Teen Gohan

Backround- Gohan's life is SERIOUSLY messed up. He fought against many a threat to mankind, but played more important roles in the fights against Cell and Buu. He is half Saiya-jin, which means he's really strong. I mean REALLY strong. Like, "Excuse me sir could you please but down the bus?" strong. Times ten. His major influences are his father, Goku, and his mentor, Piccolo. Since a young age, his mother forced him to study, so he's also pretty much a genius. In his teen years, he posed as The Great Saiyaman, superhero. Emphasis on pose. Imagine a tall, lankey 18-year-old in a dorky costume posing like Sailor Moon. He was the first to reach Super Saiya-jin II. He is also fiercely loyal. Do what you will to him, but if you touch his friends he goes beserko and kicks your butt.

Looks- Tall, dark, built and handsome. Has signature Saiya-jin black eyes and spikey black hair (and if you don't like black, he can go blonde hair, blue eyes in about a second). Kind of Sanosuke meets Yusuke. Very cute, wide-eyed and innocent.

Voice- Sadly, I've only heard the dub, but it's not too bad. Has it's highs and lows, generally light and carefree, but can be whiney and he sounds constapated during fights.

Ideal Girlfriend- Like all Saiya-jin males, he'll want one who isn't afraid to fight back- with tooth and nail. Saiya-jin men like to be bossed around. Give 'em a woman with a 'tude and they're happy. Think Chi-Chi and Videl.