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The World According to Rover X
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Orithain and Rina

September 2005

Disclaimers: We only wish they were ours. Sadly, this is as close as weíre going to get.

Carrying a pack that heíd filled with a bottle of Athosian hooch and some crackers, cheese and fruit heíd scammed from the mess, Tom Lorne strode out onto a high balcony in an unused section of the city, his eyes immediately going to the attractive Canadian sergeant waiting for him.

"I guess weíre both early," he said, his smile widening as he met the warm brown gaze.

"Being late means you lose out on the best stuff," Chuck laughed, sitting up and smiling at the American major. He was shirtless and had been lying on a large blanket, and he waved at the space beside him. "Have a seat, plenty of room."

"Nice view," Tom said, his eyes on Chuck rather than the ocean. He pulled his own shirt over his head and sat down on the blanket to unlace his boots and pull them and his socks off.

"Ditto." Chuck grinned, leaning back on his elbows again. "I like coming out here to get some sun when I can. Glad you decided to join me."

"So tell me, is this a clothing optional resort?"

Chuckís smile widened, flashing white against his lightly tanned skin, and he reached down, undoing his shorts and shoving them down over his hips before he kicked them aside. "That answer your question, Major? Oh, and before you call me Sgt. Bryan again, once Iíve been naked with someone, they can call me Chuck."

"In that case, I think you should call me Tom." Lorne shed the rest of his clothes and stretched out on his side next to Chuck, first exploring every inch of him visually and then reaching out to follow suit with his hand.

"Good to meet you, Tom," Chuck murmured, rolling to his side and sliding a hand behind Tomís neck to kiss him, his open mouth demanding that the other man respond the same way.

More than eager to enjoy this encounter, Tom pressed closer, one leg slipping between Chuckís while a hand slid down to cup the Canadianís ass. Chuck pressed closer, rubbing against the stockier manís body, his own hardening at the sensation of warm, smooth flesh against his.

"Oh fuck, thatís good," Tom rasped, rolling to his back and pulling Chuck over him, both hands now on the younger manís ass.

"Me sucking you would be even better," Chuck purred, grinding between Tomís cock and his hands.

"Please help yourself," Tom groaned, pressing a thigh up between Chuckís legs.

Chuck gave a raspy laugh and kissed Tom again, running his hands through the short, dark brown hair before sliding them down Tomís chest, and he squirmed backwards, licking his lips in anticipation. Raising his head to watch Chuckís progress, Tom propped himself up on his elbows, licking dry lips. He spread his legs invitingly, his eyes heavy-lidded and intent on Chuck.

Pausing only to lick his way over Tomís broad chest, Chuck nipped at the hollow of his navel, his chin nudging at the head of Tomís cock.

"Tease," Tom chuckled throatily, combing his fingers through Chuckís short, light brown hair.

"More fun that way," Chuck laughed against Tomís groin before pulling back and swallowing the thick erection to its base.

"Whatever youóoh fuck!--say," Tom groaned, not about to disagree with the man who was trying to suck his spine out through his cock and doing a damn good job of it. Chuck growled in response, enjoying the way Tom shuddered because of the vibrations, and rubbed his hands over the inside of Tomís thighs, massaging the tense muscles as he swallowed.

"N-not gonna last long," Tom warned him, involuntarily thrusting into Chuckís mouth.

Chuck managed to shrug one shoulder though he did pull back enough so that heíd be able to taste Tom when he came.

Sparing a brief, grateful thought for the battery of medical tests that ensured that no one needed a condom, Tom slid his hands to Chuckís shoulders and bit his lip to hold back his cry of completion as he came.

After swallowing down the salty liquid, Chuck licked at Tomís cock until he shuddered, then lifted his head, smiling sensually up at the other man. "Mmm, you taste good," he purred.

"Címere and let me taste for myself." Tom curled a hand around the back of Chuckís neck and pulled him into a kiss, tasting himself. Long moments passed before they separated again, Tom licking his lips. "Thereís lube in my pack," he hinted.

Somewhat surprised at this turn of events, Chuck nevertheless wasnít going to turn down the opportunity, and he grinned as he sat up and grabbed for the pack. "Nice spread," he laughed, pulling out the food and alcohol before finding the lube. "We can enjoy it after."

"While I build up energy for my turn." Tom grinned back easily, legs spread and knees drawn up so his feet were flat on the blanket.

Chuck laughed aloud at that as he squeezed the lube out over his fingers. "I like a man with endurance, and you Americans are so uptight youíve generally got a lot of it." He kissed Tomís belly again and pressed a finger into his ass, sighing at the tightness.

Tom inhaled sharply and tensed slightly before he forced himself to relax. "Itís been a while," he said. "Just take it slow, Ďkay?"

"As slow as you need, Tommy," Chuck promised, nuzzling his cheek as he waited for the tight muscles to relax around his finger. "You tell me when youíre ready, or we can wait until youíre ready and Iíll be glad to take everything youíve got."

"No, no, Iím good." Tom curled his hands around his knees and pulled them back. "I want you in me."

"Well, Iím not going to argue that point," Chuck grinned, kissing Tom while he added a second finger, stroking Tomís chest as he did so, wanting the other man to enjoy this. Tom groaned into the kiss when Chuck stroked over his prostate, making him thrust against the fingers, seeking more.

Chuck added a third finger as he pulled back, stroking the extra lube over his erection, hissing at the sensation as he was already on edge. "You ready, Tommy?"

"God yes!" Tom gave him an almost wild-eyed look as he squirmed on the blanket, unable to remain still.

Rubbing his fingers over Tomís prostate a final time, Chuck pulled them back and settled between Tomís thighs, positioning himself then pressing forward, sucking in his breath as the tight heat enclosed his cock. Gasping sharply, Tom stiffened, fighting to relax as Chuck slid into him. Despite the preparation it still hurt, but then Chuck pushed a little farther, and the pleasure mixed with the pain, gradually overwhelming it as Tom panted.

"Okay?" Chuck whispered, stroking the sweat from Tomís face as he struggled to hold still.

"Yeah, Iím good," Tom got out, slowly relaxing, only to tense again with pleasure when he shifted. "God, move!"

Chuck gave a blinding smile and brushed a kiss over Tomís lips before doing just that, rocking back and forth, each stroke going deeper until he was slamming into Tomís pliant body. Tom arched up to meet each every thrust, groaning with pleasure. He pulled his legs back even more, opening himself to allow Chuck deeper still.

"Oh fuck!" The words were ripped from Chuckís gut, and he caught Tom by the neck, pulling him up into a voracious kiss that turned into a strained moan when he came.

Tom clenched down around the cock inside him, pulling another groan from Chuck, and he smiled smugly up at his new lover.

"Whatís that for?"

"Because it felt damn good."

"Not arguing that one bit!" Knowing that Tomís legs had to be hurting by now, Chuck rolled to the side and grinned at him. "Not one bit at all."

Tom stretched hugely, enjoying the burn in his ass, and rolled to his side to face Chuck. "Iím definitely going to like Atlantis. Especially if youíd be interested in doing this again."

Chuck ran his hand along Tomís side, training his fingers over the planes of muscle. "Anytime, anywhere."

Tom leaned close for a kiss before sitting up, wincing slightly as he settled himself cross-legged. "At least I know the CO wonít have problems with it if we slip in public."

"So you know about that?" Chuck waited for the other man to nod, then grinned. "You missed the real shows; before we were in contact with Earth, Col. Sheppard and Dr. McKay were all over each other all the time. Now, theyíve got to be more careful."

"This is careful?" Tom laughed briefly. "I think I might have learned something then."

"Watch how they act when weíre on our own and when the Daedalus is here," Chuck shrugged.

"I will." Tom reached for the pack and began pulling out the food heíd brought. "Iíve noticed that the original expedition members seem pretty close, more like a colony or even family."

Chuck nodded and sat up to help, taking the bottle and mugs and pouring them both generous servings of it. "That first year we were alone out here," he said, suddenly serious. "All we had to depend on was ourselves and the Athosians, and while they could take us to worlds they knew, they werenít much use when the Wraith came. Whenó" he paused and rubbed the back of his neck. "When you lose as many people as we did, you hold the ones you have left closer."

It was Tomís turn to nod. "Just like the SG teams, only bigger." He took a cautious swallow of his drink, already familiar with Hallingís brew. "You have good people here." He didnít make the mistake of grouping himself with them yet.

As he gathered up some bread and cheese, Chuck nodded. "For the majority. There are still a few assholes; Iím sure youíve met them by now."

"How did Kavanagh make it through the screening?" Tom wondered.

Chuck snickered and took a drink, shivering as the moonshine burned its way down his throat. "The real question is why hasnít he been shipped back. Did you know he turned everyone with the gene in the city to the opposite sex?"

Tomís jaw dropped as he gaped. "Youíre kidding! Youíre not kidding?" he asked at the slow shake of Chuckís head. "Holy shit! Uh, how?" he asked nervously, remembering that he had the gene too now.

"It was some piece of Ancient tech; donít worry, itís locked away now." Chuck laughed again at the memory. "Man, it was funny; Dr. McKay had tits out to here," he gestured with his mug, spilling some of the moonshine as he did. "Lisa Lindstrom looked damn hot as a man though."

"McKay with tits?" Tom shook his head. "This place is even weirder than the SGC!"

Chuck shrugged and ate another piece of cheese. "Itís the Pegasus galaxy; lots of weird shit here."

"Lots of weird shit back in the Milky Way for that matter. But Iím still glad Iím here." Tom leaned back, basking in the sun.

"Iím glad youíre here too." Chuck leaned back against the tower wall and sighed happily. "Just be careful you donít get burned anywhere tender. Trust me, you donít want to hear the jokes Dr. Zelenka will make about why youíre walking funny."

"I think Iíd rather not find out for myself." Tom grabbed his t-shirt and dragged it over his lap, just in case.

Chuck chuckled and set aside his mug to stretch. "Good idea, Ďcause Iíve got things Iíd like to have done to me that wonít work if youíre burned."

"Oh, I have every intention of doing those things to you in a little while. So eat up; youíll need the energy." Tom saluted Chuck with his mug.

"Oh, I think itís you whoís going to need the energy," Chuck murmured, draining his mug and eating some more cheese as the two of them sat, not feeling the need to talk as the sun sank into the ocean.

"Youíre right, that is worth seeing," Tom said a little later as the last of the brilliant colors faded from the sky, leaving only the starlight.

"Yeah, it is." But Chuck was looking at the American major and not the sky.

Noticing the direction of his companionís gaze, Tom grinned. "Iím feeling very energetic all of a sudden."

Seeing a twitch under the shirt in Tomís lap, Chuck grinned. "I can see that."

"What do you expect when you put so much inspiration in front of me?" Not needing it now that the sun was down, Lorne tossed the shirt aside, exposing his growing erection.

"Only the best, Tommy, only the best," Chuck laughed, reaching over to stroke the firming flesh. "So, how do you want me? Back? Knees? Against the railing?"

Tomís eyebrows rose. "Against the railing, huh? I like the way you think, Sergeant. Iíll get two great views." He pushed to his feet, pausing to grab the lube.

Chuck stood as well, using the motion to carry him closer to Tom, and he ran his hands over the majorís back and ass. "Glad I can be inspirational," he murmured before kissing him, rubbing against him until they were both breathless before turning and draping himself over the railing, giving Tom a come-hither smile.

"Make sure youíre braced," Tom said. "Iíd hate to have to fish you out of the ocean." He squeezed some of the lube into his hand and warmed it before pressing a finger into Chuckís ass.

"No thanks." Chuck shuddered and not from the pressure in his ass. "That waterís damn cold." He arched his back and spread his legs wider, bracing himself against the railing as ordered and offering the other man his ass.

"And youíre so very hot," Tom breathed, slowly working that single digit deeper and crooking it.

"Also, damn easy." Chuck groaned when Tomís finger found his prostate. "But donít tell anyone." He looked back over his shoulder and winked.

"Naw, I think Iíll keep that to myself. Iíve never been really big on being one of a crowd." Tom added a second finger.

Chuck made a show of looking around the darkening balcony though the soft whimpers he was making proved he wasnít ignoring Tomís attentions and how they were affecting him. "Donít see anyone out here but us."

"But that would change if anyone else knew what they were missing," Tom pointed out. "I like keeping the good stuff to myself. Iím greedy that way." He considered adding another finger, but Chuck had taken the first two easily enough, and he decided that it would be enough. After he teased him a little more first.

"Yeah? Well, Iím greedy in other ways, so if you donít mind, could you fuck me now?" Chuck asked impatiently, pushing back against Tomís fingers and tightening down on them.

"I really like that in a man." Tom slicked himself and pressed forward, his hands gripping Chuckís hips. "Oh God, you feel good."

"Could say the same for you." Chuck rested his head on his forearms for a moment to let himself relax, then shifted, rocking back against Tomís solid weight.

Tom started a long, deep rhythm, groaning as he moved. His fingers tightened on Chuckís hips, and he drew him back to meet each thrust. Chuck whimpered, relaxing so as to let Tom control their motions, leaning his weight onto one hand so he could stroke his own cock in time with their motions.

"Fuck yeah." Tom leaned his chin on Chuckís shoulder so he could look over it and watch Chuck jerk himself off. His thrusts sped up as the sight wound him tighter, and he panted harshly.

"Like to watch?" Chuck asked breathlessly, turning his head enough to rub his face against Tomís. "Iíll be glad to put on a show for you some time." His hand was moving slowly over his erection, fingertips teasing his balls before moving back up to the head to play with his foreskin.

"Iíll hold you to that," Tom gasped, jerking into him as his cock jumped at the sight. "Damn, thatís hot."

"Fuckóoh yeahóharder," Chuck gasped, tightening his grip on his cock and clenching around Tomís, wanting it a little rough.

"With... pleasure," Tom gritted out, slamming into Chuck now that he knew he could take it.

Chuckís vocalizations dissolved into a series of whines and moans with an occasional yip when Tom hit his prostate in just the right way. He rode out the pleasure as long as possible, but the tension gathering at the base of his spine told him there was no more time, and then he was coming, spurting over his belly and hand as he tightened around Tomís shaft.

Tom groaned out what might have been curses or praise or possibly a new language, and he continued slamming into the spasming body, every ripple in Chuckís body transferred to his cock. His fingers gripped Chuckís hips hard enough to bruise, and he yelled loudly as he came not long afterward.

Once he felt Tom slump over his back, Chuck chuckled, reaching back to stroke the other manís side. "If anyone else was out enjoying the sunset, they just got a hell of a show."

Tom laughed breathlessly. "Audio at least."

Chuck collapsed against the railing, howling with laughter.

Eyebrows rising, Tom stared at him. "Care to share the joke?" he asked as he carefully withdrew from the shaking body.

Gasping for breath, Chuck got his legs under him and turned around, wiping his eyes and leaning back against the railing for support. "When Col. Sheppard and Dr. McKay first got together, the colonel somehow managed to turn on the citywide audio while McKay was fucking him. I thought it was pretty damn hot if you want the truth, but a hell of a lot of people didnít agree." He snickered, remembering the looks on their faces when theyíd finally surfaced the next day.

"They what?" Tom burst into laughter as he sank down to the blanket, imagining that.

"I wouldnít mention it though," Chuck cautioned as he stretched out his back before sitting down next to Tom. "Dr. McKay is really touchy about it and about the whole thing with the tits. Piss him off and his cart will come after you."

"Yeah, what is the deal with that cart? Half the senior staff treats it like itís alive."

"I thought you went on some missions with Dr. McKay?"

"Well, yeah, but it wasnít on the first few, and itís a cart! Why the hell do people talk to it and pet it?" Lorne had only seen it a few times since he didnít really spend a lot of time around McKay if he could help it, so heíd only had a few encounters with the thing so far.

"First off, donít call it an it, especially around Col. Sheppard or Dr. McKay; its name is Rover." Chuck grinned at Tomís incredulous expression. "And itís a cart, yeah, but a pretty smart one; itís got some kind of AI that makes it pretty independentóand it likes to pinch people who annoy McKay. Nobodyís sure if itís him making Rover do it or the cart acting on its own, but I wouldnít test the theory."

"Much weirder than the SGC," Tom decided, taking another swallow of his drink. "But there are compensations."

"And the payís not bad either," Chuck laughed. "Not that you can spend it on anything. So, mind me asking how you ended up here?"

Tom shrugged. "I was assigned to the SGC a few years ago. I didnít sign on last year because I wasnít ready to take a one-way trip, but once the Daedalus made it possible to go back and forth, I volunteered. Thereís nothing else like going through the gate, and this galaxy something entirely new."

"So..." Chuck grinned and collapsed on the blanket again. "Glad you came?"

"Very much so. Though I could do without Dr. McKayís neuroses. Did you know that he makes his own sunblock? SPF 100!" Tom shook his head at the memory.

Chuck snickered and bit into one of the applish-looking pieces of fruit Tom had brought with him. "I can believe it; the man thinks heís dying if he sneezes. I wonder how Col. Sheppard puts up with him because they do seem pretty happy together."

Tom shook his head in disbelief. "Iíd shoot him within an hour. But the colonel just looks at him and says ĎRodneyí, and he shuts up. Or at least changes topics." He looked at Chuck curiously. "Is he really as smart as he says he is?"

"Well, maybe not as smart as he says he is, but heís the smartest person here, and that says a lot. Of course heís also the biggest asshole hereóno, wait, that would be Dr. Kavanagh, but McKayís a close second."

Tom laughed. "Well, obviously the colonel thinks otherwise. And he canít be completely terrible; it looked like the doc and that Czech guy are his friends."

"Hey," Chuck protested, "I didnít say I didnít like the guy! Hell, he saved our asses plenty of times here; heís just... McKay." He shrugged again and grinned. "Too complicated for me."

"Are you saying Iím simple?" Tom demanded in mock insult.

"Nope, straightforward. That I appreciate in a man."

Tom grinned and leaned over to kiss him slowly. "Mmmm, you taste good mixed with the Athosian alcohol," he said once he straightened up again. "If I didnít already say so, Iím really glad you suggested this."

Chuckís smile had a definite Ďcat who got the creamí edge to it. "And Iím really glad you took me up on it. Want to try a bed next time?"

"That would probably be a lot more comfortable," Tom agreed easily. "And make showering afterward a hell of a lot more convenient."

"So..." Chuck grabbed his boxers and cleaned himself off before pulling his cut off fatigues on again. "Whatcha doing tomorrow night?"

"You." Lorne grinned widely.

Chuck roared with laughter before leaning over and kissing Tom soundly. "Good answer, Major."

"Thatís why Iím a major, Sergeant." He helped himself to another Ďappleí and handed another to Chuck.

"All it means to me is that youíre the one who gets to make the tough decisions; I get to push the pretty crystals and report what people say."

Tom laughed. "I think thereís a bit more to you than that, or you wouldnít be here in the first place, but Iím looking forward to learning all your secrets. As for the tough decisions," he shrugged, "sure, sometimes, but around here itís Weir, Sheppard and McKay who make most of those."

"Shh," Chuck laughed, biting into the fruit and licking the juice from his fingers, "donít ruin my Ďpretty but shallowí rep!"

Tom gave him a conspiratorial grin. "It is fun surprising the hell out of people who assume you got promotions on your knees, isnít it?"

"If that was the case, Iíd have more braid on my jacket than Col. Sheppard, and yeah, it is. Are you saying they think the same about you?"

"Some do. Itís hard being beautiful."

"We do bear up under the burden well though," Chuck laughed.

Tom snickered. "Weíre just so wonderful."

"Damn right! So, think we should take our wonderfulness inside soon? The temperature dips out here at night."

Lorne gave an exaggerated shiver. "Inside is good." He eyed Chuck. "You know, my bedís not very comfortable. Know anybody whoíd be willing to share?"

Chuck smirked as he helped Tom clean up their picnic remains. "Oh, I can think of at least one person whoíd agree as long as you promise not to steal the blankets."

"The blankets are not my preferred heat source in bed." Tom grinned and gestured toward the door once everything was back in his pack and Chuck had gathered up the blanket. "Lead on, MacDuff."


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