A lil' background: Hiei was born on the island of Koorime. He was abandoned since he was a male and a fire demon. He was thrown off the island by his mother, Hina's, bestfriend, Ruri. She told him to take revenge on them if he survived. Luckily, he did. He was raised by thieves for a while but then abandoned again because he was too strong for his own good. In a fight with a demon, Hiei loses a special gem call a tear gem. He gets the Jagan implanted to help him find it and a even more important thing¦ his sister. He meets Kurama, thinking he was the demon who stole his tear gem. He fought him and was injured. Kurama took care of him and the two became friends. He asks Kurama to help him in a theft attempt. So he, Kurama and another demon, Gouki, stole 3 artifacts. Hiei stole the Shadow sword. He tried to turn Keiko into a demon but failed. As punishment, Hiei was going to have to help Yusuke in his missions, starting with the 4 saint beasts. After Suzaku is killed, Hiei goes to the human world. The next mission is very important. It is a rescue mission. A beautiful ice maiden is in captivity. Who is the ice maiden?? Hiei's little sister, Yukina. He helped save her but did not tell her they were related. Some other stuff happen (i won't tell cause i don't want to spoil it) and Hiei becomes a heir to one of the rulers of Makai. His story, I think, is the most depressing. His main attack is the black dragon wave.

Voice: He has a perfect voice. It fits him¦calm, cool and collected. It is powerful, just like Hiei!

Looks: Short, sharp ruby red eyes, spiky black hair with a white star in the middle and blue outlines. Pale skin and he usually wears black and a white headband. Also¦ lots of ward on his arm to cover the black dragon tattoo.

Ideal Girlfriend: Hm¦ he probably wouldn't wanta girl friend right now but if he did¦she'd have to have certin traits. She'd be demon, she'd have to know how to fight. She'd also have to be willing to not worry about him when he fights. And if worst comes to worst, she'd know what to do. Most importantly, she'd have to understand him. Some one like me!

Why I nominated him: He is very sexy and very cool. He is depressed, like me. He has a bit of a glow around him and is more interesting to me then anyone else in the show. And¦he is too cocky¦like Vegeta!