a lil' backround: Zelgadis was weak when he was young, and was picked on by others. For this reason he always wanted to be more powerful. When Rezo offered him the power that he wanted, Zelgadis accepted. But instead of just giving him power, Rezo turned Zelgadis into a chimera -- 1/3 human, 1/3 golem, and 1/3 demon. To get back at Rezo, Zel wanted to get the Orihalcon Statue, which had the Philosopher's Stone hidden inside. However, Lina had already retrieved the statue from Zel's men when she had gone to get the treasure from bandits. Zel captured Lina when she was weakest, but later helped her escape. The only reason he kept her alive (according to him) was so that he could get the statue from her. After Lina and he defeated Rezo, Zel left to find a cure for his chimeric curse so that he could once again be human.

Looks: has rough scaly skin which is blue, blue hair, wears cloaks, has very stylish fingerles gloves. His eyes are sharp and are either black, blue or grey.

Voice: I can melt into his voice! it is so....hot!!!! Just hear it! http://www.hikarikat.com/zora/Harem/haremsounds/Zelgadis.wav

Ideal girlfriend: She has to young, gentle yet strong. She has to also understand his mood swings and be able to react to them.

Why i nominated him: 1#, he is so hot!! 2#, he is so sweet, 3# he is my favorite Slayers guy and 4# He is a chimera!!