Sagara Sanosuke

A li'l background: Sagara Sanosuke is a master of Futae no Kiwami (double limit) and unarmed fighting. His most recognizable characteristics are his incredible strength, unusual height, and fiery disposition. He an Ex-solider from the government, under Captain Sagara, who gave Sano his surname. The government betrayed him, killing Captain Sagara, and he wanted to get revenge on Kenshin, the most powerful imperialist, with his enormous Zanbatou (horse chopper) - a really long, wide sword. Obviously, he lost to Kenshin. He hangs around the gang seemingly mostly for food, but mostly out of a strong sense of honor and friendship. He gambles a lot (his chances of winning are like one in a million) and he never pays for his meals (he puts it on a tab, a real big one). He has a real bad attitude, a total rebel, he even has the word bad in Japanese on the back of his shirt, but has a heart of gold. He calls Kaoru the "Raccoon Girl", Megumi-who he fights with incessantly- the "Fox Lady", and Misao-chan the "Weasel Girl". He has a strong sense of pride and has lots of inner and outer strength.

Looks: Okay, Sano looks a little odd, but is definitely an eye-catcher with that infamous costume and rooster hair. A very, very tall individual, he towers well above Kenshin, and has a deceptively slender frame. Definitely cute in a bad boy way.

Voice: Never having heard the Japanese (Blush) I must say that the voice they dubbed in English for Sanosuke is perfect. He has a voice to fit his size and attitude, namely deep and ready to insult at a moment's notice.

Ideal Girlfriend: Sano needs someone who can give him blow for verbal blow and patch him up when he inevitably gets into trouble. She would also need to have an understanding nature and know that the best way to manipulate him is to tell him what not to do. I'm guessing that though neither seems to acknowledge it, Megumi and Sano are a perfect couple.

Why I nominated him: Sano is cool. Period. End of story. A perfect bad boy, yet possessing a strong moral character. Which in my books makes him infinitely glompable. Remember, classic bish looks are good, but heroism is sexy.