

Val snickered and leaned over to nibble at Deanís earlobe. "Vanilla-boy."

"I think Iíve proven thatís not true," Dean retorted, letting his head fall to the side.

"Canít you two restrain yourself for even a few minutes?" Sam groaned as he pulled up next to them.

"We will for you, Sam," Val said sweetly as he slid in the backseat of the Impala.

"Youíd better!"

"Told ya," Dean snickered after getting in beside Val.

"You know, Iím not a chauffeur," Sam commented, looking back at them in the rearview mirror before pulling out into traffic.

Val snickered. "You donít have the outfit for it," he commented before looking over at Dean. "And you are."

"I am not!"

"I so donít want to know," Sam groaned.

"You are, but itís sweet."

Dean looked revolted. "I am not sweet!"

Samís snickers were getting louder, and Val patted Deanís arm. "Compared to me, you definitely are."

Dean growled. "Asshole!"

"Youíll appreciate it, Iím sure."

"Save it for your room!"

"It could be educational for you, Sammy."

Val sat forward and leaned over the front seat to peer at Sam. "Actually, I think Sammy is more adventuresome than you give him credit for, Dean-o."

Both brothers gave him horrified looks. "We are not discussing my kid brotherís sex life!"

"Soooo vanilla," Val sighed, flopping back onto the seat beside Dean.

"I could always go get some more experience so Iím not too vanilla for you."

All traces of humor fled from Valís face. "No."

"Youíre hot when youíre jealous."

"And youíre an idiot," Val sighed.

"You didnít know this?" Sam called back.

"Shut up, Sam!" Dean growled.

"Hey, a guyís gotta have some fun."

"Shut up or weíll have fun back here," Dean threatened.

"Shutting up now!"

"Good choice."

Val settled back against the seat, continuing to watch Dean through narrowed eyes. After a moment Dean twisted around to straddle Valís lap. "I was kidding."

Val sighed. "I know."

"It took me this long to figure out what I wanted. Iím not about to throw it away." Dean kissed him.

Val smiled slightly and rested a hand on Deanís thigh. "I always knew you were smarter than you looked."

"Gee, thanks."

"Donít bet on it!" Sam laughed.

"Hey, he admitted the obvious; thatís pretty smart to me."

Dean bit him, making Val shiver. "Okay, maybe not so vanilla."

"And donít you forget it," Dean said throatily.

"Oh, thank God," Sam muttered for what seemed the hundredth time that day as he pulled into the entry to the hotel, stopping the car so the valets could open their doors.

"I think we scared Sam," Dean laughed, watching his brother nearly bolt out of the car.

"We should send him a bottle of wineóor would he rather have beer?" Val asked as he climbed out of the back seat and stretched.

"I think heíd rather have earplugs," Dean laughed, his eyes intent on Val.

"I somehow think the walls will be thick enough to drown us outóor he can turn up the TV."

"Iím sure he will. But I really donít care right now. We need to get to our room."

"We need to get our key," Val commented.

"We should do it quickly." Deanís eyes were heated as they ran over Val.

"Here!" Sam walked back over to them and thrust a keycard into Deanís hand. "Room 2124, and donít wreck the place."

"Got it," Val murmured.

"See ya, Sammy!" Dean caught hold of Valís hand and headed for the elevators.

"I hope theyíre bringing your bag or weíre going to have a definite lack of lube."

"You are being much too logical."

"You want to take me dry, go for it," Val shrugged, before smiling at the expression on the face of the man standing near them at the banks of elevators.

"Getting my bag!" Dean did a quick reversal to grab it before rejoining Val.

"Iím impressed, that almost broke the sound barrier."

"I was inspired." Dean leaned back against the wall and eyed Val hungrily.

Val snickered when an elevator arrived but the man standing with them didnít join them in it. "Iím glad I inspire you," he murmured, stepping closer and sliding a hand under Deanís layered shirts to caress his stomach.

"Keep that up and youíll find out how much before we get out of this elevator."

"Oh, no," Val purred, sliding his hand higher. "This time itís going to be me on my back in a bed with you fucking meógot it?"

Dean shivered. "Not yet but I will soon."

"Damn right you will."

"And weíre both going to love every second of it."

Val leaned in and nipped at Deanís ear. "I suppose my saying ĎI told you soí would be counter-productive."

"Fortunately, thereís not much you could say right now that would distract me."

"Oh good," Val chuckled before nibbling Deanís ear again and then closing his fist in Deanís t-shirt and tugging him out of the elevator when the doors opened.

"I see youíre a pushy bottom," Dean laughed.

"I donít believe in labels."

"Works for me. I think I like pretty much all of it, whatever we call it."

"I call it letís find the room so you can get that card in the slot, then you can get your cock in my ass."

"Thatís the best plan Iíve ever heard." Dean nearly ran down the hall after a quick glance at the sign to make sure he was going the right way.

They tumbled into the room when Dean got the door open, Val already stripping his clothes off before it was closed. "So, címon, Dean-o, letís see if youíre as good as your word." He backed away from the shorter man, staying just out of reach, before dropping onto the bed, his legs spread invitingly.

"Oh God," Dean breathed, shedding his clothes as fast as he could before grabbing the lube and crawling onto the bed. Straddling Val, he stared down, licking his lips.

"Not any more, but I used to be one," Val murmured, running a hand down his own chest.

"Ha ha." Dean watched Valís hand, then lowered his head to follow it with his tongue.

Val groaned and shifted against the bedspread. "You donít believe me?"

"I refuse to think about it." Dean let his teeth sink into the firm muscle of Valís chest, then licked the rapidly fading marks.

"So just think about me."

"I am." Dean trailed a finger along Valís cock, then reached back to trace his entrance, making Val groan and arch upward. Dean grinned wickedly. "Yeah, I like that reaction. A lot."

"So do it again and see what it gets you."

"Good plan. I think I will." And he did, this time pushing a fingertip inside Val.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Val rasped, twisting upwards to get more of Dean inside him.

"Lube," Dean panted, fumbling for it as he pushed the finger deeper.

Val grabbed for the tube and pressed it into Deanís hand. "Fuck me now," he demanded, tightening down around the finger in him. Groaning, Dean got the lube open and squeezed some onto his fingers, then pushed it into Val.

"More, damnit!" Val hissed.

Dean shuddered and pumped his fingers in and out a few times before grasping Valís thighs and slowly pressing forward.

"Finally," Val whispered, arching up off the bed and catching Dean by the shoulders, pulling him down almost violently.

"So fucking good," Dean rasped, holding himself still as deep inside Val as he could get.

Val writhed beneath him, tightening down on his cock. "Better if you moved."

Gasping at Valís movement, Dean kissed him hard before slowly pulling back, feeling Val cling to him. "Oh yeah, really good."

Val purred and dug his fingers into Deanís back, feeling the muscles bunch under them as they rocked together.

"Iím sorry I wasted so much time," Dean panted.

"Donít worry; Iíll let you make it up to me."

"Youíre so good to me." Dean drove forward hard.

Val smirked, but the effect was ruined when he moaned. "Like that, hard and fast," he rasped. "I can take it."

"Only from me," Dean growled, pounding into him.

"What do you," Val paused to bite down hard on Deanís shoulder, "take me for? A slutóoh fuck yes."

"You can be a slut for me," Dean growled, arching hard and slamming into Val at the bite, causing Val to whimper and buck upwards as he tried to rub his cock against Deanís belly. "Fuck yeah, do that again," Dean rasped.

"What? This?" Val managed a grin as he tightened down around the thick shaft inside him and arched upward, smearing precome over his flesh.

"Oh God yes," Dean nearly wailed, driving forward again, harder and harder, each stroke hitting Valacís prostate and making him cry out, until the sensations crashed over him, inundating him with pleasure as he came. Dean rode out Valís climax, thrusting forward again and again into the tight, grasping heat until he came as well, buried balls deep inside Val.

"If you move, Iím going to kill you," Val murmured as he stroked his hands over Deanís broad back.

"I donít think I could even if I wanted to." Dean lay over him, nuzzling Valís throat.

"Good answer. Very good answer." Val sighed and stretched beneath Dean, being careful not to move too much as he did so.

Dean made a sleepy sound of contentment, his fingers the only part of him to move as he petted Val. "Damn, weíre good together."

"Oh yeah." Val smiled slightly and kissed Deanís temple. "Go to sleep, Dean-o, youíve had a busy few days."

"Worth it," Dean murmured, already half asleep.

Val nodded. "All of it."

"Yeah, even the way my dadís going to go ballistic when he finds out," Dean agreed.

"I thought you were supposed to be going to sleep."

"I am." Dean turned his head slightly to kiss Valís shoulder. "Love you."

Val froze for a spit second before forcing himself to relax.

Dean smiled wryly without raising his head. "What, you hadnít figured that out?"

"Maybe." Valís tone was defensive and embarrassed.

"Relax, Val, Iím not a girl; Iím not asking for a declaration. Besides, we already knew that we were in this for the duration."

"Yeah, I know, Iíve just never heard the words before." Valís arms tightened around Dean as he spoke.

"Well, get used to Ďem. I think you can be pretty sure of hearing them again."

"Well, you might hear them back sometime as well."

"That... would be nice."



Val chuckled. "Thatís better."

"Demanding man."

"I make life interesting."

"You certainly do that."

"Now will you go to sleep?!"

Deanís chuckles faded into deep breathing and light snores as he sank into sleep while Val watched, his head canted to the side so that he could see Deanís face. "I do," he murmured, once he was sure Dean wasnít going to wake up. "What you said. I do."


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