Anubis the Dark Warlord of Cruelty

A Li'l Background: Anubis is the youngest of Talpa's warlords, it also appears that he is the most powerful. Anubis appears to be a thinker especially in battle. He demonstrates quick judgments, and keen insight. Anubis also has an ego to match. He is not looked upon with disdain by his fellow warlords. Talpa was there when Anubis discovered his armor and quickly recruited Anubis into his army. He was young and desired power which made him a good candidate to become a Dark Warlord. Anubis was the first of the Dark Warlords to fight the Ronin Warriors. He fought against all 5 Ronins and held his own. He also fought against Ryo right after his recharge in the volcano. Anubis' quick thinking skills allowed him to escape. After Anubis fought with the Ronin Warriors and was defeated, a burning desire for revenge grew in him. He also began to sense his true power, Loyalty. Talpa became suspicious that he was awakening to a power other than that of the Dynasty and kept a close eye on him. Anubis then disobeyed Talpa's command and went to fight Ryo and Rowen. They were very weak from their return from space and their battle with the Nether Spirits. Anubis easily fought them down, but when it came time to finish them he could not. He sensed a need for a fair fight, he had not disobeyed Talpa to fight a bunch of weaklings, he wanted a glorious battle. When Rowen used his Arrow Shock Wave against Anubis, it was a direct hit to his helmet. His helmet split in half and Anubis's face was revealed. The Ronin Warriors could not believe that he was human. Talpa then spirited Anubis back to his castle and began to infuse him with massive amounts of energy. He also turned his mind back toward the Dynasty. With Anubis back under his control, Talpa sent him to fight the Ronin Warriors again. With the extra power Anubis had gained from the Nether Spirits the Ronin Warriors were almost defeated. Anubis was knocked unconscious after the battle and he was taken away by the Ancient. The Ancient explained to Anubis the true goals of Talpa and how he only used Anubis for his armor. The Ancient also explained that you can only make full use of your armor if you follow its true spirit, which in Anubis's case was Loyalty. The Ancient also told him that you may choose your master and that you are not bound to Talpa. Anubis was skeptical at first, but he eventually came to realize that what the Ancient said was correct. Talpa then sent Sekhmet, Kale, and Dais to retrieve Anubis. They easily accomplished this task. However when Talpa tried to take control of Anubis once again, he found that he could not for Anubis was now protected by the Ancient's power. So Anubis was locked away and continued by the Nether Spirits. During the Ronin Warrior's final confrontation with Talpa in the mortal world Anubis broke free and used his armor to help the Ronin Warriors fight Talpa. After the battle ended Anubis mysteriously disappeared. Since the Ancient was killed in the previous battle, Anubis took his place. He helped the Ronin Warriors fight against Talpa and his new Warlord Lady Kayura. He formed the bridge that allowed the Ronins to go to the Nether World and rescue their companions. He lead Mia and Yuli in an effort to recover of the Jewel of Life. He found the temple where it was hidden and fought off Gash, the warrior sent by Badamon to stop him. When Anubis fought his final battle to break Badamon's hold over Lady Kayura he once again dawned his armor. In order to break Badamon's possession Anubis was forced to transfer his Armor and its power to Kayura. The spell was broken and Anubis paid the ultimate price. He died from that battle. (Nova Girl: NOOOOO!!!!! ANUBIS!!!!!!!!) (V-Babe: *sniffle* Why do the bad guys who turn GOOD always have to die????)

Looks: In my homble option Anubis is the cutest out of all the Warlords. He looks cute with all that red hair! (Nova Girl: *sighing in content* Anubis.....)

Voice: Aunbis has this sexy voice that anyone can love.

Ideal Girlfriend: Since he died he didn't have one. But he was still alive he's ideal girlfriend would be someone who would understand what he had been through.