A li'l background: Himura Kenshin, is the legendary manslayer. Known as Hitokiri Battosai (Battosai the manslayer) he was completly invicible, (still is). Although, he was haunted by the fact that he had killed so many people. (I wont go into the OAV's, its much to complicated) He worked as an assasin for the imperialists but after the war he gave up his title as the "manslayer" and became a Rurouni (wanderer). He swore never to kill again and to insure this he got a reverse side blade, one that cannot kill since the sharp edge is on the wrong side.

Looks: Kenshin has long red hair that he keeps tied back and violet eyes. Actually, his eyes turn an amber color when he becomes enraged. Plus hes got an awsome scar on his cheek... thats shaped like an X.

Voice: Voice.... um... well its depends on his mood, but he does have a lot of trademark shall I say habits? For one thing he constantly says "oro" when surprised. he also adds in extra ending to his sentences such as "that I shall", "that I do", "That I will", ect.

Ideal Girlfriend: Ideal Girlfriend? Hmmm, I would say Kaoru is a very good match for him. Kenshin is very reserved and quiet normally and Kaoru's loud personality probably helps Kenshin be more talkative and such.