A li'l background: Okay Davis is one of the Digi-Destins, kinda a leader. His idol is Kari's older brother Tai, note the goggles. He loves playing soccer. Hot tempered and argumental. In the Digi world he starts to mature and becomes good friends with Ken, he's one of the first ones to trust that Ken really has changed. He's really inlove with Kari so he ends up competing alot against T.K. for her affections. His digimon is V-mon and V-mon really loves Davis he even took a beating to cheer the guy up! But he really loves his digimon. His crest is the one of Courage which suits him cause he's always courageously rushing into things without thinking them throught which makes for sometimes bad situations!!!

Looks: Whats not to love?! Big brown eyes, Spiky Afroy brown hair and the goggles!!! He's just so kawaii!! When arriving in the digital world his clothes change to quote Izzy he looks like he's on a pilot lost on a safari! The only weird think i've noticed is that most the Digi-Destins were gloves! But anyway in the real world he wears a blue vest kakhi shorts and blue shirt and the same goggles. The goggles were a present from Tai when he realized that Davis would be the new leader. Plus Davis goggles had been smashed by some insano Digimon trying to hurt Kari and Davis had tried to save her.

Voice: Pretty Cute voice in my opinion at least. It suits his mood and character. Very Content and happy its one of the reasons i love him so much.

Ideal Girlfriend: Well to him it would be Kari. And someone like Kari would be good for him. Someone who supports him. Someone who loves kids and soccer!! (ME!!!) But in the end of the series it shows when they're older and Davis has one kid a little boy. It didnt say who the mom was though. He grows up to be a owner of a restaurant chain located all over the world!!