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Tokyo Snow ~ Yuki Eiri/Shindou Shuichi, Adult-graphic (16K) 12-14-04
Christmas Eve, Snow, Tokyo and lovers.


The Ghosts of Christmas ~ Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, Adult-graphic (62K) 12-18-04
Ghosts come to haunt an embittered Bat, making him see the light.

Teach Me ~ Bruce/Dick, Adult-graphic (10 K) 01-04-02
A missing Scene from Batman Forever.

Up Against the Wall and Spread 'Em ~ Bruce/Dick, Adult-graphic (17K) 06-22-02
Living out a fantasy.

Battlestar Galactica (21st century version)

The Original Starbuck ~ Apollo/omc, Adult-graphic (9K) 01-23-06
Everybody thought Apollo was in love with Starbuck. Everybody was wrong... and yet they were also right.

Earth Angels

The Fall ~ Maximillian/Lucas, Adult-graphic (14K) July 2001
How is an angel corrupted?

Harry Potter

Second Chance ~ Harry/Snape, Gen (6K) 12-25-03
Christmas brings a few subtle revelations and perhaps the burying of an old feud... and who knows what else?


Time for Every Purpose ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo, Adult-graphic (53K) 12-20-05
It's an AU sorta story because I'm playing 'what if'. What if it were Tony who'd gone with Gibbs to apprehend Ensign Hayes and had been forced to kill an innocent man? What if Gibbs didn't want to see Tony and Agent Cassidy together? What if the redhead in the flashy convertible was just a friend?


Once a Thief

An OaTmas Tale ~ V/M, Non-explicit (11K) 12-11-00
Christmas with the boys.

Remember Me ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (100K)
Vic and Mac go undercover on a case
Originally published The OaT Zine, Volume 2, produced by the Theban Band.
Click on thumbnail for full-size view of the cover created by the Theban Band.

That's What Phones Are for ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (14K)
Mac calls Vic after they've both been out of town for a while.

Boys and Their Toys ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (15K)
Sequel to That's What Phones Are for - Vic waits for Mac

The Phantom Menace

Alpha & Omega

I. The Hunter ~ Q/O, Adult (19K) 07-28-99
Marooned on a primitive planet with his Padawan and a native tribe, Qui-Gon finds his control eroding.

II. The Hunted ~ Q/O, Adult (26K) 08-08-99
Obi-Wan's perspective.

III. The Claiming ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (19K) 08-11-99
Qui-Gon claims his mate.

First Lessons

1. What the Heart Desires ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (19K)
Obi-Wan remembers one particular mission with Qui-Gon

2. Touch ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (17K)
Qui-Gon gets new insight into his Padawan's thirst for knowledge.

3. Sound ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (24K)
A response to sockii's commlink challenge

4. Sight ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (22K)
Qui-Gon continues his lessons for Obi-Wan

5. Taste ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (25K)
The lessons continue.

The Lords of Heaven

An alternate reality story where the epic battle with the Sith raged longer and with more casualties than expected. When it became apparent that the Jedi were losing, they sent off a ship full of Force-sensitive children in a last ditch effort to protect them, but disaster befell the ship, and it was never heard from again.

Centuries later the Jedi are a secret order in the known galaxy and are still searching for the lost children. One group of the outlawed brotherhood makes a leap of faith and follows a faint lead only to become victims of the same natural disaster that caused the first ship to go missing.

Little did the brave Jedi know, however, that they had been followed by an equally ambitious band of Sith. Both ships crashed on the planet that the descendents of the Ancient Jedi called home, and the war between dark and light started all over again. The stakes... the children of the ancient Jedi, innocent and trusting and full of light.

Chapter 1: The Time of Choosing ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (15K)

Chapter 2: The Choice ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (11K)

Chapter 3: Lord of Heaven, Lord of Hell ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (18K)

Chapter 4: Fallen Angels ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (15K)

Chapter 5: Deliver Us from Evil ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (19K)

Chapter 6: Epilogue - The Gates of Forever ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (12K)


1. A Bedtime Story ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (9K)
A request for a bedtime story lets Obi-Wan see into his Master's heart.

2. When Did You Know? ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (11K)
Obi-Wan comforts his master and shares an intimate memory.

Tangled Webs

1. Prelude: Hurt ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (8K)

2. Opening Act: Choice ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (9K)

3. Act II: Aftershocks ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (19K)

4. Act III: Shadows ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (20K)

5. Act IV: Sorrow ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (19K)

6. Act V: Forgiveness ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (22K)

7. Curtain Call: Destiny ~ Q/O, A/A, Han/Leia, Luke/Wedge, Non-explicit (8K)

Tears in Heaven

Tears in Heaven ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (8K)
A lover lost and a friend found try to comfort a heart-sore young Jedi Knight.

Tears in Heaven: Epilogue ~ Q/O, A/A, Han/Leia, Non-explicit (9K)
After the battle of Endor, lovers are reunited.


Attack of the Slash Bunnies ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (7K)
What happens when Q/O come to visit a writer's blocked artist - warning silliness and smut abound!

In the Stacks ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (12K) 06-22-02
Obi-Wan asks his master to meet him in the Temple Archives.
Response to Infernale fantasy challenge.

Sacred ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (17K)
Three years after the battle on Naboo, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan lifebond.
Illustration by Rogue

Sacrifices to the Ghods of Whytukay ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (15K)
PWP - silly smut really

Storm Front ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (49K)
A Padawan suffers from unrequited love for his Master... or is it?




Snapshots in time, little snippets, a peek into the lives of the Smallville bunch. Random order, no rhyme, no reason.

1. Beginnings ~ Clark/Lex, Gen (10K) 08-28-02


Stargate Atlantis


1. Evolution ~ McKay/Sheppard, Adult-graphic (73K) 08-19-05
One reaction can change everything in the blink of an eye. One revelation can make it all right again and can even make things better than they had been.

2. Sunday Morning Going Down ~ McKay/Sheppard, Adult-graphic (9K) 08-25-05
Waking up can be a very pleasurable thing to do on a Sunday morning, especially when you're with the one you love. Takes place on the Sunday after John and Rodney get together.

Hydrogen Burning

A series of alternating POV pieces written with Rina.

1. Table for One ~ McKay POV, Gen (3K) 09-05-05
Rodney deals with the fall out from Trinity.
See Rina's companion piece Table for Two.

3. Apastron ~ McKay POV, Gen (5K) 09-17-05
Rodney and John deal with the fallout from Arcturus and with each other.


Ars Moriendi (The Art of Dying) ~ McKay/?, Non-Explicit (10K) 08-26-05
Rodney is forced to deal with the fallout of Trinity at last. Will anyone be able to save him from himself this time?
SPOILERS: "Trinity"

Defining Normal ~ McKay/Sheppard, Non-explicit (6K) 07-19-05
A character piece on a day in downtime.
Spoilers: "The Defiant One", "The Siege Part 3"

Happy Birthday, Dr. McKay ~ McKay/??, Adult (6K) 10-25-05
Rodney celebrates his birthday and wakes up where and with who???
Notes: A silly little fic for my darling friend Rina on this, her day of birth.

Her Name Was Janet ~ McKay/Sheppard, Gen (6K) 08-15-05
Losing a loved one is often easier when you have someone to share your grief with.

Introspection ~ McKay/Sheppard, Weir POV, Gen (8K) 07-24-05
Elizabeth's PoV on certain events happening under her command.

Little Pitchers ~ Beckett/McKay, Adult (6K) 12-22-05
Little pitchers have big ears.

Silence Is Golden ~ McKay/Sheppard, Adult-graphic (6K) 10-08-05
Rodney and John indulge in a little public sex in a new sort of way.


Stargate SG-1

Body Heat ~ Daniel/Davis, Jack/Daniel UST, Adult-graphic (22K) 07-23-04
Two men find comfort in a cold room half a world away from the place they belong.

Cream Your Jeans ~ Jack/Daniel (9K) 02-13-06
Jack dares and Daniel delivers.

Furthering Diplomatic Relations ~ Jack/Daniel/Jonas, Adult-graphic (36K) 07-23-04
A friendly visit gets a whole lot friendlier thanks to some careful strategizing.

Two Years ~ Jack/Daniel, Adult-graphic (19K) 12-23-04
Christmas fluff.

The Weather Outside ~ Jack/Daniel, Non-explicit (9K) 02-05-06
Jack and Daniel kissing.



The First Cut Is the Deepest

1. The First Cut Is the Deepest ~ Dean/Sam, Adult (6K) 03-12-07
How far will Dean go for Sam?

2. Captured by the Game ~ Dean/Sam, Adult-graphic (78K) 05-29-07
Dean sees a ghost and tries to run from Sam for the first time since he went darkside. Sam follows and Dean must face the consequences of his lack of faith.
WARNING: Incest, kink


...And Dean ~ Dean/Sam implied, Non-explicit (4K) 11-25-06
Dean's life.

Cipher ~ Dean/Sam, Adult-graphic (9K) 11-06-06
What Sam wants isn't always what Sam truly needs... (Stanford fic)

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes ~ Dean/Sam, Non-explicit (4K) 04-27-08
Sam contemplates the slow count down of days as they race towards Dean's deadline.
Spoilers: Up to and including season 3



Come into My Garden ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (13K)
Pure, unadulterated silliness.

He Kissed Me ~ M/K, Adult (11K)
Mulder’s POV as he contemplates Krycek’s late night visit and his feelings after The Red and the Black.

Shades of Grey ~ M/K, Adult (8K)
Krycek's POV as he contemplates that late night visit on his own after The Red and the Black.

Let It Rain ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (33K) Mar. 00
Response to the RatB March 2000 Challenge and a song fic combined ( song by Amanda Marshall, Let it Rain). It just seemed to fit Alex so well. Serious mush alert at the end - I kinda waxed poetic, but hey, I wanted a happy ending!

Click on thumbnail for full-size view of the cover created by the Theban Band.


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