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Art of Seduction VI:

Orithain and Rina

June 2004

Disclaimers: All characters depicted here are the property of J. K. Rowling.

WARNING: This page contains adult content.

"Oof!" The moment he walked through the door of the flat he shared with Remus, Sirius was tackled to the floor by his lover. "And hello to you too, Master Lupin," he laughedóor started to before he found himself being kissed within an inch of his life.

Hrmmm, he thought with the tiny part of his brain that was still functional, two nights until the full moon. Yeah, just about time. He grinned and wound his arms around Remusí bodyónude body, he noted in appreciation.

Remus nuzzled Siriusí throat, smelling the scent of his mate. He always loved that aroma, but the closer to the full moon it got, the more he craved it. And he knew where he could find more. Eager fingers tore at Siriusí clothes, freeing him of the fabric, and then Remusí head was between the long legs, inhaling the musky scent of Sirius.

Sirius groaned and let himself relax so that Remus could do what he wanted. "Good thing I didnít shower at the Ministry, isnít it?" he asked, pushing up on his elbows to watch his lover.

"Iíd just have gotten you sweaty again," Remus chuckled, the puffs of air from his laughter playing over Siriusí groin. "In fact, I intend to anyway." He dragged his tongue along Siriusí thigh, then blew on the dampened skin, chuckling wickedly when Sirius shivered and began to harden.

"Horrors," Sirius laughed, squirming and arching his hips up, twisting them as he tried to get Remusí mouth on his cock.

"Such a slut," Remus sighed, though he sounded rather pleased about it. "A dog was definitely the right form for you." He lapped at Siriusí balls, rolling them with his tongue, an arm over Siriusí waist holding him down while Remus enjoyed himself.

Sirius grinned wickedly, and suddenly Remus found himself licking Padfootís very furry testicles.

Remus sat up abruptly, pulling a hair off his tongue and giving Padfoot an evil look. "I didnít mean just now, you prat!"

Sirius changed back and lay there, collapsed on the floor, roaring with laughter. "Oh, the look on your face, Moony!"

Remusí eyes narrowed. "You are so asking for it." He scowled down at his chortling mate and suddenly dropped down on top of Sirius, pressing him flat on the floor. "And Iím going to give it to you."

"And do you believe I mind that in the least?" Sirius asked, running his hands over Remus' warm back.

"I certainly hope not," Remus murmured as he nibbled on the underside of Siriusí jaw. "But Iíll do my best to convince you otherwise regardless."

"Horrors," Sirius murmured, pulling Remus closer and rocking up against his weight. "Remus Lupin at his best, I may not live through the night."

"I shall ensure that you do. I plan to get years of use out of you," Remus chuckled throatily, now blowing on the damp flesh of Siriusí throat to see him shiver, then biting again.

"Good thing Iím planning on getting the same from you," Sirius moaned, sliding his hands down Remusí back to cup his ass.

"A perfect plan then," Remus replied distractedly, torn between grinding down against Sirius or thrusting his ass up into Siriusí hands. "But I have some more immediate use in mind." Remus slid down again, practically inhaling Siriusí cock.

"Remus!" Sirius groaned, thrusting upward. "Fuck me, will you!"

Remus chuckled around the cock in his mouth and pulled off with a final lick. "Impatient much, Padfoot? Youíll have to wait till Iím ready."

Sirius glanced down at Remusí aroused shaft. "You look ready to me."

"Ah, but I havenít made you scream yet." Remus suckled briefly on him, then let his teeth barely scrape the sensitive head as he pulled off again.

"Bastard," Sirius panted, twisting in Remusí grip as the slight pain rode his nerves.

"I assure you my parents were and are married." Remus smirked as he let a finger tease Siriusí ass.

"Theyíre going to be childless if you donít do something!"

"Have I mentioned that youíre cute when youíre frustrated?"

Sirius growled. "And here I thought the full moon made you crazy to fuck me."

"Donít want to get too predictable," Remus replied, grinning. But while Sirius had been growling at him, heíd taken advantage of his distraction to slick himself, and now he drew his finger out of Sirius and pressed into him.

"Never that," Sirius sighed, relaxing and arching up against Remus. "Not as long as Iíve known you."

"Only in loving you," Remus replied, lowering his head to kiss Sirius with a tenderness equal to the passion with which he was driving into him.

Sirius grinned though his eyes were warm. "Well, thatís one case where I donít mind it."

"Smart lad." Remus closed his eyes to concentrate on the sensations, but he needed to see Sirius, to watch him, and the amber eyes opened again, heated gaze focusing on his loverís pale eyes. He growled, lowering his head to bite at Siriusí throat again, needing to mark his mate.

Sirius thought to contradict the Ďladí but could only moan as Remus loved and marked him, knowing this was all he wanted for the rest of his life.

Remus smiled, the expression almost feral, but he couldnít speak, the sensations overwhelming his ability to verbalize or even think. He growled again, hips moving faster, and he raised his head again to take Siriusí mouth, needing to be connected to him in every way possible.

Moaning, Sirius twisted upward, clenching his body around Remusí shaft as they moved together, his fingers kneading his loverís back as they moved together.

Remus gasped as Sirius met him, thrusting into him hungrily, the wolf rising in him, but for once he didnít mind. His desire and the wolfís were the same: Sirius.

"Yes, Remus," Sirius panted, pulling at the other man as he tightened his legs around Remusí body. His aching erection rubbed between them, and Sirius moaned in need.

The sound drew Remusí attention, and he braced himself on one hand so he could wrap the other around Siriusí cock and jerk him off. "Love you," he rasped, moving faster now as his climax grew imminent.

"Moony!" Sirius wailed, bucking upward as he came, his seed pulsing over Remusí hand as he spasmed beneath him.

Remus kept pounding into him, wanting to keep it up till Sirius came again but knowing he couldnít. He was too close, too hungry for Sirius, and he suddenly shifted to catch a nipple between his teeth, tugging and worrying it as he fucked Sirius hard.

Unable to take it any longer, Sirius screamed, his short nails digging into Remusí back.

The sound drove Remus over the edge, and he buried himself balls-deep in Sirius as he came, the burst of pleasure nearly causing him to lose consciousness.

Sirius groaned and collapsed limply under Remus, slowly stroking his back. "I like your welcome homes," he sighed.

"I like you," Remus mumbled, nuzzling Siriusí throat.

"You like me?" Sirius repeated questioningly.

"I love you, adore you, canít live without you," Remus replied expansively, grinning into Siriusí hair.

"Mmm, thatís better."

"Conceited git."

"And you didnít know this?"

"I thought Iíd broken you of demonstrating it so blatantly."

"Damn, youíll just have to retrain me," Sirius grinned.

"Itís a terrible thing, but itís my duty to save the wizarding world from a Black run wild."

Sirius snorted. "Iím sure the wizarding world will thank you one day."

"I thank myself every day."

"And here it was I thought you thanked me for your amazing sex life."

Remus raised his head to gape at the other man. "Your ego knows no bounds!"

Sirius smiled sweetly. "No, thatís my love for you."

Remus groaned and collapsed on top of him again. "I canít win."

Sirius chuckled quietly. "Yes, you can, love."

"When?" Remus snorted, not sounding overly concerned.


"Just what I thought. Good job Iím happy winning you, isnít it?"

"Well, even if Iím the one winning, I have the best prize possible."

"Aw, youíll turn my head with your sweet talk." Remus inhaled Siriusí scent, perfectly content to lie there atop him forever.

Sirius chuckled. "Which Iím glad of as it keeps you from killing me."

"This keeps me from killing you," Remus chuckled, thrusting his hips forward.

"I knew it," Sirius said mournfully. "You only want me for my body!"

"Well, itís certainly not for your mouth!" Then Remus thought about that. "No, wait, I do love your mouth, just not when itís talking." He grinned.

Sirius pouted but kept his mouth shut.

Still smiling, Remus kissed the pout away.

Sirius grumbled. "Youíre lucky I love you, Moony."

"I know," Remus replied, still smiling but his eyes solemn.

"But not as lucky as me."

"True," Remus decided with a nod. "After all, you get dog hair in the bed!"

Sirius rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at Remus.

Remus snickered and tried to catch it between his teeth.

"Prat," Sirius muttered.

"Thatís Mr. Prat when youíre on the bottom." Remus grinned, feeling playful now that the edge was off his hunger.

"Want me to roll us over and deal with that?"

Tawny eyebrows rose. "Think you could?"

"Roll you over and get you on the bottom?" Sirius asked. "No contest."

Remus smirked at him and started tickling.

Sirius howled and tried to squirm out from under the other man, wrapping his arms around his ribs in an attempt to protect them.

Laughing, Remus kept it up for a while, enjoying Sirius squirming beneath him, but finally he stopped, fingers now lightly stroking the sides heíd been tormenting moments before. He lowered his head to kiss Sirius, at the last moment changing his mind and bussing the tip of his nose instead.

"You are such a prat," Sirius grumbled.

"But you love me. And if youíre a very good boy, Iíll even let you do what you want soon."

Siriusí dark eyebrows rose. "And just what do I want to do?"


"Got it out of your system then, did you?"

"For the moment. I thought you might like turnabout before I regain my energy."

Sirius chuckled. "Why do I think Iím going to be calling in ill to work tomorrow?"

"Because youíd look funny waddling in?"

"You shit!" Sirius laughed. "As if!"

"You think Iím not going to shag you raw tonight?"

"No doubt of that, I just happen to know a few healing spells."

"Good point. So I donít even need to wait." Remusí smile turned hungry again, the amber eyes burning as his nostrils flared, scenting his mate.

"Suppose that means Iíll just be owed my turn."

"As if you mind," Remus scoffed, biting at Siriusí chin.

"I keep track you know, have a tally board at the Ministry; the others think itís for extra time Iíve put in." Sirius grinned wickedly at this.

Remus jerked almost upright, his eyes widening as he gawked down at Sirius. "You never do!" he squawked.

Sirius just smiled.

Remus flushed scarlet. "Itís a good job Iíll never be there as I wouldnít be able to look any of your co-workers in the eye."

"Moony, all youíd have to do was ask any of them, and theyíd say I never have any extra time owed; Iím always up on it."

Remus dropped down and buried his burning face in Siriusí throat, wailing an incoherent protest.

Sirius looked horrified. "What?"

"You are such a prat," Remus grumbled, too embarrassed to think about Siriusí last remark and sort out whether heíd admitted to being joking or not. He decided heíd rather not think about it and raised his head enough to latch onto Siriusí mouth, kissing him hard... and preventing him from speaking.

Giving in to the kiss, Sirius pulled Remus closer.

Remus rocked against him. Even though it was too soon for his body to rouse again, he enjoyed the sensation of Sirius beneath him and knowing that Sirius was his.

"Mmmm... you know, I like this time of the month for you."

Remus snickered. "Much better than what youíd get with a woman."

"Well, breasts are nice..."

Growling, Remus nipped at Siriusí chest. "Prat."

Sirius grinned. "If you get me my wand, Iíll be glad to provide you with a pair."

"Try it and Iíll hex you impotent for a month!"

"Well then, you wouldnít enjoy that either!"

"You donít have to be hard for me to shag you," Remus pointed out, snickering.

"Ahh, but itís not near the full moon all month, is it?"

"Are you insinuating that I only top once a month?" Remus demanded, vaguely insulted.

"Oh no, not at all, love!"

Remus eyed him narrowly, unappeased.

"You know I love you any way I can have you, Remus," Sirius murmured.

That melted the werewolf, and he smiled the moment before he kissed Sirius again. "I must be mad, but I love you too."

"Heh, you just have good taste is all."

Remus groaned. "Or you taste good."

"Of course!"

"Youíre so modest," Remus laughed.

Sirius smirked. "Of course!"

"Oh, be quiet and kiss me, fool."

Sirius grinned again. "I always enjoy kissing a fool."

"Kiss yourself often, do you?"

"Hrmmm, and here I didnít think you liked to hear me go on about wanking..."

Rolling his eyes, Remus grabbed hold of fistfuls of Siriusí hair, yanking him into a kiss and silencing him the only way possible.

"Mmmmm, ready to give it another go, are you?" Sirius asked, once theyíd come up for air.

Starting to laugh, Remus sprawled at his side. "Nothing will keep you quiet for long, will it? Iíll just have to keep you distracted then. What a pity," he said with patently false dismay.

Sirius tried to look sympathetic. "Iím such a trial, arenít I?"

"Too right! But Iím strong," Remus replied virtuously.

Groaning, Sirius pulled Remus back on top of him. "Oh, shut up and shag me again, will you?"


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