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All I Want for Christmas

Orithain & Rina

December 2004

Disclaimer: If they belonged to us, weíd be able to watch this instead of writing about it. We didnít create them, but we sure do have fun playing with them, and the only person making profit is the real owner, who gets the royalties when we go out and buy copies for research... and to drool over. ;)

Glancing over at Remus, who was busily packing his bags for the Christmas holiday, Sirius sighed, shaking his black hair out of his face. "Are you sure your parents wonít mind me tagging along with you?"

"Theyíre delighted that Iím bringing a friend home, so shut your gob and pack, Sirius. I rather doubt that you want to want to wear the same robe the entire time weíre there." Remus impatiently pushed his bangs out of his eyes as he frowned forbiddingly at Sirius.

Sirius chuckled and opened the chest at the foot of his bed. "Well, if you must know, Iíd rather wear nothing the whole time weíre there, but that might put your folks off."

"It would uplift my spirits," Remus laughed, "but no, I donít think my parents would share my appreciation. Clothes, Mr. Padfoot."

"Mr. Moony, you disappoint me," Sirius sighed though he did as Remus commanded and began to gather his clothes. "Do I need my good robes?"

Remus nodded. "My mum likes to dress up for Christmas dinner. She makes a lovely goose," he added reminiscently, licking his lips as he remembered the previous year.

"Your mum actually cooks?" Sirius asked.

"You never think my dad does?" Remus shuddered at the idea.

"Now thereís a horrid thought, almost as bad as you or I cooking!" Sirius made a face as he tossed robes and regular clothes into his bag, glancing to make sure Remus wasnít watching before slipping a wrapped package in as well.

"Worse," Remus replied emphatically. "Trust me on this; Iíve eaten what my dadís cooked. Horrid!" He reached out and caught hold of Sirius, pulling him close and kissing him as if to replace the remembered taste.

Sliding his arms around Remusí waist and frowning at the way he could feel the other boyís ribs, Sirius kissed Remus until they were both panting for air. "I suppose we could just live on love..."

"A lovely thought, but Iíve seen you eat, Sirius," Remus replied wryly once heíd caught his breath. "We definitely need something more substantial. Fortunately, Mum will take one look at us and start trying to feed us up."

"Do you think Iím going to complain about that?"

"Hardly!" Remus laughed. "I imagine youíll eat the larder bare. Mumís going to start thinking they donít feed us here."

"Well, doesnít having to eat with Slytherins make you lose your appetite?"

"Thatís why I sit on the opposite side of the table. I donít see them, and I can watch you and James. That way I can see if I need to stop you from doing something." Remus gave Sirius a beatific, prefect-ly smile.

Sirius growled and swatted at Remus. "Keep it up, Moony, and Iíll bite your arse."

Remusí sandy eyebrows rose. "Why, Sirius, I didnít know you liked that sort of thing." He sprawled on the bed behind him, smirking up at Sirius.

"Why, Remus, I didnít know you did, Sirius laughed. "Shall I return your present and get you something kinky?"

"No!" Remus almost yelped. "I want my present and you being kinky," he demanded, amber eyes glinting mischievously.

"Under your parentsí Christmas tree?"

"Only if we cast a sleeping charm on them!" Remus shuddered at the thought of his parents walking in on them. The elder Lupins knew that their son was gay and that he was involved with someone, but he hadnít yet told them it was Sirius.

Sirius snickered at that image. "I can do that if it leads to snogging under the tree."

"Snogging we can do; shagging, however..." Remus shook his head. "Youíll have to settle for sneaking into each otherís rooms at night or whenever we can slip away during the day."

"Iím sure we can manage that, arenít you?"

"Iím certain of it. My parents may start to wonder if weíre actually there," Remus chuckled, reaching up and grabbing hold of Siriusí robes to tug him down on the bed as well.

"Hrmmm, that would mean no presents for you, so weíll have to make a showing every so often."

"Your greed knows no bounds!" Remus laughed, shaking his hair back out of his eyes as he gazed fondly at Sirius. "At least I know now where I rateósomewhere below presents."

Sirius reared back and looked at Remus strangely. "I said your presents, you git. I donít need anything."

Remus frowned. "Of course you do. And more importantly, you deserve gifts, Sirius. Fortunately, I know Mum and Dad will make sure you have some packages to open, so my real gift to you can be opened in private."

"Mmm, I always love opening your robes and denims," Sirius murmured, leaning back in to kiss Remus.

"Please feel free to do so whenever you like. Unless my mum and dad are in the room!" Remus added hastily, well able to imagine Sirius groping him in front of his parents.

Sirius snickered as he worked at the buttons on Remusí shirt, opening them.

"Not even under the dinner table?"

"Iíd rather not choke on the Christmas goose, so no," Remus replied emphatically, if somewhat breathlessly. His amber eyes were fixed on Siriusí hands, watching the other boy undress him, and he hardened, his breath hitching in his chest.

"Iíll wait until youíre on to the plum pudding," Sirius promised, running a hand down Remusí chest and over his denims to massage his groin.

"Perhaps youíd like to give me a sample now?" Remus suggested, avidly watching Siriusí hand fondle him. His own hands clenched into fists at his sides to keep from reaching for Sirius.

"I could do that," Sirius murmured, handing Remus a chocolate bar from his nightstand and continuing to stroke his erection through his trousers. "Now try not to choke, will you?"

"You want me to eat while you do that?" Remus squawked. "Youíre mad!" His hips rocked forward against Siriusí hand, and his breathing sped up.

Sirius looked stern. "Surely you have more concentration powers than that, Moony," he chided.

"Rather concentrate on you," Remus gritted out as his back arched. "Bloody tease."

"Ahh, but you love it and you know it," Sirius murmured, leaning in to lick Remusí cheek and nip at his earlobe.

"Love you, but youíre still an annoying prat," Remus retorted, burying his hands in Siriusí long, dark hair.

"Thatís why you love me, you git," Sirius chuckled, undoing Remusí belt and the button and zipper on his trousers to stroke him through the thin cotton of his drawers.

Remusí knees went weak, making him glad he was lying down. "Yours too," he murmured, hot amber eyes watching Sirius avidly and his fingers itching to touch the other boyís skin.

Sirius pouted. "Canít you see Iím busy right now?"

"Get naked and then get busier."

"Oh, but I like thinking of you sitting at the table, trying to eat your meal and talk to your parents while I jack you off."

Remus choked on the bite of chocolate heíd taken. "You wouldnít!"

Sirius shook his head sadly. "Remus Lupin, you know me better than that."

Collapsing back against the pillows, Remus groaned. "Iím doomed!"

"Moony, that was the case the first time you let me kiss you."

"Oh, be quiet and kiss me again." Not giving Sirius a chance to argue, if heíd planned to, Remus tugged on the hair he still held and pulled Sirius into a kiss.

Smiling into the kiss, Sirius slipped his hand under Remusí drawers and stroked his bare flesh, the heat of Remusí skin a brand against his hand.

"Mmm," Remus murmured, hips rising to rub against Siriusí hand, his own hand dropping down to push Siriusí clothes out of the way and curl around Siriusí growing erection.

"Mmm is right," Sirius rasped, arching into Remusí grasp as he leaned in to lick at Remusí bare erection.

Remus twisted around, his own mouth seeking and finding Siriusí cock and beginning to suckle. "Taste so good," he murmured, humming faintly.

Sirius groaned and dropped down to the bed, searching for Remusí cock and sucking on it when he found it.

Remus twisted and squirmed closer, groaning throatily as Sirius found his most sensitive spots and teased him until Remus was wild for more. Growling, he lightly scraped his teeth over Siriusí cock, trying to goad him on.

"More," Sirius rasped, arching into Remusí mouth as he licked at the other boyís cock, loving his earthy taste.

Humming his agreement, Remus spread his legs, letting Sirius get closer. Temporarily abandoning the now wet, slick shaft, Remus licked lower, nuzzling and sucking gently on Siriusí sac, his fingers lightly stroking the valley between his cheeks.

Sirius growled and spread his legs wider, allowing Remus more access as he devoured the other boyís shaft.

Remus smirked as he slid lower still, his tongue replacing his fingers as he licked at Siriusí core, tasting his musk. "Mine," he rasped, fingers gripping Siriusí thighs tightly.

"Mine," Sirius echoed, pulling back to lick the thin skin at the junction of Remusí thighs and body.

Whimpering with pleasure, Remus raised one knee and braced his foot against the bed, giving Sirius full access to his body. He licked the tight opening between Siriusí cheeks, tasting his musk, and he growled his pleasure before pressing his tongue forward, pushing against the muscle but not going past it yet.

"Mmmm, perfect," Sirius growled, nibbling his way over Remusí thigh and shuddering at the feel of Remus lapping at his ass.

"Yes, you are," Remus whispered, blowing puffs of air over Siriusí ass. He pushed harder until the tip of his tongue slid inside Sirius, and he groaned as he tried to get even closer. Then he shuddered as he felt Siriusí teeth lightly grazing him, making his cock jump and drool more precome.

"Gonna fuck me, Moony?" Sirius rasped, squirming at the sensation of Remusí tongue breeching him.

The thought of it made Remus shudder with lust, and his tongue moved faster, slicking and loosening Sirius, wanting so much.

Sirius groaned, rolling onto his back and lying there, offering himself to the other boy. "Now, Remus," he whispered.

Remus couldnít have resisted that invitation even if heíd wanted to, which he didnít. He whispered a lubricating charm, one he and Sirius had mastered some time ago, and he positioned himself between the long legs. He leaned over quickly to nip sharply at Siriusí inner thigh, then pushed forward until the head of his cock slipped inside his lover.

"Fuck, Remus..." Sirius gasped, enjoying the slight pain as Remus didnít do this often. "Feels amazing."

With a heartfelt groan of agreement, Remus reared up, staring down into the silvery blue eyes, seeing the pleasure, lust and love there. "Always good with you," he rasped, slowly drawing back only to push forward again, going a little deeper with each successive stroke.

Sirius pulled his legs back toward his chest, opening himself further for Remus, and smiled lazily up at the other boy. "Thatís us, always good together."

"We are up to no good," Remus giggled, grinning as he reached between them and fisted Siriusí cock.

"Marauders to the end." Sirius arched upward, tightening his body around Remusí cock.

"And what an end it is," Remus snickered, leaning down to kiss him while gasping his pleasure.

"Only one better."

"Never will agree on that," Remus got out around pants for breath as their pace gradually sped up.

"Why?" Sirius gasped.

"I know Iím looking at the best." Remus drove hard into him and twisted his wrist as he stroked Siriusí cock.

Sirius tried to snort out a laugh, but it turned into a groan. "Not by far."

"Yes. It. Is." Remus punctuated each word with a hard thrust, his heavy-lidded gaze never leaving Siriusí.

"Hard to argue with you when youíre doing that."

"So donít." Remus licked a kiss over Siriusí lips.

"Will just enjoy you," Sirius gasped, letting go of his legs and pulling Remus in closer.

"Brilliant." Remus lowered himself, releasing Siriusí cock to brace himself over the taller boy, but now with every stroke his belly rubbed over Siriusí straining erection.

"Making me see stars, so yeah."

Remus smirked. "Good." He covered Siriusí mouth in a ravenous kiss, and his hips sped up until they were snapping back and forth, the pleasure boiling up in him until he cried out and drove deep a final time, his head falling back as he howled his climax.

Sirius groaned as he felt Remus fill him and scrabbled for his own cock, jacking himself off while Remus still shuddered over him.

Remus forced his eyes open, wanting to watch Sirius come, the expression on his face sending another pulse of pleasure through Remus.

"Mmm, think I got my Christmas present early," Sirius sighed, rubbing his hand over Remusí back as he came down from his climax.

"Thatís one gift Iím happy to give to you again and again," Remus murmured, nuzzling against Sirius as they relaxed in a tangle of sweaty limbs and hair.

"And one I wonít be taking back to the shop."

That surprised a chuckle out of Remus. "Glad to hear it. Iíd hate to have to wait for someone else to buy me."

Sirius growled at the thought.

Smiling, Remus snuggled closer. "Does that mean youíre planning to keep me?"

"Told you that, didnít I?"

"I know. But I like hearing it," Remus admitted softly, pressing a kiss to Siriusí throat.

"Guess, Iíll have to tell you every day then, wonít I?"

"I think I like the sound of that. Thatís my Christmas present then?"

"Thatís all you want? Merlin, youíre easy, Moony."

"I thought you already knew that," Remus chuckled, raising his head to smirk down at Sirius. "And I already have what I really want."

Sirius chuckled. "I had no idea that being a prefect meant that much to you."

"Prat." Remus lazily swatted at him, growing distracted as the silky strands of Siriusí dark hair tangled around his fingers, and he began to play with it. "You know perfectly well what I mean."

"That you always wanted a dog of your own?" Sirius sighed and leaned into Remusí touch.

"Lucky me, I get a lover and manís best friend all in one pettable package."

"Well, they always say friends make the best lovers; seems that weíve proven that very well."

"Iíll stick to one friend, if itís all the same to you. I really have no desire to see James or Peter like this."

Sirius mimed gagging. "Mind you donít make me lose my lunch!"

Remus laughed. "Thatís a relief then. Not to mention that weíd never all fit in this bed. Or in my room at home. And my mum and dad might have some trouble accepting that."

"Iím betting they have a hard enough time with me; a Black for their son..."

"That wonít mean a thing to my mum; sheís a muggle. And Dad accepts everyone for themselves. Youíre my friend; thatís all heíll care about."

"Good thing he doesnít know what I plan on doing to his darling son underneath the tree once he and your mum have gone to bed."

Remus shivered. "Weíll cast a silencing spell. I donít want anything interrupting that."

"Maybe I should steal Jamesí cloak."

"Good idea. Iím sure heíd lend it to us if we asked."

"Itís for a good cause." Sirius grinned and looked toward the door. "Wouldnít you say so, James?"

Remus squawked, turned bright scarlet, and yanked the covers over his head.

Sirius laughed and rolled out from under Remus to grin at the other boy. "Donít worry, Moony; heís got his back to us."

"You donít think I want to see, do you?" James retorted, not only keeping his back turned but his eyes closed and his hands over them for good measure.

Remus just burrowed deeper under the covers, groaning, "Why didnít we close the curtains?"

"Poor James," Sirius laughed, rubbing Remusí back. "Forget something?"

"My brain, obviously!" James muttered, digging in his trunk and throwing his balled up invisibility cloak at the other two. "Here! Use it!"

"We are in our own bed," Remus pointed out, finally surfacing from beneath the blanket and eyeing James oddly. "But thank you. And Iím sure Mum and Dad would thank you too if they knew."

"I meant at your place, prat," James muttered. "And donít forget a silencing spell as well; donít want to hear your folks are in St. Mungoís."

"Thatís where youíre going to be if you keep it up," Sirius growled.

"I think weíd do better burying him in the Forbidden Forest," Remus mused, sitting up and finger-combing his tousled hair as he leaned against Siriusí shoulder.

"No, then Father Christmas wonít bring us anything," Sirius laughed.

"But we already have each other," Remus pointed out.

"When you decide how to dispose of my body, itíll be in the great hall having lunch with Evans." James gave them an airy wave and disappeared as abruptly as heíd appeared.

"Bet thatís all you get from Evans!" Sirius hollered.

"When did Evans stop glaring and agree to spend time with James?" Remus wanted to know. "We need to spend more time with the others. How did we miss this?"

"Hmm, but that would mean less time snogging and shagging... decisions, decisions."

"Upon due reflection, Mr. Padfoot, I believe that Potter and Evans can handle this matter on their own."

"Very good, Mr. Moony, and weíll handle ourselves and each other."


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