Yomato Ishida

A li'l background: Yomato Ishida is one of the original digidestine. He's the mysterious one of the group. He's always looking out for little brother T.K. and allways clashing with overbearing Tye. His digimon, well I never payed much attention to him. ^_^;. He has a gorgeous mess of golden-blonde hair and the most beautiful anime eyes you'd ever seen. In the second season he's a singer in a band which I beleive is called YoungWolf but I don't really remember. I think he was also going out with that red-head. I don't remember her name and I don't care to. -_-;

Voice: His voice is quiet and soothing, much more beautiful and romantic than any other characters on the show. But it seems like all bishounens have soothing voices. ^_^

Ideal Girlfriend: Me! Just kidding. I think He'd like a sensitive girl whos just as complex and deep as he is. Someone kindof like himself, quiet, artsy, and someone who makes him feel not so lonely. ^_~