Background: He's a dog demon with way cute dog ears!! Even though he acts like a jerk he's got a good reason! For starters he has a (used-to-be-nice) brother named Sesshomaru who is jelous of him cause their father loved Inuyasha more.(you know the favorite of the family) Well, along the line Sesshomaru did some aweful things to poor Inuyasha when he was just a pup! (yes he's a dog demon and a very stuborne one at that!) Anyway Sesshomaru, once, beat Inuyasha until the little halfling was almost dead! (His mom wasn't the same as Sesshomaru's, so you can guess who probably pitted them against each other, Inuyasha was half human half demon. Son of a White Dog demon, the ruler might I add, and had a human mother) Back to what happened next, after Sesshomaru beat the living daylights out of little Inuyasha he threw him into a half full well packed with drowing rats! (gross! And that would explain his phobia of rats) And the sick thing of Sesshomaru's attack was NOT intended to kill Inuyasha but to make him suffer! *cries* (What a jerk!!!!) Poor Inuyasha!!!! Later he was found half-dead *cries again* by Shirokiba who looks after him for a certain period of time, healing his wounds and teaching him how to survive. Like I said he may act mean but inside he's a soft gentle little cub *sighs*

Voice: Umm...I would say his voice is harsh at times but when he's sincere he has such a kind and gentle voice. He really is one of a kind!

Ideal Girlfriend: She would be someone with a kind heart, someone who over looks his feirce apperance and treats him with kindness, respect, and, of course the back-bone of any relationship, trust. Oh! And having black hair, name being Kagome, and being a reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo helps too!

Plus to find out more about Inuyasha's past/present type in search "Inuyasha Story Art" then when your at that site go to the bottom of the page, click on "Return to Inuyasha web page" then scroll down click on "stories" or something like that, then pick a story. (preferably one titled "The White Dog") Now read to your hearts content!!