Ryou Bakura

A li'l background: Ryou is the hikari (light) of Yami Bakura. He is nicer and in my opinion, cuter. He may have a Japanese name but he isn't Japanese. Really, he was born in Britain which gives him the accent. His father is an archeologist and his mother is unknown. We do know he has a sister but don't know her name. He also carries a millennium item, the Millennium Ring. He got it from his father when he was Egypt. Ryou was then transferred to Domino High School and was an outcast. He then met Yugi and found he too possessed an item. Drawn by Yami Bakura's evil intentions, poor Ryou was often after the item. He was taken to duelist kingdom and Tea kept seeing him when no one else did. On night, he showed himself and challenged Yugi to a duel. That is when Yami Bakura took over and trapped Yugi and his friends into their favorite cards. Yami took over Yugi's body and duel Yami Bakura. When Yugi's card was put into play, along with his friends, Yami Bakura revealed his Change of Heart. when he played it, Ryou was in the card. Ryou demanded to be sent to the graveyard but was spared as his yami was sent instead. So, Ryou traveled as a cheerleader, thinking he was free of slavery. But he was not, we later find his yami returns in Battle City. At the end of Battle City, when Malik (Dub: Marik) beat Ryou, his soul was sent to the shadow realm and we never saw him again...

Voice: He has a slightly accented voice in the dub. In Japanese, his voice is still accented but is a bit girlie because his seiryuu is a female.

Looks: Long sorta spiky white hair, in first non-seen season he has green eyes but in the dub, he has brown. Pretty tall, very pale, likes to wear sweaters and jeans or school uniform in dub.

Ideal Girlfriend: Well, she would understand his "split personality". She'd be peaceful and pretty, smart too! She'd be perfect!

Why I nominated him: Just look at him! He is hot, sweet and very cool! You can't help but love him!!!!! Plus, he is really a great duelist!