Quatre Raberba Winner

A li'l background: Quatre grew up in a rich family. He had 29 sisters and his father. His mother died giving him birth. His sisters were test tube babies and so he thought that he was too and wound up being a bit of a jerk when he was little because he felt he was worthless. After being a hostage for a man name Rasid and the maganac they taught him about self worth. After meting them he became much nicer and learned to respect himself and the people around him. He became a pilot of Gundam Sandrock and fought for the colonies. There he met fellow Gundam pilots Heero Yuy, Trowa Barton, Duo Maxwell, and Wufei Chang. The maganc continued to help him through the war. He spent some time protecting the Cinq Kingdom of Relena Peacecraft and fighting OZ and White Fang. He went a bit insane when OZ killed his father, but recovered and remained sweet and quiet.

Looks: *Sigh* Soft, ocean blue eyes. Short, free blond hair. Kind of skinny and has pale skin. He smiles a lot and looks cute when he does^_^! He wears a pink shirt, purple vest, and khakis most of the time. In the Cinq Kingdom he wears the regal Cinq uniform and in space, a spacesuit.

Voice: In the Japan his voice is... well, a girl, but otherwise, he has a soft caring voice. It's the kind of voice you want to hear when your up set or angry. When he gets angry though, you can really tell. He uses tone a lot to show emotion, more then most people anyway.

Ideal Girlfriend: He can see can see the good in everyone, so could get along with any girl, but he may prefer like someone who was a complete opposite like Dorothy, who is harsh, war-loving, and very loud, however, it's more likely that he'd like a girl who could appreciate music and art, was somewhat quite, and caring. In any case, strong personal beliefs are the biggest must.