Note1: Okay, so we started this in 2004, but then we both stopped watching the show, and it took us a long time to dip our toes back into the pool.

Note2: While the Games stories are all written as standalones, the relationship will make a lot more sense if youíve read the previous 22 (!) stories in the series.

Games 15:
Grown-up Games

Orithain and Rina

August 2011

Disclaimer: Would that they belonged to us so that we could watch instead of just writing about it, but they donít.

~ October 2012 ~

"Anything going on this weekend that you canít reschedule?" Clark asked the question as he walked up behind Lex, peering over his shoulder at the concoction he was stirring in the pot on the stove. "And is that dinner or a science experiment?"

"Comments like that will have you ordering pizza," Lex sniffed, adding a bit more basil to his sauce. "What did you have in mind for the weekend?" He tossed a bit of chicken to Sheri, then another piece to Gohan.

Clark neatly intercepted the next piece of chicken that went into the air and grinned as Lex shook his head. "We havenít seen Mom and Dad in a few weeks, and I know their highnesses would enjoy a run around the f-a-r-m."

Both dogsí heads perked up, and Sheri barked at them, squirming excitedly.

"I told you they understood when you spelled it," Lex said triumphantly.

Clark groaned, knowing there would be no peace until the dogs settled down again. "Yes, they have your brains, dear," he laughed. "And Iíll take them outside while you finish up dinner so they can work off some of the excitement."

"Good plan, I really donít want them to knock me over again," Lex replied wryly, remembering a previous occasion when the excited dogs had bounded around him, tangling between his feet and knocking him off balance so heíd tumbled to the floor. And of course, that had just made them more excited. He shook his head. "Run them around the city a few times," he suggested.

"I think Iíll stick to the park," Clark laughed. "Donít want to end up having to carry them both home." He kissed Lex on the back of the neck, then grabbed the leashes from the hook by the back door, whistling for the dogs and attaching their leashes to their collars. "Be back in about half an hour."

"Whichíll give me just enough time to finish dinner." Lex blew a kiss over his shoulder before returning his concentration to his sauce. "Donít be late! Itís no good if it burns."

"Are you going to meet me at the door in a nice dress and your apron, a martini in your hand?" Clark laughed, ducking out the door before Lex threw something at him.

"It would serve you right if I met you by throwing it in your face," Lex yelled after him, chuckling.

"Work some of that energy out of them?" Lex asked when Clark and the dogs returned a while later. "So maybe we can sit down and have dinner without tripping over them on the way?" He bent down to pet the two dogs, both of whom pushed past him toward their water dishes.

"We can only hope," Clark laughed, walking into the kitchen to get the food and bring it to the table.

"Weíll give it a try. And to answer the question you asked before you went out, Iím free, and I think itís a great idea." Lex began dishing up the meal, knowing Clark was probably hungry after being run ragged by the dogs.

Clark grinned and reached around Lex to carry the plates to the table. "Glad to hear it; be ready to go on Friday afternoon."

Lex saluted. "Yes, sir. Should I bring my bag, sir?"

"You can set it out; Iíll pack it."

Lex eyed him over a forkful of pasta dripping with rich, spicy sauce. "Are you saying that you donít trust me to pack?"

Clark dipped a piece of bread into his sauce and took a bite. "I donít trust you not to over-pack."

"Youíre calling me a clothes horse."

Green eyes met blue as Clark tries to keep from snickering at the question.

"We donít all wear primary-colored underwear twenty-four/seven," Lex grumbled, narrowing his eyes.

"And just who designed said monstrosity?" Clark shot back.

Lex nearly choked on his dinner as he tried not to laugh. "It was just supposed to be for one party," he defended himself, grinning widely.

"You made me keep wearing it." Since he was acting childish, Clark went full bore and stuck his tongue out at Lex.

"I am so glad we canít have kids," Lex said, though the amusement in his eyes gave him away.

"We have dogs; thatís enough," Clark reminded him in between bites of his meal.

"And they wonít pick up Daddyís bad habits," Lex retorted, pouring them some more wine.

"Yeah, Iíd hate for them to start planning corporate takeovers or sucking on water bottles."

Laughing, Lex gave up. "Yes, dear. Just remember when youíre packing that black lace itches."

Clark snickered. "And Iíll bring a hat so you donít get burned."

Suddenly remembering the atrocity that Clark had pouted him into wearing on their first trip to an amusement park, Lex glared. "Sunblock is perfectly sufficient."

"Maybe," Clark said mysteriously.

Lex eyed him suspiciously. "What are you plotting, Clark?"

Clark gave his best innocent look. "Donít you trust me, Lex?"

Lexís expression grew even warier. "Every time you ask me that, I find myself doing something Iíd have sworn Iíd never do."

Clarkís expression turned to a sly grin. "If you can tell me why weíre going away, Iíll tell you where weíre going."

Lex blinked, his mind racing as he tried to think of the significance of this weekend, but nothing was coming to him. "Just because?" he essayed.

"Wro-ong," Clark sing-songed. "Guess I get to pack and you get to wait to find out where weíre going."

"Weíre not going to see your family," Lex carefully avoided the word Ďfarmí, "after you got the dogs all excited? Iíll let you tell them," he laughed.

"No, not there, though theyíre heading that way."

"Ah, weíre having a weekend without the kids." Lex eyed Clark with interest. "I donít suppose Iím getting another nude weekend," he teased.

Clark smirked. "You never know..."

"Yeah, right," Lex snorted. "But itís a nice mental image." He leaned over the table to kiss Clark.

"Mmm, better than the pasta," Clark sighed as they finally sat back. "I need you to be home by noon on Friday, got it?"

"Iíll make sure to clear my calendar," Lex agreed. "I put myself into your capable hands."



"Still no idea why weíre here, right?" Clark laughed as their shuttle pulled into the driveway of the tropical resort on Key West.

Despite several days of thought and growing confusion, Lex had to shake his head. "Are you sure youíre not just making something up to drive me nuts?" he asked laughingly, making an older man in the seat next to them chuckle.

Clark grinned devilishly. "Once we get in our room, Iíll do a pantomime; that might ring a bell." He slid out of the shuttle when it stopped, about to grab the bags before realizing the porters would get the luggage to their room.

"Mmm, I do enjoy a free show," Lex teased, sliding an arm around Clarkís waist as he smiled up into the green eyes.

"Free?" Clark asked, his dark eyebrows winging upward. "Now stay here and Iíll check us in, and donít flirt with anyone."

"Why would I waste my time when I already have the most gorgeous guy here?" Lex leaned against a column, crossed his ankles, and settled in to wait for Clarkís return.

In answer Clark leaned in and gave Lex a slow, thorough kiss, then chuckled when cat-calls came from the windows above them. "Just to get you thinking, clothing is optional at the pool here."

"Can we spend the whole weekend there?" Lex called after him.

"Your friend is in for a surprise, I think," a cute blond chuckled beside Lex, making the businessman eye him distantly.

"Oh?" he asked the stranger coolly.

"Yeah, all the common areas are clothing optional."

Lexís eyes widened. "I like this place already."

An older man came up beside the blond and slid a proprietary arm around his waist. "Making new friends, lover?" he asked, glaring at Lex, who started to laugh.

"Iíve got the key, Lex," Clark called, drawing up slightly at the way one of the strangers was eyeing Lex. "Problem here?"

"A slight misunderstanding, I think," Lex replied easily. "Nothing to worry about." He moved toward Clark, already dismissing the other couple from his mind.

"Yeah, weíre cool," the blond laughed, hugging his partner and leading him away.

"Canít leave you alone for five minutes," Clark sighed.

"The twink was just telling me that you missed a few details in the literature, Clarkbar. Like that." Lex nodded toward a nude couple strolling through the lobby.

Clark gurgled and blushed. "Teach me not to read the fine print," he rasped.

Laughing, Lex pulled Clark around to face him and kissed him. "I do love you," he said fondly when their lips parted.

"But you still donít know why weíre here," Clark answered, getting control of himself again and leading Lex toward their room.

"To have fun and enjoy ourselves," Lex replied easily, enjoying the view of Clarkís ass in his jeans.

Clark laughed and shook his head. "Thatís what weíre doing while weíre here; youíre lucky Iím not a girl because Iíd be having a snit fit."

"Okay, give; Iíve thought of and discarded every anniversary, but obviously Iíve missed something. What?"

"Patience," Clark grinned, waiting until they were in their room to continue. "Okay, you can be me..." he positioned Lex near the window, trying not to look down at the nude men by the pool, "and Iíll be you."

Lexís eyebrows rose. "Youíre going to shave your head, and Iím suddenly going to be able to fly?"

Clark snickered. "Not necessary for this little story. Now look out at the water, not the hot bodies..." He made driving noises then cursed as he pretended to drop something.

Lex faced out over the balcony, trying to remember what had made such an impression on Clark that involved him driving... "Oh!"

"Guess I donít need to get the bale of wire," Clark laughed.

"You might get some rather odd looks from room service for that request," Lex chuckled in reply.

"And even stranger ones for paying to fix the window if I had to knock you through it."

"Not to mention that Iíd be fairly irritated if you did."

Clark walked over to Lex and wrapped his arms around his waist. "And Iíd rather not spend this weekend with you irritated."

Lex leaned back against him, turning his head to smile up into Clarkís face. "Good thing you know how to put me in a good mood then, isnít it?"

"Otherwise you might try to take over the world," Clark laughed, stroking his hands over Lexís back.

"Instead Iím kept busy trying to keep up with you," Lex replied, not sounding overly upset.

"Only because you have a spandex fetish."

Lex shook his head. "I have a Clark fetish."

Clark smiled and kissed Lex again. "Well, you can have all you want of that this weekend."

"I may never want to go back." Lex stretched sinuously, his hands coming to rest on Clarkís shoulders.

"Weíll go broke buying sunscreen," Clark chuckled.

"In case youíve forgotten, I have several billion dollars. Thatíll buy a hell of a lot of sunscreen."

Deciding to test things, Clark shrugged. "Okay, weíll stay here and be island bums then."

Lex laughed wryly. "Within a week, Iíd be buying out the resort and youíd be flying around the surrounding area rescuing people. As tempting as it sounds, neither of us is cut out to be a beach bum."

"True," Clark grinned, pulling Lex closer, "so weíll just enjoy the weekend, then head back to the real world."

"And think about coming back sometime," Lex agreed.

"So, youíre in charge, so what do you have planned for this evening?"

"Well, we can either go out and eat, then watch the sunset at the docks, or get room service and curl up in that bed," Clark answered, grinning as he had no doubt of what Lexís answer would be.

Seeing the smile, Lex held in a smile. There was nothing he hated more than being predictable, even with Clark. "I think we need to see what the resort has to offer," he replied.

Clarkís eyebrows rose, then he chuckled. "Whatever you want, Lexy," he teased, "Iím changing into shorts first though."

"What, not going to take advantage of that clothing optional policy?" Lex teased.

"Get me drunk and weíll see."

"Just a moment while I call room service for a couple of vats of whiskey," Lex replied instantly, starting for the phone.

Clark roared with laughter. "You give me that much to drink and Iíll spend all weekend puking in your Guccis."

"Damn, my evil plot is foiled again."

"I never let you have any fun, do I?"

"On second thought, why donít we leave the exploration for tomorrow, and tonight we can concentrate on the fun you do let me have?" Lex slid his arms around Clarkís waist and smirked up at him.

Clarkís smile changed to a devilish smirk. "Want to reenact our anniversary?"

"Reenactments are always good. You know how much I love history."

"Well, I canít promise this one will be totally accurate; I may have to embellish some..."

"In the interest of improvement, I suppose I can let the inaccuracy slide." Lex could feel himself hardening, and he knew Clark could too.

Clark chuckled and brushed a kiss over Lexís open mouth. "Because of what it gets you," he murmured, picking Lex up and laying him on the tiled floor. "Just a second." He vanished and grabbed a pillow from the bed so that Lex wouldnít hurt himself."

"Never mind a pillow, Iíd rather have you," Lex grumbled even as Clark was pushing it under him.

"Shut up, youíre unconscious."

Lex rolled his eyes before shutting them and pretending to snore.

"Unconscious people donít snore, Lex," Clark chided.

One blue eye cracked open to peer up at Clark. "Picky, picky."

"You want me to leave the shorts here when we go to the pool?"

Lex subsided, but there was a mutinous pout on his face, not that heíd ever admit to being capable of such an expression.

Clark still looked unimpressed. "Want me to go get a pitcher full of dirty river water and pour it on you?"

This time both eyes opened to fix Clark in a silent glare.

Clark grinned and sat back on his heels. "Not seeing unconscious disgruntled fertilizer factory manager here."

"And I am seeing a smirking smartass instead of an angelic savior," Lex retorted before closing his eyes again and relaxing on the floor.

Once he was sure Lex was playing along, Clark let his expression change to worried as he remembered that day. "Are you okay?" he asked, before shaking Lex, then leaning in to give him mouth to mouth though the action was more like a kiss.

Fighting his instincts, Lex managed to keep himself from responding to the kiss and lay limp and silent, motionless as heíd been the day they met.

"Címon, mister, you gotta be okay," Clark murmured, brushing his lips against Lexís as he stroked his hand over the other manís chest.

Lex stirred slightly, turning almost imperceptibly toward Clarkís warmth as heíd done when chilled and wet from the river.

"Youíre okay; youíre going to be okay," Clark chanted, continuing his kisses while he stroked his hand under Lexís shirt.

Hoping that his shiver of arousal could be dismissed as a reaction to his imaginary dunking, Lex slowly opened his eyes and stared up into the warm green of Clarkís. "Who are you?" he whispered.

"Clark. You had an accident and drove into the river."

"Are you my guardian angel then?"

Clark nodded, continuing to stroke Lexís stomach and chest. "Iím here to take care of you and keep you safe."

Grateful that there was no protective father to draw Clark away now, Lex raised a hand to cup Clarkís cheek. "Thatís a pretty big job," he whispered.

"Itís what I was sent here for," Clark whispered. "Trust me, I can handle it."

"I do trust you," Lex replied, turning more toward him.

"With anything?" Clark whispered, locking his gaze with Lexís.

"With everything."

"I trust you too." With that, Clark leaned in, and instead of attempting mouth to mouth, he kissed Lex.

Instantly opening his mouth, Lex reached up, his hands curling over Clarkís shoulders to cling to him.

As he explored Lexís mouth with his tongue, Clark groaned, his erection pressing against his pants. "Iím going to keep you safe," he said again, his voice rough.

"From everyone but you, I hope," Lex replied, arching up against him eagerly.

"Iíll never hurt you." Clark shifted so that he was on his hands and knees over Lex.

"I know that." Lex lay back again and gazed up trustingly, putting himself completely in Clarkís hands.

Shuddering at the trust in Lexís expression, Clark lowered himself and rubbed against Lex, exploring his mouth. That made Lex groan throatily, his whole body tightening as Clark aroused them both.

"I wanted to do this that day," Clark breathed. "I just didnít know it then."

"So do it now. Show me what you wanted. What I wanted, and I did know it."

Clark reared up, staring down at Lex, then grasped his shirt, ripping it open to bare the toned, pale chest to his gaze. "This, everythingóI wanted all of you."

"Iím yours," Lex vowed softly. "I always was." His hands slid down the muscular arms to intertwine their fingers, and he arched his back, displaying himself for Clark.

Clark raised Lexís arms over his head and dipped his head down to lick at Lexís nipples, teasing the peaks tighter and tighter.

Wordless moans fell from Lexís lips and he writhed, the sensation of being held in place by Clarkís unbreakable grip only increasing his arousal. His legs spread, allowing Clark to settle between them, and he arched higher, pressing his aching erection against the corresponding hardness.

"Are you mine, Lex?" Clark asked as he rubbed their bodies together. "Mine forever?"

"Yes," Lex panted. "All yours." One calf hooked around Clarkís leg, allowing Lex to hitch himself higher, and he groaned at the increased pressure.

Clarkís smile was far different from the innocent grin he would have worn as the boy he was pretending to be; it was possessive and full of sensual promise that he planned on delivering.

"Well, if youíre mine, I should take you home." That said, he caught Lex up in one arm and carried him to the bed without changing their positions.

Lex inhaled sharply, the science geek in him still easily aroused by the display of Clarkís powers and the grown man intent on the promise in Clarkís eyes. "So youíre going to keep me then?" he rasped.

Clark shrugged, the movement sliding their bodies together through the fabric of their pants. "I did save your life; doesnít that mean itís mine?"

"You donít look Chinese," Lex retorted, unable to resist. "But far be it for me to abuse local customs. I guess Iím all yours now." He writhed against Clark, both legs now around his husbandís waist as they both tried to get even closer.

"Idiot," Clark laughed, the sound rough and deep with need. "I think your brain must have been affected by your near death experience, and if it was, your body might be too; I should do a thorough inspection." That said, Clark shimmied out of Lexís hold and began moving, exploring Lexís jaw and neck with his mouth.

"Are... are you a doctor then?" Lexís breath caught when Clark hit an especially sensitive spot on his neck.

"I have first aid training." Clark chuckled as he worried the tender skin behind Lexís earlobe, then moved to the hollow of his throat.

"Thatís good because Iím pretty sure I need mouth to mouth."

"Just mouth to mouth?"

"Itís a start." Lex smiled wryly. He reached between then to cup Clarkís erection through his jeans, rubbing eagerly. "You may need to do some in depth examinations."

"Thatís what Iím trying to do." Clark kissed Lex again, then backed away to catch his nipple between his teeth, pulling back to give Lex just a hint of pain, something he knew the other man liked from time to time.

"Clark!" Lex nearly twisted out of his grasp, but fortunately Clark had been prepared for his reaction and held on. Lexís fingers buried themselves in Clarkís thick hair, clutching him tightly while the bald man moaned hungrily.

Clarkís smile thinned as his own desire grew, and he salved the tender skin with his tongue even as he undid Lexís belt and opened his pants so that he could brush his hand over the smooth skin there.

Lexís hips thrust upward, seeking more of that touch. "Please," he groaned, desperate to feel Clarkís hand on him.

Clarkís next kiss was centered on Lexís breastbone, then he licked lower, tasting the musky flavor of Lexís navel as he eased the fine linen trousers down over Lexís hips.

"Stop teasing," Lex gritted out. He reached for Clarkís hand, trying to drag it to his cock.

"Youíre recovering from a near-death experience; I donít want to give you a heart attack."

Lex growled. "Iím more likely to have one from frustration. Besides, donít you need to check me for injuries? Everywhere?"

"I am; you just need to be more patient."

"When you get to know me, youíll realize that patience is not one of my predominant characteristics!"

Clarkís eyes widened, and he let his lower lip jut out just slightly.

"Oh, that is so unfair," Lex grumbled, but he forced himself to lie still and let his "innocent savior" have his way.

"Thank you." Clark smiled sweetly and gave Lex a kiss for that before gently rolling him to his stomach and licking a path up his spine. Lex shivered, his legs spreading without conscious thought, and he moaned softly.

"No bruising back here," Clark continued, nuzzling the nape of Lexís neck, then down behind an ear.

"Thatís a relief. But maybe I have internal injuries. You should check." Lex squirmed, unable to remain still.

"You want me to do surgery on you?" Clark gasped, trying to sound shocked, but it came out more like a laugh.

"No, I think an internal exam would be enough."

"Well, Iíve never done one before, but Iíll give it my best shot." Clark shifted so that he was lying on top of Lex, his weight propped up on his elbows.

"Iím sure youíll be great." Lex pushed up, trying to reach Clark. He needed to feel the heat of Clarkís skin against him, and he was rapidly reaching the stage of being willing to beg for it.

"I hope so." Clark kissed his way down Lexís back, rolling onto his knees and spreading Lexís ass so that he could lick at his hole, shivering at the throaty moan he got in response to the action. Lex grabbed fistfuls of the sheets, his whole body arching into a deep bow as he fought the need to thrust back against Clarkís tongue.

"Oh yes," Clark whispered, pressing his tongue inward, stretching Lexís ass as he stroked his hips and thighs, calming him even as he aroused him.

Lex whimpered, his body tense as he held still, letting Clark do whatever he wanted. "Love you," he murmured.

"Need you now," Clark rasped, pulling back and grabbing for the lube, slicking himself up before helping Lex to turn over and sliding inside him.

"Oh god, finally," Lex panted, arching up to take Clark deeper as he clenched down.

"Needed this forever," Clark whispered as he began to move slowly, taking his time, pulling almost all the way out of Lexís ass before reversing direction and sliding forward again.

"Always," Lex panted, barely registering Clarkís words as he concentrated on the sensations filling him. "Best accident I ever had."

"Iím worth the loss of your Porsche?" Clark asked, smiling slightly as he rocked back and forth, keeping up the same slow pace.

"Better than ten Porsches," Lex vowed. He pushed back, trying to get Clark to speed up.

Clark beamed in response to that, then leaned in, taking Lexís mouth in a kiss that was as slow and deep as their coming together. Groaning, Lex relaxed, rocking back as he accepted the slow pace and came to revel in it.

"God, youíre gorgeous," Clark whispered as he pulled back to stare down at Lex, the muscles in his arms and chest bunching as he held himself back.

"Have you looked in a mirror lately?" Lex chuckled breathlessly, running a possessive hand down Clarkís chest.

"Yeah, but I donít go around admiring myself, so let me admire you."

"If you insist, although I still think I have the better view."

"We each have our own opinions."

"And they blend perfectly."

Clark had to smile gently at that and kiss Lex. "I love you."

Lex stilled and shut his eyes for a moment, a faint shudder wracking him. When he opened his eyes again, they were as bright as Clark had ever seen them. "I love you too."

At that, Clark leaned in to kiss Lex again, making Lex moan and tighten down around him. Lex raised his legs, wrapping them around Clarkís waist, and inhaled sharply when the shift in position let Clark sink deeper inside him.

"Perfect," Clark whispered, holding himself back and maintaining the same steady rhythm, wanting this to last as long as possible.

"Always," Lex replied softly, watching Clark watch him. "And forever."

Clark shuddered at the words, the tremor travelling through his body to Lexís everywhere they touched. "Damn right," he whispered.

"Iím really glad I hit you with my car," Lex said, managing a quick grin.

"Iím glad you knocked some sense into me," Clark countered as he arched down into Lexís body again.

Lex chuckled breathlessly. "I think itís the other way around."

"Fine," Clarkís voice was growing tight, and the muscles bulged in his shoulders as he strove to retain control, "we did it to each other."

"Yeah, we did. We do." Lex suddenly raised his head to bite at Clarkís throat, knowing he couldnít mark him but needing to try.

The grunt Clark gave was in answer to both the comment and the bite, and he arched his neck to allow Lex more access even as he cradled the back of his head with one hand, stroking his thumb over the bump there.

Lex responded by thrusting upward with his hips, moving faster and urging Clark into a harder rhythm, Clark giving in to the silent request and dipping his head in to claim Lexís mouth as they moved together, each thrust more frantic than the one that proceeded it. They both sought release and fought it, wanting to prolong the joy they found in each other, each tasting the desperation and exhilaration in the otherís kiss.

"Lex!" The single word breathed out of Clarkís lungs and into Lexís before he felt the first tremors of the other manís climax and let himself go, following him over into the nirvana of their shared climaxes in each otherís arms.

Long moments passed in which the only sound was the rustling of the curtains in the breeze that came through the open window and their panting as they slowly caught their breath. "We should have an anniversary every weekend."

"Well, technically we do," Clark murmured, nuzzling Lexís jaw as he spoke.

"Maybe I should buy the resort after all."




"Why not?"

"Because we canít come down here every weekend."

"Youíre being logical again," Lex grumbled.

"Besides, if you bought it, coming here wouldnít be a vacation since youíd be worrying about whether it was making a profit or not."

"Of course it would make a profit if I owned it." Lex sounded insulted that Clark might think otherwise.

"And you would spend the whole weekend making sure it stayed that way, so no. Vacation, Lex; no cape for me, no work for you, got it?"

Lex chuckled then, showing that heíd never been serious. "Maybe youíll just have to keep reminding me."

Clark rolled his eyes in response before nipping at Lexís earlobe. "Idiot."

"Well, you like me, so that makes you an idiot too."

"I like you?"

"I certainly hope you like me as well as loving me."

Clark managed a put-upon sigh. "I suppose I like you as well as loving you."

"Iím relieved to hear it," Lex said dryly.

"I would hope so otherwise weíre both screwed," Clark said before grinning and kissing Lex before he rolled over to his back, bringing the other man with him.

"You do realize that particular comment is somewhat comical in our current circumstances, right?"

Clark stroked his hands over Lexís back and chuckled. "Considering our reenactment right before our current circumstance, damn right it is."

Lex smiled down at him. "Lucky us then."

"I already knew that about us."

"And so does everyone else."

"So, ready to go?" Clark asked as he downed the rest of his coffee, grinning at Lex over the rim of the cup. "Key West awaits."

"Sure you donít want to stay at the clothing-optional pool?" Lex teased before finishing the rest of his own coffee.

"We can do that if you want," Clark said, shrugging easily. "Might be a little quiet there right now."

"Since I donít want you to spontaneously combust, I think weíll stick with your plan. I always enjoy sightseeing with you."

"Hey," Clark protested, "I knew that about the place when I booked us in here; I can lose the trunks if we go down there."

"Weíll do that later. Iíll have a few drinks so I donít decide to destroy anyone for looking at you, and weíll be good."

"They can look; as long as they donít touch you, weíll be good."

Lex laughed. "You realize weíre both probably certifiable?"

Clark chuckled as he set his glass down and got to his feet, holding his hand out to Lex as he did so. "Lexy, anyone who knows us knows thatís a fact."

"Good point. Itís fortunate they arenít likely to try to have us committed."

"Exactly, because they wouldnít have to try too hard." Clark caught Lexís hand and pulled him to his feet. "Now come on, and donít forget the sunscreen."

Lex rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say, Clarkbar."

"If you get sunburned, we canít enjoy the pool later."

"Yes, Clark," Lex sighed, knowing this was a battle he had no chance of winning. "Iíll be a good boy and put on sunscreen."

"Youíre always a very good boy," Clark assured him, pulling him closer for a kiss. "And Iíll make it up to you later."

"I have every intention of holding you to that," Lex informed him. "So, what are our plans for the day?"

"Considering that I know Iím married to a history geek, I figured Harry Trumanís Little White House, the Hemingway house, the Audubon house..."

Lex beamed. "Oh, I do love you."

"Because I know what you like?"

"Because you care what I like."

"I love you, Lex; of course I care what you like," Clark smiled, kissing him again even as he reached for the sunblock. He squirted a dollop onto Lexís scalp, dropping the bottle into the cargo pocket of his shorts when he was done and then rubbing it into Lexís skin.

Lex tried to look disgruntled, but he practically purred as he leaned into Clarkís touch. "I still love you for it."

"Good thing since I donít believe in divorce and my parents would kick your ass if you left me."

"Unless I ran away with your mother," Lex chuckled. "I think I could convince her."

"Then Iíd kick your ass," Clark laughed as he started them toward the door and out into the open-air hallway.

"But just think of all the potato salad Iíd get."

"Hard to eat it from orbit."

"Well damn, I guess Iíll just have to stick with you then."

"Good thing for both of us, isnít it?" They reached the stairs and started down, Clark sliding his arm around Lexís waist as they headed out into the sun.

"Yes, it is." Lex glanced over at him. "Maybe when we go to the pool, we should play Marco Polo."

"Just how are we going to make sure that thereís no one else in the pool if we want to do that?" Clark asked, sounding amused.

"That could be a problem since you wonít let me buy the resort."

"Then I suppose weíre going to have to wait for that until we can go home to our own pool, wonít we?"

"Thatíll be something to look forward to."

"As long as the dogs donít join us."

Lex burst into laughter. "Oh, you know theyíre going to."

"True," Clark chuckled, "though that means no skinny-dipping, at least for you."

"Ouch! Apparently weíre restricted to our shower for any games."

"Or the Jacuzzi; I think weíll manage."

"I have every confidence in us."

"Thatís because youíre brilliant," Clark laughed as they walked out onto the sidewalk and headed toward downtown.

"I think you love me for my mind."

"Among other things."

"That was great," Lex enthused when they let themselves back into their hotel room, their purchases already waiting for them since Lex had had everything delivered. He was slightly pink despite Clarkís enthusiastic and frequent applications of sunscreen, but he knew it would fade before dinner.

"Iím glad you liked it," Clark murmured, watching Lex fondly from where he leaned against the door. "So do you want to go down to Mallory Square Dock to watch the sunset later?"

"That sounds like a great idea," Lex agreed immediately. "Is dinner part of it, or should we plan on going someplace else afterward?"

"That depends if you want food from a stand or to eat sitting down here. We have reservations here for nine, but Iím easy either way."

"Letís keep the reservations. After running around all day, I think we may want to sit down and be served."

"So in other words youíre going to be too tired to hit the pool then, hrmm?"

Lex gave him a look that questioned his sanity. "Dinner will let us relax, and we can hit the pool later this evening."

Clark snickered at that and pushed off the door to walk toward Lex. "Now why did I know that youíd say that?"

"Because you know me so well."

"Must be," Clark replied easily.

"Smug," Lex said, shaking his head, at least until Clark caught him and kissed him.

"Takes one to know one."

"I have reason."

"To be smug?"

Lex looked Clark up and down and nodded, earning himself another kiss.

"Hero fetish," he murmured.

"Clark addiction," Lex corrected, looping his arms around Clarkís waist.

"Much better, especially since I have a Lex addiction as well."

"We can be happily co-dependent."

"Should we get t-shirts that say that?"

"Now those we could wear," Lex chuckled. "And you know Chloe would love them."

"We can see if thereís an air-brush place on the dock and get them done there," Clark suggested, looking as if he was already plotting the design.

Looking amused, Lex nodded his agreement. "I leave it in your capable hands."

"One thing I know is there wonít be any red or blue in the design," Clark laughed. "So, do you want to head down there now or relax here for a while?" He glanced at his watch before continuing. "Weíve got a couple of hours before sundown, but thereís lots of stuff going on down there."

"Letís go down," Lex decided. "Iím not tired, and I know you arenít," he added wryly, "so thereís no reason to stay here. We get plenty of opportunity to relax together at home."

"Excellent!" Clark enthused, beaming at Lex. "We can get some margaritas, wander around and watch the performersóand I can see about getting us those shirts."

"Sounds like fun," Lex agreed, stepping back. "We should get going before we get distracted then."

"True, we can get distracted later on after dinner and swimming," Clark mused, pulling the door open behind him and crooking a finger at Lex to beckon him into the hall.

"And Iím sure we will." Lex followed, slipping an arm around Clarkís waist when he reached him, and they continued down the hall together, wandering back out of the resort and toward the dock where the crowds had already begun gathering for the eveningís celebration. Street performers did their acts in open areas while vendors sold everything from food to shells to supposedly magical items.

Grinning, Clark bought both of them margaritas and steered Lex over to watch a flame-swallower put on his show.

"Looks like something youíd be good at," Lex murmured to Clark under cover of the noise of the crowd, a wicked grin curving his lips.

"Are you calling me flaming?" Clark snickered, curving his arm around Lexís waist under the hem of his shirt.

"Well, I meant how good you are at swallowing, but if the shoe fits..."

"Just remember, you taught me everything about being flaming that I know."

"I would never flame," Lex informed him. "I blaze."

Clark seemed unable to speak at that point, but his chest was shaking against Lexís back.

"You disagree?" Lex turned his head, looking back at Clark with a superior expression that was belied by the mischief sparkling in his blue eyes.

"Youíre butch, Lexy," Clark snickered before quickly taking a sip of his drink.

"Itís not wise to make fun of the guy you hope to share a bed with."

"I know, but you love me anyway." Clark leaned in for a kiss as he spoke.

"It seems nothing is going to change that," Lex admitted once the kiss broke.

"Good thing because the same is true for me." The show ended, and Clark reluctantly let go of Lexís waist to dig out his wallet and throw a few dollars in the hat the manís assistant was passing around for donations.

"It works out well." They strolled through the crowd, stopping whenever anything caught their eye and often tossing money to performers. The sun sank toward the horizon, brilliant streaks of color beginning to stretch across the sky.

"Donít let me forget to pick up those shirts," Clark ordered as they carried their refreshed drinks toward the end of the dock, joining the throng already out there, locals and tourists mixing together to watch the sun descend into the ocean.

"I wouldnít dream of it. Weíll have matching shirts and collars," Lex chuckled. "You know Chloeís going to want a picture."

"Are we going to get matching shorts as well?"

Lex eyed him. "Your parents let you read the Bobbsey Twins books when you were young, didnít they?"

Clark snickered in response and leaned in to nuzzle Lexís neck. "The things I want to do with you arenít sibling-like in the least."

"Iím very relieved to hear it. I have similar ideas. Later tonight we can share and decide which ones we want to try."

"Good thing we can sleep on the flight back," Clark murmured, "weíre going to need it."

"We wouldnít want to waste any of our time here sleeping."

"Mmm, I love the way you think, Mr. Luthor."

"You inspire me, Mr. Kent."

"Very glad to hear it; now watch the sunset, then we can eat, then weíll see how much I blush when we go to the pool."

Lex chuckled softly. "Try not to heat the pool, Clark."

"Iíll keep my eyes closed," Clark said dryly though he tightened the arm he had around Lexís waist as he spoke.

"Donít worry, Iím fairly certain that I can distract you," Lex murmured, leaning into Clark as they watched the sunset.

"Iím looking forward to it." The edge of the sun appeared to hit the water, and the sky blazed with reds and yellows.

"That sight alone is worth the trip," Lex said softly, his head on Clarkís shoulder.

"Yes, it is," Clark was looking down at Lex as the words left his lips.

"Look at the sunset, Clarkbar."

"So, did the food meet your expectations?" Clark asked as they left the restaurant and headed back up to their room to change.

"It wasnít as good as your momís, of course, but yes, I would go there again."

"Hrmm, Iím impressed, you didnít muse about buying the place again."

"I have better things to think about."

"Such as?" Clark asked, already knowing the answer.

Lex just had a single word for him. "Pool."

Clark forced himself to keep from wincing. "Do we at least get towels for the trip down?"

"Towels, trunks, robes, whatever you like. Itís clothing optional, Clark, not forced nudity."

"I picked the place, remember?" Clark said after taking a deep breath. "And itís no worse than being gawked at other times."

That gained him a kiss that left them both panting and pressed close together. "I can guarantee you that itíll be looking only; no one will touch."

"I meant in the suit," Clark chuckled throatily. "And no oneís going to touch you either; weíre going to be glued together."

"Oh damn, Iím going to hate that."

"Same here, so robes down to the pool then we can lose them," Clark said decisively, letting Lexís nearness and the drinks heíd had that night help shove down his innate modesty.

"Are you sure we canít stay here forever?" Lex asked, looking him up and down.

"Weíve had this discussion before; youíd get bored and try to take over the world, and that would make things difficult for us," Clark pointed out with a laugh.

"I didnít say buy it; I said stay. Iím sure youíre enough to distract me."

"If you bought it, youíd be less bored than if we just stayed here, plus the dogs would miss the snow."

"Hmm, yes, youíre right. Ah well, I suppose weíll just have to visit when we can." Lex nudged Clark onward until they were in their room. Once there, he began stripping, getting ready to go down to the pool.

Clark paused a moment to admire the pale flesh that was being bared to his sight then began pulling off his clothes as well, leaving them where they fell. He kicked out of his shorts and shoes and padded into the bathroom, gathering up robes and towels for them both.

Lex accepted the robe with thanks and shrugged into it, his own eyes drinking in Clarkís golden, sculpted form. "Ready?"

"Willing and able," Clark promised, slipping the keycard into his robe pocket after he belted it on and throwing the towels over his shoulder.

"Iím delighted to hear it." Lex reached for Clarkís hand as they left their room, finally heading for the pool.

"Like I could be anything else around you." Clark tensed slightly as they heard the noise from the pool area but glanced over at Lex, took a deep breath, and grinned.

"Not too ready. I donít want to have to fight off hordes of admirers," Lex told him, sounding amused.

"Guess youíd better not rub up against me then," Clark countered. "And again we differ in our opinions about who the hordes would be coming after."

Lex laughed. "You really are insane, but fortunately I like it."

Whatever Clark had been about to say was lost as they entered the patio area to find it full of partying naked men.

"Good god, itís a bacchanalia," Lex murmured.

"This makes the club scene look tame," Clark nodded, keeping a firm grip on Lexís waist to keep him close.

Lex chuckled. "Not some of the clubs I went to, but compared to any place Iíd take you, yes."

"Always protecting me," Clark murmured, brushing a kiss over Lexís temple.

"Thatís never going to change," Lex assured him, leaning into the caress.

"Same here, but tonight the noble side can go to sleep, or are we not going to dance?"

"Weíre not diving straight into the pool? Iím impressed, Clark." Lex turned into his arms to start dancing before Clark could change his mind.

"So so funny," Clark snorted, pulling back enough to look down at Lex. "And I thought the point of this was to lose the robes?"

"I wasnít sure you were ready for that," Lex admitted. "But since you are..." He shrugged out of his robe, draping it over a lounge chair, and reached for the belt on Clarkís, the younger man shrugging out of it the moment Lex had it loosened.

"Better?" he asked, tossing the robe on top of Lexís.

"Perfect," Lex breathed, sliding his arms around Clarkís waist and pressing close. "And all mine."

"Ten years," Clark nodded, the crowd around them and the beat of the music creating a rhythm for them to move together with. "And the rest of our lives to go."





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