A li'l Backround: Vega is a vain bullfighter who lives in Barcelona. He was the son of a wealthy nobleman, and therefore is a celebrity. Girls chase him wherever he goes. But the one girl he chooses is Chun Li Xiang, a beautiful Chinese girl who is visiting Spain with her father and her friends, Ryu and Ken. Vega becomes obsessed with Chun Li and kills the bull that he is fighting in her honor. He cuts the bull's ear off and hands it to Chun Li. She is shocked by his blood lust and hides her face in Ken's shoulder. After the bullfight, Ken and Ryu are taunting Chun Li, saying how she should be honored by recieivng a present from a celebrity. She sees Vega and cringes when he walks over and compliments her beauty. Vega didn't get to compliment her more though, because a bull that had escaped was rushing toward them. It was only because of Vega that Ken defeated the bull. Vega must fight Ken for Chun Li's love, but unfortunatly (him being the villan) Vega loses and is rushed to the hospital.

Looks: Oh man, how can I describe it? Vega is gorgeous, and he knows it too. He is seen admiring himself in the mirror a few times. Vega's long blonde hair is usually tied in a braid and his blue eyes just make you want to melt.

Voice: Who could resist his deep seductive voice? And his ACCENT, oh man. I'm surprised that Chun Li didn't fall for him when she heard him talk.

Ideal Girlfried: I think that another admirer of beauty would be good for Vega. He is incredibly vain, so a girl who constantly compliments him would be good too.