Tuxedo Mask

A Li'l Background: Tux appears regularly in Sailor Moon, usually to bail Sailor Moon out of trouble. He is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity's lover, Prince Endymion. During the Silver Millenium, their love was forbidden. After the attack on the Moon Kingdom, both the Prince and Princess lost their lives. Princess Serenity's mother, Queen Serenity, used the power of the Silver Crystal to send her daugher and Prince Endymion to a new future on Earth. The two didn't hit it off at first, but after their memories were regained they fell for each other....HARD!!!

Looks: What can i say? YUM! he wears a tuxedo and a cape. He carries a rose and is always there to save you and he is a prince. Total fairy tale guy. He's a classic tall dark and handsome guy. Not to mention intellegent... he leaves Japan to go to Harvard. And he is so loyal to his love Usagi.

Voice: His deep, charismatic voice will quicken the pulse of ANY girl...I mean look how many girls fall for him in the anime!

Ideal Girlfriend: Tux's ideal girlfriend would be Usagi of course. If not Usagi then Setsuna or from a different show he may like Sakura from Card Captors. haha..... OK ill stick with Usagi. (V-Babe: Well, ladies, sounds like almost anyone has a good shot at him!)