Kawaii Anime Men

"V-Babe, what does 'kawaii' mean?"
It means "cute", so essentially this page is devoted to cute, handsome, or just plain attractive anime men.

C'mon, ladies, ADMIT IT! Some of the men of anime, although they are only ink on paper, do tend to be a li'l easy on the eye. (To say the least ^_^) In fact, some of them are just downright gorgeous. Click on a man, and you'll find thoughts on his looks (^_^), voice, as well as some background on him and what his ideal girlfriend might be like.
Now before you proceed any further, I would like to remind you that (unfortunatly) all of these guys are ink on paper and are therefore not real people. I know, I know, it's a hard fact to face, but it's true. After all, there's nothing wrong with a li'l fun, right? Click on a guy to see his page! (They are in no particular order)

Soul Calibur
Maxi-nominated by V-Babe
Hwang Seung Kyung-nominated by Mina
Kilik-nominated by xingy

Ronin Warriors
Anubis-nominated by Nova Girl

Gundam Wing
Duo Maxwell-nominated by Nova Girl
Zechs Marquise-nominated by Nova Girl
Heero Yuy-nominated by Bunny
Quatre Winner-nominated by Pandora

Street Fighter 2 V
Vega-nominated by Mbullfighter

James-nominated by Moon Sprite

Sailor Moon
Tuxedo Mask-nominated by Moon Sprite

Ken Ichijouji-Nominated by Aikan
Yomato Ishida - Nominated by Happeh
Daisuke - Nominated by Sofia

Final Fantasy
Irivine Kinneas-Nominated by Sue

Yami Bakura-Nominated by Sharon
Ryou Bakura-Nominated by Kitsunemajic
Seto Kaiba-Nominated by AnimeGoddess98
Joey-Nominated by Nesha

Inuyasha-Nominated by Mary
Sesshomaru-Nominated by Lady Blushalot
Miroku-Nominated by Miroku's Woman

Yu Yu Hakusho
Kurama-Nominated by Alicia Maxwell
Hiei-Nominated by Kitsunemajic
Yusuke-Nominated by Nesha

Rurouni Kenshin
Kenshin-Nominated by Katarina
Sagara Sanosuke-Nominated by Kat

Dragonball Series
Teen Gohan-Nominated by Leah
Vegeta-Nominated by Abigail

Zelgadis-Nominated by Kitsunemajic

Dead or Alive
Hayate-I somehow managed to accidently delete the name of the woman who nominated him...if she sees this would she please email me? ^^;;;

Kingdom Hearts
Riku-Nominated by Lakija

"V-Babe, you didn't put MY favorite guy up!"
I didn't? Shoot! Well, why don't you nominate him then?

"How do I do that?"
First click here to Email me. Then, just provide me with some background info on the guy you're nominating; and tell me what you think of his looks, voice, and what his ideal girlfriend might be like. You should also attach a picture of your man in the email.

"Are there any restrictions?"
Just a few:
1. You can't nominate a guy who's already been nominated. First come, first served.
2. I used to "reserve" men for people, but then girls were reserving them and not sending me info. So, when you nominate him, you need to have the info in the email.
3. There's no limit on the number of men you can nominate, you can nominate 50 for all I care! (No, you don't have to nominate them all at once. You can always come back and write profiles for more guys) But, to be fair, you can nominate no more than 2 guys per series. So, you're free to nominate 3 men, but they have to be from at least 2 different series. Get it?
4. Let's keep "questionable" guys, like Zoicite or The Three Starlights or Ranma away from here, OK?
5. This is the big one: absolutly NOTHING heavily sexual or offensive. I'm not out to exploit men here, I wouldn't like it if they exploited women. ("Yummy", "Sexy", and "Hunk" are OK)

Just one thing: (this HAS happened...) If your nomination comes to me without a picture, it will be dropped.

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