A Li'l Background: James is a member of Team Rocket, a gang of Pokemon thieves. His main job in the TV show "Pokemon" is to give Ash a hard time. At heart, James is a really sweet guy. He's not dashing, or classic, or good or bad... He's James, he loves his friends and is loyal to them. He's an outcast who I adore and I feel he deserves a mention.

Looks: He is real yummy with his purple/blue hair. (And it's long!) James has that sorta "cute little boy" look that drives girls nuts.

Voice: I love James' laughs and one-liners. Sure, he's not dashing, but he's James!

Ideal Girlfriend: I can totally see Minako *venus* with him. They are both kinda flighty. Seems like James would want a fun girl who doesn't take life too terribly serious.