Ashtaroth II

Orithain and Rina

July 2006

Disclaimers: We only wish they were ours. Sadly, this is as close as weíre going to get.

It was a sticky, sated John Sheppard who rolled to his back, one arm flung wide and trailing to the floor, and stared up at the ceiling where a miniature representation of the Pegasus galaxy continued to play out its cycle of life. "You still with me?" he asked smugly of the equally sticky scientist collapsed in a limp heap beside him.

"Hush, Iím dead," Rodney groaned, his voice hoarse from all the shouting, and yes, screaming, heíd done earlier. "Just so you know, if youíre like this all the time, thereís no way Iím going to survive; Iíll be dead, and then the city will sink because Iím not here to fix whatever crisis occurs next."

"I promise to let you rest and recharge occasionally once the honeymoonís over," John chuckled. He turned his head to grin at Rodney. "I expect to keep you around for a very long time."

"Very glad to hear that," Rodney murmured, managing to roll over enough to curl himself half-over Johnís body, his head on Johnís shoulder.

Johnís arm curved around Rodneyís back, holding him close, and the colonel sighed with pure contentment. "Now this is my idea of the right way to spend a day off," he said. "Iíll even let you sleep for a while before we go see Elizabeth if you like."

"Go see Elizabeth?" Rodney was instantly much more awake. "In regards to what?"

"We talked about this, Rodney. About shared quarters and how to deal with the stupid military rules that Iím not going to follow."

Rodney relaxed somewhat. "Oh yes, that. Sorry, my brainís still a little melted right now, so youíll have to forgive me."

John kissed him hard. "I told you that I wonít tell anyone what I am till we both agree. Trust me."

"I do or we wouldnít be here."

"Good point. But here will be better when itís a bigger bed that belongs to both of us, so up. I want to go find Elizabeth," John said, obviously changing his mind about letting Rodney sleep.

"So weíre back to making me move," Rodney groaned.

"Well, I could just fuck you again." John beamed happily, more than willing to rise to the occasion.

"You said you wanted to talk to Elizabeth!"

"And you said you didnít want to move." John kept his face straight with difficulty, amused by having to use sex as a punishment instead of a reward.

"Having sex would require me to move as well, along with probably causing me to have a massive stroke, necessitating extreme measures by the medical staff to keep me alive."

"Or I could intervene," John pointed out. "Ori, remember? I have all those godlike powers. Iím much better than a little blue pill."

"Iím going to have to kill you, you know that," Rodney grumbled, slowly rolling out of bed and heading for the bathroom, moving slowly in deference to his sore muscles.

"You wonít do that; you love me." John grinned as he came up behind Rodney and wrapped his arms around him, exercising those Ďgodlike powersí to sooth the aches their strenuous night had caused.

Rodney straightened up, his eyes opening wide when he realized how much better he felt. "Okay, for that, you get a kiss."

"Mmm, I like this system."

"I could grow to live with it as well."

"Gee, does this mean weíre engaged?"

Rodney groaned. "This is going to kill me."

"Iím not going to let anything do that," John said again, suddenly serious.

"I know," Rodney smiled, patting Johnís ass.

John smiled as he let go and stretched. "Shower?" he suggested hopefully.

"Thatís mandatory before speaking with Elizabeth, considering our state."

John had to laugh. "Yes, I donít think sheíd appreciate us just now. Although personally, I canít think of anything better than you rumpled, naked, sweaty, and smelling like sex."

Rodney flushed but started walking to the bathroom. "And Iím sure youíll make it your duty to see me like that as often as possible."

"You have no idea," John purred, following him closely enough that they were all but pressed together.

"Oh my god, youíre going to want to do it in the shower as well, arenít you?"

John nuzzled the back of his neck before gently biting the nape. "What do you think?"

"Sex fiend," Rodney grumbled though the words lacked heat.

"Thatís sex demon to you," John chuckled. "Or Ashtaroth if you prefer."

"I prefer John."

"Iíve noticed. But someday Iím going to get you to call me Ash."

"Maybe in a year or so."

"Has anyone ever told you that youíre a very stubborn man?"

"Many people, many times," Rodney smirked. "Now are we showering or what?"

"Weíre showering and what." John thought the shower on and urged Rodney inside, both of them sighing happily as the hot water sheeted over them.

"Mmm, one of the things you people did right was your hot water system," Rodney murmured happily as he rotated his neck under the pounding water.

"Sybarites are us," John chuckled. He turned Rodney around so the water was running over the scientistís chest and started massaging Rodneyís neck and shoulders, working the remaining kinks out.

"Okay, I love your hands," Rodney groaned, resting his hands on the wall in front of him and arching back into Johnís touch.

"Just my hands?" John rocked against him, his renewed erection sliding between Rodneyís water-slick buttocks.

"I do like the pointy ears too..."

"You want me to fuck you with my ears?" John laughed.

"That image is beyond disturbing; I think I need to bleach my mind!"

John was laughing so hard he had to brace a hand against the wall to keep from falling over. "Right, no ear fucking," he finally managed to gasp out, only to start laughing again.

"Keep it up and youíre getting out of the shower without getting any," Rodney scowled, though he, too, was trying not to laugh.

"I am up; canít you tell?" John rocked against him again, still chuckling.

"Thatís a permanent condition with you."

"I try. And despite the complaints, I havenít noticed you trying to run away," John retorted, nuzzling the back of Rodneyís neck.

"Thereís no point in running when you can teleport in front of me."

"And of course thatís the only reason youíre still here." John snorted an instant before his mouth closed on the side of Rodneyís neck, sucking hard to mark him.

"Exactly," Rodney groaned, tilting his head to the side and pressing back against Johnís hot body, wanting to melt into him.

"Youíre such a liar," John laughed, slowly pressing forward into him.

"Me?" Rodney gasped. "Never!"

"So you have no interest at all in sex or any desire to be with me, huh? Suuuurre, Rodney." John slid ever deeper, a torturous fraction of an inch at a time. This time, he was going to take it slow and easy if it killed them both.

"You know I doófuck, that feels good," Rodney gasped.

"I aim to please." John stroked a lazy hand over Rodneyís belly, stopping short of his nipples and cock.

Rodney only whimpered in answer, jerking forward to try and move Johnís hand closer to something. Taking pity on him, and himself, John edged his hand upward until his thumb could flick one hardened nubbin, and he bit back a groan of his own at Rodneyís reaction.

"John, please," Rodney begged, squirming as much as his position allowed.

"Shh, Iím right here," John murmured, pressing a kiss to Rodneyís cheek. "Slow and easy this time, Rodney. Iím not going anywhere." He finally curled a fist around Rodneyís erection, stroking it slowly in time with his gentle movements inside Rodney.

Rodney gasped in response, rocking between Johnís hand and his cock, trying to keep his movements slow and languid in keeping with Johnís thrusts inside him.

"I could stay like this forever," John breathed against Rodneyís ear.

Rodney shuddered and whimpered. "The terrifying thing is that you probably could."

John chuckled wickedly. "You really donít want to be giving me ideas like that."

Rodney squawked and not because of anything John was doing. "I am not spending the rest of my life in here like this!"

Bursting into laughter, John had to clutch Rodneyís hips to keep them from sliding apart as he shook with merriment. "I love your weird imagination," he finally got out, kissing Rodney to cut off the diatribe.

Rodney glowered at John throughout the kiss, getting his retaliation by reaching back and slapping Johnís ass, then gasping when that caused John to slam into him.

"Oh fuck, I love it when you get kinky," John rasped before starting to move inside Rodney again.

"If you think thatís kinky, you must have led a very sheltered life for an Ori!"

"Itís as kinky as youíve gotten so far!"

"We have been intimately involved for all of twelve hours!"

"All-knowing, remember?" John laughed. "But thatís okay; your fantasies have some real potential. Feel free to try them all out with me. Later." He thrust forward, making Rodney gasp.

"What?" Rodney yelped, the word turning into a groan when John continued moving in him, keeping him on the edge of orgasm for what felt like forever.

"You donít want me to fulfill all your fantasies?" John whispered into Rodneyís ear. He reached down between Rodneyís legs to flick his fingertips ever so lightly over Rodneyís balls, teasing him with the feather-light touch.

"Not ones you pluck out of my head without my permission, I donít!"

"Picky, picky," John chuckled. "Fine, Iíll stay out of your head... until you ask me in."

"That might be when I can get inóoh godóyours," Rodney hissed as they rocked together.

"Any time," John replied easily, now lightly stroking Rodneyís perineum with a single fingertip.

"Anyó" Rodney struggled to get the words out through the shudders that wracked his body. "ótime?"

"Any time," John repeated. "You thought Iíd complain about a chance to get this," he stroked Rodneyís cock possessively, "inside me?"

Rodney frowned and managed to twist enough to look back at John. "I thought we were talking about getting in your head, not your ass?"

"Oh yeah." John grinned easily. "Well, thatís fine too or I wouldnít be offering you my ass. Since youíre stuck with me now, you might as well know what youíre getting."

"How much more is there to know?" Rodney shivered when Johnís hand slid down his cock to tug at his balls.

"Iím several thousand years old, Rodney. Iím sure thereís a detail or two you donít know yet," John said dryly.

"Iím shocked," Rodney snorted.

John drew back enough to bring a hand down on Rodneyís ass. "Behave."

Rodney squirmed, a full body shudder running through him.

Johnís eyebrows rose. "Like that, do you?" he purred against Rodneyís ear before biting the soft lobe. He started fucking Rodney harder, occasionally randomly smacking his ass between strokes.

"What? Ióno! Oh fuckóyes!" Rodney moaned, bracing his forearms against the wall and spreading his legs wider.

"Oh yeah," John rasped, "youíre perfect for me." One hand slid up over Rodneyís belly to pinch a nipple hard at the same instant Johnís hand struck the reddened flesh of Rodneyís ass again.

Rodney shrieked and arched back against Johnís body as he came, the semen that splattered the wall quickly washed away by the water cascading over them. The sudden spasms wrenched John into his climax as well, and he buried himself as far inside Rodney as he could get.

"Oh yeah, you really liked that," John laughed breathlessly.

Rodney only grumbled and slumped forward, his head resting on his arms.

John stroked a fingertip over the sensitized flesh of Rodneyís ass. "Weíre going to have fun exploring all the different things we like."

Rodney twitched. "I canít believe this," he groaned.

"I assure you itís real."

"Iíve never ever done... that before."

"Youíve never had me with you before."

"Very true," Rodney managed a shaky laugh. "Of course, if I canít sit down when we go talk to Elizabeth, I am not going to be happy."

"Oh please," John snorted. "You wonít even feel it in a few minutes. Itís not like I beat you."

"Beat?" Rodney yelped.

"I said that didnít happen. And wonít. Iím not into hurting you," John reassured him. "Just a little edge to the pleasure sometimes. Which you obviously like."

"Oh." Rodney visibly relaxed again. "Well, yes, it was very intense." He straightened up and leaned back against John, sighing in contentment at the contact.

"Yes, it was." John wrapped his arms around Rodney and nuzzled the side of his neck while the hot water continued to sheet over them. "I definitely enjoyed waking up this morning more than any other morning I can remember."

"Any morning?"

"Any morning," John repeated firmly.

Rodney was quiet for a moment before turning his head to kiss Johnís jaw. "Me too."

"I love you," John said very quietly, his voice muffled by his position and nearly inaudible over the sound of the shower.

Rodney carefully turned around and looped his arms around Johnís waist, hugging him close. "Me too."

John stared down into the clear blue eyes, and he smiled crookedly. "You scare the hell out of me, Rodney," he said finally, but he was still holding Rodney tightly.

"I think Iím acquainted with that feeling," Rodney commented, stroking a hand over Johnís back to try to soothe him. "Though if I affect all Ori this way, maybe Iíd be an effective weapon against the ones going after Earth." He smiled slightly at the last.

John growled, flames abruptly visible in the depths of his eyes. "Any other Ori can find their own snarky scientist! Iím not sharing!"

"Easy, easy!" Rodney said quickly, his eyes widening at the abrupt transformation. "I was kidding, I promise."

John subsided, still grumbling, but the flames were still a tiny flicker behind his gaze. "I know. But I donít like the thought of it. Or of what theyíd do to you." His fingers dug into Rodneyís hips without conscious volition, hard enough to bruise.

"Um, ow." Rodney pulled back to look down at Johnís hands. "And they wonít do anything because Iím not going near them, so can we stop with the hands of steel bit?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry." The grip instantly gentled to a caress, and the already visible bruises faded away again.

Rodney blinked, and he shook his head. "Who needs Carson with you around?"

"Not you." John grinned smugly. He finally turned the shower off and reached for a towel to dry them.

"Mmm, that feels good," Rodney sighed, letting John turn him around as he wished to get him dry, then took the towel from John from John to return the favor.

"Likewise." John smiled lazily. "I love your hands."

"I hope you mean having them on you and not as some trophy." Rodney gave a crooked grin at the last.

"Okay, thatís just disgusting." John shook his head at the smirking scientist and turned to walk back into the bedroom. "And if you expect me to keep my hands off you long enough to go talk to Elizabeth, get dressed!"

Rodney chuckled and looked around at the jeans and t-shirt John had changed his uniform into the day before. "If you could, um... get me some clothes?"

"Hmm? Oh." John had the grace to look somewhat sheepish, and a moment later the clothes were a uniform again, freshly cleaned and wrinkle free.

"Thank you." Rodney grinned slightly and got dressed, running a hand over his head to try and get it smoothed down. "And, brush?"

John gestured toward a wall, and it slid open, revealing several shelves. A brush was lying on one of them. "Help yourself."

Rodney nodded his thanks as he took it and brushed his hair, then glanced back over his shoulder. "I wasnít sure if you owned one."

"Ha ha. I happen to like my hair, so get used to it."

"I do too even if it looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket." Without asking, Rodney grabbed Johnís toothbrush and toothpaste and began to brush his teeth.

"Pushy bastard," John said without heat.

Rodneyís answer was muffled by his mouthful of toothpaste.

Shaking his head, John finally pulled on his own uniform and pushed his fingers through his hair. "Ready whenever you are," he announced.

After spitting and rinsing his mouth, Rodney smiled and grabbed his jacket. "Not going to brush your teeth?" he asked brightly.

John smirked and breathed minty fresh breath on him. "Ori, remember? I brush my teeth to fit in, not because I need to."

"Smug bastard," Rodney grumbled.

"And Iím all yours," John said cheerfully, slinging an arm over Rodneyís shoulders.

"And you damn well better remember that."

"Hey, Iím the one who had to convince you!"

"And Iíll be unconvinced if I see you drooling over some alien princess or priestess!"

"Well, I donít need to try to make you jealous anymore, do I?"

"Thatís why you did it?" Rodney squawked as they left the room.


"Idiot; youíre worse than a teenage girl."

"No, Iím a guy who was fixated on an oblivious so-called genius!"

"Oh, please, if Iíd rolled over for you, you would have gotten bored in a week."

"Rodney, I donít think boring and you are even in the same galaxy, never mind the same sentence!"

"Good point; but I still stand by my observation."

"Well, itís a moot point. Iíve even declared my undying adoration."

Rodney chuckled. "And in your case, undying isnít a metaphor."

"Exactly," John replied with satisfaction.

"Oh hush and come on so we can get this over with."

"See my feet moving? This is me walking to Elizabethís office."

"Iím this close to banging my head against the wall, just so you know."

"See, I keep your life from being boring." A passing Marine snorted but didnít slow, not wanting to draw their attention.

Rodney frowned slightly as he watched the other man. "How are the other soldiers going to react to this?"

"I imagine weíll see it all, from the ones who are pleased by the opportunity itíll make for themselves, to the ones whoíll want to have me court-martialed, to those who wonít care either way."

"And if they take it to Caldwell when the Daedalus comes next?"

"Then Iíll see what happens, and if I have to go all Ori on them, I will. Well, maybe not Ori, that would freak them way too much. But Iíll bet I could do a great impersonation of an Alteran."

Rodney shook his head. "Letís hope it doesnít come to that."

"Weíll get Elizabeth on our side. Thatíll help."

Rodney nodded. "And then thereís the amount of times weíve saved everyoneís lives..." They reached the transporter and walked inside, emerging near the gateroom.

"Weíll hope they take that into account." John walked up the steps to Elizabethís office, Rodney right beside him. "Got a minute?"

"Of course." She motioned them in, watching as Rodney shut the door and they both sat. "Go ahead, gentlemen."

Rodney glanced at John and got to the point. "John and I are together, and we want to make sure youíre all right with that fact so that when the military gets all prissy about it, we have your backing."

Despite years of experience dealing with some of the most volatile people on Earth, Elizabeth was left gaping at them. "You..."

"We." John nodded sharply. "Rodney and me, together. And weíre not planning to sneak around and hide it. In fact, we want new quarters together. There was what looks like an apartment in the South Tower that I think would be perfect, and the areaís been cleared as safe."

"You want to live together?" she asked, still trying to process this new development.

"Honestly, Elizabeth, if this was a life or death situation, weíd all be dead by now," Rodney sighed. "Weíre in a relationship, and granted, itís new, but I have great faith in it, so yes, we want that room."

"Trust me, you donít want honeymooners in public all the time," John added with a smirk, and a finger trailed down the nape of Rodneyís neck.

Elizabeth eyed them both and nodded. "A very good point and youíre both adults even if you donít act like it all the time." She gave a slight smile. "So all Iím going to say is congratulations."

Rodney opened his mouth to protest, then blinked and stared at her.

John stuck out his tongue at Rodney and said, "Told you so!"

"Oh god, Iím never going to be able to live with him now."

"I think you actually deserve each other," Elizabeth observed, making John burst into laughter.

Rodney glowered at them both.

Sobering, Elizabeth continued, "I had already considered the possibility of something like this, though I never thought it would be the two of you, and I have a letter ready to send back to Earth. Iím requesting an exception for all personnel stationed on Atlantis since this is a multi-national force, and it is unfair to hold one portion of the personnel to a different standard than others."

She looked up, meeting Johnís eyes. "But it will only apply in Atlantis unless the laws change back on Earth."

He shrugged. "I wasnít really planning to go back anyway."

Rodney nodded. "Me either; thereís too much to see and do here."

"I donít foresee any difficulty having the ruling made. You may encounter some... unpleasant reactions from some of the personnel here."

John shrugged. "I can take care of myself. And assign really awful duties."

"And trust me, they donít want to make me mad," Rodney murmured, his expression looking almost dangerous.

Elizabeth groaned. "Please try not to destroy the city."

Rodney chuckled and rested his hand on Johnís thigh. "I promise."

Her eyes on Rodneyís hand, it took Elizabeth a moment to respond. "I appreciate that. And I take it youíre not planning to wait for the official change to move in together?"

John shook his head emphatically. "Nope. If I have to resign and sign on as a civilian or join the Athosians, thatís what Iíll do, but Iím not hiding like Iím ashamed."

"You are not joining the Athosians," Rodney grumbled. "Youíre staying here."

"Ohhh, am I going to be your boy toy?"

Elizabeth reached for the bottle of headache medication she kept in her desk.

Rodney groaned. "Can I have some of that?"

John pouted.

Elizabeth handed over the bottle.

"Thank you," Rodney sighed, dry swallowing three of the pills and avoiding looking at John.

"Well, that was a short honeymoon."

"Oh, I love you, and you know it, and I cannot believe I had to say that in front of Elizabeth!"

John leaned over and kissed him. "I love you too."

Elizabeth was smiling as she watched them.

"Are we done now?" Rodney asked plaintively.

"Shouldnít we discuss..." Elizabeth started.

"He hasnít had any coffee yet this morning," John interrupted, making her eyes widen.


"And just what did that mean?" Rodney snapped once they were out of the office, Johnís hand at the small of his back propelling him along.

"It means you enjoy mornings a lot more after youíve had a few cups of coffee."

"Youíre saying that you donít want me snapping off everyoneís heads this morning is what youíre saying."

"See, I knew you knew me."

"Oh, just hush," Rodney glowered as they walked into the transporter.

"Make me."

"I will!" The moment the doors closed behind them, Rodney grabbed John by the back of his neck and yanked him in for a hard, hungry kiss. John wrapped his arms around Rodney and groaned softly, parting his lips to draw Rodneyís tongue in. Neither of them noticed the door open.

A long wolf whistle broke their clinch, and they turned to see Laura Cadman staring at them. "Well, Rodney, that explains why you had no clue what to do with Katie," she laughed.

John turned his head to glare at her. "Watch it, Lieutenant. We still need to check out some very soggy, musty, mildewy sections of the city."

"Nothing meant by that, sir; I hope the two of you are very happy together!" She gave a lightning fast salute and backed away as Rodney chuckled.

"Well, that wasnít so bad," he commented.

"Nope, but I never thought Cadmaníd be a problem. And she actually likes you for some reason," John teased, "so sheís not likely to attack us."

"For some reason?" Rodney asked, his voice rising.

"Rodney, most of the Marines hate you within thirty seconds of meeting you. Thereís speculation that you have some sort of scoring system and are trying to see how fast you can inspire the urge to kill."


"I guess that would be a no to that then. Donít worry about it, Rodney. I prefer you with me anyhow."

"They want to kill me?" Rodney asked, still hung up on that idea.

"Naw, not really. They just like to fantasize about it. I have better fantasies."

"Ones that I am not asking about, thank you!"

"Weíll work our way up to those," John chuckled.

"Let me tell you, if they involve bursting into flames or blurring into ghostly lights, we are so not going there!"

"No, youíre safe," John laughed. "I donít have anything in mind for you that doesnít include a very solid, very sweaty body."

"Okay, that I can live with."

"Iím glad to hear it. But for the moment, Iím hungry, so you must be ready to fall over. Breakfast!"

Rodney nodded emphatically. "And lots of coffee."

"That goes without saying. I think youíd survive being deprived of oxygen better than coffee," John laughed.

"Iím sure you would find ways of providing me with either or both if I needed them."

"Of course. As I keep telling you, I have plans for you that are very long term."

"And you think I donít?" Rodney glanced over at John and gave a crooked grin.

"I certainly hope you do." John had a hand on the small of Rodneyís back again as they walked into the mess hall, both still intent on each other.

"Dr. McKay, if you have time to put away your toy guns, there are a few things I need to discuss with you." Dr. Kavanagh planted himself in front of the two men, causing Rodney to pull up sharply to avoid running into him.

"Just what are you talking about, and what is so important that you couldnít send me an e-mail so I donít have to deal with you in person?í Rodney snapped.

"Toy guns," John repeated, eyeing Kavanagh oddly. "Rodney, didnít your department screen for insanity?"

"Blame the SGC," Rodney muttered.

"Well, if you arenít playing with those, just what are the two of you playing with?" Kavanagh asked snidely.

"More than you could ever handle," John retorted, giving the lanky scientist a look of sheer disdain.

"John," Rodney said quietly, "let me handle this." He glared at Kavanagh, smirking when the other man looked away first. "Just what was it that was so imperative?"

"Ió" Kavanaghís eyes darted from Rodney to John, then back again. "It was to inform you that the last of the items from PC4-32Y had been cataloged."

"And this was an emergency in what way?"

John snickered and moved away to begin filling a tray with breakfast for both of them.

By the time Rodney finished dressing down Kavanagh, the whole mess hall was watching, and he was sure the coffee John had gotten him was cold.. "Fucking idiot," he growled as he dropped into the chair across from John.

"Thatís hardly news," John pointed out. He picked up Rodneyís coffee, warming it again with a thought before handing it to Rodney. "Maybe we can convince him to leave again. Iím really surprised he stayed."

"I have no idea why he did," Rodney sighed, before taking his coffee and smiling ruefully. "Thank you."

"My pleasure." John gave Kavanagh an unfriendly look over Rodneyís shoulder, barely restraining himself from doing something to the annoying scientist.

"If I find him singed around the edges, itís going to be obvious to me who did it."

"But not to anyone else."

"Yes, but I want to be the one to break him and send him running back to Earth crying, so no tricks."

"You never let me have any fun."

Rodney only stared at him, his eyebrows raised.

"Except for sex," John amended.


"The best."

Rodney smirked. "Exactly."

John chuckled. "You cut the words modesty and humility out of your dictionary, didnít you?"

"That would mean they existed in it to begin with, and hearing that coming from you is actually quite funny."

"I can be humble."

"But are you really?"

"When appropriate."

Rodney took a sip of his coffee. "Certainly never in bed."

"Thatís because Iíve got nothing to be humble about there."

Rodney chuckled. "Iím not arguing with that at all, and you know it."

"Definitely worth waiting for," John said with deep satisfaction. "So, do you have anything urgent to do this morning, or can we start packing and moving?"

"Canít you just, you know, wiggle your nose or blink or something, and do it?" Rodney asked.

"You donít think someone might notice that we didnít ever actually pack or move anything?"

Rodney groaned. "My back is never going to survive this."

"Well, I might cheat a little on gravity and mass."

"Excellent idea, my back thanks you already."

"I hope more than just your back is planning to get in on it."

"The thanks will be profound and from many parts," Rodney promised.

"Iím delighted to hear it. And you know, no one would actually know how we spend the time in our rooms supposedly packing."

"And that we arenít in separate rooms? Iím really growing to appreciate these godlike powers of yours more and more."

"I knew youíd come to see it my way."

"Though that doesnít mean you can use them to terrorize the galaxy."

"Oh fine, Iíll be good." John drank more of his coffee, knowing no one would notice that it never seemed to be empty.

"Poor thing, itís a horrible life," Rodney snorted, picking up his fork and starting to eat.

"Well, it has its good points."

"I would hope so!"

"Never doubt it."

"You both have rather ridiculously large smiles on your faces," Ronon announced as he sat down with them.

"And did anyone ask your opinion?" Rodney snapped.

"No." Ronon looked at him before beginning to shovel scrambled eggs into his mouth.

"And yet he insists on giving them anyway."

"Itís a team thing," Ronon said between mouthfuls.

"You canít argue with that, Rodney," John said, grinning.

"And you were thinking of moving when?"

"Whoís moving?" Ronon asked.

"We both are. In together. Today," John added with a frown at Rodney.

"About time," Ronon said before moving on to his bacon.

"What theówhy do you say that?"

"Because youíve been dancing around each other as long as Iíve known you and apparently as long as youíve known each other from what everyone else says."

"So much for being discreet," John muttered into his coffee.

"But, but nothing happened until yesterday!" Rodney sputtered.

"It should have."

"You never saidóor did anything to indicate... anything!"

John and Ronon both stared at him. "Do you really think I flirt with everyone that way?" John demanded.

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

John pouted, and Ronon ignored them both in favor of his food.

"John, you flirt with anything that breathesónot that Iím saying you go through with anything, mind you."

"I donít flirt with anyone else as much or the same way as I do with you!"

"Thatís true," Ronon said.

"It is?" Rodney flushed, looking oddly pleased.

"Of course it is! Iím not in love with anyone else!" Unfortunately Johnís rather loud growl fell into one of those conversational lulls that made it clearly audible across the entire mess hall.

"Guess weíre public now," Rodney murmured before giving the people around them an icy glare. "Do you really want me angry at you?"

Suddenly everyone seemed to find their breakfast fascinating. John stared down at his and groaned. "There was a time when I was actually the cool guy," he sighed.

"You still are, donít worry," Rodney murmured. "And Iím sure even more people will come on to you, seeking to save you from me."

John stared at him. "Youíve got to be kidding."

Ronon shook his head. "No, heís right. Iíve heard people talking about it. Why do you think half the people in the city have thrown themselves at you? The only ones who donít feel that way are the ones who know you both well."

"So donít worry, your studly reputation will remain undiminished."

John snorted. "Like I care about that. Iíve already got you."

The small smile returned to Rodneyís face, and he nodded.

"Is it going to be this way all the time now?" Ronon asked.

"Naw, itíll pretty much be the way itís always been, aside from being able to touch when we want to now. And itíll be the absolutely the same on missions."

"Good." Ronon nodded and concentrated on his food again.

"What were you expecting? For us to get all hearts and flowers?" Rodney made a face. "Not in this lifetime!"

"I donít know," Elizabeth said as she sat down across from John. "It could be entertaining."

"Doesnít anyone have anything better to do?" John grumbled.

"No," Radek Zelenka said cheerfully, sitting down next to Rodney.

"Oh my god, isnít there a soap opera on or something?"

"It wouldnae be as interesting as what I believe is going on here," Carson commented as he joined them.

"Am I too old to run away from home?" John muttered desperately.

"If you leave without me, I will hunt you down and kill you," Rodney hissed to the general laughter of the others.

"I was planning to take you with me!"

"Ahh, all right, much better."

"And where were you planning on going?" Elizabeth asked.

"It would kind of defeat the purpose if I told you that, donít you think?"

"I will go password protect the DHD," Radek chuckled.

"As if I couldnít get around that in two minutes."

"Two minutes would be long enough to get you back to the lab. And your paperwork, sir," Lorne said as he too sat down at the now crowded table. "íCause no offense, Colonel, but youíre not leaving me with all the paperwork."

"Did I say two minutes? Make that thirty seconds!"

"Can we make a run for it now?" John asked hopefully.


"No!" everyone else chorused laughingly.

"Spoilsports," Rodney grumbled into his coffee.

"Iím not losing my military commander and my chief scientist before Iíve even had breakfast," Elizabeth said, trying not to laugh.

"Fine, then you can all help us move," Rodney shot back before realizing what heíd said and blanching.

John gave him a dirty look at the change in their plans while several people offered their help, including Ronon, Lorne, and Teyla.

Rodney was strangely subdued for the rest of the meal, though the others didnít notice, too busy with their teasing.

"John, perhaps you should help Rodney with his packing while the rest of us pack up your room?" Teyla suggested, easily able to see that they wanted some time together.

"Thatís an excellent idea!" John exclaimed.

"Weíd be glad ta help ye," Carson added with a smile.

"Weíll, um, tell you where itís going when weíre done," Rodney nodded.

"And we will call before we join you," Teyla assured them.

John grinned. "Youíre a good friend, Teyla."

"Weíre just going to be packing!" Rodney protested.

Ronon snorted.

"I donít think they believe us, Rodney," John said with an innocent expression.

"I have no idea why."

"I think itís time for us to go start packing." John stood and stepped away from the table. He picked up his tray and got rid of it, then waited for Rodney to join him.

"Packing, yes, right, thereís a lot to pack," Rodney said quickly as he grabbed his tray and stood, almost sending his dishes crashing to the floor. He flushed under the knowing but kind looks of their tablemates and hurried after John. "Well, that was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life."

John chuckled. "I donít care as long as we get some time alone. Thatís one good thing about everyone knowing."

"Iím sorry; I shouldnít have said what I didóabout them helping."

"Hey, itís okay. Youíre not used to covering for what I am. I understand that, and we still got our time."

"Itís more Iím not used to the whole relationship thing," Rodney murmured. "But Iím trying."

"And doing a great job as far as Iím concerned." John slid an arm around Rodneyís waist and drew him close as they walked down the hall.

"I thought you really didnít have any experience either," Rodney answered, tilting his head to the side to look at John even as he slid his arm around his waist as well.

"I donít. But I figure as long as I keep feeling like I could burst into song, it must mean Iím happy."

"Burst into..." Now Rodneyís eyes widened. "Just so you know, if you do that, Iím running the other way."

"Considering the way I sing, I couldnít blame you," John chuckled.

"But I know what you meanóabout the being happy part."

"Iím glad. Iíd hate to think I was alone in that."

Rodney loosened his hold enough to smack John on the ass. "Hardly."

"Good." John grinned and spun Rodney into his room, locking the door behind them with a thought. "Now then, just how long do you think we have before someone shows up?"

"I think theyíll wait for us to contact them."

"Oh good." John tumbled them onto the bed, both of them naked before Rodneyís back touched the sheets.

"You just want to take advantage of me," Rodney muttered though he was stroking his hands over Johnís back and arching up under him even as he complained.

"Every way and as often as I can."

"Damn, I hate that idea."

"Iíll just have to convince you otherwise." John shimmied toward the foot of the bed, pressing kisses to Rodneyís chest until he could lick at a sensitive nipple.

Rodney moaned and twisted upward, his hands fisting in the blanket before he remembered he could touch John as often as he wanted, and then they were everywhere on the other man they could reach.

John groaned his pleasure, rocking against Rodney before rolling to his back and pulling the other man atop him. "Yeah, touch me, please," he rasped.

"Oh yes," Rodney breathed, straddling Johnís hips and running his hands down the other manís lean chest, a shudder running through him at the thought that all of this was his.

Once again there was a hint of flames in the depths of Johnís eyes as he gazed up at Rodney, his own hand sliding up one muscular thigh. He watched Rodney as he drew a single fingertip along the hardening shaft, then let his hand fall back to Rodneyís knee.

Rodney whimpered, and his hips jerked forward before he managed to hold himself still by concentrating on Johnís body, namely, the way his nipples were hardening under his fingertips.

John smiled slowly, accepting the challenge of the game to find out who could last longer. He arched his back, enjoying Rodneyís teasing touches, and he curled his hand around Rodneyís erection and began stroking.

Shuddering at the slow pull on his erection, Rodney licked his lips, smiling slightly at the way Johnís eyes followed his tongue, then raised one hand to his mouth, licked his index finger, and rubbed over and around Johnís nipple, watching the dark hair around it grow damp and flatten down.

John caught his lower lip between his teeth, and his hand stilled as he watched Rodneyís finger and his own nipple tighten and harden under his loverís ministrations. "You have hidden talents," he whispered.

"You inspire me," Rodney admitted, licking another finger and teasing Johnís other nipple.

"Iím delighted. And keeping all these newfound talents for myself."

"Greedy," Rodney chuckled, though his expression was one of pleasure.

"Where youíre concerned? Damn right!"

Rodney snorted. "Iím shocked."

"I rather doubt that." He arched his hips up slightly, his cock nudging Rodneyís opening.

"You donít believe me?"

"Youíre not stupid. Iím pretty sure you noticed recently that I like you. And that I donít plan to share you."

"Well, the opposite is true as well!"

"I never thought I would like that, but I do." John beamed at Rodney, grasping his hips to hold him in place as Johnís cock glided between his cheeks.

"And what Iíd like would you actually doing something back there!"

"Oh, you mean like this?" John cheated a little to make sure Rodney was slick for him as he pushed inside.

"Wait, we didnít get the..." Rodneyís voice trailed away when he realized John was sliding easily into him. "Whatíd you do?" he demanded once he could breathe again.

"Just rearranged a few molecules. Air becomes lube... sort of the way I changed your uniform into jeans and a shirt last night." John grinned up at him, the flames growing brighter in his eyes.

"Weíre going toóoh!--talk about this more later," Rodney gasped as he rocked back against John.

"We could talk about it now if you like. If itís bothering you." John smirked up at him, gripping Rodneyís hips tightly to hold him still.

Rodney growled and smacked Johnís hip.

Chuckling, John gentled his grip to a caress and rocked up into Rodney. "Or maybe it can wait for a while."

"Not endearing yourself to me in the least, Colonel!"

"Does this help?" John suddenly drove up hard.

Rodney could only gasp and moan in response.

"Iíll take that as a yes." He smiled before curling a hand around the back of Rodneyís neck and pulling him down into a kiss while thrusting up into him.

"Idiot," Rodney tried to growl, but it turned into a gasp.

"And Iím all yours. Arenít you lucky?"

"Only one who canóohóhandle you," Rodney gasped.

"The only one I want handling me." John curled a fist around Rodneyís erection again and stroked while watching Rodneyís face.

Rodney managed to nod vigorously before his eyes slid closed, and he moaned, twisting between Johnís hand and cock. John watched him until an idea struck him. A moment later they slowly floated up into the air until there was nothing supporting Rodney except Johnís body, gravity forcing him to take John even deeper.

"Whatóhowóoh, who cares," Rodney moaned, sitting back and clenching down on Johnís cock.

"Good attitude," John murmured throatily, his hand moving a little faster on Rodneyís cock while he continued to pump into the scientist despite the total lack of leverage, causing Rodney to writhe on top of him. John sat up, completely at ease floating in midair, and he caught one of Rodneyís nipples between his teeth.

Giving in to the multitude of sensations, Rodney cried out, his whole body spasming as he came, shuddering and clenching down on Johnís erection.

John raised his head, his lips brushing Rodneyís ear as he murmured, "Letís see if you can be multi-orgasmic, shall we?"

"Oh, fuck," Rodney whispered, his eyes opening wide.

"Thatíll definitely be part of it."

"I think itís part of it now," Rodney gasped as he gave a full-body shudder.

"Good point." John rolled them over so that he was over Rodney and slowly lowered them back to just over the bed, then suddenly let gravity take hold and drop them the last couple of inches, driving him deep into Rodney.

Rodney howled and spasmed around John, his voice dying away to a keening whine as his body hitched, then he came so hard his vision greyed out. John petted him, grounding him through the intense orgasm even as John came as well.

"Love you," he groaned, pressing kisses along Rodneyís jaw.

"Hurm?" Rodney mumbled, blinking as he slowly became aware of his surroundings again.

"So I finally found a way to turn that brain of yours off," John chuckled.

"Hush, Iím enjoying the afterglow."

"Good plan." John sprawled on top of Rodney, his head tucked under the scientistís chin as he inhaled the scent of them.

"All of my plans are good ones," Rodney muttered before drifting off again.

"Thatís why you wanted me to leave you alone yesterday, I suppose?" John snorted softly before rubbing his cheek on Rodneyís shoulder, unconsciously scent-marking him, and closing his eyes as he fell asleep.

"Col. Sheppard! Dr. McKay!" Teylaís voice over their radios, lying on the table next to the bed, held enough laughter to let them know it wasnít the first time sheíd tried to call them.

"Oh hell!" John exclaimed when he looked at the clock and realized that theyíd slept for nearly two hours.

"What? What? Is it the Wraith?" Rodney asked, coming awake and looking around wildly.

"No, itís our so-called friends laughing at us because weíve been asleep for two hours," John answered wryly.

"We have?" Rodney sat up. "Shit! I need to get to the lab!"

John caught hold of him around the waist. "No, you donít. Weíre supposed to be moving, remember? We need to get dressed and then move everything to our new rooms."

"Oh." Rodney blinked, remembering. "Thatís right, though maybe theyíve gotten most everything there already."

"Except my things," John pointed out. A moment later everything he owned was neatly packed and ready to be moved.

Rodney smiled slightly at the instant packing. "Youíre pretty damn useful, Colonel."

"I aim to please." John kissed him lightly. "Teyla? Weíre all done in here. Come on over, and we can start moving it all."

"We are on our way, Colonel."

"Sheís laughing at us," Rodney muttered.

"Yup. She thinks weíre cute. And that itís about time we stopped wasting time."

"And is this something your of-so-magnificent powers tell you?"

"Of course. All-knowing, remember? When I Ďlookí, that is." John took a last look at him, for the moment, and then they were both suddenly clean and dressed, though still sitting together on the bed.

Rodney glanced down at himself, then over at John. "One of these days Iím going to get motion sickness when you do that."

"Considering you donít move, that would be quite a trick," John snorted.

"Itís the idea, Colonel; surely you can appreciate that."

"Yes, Rodney. Whatever you say, Rodney."

"I like that answer; feel free to repeat it as often as necessary."

"What a shock," John laughed. "Now letís try to look like we did some work." He stood up, offering a hand to Rodney.

"What? You mean I donít look exhausted?" Rodney shot back, clasping Johnís hand and using him to stand up.

"Actually, you do look tired," John admitted. "I think Iím going to need to stop being so greedy and let you get some rest occasionally."

Rodney yawned again and gave John an almost sweet smile. "You are kind of hard to keep up with, Colonel."

John hugged him and left a supportive arm around Rodneyís shoulders. "Tell me if I really get to be too much for you. Playingís one thing, but I donít want to hurt you."

"I know youíd never do that."

John beamed at him. "I like this whole honesty and trust thing."

Rodney nodded and leaned his head on Johnís shoulder. "Me too, itís good. We should go now; theyíll be waiting."

Chuckling easily, John kissed his temple. "I really did fry you. I asked them to come meet us here, remember?"

"Thatís right," Rodney sighed. "I just hope there arenít any emergencies in the near future because I wonít be able to save the day."

"Youíre incapable of not rising to the occasion and saving us all," John said soothingly.

"Well, of course I am, but itís much easier when my brain doesnít have the consistency of tapioca pudding."

"Thank you for that truly revolting image!" John shook his head and was still laughing when the others arrived to help them move Johnís belongings to their new quarters.

"Just what did you have McKay doing, Sheppard?" Ronon asked as he followed Teyla inside. "He looks worse than when we have to run for the gate."

John grinned wickedly. "Weíre moving in together. Do you really want me to answer that?"

Ronon grunted and scratched at his chin. "Making use of your time then."

"Excuse me?" Rodney yelped.

Even Teyla rolled her eyes. "I do not believe there is anyone in Atlantis who has not wondered why you were still waiting."

John blinked. "Caldwell?"

"No, he does not spend sufficient time here to see it, and your friends have acted to intercede when it seemed necessary to distract him," Teyla explained. The idea that John could get in trouble for caring for a man was still foreign to the Athosian, but she accepted it as another peculiarity of the culture and acted to protect her friends.

Rodney was still having problems processing the first comment. "Anyone?"

"Anyone who interacts with you," Teyla amended. "All of the original expedition, Maj. Lorne, Lt. Cadman..."

Rodney groaned.

"I guess itís a good thing we werenít planning to hide it," John said wryly.

"Except from Caldwell," Rodney cautioned.

"If possible without driving ourselves crazy. Elizabethís already on our side," John reminded him.

"Yes, youíre right," Rodney sighed before looking over at the others. "And didnít you come here to help?"

"We are here to help you transport your belongings. Dr. Beckett, Dr.. Zelenka, Maj. Lorne and Lt. Cadman are already bringing the things from your quarters, Rodney, to your new room," Teyla explained calmly as she picked up a box.

"And donít think that youíre getting out of helping," Ronon grunted as he began piling items on the handcart they had brought with them.

"Sit, Rodney," John said, feeling a little guilty for how tired the scientist looked. "Iíll get this end, and you can pitch in with the unpacking when we get there."

"Oh joy," Rodney muttered before quirking a half-grin. "Though If I didnít, Iíd probably never find my clothes again." Seeing John start to smirk, he glowered. "I didnít mean it that way!"

"Iíll bet I could convince you."

"Carry things!" Ronon growled.

"What he said," Rodney grinned.

"Youíre going to have to make it up to me later."

"Perhaps that is something for the two of you to discuss when you are alone," Teyla said quickly before Rodney could answer.

"I think theyíre afraid of what we might say," John chuckled, hugging Rodney briefly before picking up a case to put it on the cart.

"More afraid of what youíll do," Ronon commented.

"Huh, youíre smarter than you look," Rodney chuckled.

Ronon growled, and John laughed. "No killing my scientist."

Rodney nodded violently. "My sentiments exactly."

"How about bending a little?"

Trying not to laugh, John shook his head. "No, I like him just the way he is."

"And I bruise easily," Rodney sniffed.

"Perhaps it would be best simply to load the cart," Teyla suggested, looking amused.

"Thank you, Teyla," Rodney said smugly.

John narrowed his eyes and took a single step toward Rodney before he was stopped by a large hand on his chest. "After we finish," Ronon said.

"Wake me when youíre done loading," Rodney said loftily before reclining on the bed and closing his eyes, counting down the seconds before the reaction he was sure was coming.

Ronon growled, Teyla raised her eyebrows, and John pounced on Rodney, grinning wickedly. "You sure you want to give me the ideas that seeing you lying on a bed create?"

"Weíre in the midst of moving, Colonel," Rodney groaned.

"And youíre going to be doing it on your own if you donít start helping," Ronon warned, but his eyes were amused. He was pleased that his teammates had finally done something about the attraction that had been obvious to him all along.

"Pushy people everywhere," John chuckled, bounding back to his feet to heave a box onto the cart.

"Takes one to know one."

"Now I understand what Zelenka meant when he said they deserved each other," Ronon observed to Teyla.

Teyla chuckled quietly and nodded. "I would have to agree with him in this matter."

"I heard that," Rodney complained.

"I think we were meant to." Once everything was piled on the cart, John eyed Rodney. "Are you planning to get up, or should I toss you onto the cart too?"

"If you toss me anywhere, thatís the last time youíre ever touching me!"

"I thought you liked it when I tossed you on the bed?"

"No more sex till we get everything to the new room!" Ronon ordered. "Then youíre on your own."

"Tell the colonel!" Rodney protested even as he got to his feet, groaning all the while.

"I believe that would be a waste of time," Teyla said with amusement.

"Hey!" John protested, only to laugh when all three of his teammates raised eyebrows at him. "Fine, Iíll be good till we get everything there."

"And then weíll leave," Ronon said emphatically.

"Can you bring us some food?" Rodney asked plaintively.

After a quick look at the cart, Teyla nodded. "I believe you have this in hand. I will go request some foodstuffs for you so that you may enjoy your first night in your new abode."

"And Iíll get you a bottle of something from Zelenka," Ronon announced.

"Leaving me to push the cart and steer Rodney, oh yay," John pretended to grumble. "Thanks, guys. Weíll meet you there."

Rodney watched them go as he leaned against Johnís side, frowning slightly. "Did they just go to get us housewarming gifts?"

"Um... I think so. I guess weíll have to throw a party once we get settled in, invite our friends over for drinks." John pushed the cart into a transporter and drew Rodney in beside it, then moved them all out again at the other end, only a short distance from their new apartment.

"I wonder if Elizabethís going to be annoyed when she realizes how big this place is. She probably thought it was more of the same type of quarters weíve been using so far."

"Does it matter? No one else was living here, and itís not as if we have a glut of families clamoring for suites," Rodney shrugged, thinking the door open and groaning as he looked around at all the boxes in the outer room.

"True, and hopefully thatís the way sheíll look at it." John looked around, grinning at Rodneyís groan. "Wait till after Ronon and Teyla leave and Iíll get it all put away."

Rodney chuckled and turned to wrap his arms around Johnís waist and nuzzle his neck. "My hero."

John grinned. "I have no more interest than you do in spending hours unpacking boxes. Iíd rather spend the time in bed with you. Resting and sleeping," he added after a look at Rodneyís tired face.

"Iíll make it up to you in the morning," Rodney murmured.

"Nothing to make up for," John replied seriously. "Youíre here, with me."

"And youíre with me; itís all good."

"And someday Iím going to have a witness when you say something like that," John chuckled.

Rodney pulled back and sniffed haughtily. "In your dreams."

"Those tend to come true."

"Are you intending to teleport people in here to hear me?"

"Naw, but eventually youíre going to stop worrying whoís around to hear and just say things."

"Wonderful, and then everyone will think Iím a pushover!"

"Theyíll just think weíre another sappy couple and maybe be a little envious if they arenít," John retorted.

"Ió" Rodney closed his mouth and nodded. "Yes, yes, they will be at that."

"Youíre the one who insisted on making me realize I was in love with you. Now you get to deal with it." John smirked at him.

"I think I can handle that burden."

"Glad to hear it." John glanced over at the windows, and they all opened, letting the fresh ocean breeze into the rooms for the first time in millennia. "Come on out on the balcony, or youíll be asleep before Teyla gets back here with the food."

"Are you planning on keeping me awake?" Rodney yawned as he shuffled after John, the brisk, salty breeze bringing him slightly more awake.

"I think the fresh air will do that. But you do need to stay up for a little while; you need to eat something before you crash."

"Fine, but once weíve eaten, Iím going to sleep, so no enticing me with your sensuality," Rodney grumbled, leaning back against Johnís chest as he spoke.

"Iíll behave myself tonight," John agreed with a chuckle, his arms coming up around Rodney.

Rodney smiled slightly. "Good to know you arenít into unresponsive partners."

"No, youíre a lot more fun when youíre awake." John rested his chin on Rodneyís shoulder as they both looked out over the ocean. "I never expected this," he said softly.

Rodney wrapped his arms over Johnís and hugged them. "Iíll have to agree to that comment; this isnít quite why I came to Atlantis."

"Any regrets?"

"None at all. You?"

"No. Iím actually happy." John smiled slowly.

"And Iím hoping this is a good thing."

"It is. Itís completely unexpected, but itís very good." John chuckled softly. "Iím sure none of my ancestors could ever have imagined this."

Rodney sighed and stroked a thumb over Johnís arm. "Then they were obviously idiots."

"I think most people in a few different galaxies would agree with you."

"Good thing youíre smarter."

"I thought you were the brains of this operation."

"I meant than your ancestors," Rodney grumbled.

John chuckled. "Damn, youíre easy."

Rodney grumbled again.

"But thatís okay, youíre cuddly."

"Shoot me now," Rodney groaned.

"Nope, no shooting my scientist." John raised his head when the door chimed. "Stay here; Iíll bring the food out."

"And just where are we eating it?" Rodney murmured before taking a step forward to lean on the railing, letting John talk to Ronon and Teyla.

John came back out with the food a short time later after their friends left, and a moment later there was a graceful table and chairs at one end of the balcony.

Rodney chuckled as he walked over and dropped down onto one of the chairs. "Youíre handy to have around."

"I like doing things for you, for us," John admitted. "And itís fun to be able to do anything after hiding it for so long."

"I knew you were a show-off," Rodney murmured, though he was smiling as he did so.

"You know me so well." John set the dishes out on the table, noting that Teyla had managed to find most of their favorites.

"Just like I know youíre going to save your showing off for me." Rodney reached for the bottle of vodka Ronon had brought and poured them both glasses. "You know, if I drink this, Iím going to fall asleep out here."

"Iíll make sure you end up in bed. Itís what Iím best at." John grinned at him over his glass.

Rodney chuckled and picked up his fork to begin eating. "How did you manage to keep such control of yourself for so long?" As he asked the question, he looked up, meeting Johnís eyes.

John shrugged. "I think Iíd stopped caring," he said quietly. "It made everything easier.

"And when you came here, you started caring again?" Rodney reached out and caught Johnís hand as he spoke.

"I think I started caring when I sat down in the damn chair and then looked up into the bluest eyes Iíd ever seen."

Rodney quirked a grin. "Carsonís?"

John snorted. "Ha ha. Iíll let Zelenka and Cadman fight it out over him."

"He should take them both on," Rodney commented around a mouthful of food.

John stared at him. "Okay, thatís a seriously hot image."

Rodney smirked. "You arenít the only one with good ideas, Colonel."

"Think we should nudge them along?"

"No! Let them find each other or not, no forcing things."

"I wasnít planning to lock them in a jumper together and steal their clothes."

"I didnít think so; I was alluding to a little finger-wiggling, or nose-wiggling, or whatever you do."

"I meant inviting them over or setting them up to do things together."

"Oh, okay, we can do that some time."

"See, you shouldnít jump to conclusions."

"Itís because Iím tired," Rodney grumbled.

"Thatís okay; Iím not planning to trade you in for another model."

"Good idea, I may not have godlike powers, but I could still make your life miserable."

John laughed. "I have no doubt. Itís probably just as well no one else will have to deal with either of us."

"Much better for us in that case." Rodney took a few bites of his food, washed it down with a sip of Radekís Ďshine, and yawned.

"Eat a little more before you fall asleep," John urged.

"Am I wrong in thinking that you can keep things fresher than a ziplock bag?"

"No, I think I could manage that." John grinned. "Youíre starting to see the advantages of having me around, arenít you?"

Rodney raised his head and focused on Johnís face. "I knew those before I knew about all the little extras."

John smiled as he got to his feet and extended a hand toward Rodney. "Come on, youíre falling asleep in your chair."

"Rather fall asleep on you."

"Thatís the plan. Which is why weíre going to bed."

"Is it made?" Rodney asked, yawning as he stood and slid an arm around Johnís waist.

"It is now." John steered him toward the bed.

Rodney chuckled and tilted his head to nuzzle Johnís throat. "For now."

"Feel free to wake me up once youíre rested."

"Iíll give it a go." Rodney pulled away and dragged his shirt over his head, tossing it toward the corner of the room before working at his belt.

John lounged back against the wall, watching Rodney appreciatively. "I hope you appreciate my self-restraint."

"Thatíll teach you to exhaust me; do you know what that takes?"

"Actually yes. I was there."

Rodney giggled and stepped out of his pants before dropping to the bed, flopping back on to it and groaning. John made his own clothes vanish and stretched out next to Rodney, reaching for him to draw him close.

"Okay, this is very good," Rodney sighed, rolling to his side and draping an arm and leg over Johnís body.

"I have to agree." John looked down at the dark head on his shoulder and pressed a kiss to the thinning hair. "I hope you realize youíre stuck with me for good," he murmured softly.

"Is this supposed to a problem? Everyone leaves; itís good to know you wonít." Rodney sighed and kissed Johnís chest before closing his eyes.

Momentarily startled since heíd thought Rodney was already asleep, John smiled. "Iím going to remind you of that for a very long time," he said very softly.





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