Yami Bakura

A li'l background: 3000 year old Tomb Robber imprisoned in the Millenium Ring and resides in a very kawaii vessel....Ryou Bakura!! He is evvvillll and wants to have all 7 Millenium Items and control the entire world! MUWAHAHAHA! ahem, anywayz he is somewhat cruel to his other self i.e. slashing his arm, slamming his hand down on a spikey parapet, and making Ryou do things that he doesn't want to do....etc. He doesn't do too much harm though...he still needs Ryou's body after all...*smirk* He uses the Millenium Ring to seal souls in inanimate objects, to hone in on other Millenium Items, and it gives him other great powers that have yet to be seen. Ne wayz, he's just one of Yami Yugi's archrivals that wants to take away his Millenium Puzzle. *squeal* Yami B is sooo HOT!!!!!

Voice: In the Japanese version, his voice is somewhat shirll and mocking but in the English version its very deep and slightly accented.

Ideal Girlfriend: None. His only goal is to take over the world...I guess he'd like some insane as he is...???