Yusuke Urameshi

A lil' background: Yuusuke is DEFINATELY a ganster type of thug! If there was one word to describe him, it would be: hardcore! (My favorite type!) He's known as the NUMBER ONE thug at Sarasaki High. Everyone fears him because of his reputation, and they should! He's a great fighter and doesn't have a problem proving it to ANYONE! He skips school, fights, and basically does everything that a 14-year-old shouldn't do. Then one day, while skipping school, he sees a little boy running into a busy street chasing a ball. Yuusuke pushes the boy out of the way of an on coming car. The boy survives, but Yuusuke died. NO ONE expected him to do anything that noble, because he's the EXACT opposite. Eventually, he ends up in Spirit World and that's where his life changes. Koenma says that he'll give Yuusuke his life back, and appointed him as a Spirit Dectective. That's when things get weird...

Voice: Hmm... it's hard for me to describe his voice, but I'll try. I have to say it's aggressive, and it fits him PERFECTLY!

Looks: Handsome is an understatement... brotha is FYNE!!! It's hard to believe that someone with his rep could look that GOOD!!! He has jet-black hair, dark brown eyes, and perfect tanned skin. Mmm... mmm... mmm!

Ideal Girlfriend: Well, I guess it's true what they say, about good girls liking bad boys. Keiko is his girlfriend in the series, but I don't think they make a good couple. I think his ideal girlfriend SHOULD definately be a thug. Yes, a female thug. A beautiful woman who can fight, defend herself, and who won't take trash from ANYONE if they get out of line! Someone who'll surely stick by her man, and who wouldn't change him! (Yeah, someone like me, LoL!)