A Man in Uniform III
Battle Dress Uniform

Orithain and Rina

October 2006

Disclaimers: We only wish they were ours. Sadly, this is as close as weíre going to get.

For a change it had been a quiet mission. No one shot at them; no native fauna or flora attacked, especially not bugs; and no one fell off a cliff or into a swamp. Atlantisí first contact team actually made it back through the gate without so much as a scratch and with their uniforms still clean.

After a short reportóno Wraith, no ZPM, no civilizationóthey made their way out of the central hub, Teyla and Ronon splitting off from Sheppard and McKay to work out in the gym.

Once alone in their room, John grinned at Rodney. "Check it out," he invited, spreading his arms, "still in perfect condition."

Rodney cocked his head to the side and made a slow circle around the colonel, nodding to himself. "Yes, it is."

"Why do I think weíre not talking about the same thing?" John chuckled.

"Hush, youíre feeding my fetish," Rodney murmured, moving closer to rub against Johnís back.

"So itís not just the dress uniforms, huh?" John was trying not to laugh as Rodney moved against him like a cat. Despite his very real amusement, the feeling of Rodney rubbing against him was arousing him.

"Itís you in the uniforms, you idiot," Rodney grumbled, wrapping his arms around Johnís waist and tugging at his shirt, pulling it free of his pants.

"Is that any way to talk to the man whose pants youíre trying to get into?"

"You donít like me saying I like you more than your uniforms?" Rodney asked, sliding a hand under Johnís shirt and up his chest, his fingers threading through Johnís chest hair before finding an already hardened nipple to tease.

"I meant the name-calling," John gasped, arching his back.

"What name-calling?"

"You just called me an idiot!"

"Why donít you concentrate on what Iím doing and not what Iím saying?"

"Good idea." John squirmed, pressing closer as he hardened.

"All my ideas are good ideas," Rodney murmured, slipping a hand down Johnís pants and stroking his cock. "Especially the one where I get your pants off, bend you over the desk here, and fuck you silly."

John groaned. "Best idea Iíve ever heard," he agreed, arching into Rodneyís touch.

"So letís get you over to the desk so I can do it."

"You think I can move when youíre doing that?"

"Do you mean this?" Rodney stroked a hand over Johnís cock. "Or this?" He rubbed his body against Johnís back.

"Oh fuck," John rasped, rocking between Rodneyís hand and body, "both!"

"But if I donít stop, how can I fuck you?"

"Youíre the genius; you figure it out!"

Rodney chuckled and nudged Johnís left leg with his, both of them stepping forward at once until they reached the desk. John leaned forward over it, bracing himself as he arched his back, and Rodney leaned in over him, rubbing against his body as his cock pressed against Johnís ass.

"Quickly!" John rasped, pushing back.

"My fetish, my pace," Rodney grumbled, though he was working at Johnís pants, getting them loose and backing up enough to push them down around his thighs.

"Tease," John groaned, squirming and pressing back to regain contact with Rodney.

"Itís not teasing when it gets you fucked."

"Iím not getting fucked yet!"

In answer, Rodney squirted lube on his fingers and pressed them into Johnís ass, quickly stretching him before slotting his cock against the now slick hole and pushing inward, groaning at the familiar grasp.

"Oh yeah, thatís much better," John groaned, arching his back more deeply. "I like the way you like my uniforms."

"And I love you in and out of your uniforms," Rodney gasped, sliding his hands up Johnís chest, his fingers threading through his dark chest hair to rub and pluck at his nipples.

"Oh good." John twisted in Rodneyís grasp, one hand reaching for his erection. Rodney pulled back until he almost slid out of Johnís ass, then thrust forward, making them both grunt. John gripped the edge of the desk and spread his legs a little wider, wordlessly urging Rodney on.

"Oh yeah," Rodney whispered, finding a tempo they both liked while he played with Johnís chest.

"Rodney!" John squirmed, pressing his chest into Rodneyís teasing fingers and his ass back to meet Rodneyís strokes into him.

"God, do that again!" Rodney gasped as he dropped a hand to cover Johnís, urging him on. John squirmed again, grinning at the sound Rodney made, and set up a rhythm between Rodneyís cock and their joined hands, driving them both higher and higher, making Rodney whimper as his body tightened. "Oh god, canít take it!"

John made a soft sound of pure lust and continued squirming while clenching down on Rodney, and Rodney gave a shout, tightening his hand around Johnís as he slammed forward, spurting deep inside of Johnís ass. John cried out at the sensation of Rodney coming in him, and his hand sped up, nearly blurring as he sought his own climax, his ass spasming around Rodneyís cock.

Rodney collapsed against Johnís back, panting against the warm material of his jacket. "God, I love your uniforms."

John laughed breathlessly. "I noticed."

"I donít hear you complaining about it."

"Hell no! I love it and take advantage of it at every opportunity."

"Just how many more uniform types do you have?"

"I think I have some camos, and I donít think youíve seen my flight suit yet..."

"Iím going to die," Rodney groaned.

"Thereís desert gear, arctic gear..." John continued, warming to his topic.

"I hate you."

John laughed then sighed when Rodney slipped out of him. "No, you donít. You love me and you love my uniforms."

"And you take every opportunity to feed my fetish." Rodney pressed a kiss to the back of Johnís neck before straightening up and stretching.

"Hell yeah, I like your on switch."

"Shocking, truly shocking." Rodney groaned and walked back to the bed, peeling of the rest of his clothes before flopping down on it. John followed suit, leaving his sweaty garments in a heap on the floor after using the t-shirt to clean himself up, and then joined Rodney. He flung an arm and leg over the other man while settling his head on Rodneyís shoulder and squirmed and nudged Rodney until he was comfortable.

Giving a long-suffering sigh, Rodney waited until John was settled before wrapping his arms around him. "I never knew my main purpose in life was to be your pillow and mattress." He could feel Johnís lips curve into a smile against his shoulder before the colonel answered.

"Isnít it good to know where you fit into the universal plan?"

Rodney relented and smiled. "When itís here, yes, it is."

John raised his head to beamed at Rodney. "Love you too."





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