Heero Yuy

A li'l background: Very young, Heero Yuy was trained by Doctor J. to become a skilled killing machine. These many years of training had effects on him, that's why he seems cold and ruthless, but however, there is still a sweet and tender side of him left to be discovered. Heero Yuy is only his code name, many people think he was an orphan and was adopted by a man called Odin Lowe, this man called him Odin Lowe Jr. and he took care of him as if he was his own son. His code name was given to him in honor of the martyred leader Heero Yuy. And so, he piloted Wing Gundam to accomplish his mission: destroy OZ. His nickname is "The Perfect Soldier".

Looks: Heero as deep eyes, as if they were going to trap you inside. Once you have taken a look at them, you will never want to see anything else... Like nothing in this world is pretty enough to look at, there is only his eyes... His hair is moss green. He is athletic and attractive. He wears a green tank top with spandex shorts or tight jeans.

Voice: Heero as the kind of voice that changes a lot with how he feels; anger, sadness, sorrow... You can feel his emotions through his voice. If you are sad, he will try to comfort you with a soothing voice, but if he's mad at someone, his voice will be feared by most of his enemies.

Ideal Girlfriend: I personally think Heero would prefer a serious and quiet girl. Great looks and courage might be important for him as much as intelligence.