A li'l background: Sesshomaru is also known by fans as "Fluffy". He is Inuyasha's older brother, and a full dog demon (youkai). Heís lil green servant is Jankan. Fluffy uses the sword Tenseiga and vows to destroy Inuyasha and still his Tetsiega sword. Even though the story follows the Shinkon shards, Fluffy isnít interested them so canít be black mailed and has more freedom of his own. A creepy factÖ. Inuyasha chopped off one of Sesshomaruís arms so he only has one. Ok, another interesting fact, I donít think Sesshomaru is all bad. We have to thank a little human girl Rin for that. She found Fluffy injured in the woods one day and tried to give him food (even though he doesnít eat human food.) Anyways wolves later killed her. Testing the abilities of his sword Tenseiga, which can only heal and not kill. It brings her back to life and she sticks around our Fluffy. When she gets kidnapped he even rescues her, even though he didnít want to admit he would miss her Isnít that sweet? ^_^

Voice: Fluffy has a calm cool voice and sometimes sarcastic. Heís voice just fits him so well for that superior attitude of his. Even if he wasnít kawaii I would luv him for his voice alone! Itís just so smooth.

Looks: Ok, this is my fav part. For a drawing Fluffy is pretty hot! Whatís not to like? In regular form he has silver-ish hair and these golden/yellow eyes. He has a blue crescent moon thingy on his forehead and the two magenta stripes on each side of his cheeks and on his wrist, and red eye shadow. (That part is weird) He wears this kimono-ish looking Outfit with an armor that kinda slings right over his shoulder. Then thereís that furry thing he has over his other shoulder. It might be his tail. I dunno, but itís cute. (Remember he his a doggie demon) His other form is a giant dog. He has red eyes and the crescent moon is still there. So are the markings on his face, but a little different. When he transforms in to a dog, the crescent moon on the forehead is also visible though the cheek markings look a bit different. His fur looks like white flames too. ^_^

Ideal Girlfriend: ME! Ok just kidding! He doesnít seem like the type to really want a girlfriend but if he did (^_^) she would probably be a demoness. A noble, proud, angelic, tuff yet graceful demoness. (WAIT! Did I say graceful? Well that leaves me out.) She would defiantly be beautiful. Someone who can make any guy drool over her looks. She couldnít like Inuyasha either!!!!

Why I nominated him: Ok, why not? Heís hot (even if he is a drawing) Mysterious in some ways, bad attitude, cool outfit, powerful, and can kick some major butt! A full demon like this deserves to be nominated!