Hwang Seung Kyung

A Li'l Background: In Soul Calibur, Hwang is the "Burning Patrot", and the nickname is well-earned since he's so devoted to the Costal Defense force of Korea. However, he left the CDF when he heard his master's daughter Seung Mina had run away. He went searching for her and dragged her back home, much to Mina's dismay. Hwang then re-joined the Costal Defense force, but later heard that Seung Mina had run away from home....AGAIN! He was so worried about Mina's safety that he lost his reasoning and his ship came under attack by pirates, and many lives were lost. Hwang's superior gave Hwang Blue Thunder, his sword, and told him to go in search of Soul Edge. But Hwang knew he was being sent out to do something else...find the runaway Seung Mina and bring her safely home. So you see, ladies, Hwang is really a cool guy. Come ON, he loves Mina, and worries about her. Unfortunatly, if you're here, you're probably hoping he'll dump Seung Mina.

Looks: He is obviously very very handsome. His facial features are very mature looking, but then again, he's 28 years old. He has spiky hair and a nicely muscled body. ^_~ He looks like a fighter who has seen a lot of action coming from the Coastal Defense Force, which would explain his 1P costume. (Remember his shirt?) He is very committed about his "duty to his beloved country" and has an air of strength and honor

Voice: His voice is rather harsh sounding, and that probably comes from his battles. Hwang's voice is deep, and he gives commands, like, "Go home!" to Seung Mina. However, I'm sure he is very gentle around the people he loves...after all, it can go very soft, like when he's saying "I'll remember your defeat" or "You idiot!". Just imagine him saying a different phrase with that softer voice, and you've got a voice girls will go nuts over.

Ideal Girlfriend: Hwang is in love with Seung Mina, and when it comes to love, he doesn't come right out and say it, but he proves it through his actions. (He went searching for Seung Mina and didn't give up until he was sure she was safe.) His ideal girl would have to be fairly independent on her own, and not be hanging on to him for 24/7. Since he is gone a lot of the time with the CDF, she would need to cope on her own, but I could understand how someone would want him around...Also, she would need to be loving and kind of course. He's going to need somebody he'd like coming home to. Hey, he probably has a soft side....