Ken Ichijouji

A li'l background: Ken is a total hottie when he's Ken, instead of the Digimon Emporer. He started out as the "Evil Digimon Kaizer", torturing the poor, innocent digimon, thinking that they were nothing but peices of data. Then, with the help of his digimon, wormon, an insect type digimon, he realized that the digimon were real living things, he was healed. It was then reveiled that his was the creast of kindness, which everyone thought was very ironic. However, it is proven to everyone once he isn't EVIL anymore that he really was a kind hearted, loving person. Ken the person is also a genius, famous all over Japan. His brother, Sam, was a genius as well, but died by getting hit by a truck when ken was five. Ken never had friends, and when he was first invited to sleepover at Diasuke's (a fellow digidestined), his mother cried from joy. She also cried from joy when Ken had his Cristmas party, and had all the digidestined over, and there were laughing children in the house for the first time in years.

Voice: I've never heard the Japanese one, but the english one isn't great. A little squeeky, but, then again, he is an 11 year old boy.

Ideal girlfriend: Yolei, of course! In the show, they're never actually gf-bf, but in the 25 year later fast forward, they're married. Yolei is a plain looking, (well, purple is her natural hair color), geeky, very tall (second tallest digidestined... second to ken) girl with big glasses. --Grows up to be Detective, who marries fellow digidestined Yolei (Miako), and has 3 children, a girl (eldest) and 2 boys. The girl looks like a mini-yolei with dark blue hair (ken's color hair), and the boys look just like ken did in the shots where he was a little kid, except with purple hair like Yolei's. Yolei is a housewife.

V-Babe talking: When she nominated him, Aikan was kind enough to include a picture of Ken's Digimon, so here it is! (I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to put it! ^_^)