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Will to Power 

Will to Power was nominated for Best Series in the Affirming Flame Awards.


And we won Best Series in the Andromeda Uncovered Awards for 2002 and 2003!

Assume that the Andromeda was not caught in the event horizon of the black hole but was captured by the Nietzscheans instead. Without Dylan and his crew to come back from 300 years in the future, the Nietzschean Tactical Offensive at the Battle of Witchhead Nebula would have succeeded without the loss of the majority of their ships, and they would have taken over the Commonwealth. 300 years later things would be very different.

1. Hour of Great Contempt ~ Tyr/Harper, Adult-explicit, AU (161 K) Feb. 01
A Nietzschean captain encounters a human engineer.

2. Cry Havoc ~ Tyr/Harper, Adult-explicit, AU (130K) May 01
After the Orca pride's attack on Kodiak, Tyr tries to balance the need for revenge with his growing feelings for his human mate while Harper tries to make a place for himself.

3. Resistance Overcome ~ Tyr/Harper, Adult-explicit, AU (112 K) 06-25-02
Kodiak Pride gets a new wife and a new homeworld.

 4. The Common Lie ~ Tyr/Harper, Adult-explicit, AU (34 K) 11-25-02
PWP - Harper wants to make it up to Tyr for the mood he's been in lately. Takes place shortly after WtP3.

5. Gazing into the Abyss ~ Tyr/Harper, Adult-explicit, AU (190 K) 03-06-04
Harper's cousin is still alive back on Earth, but what can he do about it?

6. Time to Play ~ Tyr/Harper, Adult-explicit, AU (16K) 12-14-04
PWP - Tyr and Harper take some time off to relax.


He's Been Naughty ~ Tyr/Harper, Adult-explicit (18K) 12-16-03
Bonding is very important with new crewmates.

Invitation ~ Dylan/Gaheris Rhade, Adult-explicit (33K) 12-21-04
Dylan extends an invitation to Rhade.
Note: Set pre-fall and pre-engagement to Sara.

For more Andromeda fic, see the Crossovers below.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Home for the Holidays ~ Spike/Giles, Adult-explicit (44K) 12-03-04
Sometimes loneliness can bring the strangest people together.


Once a Thief

Naughty and Nice ~ Vic/Mac, Adult-explicit (50K) 12-08-04
Vic decides he'd rather be naughty than nice.

The Phantom Menace

Dark Bonds

1. Boundaries ~ Obi-Wan/Xanatos, Adult-explicit, AU (62K) 08-31-02
What if Qui-Gon hadn't changed his mind and Obi-Wan decided he didn't like the Agri-Corps?

3. Hot and Cold ~ Xanatos/Obi-Wan, Adult-explicit (21K) 12-11-03
Xanatos and Obi-Wan prepare to attend Telos' midwinter celebration, the Festival of Lights.
Note: No, the number's not a typo. We're working on another story that takes place between these two chronologically, but this makes sense without it.


Stargate Atlantis

New Beginnings ~ McKay/Sheppard, Adult-graphic (34K) 11-24-05
Some holiday celebrations are more interesting than others.



A Mid-Winter's Nap ~ Remy/Logan, Adult-explicit (24K) 12-15-04
Remy and Logan have their own ways of celebrating Christmas Eve.

The Twelve Days of Christmas ~ Remy/?, Adult-explicit (27K) December 2001
A Christmas PWP - A secret admirer treats Gambit to a special Twelve Days of Christmas



Double the Fun

Once a Thief/X-Files

See our page with Rina for stories 5, 7 and subsequent in this series.

1. Laissez les bons temps rouler! ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-explicit (286K) December 00
What happens when a Consortium assassin spots his doppelganger?
Another gorgeous cover by the Theban Band.

2. Mile High Club ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-explicit (14K) December 00
Alex and Vic fly back to Toronto.

3. Yin and Yang ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-explicit (38K) December 00
Alex comes home after a trip.

4. Hail the Prince! ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-explicit (18K) Jan. 01
Nathan meets Alex. ;)

6. A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-explicit (40K) Apr. 01
Vic's stint as an art model for a case triggers Alex's jealousy.

A Rat out of Time


1. A Rat out of Time  ~ Tyr/Krycek, Adult-explicit (83K) Jan. 02
Alex Krycek ends up on the Andromeda after three millennia in cryogenic suspension, and he and Tyr clash.

2. Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future ~ Tyr/Krycek Adult-explicit (15K) 12-01-03
Alex remembers Christmases past.

What Would Happen

VR.5/X-Files AU

1. What Would Happen If We Kissed? ~ Oliver Sampson/Alex Krycek, Adult-explicit (119K) July 01
A young Alex Krycek, before the Consortium got their hands on him, wants to experiment with the world of bondage, and he encounters Oliver Sampson.



Paranormal Universe


Opening the Cage Door ~ m/m (Paul Palardy/Julien St. Onge), Adult-explicit (102K) 07-18-03
The black sheep of a powerful shifter family meets someone who doesn't care about his 'disgrace'.
WARNING: Once again, these are shapeshifters, so here there be sex between shifters in human form and shifters in cat form... which I suppose could be considered bestiality. There's also cat-cat sex in addition to man-man - but that last's why you're here, right? *g*

Showing Her Claws ~ m/f (Alexei Taleniekov/Hélène Palardy), Adult-explicit (52K) 08-09-03
Another Palardy sees Mr. Right and goes after him.

Size Does Matter ~ m/m (Kyle Logan/Jonas Anderson), Adult-explicit (81K) 03-10-04
The physical part of mating's easy, but adapting to each other...
WARNING: Once again, these are shapeshifters, so here there be sex between shifters in human form and shifters in cat form... which I suppose could be considered bestiality. There's also man-man sex, but that's why you're here, right? *g*


Want to know more about our vampires and their nature? Click here for a short description.

1. Rebirth ~ m/m (Derek Lindstrom/Nick St. John), Adult-explicit (148K) 10-31-03
A college professor seems to have an uncanny knowledge of the fall of Troy and a fondness for vampire stories. But vampires aren't real... are they?
Originally published as a zine by AngelWings Press and still available for order.

2. A Night's Play ~ m/m/m (Derek Lindstrom/Nick St. John/Kel), Adult-explicit (56K) 02-22-04
Derek and Nick buy a playmate for the night.
WARNING: Kel's sixteen.

3. Adagio ~ m/m (Kelson Davies/Xiomar), Adult-explicit (91K) 09-25-04
The rentboy from A Night's Play meets another vampire, though neither of them knows that he's met vampires before.
WARNING: Kel's still sixteen.

4. Fallen Angel ~ m/m (Angel Carmichael/Marc St. Onge), Adult-explicit (154K) 09-30-04
A vampire attacks a member of Kel's extended family.
WARNING: Mention of rape and violence.

Toronto Stories

The Dancer: Jason & Davin

  1.   Let's Dance ~ m/m, Adult-explicit (28K) Nov. 01
    A wealthy businessman meets a dancer, and it's lust at first sight.

  2.   Exposed ~ m/m, Adult-explicit (39K) 10-04-02
    Jason finds out about Dav's other job.

Together for the Holidays ~ Jason Wellesley/Davin Halliday, Adult-explicit (33K) 12-25-04
A business trip at the holidays makes Jason realize what's really important.

Kane & Paris

  1. Discovering Parris ~ m/m, Adult-explicit  (74K) 05-14-02
    A counselor at the 519 Community Centre is dismayed to realize that he's attracted to a young man assigned to community service there.
    WARNING: Parris is a few months shy of his eighteenth birthday in this story, and Kane is in his thirties, so if that bothers you, hit the back button now.

  2. Just Getting Started ~ m/m, Adult-explicit (60K) 06-20-04
    Parris and Kane start making plans for the future.

Extracurricular Activities ~ m/m, Adult-explicit (48K) 03-30-03
What's a teacher to do when he has a student like this.
WARNING: Kit's sixteen, which makes him just barely legal.

Forthright ~ f/f, Adult-explicit (27K) 06-22-02
A lawyer wants to play after winning a hard case, and she finds the perfect playmate.

The Irish: Kieran & Jaxon

  1. The Luck of the Irish ~ m/m, Adult-explicit (80K) Feb. 02
    In Belfast, a Catholic man and a Protestant boy become friends, a relationship that slowly changes over the years.

  2. Shopping Spree ~ m/m, Adult-explicit (30K) 02-16-03
    Jax makes himself over to fit the new him.

  3. School Daze ~ m/m, Adult-explicit (22K) 03-30-03
    Jax teases Kier again... or is that still?


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