A li'l background: Called the "Dandy of the South Seas", he's one of the toughest characters to fight against and one of the hardest to learn to play because of his 8 stances. I guess that's part of his Shissen Karihadi style of fighting. Maxi's story isn't exactly as happy-go-lucky as he seems to be from his game quotes. He was, of course, "a carefree pirate from the Ryukyo Kingdom who sailed wherever the winds would take him". Maxi anchored his ship in India one day and left to enjoy the night, and while he was gone the "Soldier of the Herectics" Astaroth led a group of monsters to attack his ship. By the time Maxi came back, most of his crew had been slaughtered. After Maxi and Kilik, who happened to be there by coincidence, fended off the monsters, Maxi's sworn brother Kyam died. Maxi had lost everything in an instant, and swore revenge against Astaroth. When he finally caught up with Astaroth, Maxi suffered great injuries and was swallowed up by a chasm created by Ares, the god of war who had ordered Astaroth's creation. Maxi would have died if a man from a nearby village hadn't saved him. Maxi lived peacefully for a while, even though his days as a pirate were over due to his injuries. However, one day he heard rumors Astaroth was still alive, and Maxi couldn't live in peace if his brother and crew hadn't been avenged. Unfortunatly, his injuries kept him from fighting. A strange man offered to heal Maxi's limbs, but during the treatment with the mysterious metal Maxi lost his memories of Kilik and Xianghua. He thus set off to complete his revenge.

Looks: You can't help but admire his hair-styling skills, can you? It only enhances his Elvis-Presley-look, and the sideburns are oh-so-awesome. Also, you can't help but notice that arch in his eyebrows, close to his temples. It's different, but unique guys are always better, right ladies? And that way he wears his shirt wide open...*stares* And God bless Namco, they made Maxi look even better in Soul Calibur II. *^^* (The top picture is from Soul Calibur I, the one on the left is from Soul Calibur II)

Voice: Maxi's voice is deep yet able to reach a variety of tones to tell you what he means. From his low-growl "I won't spare anyone who gets in my way" to the screaming "Vengeance is mine!" to the almost-soprano battle yell "Atah!" Maxi is more than capable of getting his point across.

Ideal Girlfriend: Maxi would probably want a strong, independent woman - she couldn't be too clingy or dependant on him. Good looks would probably be important to him, too, as well as intelligence and courage. Since loyalty seems to be important to Maxi (he's uncomfortable living in the village knowing Astaroth is alive, since he hasn't avenged his crew) his woman would have to possess that quality. She'd have to love the ocean and traveling, too.