A lil' background: Joey became kind of like a thug, a ganster (ohh... my favorite!) after his parents got divorced. He lived with his father, and his sister, Serenity, lived with his mother. He and his best friend Tristan met Yugi, but... it wasn't friendship at first site. They used to pick on, bully, and beat up Yugi, and even threw his Millennium Puzzle out of a window! But, eventually they became friends and Joey teamed up with Yugi to participate in Pegasus' Duelist Kingdom Tournament so he could win the $3 million prize money for his sister's operation so she won't become blind. Joey didn't start out as a good duelist, but he eventually perfected his skills and placed 2nd in Duelist Kingdom! (After Yugi.) Now, he and his friends are in Seto Kaiba's Battle City Tournament and Joey's competing to place first!

Voice: His voice has like a deep New York, Boston type of accent. (To me, anyway.) He definately sounds like a ganster, and I LOVE it! (LoL!)

Looks: He has blond hair, that sort of looks messy, but cute! Brown eyes, and likes to wear either his uniform, or a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers.

Ideal Girlfriend: Me? (LoL!) People think he and Mai Valentine will make a cute couple. (I think so, too!) But I think his ideal girlfriend would have to be a true friend, (since he is) a fighter, and she'll have to stick by him through good times as well as bad! Plus, she'll HAVE to look good, since he does!

Why I nominated him: I'm surprised no one else did! Look at him, he's cute, a great duelist, a thug, a loyal brother and friend, and he's cool! That's my ideal man!