Irivine Kinneas

A li'l background: He's 17 years old. He's a student of the garden and carries a rifel as his weapon. Irvine loves nothing more than the compay of women, but has a sensitive side like hes into buterflies and is loyal to his friends and in battle.: Irvine is touted as an expert marksman who can use special ammo to attack enemies. He puts on airs and attempts to convince those around him that he's a misunderstood loner, an image he uses to his advantage when courting female students. However, when placed in a pressure situation, he tends to shed his tough exterior and quickly loses his composure.

Looks: Really lush brown hair. And dreamy blue eyes.

Voice: You don't hear his voice.

Ideal Girlfriend: A girl who would be up for alot of fun. And enjoys a laugh.