A li'l background: Miroku's grandfather was a monk. He was a lecher, like Miroku. When Miroku's grandfather went off to battle Naraku, Naraku peirced a hole in his hand, which eventually swallowed him. The same happened to Miroku's father, and the curse was passed down to Miroku, as well. Miroku was raised by Mushin, a monk. Miroku met up with Inuyasha and Kagome when he spotted Kagome's shard of the Shikon No Tama. He kidnapped Kagome to get the shard, which made Inuyasha mad. After Miroku tried to suck Inuyasha into his wind tunnel, which he didn't do, since Kaogme jumped in the way, and he sealed it off, he accepted Kagome's offer to travel with her and Inuyasha.

Looks: Miroku is what we would call a "ladies man". He's smooth, calm, foreward, and, most of all, he's DROP DEAD GOREGOUS!!!!!!!!!! He wears a black inner robe with a purple outer robe, the outfit of a low-class Buddhist monk. Being from Sengoku Jedai (in the dub, it's called Feudal Japan), it's a bit surprising that he wears earings. He has short black hair, which he ties into a ponytail, and GOREGOUS dark eyes.

Voice: I've never heard MIroku's Japanese voice, but his dubbed voice suits him perfectly. Calm, smooth, and clear.

Ideal Girlfriend: Um... Well, she'd have to be strong and not afraid to speak her mind. She would need to be able to keep our little lecher in line, she MUST be pretty. And, of course, she has to be an orphaned youkai taijiya, who seeks to avenge the deaths of her family and friends (Can anyone say "Sango"?!)